See it, sniff it, play it and cash in for the Holidays

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Yes, that gingerbread man on the Maryland Lottery ticket smells just like your Aunt’s holiday kitchen! And the peppermint is minty and could be worth a mint! John Martin of Maryland Lottery makes Nestor smile with some holiday reasons for scratch and sniff tickets and fun ways to win.


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John Martin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:02

We are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore. It is a Baltimore positive. We’re getting Maryland crabcakes. We’re back out on the road. I’m going to have the full schedule next week. I had to put some things together. We have the governor on November the 28th. That’s going to happen down in Annapolis. We have the mayor of Baltimore Coco’s working on that but it did get a a side carry out order for Marcella over Coco’s, we’re gonna be back at Costas in as well. And we’re going to be giving away the Raven scratch offs. We were very lucky batch we had up in Hollywood casino in the sports book two weeks ago, as well as our friends at Coco’s we did a show there and had some winners, our friends whether they should 866 90 nation, putting the Maryland crabcake tour on the road, and keeping the oil change in the Maryland crabcake to our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care, a little light went on White took it in 15 minutes later, we got a real change. Everything is good to go. This guy has been trying to give away millions if not billions of dollars at various points this month. He’s managed to give away a trip to Jacksonville right at the time where it looks like we’ll be Jacksonville will be Detroit will be Seattle, Arizona Dare I say Cleveland, John Martin. The air is fresher here.


The skies, more purple when the Ravens want a write

John Martin  01:18

someone who is full of themselves today. But you know, it’s a good day to be full of ourselves. And it’s a great day to be let me get this right. William Jennings of Baltimore, Maryland because Mr. Jennings has now won the second of two way trips on the team plane to Jacksonville in December, a puzzle of spending money to enjoy the trip. So now we have our two contestants, William Jennings, breaking news and Dale Robinson from last month’s contest so lucky winners who they are enjoying as you are apparently Nestor the the sweet taste of victory.

Nestor Aparicio  01:59

Let me say this because i This isn’t just a trip to Jacksonville, which I’ve been on many times I’ve been trapped in Jacksonville for 10 days for the Superbowl back in 2005. You know, cruise ships golf courses, Ponte Vedra, I’ve got friends down there. My, my elementary school kindergarten teacher resides in you, Lee, and I’ve been trying to get down there, give her some love. She’s getting a little older. I hope Miss Wassell is doing well. But I’ll say this I have been on in my career. And we all sort of famously know where I am with the ravens and media and whatnot. But I had been on their team plane one time in my life. I have been on the team train one time in my life coming back from the Meadowlands on a preseason game. So I did a preseason game. I think it was right after we won the Super Bowl, maybe 201 with David Modell. We did the train out of New York, and I did a plane ride the same year 911 kind of screwed up the airlines and you couldn’t get places. And Kevin Byrne and David Modell and Brian Billick took pity on me and allow me to fly home after a victory in Denver. So I’ve been on these planes and I’m telling you what it is like that Seinfeld episode, John, they come by with ice cream, they say more ice cream and you say more of everything. So Jacksonville, it’s not the longest flight. But I’m going to tell you, you’re going to be taken care of on this plane, you’re gonna be sitting with the players. It’s the same plane that it it’s a serious experience, John. So I just want to point that out that what these people are winning isn’t going with me to Jacksonville and hanging out at the quality Inn, which is five star in Jacksonville. But they’re gonna be there for the beat down beginning to end because the ravens are. To my point, the ravens are playing some good you will admit even as a Browns fan grudgingly, the Ravens have moved up the power chart this week just a little bit.

John Martin  03:48

Well, I will admit to two things very quickly. Number one that you are not the only person on this conversation today. Who has enjoyed the spoils of traveling on the team playing

Nestor Aparicio  03:57

where have you Where did you go and win and tell me did

John Martin  04:03

bow? No, no, no, no. This is where it gets a little a little wonky. So stick with me here. All right. My first year here at the Maryland lottery would have been the football season of 2011. It may have been 2012. But I think it might have been 2011 We’re

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

good both of those years. They were really good seasons for us. Yes.

John Martin  04:22

And my boss at that time was the director of the lottery said You know, we got this thing with the sponsorship with the with the Ravens. Somebody should go it’s just good. I went last year. I don’t want to go this year. You take it great. Where are you? Where’s the game? Cleveland, Ohio. Well, I mean, Cleveland had a chance to go to Cleveland. And of course I took it so thank you sir. And but once I got on the plane, it is all that you said and more. Oh absolutely. Came by After the game I mean before the game on the way there it’s almost like like going to church not a lot of interaction was a lot of headsets

Nestor Aparicio  05:07

on players players were players were music and they’re very sort of and yeah listen it’s we’re not behind the scenes anymore social media the Ravens have these pictures up at these guys getting on the plane, the minutes are getting on the plane, but it’s a beautiful look to play one of these $2 tickets and tonight even when and the second chances and to all the stuff my wife does with the app that we talked about here we talked about in the crabcake tour and Doug calls you and says Hey William Mr. Jennings you want you’re going to Jacksonville first thing is they don’t believe that they want and then the next thing is they go and they come back and they’re like even if the Ravens don’t plank right and I’m thinking that things will be okay although I have that the kid does worry me down there. I keep picking him every week in Jacksonville and some weeks it works out better than others that’s all I’m gonna say just an

John Martin  05:54

experienced these players will never forget them players meaning lottery players not necessarily ravens players so once

Nestor Aparicio  05:59

in a lifetime I’ve done it once on a train and once on a plane and if I got to do it this week, I think it would be cool if I won it would be awesome and I hope they get to sit in the pool down in Jacksonville that’s one thing they haven’t Jackson they live in Cleveland Ohio. I got a pool right there in the stadium so I got in that couple years Wow.

John Martin  06:16

They did it. Yeah. Wow. No, no, no, no, that was that was a lot of fun. You know what else was fun? What else is fun? You guys says it for me go ahead because it’s it’s because it’s that you caught me because it’s that time of the year. Believe it or not check your calendar. Check the weather outside. We’re talking holidays. Happy holidays to you Nestor.

Nestor Aparicio  06:34

Happy holidays to you. I’m trying to get through Halloween and are we talking? Straight up eggnog cookies.

John Martin  06:42

Right. We are so far past Halloween we are talking about today. We have kicked off and I’m good to say that because we’re we’re recording this today. But whenever people hear it, it’ll still be today to them. Right? Today. They can go to their Lottery retailer and we have 4400 of them around the great state of Maryland. And they can pick one of six no less than six holiday scratch off options and I’m a sucker

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

for snowglobes you know this about me, don’t you?

John Martin  07:10

You know what if we have catered to every

Nestor Aparicio  07:14

every there’s changes right here. There’s peppermint pay out. The $1

John Martin  07:18

ticket is called Oh snap. And it is ginger bread. Scented ticket. Scratch. Sniff it says right on there and red scented. Yes. Yes. So that’s that’s a fun ticket at the $1 price point top priority free

Nestor Aparicio  07:37

right it’s okay to smell it. Oh.

John Martin  07:41

To worry about okay. No. And I would say that it is our policy not to encourage eating of lottery tickets. Scratching. Sniffing is okay. Please do not ingest a lottery ticket. We

Nestor Aparicio  07:53

claimers around here that’s one that just because it smells good doesn’t mean you should eat it. I understand that. John that’s a very John What are you John Martin? Are you John Waters? What are you I mean, you

John Martin  08:03

know why don’t even know you anymore. John. The first parkade that’s only the first part because if you try to come in after ingesting it and claiming of a winner, I don’t want to tell you what the process is.

Nestor Aparicio  08:13

Listen. Yeah, we’re we’re not going there. We are way off course. Tickets. I mean serious.

John Martin  08:20

Oh, for years. No, no, it’s not the kind of thing you want to you know, go to so that it’s not new and novel anymore. But we’ve done the peppermint scented thing which you correctly identified at the $3 Peppermint payout multiplier top price $3,000 It says peppermint. Now I’m going to tell you unless you like your gingerbread and your peppermint together buy him at two separate times.

Nestor Aparicio  08:47

different days of the week. Yeah.

John Martin  08:49

Do something there. So that’s but in between that we have our $2 Unwrap the cache, top price $5,000 or $5 price point holiday cash, top price $50,000 And then for those of you that enjoy snow globe, so you’ve got a snow globe thing going on, is that correct?

Nestor Aparicio  09:10

Yeah. I mean, yeah, I love snow globes. They’re pretty my mom love them. Yes. So I love them. Yes,

John Martin  09:16

we have a multiple design feature for the snow globes meaning we will have during the holiday seasons between now and then until they run out sometime in it’s a mid December. Right before the holidays we will feature a holiday scene in the snow globe and then from roughly the middle of December through we when we stop maybe sometime in February or March, it will be a wintry scene. So same value $10 stain top price $100,000 But we will change up kind of midway and give you a chance to purchase a little different seen at the $10 price point and then finally wrapping it up because five tickets just isn’t enough. This is a big holiday season, we will introduce a $20 ticket called when 100 200 or 500.

Nestor Aparicio  10:09

Like eggnog or anything, right? That’s No, no fruitcake, nothing


like that. Nope, nope, nope, nope. But it does smell like either.

John Martin  10:17

It does smell like either 100 200 or 500. So don’t look for no $50 winner here. At a you won’t find one, only three prizes. So you spend $20 for the ticket $500 top prize. But the point is, there are lots of them. So 100 200 $500 Only three prize tiers very popular ticket anytime we launched it throughout the year, even more popular, I think during the holiday season, so six new holiday tickets in store today. But the real fun part, as we just found out for Mr. William Jennings is sometimes when you don’t win cash, those tickets still have value in our Second Chance program. And we have 12 weeks of extra chances to win holiday cash by submitting your non winning entries into your My lottery rewards program. And starting next week, the week of April, August off geez, what week is it? Tober? Yeah. Wow. Really? Did I miss August? What happened in August? This

Nestor Aparicio  11:17

is a holiday segment. Why wouldn’t it be October? I mean, you know, you wouldn’t ever want to go holiday segment in December because that’d be too late.

John Martin  11:25

No, he’d missed the whole thing. Wake me when it’s over, you’d missed the whole thing. So by October 30, we will draw our first $5,000 winners, there will be five of them. And for the next 12 weeks. We will select each week and entries are cumulative. So if you continue to buy tickets continue to add but your tickets are still in the big virtual bin. Each week five. Did I say $1,000? Winner there $5,000. Winners, five $5,000 Winners until the very last 12 week. Which will be for those who keeping score January 16.

Nestor Aparicio  11:59

That’s a part of pear tree for those you keeping track of that too. Yes. Nice. Well, in addition,

John Martin  12:05

in addition to the five $5,000 winners, we will have to $100,000 winners. That’s a lot.

Nestor Aparicio  12:15

That’s a good way to start 24

John Martin  12:16

I think it’s an excellent way so holiday tickets in store second Gen Con check and chance contest rolling on I’m so excited I can barely speak. But that’s that’s exactly what’s going on.

Nestor Aparicio  12:30

is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery gaming a weekend Wait, he’s Raven scratch offs, and he gets more excited given the money. Wait, and some of the people like only one five bucks, you only want a you want I mean, you know, like tell people they win. And you can win to come on out to our crab cake tour. Listen, I know you like to avoid controversy here. But how early is too early for Mariah Carey to start singing Holly? Because I mean, I’m not looking at the screen at peppermints and gingerbreads. And snowglobes. And I and I’ve already sang a little neck ankle. We’re I mean, is it already that time? Really? I mean that we’re gonna start hearing the music and like seeing the lights?

John Martin  13:07

Isn’t it something about that song? I mean, isn’t that like the most by other than white Christmas? Isn’t that like ranking up there in the top of models

Nestor Aparicio  13:14

and Christmas? Yeah, I would say that. Yes. Yes. So it’s I mean, it’s not. She sort of is Christmas like burr lives, right? I mean, like, right. I mean, a little bit right.

John Martin  13:24

Now not following that.

Nestor Aparicio  13:28

When you hear her voice you think Christmas now like I do. Yeah. I mean, Mariah if she had a whole thing, but now I see snow globes. And the first thing I think is Mariah Carey, and I think we have any played the World Series yet. But the

John Martin  13:40

viewers are here. You’re setting me up with lines I can’t follow up on?

Nestor Aparicio  13:43

Well, I’m trying to give you a segue here into more winners because we’ve as winners here.

John Martin  13:49

Yep. Here’s a segue. And it’s talking about nostalgia. And looking back. Here’s a segue and I’m gonna I’m gonna really change the mood here. Are you ready? All right, we do winners at NBA Check out the website any day of the week, all year long. And we have great winter stories. And I’m scrolling through the winter stories and there’s a picture of a guy and I’m thinking oh my gosh, that looks exactly like my late stepfather. Okay. And I thought that

Nestor Aparicio  14:14

type of thing. Okay. All right. This is

John Martin  14:16

This is Mr. Paul and bruster Jr, who just won $50,000 and a scratch off. And he is talking about it being good fortune. He had this dream about triple zeros. And so he went in, he played 000 in the pick three and didn’t win on that bought a scratch off ticket. And the game was called $50,000 cash. He scratches it off and he sees triple zeros in the in the display and then he sees the 50 to the left of that meaning he 150 $1,000 And the picture the guy’s got the white goatee, he’s got his glasses on the top. If you were put the glasses on top of the head. I never do.

Nestor Aparicio  14:56

Well I don’t have what happens. I see my I have readers on now. But like I have those newfangled where the high low and so I don’t ever have to take them off but I mean, it does make you look professorial when you do that i

John Martin  15:09

Exactly. And my late stepfather looked at the guy’s got the white goatee he’s got he’s got the twinkle in his eye, the glasses on and thinking, wow, wow,

Nestor Aparicio  15:19

he’s an overly guy. So you know, he’s a good dude, one of my Eastside guys over and overly so. Congrats to Paul for winning 50 grand congrats to Mr. Jennings, William Jennings who will be go, maybe we can make him our Jacksonville Insider. Now, we’ve had both of the homerun riches contestants agree to come on Baltimore positive with Doug. We’re setting that up for some time in November. And we’re wondering like the season’s over, whatever. But I mean, listen, you’re a Cleveland sports fan. There’s always hope, right?

John Martin  15:45

Yes, yes. Where are you going with this?

Nestor Aparicio  15:49

That’s just got to be hope for next season. If we have baseball winners on right. Oh, yeah. Baseball, I

John Martin  15:53

thought you were going back to something else or

Nestor Aparicio  15:55

the World Series is going on? I mean, they’re gonna have fun in Philadelphia. I think. You know

John Martin  15:59

what, I just I just can’t I think we’ve talked about it before. Unless you’re invested in it. I ended up okay. I don’t I just don’t want the Astros to win. I said that’s a good philosophy.

Nestor Aparicio  16:10

I will I will

John Martin  16:12

be I kind of

Nestor Aparicio  16:13

like the Phillies. I kind of like Schwarber laid

John Martin  16:17

off. And Harper. I mean, the potential and it’s happened recently, you know, two bombs in the first inning and like,

Nestor Aparicio  16:24

rubber hits one it like if you put a shadow around and he looks like Babe Ruth. He kind of swings like Babe Ruth. He kind of trots, like Babe Ruth. He kind of and I’m like, That’s kind of cool. You know, of all the guys. There’s a guy that plays it looks like he played 100 years ago to me so he does it for him a little bit.

John Martin  16:43

Well, I never will because he was on the 2016 Chicago Cubs. So

Nestor Aparicio  16:48

you know, I mean, envy such a terrible thing. One day the guardians will win. One day the Oracles will win. I believe that. I just want my no longer though.

John Martin  16:57

We always enjoy being out in the community. You know that you What are you doing?


Nestor Aparicio  17:00

You got things happening here.

John Martin  17:01

We got something happened here that I just have to acknowledge. I just can’t I just can’t pass it up coming up on on the weekend. At Patterson Park, is the bar. barks Tober fest barks Tober fest. It is the 19th annual barks Tober fest. It is a fundraiser for the the pet community the cats and dogs.

Nestor Aparicio  17:30

So donate to them all the time. They’ve got a new facility down in Cherry Hill. I know they had a call out this week for animals because they have a lot of animals and they need to get out there and love these animals. So yes,

John Martin  17:41

so we will be there stop by the Maryland lottery booth for fun and games. But I can’t wait for the popular. Ready, set. Sniff 5k Run and why mon Mar one mile walk. Are we talking about scratches if tickets. That’s one thing, I’m

Nestor Aparicio  17:57

going to trust these dogs up though it’s Halloween. Right? You Ready? Set

John Martin  18:00

sniff. That’s, that’s something that I would I would think is a good rule for any of us at any point in life.

Nestor Aparicio  18:08

We’ve already gone through this with the gingerbread tickets. I mean, your guy doling out gingerbread tickets and peppermint tickets. And I’m sort of amazed by this. Like, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. So did a lot of sniffing here in this segment. Here we are. We better be careful. Any sports wagering news, anything I need to know going into November here. I mean, the one thing I’ll tell you is I pick the games. It’s really tough to pick football games, John and I always tell people take it easy. Go responsibly. I’m picking every game every week, as part of my segment Hollywood. It’s harder than you think. Even if you think you know a lot about football. It’s not now are you just picking over unders? No, no, I’m picking against the spread and just gunner. So every week I’m picking you know, 12 1314 games, however many there are with the FBI and whatnot. And, and, you know, damn if I’m not six in one or seven, six, and one, six. I mean, it’s it’s really hard. Now I’m ahead for the year by 10. I’ve gotten up a little bit, I was 51 and 40. And three when the week started last week, but I didn’t have a great week. And I’ll just say this. It’s fun though. It’s like it’s enhanced my fun at four o’clock to be picking against Christian year and all the book is I don’t want any money on it. But I want to win. It’s fun to win. You know you

John Martin  19:16

do. It’s a fun. Now you pick all the games, you just pick two or three games. I’m picking every

Nestor Aparicio  19:20

game every week all season long, just to see if I can if I’d be good at it or not do it and and I used to be really good at it like on the radio. And this is before like legal and like people would listen on Friday and call in and be taught point spreads or whatever and my picks. We used to have a pigskin pick them in our fax machine. And the late great intern my friend John the dole. He used to grade them every Monday he become in John had some special needs was a wonderful man, a great intern. I went to community college with him. And we had a pigskin pick him every week and our fax machine would be spitting out we definitely putting in reams of paper. And this is the beginning of 9798 99. Picking the games is fun. And then that sort of all went away when fantasy started. And now we have, you know, you know, legitimate you can do anything anytime mobile. I always tell people to be careful with it, but it is fun. It’s fun. Having a side and saying three points three and a half points for chargers add the ball and what’s gonna happen, you know,

John Martin  20:25

yeah, yeah, no, it is definitely fun. Again, as we stress oftentimes you and I both play responsibly and know and know what your wagering know the odds of what your wagering yeah to do the over under or do the money line or whatever. When you start getting into some of the prop bets and things that are a little squirrely, you want to be him, they can be fun, but just have a budget, have a plan, stick with it. And enjoy the laser

Nestor Aparicio  20:51

harder. Let’s just say that out loud. I’ll give that as a public address announcement right? parlays are tough.

John Martin  20:56

Sure. Sure. Sure. So who do you have in the Bronx Colts?

Nestor Aparicio  20:59

Um, I took I’m sorry. I lost that one. And we we have the Colts here’s what happened with the Colts they came out and they weren’t the jerseys they should have been wearing all along. They were so ugly they were so hideous the horseshoe had a booth black like my soul like my father’s soul after the team was stolen. So I would say this what this was the first week I looked at them look like Unitas or art Donovan or Lenny more anybody who was on the field that the robot of the day, so I think they should keep those uniforms is what I think

John Martin  21:35

I doesn’t matter in me. Well, the Browns are

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

goofy run random white couple weeks ago did you think well we’re no no, they had a well everybody had all white back reference. Do you like the brown tops and orange pants or the white pants are like, like the modern brown since they no offense since art moved the team here and they sign it kind of. They’ve kind of stunk for 25 years. They’ve done all these weird things with with words on their shirt like and I’m thinking to myself, just where would Jim Brown war? What where would Ozzie Newsome wore like I think the Browns the simplicity I made fun of it back in the 90s I did when we stole the team. I called him Eminem helmets and all that. But like there is something about that. That’s like the Tigers or the Yankees that I have a lot of respect for, you know,

John Martin  22:20

classic, classic, classic classic. This week when state pit there you go. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I think I yeah, I growing up you know, the white on white, the brown on white. You know, orange helmets. I don’t need orange jerseys, orange pants or in socks. You know, whatever. Yeah, to me brown, white, white, white. That’s it.

Nestor Aparicio  22:45

You don’t want next week on the program. We’ll discuss the key rel Keebler elf guy that they have there. John Martin is here. He’s executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming and getting out this week bike, make sure you get the Patterson Park and help the folks at parks and make sure you’re playing responsibly. Marilyn crabcake tours coming at you. Hard and fast this month next month. We’re gonna be twice a week we’re getting out we’re doing lots of stuff. I’m seeing the governor I’m seeing the mayor I’m getting around town we got some celebs coming out g shock watch come back and have a crab cake as well. The crab cake tour is always presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’ll have Raven scratches. Now trips where are we with the Ravens game just so I know Jacksonville Are we done with Jacksonville trips now? We’re done

John Martin  23:25

okay there were just two winners they are both been selected so plenty of cash prizes still to be won plenty of experiential prizes season still there right tickets for life. So lots of things don’t think the whole thing is over now. No, not by a longshot.

Nestor Aparicio  23:40

It’s what I said last week after when the Ravens came back from it’s not over. It’s not over by a longshot. And it isn’t right.

John Martin  23:46

Go to MD And remember the key words for this week. Ready Set sniff

Nestor Aparicio  23:53

gingerbread ticket and now I’ve got to get those and put them in my bag. It is the holiday season. Tis the season around here. You know I’m enjoying some apple cider. I’ve been enjoying some some pumpkin spice things this time of the year. We’re getting we’re getting a costume together the World Series is going on and our friends at the Maryland lottery cranking up our Maryland crab cakes were presented in part by our friends at window nation as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care, make sure you play responsibly out there. We’re getting back after you. I’m Nestor. We’re wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stopped talking ravens victories and Baltimore positive

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