Taking the charms of State College to the mat and onto the floor for Springsteen

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He finally made it back to Happy Valley for some glory days. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the joys of college sports on Big 10 campuses that aren’t just about basketball in March.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, WN S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive hope you’re all listening out there today in 1572 are wise conversations around here as we get into almost baseball season, basketball now over, you know, at least for the Terps at this point, lacrosse season sort of rolling in, and of course the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes that never seem to end but Springsteen’s coming to town in a couple of weeks and we’re getting ready for that I’ll we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour in two places. Beginning on April 5, to celebrate the opening day to celebrate Springsteen, the Eagles the opening a new arena, the whole deal, we’re going to be a Costas on the fifth celebrating 50 years at the Maryland lottery costs was an original lottery distributor of tickets in 1973. When the lottery began there, one of like 25 left. They’re gonna be honoring them on April fifth, we’re gonna be doing the crabcake tour. They’re on April 5. Then on the seventh, we’re going to be at fadeless all of it also brought to you by our friends at window nation. 8669 D nation you buy two, you get two free 24 months 0% financing, even Len Rasca will tell you that that’s a good deal. Let Rascon his our financial inside or 24 months 0% financing, let her do a couple things. I told Dennis this last week. So my wife and I may be in the market to trade in the car 50,000 Miles want to get one from Dennis my wife’s looking at afford her name’s Ford, right. So we’re like, we’ve been talking about this. She’s got this Bronco think she saw one that’s Euler blue, Houston roller blue. So I’m like, okay, so I called Dennis and she like she has she’s a 31 year tech employee, same company engineer the whole deal. You know, you handle our finances. So you know better anybody. She’s like, I’m gonna call the credit union, her credit union where she’s working forever. Yeah. And try to get a percentage on a car, buying a car. And she was a gas. She’s like, how much? So I got Dennis on and literally hit Dennis on the right day. And you know, that is always up for selling a car over the course. And he said, he’s doing 2.9% for 60 months and 4.9 for 72 or whatever. But I said I went back into today. 2.9 61 She’s like, all right, I could do that. So you know, as our financial advisor letter asking for asking global, you’ll tip your cap to my wife on that. 2.9 Not bad, right? You’d live with that right now. Right?

Leonard Raskin  02:22

So this is a perfectly financial financial advisor answer? It depends. Ah,

Nestor Aparicio  02:30

you’re selling hardball after a press conference, right?

Leonard Raskin  02:33

Well, here’s the answer. Let’s let’s make it clean. And let’s hope Dennis is, is hanging hard on this one. It’s all about the deal. Right? So the question is, if the price of the asset of the by the car is the same, whether you finance it cash, credit union, or his 2.9 I’m all for 2.9 2.9 is fabulous. 4.9. Longer term, maybe. But if the price is higher, to get 2.9 You really don’t

Nestor Aparicio  03:10


get what it is easy to do. You go into a small time vendor who has a square machine? And you’re like that widget is $1. That’s right, you give me $1? That’s right. It’s $1.05. If you give me credit card if you get gas stations been doing this

Leonard Raskin  03:28

over time, right? Answer is right answer is what’s the price you’re willing to pay? What you’re generally fine. Not, not always. But what you’ll generally find is the 2.9 price is higher than the 6.9 price. And all you’re doing is financing more at a lower rate. It’s better.

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

When less ice cream, the 16 ounce ice cream became 14 ounce.

Leonard Raskin  03:57

That’s right. That’s right slit. It’s called shrink shrink. Felician.

Nestor Aparicio  04:01

All right, that’s cool. So I want to give you something I did. That was an extreme value over the weekend. Okay, we’re gonna have real fun with this because you’re my financial advisor, Linda Raskin, his gear. look him up Eros and global. He’s out of Baltimore. I’m gonna I’m gonna run the segment like I’m on your show a little bit this week, because we’re gonna have some Yeah, let’s do it. So this weekend, I had Springsteen tickets in State College, Pennsylvania, so we’re gonna do a couple of life lessons. Okay, so, all right. So, my friend Craig Lesko, who’s in a similar industry of yours that I’ve known him for a million years. He’s in Pennsylvania. He’s a big rock concert guy goes to every young people concert, young girl concerts, he’s got daughters, he’s got sons. He does music more than way more than I do. And he’s very open minded about his music. He does all different kinds of music waiflike country the whole deal. I’ve never been to a concert with him. I don’t you know, I’m a I’m a solo warrior Raskin. You know that right? I go to Springsteen shows alone. I move around places people don’t know I go I stay off the internet. I come back put a picture in adequate time. So this one, the day the Springsteen tickets went on sale and you hit the lottery for the CFG Bank Arena. Yeah. And you took your tickets and did a good financial advisor did turn them into a weekend and why I think I think so. I didn’t hit the lottery this that whatever I wasn’t, I’m nonplussed. I knew I was going to see the show cheap and some red states on your side of the political fence where tickets are 50 bucks in Houston, and $12. In, in, in Omaha and in places like that. So anyway, my friend Craig gets a ticket. The day they go on sale. He’s like, Dude, I got two great seats and State College. You’re in if you want the other one, he sends me a screenshot. I am sticker shock, like my wife by, right? He sent me how much these tickets were. And I’m like, Dude, that’s $414.25 for my half. Yeah. And it’s a nice seat. And one of the reasons like I didn’t hit Nils Lofgren and get a pit seat, is because by the time I pay for the pit seat and take care of Mills’s charity, yeah. 1500 large into trends. Yeah. I don’t have the I’m not I’m not that buyer. Right. My finances. I’m not that even if I had finances I just not where I am in my life.

Leonard Raskin  06:22

You can spend 50 That’s right, right. But

Nestor Aparicio  06:26

here’s the ticket. He’s a good guy. It was a Saturday night I didn’t have any other tickets. I said Look, dude, that’s a little rich for my blood. But like probably you know what I mean? Like this is I bought the ticket July 26. Which by the way was the day church deal for me out of the three out of my vocation I’m 27 years told me I’m not I’m no longer professional. I was informed by a by a hack that I’m no longer professional. But So nonetheless July 26 is when this ticket was bought so over the last six months Craig and I’ve tried to get to get we’re stuck with the tickets tickets a $200 ticket online as as the market bears right right selling 1000 tickets now a million tickets in Pittsburgh Philly Baltimore K stadium show now that now the tickets that you flipped are a quarter of what you sold them for because they flooded the market supply and demand like when it when we print money right when you’re gonna take a poke at by your the Republican friend that I left Britain money

Leonard Raskin  07:28

right when you give away cash, too much money chasing too few goods. Inflation All right,

Nestor Aparicio  07:34

so I am I am screwed into this ticket ever Springsteen? The one of the reasons I didn’t go to Columbus last week after talking to you about where I was gonna get wings, right. I never made that trip. Leonard he canceled he got sick. I heard that so the show Never had I never got on the plane. Right? I didn’t Brian lives in Columbus. And I didn’t even tell them I was coming because I wasn’t sure I was going. I never went to Columbus after all the hubbub you and I had in our last segment. Yeah. And so I’m 400 bucks into this ticket. I’m like God, just Billy Herman’s daughter was gonna give me 250 And I’m like, I’ll eat it just go I don’t want my back the weather the week and I thought maybe Okay, so I couldn’t get the ticket like so I’m like I said the Kreg look it Springsteen I friggin love Springsteen. If I’m stuck with it, I’m gonna get in the car go to State College make the most of it have a day have an experience and I’m stuck right? I’m stuck. What am I going to do? Because I’m healthy enough to go and Bruce is alive and they’re all live I’m gonna get there even though I’m sort of was like I’ll take the 400 bucks turn into two tickets for me and my wife and Baltimore and we’ll go right But Buddha arena didn’t work out that way. So I get stuck. So serendipity follows me Raskin. You know this right? God say a college had a good time college town never been there you know, saw it all had a beer watch Duke get eliminated which


was right. So always good to see Duke lose.

Nestor Aparicio  09:05

You know me and these crazy belt buckles. I picked up this Genesis belt buckle which is beautiful. You guys are going to get so I’m looking for belt buckles. My son sends me antiquing in barre town of Luke Jones. Okay, so I go antiquing and I saw a Baltimore clippers banner. That was 75 bucks which was too rich for my finances. You know, I didn’t buy it. i He showed me a Baltimore clippers bottle opener. That was a giveaway that’s a hockey skate from 1968 with the AHL and and the Clippers logo on it. 225 bucks beautiful item. Got a haggle on that stuff. Yeah, so So anyway, I go to the back, Leonard, and there were two items in cellophane paper, and they are marked $5 and $9. And they are old newspapers. I’d look in the first One and right on the top. This is what I see. John Steadman. There you go. As it says here, the Orioles will win the World Series. It is the 1966 World Series news American my first job my first love. Yeah, this is the Orioles to World Series Preview section. It’s thick. It’s 32. Yeah. I never even pulled it out of the cellophane until I was with Luke on the air this morning. And in it. I found a whole other bunker blanks the Dodgers game three. This is the day they actually won the World Series. Yeah. And this is the cover for the day. One more to go. And look at that blue. Look at the picture of Frank Robinson and Brooks and Berg on the cover. Beautiful bluff.

Leonard Raskin  10:55

So, five busic picture.

Nestor Aparicio  10:58

Five bucks. All right, now, this was nine bucks. So I spent $14 And I did it in cash to see you so I can help small business you don’t do that. Right. So this was the other one that I saw. Baltimore Sun Orioles complete sweep of World Series. Okay, this is nine bucks. Okay. And it was in a bundle. And I’m like, I don’t care what’s in and I was in a hurry. I had to drive. Two more hours of State College. My buddy Craig was meeting me in Yocum town. We had to get up there for beer and Chinese food and like all that, right? So I just put the stuff in a bag and I rolled out and the thing that fascinated me and you’re an old fart like me, have you ever seen this cover? This is the morning cover when they really won the World Series. I had never seen this. I was familiar with the McNally jumping into Brooks’s arms, right? Because you’ve seen that on the coffee mug. You’ve seen that on shirt everywhere. Every everywhere, right? So I get it home and I thought, well, I have the real one. Now this is cool. And then I open it up on the air with Luke and I will be damned lettered it for nine bucks.


I didn’t get the real one. There you go. There it is. How awesome

Nestor Aparicio  12:15

is this? So this speaks to the love of baseball, my cheapskate. The fact that I got to touch the pennant and then have to spend 75 bucks on it. And the fact that I can now read the entire 1966 Orioles world for five bucks. And this is like I thought to myself five bucks. If I was in the airport, it was a magazine. I wanted to read a Men’s Health magazine books. So I just wanted you to acknowledge that I didn’t have good frugal shopper get to get and then I open this up and I thought there’ll be something great about Aparicio in your by the way I know. You know who this guy is right? You’re

Leonard Raskin  12:50

the cheapest guy and the cheapest guy. I swear we got everything I knew

Nestor Aparicio  12:54

last year would be part of it. But then I opened it and Luke and I were doing a segment on the World Baseball Classic. And right here on page 16 F. It says Aparicio hire, retire. No, no, no, no, no, no. We played another eight seasons and collected some major league paychecks and on his way to the Hall of Fame. So I love that Aparicio retire


there you go.

Nestor Aparicio  13:20

How are you man? I could college town over the weekend big 10 Good stuff March Madness I mean this is I felt like you like I felt like Thornton Mellon going back to college. That’s

Leonard Raskin  13:30

what it’s all about walking on campus you feel like a old young man again. Call me Call me when you have no class. One of the best one of the best movie lines ever by far one of the funniest movies and one of the best lines ever. Call me when you have no clue should read that and put it on at the senator one night. Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s that’s such a classic funny movie. Yeah. So

Nestor Aparicio  13:54

thinking about you in a bathing suit doing the

Leonard Raskin  13:57

triple Lindy? Yeah, the boy was on a snow bound weekend it was it was spring break for Ohio State except for the athletic band who was busy in Columbus playing for the lady Buckeye basketball team, which won their first round game. The rival in Maryland, this tournament there are a number I think two seed, maybe a three. Now they’re playing. They play Carolina they played a Tar Heels coming up. Shot and seen right? Yeah, yeah. And they play they play there. Yeah, the girls play shot and steam. The men’s tournament weekend. Was it nationwide? Was it the hockey rink, right, sponsored by Ohio State but not played at because they want more seats. They wanted more seats, but the girls played the shot and they won their first round. While Maryland was kicking butt in their first two rounds. The ladies as the men were excused as the Ohio statement didn’t make it the first place in the meantime, the other half of the athletic band jumped on a charter jet with the hockey girls. And the hockey girls are ranked number one of the country went out for the final frozen for in Duluth, Minnesota. 110 inches of snow. This winter they had like 20 Some from Thursday to Sunday while he was there,

Nestor Aparicio  15:24

we serve at the men’s frozen for the women’s Frozen Fours in Duluth, Minnesota was Duluth,

Leonard Raskin  15:28

Minnesota this year. And it is it was the lady Bucs won their semifinal round game three to nothing. And unfortunately in the finals on Sunday afternoon, they took a one nothing loss to Wisconsin who won their record seventh women’s title. Third of those last four they’ve beat Ohio State. Two of those to get the four. Three of the four can hockey’s a big deal, man, right big WCA J. They all play big. Absolutely. And I didn’t know this. Watch it on the TV to see the boy for 30 seconds or maybe three seconds and the band show up on the TV. The the head coach that’s won the seven Wisconsin winners was on the ad. us winning a Olympic hockey team. Oh, really? Who was the coach? Think it was? Is it Johnson Stevens Johnson I think

Nestor Aparicio  16:29

Okay. Okay. I mean, we just lost one of the members of that team. Yeah, dementia and just some Yeah,

Leonard Raskin  16:35

well, horrible things. Think about it, man. It’s hard to imagine that was 43 years ago. I remember that like, so those were those were 20 year old kids. And I understand for life. You’re in your 60s now. That’s it. Well, I was a hockey fan before that. But yeah, if you weren’t man that turned you on to the game if you turned non hockey people absolutely. Well, it brought hockey to California brought hockey to the states in a big way. And then Gretzky locked it up in California forever. So this year, so the boys in Duluth and then they’re trying to figure out as the game is wrapping up. So right after the game ended, they announced the men’s NCAA draw, and he thought he was going to be going this coming week to Fargo, North Dakota, where it was a whopping one degree yesterday with wind feeling like negative 20. He lucked out the men start on Friday in Bridgeport, Connecticut. So instead of going to North Dakota, he in the band jet off this weekend to Bridgeport, Connecticut, for hopefully, three for a tournament and if they happen to win, which is unlikely the men aren’t as good as the women. The women were ranked number one of the country and unfortunately lost in the final. The men aren’t in the top. Top 10 But they’re in the tournament. If they win the weekend, the next round is the Frozen Four in Tampa Bay. Frozen for in Tampa, Tampa Bay. How about that?

Nestor Aparicio  18:04

In New Hampshire at this point? Yeah, right. Exactly. Well,

Leonard Raskin  18:07

you know, the lightning play they win at all so why not the frozen for?

Nestor Aparicio  18:10

I mean, there’s no doubt that that hockey in Tampa is a bigger deal than you think it is. Lana Raskin is here. I’m wearing the shirt, he handles money we’re gonna get the money and do all we’re gonna get to Lamar is money. I want to say something to you because it’s interesting to me. You’re always pimping your kids college experience. We always kid Abed Thornton Mellon and Duluth, Minnesota for your kid this weekend playing in the pep band. And we’ve all seen March Madness, right? And you’re like my kids. See my kid on TV for one minute. We all saw the band leader from Northern Kentucky. That was a maniac over the weekend. So I said to my wife, I went to the ACC tournament 1987 and I was literally against the Mugsy Bogues. Mugsy Bogues gave tickets to Steve Sharon from Captain Harvey. He was my buddy. He’s happy with the colors I’m wearing. He was in North Carolina guy, but, but I remember being with a pet band and Wake Forest, how much fun it was. Kids in the pet band. It’s fun. My guy a Carolina Mike Wargo who was one of my one of my co hosts and interns back in the 90s. He played in the Carolina pet band, they got to go to the Final Four and they want like all of that blast. So the memories of all that but here’s where I am. I go to State College Saturday night to see Springsteen play in their Schottenstein Center there. Yeah, Jordan Center, right. Sure. I had been in there one time in my life. I had been a state college one time in my life. awful weather. They got their ass kicked by Michigan. It was it was the Brian greasy Charles Woodson levar Arrington Courtney brown game. They were both ranked in the top five and Penn State got annihilated and home 38 The three It was awful, right? So I didn’t get to see the town. It was RVs The weather was bad. I barely got in. I barely got out. I was going to the Ravens Steeler game at Pittsburgh where the Ravens got waxed. So horrible weekend and then I had Lenny more. Kin herring and wildly Richardson, all pence State and Raven related guests for my show with the boy it was a very morose farm. Yeah, but I want to see anything. So I caught there my buddy Craig is like, Hey, dude, it’s a big night and Penn State and I’m like, well, you’re damn right. They they’re playing in the round to go to 16 they played 745, right and state was playing. And I’m like, Hey, let’s get up there early four o’clock, the bars will be going, we’ll leave right when it gets lubed up and we’ll go we’re going to the concert. And I said, I’ve never been to and I looked on the map, and it’s a little place and I’ve literally never looked at the map of steak. I know there’s a famous bakery and ice cream joint because I had a girlfriend that went there and she was all the places she bragged about are out of business, by the way, so 30 years ago, so on the way up Craig’s like, Dude, it’s gonna be a big night there and I’m like, yeah, he’s like, no, no, the wrestling wrestling, wrestling, wrestling Chase, like out, took out Iowa. Yeah, he said, This is the biggest night in Penn State wrestling. Iowa and you know about it, and the kid from Iowa got his ass beat in his mother on Friday night and went nuts. Yet so went viral. You love college sports. And when you zip into an Ohio state or zip into a Penn State, you really feel I felt that with every guy. Oh, you look like you with a son that looks like your son at the bar. Every guy that looked like me had a daughter and and like so we’ve seen it was a very might

Leonard Raskin  21:26

not have been their daughters. You gotta be careful there. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  21:31

I did see something different that made me question and but but I’ll say

Leonard Raskin  21:36

that what he does with his daughter

Nestor Aparicio  21:38

lines to get in every box. Oh, yeah. Clark, Kent Park. We were lucky to get the Chinese food that we got because we couldn’t get into a lot of places. I was warned about all of it, but to go and see and feel it. And I’m like, Oh, is it a game day? Yes. Everyday is a game day on a college campus. To your point every day is again, yes.

Leonard Raskin  21:56

Every day something but when we’re talking rasslin Penn State Iowa finals NCAA. That is That is huge stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  22:06

You know, once we got inside of the arena, Craig turned to me as Bruce was on, and he pointed up into the middle of the arena. Okay, in the middle of Bryce, Jordan, you’ve been there or you’ve never I have not been depends. I had only been there one time to get warm. Right? Hey, I went up there. They were having like an indoor the cheerleaders were there, too. That was 26. The girls were 22. So like, circulate and inside getting wet. I went into the Bryce Jordan Center and probably bought a Diet Coke for two bucks or whatever, walked around. I thought that was expensive. So I had been in that building and I forgot how stupid it’s built. It’s built like a spectrum. It’s narrow. And Craig’s like, it’s great. There’s only one level I’m like, you can’t move in this right? b You can’t drink you can’t get a beer. I ran into my buddy Ross Tucker. from Sirius XM. We took a little he gave me some peachy Paterno ice cream was delicious. So so I’m, I’m there. And I’m vibing out and Springsteen is on and you know, he’s playing his first song and Craig points up to the ceiling. And I’m like we’re talking about he’s like, look at the logo. And he’s, it’s a big pence. That’s the look, Penn State logo. Yep. And it’s on a giant lit underneath. Wrestling light. That’s the light comes down from the center, the way the bottom or civic center used to have the light come down onto the ring. And the wrestling logo sits over to intimidate sky will play are looking at seeing the Penn State logo from above. I wrestled. So that’s right. Well, but I wrestled at Dundalk. So seeing this come to life at Penn State. I said to myself, I’m going to talk to Raskin about this because Raskin knows college campuses. There you

Leonard Raskin  23:54

go. Ohio State they’re into it. I don’t think they won any of the finals but but their boys were right there hitting it. I mean, it’s a big deal. College wrestling is huge. And it’s not the for those uninformed, it’s not the WWE II e it’s not. No, it’s, it’s, it’s like you get down on the boy in front of you. And you hold him like he’s your girlfriend, and then you start wrestling. And it’s real. It’s real big stocks. The kid

Nestor Aparicio  24:26

from Iowa lose like it just showed on my timeline. And I was a wrestler, so I you know, I, you know, sort of, you know,

Leonard Raskin  24:33

got smoked. Yeah. And he was undefeated. I think he was undefeated.

Nestor Aparicio  24:37

Three years. He was his fourth Champion, Champion. I’ve never seen him lose. Yeah, never lost his life now anywhere anytime. It’s the wrong time to pull that move. Yeah, his mom looks like really unhappy. So a lot of asking is here. You had some things you wanted to say about money in the market and above and beyond 2.9% financing over Dennis’s place. It’s a good thing. That’s good. Rate The the nature of the world right now.

Leonard Raskin  25:03

Yeah, just thank you. Well, I think we obviously have inflation, and inflation is out of control there, it’s starting to come down to drop, I don’t know that anybody’s feeling that drop, you might feel a little bit less price at the pump. Although that started to turn back up again, things aren’t good relative to the economy, and inflation, is the most insidious tax on the lower and middle class that we have. Biden can talk all day, Democrats can talk all day, we’re not going to raise taxes on anybody that doesn’t make over $400,000 A Year, everybody under $400,000, a year is not gonna see a tax increase. Except the price of eggs is $7 a gallon and milk is $7, a dozen and milk is $5 a gallon. And everything that they buy at the store is 20%, more than it was last year. And although the government doesn’t directly collect that money, you lose wealth in a big way as a result of inflation. It’s that simple. When you give away money, even though people think they’re getting something with all the money given away, when you flood the nation with money, there’s too much money chasing too few goods, and why are there too few goods, because we over regulate business. And business doesn’t choose to produce because they’re being regulated, therefore profitability is down, therefore the markets not great. But nobody can escape the laws of economics. And one of the laws of economics and of investing that people don’t understand and should, is that when you buy a bond, even if that is a treasury bond, when the bond has a long maturity, the only way you don’t lose money is to hold that bond to maturity. So if I buy a $10,000 bond, and it matures in 10 years, if I hold it for 10 years, I got my interest every year and I get my $10,000 back at the end from the government. But if I want to sell it along the way, and interest rates have gone up, while I’m holding it, the value of that bond has gone down because no one would pay me the face value of the bond when they could buy it from the government and get a new higher interest rate than I had on my bond originally. So over simple 10 grand 5%, I own a 5% bond, if interest rates go up to 10%, my bonds roughly worth half as much. And so no one would pay me for a 5% bond, what they could take their own money and give the government to get a 10% bond. So the value of my bond is worth less. And if I don’t match the maturity with the need for capital, I could be in trouble. And this is what happened at a number of the banks that were hearing about failing, they bought long term bonds, because they thought they were gonna get a high rate. And it was higher than they could lend money out and safer than they could lend money out. So they put a lot of money in government bonds, because that’s called tier one capital at a bank. The problem is they forgot the cardinal rule of investing, which is long term bonds go down, when rates go up. And with all the inflation we have, the Fed has raised rate raise rates like a rocket ship over the last 12 months, and there’s no sign of that stopping in sight. So as that value has gone up through the, through the excuse me, as rates have gone up through the roof, the value of those bonds have gone down. People now want their money out of the bank, the bank has to sell bonds to realize depositors needs for withdrawals, and the bank goes into default. And that’s what’s happened in California in New York. And now we’re seeing over the weekend. And amazing thing where UBS is going to buy Credit Suisse, one of the world’s largest banks, for I think the price is less than half less than a third maybe 10% of what it was worth just a couple of years ago in the market. So they’re going to steal the bank good for them, because that’s capitalism. But the government is going to bail out depositors at these other banks. And that’s a really bad thing. Because what that says is capitalism on the way up socialism on the way down. My opinion about too big to fail is eight. So if you fail, you fail. Nobody’s bailing you out or bailing me out if our business goes south because we made stupid decisions. Nobody should be bailing these blanks

Nestor Aparicio  29:32

out all sorts of you know, Chrysler price Chrysler, garbage, Chrysler, right, right. Look, they

Leonard Raskin  29:37

started moral hazard back then. And we have never stopped, and the government picks and chooses which ones get bailed out. And that is pure socialism at its worst. And if we had a real capitalist system, there’d be a lot better play in the marketplace, but they just for whatever reason, feel the need to jump into every single issue concern earned and magnify their control and power over the economy by screwing with the system. And it’s pathetic. It is a pure capitalist, raging capitalist. It’s annoying and disgusting. And I wish people that lose would lose money would just lose money. And they’d learn the lesson. And then they’d figure out what to do with their money for real and be safe and smart. And that’s what we hope to help people do is be safe and smart and not get smashed by the government or the markets because you did something stupid. And people do stupid things deserve to be hit. That’s that’s the way it goes.

Nestor Aparicio  30:36

By the way. Lamar Jackson played for 23 million last year, and he’s on a tag for 32. Yeah. Have you seen the Josh Allen comparable? Did you see that floating around on Twitter?

Leonard Raskin  30:47

I saw it but I didn’t. Really Lamar was digested with this,

Nestor Aparicio  30:50

he would have made like 63 million and Josh Allen at the end of the year, we’ll have made $160 million on his Raskin as 160 million yet. Lamar has guys got 60 million. And that’s how out of whack they were both drafted the same year. Yep. How out of whack it is. When we’re watching Lamar Jackson, do things here that no guy like you are. And I had Lee Steinberg on last week, I had, you know, dear friends of mine, local friend, Chad weaseling, on talking about managing money and agents and what agents do, but what experts do you know what good

Leonard Raskin  31:31

experts, that’s what it’s about. It’s not, I mean, I get it. And that’s the genre, it’s the agent. But the answer is, you need to hire professionals to do their job. He he should be a quarterback. And he should have had someone dealing with this. He’s costing himself money, he’s costing himself reputation. I don’t know, he’s got to make a choice. I don’t see teams lining up to pay him. So it will look like at least at the moment, it looks like the ravens are holding the aces and have played a really strong poker hand. And he might have to just fold and take a contract coming back here

Nestor Aparicio  32:15

happy i that that’s something you know, Dennis, and I talk about that every week, just from an employer employee standpoint. Jen, you talk about the American dream and happiness. We’ve all sort of questioned, you know, we’re really happy with him. Is he really happy with them? Interesting kumbaya for them to come back together again, because that’s what circumstances and business dictates needs to happen.

Leonard Raskin  32:36

That’s right. That’s right. It’s if they were lining up to give him 250 million guaranteed around the league, he’d have something to stand on. But every day that goes by, I don’t know. I don’t see who’s not just a

Nestor Aparicio  32:49

team, we can get a couple of draft picks and make them happy. Right?


Yeah, who is it?

Nestor Aparicio  32:55

Well, I mean, make him happy. I mean, Eric, and Steve would say, you know, we tried to flood his letter Raskin with money last year and hook him up. And we wouldn’t be dealing with all this. And he’d be playing for 45 million this year, and everything would be cool. But but, you know, this is about the union’s very involved in this man. This is apparently it’s way more complex than just, that’s right. You would have you believe

Leonard Raskin  33:19

they’re talking collusion. That’s a big, ugly word.

Nestor Aparicio  33:24

Well, I have no doubt that these men have no integrity. I’ve seen that firsthand. Yeah, well, so we got of all there. So you know that part of it? I hear on but the part where the guy hasn’t completed school, the last two years, you know, hasn’t been there at the end of the year, runs in the linebackers. And only one team has ever gotten guaranteed money. And he’s fighting against that without an agent. And I’m seeing him out of clubs, taking videos. And I’m thinking, if I were looking for a $200 million deal, and there were only four people in the world to give it to me that needed to be on the phone. I would be in Indianapolis. Yep. Staying the Mr. ursache. Can I come by and visit with you? I want to be your quarterback. Yep. Yeah, if I but that’s what an agent will be doing for him.

Leonard Raskin  34:07

He’s not, he doesn’t have one. It’s all him. So he’s got nobody to think when it happens. And no one to blame when it happens. Look, if you’re willing to take that on, God bless you live and die by the deal you get. And that’s how it goes. But in my world, it’s exactly the same. You know, I see people all the time that make money, have money, don’t know what to do with their money and lose their money over and over and over. And if you don’t have a professional and you think that the cost of the professional is too high. Wait till you find out what the cost is of an amateur. It’s a lot a lot higher,

Nestor Aparicio  34:45

well spoken, well spoken and as somebody who’s lived and learned in that respect as well. I can recommend Leonard to fight about Rascon global and you can find them out of the front of Baltimore positive very, very easy to find him and he’ll be be fighting you for crabcake with me at some point because On the fifth on data costs are starting to tour on the seventh. We’re going to be a data fade lease for day two. That’s the date actually that they’re going to be opening the arena the day of the Springsteen show that they after opening day, and then we’re going to be at Pappas, our newest sponsor, we’re going to be I know you want me to come to Cockeysville but I’m going to start it in Bellaire because they have their new show the new location. Absolutely what drag you up to Harford County where I know you have clients as well do it. By the Maryland lottery, I’m gonna have some instant scratch offs to give away for the 50th anniversary as well. The High Rollers have the $50 tickets a $5 million prize for this for this ticket here. And of course our friends are winter nation eight 690 days you buy two, you get two free one thing you can’t get from any of them. And I’m never given it up for five bucks. I got the news American 1966 Orioles World Series preview and that that will probably that will probably go with me or under the wall at least Leonard. So there you go. Well, we often value some bright shiny object, absolutely. Five bucks, a chatty object. When you have all the money in the world. What do you do with it?

Leonard Raskin  36:04

You enjoy things you don’t enjoy. You enjoy experiences you go riches client do with their money. You say, that’s the greatest thing in the world. That person doing it. Everybody has their own thing. Some? Look, this is crazy. You’re gonna think this is crazy. But we have people that have a lot of money. And they worry like hell, they worry like hell, they think their job is to relieve that. That’s right. But they just don’t feel what they have. I know worriers. I pay, you know, it doesn’t matter the money, it doesn’t matter. maturation, they had some people, some people have a hell of a lot less and they are happy doing what they do, man, it’s probably me. Well, in my, in my world, in my opinion, it’s about having purpose. It’s about having a knowledge of what’s important to you. And if it’s your money, life is a worry. If there’s other things that are more important than the money itself. you’ll fulfill that purpose through money as one of the ways you fulfill it. And that’s what’s critical. Knowing what that purpose is behind the balance sheet.

Nestor Aparicio  37:15

The Psychology of money, where’s the site? I’ll leave you with this because I admitted to you as my financial advisor, who you know, I can always save more money you know that my wife knows that. We all know that right? And that pissed away my Jimmy Buffett I made enough money to buy Miami but a pistol waster fast, you know, never met the last. This Springsteen ticketed for and I’ll never do it again. Right? Like I mean, literally, right? Yeah. I overspent for a Springsteen on Broadway ticket that when it first we first came out before the big and it was my wife and I like it’s a New York night. It’s approximately Sharon’s, that’s a little too much. And that whole night when it was over with I came back to the hotel room I was like, imagine like, and I’m like, I didn’t have any function. Why I’m like, it just cost too much. It could be worth 1000. That’s,

Leonard Raskin  38:02

that’s a bad that’s the psychology of money.

Nestor Aparicio  38:04

So you know, this Springsteen show Saturday night, it was a Deatherage all week, I kept saying to my wife, I’ve got to do this. I promise Craig, I buy the two. I’m not going to be that guy. I’m not I’m not that guy. Right. So I’m going to do what I do it right. Right. So and So like all of it happened at a great time. He said to Greg, thanks for dragging me out. wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I haven’t said the craziest said the Craig, I said, you drove from Harrisburg, up and back. I’m gonna look at that as $100 expense each way. So I didn’t have to drive. So I’m looking at this as like a two. You know, I was trying to find ways to

Leonard Raskin  38:36

rationale, rationalize.

Nestor Aparicio  38:39

How do you think the guy that bought your Springsteen tickets is rationalizing what he paid for years now? I

Leonard Raskin  38:43

don’t even care, right.

Nestor Aparicio  38:46

But there was a point for me where I have a conscience about all of this. And I’m like, I don’t have as much fun if I spend too much for it. So if it’s $100

Leonard Raskin  38:58

steak, no, we’re talking about the next session. Let’s pull that out. And let’s talk about where that comes from. Where that angst where that that value proposition comes from. We’ll talk about that when you more than a minute or two to wrap that in. Therapists Leonard Raskin there you got money, money, Dr. America, America’s financial physician, baby. Ah,

Nestor Aparicio  39:21

I like that. Oh, listen, this is just about you and me. I just want to make sure you keep me off that’s it. That’s it so next week the education will continue we will begin to the physical there’s a whole 101 up on letters website you got global.com I learned about managing your money and this time next week Lamar will still be a raven I guess I guess. Hey, this time next week, we’re gonna be baseball season so we got that going on hockey playoffs around the corner and let us all work to bet that level and you can find me and and anytime there’s purple plumes of smoke, you’ll get the wn S T texts from Luke I am Nestor. He is letter wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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