Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Hall of Fame

Being a Styx ‘Renegade’ long before it was the Steelers battle song

After almost a half century on the road, what happens when a band has too much time on its hands? For Styx guitarist and founder James Young, it was a "mirror, mirror on the wall" chat and a time to make history answering all of the hard questions Nestor ever had since he saw them on the Cornerstone tour in February 1980.

Baffert brings Authentic horse racing chat to a rare Fall Preakness at Pimlico

He has won the Preakness Stakes at Old Hilltop seven times in 23 years and Nestor pressed him to name 'em all.

Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers invites Nestor to listen to the music

When the Doobie Brothers were coming to the Modell Lyric in Spring 2019, Tom Johnston gave Nestor a chance to discuss four decades of brilliant music.

Livin’ on a Prayer: Music and songwriting legend Desmond Child discusses his memoirs and book of hits

Bottom line: some of Nestor's favorite songs were written by this guy. Yours, too! If you love music – Kiss, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson, Ricky Martin, Alice Cooper – this is the man behind the words.

Rob Halford discusses four decades of Judas Priest with nothing to lose at all

Rob Halford discusses four decades of Judas Priest with nothing to lose at all. And Nestor shares memories of the night when a 17-year old #AlmostFamous version of himself was treated with kindness by the legend.

Ogden and Stokley discuss Dilfer and Grbac and aftermath of Super Bowl XXXV quarterback shuffle

Fifteen years after the fact on Radio Row at 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco, Nestor wound up having an impromptu gripe session with two guys who have strong opinions on the 2001 Baltimore Ravens.

Latest News

What happens in Annapolis in January once we see COVID effect on budgets?

Every municipality in America will be seeing massive shortfalls in 2021. We asked Josh Kurtz of Maryland Matters to assess the aftermath of this election and what it means for Larry Hogan and the State Assembly during this cold winter of a pandemic and national unrest.

An education and civic primer on the electoral college in America

Let our political scientist take you through the math – and the people – who will represent The States in selecting the next President. Ted Venetoulis gives takes us to school on the electoral college.

No one should be surprised to see Roethlisberger back to form in Pittsburgh

Former Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch returns to Baltimore Positive for some insights into his former teammate and the undefeated leader of the enemies of The Steel City.

What makes Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore so great? Matchups like this one…

Garrett Downing of resets a busy bye week in Owings Mills as the Ravens prep to allow a few local fans in to intimidate the undefeated Steelers and rejuvenated Ben Roethlisberger.

Loving Baltimore and having it love you back!

Let local author Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine tell you how a kid from Allentown came to the Charm City and found a lifetime of stories and love and cool people.