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What is Pete Caringi going to do with all this time on his hands?


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Legendary UMBC soccer head coach Pete Caringi joins Nestor on The Maryland Crab Cake Tour at McFaul’s Oyster and Reel in Essex and tells Nestor about why he left and what he plans to do now that he’s handed the reigns to longtime assistant Anthony Adams in Catonsville.


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Nestor Aparicio, Pete Caringi

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

We w n s t TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive the we got the big man here. He’s in retirement we’re down here MC falls. We’re at the oyster and real I just had the most beautiful shrimp Bang Bang shrimp with pineapple salsa PT and it was a pineapple salsa that was reminiscent of my time in Maui two weeks ago but so I disappear and had Anthony overcast this last month on the Maryland crab cake Tour presented of course by our friends at the Maryland lottery, we were given these up Maryland lottery scratch offs. Were here in Middle River today also our friends at Windy Nation. I’m not going to make PT wear the hat, but I’m gonna wear the hat. I’m gonna wear the hat. It’s all good. 866 90 nation buy to get two free five years 0% financing. Hope you got five years of of severance here. Yeah. But Anthony came out and he said, Hey, we’re doing a thing for PD. And I was I was so jet lagged. Last weekend. I wanted to come after UMBC support you use an all day thing. All the alarms are out there. I figured I had to come out there to get my alarm shirt. If I was gonna get it updated.


Pete Caringi  01:01

I didn’t swear to God yet. No, I

Nestor Aparicio  01:03

But Anthony is working on it. How was your retirement? I mean, you worked a lifetime. I mean, it must have been

Pete Caringi  01:09

it was fans something for you. It was it was fantastic. I my head hats off to all the people UMBC it was probably one of the nicest things that they could have done. And it was it was packed. They did a movie a video with guys, former players talking about me and their experience there and did some interviews with me. And it was just everything about it was first class and the turnout was was phenomenal. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  01:34


I mean, no offense, you say everything was first class. It was your operation for how many years? 3232 I was gonna say 29. But that was three years ago. I mean, I I guess I’ve had you at 32 years. You’ve had how many players? Oh, it’s 500.

Pete Caringi  01:52

Easily. That’s not counting that six. Yeah, but just at UMBC. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  01:55

right. And then they have 500 wives or friends or brothers or mothers or fathers or children. Oh, yeah. Pete I people love you. And I said to my wife, I’m like, Pete’s not going to miss me. And my wife was mad at me. She’s like, you should scrape yourself up. And just and I said, I’m just, there’s gonna be 1000 people there.

Pete Caringi  02:15

It really was. It was so many people there that that I didn’t get a chance to even talk to.


Nestor Aparicio  02:21

I said it’s gonna be like a wedding. But worse. He’s not here. Like, I’m not going to Pete’s gonna be appreciative that I’m there. I said, But you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna fire off a note to pee and tell him I love him. I did 653 I sent you note love you Pete couldn’t be there tonight. But my spirit and soul are black and gold. I don’t say that the many people just join the Towson guys never to Mike Tomlin, enjoy celebrate connection. And then six days later here, five days later, we’re back. We’re back. We’re gonna talk about by the way, you walked into this place and you’re like, where am I? Right? This place is beautiful. Right Beautiful. Now you’re familiar with the McFaul is the Iron Horse by the radio station sort of the it’s the neighborhood tavern form a radio station up in Loch Raven everybody’s familiar with that. Do you have it down here to Middle River? I I’m gonna get I think they might call it Essex but I’m not sure is this Essex or Middle River Do you

Pete Caringi  03:15

I would have said it was Essex but I read it’s Middle River so

Nestor Aparicio  03:19

river if you get back river neck road pass pizza John’s past the royal farms and you just keep going and going and going and going and going to get the rocky point rocky points Essex or is it Middle River? Your Highland town which is an island town in Canton Where does Highland town and Canton begin Eastern Avenue known so hold on Enoch Pratt libraries and can I’m asking I don’t know

Pete Caringi  03:45


Well, it depends now with this new generation they think Patterson parks can I mean what

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

are some ports finally you don’t give them that? No, I

Pete Caringi  03:53

didn’t get it take all the way up.

Nestor Aparicio  03:57

masks will come over and see eastpoint mall with no no balls on the Dundalk side not yes except everything’s changing


Pete Caringi  04:03

now nasty you know that so so what was what was once our territory has now changed so clearly? And this we can say Essex metal river that’s hell.

Nestor Aparicio  04:14

Alright, they’ll both claim it by the way the Orioles are up eight to one so you come in here and you’re so I’ve known you forever. And I knew when I scheduled you in the middle of an Orioles game that that’s gonna happen. Did you everybody see that? He just took his eyes off of me. I’m a big one. Ready to focus on your career. Career Richard just the cameras over here.

Pete Caringi  04:36

This is where we this is where I want to be. I already know we got eight the ones hearts and we got a great bullpen we’re

Nestor Aparicio  04:42


hearts out by the George Brett statue. Fine. We’re gonna have Glenn on from from it falls. And we’re gonna talk about you know, Jimmy Tyler, Ernie Tyler was his grandfather. So everything I say already Tyler to you. Tyler was right. So only Tyler all of the memory Billy is in the back room here if you’ve been to MC falls out in Loch Raven, it’s like that too. But you come in here. Orioles on a mine Highland town guy Catonsville living on Perry Hall dragging you down here to wherever we are Essex whatever it is, what are you doing with your debt? Like, what? After 32 years? How do you get out of bed because you don’t offer any

Pete Caringi  05:20

golf and it’s totally different right now. I mean, it’s a, it’s a whole different scenario, from what I’ve been used to I go back to UMBC a lot. They probably see me too much. So I have an office over there and I just gave my office to Anthony. They’re talking about giving me an office. They want to give me an office, they want me to come back and help with the just some, you know, any, any kind of projects that the athletic director Brian berrio. He has some projects on his mind when they

Nestor Aparicio  05:46

did the show with him over at the BOMA. Yeah.

Pete Caringi  05:48

So I still, I still have a field, my son still works there. I’m still obviously tight with Anthony. So I still have a strong feeling for it. So it’s hard to just walk away. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make. It’s not any reason to make it. It wasn’t anything about my health or it was just I just felt like it was the right time in the right place. So I made the decision, but right now,


Nestor Aparicio  06:13

you regretting it.

Pete Caringi  06:15

I don’t mix at times. Yeah, at times. Yeah. Because, because I enjoyed I mean, that’s that’s my my passion has always been to be coaching the team to be training team. I missed the players. I missed the locker room. I missed the competition. The I bet you never

Nestor Aparicio  06:32

thought about it. No, no. I mean, you’ve never thought about what’s going to happen 10 weeks after I retire Oh, no,

Pete Caringi  06:37


no, no, never never never dreamed of what’s going to happen. But you’ve ever wanted to do, man. Since since I was young. I mean, I was coaching and playing, I was coaching at a really young age I was I was taking guys to Pompeii, I was taking him to the national tournament, when I was like 19. And they were 15 Literally, and everybody else is going down to the beach, all the guys are hanging out that I played with in college, and I’m taking a youth team, me and a couple parents, and we’re traveling down in Virginia. So I’ve been coaching my whole life and it’s my passion, it’s been my life. But there also have been times are changing as we both know, and there’s certain things that continue to happen. Just just in general and I just got like tired of it just tired of dealing with with people who you know, have their own own thoughts and process it.

Nestor Aparicio  07:23

Well, what are you gonna do? I mean, other than

Pete Caringi  07:28

that, I still have my camps. I’ve been obviously a lot of people contact me about training their teams. I haven’t given up on soccer, I haven’t you know, I’m still like I said healthy north and still involved and excited, but you’re

Nestor Aparicio  07:40

not gonna be a candidate for the Maryland job right? I mean,


Pete Caringi  07:44

I’m not coming back to doing that and I’m not coming back doing that and you know, as different projects come up or different ideas sit down and now I have the luxury of listening to it and I still still have the passion for it and I’m not going away. I’m not moving out of Baltimore. So we’ll see what happens but right now it’s it’s nice to just have a little break and looking forward to having some summer time during the camps and then I think the hardest part is going to be in the fall when we will typically come back for the fall in the season because it’ll be the first fall since I started at Calvert Hall as a player that I have I’ll have often a fall but typically from high school all the way to now I’ve never had a fall off

Nestor Aparicio  08:28

what’s gonna get you out here nice and early before you got real bored Yeah, I mean like

Pete Caringi  08:33

I probably I’d probably be out here fish sooner I

Nestor Aparicio  08:35


figure my contribution all this from the Anthony, Brian, everybody over there. It’s just I got him out for a day.

Pete Caringi  08:42

I went over there today and they said where are you going? I got a good talk the nasty they all said all right. All

Nestor Aparicio  08:46

right. We lose Pete for date and Essex river reveries. God let’s get him over there for you with this decision and be honest with me because I had Westmore a governor more on and I had him over Costas, about six months ago. And he had done my show right before the plague at Christmas time. So we’re talking December 19. And never led on that he fed any political thoughts about running for anything right? I had you on about a year ago. Were you in the mind frame of you didn’t feel that way to me while I was with you. It didn’t feel to me like you were hiding that this was going to be your last hurrah. Was your last around Halloween?

Pete Caringi  09:27

No, I didn’t have I mean, you know you people always ask you always Hey, you I mean more years you have Did he ask you that? Yeah, well, yes


Nestor Aparicio  09:35

me that

Pete Caringi  09:36

that’s just a typical because I’ve done it so long and

Nestor Aparicio  09:39

31 years on the radio. Nobody’s asking me when I’m retired. Yeah, that’s true. But Chad still wants me to retire but not

Pete Caringi  09:47


but clearly people ask you that and it’s not it’s you know, just being planned. How many more years you got? Are you doing? And you know, I always I didn’t think about retiring all every time I thought it about it. Give me another two years.

Nestor Aparicio  10:01

I don’t think I asked you last year on a year. I mean, I

Pete Caringi  10:04

think if you just talked about people that really, you know, I don’t think I really know much about me just in general. And they’ll just say, hey, how long have you been coaching? What? How long are you going to do? How much how many more years you’re going to do it? Then all of a sudden, you know, the season came, we had a good season, we had a really good group of guys, we got a great group returning, I mean, it’s a championship caliber team. So I think 99 out of 100, people wouldn’t think about leaving that particular group because they’re going to be really good. And it just kept hitting coming back to me that as much as I love that group, you know, that I’m thinking about giving it up? What’s the right time, I didn’t want it, I definitely didn’t want to do it. Under bad conditions, I never wanted to, you know, be forced to leave. He actually offered me a new contract, which I said, you know, we’ll talk about it. And after I talked to the ad and and talk to my wife, and it just really got down to the point where I was sitting there thinking, you know, what should I do here? Like,

Nestor Aparicio  11:00

there’s going to be an exit, it’s going to have to


Pete Caringi  11:03

be and I really want to be, I really want to be one of the few people as long as I’ve been UMBC I’ve never seen anyone leave maybe the exception of one or two coaches, on their terms that just leave and you know, when it came back and contracts, you get fired or released feeling Yeah, right. You’re not returning?

Nestor Aparicio  11:21

Oh, my gosh, I just named through the basketball coaches. Now Ryan left,

Pete Caringi  11:25

take No, right. No one, no one really just was there stayed. You know, had a great career and just left with nothing, no real issue. You’re that guy. Yeah, you were that guy. But But I also wanted to also wanted to be in a position where when I did turn it over, that I didn’t want to leave and all of a sudden, like, if I would have left next year, which is the ideal year to leave, right? Your whole groups are leaving. Now I’m turning over to a guy that’s been there with me for 20 Some years and give them no chance, no chance to be successful. My son’s there. And I kept thinking, I don’t want to be that guy. Because there have been so easy to just say, I’m coming back from a year, advertise it and have the whole chem lab would be all. Like, given the ad said something like, you know if you if you go and you have a retirement tour, so I don’t want the retirement tour, I don’t want to I don’t want I don’t want all that I didn’t Yeah, and that’s not me. And I didn’t want lucky

Nestor Aparicio  12:19


to get you over here to talk about you today. And I didn’t never talk about himself.

Pete Caringi  12:23

And I really did. And I really didn’t want to do all that. So literally I just said, you know, I kept talking to my wife about it and talking to my kids. And my son, I think, definitely wanted me to come back obviously, as a coach, and we’re all there. Everyone was excited about this team coming back. And I finally just sat down with the ad and said, You know, I think this is what I’m going to do. And now a couple of weeks later, you sit there at times, and you have what

Nestor Aparicio  12:50

I mean, my first thought was, what are you going that the strategy would be what? What are you going to do? Maybe you didn’t want to know what you’re going to do? And maybe it’s kind of fun to like say, what if I wasn’t paid?

Pete Caringi  13:01

What am I gonna do tomorrow? Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s basically what it is. I’m glad you’re


Nestor Aparicio  13:05

available. Pete Kurinji my life for pow weird to say former head coach, if I call you emeritus that’s not going to anger Anthony.

Pete Caringi  13:14

No, he Anthony mentioned that word today Emeritus, Emeritus, Emeritus. That’s it. You won’t be seen. I got to look it up. But yeah, Anthony said, I

Nestor Aparicio  13:22

used to do it. You did it. Well, you did it for a long time. It just means roll. Yeah, I think it means roll. That not only get word I don’t want to be married is that where it falls oyster in real I keep wanting to say IronHorse tab because I’ve been saying that for 10 years. We have a long history of falls. We did the shows up at their original location 10 years ago. Now we had Justin Tucker and Dennis Pitta and Joe Flacco was here they won the Super Bowl. You’re all we got Oreo fever here. I would think that for you. This gives you a little more free time, you probably go to some more ballgames. Yeah,

Pete Caringi  13:51


I do more. I’ll do more things now that I’ve had the chance to do before and you know others still like last week someone asked me to come out and train their team when I trained in and it was fun to do and I got that little itch back so

Nestor Aparicio  14:04

I think they’d send you to Italy for a couple of weeks and let you go eat are you gonna do that?

Pete Caringi  14:10

I would love it. But I do I love the Oreos and I love what’s keeping you from it like my wife wants to go now we’re ready to go right? Like Like

Nestor Aparicio  14:21

let’s do it but she listens to Morphe Milan we take it and


Pete Caringi  14:24

I got friends that have places over there that want that leaning tower pizza the whole thing. I mean they want me to go so it’s

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

I’d see I brought that up. I knew your

Pete Caringi  14:36

Italy’s at least on the on the list on the bucket list. I just not alone.

Nestor Aparicio  14:41


She got a good deal on a long fly. Well agree that the Delhi moved from Highland data can full on full on okay, because I know that’s family for you. I’m good. I’m good with that. All right. Well, Pete and I are arguing whether we’re in Essex or Middle River. We’re going to argue the difference between Dundalk and Essex. And then we’re going to argue whether Highland tanning can really ended because I was at Chaucer last night I had. I had a meal to Chaucer.

Pete Caringi  15:06

He’s still doing that. Crab cake tours is a crab cakes. What? What do you think? All right, I didn’t know. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  15:14

You’re too early for the crab cake. I’m not having a crab cake before.

Pete Caringi  15:17

I’m a big crab cake guy. But I know I follow your crab cake tour. So I just want to make sure that this was a crab cake while I was the captain


Nestor Aparicio  15:23

Larry’s last week on Thursday wore me out. Then on Friday. I went down to fade Lee’s we had a morning crab cake there today. I’m here. We’re at State Fair in Catonsville. Next Friday. Maybe I get Brian to come by. Perry. All right. You’ve been I’ve been to Paris. We’ve been we’ve been to comrades and Perry Hall. We’ve been we were papists. In Bel Air. I’m going to fallston. I know you’ve recruited in fallston. We’re going to the local on the 23rd the local. So there you go. So I mean, everybody came out for you. I mean, the coach was even the guys that went to Towson his stitches. And he’s everybody. You touched everybody. What was the best part of Saturday night for you? Did you have to give a speech?

Pete Caringi  16:02

Yeah. And it was it was kind of weird because as much as they kept telling me Look, there’s going to be my first of all, my wife goes, Look, if you get into start thanking people, you’ll be there all night. Thank thank. And I asked him to put some up on the wall to thank all the people and they didn’t so I get there. We watch the video, watch the films very, very emotional. And all of a sudden Brian gets up and he talks a little bit now I’m told to just go up for like at the end and just say thank you, right? You can’t do that. 30 seconds. So Anthony goes up and now he wings it. And he’s thanking me the best man speech. He’s given the best man speech and and Anthony did well, and did real well. And so now they hand me the mic, and I’m taking 30 seconds. You gotta be kidding me. I can’t. So now I start winging it. And I’m thanking people. And the best part was it was very emotional, and a lot of my friends and family. I mean, she looked and looked and right out of minutes

Nestor Aparicio  16:58

of fame speech at Dundalk, and I choked I one time in my life I’m gonna have that was horrible. My speech was horrible. You get choked up, I wasn’t prepared. I was emotional disaster. My mother just died. It was a disaster hit

Pete Caringi  17:09


it on the head. So I don’t have any notes. And so the best part of it was, there was a lot of people a lot of non UMBC people, friends, personal friends and people. You know, guys like Sonny asked you were there. Players. And you because one of my you guys were there. And so it was a lot of Dale Roth, you know, one of the best athletes ever come out of Dundalk. Only only all American in two different sports, lacrosse and soccer, ever. So that’s, that’s a big, big thing. But a lot of these guys were there. And so it was very emotional and go up there and you thank him. And then you know, you’re gonna miss somebody, you know, because there’s the place

Nestor Aparicio  17:45

to say who did I miss? Raise your hand, Louis, I missed you.

Pete Caringi  17:49

But I did, then I come to find out that yesterday, I’ve come to find out that I forgot your wife, Dr. Charles Brown. Did you really my first director and I had thanked him a couple times. I thank them personally. And so I tried to call him yesterday and just thank them because it’s just literally and I couldn’t see him. They’re like, you know, you starting to see people and ready to go, I’d like to thank and I like to thank. And it was just my mind was just racing. But then I find out. I think it Dr. Brown. So. So if he’s listening to this once again, Dr. Brown, he loves you. Thank you. I’ve thanked him several times, but it was just not the right place.

Nestor Aparicio  18:27

If you’re thanking me, and you know, you’re a part you


Pete Caringi  18:30

were you, I think that the funny thing is I want I’m probably one of the few guys in his town that had really good relationships with the press. And you guys always did a good job for us at UMBC, or whether it was an Essex view the guys from the paper across the board, and you obviously have always been a big soccer fan. So it was funny. And it was great to always talk to you not that we’re going to stop. But we’d be talking about the World Cup. We talked about any event coming from into Baltimore. And I really do appreciate what you’ve done and always done even going back to the old station where I used to ride over there and talk about the bays when I was coaching absolutely six continent nationals. I mean, there’s been so many good times so. So that’s why I’ve always felt that you’ve done a lot for Baltimore soccer, maybe haven’t gotten the credit that you deserve. But clearly, it’s it’s been it’s been good because for me, we haven’t really had anybody in my time in Baltimore, my relationship with the guys from depressed it really was anti or wouldn’t cover us or just gave us a real deal. But you were always on the forefront of supporting Baltimore soccer in general and then supporting me and the teams that I was working with and, and getting behind us and that was that was always I don’t want I don’t want you to get emotional. I

Nestor Aparicio  19:48

just let me say this about it. Because I mean, I don’t have any prepared speech on that on that. I just say 31 years into this for the

Pete Caringi  19:56

best tire you said you’ve been in it. How many years 3130

Nestor Aparicio  19:58


for December of December 13 of 91 is when Kenny Albert corralled me onto the radio,

Pete Caringi  20:06

just coming off the bays and take that job

Nestor Aparicio  20:09

90 UMBC job in 90, okay.

Pete Caringi  20:13

And the bays just end why covered


Nestor Aparicio  20:15

you down on that same fuel you play on with the Maryland Bayes to and there was a man, I’m trying to think of Chris reef. Rob Ryerson towers, very much.

Pete Caringi  20:31

All those guys. I mean, you tell him that Steve Phil Chow Phillip gel gene harbor

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

gene harbor. Thank you very much. I haven’t flown Kevin Sloan. Absolutely. So in that era, I would just say I’ve known you for 35 more, maybe more years really going back to Essex, but you always were appreciative that anybody would care about soccer. Whereas there’s a level of arrogance that the Orioles have from the minute I met you, which was you would always and we’re not the Orioles. We talked to you. And you’ve been saying that for 30 years. I’ve never been a lacrosse guy but I have lacrosse people that have thanked me for at least giving oxygen lacrosse, but it’s never been my passion. I never played soccer. So it wasn’t my passion in that way. But I love the blast. I love the World Cup. I love that Dundalk in Highland town like that. It was a it was an ethnic sport was a sport, you know what I mean? And then I would travel the world go to Jamaica, and see that it was a poor man’s sport, you know. And then I started to really research the beautiful game and the World Cup and marathon and like all that stuff that happened. The people like you that were on the fringe sport, just trying to make a living. You’re not trying to get Lamar Jackson’s contract. You’re trying to have an honest living being an honest coach, in some sort of Ted lasso kind of way, right? That you’re sort of the TED lasso of Baltimore, but you were always appreciative. And I think that didn’t always happen at low level colleges where some coaches don’t where you been when you show up. Why don’t you hear all the time when you show up? And then there’s other people and hockey was this way, I’ll give you soccer and hockey. Every time Jean Aubrey Jaco sees me. I would say to him, why were you nice to me when I was a 15 year old kid with a notebook about the size of my lottery tickets here. I mean, my notebook and I’m this big. I’m a little oval teen right. Didn’t have long hair then. But I had my notebook and Jean would look at me he pinch my cheeks. He’d say you care kid. You love my game. You love my game. My games Aki, I come from Mizzou. That’s a pretty good gene, by the way, pretty good pies onto but she would always say you love my game. And Kenny Cooper, to this day, we’ll you know, pick up the phone. And he would always say you love soccer. You love Baltimore. You love Baltimore. You love soccer. You’re my friend. Simple, you know, and there was a lack of arrogance that Kenny had. And you at one point, were thinking about that job and that life. And that was right, exactly. And you know what Kenny built here. And you did that concurrently? You were already a champion at UB trying to do your own thing with the bays and smaller level thing. And the blasts were a big thing here. And that opened doors for you that a kitten since in Highland town that you’re trying to recruit to play soccer. Soccer was cool. In the 80s and 90s. In a way it wasn’t in the 70s when you were trying to do it right.

Pete Caringi  23:18


Oh, yeah, I mean Allentown done. I mean, Baltimore’s always been. That’s probably a lot of kids today don’t understand how big soccer was for your

Nestor Aparicio  23:28

national team.

Pete Caringi  23:31

We had guys in Oakland

Nestor Aparicio  23:32

Mills thing going and Columbia was incredible. We


Pete Caringi  23:35

had guys when I was growing up young like Paul skirty. And he played on the US National Team and most people don’t know that. Fritz Gardena played on the US national team played at Baltimore Memorial Stadium in US qualifying game. 95% of people don’t know that. And yet as a 18 year old, 17 year old, I was there watching the game, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  23:54

Pele play Memorial Stadium.

Pete Caringi  23:56

They play my father Tommy law played father took

Nestor Aparicio  23:59


me to a game there. And I don’t know if it was Pele, when I was a little boy. I was four or five years old. We went look it was 7374 Okay, so I’m five. I have I don’t know if I ever told you this made me cry. My dad didn’t know anything about soccer. My dad grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, boxing, right? Boxing, baseball, basketball, and then football. But my dad didn’t do horses. My dad wasn’t a gambler. My dad stood in line for for food when he in 1929 when he’s a boy, you know? So my father didn’t understand soccer like, but my father took me at Memorial Stadium to see the bass right play. And I remember getting a program from the game that day. And I remember be I remember where I sat. I sat in about section 36. What would have been about the 40 yard line right off the first base. I sat up underneath and I remember walking in and I had been to colts games, right, right. But I remember the pitch. It didn’t look like a baseball stadium and More like a football stadium. And I remember being there, but I don’t remember anything else about it. Right? Like, but I know it was big. I don’t know if it was Pele or from when he played a whole season.

Pete Caringi  25:12

They played a whole season. But Pele came and played. And my brother little Tommy was one of the bees. So he played he got into game against Pele. And he tells the story that he got in the game, and it’s Pele and he didn’t know whether to hug them, or kick them or what to do. Like it’s one on one with him and Palais is the greatest player in the world. He’s, and the most recognized person. So those guys all played against him. We were all there. And I went looking for me, Sonny asked you, Jesse Cox and Billy, what are we went down to the Lord Baltimore, because we heard that’s where he was staying. So we went down Lord Baltimore, it was the week I was getting ready to graduate. We’d looked all around, we couldn’t find them. Security was there. They all went back on Saturday. They seen him because I had to go to graduation practice for cover Hall. They all seen them got pictures about them. He was ironically on the 10th floor. I was at number. And all I got out of it was an autograph shirt. And a bill, you still have it? Yeah, of course. Yeah. So then I meet him when I’m on the National Board of Directors. And this is this is hilarious, because everybody’s in front of me. It’s like six people in front of me in line. And it’s just the board members. And he’s Aries audit. He’s talking in the first five people going up and going. Oh, I remember meeting you. When you played in New York. I remember meeting you and you were in Seattle, and I met you or I went to the game. And he’s looking at him like why this guy seen so many people. And I’m literally Nestor thinking, what in the heck are these people think this guy is

Nestor Aparicio  26:39

my mate Springsteen.

Pete Caringi  26:42

And I’m literally going like, these people are going wrong with them. I get up. I know what to say, Oh, I remember meeting you in Baltimore. And he’s looking at me with that smile. And I said I’m looking for it. And I went right back to it. They all did said the same thing about how I went to chase, chase them down and then look for him. But but it was really you know, one of the one of the highlights of my life because Pillay was my idol. Growing up is one of the most famous athletes and obviously, I had sports idols and other sports Johnny Unitas Brooks Robinson and all those guys, but, but clearly, Pele, from a soccer standpoint. And then we had, we had West Ham came over, and Holland town and they came to play West Ham played for Baltimore. And three of the best players on the team, Jeff hertz, Bobby Moore, and Martin Peters. They’re like three on the National World Cup team that just won the 66. This is like 7069, right after they come to Baltimore to play on the team. And one of the guys on the base brought them down to our school out where we all played. So these are three World Cup guys coming off just coming off a World Cup, and the coming our school out where we’re all playing, we’re all young and kicking the ball playing. Now they’ve been drinking over to the local bar. And they want to play us so we go out we’re playing them. And this is like, this is like Cal Ripken Brooks Robinson, right. You’re playing perfect. Three of the best all time. Like these are world famous National Team, England’s only championship team ever. So the heroes that come their heroes here here to their Vulcan so that we play them and we’re playing in one of our guys kick them in him. Oh, in the movies. Yeah. And they said, That’s it, we’re going again. And that’s so we actually had experienced a plane or on our lot and Holland town against three World Cup players. Not many people know that’s great story. But it’s great because we’re literally young kids.

Nestor Aparicio  28:37

Imagine if I start drinking with this guy and storage. We’re at McFaul. So. We’re not the Iron Horse. We’re down on the water. We’re in Essex Middle River, middle Essex. I don’t know where we are. We’re down at the rocky point really? Where the former Baltimore Yacht Club Yacht Club Road. Come on down have a beer have some of these delicious bangbang strip that great oysters going on? Yeah, I’m gonna do I start 25th anniversary on August 3 of wn St. I’m going to do 25 oysters and 25 days in September because it has an R and I’m gonna go random oyster stew oyster right? Just gonna promote oysters because without oysters, we don’t have crabs. The oysters create deoxygenation in the bay that lets us have crabs and crab cakes to Maryland crab cake tour. So brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have the fun fun winter nation and I’m gonna wear this in the second segment. I think it’s a little high up with my my headset on it looks cringy emeritus head coach. That’s according to the real head coach Anthony Adams, who we had costs couple weeks ago. I’m giving away these scratch offs and merit lottery. You know, this year old you remember that this is the old scratch off they’ve redone it. The old wishbone on there up to 10,000 We got a bunch of winners and families. We had some winners last week a captain layers as well. We got some folks filing in here. We’re at TC you’re kind of in a tender period of time. It’s the first nice day in about a week. We got boats everywhere we are on the water. It’s fantastic location. Just call it Sue Island down here. So maybe it is Essex Island. s6 Middle River by Chesapeake High School on mysteries peds gonna stick around. We’re going to talk oriental baseball legends of Highland town we’re gonna leave out what have I left anything else crabcake tour crabcake tour we’re gonna have crabcake be cringy is our guest we’re in Essex or isn’t Middle River we’re back for more on the Maryland crabcakes where Baltimore positive stay with us

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