Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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It’s lacrosse time again in College Park

Our resident Terp Talk insider and Monday morning host of "In The Nest" on WNST-AM 1570 Bruce Posner joins Nestor to discuss all things Terps hoops and lacrosse and some hopeful thoughts on Lamar Jackson remaining in Baltimore.

McMillen: The real concern about sports gambling in America should be on college campuses

Former Congressman and Terp for life Tom McMillen joins Nestor to discuss massive change in college sports, the good and evil of NIL money and the path in College Park under new head coach Kevin Willard.

Taking Lights Out into MMA and onto your screen

Former Terp Shawne Merriman comes home to discuss his Lights Out MMA promotion on FUBO Sports.

There’s no denial of the NIL in college basketball

We went to an authority on college basketball to try to understand the new universe. Author and longtime chronicler of all things NCAA, hoops and "student athletes" John Feinstein tries to explain the wild, wild west of "Name Image and Likeness" NIL to Nestor as Terps hoops season begins under new head coach Kevin Willard.

The Wizard is still clutch when it comes to Terps basketball knowledge

Maryland Terrapins legend Walt Williams still does the College Park games on local radio and previews the red-hot Terps basketball start and discusses his new Clutch Vodka brand.

Getting ready for mobile sports wagering this week?

John Martin of The Maryland Lottery updates Nestor on the realities of mobile sports wagering and why the wait will be worth it.

A Hall of Fame life in small college sports

Radford Hall of Famer Mike Ashley joins Nestor to discuss a life in college sports then and now. Our longtime pal, comic and Maryland Terps historian went "home" to Virginia and has some stories to tell.

Why this Terps lacrosse title was different than the rest

Bruce Posner tells Nestor the lore and legend of the undefeated Maryland Terps NCAA lacrosse crown

Feinstein tells sportswriter tales of access and the humanity of Mike Krzyzewski

John Feinstein takes a good walk on Dan Snyder, sportwriting and the end of Coach K with Don Mohler and Nes

Taking a shot on Kevin Willard in College Park

Leonard Raskin and Nestor take on March hoops & Terps dreams of Big 10 prominence with Willard hire
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Latest News

The time that Bill Walton talked about San Diego sports, John Wooden and the tall life with Nestor at Super Bowl XXXII

Our weeks spent at The Big Game have afforded us the opportunity to have a wide variety of chats on Radio Row – even last century! Nestor only wishes he had asked a few more Grateful Dead questions...

Wally Williams, Donny Brady remember Memorial Stadium and early Ravens days in Baltimore

Original Ravens Wally Williams and Donnie Brady share early memories from 33rd Street with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row in Miami ahead of Super Bowl LIV.

Super agent Leigh Steinberg discusses journey of Patrick Mahomes to Super Bowl stage

Longtime sports agent Leigh Steinberg joins Nestor and Luke in Miami 2020 to discuss the journey of Patrick Mahomes to Super Bowl LIV and why the Kansas City quarterback was destined for more.

Boldin comes back to Baltimore via Radio Row to talk Super Bowl XLVII

Anquan Boldin joins Luke and Nestor on Radio Row in Miami 2020 to talk Ravens memories and making the world a better place.

Going back to The U and Memorial Stadium purple lore with Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde comes home to Baltimore via Miami LIV with Nestor and Luke. Ah, that first game against the Oakland Raiders and that first Ravens touchdown in 1996.

Nils Lofgren talks all things E Street on Radio Row in Phoenix

Nestor Aparicio gets the honor of spending time with pal Nils Lofgren of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band at the 2008 Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Marc Roberge of O.A.R. talks Redskins, Merriweather and being a Maryland guy

The great Maryland band Of A Revolution was visiting Radio Row at the Miami Super Bowl in 2010 and local music is always better....

Dilfer talks about Billick and week of prep leading up to Super Bowl XXXV win in Tampa

Five years after the departure from the Ravens after holding a parade, Dilfer sat down in Detroit at Super Bowl XL on Radio Row to discuss the art of being a quarterback and mentally preparing to win the biggest game of your life.
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