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The former New England Patriots offensive lineman told stories of facing Joe Ehrmann at Memorial Stadium as he visited Nestor on Radio Row at Atlanta Super Bowl.


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John Hannah, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, wn, st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. We’re live on radio row here in Atlanta for all things Super Bowl 53. It’s all brought to you by our friends at LifeBridge Health’s Sports Medicine Institute. This is going to be a real treat for me, John Anna is your hall of famer and patriot and all that good stuff. And, you know, I Well, first off when I think of you, I think you would pay three pat on your helmet out of memorial stadium when I was a younger individual back in the 70s. But I don’t think of you as being southern. Isn’t that crazy? Right? I mean, because I think of you as being a New England patriot,


John Hannah  00:36

right? The New England Patriots. That was an Alabama guy before I was ever a patriot. Well, you

Nestor Aparicio  00:40

know, it’s it’s just funny to how many players are southern that because I think of you as a patriot. I didn’t think Well, John Han is going to be visiting me here in Atlanta, because he’s Southern, you know, but how many football obviously, I was here eight weeks ago and know what the SEC represents out here and all that Crimson Tide represents and all that the bear in Nevada never been nothing but a winner. And all that good stuff. But, but welcome you played in one of the first games I ever saw when I was a child with those great patriot teams that came through in the 70s. And I’ve just, I think it’s cool to have guys on when I had my old programs 1973 and 74. Quite a legend in this Patriot thing here. The last 15 years has kept you busy, right?

John Hannah  01:21

Well, you know, this is the first year I’ve ever actually been to one of these deals. And I’ll tell you, it shocks me. I’ve never seen anything like this larger than life. I have it. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it my life. I mean, I thought I’d seen a few of these gone into some of these things. I’ve seen a couple of tables set up and I thought that was some we just see rows and rows of you get radio guys here, just unbelievable. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  01:47


I mean, you play back in the old Schaefer stadium. So you know, in Foxborough when it was a little Erector Set, I remember going in like a high school stadium for you to have seen all of this. And I know you go back from time to time and they honor you and, and to see everything that’s happened for that organization over the last quarter of a century. And what it’s become this iconic brand. It’s incredible, right?

John Hannah  02:13

It is, you know, when I went there, you know, we had a guy look at I said, Well, what’s it going to be like playing on national TV and being in front of 55,000 fans? And I looked at this guy said, Well, I won’t be too disappointed, because I wouldn’t be playing in front of 80 90,000 people in Alabama for four years. So now I’m gonna go go play this rinky dink place, but they didn’t fill up very often No, and they didn’t fill up matter of fact, when when my exhibition season my first second year, we went in the stadium to old Shaffer stadium and we walked in there and all of it fans weren’t filled with New England fans are filled with giant fans. And they were filled up but we had very few very few fans.

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

I want some memories of you coming in to Memorial Stadium because I was just a little boy there you we all

John Hannah  03:05

had a great I’m well enough, you remember be on a great defensive line that Yeah, you had cook and Dutton, ermine or Herman’s Joe’s who I played from he was one heck of a ballplayer


Nestor Aparicio  03:17

what a man Joe ermine has, you know becoming all of this? In his face? Yeah, first autograph I ever got was a JC Penney’s point ball was Joe ermine. I fell in love with this game. All I want to do is number one Super Bowl. This is 26 for me doing this crazy thing. But it all began with you coming in with Randy Fatah ha and, you know, Jim Plunkett early on that Steve Grogan after that, and building my love of the game.

John Hannah  03:48

It was an old you know, we were the last of those 60s era, you know, we we still played football like Johnny, you and and Shane, Nick and, and Ray Berry and all all Baltimore Colts and I grew up watching. And we still played that way when I came into the league. Matter of fact, you know, I’ve played in front of Bacus and all those guys and Charlie Krueger and you know all the names of the old 60s and it to me and it took me a while not to you know, I’m scared to death because I’ve been watching them on TV just like you I watched them on TV. And I scared to death Atlanta in front of them didn’t know if I could what I could do.

Nestor Aparicio  04:27

Well tell me about what you’re here promoting here. Because I you know, I know for a lot of former football players, they come by I mean, it’s a rugged game now, you know, when they were trying to play the game safer whatnot, but certainly in your era, it’s good to see you’re doing well.

John Hannah  04:40


I am you know, I’ve still got a few issues. And one of the issues that I’ve got is I don’t have a lot left in one day. And so I’ve been having to look at things to replace it with and decide, well, what am I want to do? And I’ve been in the market trying to find which one was the best and I came across the DJ oni which to me is a better name because it’s more you know from what I’ve seen and read and talk to people that is as lat long lasting the thing that really got to me is I’m pretty active on a raised beef cattle and I need to stay Tebow

Nestor Aparicio  05:20

about medium rare.

John Hannah  05:22

I’m taking one of the market on Tuesday. So anyway butchered but anyway most knees just go you know vertically you know this one actually has some motion sideways and if you look at your native unhealthy news has some sideways movement and what this does it gives you a more knee like representation and lasts longer and just I thought was the best way to go with it and that’s fine when I’m when it’s time to get it done. That’s the name Longworth

Nestor Aparicio  05:55

DG DJ Oh John Hannah Hall of Famer joining us here are from my childhood brain breaks your art so you guys old as me say I was a kid watching you play


John Hannah  06:05

well, you know you still got that you know laugh about it but Ozzy still up there with you guys. For he’s an old Alabama boy. He knows you well,

Nestor Aparicio  06:16

we had nothing but Alabama guys. I mean, you CJ Mosley Ozzie been run Lord joy for 25 years. There’s not a draft that goes by we just say who’s left from Alabama. That’s that’s what you know, John, any man, the Alabama thing there’s there’s no humility. On the barbecue either, right?

John Hannah  06:39

Barbecue and football. That’s about the best we can do.

Nestor Aparicio  06:42

It was a pleasure to meet John and we’re live on radio row. It’s all brought to you by our friends at Royal farms real fresh, real fast and a tasty coffee. Make sure you’re getting that fried chicken on game day on Sunday. Luke will be back soon. You can find me out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and in the buy a audio vault. I’m Nestor we’re wn St. dotnet am 1570 wn st Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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