For the love of good friends, fat crabs, great football and butterscotch banana splits

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Every year, our partner Leonard Raskin throws a party and crab feast for family, clients and friends. Nestor asks him why it makes him so happy. And, sure, we discuss the Ravens putting it all together against the Lions, too.


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Nestor Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W N S T A and 5070, Towson Baltimore we are Baltimore positive. Taking it back out on the road World Series going on this week. Luke is going to be out in Owings Mills preparing for a trip to the desert. The Ravens have three West Coast trips still left on the schedule after London and after playing the entire AFC north on the road. Arizona is the game this week. The Maryland crab cake Tour is presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have Raven scratch offs. They’ve been a lucky batch. We had some winners of Coco’s two weeks ago, as well as some winners up in Hollywood casino in Perry Ville sports book up there are friends whether they should 866 90 day should you buy two to get your free five years 0% financing, as well as our newest sponsor, Jiffy Lube, and the multi care fixing my oil last week when my light went on, so I had to go over to Jiffy Lube and had that taken care of. I’m such great sponsors. It is a great time of year we talked about our wise conversations and Dennis has been away last week he’s coming back. Later Raskin of Raskin glow when I’m wearing the blue shirt here and I’m wondering when he’s going to come up with an orange shirt for me or something and like a mango color that would look like like oh Oriole season, but he gives these crab mallets out once a year. And if you’re a friend to recline of Leonard, he throws a rip very nice party every year. This year. Entertainment magicians a great band father daughter singing great songs for us. But more than anything, the special crab mallet. We won the basket because we got there late and we left late and people left early and Leonard I don’t think speaks to when you’re up 38 to nothing or 38 to six yeah believe people left your party early. And they got steak the big prize my wife comes and we had four of these in there for rescue go mallets and Berger cookies and potato chips just in time from my mother’s own arrive eat little

Leonard Raskin  01:54

Baltimore basket at cheer baby. That’s what it’s all about. You gotta stay you gotta stay. I don’t. I don’t know where people have to get to. I’m gonna get it. I get it in the evening. You know, some people have a bit of a drive. They gotta get out. They got to do it or they got to do but it’s not that late Saturday night. Party from five to nine. Five to nine. You can’t stay till nine. Hey, I get it. i Okay, so

Nestor Aparicio  02:22

I arrived around seven thinking right? Oh, you know, I didn’t want to be fashionably late. But I wound up being very late. So I have to apologize. Me. It’s okay. later than I thought it was like stop. Oh, I have a crab. I didn’t realize it was like you did a thing. So we’ll get to the Ravens in a minute. I want to talk about your party because I’m sure together a soiree for friends and sponsors around Dan Roderick show. And I told Dan last January when I had him out of families. I said the show is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. All of my friends need to see it. And I guess that’s the that’s the Maven in me that wants to show you things I love and you’re very much the same way. And we’re not going to show each other our mutual love of Depeche Mode this week, but at least we got Billy Joe last week. But But you love your clients, you love people. But more than that, and I’ve seen like I have you on the air all the time. We’ve had Billy Joel, we’ve had crabs. We’re friends in the real world, we socialized and even before like, I knew you or I was nasty. Nestor, you were whiskey Joe’s I mean, all these years later, but this is your Super Bowl. And it’s almost like because you can’t get married again and you don’t want to make any more babies and the kid doesn’t have a graduation party. And even if he did, it’d be his friends and not yours. This is your once a year whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day or whatever your big holiday is or your Fourth of July cookout or Preakness party or your Super Bowl party or your holiday Punchbowl. This is yours. I don’t know why you do it in October. I told my wife I think it’s because the crabs are cheap. Am I right or

Leonard Raskin  03:52

wrong? It’s not because they’re cheap. It’s because they’re huge. We want huge we love big crabs. And we’re not gonna lie. Yeah, there’s, there’s no better time of the year. Well, we crabs all year, but there’s no better time to invite 200 of your best friends, clients, friends, family, all the above. out to enjoy an evening of fun and frivolity and we tried to do something a little different each time we have it. We’ve done it at the baseball stadium we were at at Ripken. Years ago we rented out the pavilion at Ripken and watched a baseball game and cracked crabs. And then we’ve done it other places this year we settled for the home field and beautiful place up in Jacksonville Maryland.

Nestor Aparicio  04:49

They said that was the first event they’d had. We were the first event with it. I thought you were lying to me. I’m like, What is this barn sweet? I’ve been up a sweet air road a million times and I said to my wife I had Answer that had a little shack many years ago. Yeah, he did ribs and they were the best rib they were.

Leonard Raskin  05:07

And they went away. And he went away. He was

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

a great guy. And if you’re out there listening or you know the guy, give him my love and he told me you bake the ribs, then you put them on the grill, they get soft inside crispy. So he gave me all this before ever saw guy faces 25 years ago. It’s like 9899. Yeah. And I said to my wife that we went into the Plaza, where the were like the shopping center. Yeah. And I had 30 years ago. And I’m like, Where is this place? And Conrad’s crabs who’s been a sponsor of ours. I love Tony. Great, great people, great crabs as well. There’s a little thing and it’s attached to Inverness beer and so yes,

Leonard Raskin  05:45

yes, the voters so Conrad’s crabs had to stay in there forever. And as you said the ribs went away. And it used to be a greenhouse place. He used to sell flowers and plants and you know all your spring and summer gardening needs

Nestor Aparicio  06:07

not what they’re doing a Curie of different plants. Yes, I got correct.

Leonard Raskin  06:11

This is your this is your outside of your house. Beautiful plants. Azaleas magnolia. Yes, yes. All the things. Yes. They went away. I believe sadly the woman that read that passed away and the place was left vacant. And Hans who ran the Conrad’s Jacksonville Express got together with the with a couple of you know that own Inverness brewing and they set up shop and now Conrad’s expresses their great crabs, crab cakes, seafood, great food.

Nestor Aparicio  06:44

I don’t know who made the fried chicken. It was not ROFO but it was

Leonard Raskin  06:48


it was it was Conrad’s right there. They did it. All right. Resistance

Nestor Aparicio  06:52

short style is no corner like I’m pulling the corn out. There’s no horns cold because I showed up late because it my fault. So I’m eating cold corn off the cob. Like Fred Flintstone

Leonard Raskin  07:06

and jumbo crabs, jumbo crabs with with the best spice in the town. I just they’re the best crabs around. And so we invited a couple of 100 of our friends and and what they did was they turned the greenhouse into an event hall or event venue I guess. Easy holds 100 change and they have a second venue that they’re putting together finishing on and then there’ll be able to hold 200 at two different spots right there beautiful

Nestor Aparicio  07:39

facility it’s an it’s a bar was and it was

Leonard Raskin  07:42

was truck once we got the ice cream truck what can we better in Baltimore than eating crabs. And then doing some ms twisty soft ice cream. Vanilla. Get your little

Nestor Aparicio  07:58

the most important Anglet split two things. You have to have butterscotch, which is a must. And the other thing and this makes my wife laugh and wet nuts. Nuts on your truck. Oh son data legitimate truck.

Leonard Raskin  08:14

Absolutely. I had mine. I had my I had my pineapple strawberry pineapple. Cherry wet nut sundae was magnificent. Gosh, that sounds good. I’m gonna go back. What’s better? What’s better after some spicy steamed crabs that vanilla ice cream with some fixins it was beautiful. We had a great night. Your magician? Magician. Tim was out there. Amazing. Right? Amazing. Shocking. Magic. Just blows my mind. Not only that, the man. The man was there for two, two and a half hours. I guess two hours met. Everybody that was there did some magic for everybody that was there at their table. And then did a nice 15 minute stage show. And my god

Nestor Aparicio  09:05

we put $1 Bill inside of a lemon somehow.

Leonard Raskin  09:09

I don’t know how it was it was it was it was sealed up. It was nice

Nestor Aparicio  09:13

to see it really well. I mean, it was like sort of like good. This dude should be like,

Leonard Raskin  09:17

it’s pretty good. He is he’s good. He’s really good.

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

And your band was good too. I gotta like fully out this that I’ve been to Inverness for beer. Yeah, my wife really liked the beer. She had an ale that she loved. Yep. And she took Two for the Road. So that’s what it’s all about. It’s okay. It’s good. When you when you put good food out. You expect people to take it home so

Leonard Raskin  09:37

absolutely. Take take a couple of crabs take a couple beer a little they had seltzers we had everything out there had everything you need for a good old Baltimore crab feast and burger cookies for the road. What’s better than burger cookies for the road? Except we couldn’t put the milk in the thing because it would have gone bad you had to get

Nestor Aparicio  09:58

your crab chips. up to scratch. Scratch ships letter asking a series Raskin and fishers popcorn, fishers popcorn. You know when your wife and I were debating whether if I heated it a little bit whether come back to life GUI the way it

Leonard Raskin  10:12

does, I don’t know. I don’t need it. I don’t know. It’s good though. It’s good. It’s good. Whatever you eat it. It’s right out of the barrel. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  10:23

Like this. And I want to get to the Ravens in the blowout. Yeah. And I’m doing a little getaway this week as well. So I’ll be out on social media. I’m honoring my mother this week in our hometown, and her life. Excellent and spend a little bit of time doing that. So you’ll see me Laughing Crying out online decks in the south. So I would just say for this party, and maybe my mom on my shoulders a little bit, um, birthday parties, anniversary parties, celebrations family and I don’t have a lot of family you know, that like, I’m sort of famously adopted and half Venezuelan and half Dundalk redneck and like, I have a mess going on in my family tree looks like a you know, it’s a mess. So but I would just say this when you have friends at your point in your life. Yep. And you have my favorite word that Tony Robbins would use would be abundance, whatever. Abundance could mean you have $5 too much and you buy coffee for somebody when they’re you’re checking out a royal farms, you try to do a nice deed. Yay, the toll for the person, like all of the nice things that people can and should do for each other. Right? I mean, opening doors, just chivalry like all of that. But then there comes the point where we live through a plague. We’ve all had death we’ve all had your wife has been ill My wife has been ill. Yeah, you know, you’ve had a plague we’ve we’ve your business is done. Well, your business is right. Everybody’s got a thing, right? Absolutely. When when you can get together, breathe in the air and say, All right, we’re live on a Saturday night. I’ve got a couple of grand laying around. It’s a business expense. It’s a party. It’s for friends, how can I it’s hard to get 100 people to stop what they’re doing on a Friday. Because I’m trying to do that with a bunch of you. Right? I’m gonna like, I’m not gonna get everybody, but I want to you but other than a wedding, or dare I say a funeral. Right? Yeah, we don’t get together enough. That’s right. And I think celebrate, celebrate, I see your game face. You’re serious face your legal face insurance face, protect your client face investment face, your golf face, I’ve seen your, you know, hand shaking out at a golf course in a charity event. But to see the joy you had just priming, I’m not even kissing your ass. Just, you were the happiest guy in the room. It was great on Saturday, it makes you happy seeing people you love around you and really

Leonard Raskin  12:43

salutely Absolutely, look, there is no sense in waiting. None of us have a ticket that gets us out of here. Free pass to 65, free pass to 85, whatever. And if you looked around that room, we have in that room first, second, and third generation clients that show up at an event we throw for friends and clients and we consider our clients, our friends. And we have first generation we have second generation and you know this event, we had third generation in a stroller, two year old, almost two year old, that was wielded by his parents is her parents and spent the evening a couple of good hours before she had to go to bed. I don’t think she had any crabs. But you know, two generations out for the evening and bringing the baby and haven’t crabs. We had multiple clients with their kids their second generation. And that’s what we’re about man. We’re about cradle to grave, helping people do the right thing with their money, enjoy it, pass it on. There’s nothing better than seeing our clients. And the other thing I think you notice, and somebody sent us a note, somebody sent me an email on Sunday and said, you know, it was a great event. And it’s the first time I’ve come to anything you’ve had. And I’m glad I came in sorry I missed the prior ones. And what he said what was really neat was I saw people there that looked like they were 20 and I saw people that are that looked like they were at and I was he said surprised and thrilled. I was inspired

Nestor Aparicio  14:28

by it because that’s the guy. I showed a lot of those events right whether it’s road trips and radio parties whiskey Joe’s I’m counting down with our friends security, the top 25 things we’ve done as a state right, none of them are about me. They’re about people they’re about That’s right, it’s about me going in and being the butterfly flapping my wings and saying meet me down at the river at 252 in New Orleans and having 1000 people show up and creating something that people will talk to me about the rest of my life and remember forever that’s say Saturday night we we We had a yoga class that we had to make, because we stay in shape. It’s good for our backs. And yep, yep. And we ran out. We’re soaking. I mean, we were wrong out. Like, I didn’t even talk to my wife off the mat. Like, I’m like, I need a moment I need. So I got in the shower, I cooled off. We came out, we got there super late. We sat down. I felt bad because I was just munching moving through grants and

Leonard Raskin  15:23

all that good. And here’s we sat

Nestor Aparicio  15:24

at a table with the same people unwittingly that we sat with last year. Oh, that’s funny. Then Rachel came over and said, Oh, we met you late. So now all of a sudden, we have Raskin friends, they’re gonna go next year. It’s like Alan Alda. I say, I only see you once a year. But I see you at this event. It’s nice to see you again. And they had their daughter with him this year. Yeah. So. So I think there’s a part of that, too, where we talk about networking, and LinkedIn, and my friends and your friends. And how do we do about real peep? How do we sell widgets? It’s more like, Oh, they’re their friends are friends. And they’re acquaintances, and it’s word of mouth. And more than that, it’s getting together on a night when there’s music and food, and

Leonard Raskin  16:09

can real people, community and real people community. That’s what we’re about, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s nice that we do well, and we have a great business and all of that, but we want to share that, you know, part of our mission is to share that with the people that we care about. And having them out and having people meet other people. And and who knows you you meet people meet employers, people meet employees, people meet business contacts, we’re not about networking, we’re about

Nestor Aparicio  16:35

how funny your mother and your sister are trying like having a relationship with them. Right. And you know,

Leonard Raskin  16:40

the fact is, you will attest to this. I mean, we don’t do any business at this thing. We’re not We’re not out there talking about there ain’t no investment talk, insurance, talk, tax talk. We had a magician we had a band. We had great food, great drink, and we’re hanging out we’re having fun on a Saturday night. That’s what life’s about. And including butterscotch and wet nuts. See you talk business some other time. Who cares really business we were there to have fun with our with our community and everybody that came I think had a great time. And if you didn’t, it’s your fault. I would feel really

Nestor Aparicio  17:13

your something about check, steal taking my press pass. You throw that party on a Saturday night next year. If you throw it on the night before the road game somewhere. I would miss that party right of course party and I missed your party next year. I’ll be there. And it’s not for the crowd filled with the crowd. mallets you got other people I got enough of them now. I’m going to keep this one clean.

Leonard Raskin  17:35

Something will have something else to keep you interested, that’s for sure. Well, and

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

to open the beer as well. A beer bottle open then serve cans. I don’t pay saying I’m just saying you know, that’s what we served in Venice brought cans. We did cans. It was delicious. So I got this for the future. And then Sunday we did the Ravens game. You invited my wife to the game on Sunday. Yes, went down and had about 18 lamb chops with Jimmy the Greek and beautiful game. She came back home. She didn’t want to go to the game. And she came in stunning was already seven nothing. And then it’s like 28 to nothing. And I’m thinking to myself, it was it was the day that we all say right. It’s just Yeah, I just made whiskey Joe’s day or potential. This is the potential of how great you can be one day one time like that country music song right. Perfect. It was perfect. Eight months. They talk about how good it can be. Yeah, we saw it come to life on Sunday. And that’s a nice thing. I mean, when you said Mom, I’m gonna grow up and own this company and manage money and have a room full of great people one night make you proud. Well, you did on Saturday night. Here we go. The Ravens on Sunday. They first showed

Leonard Raskin  18:43

up. They showed up showed out I was was blown away. I gotta tell you. First Drive, touchdown, second drive, touchdown, third drive, touchdown. And what did the vaunted Detroit, baby lions do three and out. Three and out. Three and a half. It was you couldn’t ask for a start to a game. But you know, I’ve been to a bunch of games and the only other one that comes to mind that’s been this dominant. This ridiculous and this beautiful, was a flight a few years ago to Tampa. Joe Flacco scored three touchdowns in the first quarter. I mean, we we got there five minutes late. We missed the first touchdown before you know it. It was 21 at halftime, I’ll never forget, because because I had some angry people around me Go figure. halftime. I don’t remember the score. It was obscene. But right before the half. They threw out Tucker, to kick a field goal. When we were killing him. I mean, we were destroying them. And at the half. John throughout Tucker, he kicked a field goal and people sitting behind me were so angry that the Ravens were piling on the score, and that they couldn’t believe it. And I turned around to the guy. These were people in there. I want to say 70. So these were some old dudes. And I turned around and I said, Are you telling me right now? That when you guys come out and after half, you’re done. You’re leaving. You’re not even coming back. You’re not going to try to score your if we scored 31 In the first half, why can’t you score 31 in the second half? Are you telling me you’re not going to try to score it was 38 by

Nestor Aparicio  20:31

the way, it’s 38 to nothing. I have it up. I was at that game. Here’s the thing I remember by thinking first thing Oh, wife Graceling. My wife was battling back from cancer at that time. Yes. October 12 2014. And Thursday, beautiful. The Orioles were in the playoffs. Right. 14 right. It was at Detroit week and like magnificent. And we flew down there all I remember that that game was there was nobody there.

Leonard Raskin  20:57

We were. I remember two things. It was crushed him and nobody. We crushed him in the first half. And it was hot as hell. I remember that was because we were sitting somewhere degrees. That was hot. Yeah, but the sun was blaring raisins were only

Nestor Aparicio  21:14

a three point favorite that right?

Leonard Raskin  21:16

Like there were three yesterday or Sunday.

Nestor Aparicio  21:20

Torrey Smith Torrey Smith Kumar ache and Michael campanero Steve Smith sr 56 yard. You’re right. Tucker comes out to make it 38 The nothing on a 48 yard field.

Leonard Raskin  21:30

At no time left in the half. And I said to these guys, are you going to quit? Are you not going to play the second half? And they said that’s ridiculous. You and they got all frustrated and my wife. My wife is saying just stop you’re gonna give these guys a heart attack. Just stop. She thought the old guys were gonna die. And then and then of course the boy. So this is you said 2004 This would be not 14. I mean, 14 Nine years ago, the boy would have been 12 the boys turn it around with his shirt one too much purple for you. Too much purple for you. It was so funny. I said Dude, shut up. You’re gonna make me fight these old men.

Nestor Aparicio  22:07

Well, you know when it’s 38 to nothing or 28 to nothing and you’re like, me, for me. I didn’t go read zoning. I was just concerned about injuries concerned about you know, not losing the game, but just sort of like right, don’t do anything.

Leonard Raskin  22:21

I couldn’t figure out I couldn’t figure out why they I think they left Lamar in on Sunday so that he could get his 6000 yards for the season or something. And he was throwing that ball and moving around the pocket like a master and and the two plays. My goodness, the little fake RPO when I call it an RC throw is what I call right. The RPO took us for 80 yards. Everybody thought he was running. He turned around threw that ball five yards to

Nestor Aparicio  22:56

defend that like he committed to running right once he gets out. He stops looking for receivers. That’s right.

Leonard Raskin  23:03

They look where they are all over Sunday. He is

Nestor Aparicio  23:08

not looking to run it. He’s looking to get everyone to bite on him running it that he’s gonna go over your head and you’re gonna chase Pat Ricard. 45 yards. That’s

Leonard Raskin  23:16

right. I call him Captain Picard. That’s my nickname for him. They call him something else. Big Pat. I don’t know what they call him. But I call him Captain Picard. Because that’s what it hits me in the brain. But man watching him rumbled down the field and watch it Gus run away and and Mark Andrews run away and I don’t know you know the numbers. You have the data 10 receivers, nine different Okay, so I maybe get one extra nine. himself. He’s not like Snoopy. Yeah, we could, if he got tipped. If it got tipped, he could throw it to himself. Nine different receivers. He was throwing that ball to everybody. And unlike the Pittsburgh game, everybody was catching everything. I mean, there was there was one drop ball, I think a flat Of course, right? And of course the obligatory fumble. We had to have the fumble, because there’s always a fumble. The good news is you can fumble when you’re up 28 nothing and then you get them three and out. Whatever it is and they don’t score and it’s okay. But that one that one looked like Lamar is vault to me. It looked like Justice Hill thought he was gonna get it. Lamar tried at the last minute to pull it out. Don’t got slammed they got the ball.

Nestor Aparicio  24:30

I said from the beginning. And any my old school listeners have heard me harp on this. I thought that would be more of a problem with Lamar, in a general sense over the course of a body of work doesn’t happen often. That’s

Leonard Raskin  24:42

very rare. Very rare, and he was upset that it happened. He’s angry. So that’s good. Give him something to work on. And then then we get to go to the desert. I’m not going are you going to the desert? I am not going to a desert. Not that desert. Yeah, I’m not going to the desert but the Cardinals do not look very good. And the problem is to to Right, look like the second coming of the Eagles. And were shown to have a few flaws. And now we’ve got the cardinals who are the second coming of the jets and and hopefully we don’t overlook the Cardinals but I don’t know what are they going out? They should go out on Tuesday get acclimated that’s looked like it served him well in London. Maybe he should go out early and get ready for the

Nestor Aparicio  25:23

Sunday should go to Pittsburgh earlier. Nobody wants to Pittsburgh early. Let Rascon global you can find him out on the front of Baltimore positive. He specializes in taking care of people and their money and make sure their futures are secure. And the American dream we were out living the American dream the crabs, corn fresh corn without even any butter. It was delicious. And ice cream with with pineapple and butterscotch and hot fudge and and wet nuts or you can find a rascal Hey man, I hope you have a great week and I think the afterglow of your party and the Ravens success and we’re going to sit around and watch the World Series and some football this weekend. Next thing I know we’ll be eating turkey and pumpkin pie.

Leonard Raskin  26:04

Oh crazy, isn’t it? Time just flies along which is why you have to sit back and smell the corn and eat the crabs and enjoy life because it’s just too fast. And what did Ferris Bueller say? If you don’t say I don’t know what he said something if you don’t take time to smell the roses it’ll just pass you by or something like that. Whatever he said his famous quote were first place

Nestor Aparicio  26:28

again and the football straight and that’s right. You know? I think even the Phillies fans will be happy before the week’s over. He is lettered I am Nestor Lucas gonna be out no expose all week long all are brought to you by our friends at Royal farms real fresh real fast pouring it into my coal roofing mug here this week. We’re doing lots and lots of stuff in the November the Maryland crabcake tours getting back out on the road with a full full roster. We have a commitment. Wes Moore is going to be joining us right after Thanksgiving down in the Annapolis area. Putting the show down to fade these we got West Morris folks or excuse me, Brandon Brandon Scott Mayer. Brandon Scott’s going to be joining us as well a Coco’s before the holidays. We have a lot of things happening around here. We’re gonna get back on the beat. Got some great musicians coming on next month as well. So I’m excited. I’m Nestor we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore, telling good stories and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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