Tim Brown, Doug Flutie bring Heisman Trophy perspective to Radio Row

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The Hall of Fame wide receiver and the former NFL quarterback talked Ravens and other NFL topics ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami.


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Luke Jones, Tim Brown, Doug Flutie, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. We’re live on radio Rose Bowl 54 our continuing coverage brought to you by our friends at Liberty pure solutions. I got the hat working here, as well as our friends at sporting culture and royal farms and Raskin global Tim Brown sitting down with a shear and you know for level select CBD but yeah, I just overheard before you came by I think Akbar, bajo pa Miller was here. He said, Man, I gotta go to Vegas this weekend for thing. The Las Vegas Raiders,


Tim Brown  00:32

the Vegas Raiders.

Nestor Aparicio  00:34

That doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Tim Brown  00:37

Hey, you know, it’ll take it’ll take a minute, obviously. I mean, you know, you I was la Raiders. You know, that was a little different for Oakland always felt like the right the right you know, word to be in front of raiders. But at the same time, man, I think this is going to be a beautiful thing for the Raiders. You know, the franchise and, and that’s the thing that matters at this point. You know, what’s best for this team and you know, as much as they want to be in Oakland. They couldn’t get the deal worked out. And then when the when the NFL put put the San Diego Chargers in LA. That just that just changed the whole deal. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:16

Jim Brown being joined here on the set, my man, you know what, it’s never Super Bowl here unless Doug Flutie comes by right.

Doug Flutie  01:24

That’s Tim Brown. I know. That’s cool. He sits near me.

Tim Brown  01:29

This is Doug Flutie met. Doug, Doug. Doug is doing what I thought I was gonna be doing. So now it’s at Notre Dame games. But they told me we can’t have a Notre Dame guy doing Notre Dame. And I was like, why not? I can be partial, not but

Doug Flutie  01:44

so much. It’s been a blackhead

Nestor Aparicio  01:49

trying to get you on and we’re trying to fit you in and as your credit schedule said, 11 o’clock, Tim Brown up here. And your publicist said, yeah, it’s just too high. Like, yeah, I guess.

Doug Flutie  02:00

They had three Heisman Trophy winners in the backfield this year.

Tim Brown  02:04

Right, right.

Nestor Aparicio  02:06

Can we talk some football about the Ravens because I, when I envisioned coming down here three weeks ago, and I had, you know, 200 hotel rooms and 10 bosses. And, you know, we’re, we’re 14 and two and coach bellick My partner’s like, Hey, what are we going to do down there? Let’s go to a party like we did in New Orleans. I didn’t envision being here having guys like you say, Wow, happened? You

Tim Brown  02:25

know, I watched it. Well, I think it’s very obvious what happened. What happened is they shut the team down too early. You cannot go three weeks without playing the game and think you can come out in the divisional playoff game and make it happen. It was a rookie mistake by a coach who’s a great coach, you know, and I couldn’t believe I was with when we had the Heisman ceremony. We had autograph session that day, and RG three was there. And he was telling me then what the plan that that they were not going to play in week 17. So for them to have planned that that means they’re already thinking that so guys are going out there planning going if we can when we get to three weeks off, and I think that you had too young of a football team. This is not a veteran football team. This was a young football team they should have played and maybe you put them on the second half. But you gotta you gotta be ready to play this game man. And I think they learned a valuable lesson. The problem now is do you get back to 14 and two? Do you ever get back to that situation again? Because now people have all offseason to figure out who you are. And maybe they they find the answer for Lamar who

Nestor Aparicio  03:28

tell you guys about that disappointment in your career highs and lows and whatnot coming back from this Lamar come down you’re getting an MVP trophy in his hometown that could have should have would have never and but that motivates especially guys like you Right

Doug Flutie  03:41

yeah. But to go along with what Tim was saying. My playoff friends in Canada the most difficult I’m just playing with stuff picking up tins water moving you know I gotta add I’m all over them have lost like three bottles

Tim Brown  03:55


Doug Flutie  03:58

Runs when I was in Canada were when we had the bye week. Sure the beginning of that next game and having a week off and the other team comes off an emotional win. And they’re they’re on the uptick and gaining momentum gaining confidence. And there’s so much to be said for that you can’t shut it down. And that’s a good point to me. And then But then you can’t

Nestor Aparicio  04:17

have Lamar running around out there against Pittsburgh Steelers and

Tim Brown  04:20


why not? It’s football. That’s why you do it.


I say did I play four quarters and you guys have a problem? Yeah. And the agency and he can get hurt

Doug Flutie  04:30

he can you get her crossing the street Oh man. If you stay home on the sideline and you’re not paying attention you get hurt on the sideline, something I run into you to get on the field and play football. That’s man.

Nestor Aparicio  04:38

This is a this is almost an outrageous take on it. I mean, like we don’t hear this

Tim Brown  04:44

because because the game has changed so much. When when we went to the AFC Championship, we went to the Super Bowl in 2002. We had to win that last game to get the buy. So it was easy for us but we were going We were 35. I was 35. Jared was starting a rig mechanic was 3730. But we were looking forward to plan. I mean, it wasn’t like, oh, man, we gotta go play. We were looking forward to play 2000 We had to buy going into the last game. But guess what we all played into the second half, and then we came out. So I mean, there’s a way that you have to condition your body to keep keep going, and for them to shut down. And again, this had been talked about maybe at the beginning of December, that if we do certain things, somebody may not have been the whole team. But obviously, they knew that there was a plan to shut Lamar down. So I just think that it was very shocking for me for John Harbaugh to make that mistake. Doug, you

Nestor Aparicio  05:40

were, you know, always sort of a maverick. And anybody that selected you, as a quarterback wanted to do things maybe a little differently, though, Lamar and those 12 weeks of winning and utilizing college concepts and different kinds of concepts that so many teams didn’t want to take that chance. For both you talked about the concept of offense. And what the Ravens do zigging when everybody else is zagging right tell

Doug Flutie  06:02

you when it comes to playoff time. We saw more than one or two teams run the option down on the goal line. Come playoffs. Everything is on the table. So the big fear is having all this stuff in the offense. Can your quarterback stay healthy? In the NFL for 17 weeks, it’s tough. If you got a guy running the ball, whether it’s 1012 times a game, Lamar is so elusive, he doesn’t take a lot of big shots. He’s that athletic that he knows and can avoid but that’s that’s the big variable. It’s not the often the offense they obviously love the idea when you use the quarterback as a runner, you can block everybody you can get a hat on a hat, you can do things that you can’t do. So that’s I mean, I wanted that when I was playing I did that when I was in Canada and had a lot of success. But when you get in the NFL the commodity at the quarterback position and finally they’re saying you know what? It’s too darn good we got to take that risk and we do it you know they go ahead and run off

Tim Brown  06:57


you have to do it I mean it may be Lamar plays nine years instead of playing 15 years, but it’s gonna be an incredible nine years you know and I think for him he has an understanding that that I don’t know if he ever gets to the point where he is a pure drop back quarterback because that’s not who he that’s not what he’s ever done. And I don’t know if you can develop that in the NFL, but at the same time you know if you haven’t the kind of success that he’s having right now you know the thing is everybody wants to eventually be Joe Montana you know you take what happened with Cam Newton cam eventually wanted to be dropped by quarterback Well, that’s not who you are big guy, you know, and it is showing up. But at the same time you know, you can be effective maybe you don’t run as much, but there’s just certain things you have to do and right now, you know, Lamar is the best running back in NFL as far as I’m concerned. Tim and

Luke Jones  07:49

Tim, as a wide receiver. How do you have to change your mindset to play in an offense like this

Tim Brown  07:54

stuff is really tough no doubt about it. You know, I mean, to me, it’s the equivalent of my senior year at Notre Dame we ran the wishbone right when Terry odorizzi I got hurt, we brought in and Tony rice and he could hit the side of a barn with with you know, with with if nobody was rushing him you know, and so we went into wishbone and he was like, I played a wide receiver with a wishbone so they put me in the backfield heavy lead blocking this is not what I signed up for either but but you just have to answer but we were winning football games. Sure. So that’s that’s the trade off you know you don’t you don’t get the numbers. But you you get wins and and if you’re a team player that’s what it’s all about.

Nestor Aparicio  08:34

Tim Brown Doug Flutie joining us here you guys got things you’re promoting I want to give you an opportunity talk about level CBD

Tim Brown  08:40

Yeah, you know I think Doug maybe couple years ago when we were at a golf tournament was telling me something about something that he was doing maybe it was something else but but anyway man level select CBD you know these guys you know came to me and wanted wanted me and I have never you know been wanting to partake on the other side of this if you know what I mean. Right so

Nestor Aparicio  09:02

confused my little planners with that. That’s fine. Yeah, serial wellness. We love you too.

Tim Brown  09:07

So for me, you know, it was really about you know the cleanness of the product and these guys, they all know him for him so they’re really able to make sure the products is super clean. This is a roll on that’s that’s fine. That’s what that’s what this is.


Yeah. Rolling Oh, well, I

Nestor Aparicio  09:26

thought it was literally a plane.

Tim Brown  09:30

Yes. inflam So no, I mean, so it’s been great. So I have

Nestor Aparicio  09:36

surgery I had I had kind of Malaysia 2006

Tim Brown  09:40

So this Yeah, on the spot. Okay. And you will feel it same with this say with the cream. The cream is a little bit more intense. I feel, you know, so, but the roll off of me works great man. So they have a BOGO going on right now. Buy, buy one, get one 50% off. You may be level one, man. You know, I’m level two. So I used to level two products

Nestor Aparicio  10:00

choose high strength for higher level of muscle soreness while you play football. Yeah, well they gotta love a three level six man so

Doug Flutie  10:09

I got nothing left in the knee over there

Tim Brown  10:13

but anyway yeah so it’s been incredible man you know, been able to to partner with a company that’s trying to change the industry a little bit

Doug Flutie  10:22

and talk What do you got going on man? flirty maximum football, you go at max football game.com And it’s a download or you can get the unit’s themselves so you know it’s a video game that you can really be specific and and make your own team’s own uniforms all that you play college rules, you can play pro rules. You can play CFL rules. It really was jumping off the shelves when we introduced it this year. And the college kids knew more about it than I did when I was going around doing the games and interviewing kids. All they wanted to know is how they get it because the ratings online we’re actually and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say but higher than Madden on the ratings on the game when it was coming out so it came out this year. You can get it online at max football dot football game.com a foodie flakes we got anything going on. Fruity flakes as well. We did a 20th anniversary box this year. I went back to a game for the first time and the people were amazing. So Flutie flakes.com You can buy those still. And that’s all about my foundation and raising money for autism. But the people in Buffalo are nuts. I played three years in Buffalo. I went back to a game for the first time. It was like I was Jim Kelly. Yeah, you know they they are they were amazing. The people were just absolutely amazed last thing

Nestor Aparicio  11:33

for both you for you go good football game here. I mean, it sucks. We’re not in it believe me. But this is a good game. This is this is this is some we’re gonna talk about this week.

Doug Flutie  11:41

They really it’s the matchup of a typical NFL style football run the full football first play action make some big plays in the past game against wheel and deal and let it fly and you know, that’s the way I love to play I’d love to play the way my Holmes plays Yeah, sling that thing around and just make a play

Tim Brown  12:00

for for Raider This is like the worst Superbowl ever right you got the 49 isn’t cheap

Nestor Aparicio  12:11

nobody wins he’s going out to Vegas to

Luke Jones  12:15

Vegas for yourself.

Tim Brown  12:17

This is a classic to me offense versus defense right I mean, who’s gonna win is it gonna be Kansas City? Or is San Francisco defense going to be able to slow down Kansas City and I don’t think that’s possible you know these guys are just they have too many moving parts man too many fast moving parts so but anything can happen at that front for for San Fran can jump up and do what they need to do. There’s a possibility they can make mahomes make a mistake or two but if they can’t get to a man it’s gonna be a long day

Doug Flutie  12:47

when you can get pressure on the quarterback with four makes it makes it so tough because you can play coverage you can defend and even though mahomes numbers I guess I saw the mahomes numbers are better against four man or five man rush and Forman

Luke Jones  13:01

seven and coverage. I think one of his interceptions have come against seven and covers.

Doug Flutie  13:05

Yeah, that that amazes me because usually you know with a Four man rush in halftime, a guy like him will just buy as much time as he needs to find somebody I would think. Yeah, but not necessarily. So when you bring in five you’re seeing more man coverage and he’s better against man coverage.

Nestor Aparicio  13:18

I have never had a crab cake with Doug Flutie in Baltimore. But you’re never going to get a tourist crab cake in my town. Right Tim? Thanks for coming by. Your staff for making this happen together. We had the 1943 Heisman trophy on this table literally the other day it’s on an auction with on all set it can be a couple 100 grand like that whatever. And and heavy and

Doug Flutie  13:39

heavy 35


pounds. Almost as heavy as

Nestor Aparicio  13:42

you guys boom on the day I separated

Doug Flutie  13:44

my shoulder today. I was trying to lift the stupid thing on there. Put it over your head yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  13:50

I flew to Tim Brown leaving the set Super Bowl 50 For our ongoing coverage all brought to you by our friends at Royal farms real fresh real fast. Our friends at sporting culture and liberty pure and Raskin global. I gotta get the investments out instead of the lip balm but you can find them at Raskin global.com I am Nestor we are wn st dotnet am 1570 find that all out the buy a toyota.com audio vault as well. And we never stop talking Baltimore sports here in Miami.

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