When you don’t make the grade on campus

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You can be almost perfect when you’re a head football coach and player buyer but don’t lose to your rival. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the college consequences of losing in Columbus and the good life of Ravens bye week.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Leonard Raskin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, W N st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are. These are the good times five week. Orioles waiting on them doing something. I’m talking a lot of stadium stuff around here this week, and during the bye week we’re gonna be doing the Maryland twice, not three times, but four times this week on Wednesday we begin by giving away the Ravens scratch offs at cocoas pub. We’re gonna be in Lawrenceville. My co host is going to be micro SIG Liano. He lives into neighborhoods. He’s my official co host co host Ron Cassie is also going to join us for Baltimore magazine. On Thursday. We moved to the BMA we’re going to be down at gertrudes at the BMA right in your Hopkins gonna get cultured also going to get a crab cake that’s legendary. Dan Rodricks, who’s also legendary one of my mentors is going to be joining us discussing his plays and discussing Baltimore as well. And on Friday, we move out of Baltimore up to the farm as they say we’re going to see some county up to Perry Ville and the Hollywood Casino. We’re doing the show there from the sports bar with former Maryland stadium authority chairman Tom Kelso. You will hear him on the air this week. You’ve seen him at Baltimore positive. Please take this information seriously. I come to you with leadership with smart people with wise conversations. Tom Kelso on Friday all of it brought to you by the Maryland lottery conjunction with when donation 866 90 nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. Multi care can’t do it without sponsors. I don’t know where my crab claw is. I’ll find it. I did find my Raskin global shirt. Len Raskin is wiping asleep out of his eyes. He is wiping the pumpkin pie off of his bib. He is wiping it afternoon guy tears off of his plate at this letter. It was quite a weekend for I think anybody loves football and loves food and loves family and loves Thanksgiving. I mean just beginning at lunchtime on Thursday, all the way through. If you like hockey too, and you had the buckeyes in Michigan, I mean what a sports weekend it was crazy.

Leonard Raskin  01:59

It was there was a lot of sports going on and the boy was not happy about most of it. The boy the boy is not as avid a fan is his father. So he was working on on schoolwork while he was here but finals are coming three weeks away three weeks. He’s had enough he had an I went

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:20

to college for six years.

Leonard Raskin  02:23

The best the best three years of your life for six years. The the the Ohio State that team up north game did not go the way we hoped. Sadly, their quarterback threw two interceptions one on the first series of this side of the game one in the last series of the game and some some cookie seems to be everywhere kooky officiating rules the day in lots of football, lots of college football, lots of pro football really

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:57

going to Hollywood casino and gambling on Friday because it’s kooky, right like literally there’s lots of bizarre out there better off the blackjack I’m telling you man if you you know like not

Leonard Raskin  03:07

betting you know I’m not betting these games so that’s just not me but wow, there was a lot of strange calls going on in the game the game and the team up north won the game which made for a fine weekend for the hardball boys you know it reminds me it’s kind of funny. After the game all the social media everything out there social media wants Ryan day fired. He’s now gone three years in a row. Undefeated except losses to that team up north each year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:43

Well, I stayed on Michigan for 20 years. That’s how horrible that job right? Yes, yes. I’ll replace five guys. Moeller just go down the list. Yeah, they you know, all the years of all the guys and they fight one

Leonard Raskin  03:54

like three out of 18. Right. Or three out of 20 and then

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:00

Alabama thing too, right. Like now three in a row are also rivalry games, Mississippi. They’re like, you know, Georgia, Florida. Is

Leonard Raskin  04:11

that wishes so big. Florida, Florida State. Yeah. So this game is so big that every last one. They wanted him fired. Then after two for sure. And now Oh, boy. The screams the cries. The quarterback stinks. Day stinks. He can’t coach the big game. They win every game except the one that matters. Except, you know, they beat him three years ago and they win. They go to the championship and the semi finals and the national finals but that’s not good enough. These people want perfection. They demand perfection and what’s really funny, I I’m not doing any research. I can tell you I’m not spending one second doing research but I guarantee you, every one of these fans that are calling for the coach’s head have surely made a mistake. did their job at one point or another that cost their company money or didn’t produce the results that some boss wanted? And they were probably not summarily fired. The next day they made the mistake. But in these days of college football and fandom and social media, there is no lead up. This poor kid this quarterback, this poor quarterback, he, he was this is first year when he’s a junior, but he never played. CJ Stroud was the quarterback the last two years. So this kid’s never played. This is his first season. All he did was go 11. No, he beat Notre Dame. He beat Penn State. But he did not beat that team up north, and they want him to transfer. They want him to get out of the school and leave the kids like, what 19

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:52

This is why I don’t anymore letter. This is why it doesn’t benefit me when I went to my partners 10 years ago, so I’m just done doing this sort of conversation, watching my wife twice like I just I can’t have I told wise markets when they sponsored me just like you I’m like, I can’t have stupid conversations. I can’t be a party to stupid conversations. But let me just say this on college football, because I want to give a shout out to my childhood friend John Keller. I had StanChart Blonsky on the show a couple weeks ago and house never gets back here for crabcake towards December gets in here. I’ll get him on the show. But But John Keller is a buddy of mine and he lives in Arkansas. He’s a Baltimore guys lived there for 25 years. He runs the Clinton Library. He’s on the other side of the political spectrum for you. But But has done this. You know, for 25 years he left here in the week the Ravens won the Super Bowl, he left here. And he went and I went to college games with him. I remember going to Maryland, NC State game and memorial stadium when the Colts and left hand and the Terps play one game he played Clemson up here. I remember going to a navy Notre Dame game with him at Memorial Stadium. So I’ll just say this. He came on like Saturday night and tweeted out he’s like, I can’t believe people don’t watch college football. But there are the people are being cheated out of this antastic like you love it in a way that is really great goes to Ohio State. But it’s just a great thing. These I think it’s different when you’re a Maryland guide letter, you know this Maryland’s played five big games in 55 years and lost four of them. Like literally like if you’re a fan, you’ve had no chance to really say even when you got to the friggin Orange Bowl, which we did.

Leonard Raskin  07:29

Championship is not in the in the Maryland vocabulary is the only thing in Ohio State vocabulary, the only thing they’ll accept is Final Four and championship and of course, he he lost to Georgia. In the semifinals, he lost to Alabama and the finals. And now he’s lost to that team up north. He had one loss, one loss in three years to Oregon in the regular season. And other than Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, he’s had one loss in four years and they want him gone. You talk about job performance metrics. Yeah. If you had to operate a company with that pressure you I don’t know how you go to work. The guy’s clearly I mean, his heart’s gotta be ready to explode. But I don’t know what the school is gonna do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:19

How much Ohio and the citizens and and alums like your son Oh, Ryan day if they if they execute? I mean the Texas a&m contract with Fisher was unbelievable right?

Leonard Raskin  08:31

He got 75 million to leave he had one good year three losing seasons three seasons not ending the season ranked in the top 25 Let’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:43

just like bellick going 13 Three get fired the next year and Bill excite Bashaud he really hated me and I’m like he’ll be $20 million he paid me to

Leonard Raskin  08:52

go away. That’s how much you hated me literally in a&m a&m Fisher got 75 million to go and like the weekend the Monday after boosters wrote $100 million in checks to pay them off so that the school could get somebody else and now they did they got some other guy they got the guy from Duke let us let’s let’s do the Phil Donahue show here for a minute and say are we taking sports too? Seriously? Oh people are nuts I mean my god you know what’s worse? This is the difference again between the college game and the pro game his kids are 1819 Seven seven

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:33

now they transferred right

Leonard Raskin  09:37

only the only the big ones the big guys the super studs you know and now the now the talk in Ohio is whether or not Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to come back. Come back. He’s gonna make is gonna make a fortune being like the second or first or third pick depending upon what team drafts and what order Why is he coming back? There’s no way he’s coming back. He’s gonna write into the NFL after the four other wide receivers that are amazing. out of Ohio State, he ain’t coming back and I asked

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:11

him, Can Ohio State go to now? Like, where are we on? They’re

Leonard Raskin  10:15

on their bowl, they could go to the Orange Bowl. Certainly decent. They could go, I don’t know if it can go, it can’t go to the Rose Bowl. It would they could here’s what could happen. So the big 10 champion goes to the Rose Bowl usually, except when they’re 13. And oh, and if it’s Michigan, because they should should slaughter Iowa. You know, that’s like a no brainer there. So assuming they slaughter Iowa and get into the playoff, the Rose Bowl can take Iowa as the loser of the championship, or they can take Ohio State. So Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, you know, somebody’s role, not now, not bowl, the toilet bowl. Some of these bowls are ridiculous. But anyway, the somebody wrote, which was very profound on social media that if you don’t think these bowl games matter to these kids, just ask, and they had a whole list of players for the team over the last 10 years. 12 years that went to bowl games that were not the national championship, semi finals final games, and had breakout games. And these kids get memories for life, but again, blows my mind that when you’re 17 to 21, you’re expected to perform at a level that is just unattainable perfection. And if you don’t, you’re you’re a nothing. You’re a husband, you’re a loser. Oh, my God, what does that do to a kid and Harbaugh won the game and you weren’t even there? Yeah. And that’s the other part. He lost to an interim head coach. So So what the guy made a couple good play calls, the team had to play the game. And they played tremendously. It was a great game. If you watched it, it was a great, great

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:51

environment in the big guy. Starting in Detroit would kick off and going through the EDA Gadol. And how about didn’t even Friday the gender watch?

Leonard Raskin  12:01

Did you watch Alabama Auburn? Did you see that nonsense. The end of that nonsense.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:07

I got people on both sides of that fight fourth, I know. I know Alabama peace

Leonard Raskin  12:12

fourth and 100 they rushed to he throws a bomb to the endzone and they guys uncovered effectively and wins the game with no time left. I mean, what a ridiculous Nick Saban I think yeah, that Aflac Duck rushing or something

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:27

it’s letter asking is here he is raskins Global. Usually gives me the crab mallet. You can find him at Raskin global and he of horses are always there to kind of help you through financial issues. You get questions on insurance questions on saving money always there with great wisdom as well. We’re gonna get to the Ravens game. I wanted to give you some arcs. I don’t talk a lot of college here. I had a really nice segment Clayton true true as a Boston basketball book that has a lot of Gary Williams in it. And a lot of like Reggie Lewis and Baltimore’s so I haven’t done a lot of college stuff. Some dual college basketball this week. Look college football, but clearly ravens on the brain here.

Leonard Raskin  13:06

State one a little silly tournament basketball. Over the weekend. They beat this is why they beat Alabama, down in Florida. Alabama 17th ranked in the country Ohio State not ranked beat Alabama and then came back the next day and beat I think Santa Clara something and won a little weekend tournament. So so the Buckeye basketballers replay. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:30

all that going on when I was I was ever Coco’s like Wednesday, Thursday, going into holiday and I’m like, Oh man, all these Puerto Rico shoot out.

Leonard Raskin  13:39

Maui Invitational. They were down there. They were there. The Maui Invitational that’s the one you want your basketball team to go on. You say, whoo, let’s do that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:48

I’m playing at odd hours and they’re all wearing lace. I know like, that’s a chunky strip for you college supportive.

Leonard Raskin  13:54

That’s, that’s the way to go. That’s what the boosters pay for. I guess. It goes, tuition goes free. Yeah, it’s beautiful. Beautiful. I was I was very happy. I was very angry. I was my son again was telling me to calm down. I was going to have a heart attack. I don’t know who who the coach listens to when it comes to challenging plays. But there were two that clearly should have been challenged on first downs and then one that was clearly a backwards past that they did challenge and I’m thinking to myself who is running that show, telling him what to do. I am glad I am glad the Orioles do not challenge as poorly as the Ravens challenge. I mean, that was pathetic. It was and I said to Luke

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:39

you know, I know they have an operation. Let’s get Matt Weiss back here and have him on the button that she goes hard balls something but but the horrible thing that killed me was the was the lateral where like every time they showed the wide view of it. Yeah, horrible standing right Dare we all mash? The President was thrown down the line right there behind him. It was obvious the ball went backwards or flat or right but it was not a forward pass. No, it was he should have seen it better than anybody in

Leonard Raskin  15:15

a timeout and again we’re at the end thank goodness they didn’t need it. But we had another lead in the fourth looked like it was slipping away. And then automatic Tucker misses his under 50 field goal which was again stunning to everyone. But even then, even if he makes it so they’re up six and I’m seeing Herbert drive down and we lose by one. I’m seeing a Cleveland Browns ending and I’m in despair. And then thank goodness the defense was brutal. I mean, they were they were hitting people. Like somebody said something about their mama they they were brutal out there clowny and and Queen and Ro Quan. They were beaten the daylights out of the Padres I think it is the Padres right the

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:13

funny thing I thought this meeting would be kind of empty. I was kind of shocked that there was many charger stances there I agree. Definitely pipe some sound in. I did have real fans though. I did hear real fast,

Leonard Raskin  16:26

but it seemed like it seems like nobody likes them. But suddenly the place was loud and I’m thinking Why was this place loud?

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:33

And then they got those great jerseys the baby blue in the go there were these Navy things they were the Stan Humphries jerseys.

Leonard Raskin  16:39

Yeah, they should have been in the powder puffs. I gotta say I did like the combination of the purple pants and the white shirt being a style critic as we’re being like that look. I thought that combination was pretty clean. I like to

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:52

clean I like to white on white. We want to Super Bowl white on white I like white on white you know

Leonard Raskin  16:57

I love the blacks but but the purple on the white and purple look pretty pretty clean and fresh. And they boy they played a heck of a game no turnovers I thought we had we’re gonna have to at least I thought the ze flowers run at the end to put it away I thought for sure Lamar wanted that ball. He was not wanted say to take it and I thought it was going to drop and that was going to be like going oh my god moment. Thank goodness I was wrong. Well

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:26

I said imagine the defense everybody in the building gets juked out and say flowers running the ball and he’s a wide receiver and looks like oh hold on keep Mitchell’s faster neither one of them and I’m like wow you know so all of a sudden there is a speed kills Yeah. Where you know, watching Lamar and he doesn’t have to run the ball and I think he’s right on to the fact that he’s a better decoy than he is a runner sometimes yeah a lot of the time when the games except when the game’s on the line. And the thing that I pointed out to Luke as we go into this by at nine and three with a balanced team injuries fine Marlon Humphrey Stanley’s not going is they’re gonna figure mark Andrews out, but they’re in as good a position as they’ve ever been in in playing football to host games in January and can only hope what we’ve seen with buffalo what we’ve seen with Cincinnati, where we are with Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and they’re the wildcard teams. Clean Indianapolis and Flacco Lacko is going to play meaningful football the next

Leonard Raskin  18:33

year he’s gonna start for the Browns next week against I don’t know whoever it is they’re playing in LA they played the Rams so he’s gonna start in a game that they need that they’re gonna have to win and they got beat up. So we’ll see. And, and it’s hard to root for Pittsburgh or the Bengals but you got to root for one against the other and hope I was hoping for a tie. Again, they tried but they just didn’t succeed.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:00

Well, the Browns record the rest of the ways interesting for Flacco because I know you and I are Joe lovers in general, but at rams this week, and they’re spending the whole week in LA Yeah, so that was part of the whole like they were in Denver and then they’re going then they have Jaguars bears at Texans jets at Bengals. I mean, Flacco can just hand the ball off they might win three or four of those games with the defense that they have now they had an issue miles Garrett was was dinged up in the game the other day as well for the Ravens Mata BK staying dopamine this spy week for the Ravens perfect how they played and the fact that we can beat horrible bad challenge flags and his integrity and his great and all that great ball. They show up every week to play and you know, win or lose late in the game mistakes. Not the offense wasn’t great, the

Leonard Raskin  19:51

nobody’s beaten. Nobody’s beaten them

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:55

themselves for the most part. I mean, there’s no stakes, that’s how

Leonard Raskin  19:58

they lost three. That’s how they lost Three I think the only team that right now is put in a position to beat us as us. The three they lost. You know, we beat ourselves. It wasn’t a loss there. I mean, the Colts didn’t beat him Pittsburgh didn’t beat him. They shot themselves in the foot on stupid plays. So you clean up the game you come out if you can have meaningful football January in Baltimore, specifically Kansas City I think that’s a that’s a road test for from a home’s I’d be willing to entertain and enjoy. But they got a few gate luck. I don’t know if it’s the hardest, but it’s damn near the hardest schedule in the NFL for the Ravens the rest of the way. Well, we have a

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:40

it is but they have this week off. And that’s different than the other teams. Right,

Leonard Raskin  20:44

right. But man, look at the schedule. There is not a not an easy game in here. Not an easy game. You’d say maybe the Rams but I don’t think so. I mean, they’re, they’re played well for Sunday. I could always step up and play ball. I mean, they didn’t win a Super Bowl for nothing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:03

Well, we’re gonna see them play the Browns this week. So that’s gonna be we’re gonna be watching me. Let her Rascon us here. He is always there for you at Raskin global tell me what you do. Give him your elevator speech about the American dream and trying to help folks and you don’t have to be rich to call Lennar, you have a million that I like just after want to hear your money. Get right as rod would always say,

Leonard Raskin  21:24

take care of your money. You want to make good decisions, prudent decisions about what you’re doing with the paycheck, you get. And, you know, we don’t have to have perfect performance. We just have to have excellent performance. Going back to the Ryan day story. But what we do is we help people understand how their money works. We help people understand all about their benefits all about their cash flow all about their taxes all about their wills and trusts their insurance. We examine every part of your financial being and we help you put it in good order. And we help you make winning decisions. And we help you have the life you want to have the American dream so you can go out to the stadium and watch the Orioles you can go watch the Ravens you can travel if you want to watch a road game. If that’s not your thing. Great. Go to go to the Hippodrome see a show go to the lyric watch an opera go to

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:19

see kiss Wednesday night. See CFG kiss Yeah, kiss. Yes.

Leonard Raskin  22:24

How do

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:24

you want it the best? You got the best? The hottest brand in the world? Yes. Kiss.

Leonard Raskin  22:30

Is that going to be in full makeup full regalia. Can you imagine? At a 70 Gene Simmons, is he 70? Now?

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:40

The plus? Yes, it’s a little bit more on the lip sync side right now. Yeah, a little bit.

Leonard Raskin  22:49

Again. Oh, come on.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:53

You know, I’m telling you, I I know things I know thing. All right. You know,

Leonard Raskin  22:57

right? I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about you’re a 70 plus year old man. And you are sitting in a chair. How long does it take to put the star on your face and the makeup on? Does it only take like 10 minutes now because they’ve been doing it so long? I mean, my goodness. Can’t they just come out without the makeup and just do it? Everybody knows who they are. What do you bring in your seven year old that doesn’t know who kiss? Alright,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:23

so let it I’m gonna leave you with this. This is literally right now. Greg Landry at Towson transfers, took the tape recording that I made with Paul Stanley when I sat with him. I sat with Paul Stanley, it’s 25 minutes. It’s from 1990 It was in his hotel room. I was giving him a hard time about there not being girls in there like the rock star thing. And sure enough girls are banging on the door while we’re talking. Like so I told him told my wife this story forever. I’ve never played the piece. The recording I have was a little bit speeded up. Like oh, so Greg is gonna slow it down. So Paul Stanley sounds like Paul, you know, yeah. So, so I’m working on that, but I found the tape and it was when their makeup was off. And it was the last time their makeup was off. And then within a year and a half, two years they put their makeup on first time I saw them with their makeup on is a raven story. It was 1996 the Ravens had just come to town. They had just put the makeup back on. They play 10 sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. I scored two tickets for the first night and Kevin and I jumped in a limo with Steve Everett from the Baltimore Ravens. And we went to Madison Square Garden we watched kids play so there you have it, so it evolved

Leonard Raskin  24:41

without the makeup.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:43

They played 10 years without the makeup and that’s pretty 80s Oh Animalize Likud up heavens on fire. Oh my goodness without makeup.

Leonard Raskin  24:52

Total watch those videos. Yeah, that’s totally past my brain. I didn’t even realize I look at your coils.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:59

got busy making money meet your wife doing all this is about from 83 ish to about 9192. They were they were Yeah, they were unmasked is what? Crazy Crazy. So when I sat with Paul, it was just me and Paul. Paul was in some Hyatt bathrobe looking like a rock star. He just gotten out of the shower. We ordered some chicken and broccoli and we drank of carbonated beverages as I remember it. And he was very people said, Paul, Paul Stanley was nice to me, as anybody I’m gonna leave this leave you with this too because this involves my father, because sometimes you know all of you Dennis all my sponsors, give me some fatherly advice and you do that with money. My dad was said to me in 97 879 I joined the kiss army after kiss alive too. Alright, so I ordered this jacket. And my dad said kiss don’t give a damn about you. Kids don’t care about you. And here’s where I am all these years later, John horrible doesn’t care about me Steve. He doesn’t care about me. But Paul Stanley invited me up to sweet bought me dinner was kiss loving me as freely was nice to me too. So kiss liked me more than my father was wrong about that. My father was wrong about sports.

Leonard Raskin  26:09

I’ll leave you with the last thought that you may not have known. Do you know that Gene Simmons is considered by by many one of the top estate planning advisors life insurance sales persons in the world. He’s written books on money. Absolutely crazy. You and Jean common? Yes, you may know him in selling insurance and playing in people’s estates for ultra wealthy individuals selling life insurance to people to transfer their wealth to their heirs efficiently and inside of the confines of the tax code, and then putting on his makeup and getting out there making it happen for the the younger the world. There’s only

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:53

a couple times but I’ve never really talked to him like I was always more like I knew Paul a little bit so I was little more drawn that way. I got a picture of Bruce Cuellar too. So but but for me with with Kiss and Gene Simmons and the TV show and all of that stuff, it’s just they were the first band I loved. They were you know, in the attic and Nelson my cousin Nelson’s house on Tyndale Road in Lawrenceville. We’re gonna be a Coco’s this week he put kiss alive on put it down, and I heard hot, hot, Hotter Than Hell. And I heard Deus and then you know it’s all these years later. Go suitcase enjoy kiss. I kissed you a letter asking for the holidays and the Ravens this week at nine and three find letter Raskin, Raskin global. And of course you can find them out of the front of Baltimore positive. Hey, it’s Pi Week. Okay, the Ojai towel off a little bit go watch some hockey and we’ll

Leonard Raskin  27:46

see all right, you got it. Beautiful days beautiful days ahead.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:48

All right. Me You got me tell him Oh, kiss story. I’m gonna get my belt buckles and I can tell kiss stories all night. listen out for the interview with me with Paul Stanley. I’m gonna run it this week. It’s gonna be out of Baltimore positive by the middle of the day on Monday. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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