Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Daniel Snyder

Going full dissident on baseball and the world of sports

Author and essayist Howard Bryant provides some backdrop as a former sports writer watching politics and a plague make its way onto the field amidst racial strife in America. Even for those who want to "stick to sports"...

Howard Bryant goes full dissident on baseball and world of sports

Howard Bryant goes full dissident on baseball and world of sports

Taking a long walk on Tiger Woods, Woodward on Trump and dropping the R word in Washington

Legendary author John Feinstein was the "mystery" guest to spoil Don Mohler as Nestor kicked off "Baltimore at Washington" week with a true Maryland DMV beltway splitter. Golf. Football. Writing a book on the Ravens. Politics. And, yes, the best Bob Woodward impression you've ever seen or heard...

Celebrating the Mac of North Dallas Forty and knife of R-word for Snyder and Washington Football Team

Baby, baby don't get hooked on the celebration of sports and random pop culture when Nestor and Dave Preston of WTOP get together to discuss how movies are like the NFL and why Nestor loves Justin Hayward and The Moody Blues.

Daniel Snyder vs. fans of the Washington Football Team

Let sports columnist and historian Thom Loverro tell the story of the history of the Washington National Football League team since the death of Jack Kent Cooke and the emergence of the purple birds to the north.
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Griffin, three other veterans waived as Ravens make 11 reserve-future signings

Veteran quarterback Robert Griffin III was already scheduled to become a free agent in March.
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