The undefeated Terrapins deserve your attention down in College Park

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With orange baseball and purple football on the brains of Baltimore, our D.C. guy Dave Preston of WTOP Washington joins Nestor to discuss the Terps great start in College Park and the potential awakening of dormant Orioles fans in The District.


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Dave Preston, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back W and S T, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive. We are positively getting into some postseason baseball around here. It’s, you know, I’ve been doing the crabcake tour and I’ve decided I’m going to do the crabcake tour again, all that brought to you by the Maryland lottery, our friends, we’re going to be scratching these off and a couple of occasions at the nest prior to some playoff games because we can say playoff games here now in Baltimore, as well as our friends at winter nation 866 90 nation and Jiffy Lube MultiCare. Our new sponsor appreciation to them crabcake tour is going to reappear October 13, from my 55th birthday I drug city that’s on a Friday, and I’m putting together all sorts of goodies. I think Bill call from COVID roofing will be coming out maybe bringing some ROFO as well, this guy’s down the highway. And you know, I don’t bring them on as much as I’d like to because we’d sit around here and talk about music and steaks at Morton’s and, you know, all sorts of sports stuff and Bedford, New Hampshire and you Southie and like all this stuff, because he’s a real sports guy. He is a WTO POS, Dev Presto is where to follow him on Twitter. Dave Preston has been my friend for a long time back even when I was a real media member before they threw me out all these places. Dave, I used to see you quite often sometimes it chirps games. But more than that I reached out to you this week, not just for your James Bond trivia that seems to come on a daily basis. And it seems like you just know a lot about James Bond and Ian Fleming I would say for me the chirps being for no and the Orioles playing the Nationals and as we record this and if you hear Thursday or Friday and everybody’s had a party and whatever but the notion that the Orioles could clinch it on the field with the Nationals watching or the Red Sox and I know that that has a whole different thing for you and my wife this is a fascinating week in the history in the annals of Orioles baseball a Baltimore sports maybe Washington sports a little bit too. And the new commanders in the new ownership and I thought I need to get Dave on the show. How the heck are you dude what what’s today in bond history for music? Is there any any predict Ekelund or any button?

Dave Preston  02:13

You know what I’ve not checked up on the bond birthday that is a hashtag on Twitter or on ax or whatever we want to call it but we post whenever it’s somebody’s birthday, whether it’s Sean Connery, whether it’s Bernard Lee or whether it can

Nestor Aparicio  02:27

be Herve via Shay’s it could be anyone who ever appeared in a pie. It can be a pretty girls, the bad guy, it could be anybody right?

Dave Preston  02:34

This guy was henchmen number two and diamonds are forever basically didn’t even have a name tag. But he had a birthday and we honor him. So it’s an exciting weekend. It’s an exciting month that you you mentioned Interplan for notice start the season, back to back seasons. That’s pretty impressive. The way they’ve begun the year and one there they are receiving votes in the top 25. I have an AP voter this season. My first year doing football as well as fast

Nestor Aparicio  03:02

you Hold on What do you got to do to be that guy? Give me a Heisman vote around you. What do you got to do to vote?

Dave Preston  03:09

Just stick around and hang out at obscure games consistently. And they’re like, Okay, this guy’s just not here for the big ones. Not he’s just not here for Maryland. Dude. He’s here from Maryland and Maryland, Eastern Shore,

Nestor Aparicio  03:22

Maryland, Towson. How about that? Ah,

Dave Preston  03:24

he’s here for who is that? You know, the the AU Boston University game or Hey, well, Morgan State is playing Howard. Who’s it? This game? Oh, oh, Dave’s there. So thus, it’s what’s nice about it is that I’ve already irritated a whole segment of college basketball fans over the last few years now I get to irritate another part of the country entirely. So I’m not on Florida State’s happy list this season, because I’ve had them lower than third or fourth.

Nestor Aparicio  03:52

How many voters are there? 61 I believe in Oh my God, to hell of a lot of power, dude. Yeah, I thought you’d like to say it was 500 people

Dave Preston  04:00

or so it’s like I’m a Senator without the perks. But I’m wearing a tie to and following the dress guards even though I’m in a more exclusive group

Nestor Aparicio  04:07

of 61 senators. Yes. 100. I mean, in the history of the Washington Senators. So look, I can make all sorts of JW pepper reference and I’m fine with you. But I want to stay on cue and

Dave Preston  04:20

I do have an update coming up. You

Nestor Aparicio  04:24

covered a capitals parade. I was at the capitals parade. It was the last day of the Barry trots administration, really the last day I ever really supported the caps. And I got my predators gear back out now all of a sudden, but you have been through. You weren’t there when the team formerly known as commanders won championships because you sort of imported into this thing as a journalist in this century, not last century. And Joe Gibbs and but for the city and for the nationals and what they are and might be ever and when I drive down there now and see the city. I mean, when you talk about what can happen round a ballpark, real estate, Anacostia, all of that, that 40 years ago, the grease man got thrown off the radio, like all of that stuff that’s happened in DC but the baseball team has won. I don’t know if say win consistently, they want a hell of a lot. And now it’s in teardown mode. I don’t know if it’d be built back up. It’ll be the Old Senators of Hondo, Howard. But I would say this, you’re now watching the Orioles do something after stinking and you’re like a real sports guy. You’re real baseball guy. You’re I mean, what do you make of this? Because I don’t think you would if the last time you when I talk was last college basketball season. Right rules were like just hoping to be like, hanging on for what hope it’d be we’re Seattle is this week?

Dave Preston  05:40

Well, I think it’s what the blueprint should be. If you’re rebuilding your club, you have to eventually shed the salaries that Chris Davis contract was an albatross for far too long. But you every team tries to rebuild, but it’s making the right picks in the getting the right guys and Adley rutschman Gunner Henderson, those were two guys that you know, they hit homeruns on and what is kind of cool about seeing what’s happening up at Camden Yards this year, it kind of reminds me of 1989 when I had a lot of friends that I was at school with or that I knew that that was the year that they wanted to or they became a huge Royals fan where they were following it. You know, on the paper, or now now people are following online every day. Hey, how the birds do last time. And I think this is one of those magical seasons with the young nucleus with a lot of possibilities with the way that they’ve been able to play the last year plus not getting swept in any series since May of 2022. That’s an achievement in and of itself. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  06:41

that’s what I stand for the people reach out to me about the playoffs. I’m like, damn, but they don’t lose series. I mean, if you broke them three out of five, you’ve done something, you beat them four out of seven, if that’s where this is gonna go. And, and this American League and the way they’ve rigged the baseball playoffs, they have the three game which, you know, Tampa wins 95 games, they could be out in the blank, right? So I mean, Tampa might win 100 games, it’d be out in the blank. I would just say that then the five game. And they tell me and this is the this is all new, right? I mean, I go back to go into playoff games and 79 and 83 where you had to win the division. I mean, other people would say it’s 69 when the twins came in, and there was an American League Championship Series, like sucked back to 66, and all of that, but the modern format and understanding it, because this is the first time for Baltimore to be in this format. It’s a kind of a new format, right? That you get these five days off to maybe roast get your pictures, right, certainly they’re going to need that around here. And I would say the notion that we can’t play the sixth seed, which is weird, because they don’t want you playing the three seed, they don’t want the number one to have to see a division winner until the American championships. So the better team would be Tampa, the way it’s sort of, it’s the machination of how they’ve rigged this tournament is it is a little bit of a weird play in and the other wildcard that we remember from Zack Britton was a one gamer which was a little, you know, very treacherous for all of us. you’re

Dave Preston  08:08

warming up in the bullpen.

Nestor Aparicio  08:09

I know. I say still get the splinters out of his backside with buckshot Walter tunes. And I would just say for this format and for the Orioles at this point, the way it’s lining up and the magic numbers a couple here as we speak by the end of the week, they should have this thing wrapped up. They’re in a position here, that’s really sort of Catbird and being the one seats a big deal. I mean, it’s a hell of an advantage. It really is if you can rest your pitching. And they should be in a position here to win a World Series. And that’s why don’t hear about next year, next year. Next year. You live with that in Washington mean, they were the best team three or four of those years and didn’t win anything. Right.

Dave Preston  08:46

Right. And the thing is, too, they’re always going to be complaints about whatever playoff format you have. There was one year where the Orioles won 100 games 1980 didn’t make the playoffs because that was when you had to win your division. Yankees won 103 That

Nestor Aparicio  09:00


was 12 years old. Do you think I don’t remember watching the Yankees play? Exactly. And then remember the Orioles having the most wins in baseball in 1981 and not making the playoffs? Because they finished in second place or both sides a half right? There was one year where I went by this David’s the man I am

Dave Preston  09:15

today. There was one year I want to save five elite teams had better records in the Royals who won the West. But that was just the way they did it at the time. I think the question for the Orioles, the old rest versus rust situation. If they’ve got the five days off, Will they still be sharp after taking the time off because baseball is a grind and you’re used to the grind and your body feeds off the grind, especially this late in the season where you’re used to the consistency of every day at the ballpark. And I’ve seen some teams use that rest and they’ve been even better coming out of it. And I’ve also seen some teams. They have the 234 or five days off and they’re not the same for whatever reason and you just there’s no way you can pinpoint it until you’re a week down the road. And you’re like, yeah, they rested in the wrong way but still to have an October of celebration in Baltimore is awesome for Orioles fans

Nestor Aparicio  10:13

about it. I mean, long time coming. So for the nationals and rebuilding and I guess they’re I would say to you people that have an orange cartoon bird on on fire logically correct bird from the early 90s. Maybe they were in Reston, maybe leaving you a big tip over a lobster and a surf and turf. You know, the people that you used to serve as in in Tyson’s Corner where there were Orioles fans, like it was all Orioles fans for 30 years 3040 years. And already have those people coming back? I don’t know. I mean, I feel

Dave Preston  10:49

them. A few of you people will always be true blue O’s fans even though they have adopted the NATs and it’s because the nets play in the National League of the oehser in the Al east. It’s it’s it’s not ideal, but it’s easier for fans to kind of have that separation where it’s like you know what the Orioles were the fans of my childhood there was no other team in the area. Now I’m growing up. I’ve got kids I can’t schlep up to Baltimore is easily working, you know nine to five or eight to six or whatever with the 2.5 kids and the 1.3 pets that I’ve got because can’t fish count for a third or something like that. So I think people embrace the NATs while I think a lot of them still love the Orioles beyond belief at least on this side of the Potomac.

Nestor Aparicio  11:33

Gotta get their kid hat to the wick. They work at Walgreens. Dave Preston is here he is Dav Presto ad on Twitter. He’s of course the WTO P he does like Real Sports reporting and journalism and impress boxes he’s at at the Terps most weeks. What’s up with the Turks what you my audience know but I’ll get back to baseball want to do that. But just from a chirps perspective, we don’t talk and this is an oxygen issue at WT op at WB hl. Where I mean up here 98 That got the games. I couldn’t find the Orioles game on ravens game day because I’m like, Where the hell’s your own game wasn’t on 98 Rock wasn’t? No, I mean, it was a 1015 or like the FM thing that they have. So I’m just thinking like with all of this going on, you’ve got commanders you’ve got caps are kicking it around that the nationals are kind of like gone at this point. And could you also do UVA and James Madison, George Washington, Howard, all of these other schools, the oxygen for the University of Maryland and what they would like it to be in the big 10 A lot Penn State Ohio State Michigan they beat Michigan State this week Michigan State as this whole my wife was telling me about a Kelly Ripa I don’t even know she went to Michigan State. So the Maryland thing when therefore no. And the ravens are, I mean, wet the bed against the Colts that’s we’ve been spending half the week talking about that Dave and you wonder why I want to talk about the Terps a little bit but here but really like Monday’s ravens day, right? The everyday is an Oriole day now, all of a sudden here because of where they are. And then I got John Mayer coming to town. We got a concert in Ocean City this week. Artscape I get all these things. But like and even the ravens, the air is a little out of the football, if you saw the $10 tickets, and nobody wanted to go to the games. And I would just say for the Terps they’re really good. And you go and I see you and I have chirps people, alums, people that are real M Club people. But I wonder where the next Rob is? What do they need to do to get people there? Because when they play Ohio State or Michigan, it’s good or bad state it’s gonna be all them. You know that right? Going into this? I’ve always looked at that. And I know Kevin Plank loves it. I know for sure he would have bought it. And I haven’t been down in a while because I never felt welcomed. And it’d be really honest. I mean, that’s just a fact. It was always a big pain in the ass. And there’s a mean, they, I just never felt like they cared. So honestly, I care and I’m watching I’m like, Are they good? Are they really? I mean, are they going to give one of the big guns or run or no,

Dave Preston  14:01

they should. I mean, I think the what is disappointing is the fact that you know a power five school big 10 school, they the fan base always feels that they’re being dished on many levels, but they don’t draw well for football at all and early to be considered a serious fan base. You got to bring the butts out to the seats. And it’s I know that we live in a very busy metropolitan area, but there has to be some way to get more people in the stands. You look at the stands and it looks like male pattern baldness. It’s like oh, there’s a patch there. There’s a patch there of

Nestor Aparicio  14:38

the Oreos look that way two weeks ago Thursday to the Ravens look sick in regard to the stance when I saw and Dave you’re on ticket ticket, you know, seeking your you know, like, like I am going to Wolf Trap going to shows trying to see Raphael Siddiq at the Lyric. But what I’m just saying you can’t do everything, some stuffs cheaper than others. I mean, some nights I can go out and sit on the lawn at Merriweather for 2030 bucks, beers or 20 bucks like I don’t need to tell you all of that. But Oreo fans here are like reaching into their credit cards for 1000s of dollars when they’re used to paying $60 for the hall pass to go for the month the team is stuck forever. The team’s really trying to win the hearts and souls back. But I had three tickets for an American League Championship Series game up on my screen and I’m like, I just don’t feel like giving $930 right now like I maybe I’ll feel that way for weeks. But I’m just not like I’m not and I’m not doing that for staying for the Rolling Stones for

Dave Preston  15:34

Justin Hayward you guys share a birthday don’t you Justin Hayward of the movies coming

Nestor Aparicio  15:37

up and I really appreciate you bringing that up. Stacy Keibler is also the same birthday but I would say to you like that seeing the chirps and saying what is that seeing the Orioles were when they give a bobblehead away people will come and and sold out like all of that. But I live here I’m a part of this. The Bengals on Monday night. I know you’ve been out to Cincinnati. It was always the it was always male pattern baldness. It was worse than that. It was bonus in the upper deck in Cincinnati. You know free all brown fireball but like all of that right. 150 bucks to get in on Monday night was 200 bucks to get in last weekend. They have their white out, right? I mean, they have a thing going on. They went to the Super Bowl, you know that matters. But if you’re looking for Halo 200 bucks to get in the Bengals games, it’s 10 bucks to get into ravens games. You saw how it fell apart for the Washington football team, which is I mean, you went out you could do hours you have done years in prison on that. But I’ve done prison on the Orioles. And I do wonder about all of it. You know what I mean? Like I wonder out loud where you’re going to tell me Well, nobody goes to Trump’s games. I’ll tell you him not a lot of people go to Orioles games and that’s the reason John and the lease and Nashville and and then I look at the ravens and with I mean, my story. We’re not going to get into that. There’s 1000s of words on what they’ve done to me which is disgraceful. But it’s just a fan. It’s disgraceful, but the empty seats and sports and the saturation and what the commanders are trying to do with the nationals have sort of fallen apart where the caps who’ve also lost me. Thank you Zach leonsis. And they’re going to need to have fans after a veteran life after a match and they’re going to have that and the wizards can’t get up. I mean, there’s a lot of teams here, dude. And the oranges are the best one right now. They really are

Dave Preston  17:28

at this time. Yeah, I think I think there is a chance for Maryland to have a really special season to Lea Tonga by lowest probably the best quarterback. They’re going to have, you know, I don’t see anybody coming up. Who can equal what he’s been able to do. Is he is he? I don’t think so. I think he’s maybe third right? I think he’s a third rounder there’s sighs I he doesn’t have the first round vibe field but at Maryland he’s the best guy that they’re gonna have. I think the offensive line was a question mark coming into the season they had replaced for starters, so far this season. Now granted, they’ve only played one conference game they’ve only played to power five games but they’re they’re near the top of the league and fewest sacks allowed big 10 They’re at the average over five yards of carry so the offensive line looks like they’re doing the right things. Question mark. questions aren’t can they beat Ohio State Penn State of Michigan it’d be nice to see them get one of those. I think it might be either Michigan or Penn State because they have to go to the beta they have to go to Ohio State to play the buckeyes a week from Saturday that’s going to be a tall task especially seeing then come back and beat Notre Dame the other will be five

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

right they’re gonna be in Indiana.

Dave Preston  18:39

They should they should be to Indiana this week. Yes. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  18:43

I mean, I’m looking at the schedule here and I’m thinking to myself if they can hold their own with Ohio State right they’ll be 1721 But how big of an underdog would they be? I think seven to discuss gambling now right?

Dave Preston  18:56

We were allowed to do that 17 and a half to 22 and a half Can I jump out do my update and come right back?

Nestor Aparicio  19:01

Sure can. We are with Kate Preston my man that Presto WT o ping follow him out on the Twitter places he’s covering all things trips that look at the schedule. Dave and I so they’re gonna be Indiana this week. They arrive State game right? Big underdog set. 1721 points. What’s it going to look like next week and then they got Illinois my birthday out at Northwestern and then the Penn State thing happens in these products. If they hold the wrong with a lie Oh state and they’re doing the math 71 Right. I mean, like maybe

Dave Preston  19:38

yeah, it you know, it can happen. It can happen. I think you look at last year they had what we call the swing the swing game, so to speak. They lost two of three they could have beaten Wisconsin, they lost them on the road. It was bad weather but still they lost a winnable game. They should have beaten Purdue at home. And that was one that fell apart for them. They should have Michigan State was that third game they want to beat in the Spartans last year. So the path for Maryland can they beat one of the elites in the big 10? I think they can. If they play their best game, they can go toe to toe with Michigan like they did last year with Ohio State like they did last year as well. That was a one possession game until very late into the contest. They can also get drugged like they did by Penn State last year up there. They get the Nittany Lions down here though in College Park. So that’s a good thing. I think the difference between this year’s team and maybe the previous editions under head coach Mike Locksley, is they’re taking care of business against the teams that they should beat. They have had a couple of hiccups down 14, nothing against Virginia, down 14 Nothing against Charlotte, but I’m very impressed with the way that they came out on the road against a Michigan State team that was bonding coming together after the bell Tucker issues they had a week or so to sort things out, very impressed with how they began play last Saturday, and I think that’s going to be what’s going to happen as the season progresses. They’re going to come out this Saturday and do what’s necessary against Indiana, they’re gonna go toe to toe at Ohio State. It’s gonna be a tough challenge. I don’t think they’re going to win that game. But there’s no reason not to think they entered November 7 At one Deva I

Nestor Aparicio  21:14

humblebrag. Here it’s our 25th anniversary, the cupcake and the fireworks out in front you tell you, you know I’m doing this countdown, he’s WNS t top 25 stories of glory. And we’re releasing and this week we’re doing the barn and live shows and all the guests from Lawrence Taylor to we’ve had all the Dave Winfield walked in one like crazy stuff that happened at the barn back in the night Not to mention goose and Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe and like all of that Trent Dilfer, all that, but the 25th anniversary we had a night where being on Sanders came out to potty hill station in a mink coat with Kordell Stewart. It sounds like a you know, Pull my finger joke, right? But you know what? Dion played here in four and five. He would always say to me, Hey, nasty ray comes out. I’m coming out of jail comes out. I’m coming out. So he came out and he did a whole night with me and there’s pictures and like all of this glory. And now he’s primetime. So I you know, I don’t know where? In the top. It’s in the top 25 Trust me, it’s coming down the pike. Okay. I mean, it is a top 25 all time are now i decreed it that eight weeks ago on July 4, when I was putting it all together this idea that it’s our 25th anniversary, the Maryland lottery had their 50th anniversary kind of inspired me a little bit about like, hey, 25 years, we’ve done a lot of really cool ish, we should talk about free the birds and our March in New Orleans and our road trips and these great nights and our charity work and Brian billings, like all these cool things we’ve done, so the primetime nights one of them and now like, Dude, he’s the biggest story in college sports the last month even getting their ass kicked last week. I didn’t know you’re one of these special voters, one of these 60 wants to like give me a little insight on prime and and on the state of college football. And I Oh, because I’m less interested in it than I used to be Dave Right. I just am. And because of all of the interchangeable parts. I don’t really understand the Nio. I’ve never really been sat down. I needed to end the NFL for dummies for me one day to really sort of say, No, I liked it. The kids can get big money. I’m a capitalist, right? I’m good with that. But I think it’s taking some interest off. You talked about the Terps drawing and Virginia and these other places where they’re trying to get fans out and whatever in pro markets and then on the prom in Alabama, they don’t have that problem and Columbus, but you know, I would just say for for for me prime is at least made college football above the fold for a couple of weeks. But then last week that was Whoopie you.

Dave Preston  23:49

tough loss, tough loss. But they have been the story the first month of the season for him to completely remake a program that won just one game last year opening week they go on the road at the defending national championship runner up and beat TCU. They outscore me he’s he has a son that shines on offense a son that shines on defense. I mean, you get it doesn’t get much better and he’s very, he looks really happy and excited to be able to coach his son’s at the highest level a day. It doesn’t always work out that way because not every coach’s kid is worth his salt. I was a former coach’s kid and I was probably on an 18 man roster, an 18 man roster I was probably the 20th best player. So it’s it’s nice to see him be able to share these moments with his kids. It’s nice for him to be able to reignite a fan base they’re going to be going to the big 12 next year. And I think that the Colorado is mistaken leaving the big 12 for the PAC 12 Nebraska did the same thing and go on to the big 10 you give up your foothold in Texas in that fan and that recruiting base and they had some issues Colorado did I think they are the story that right now On a Deon is uh he’s smarter than people give him credit for. He can be obnoxious and annoying with his you know Prime Time The sunglasses

Nestor Aparicio  25:10

that he’s not on NFL Network anymore. I love that he’s gone. And it was way too much Dion for me.

Dave Preston  25:18

He’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Nestor Aparicio  25:20

There’s just too much fits magic for me right now. You know there’s there’s a there’s a lot of there’s not enough Peyton Manning for me. I can never get enough Peyton man, right. I’m always good at that, you know.

Dave Preston  25:28

And I think the sizzle is so incredible with Dion when he was a player. Now that he’s a coach when he was an announcer that sometimes missed the steak. And the fact is, he has this team playing above their level, like this Colorado team is maybe a four or five win team, maybe a six win team, given the personnel giving all the moving parts that have come in, he has them on track to win eight or nine games, which is eight times as many as they had last year. So he’s also given all the the broadcast partners, whether it’s Fox, ESPN, CBS, whoever has Colorado on the schedule, they want to put them in the money slot, whether it’s Fox at noon, whether it’s ABC 330 Whether it’s ESPN at 10pm, that they draw a ridiculous number against Colorado State. Now rams buffaloes isn’t like the you know, that’s not Michigan, Ohio State and that still drawing big numbers at 2am. So it’s a testament to what he’s done on the field and testament to the excitement that he brings off the field. So I I’m along for this ride. I still even though they lost I still have them on my top 25 This week, they lose again at USC, they’re probably going to be out though.

Nestor Aparicio  26:43

He’s an amazing personality, because like, you know, he, he drove across town and sat with me for four hours doing I mean, he stayed he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He answered a question. He wouldn’t sign autographs he wasn’t into like pictures with every person he was into ask me anything. And I’ll answer it. And he stayed literally. And like, are y’all done? It was like literally like one of those kind of nights? No. And then two years later, I saw him and he’s like, he I didn’t know him. I haven’t seen him in 16 years or whatever. And I see him on TV now. And what’s made for television and what’s not but I mean, I’m friends with Chad Brown and people that went to Colorado roll buffaloes. I’ve been rolled or beyond up into the more committee house because I know that would be your next question. Um, you know, it’s a great place Boulder Colorado is one of the greatest places I’ve ever been. It’s a place when you show up you’re like, Oh, I would go to school here move here live here. Learn how to ski you know what I mean? Like it would be okay. Last thing for you back to the Orioles because I do want to bring this full circle because I go down all sorts of rabbit holes on college football and college basketball and, and caps. I could do all of that with you. But in the focus for the Orioles and where they are and this time and place and space for them. And again, you covered all these nationals teams, disappointed until there was a break cap steams are a lot of those two, that this is the first wave of this and add. I mean, we’re SIG and Max Weiss came out last week on my Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation, and Jiffy Lube. And they were like, hey, if we lose this year in the World Series, and we got to the World Series, that’d be good enough. I’m like, no won’t be you wake up the morning after you lose game five. I mean, I remember what it was like when they got swept by the Royals. 10 years ago. I remember when we lost the pirates and 79 day, there’s no good we’ll just get there and knock on the door and kick it in like bump Phillips. I mean, this is they’re the best team with the best draw with an opportunity to really do something special. I would certainly justify all the bloody deeds of the Angelo’s family and John Angela, by the way, I could you and I could start with this with there’s no lease. There’s no lease yet. Right. So like I could do all I could do days on there’s no lease. But when the team’s this good, you don’t do that when the team’s just good you do who’s starting game one next week. And really, that’s what this comes down to on the field. It’s getting the pitching together and playing well in game one because everything so magnified. I mean next Saturday night, Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks aside and they might get pushed aside by the way. Game one here and and being up three to one in the third inning and not down five to two in the fourth inning. That’s the most important thing.

Dave Preston  29:26

Well, I think when we look at the the Nationals in their run from 2012 to 2019, they really didn’t get a chance to celebrate any of that at all because they were one and done every single year. You know, they they did not win a playoff. They did not advance in the postseason at all until 2019. So you didn’t even Yes, you’d like to win the World Series but they didn’t even have the consolation prize. And you know what? Yeah, we lost in the ALCS. That’s you know, we lost in the LCS had stinks but it wasn’t it fun to have won the Division Series or wasn’t it? fun to have won the wildcard and I think, because that didn’t happen until 2019. And then you had the pandemic, you really didn’t get to celebrate that decade, it was always the anxiety of Alright, what do they need to do to win a playoff series? And I think if the Orioles are able to win a playoff series that naturally you want to win the World Series, but at least there’ll be some you know what, there’s progress and we can build off this next year and there’s some excitement as opposed to gosh, are we ever going to? Are we ever going to advance to the ALCS? Are we ever going to get out of the wild card round? I think that this feels like the NATs in 2012 As far as where the Orioles are right now. This is uncharted territory for a lot of these young guys and a lot and what’s different is a lot of guys are have reached the big leagues in the last couple of years. Whereas I want to say for the most part, the NATs in 2012 You had some veteran, you had a lot more veteran pieces. You had Jayson Werth who had been there, you had Ryan Zimmerman, who was the best player on a very bad team, before becoming a very good player on a very good team and a lot of other Jordan Zimmerman who had come up through the system, Stephen Strasburg, who was about to be shut down. Gio Gonzalez. So you had a lot of guys who had who have already seen a few autumns whereas I think this Orioles team, so many young pieces, so many guys, you know, the key cogs and young pieces, Henderson rutschman, who are still babies in Major League terms, yeah, it feels like they’ve been here a long time. They’ve been here five minutes, right? It’s gonna be interesting to see how well they perform on the big stage for the first time and you hope that the five days off doesn’t take part of that juice out of them. We’ve talked about rest versus rust, and you’re on a different stage and how different is the different there’s the approach where it’s just a game like any other but then you know that it’s not just a game like any other because you could lose three of five in the regular season, and still be cool and come back next week and win five straight. You can’t lose three of five in the playoffs or four of seven. And and so there’s I will say this one thing though, about the Orioles so good this year, even the baseball karma of benching their announcer for a couple of weeks didn’t come back to haunt them. I thought that was gonna ruin them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought that but they lost like two or three in a row. And I was like, Oh, they might get swept by Houston. That’s what happens when you live there. Announcer This is baseball karma. And even baseball karma couldn’t derail them in August.

Nestor Aparicio  32:33

It is amazing. Now, you know, all these years later, after free the birds when you know, I did free the bird 17 years ago this week, right? So I didn’t even celebrate it. It was five days ago, I didn’t even put the pictures up. I’ll be doing that a little later on on our top 25 Countdown, because it’s a little higher up. But, you know, I was fed up at that point with the lies that just how the media was out of the fans were out everybody was treated it 17 years later, and I’m still banned, and they’re banned in their own broadcasters. And I’m like, and you wonder, like, whether I was the problem or not? Yeah, I’ll tell you what, winning deodorizes everything right, like people lining up with their credit cards to give hundreds of dollars per ticket for games that may or may not be played and sitting around and hoping to use the tickets, right, obviously, you know, the further we go into October. It’s just something that when I began this thing, and I did a whole retrospective, I had a gal named Leslie Shrieve on productive day talking about date minders, and Google Calendar and making your life more productive. And I got all of my date minders out from the 90s. And I remember going through in 9697, believing even in 98 night, like it was a way of life to figure out October with baseball and football and herbs, and life and whatever. We haven’t had that issue here with baseball, like 12, and 14 and 16 Feels like a lot. But that’s it. I’ve only had 25 years and having the keep October open and like, Hey, I might be able to do that. But it might be game for. Yeah, and that’s kind of fun. And it’s um, it’s it’s a little, it’s exhilarating to not know what’s going to happen. And I guess that’s what sucks is all in. And this is what I’ve set for baseball people all the fun you guys had for a decade down there. This is what was missing. Like, it’s a lot of fun. It’s important for the community. People come out and they spend money and they make new friends and they have experiences that you can’t have when you lose 112 games.

Dave Preston  34:37

Oh, yeah, I mean, and the anticipation of what’s next. And I think that’s with any sport with baseball, especially because it’s every day and you’re anticipating something good every day or you’re anticipating possibilities tester as opposed to oh god, what do we have who’s who’s what bad things going to happen today, and that sours a lot of people. So I think it’s there. It’s great. Like to see the fan base in the Baltimore area, those bands then get rewarded for the 20 plus years in the wilderness that they’ve had basically with a couple of Oasis’s here and there not the band, but the actual water that they were able to drink 1214 And was it 16? Was that the

Nestor Aparicio  35:18

we don’t talk about that. Yeah, yeah, so I yeah,

Dave Preston  35:21

I think you’ll enjoy this ride I think in 2019 when the NATs won the World Series and had they that month was one of the busiest months we had because everything you know converges it’s college basketball starts to percolate. You’ve got all four major sports in gear the other three and this week yeah, exactly. So there’s a lot of stuff going on. And by the end of November by the end of October, I was absolutely spent but you felt absolutely awesome to to have been part of something

Nestor Aparicio  35:51

this will happen in November now because that’s the way you know several years to be January we’re gonna move into March day. Preston is here he loves sports. He says WT O P He’s at Dav presto, and also bond birthdays if you need to know what they JW Pepper was born or celebrated or we’re gonna

Dave Preston  36:09

look. You mentioned free the birds I’m gonna look into seeing if there’s an actual birthday on the pigeon that did the Double Take and Moonraker so when bonds on the gondola comes a hovercraft and the pigeon like does a double take. So I don’t know if there’s a birth date for that pigeon. But if there is it will be up on

Nestor Aparicio  36:28

top with the metal teeth and Moonraker you wished him happy birthday Richard. Richard keel see I know see I got I got half of it right? Hey, Preston knows a lot of stuff. He really really does. He looks a little bit like Sean Connery. You can find him out at that Presto find him upon birthdays and certainly find them at Terps games, which is what led me to him in baseball and sports and he also votes in the AP top 25 which I did not know which makes him a VIP very important person as opposed to my insignificant it’s 25 years of fun and magic and the Maryland crab cake tour is gonna be coming back courtesy the Maryland lottery with our friends at window nation at Jiffy Lube to drug city in the fountain for my 55th birthday. That’s on October the 13th we are counting down our 25 years of magic it’s all brought to you by curio wellness and Farr and daughter have a cannabis education round here with Wendy brown fine as well. You can find that out at Baltimore positive right under the cupcake and my magical Disney ask fireworks I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking Baltimore. Positive

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