The brittle and mettle to help save lives at Sante for National Kidney Foundation

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Local entrepreneur and Brittle Queen Natasha Brown-Wainwright talks about her confections and saving lives in advance of the annual Sante Night out at The Baltimore Museum of Industry for the National Kidney Foundation on Wednesday, May 10.


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Nestor Aparicio, Natasha Brown-Wainwright

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the main month and tell you what one thing I really missed during COVID was events and getting out and I’ve done so many charity events. Some people think we eat a lot and they make us up celebrity food tasters at events and stuff like that. My wife and I were downtown live downtown for 20 years, we had a lot of those COVID took a lot of those away. A lot of them are coming back now. One of them is one that I’ve attended many, many times, on behalf of a group that I’m very passionate about the National Kidney Foundation, and it’s this week it’s coming up sante giving back for kidney defeat disease. This is a fundraiser they’ve been having since 2016. It’s always been at the American and visionary Arts Museum this year at the Baltimore Museum of industry. It is on Wednesday the 10th of May from six till nine and here to talk about it we got not just somebody that’s been very involved in this but also a small business owner during small business owner week here. We welcome we welcome from Natasha’s just brittle Natasha brown Wainwright, the owner of just brittle and be more made with pride. I bought more positives, you know, so that you know we got a lot of things happen in here. First off, Good day to you Happy Spring. You know, how’s the brittle boy I love me some brittle Natasha

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  01:21

Britton was great. We put bread on everything and now popcorn in our candies, brittle, brittle, brittle. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  01:29

you know that somebody gave me some brutal last summer down at the beach and I didn’t eat it for a couple of months and I’m gonna get her on the program. She works off the eastern shore download city, and it was so delicious. And I was eating it in like October November a couple months after and I’m like, wow, how good would this be if I got it fresh? I throw a love letter because I love brutal. And I guess it’s you know, not something I’ve had a whole lot of i I can’t say that I’ve eaten a lot of brittle the last 20 or 30 years of my life. But every time I eat it, I want more of it. You got to step out here and get yourself. Alright, so where’s here? Where’s your place? Oh, so

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  02:00

we’re located in on Harford road 6617 Harford road inside the cafe it’d be made with pride. And we are a cafe serving breakfast lunch, sweet treats, and of course, Britain.

Nestor Aparicio  02:15

Well, you’re in Harford road. I’m on Harford road almost every day in my life. Right. So

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  02:19

stop by and see me. Yeah, yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  02:21

yeah, it’s got to go a little further inside the beltway, you know, I mean, I know my way up and down. I know where every bakery is. And now I know where you’re gonna come find you. Give us your story. I mean, I’ve been involved in Sante for a number of years. And, you know, I’ve known donors and I’ve known survivors. My wife is a bone marrow transplant survivor. We’ve done a lot for their goes to my hero and other local organization. My wife had a man in Germany donate bone marrow to save her life twice. And I know the kidney journey from Dick cast, so on, and I’ve talked to a lot of different people and had them on the air. I want to hear your journey with this. And I think it’s always very, very personal. I know it is for me as well.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  02:59

Well, for the satay I started out just showcasing Natasha’s just brittle. I think in 2016, I was one of the vendors there showcasing my Brettell. And then I’m also a former daycare provider. I continued with the sanitary because one of my daycare parents actually had kidney disease, and we were searching for a kidney for him. And lo and behold, his wife was actually the one that was able to donate a kidney. So

Nestor Aparicio  03:29

that’s incredible to have a match that your spouse, right, like, yeah, so in my wife’s case, when my wife had a bone marrow transplant, she needed a family member to have the same DNA. The fact that it could have been me would have been outrageous, right? Like, you know, there were five people in the world that could have saved her life, it’s a little bit easier to match a kidney than it is bone marrow from DNA. But still, incredibly unlikely. Right? All right.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  04:01

So after that incident, I just just pledged my ongoing support and miracle like literally, here. Yes. I was had I had I was happy. Was it me? Nice. And I was just like, No, don’t let it do me. But thank God it was his wife. So you know what,

Nestor Aparicio  04:17

there’s something to be said for that, that you’re on the outside making this delicious, brittle. And you’re a care provider that these folks, but more than that, but that I think the same thing, like would I have gone into a room and had them hook machines up to take my blood and take in needles to stimulate thesis what the man who saved my wife’s life did, and we consider him the highest hero ever. He’s over in Germany, and your points the same as mine, which is if I had to give a kidney to save her life, or my son’s life, or my son’s wife or anybody’s life, like that, that’s you Max fully committed and it’s fully committed. It’s heroic, really heroic. going in and saying, I’m going to give you my kidney. I mean, I It’s almost done. There’s no words for it right for what your what your family went through your friends,

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  05:08

right? We were searching for like maybe two weeks, everybody started to get tested. When they tested me. She asked if I would get tested as well. And I was like, Yes, I’ll do it. Thank God I was too old. So she was a match so that well I still they’re still there. They’re like family. I’ll be actually playing Santa Claus for me to share at the cafe. So they’re just family and we still keep in touch to this day.

Nestor Aparicio  05:34

Well, I got to see those pictures of him playing Santa Claus. Natasha brown Wainwright is here. She’s the owner of Natasha’s just brittle and be more made with pride, they’re over in Harford road. So you find them out on the internet as well. Or you can find them at Asante on Wednesday. So giving back for kidney disease and I want to talk about solid state because for many years we did tasting but you know food drinks, people gathering, and then this the floor stops and people get up with these stories that you know, inspire people to want to give. And so I want to get people down to the Museum of industry. It’s Ww w w kidney MD That’s kidney MD like or and the hashtag is nk F sante. That’s s a n t e en has a fun name, a different name. It’s a big party. It’s it’s the biggest event of the year, sort of the signature event. It’s on Wednesday night, from six to nine. It’s right downtown and been to the museum of industry since COVID. To another one of my favorite place has been the many many events down there. And there’s a lot of folks and I want to read them all off because these are the people like Natasha, you’re gonna have your portal there, right.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  06:42

But I have my rental and I’m actually bringing some of the vendors that work out of my commercial kitchen with me so you’ll have the whole team Omega pride experience.

Nestor Aparicio  06:51

Well, I’ve had some great great food there I’ve had your brittle because I’ve been at this event. So I’m sorry I you know we didn’t make an acquaintance but I I’ve been at this event many many times. And now I remember you were one of the vendors that brittle the whole deal right. I’ve had some delicious food there. But more than that, it’s just a lot of people coming together. So let’s go through this Boertie vineyards pharmacy brewing I visited them Ironbridge wine company log cabin chocolates Lord Baltimore hotel where I began my career down the alley they’re doing radio back in the early 90s Mama’s Mrs. Fishes, muddy tea Natasha’s just brittle raspberry moments. Well that sounds like something that I’m all about Sagamore spirits at bats but boy David Rose and Kevin Plank sandy bottoms sparkly wrong cocktail is not a local party sandy bottoms out there stay fair Hold on a second here. Natasha i Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba well hold on hold on hold on. Hold on hold on here now. I got my state fair shirt. I’m doing the show today federal Friday brought to you by the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving these away we’ll be there two to five don’t we doubt from a CFG bank will be joining us as well as let’s see here the Beaumont as well well Amanda foods gonna be the local I’m gonna be at the local on the 23rd up and fallston going to Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation 8669 You nation you buy two you get two free five years 0% financing union to craft brewing, my boy Adam will be there. That’s good. And Zephyr and gold as the manager cater all Tito’s vodka so they’re doing stuff for the dogs and for the animals as well. Awards competition, Photo Booth raffles silent auction, sports memorabilia, I should throw in a copy purple ring to dining entertainment, local art spa, health, fitness vacation packages, all that good stuff. And you get to walk the room, eat your face off, drink your face off, and then cry a little bit and hopefully give a little bit for our friends at National Kidney Foundation. So tell me Is there a brutal season? Is that like a holiday thing? Or is it’s never bad day for brutal? Right?

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  08:46

Well, exactly. Never bad day for Britain, we make Brittle 24/7 365 days of the year. So

Nestor Aparicio  08:54

I gotta ask you this. All right. I mean, you’re Baltimore person.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  08:57

I am it’s been well made with pride. That’s

Nestor Aparicio  09:01

what you grow up. Where are you? What side of town High School give me the whole background.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  09:04

Right here where I live northeast Baltimore. I’ve been here like most of my adult life. Even my daycare center was over

Nestor Aparicio  09:11

the side. So you’re a little north of Hamilton. Right?

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  09:15

I’m going to leave you with Valentino’s very much. So absolutely. Black as Valentino

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

a dear friend peppermints over at Northern pharmacy, do you give her some brittle?

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  09:25

Yes, they come in all the time. So I had your bread. Oh,

Nestor Aparicio  09:29

we’re gonna have a pepper brittle. We’re gonna have to do something for peppermints over there. The Tasha now that I know, I gotta learn things. Why have people like you want to show right? How did you get into brittle?

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  09:41

Well, again, I’m a former daycare provider. One summer I was teaching my daycare children the less than business. We used to cook every Friday so we decided that we have a baking business with them. baking cakes, cookies, candies, and all that candy, baking cakes. Cool. cookies and brownies and one of the children said, let’s add candy to the menu. And that’s where Britain came from. From 2009 And then it got so popular. I chose the daycare center in 2016 walked away from a business that I have for 21 years.

Nestor Aparicio  10:19

How’s it brittle making business going for you good as be going great

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  10:23

because I’m still saying

Nestor Aparicio  10:27

I will listen I get over to you know, the confluence of northern and Harford road right there. North Hamilton South Park Hill. I don’t know what to call it.

Natasha Brown-Wainwright  10:36

Orville Hamilton, Oroville as we call it. LAUREL Laurel Hamilton Well, Hamilton laurelville That’s

Nestor Aparicio  10:47

it knows where it is just go to Valentino’s parked car and figure it all out. Get peppermints my love over northern pharmacy as well and find the Tasha Natasha fried also failed on Wednesday night Asante giving back for kidney disease. It is Wednesday May 10. From six till nine it’s at the Museum of industry right across the street from Royal farms another one of our great sponsors, Dan and I would call that Federal Hill you know if I’m if I’m being honest, my old homeland and stomping grounds great that we’re getting events back right the local people like you are doing local things like that with the National Kidney Foundation. If you want to learn more go to kidney And shout out to Evan and Keith in the Boise State Fair at Beaumont for for supporting sante to I gotta text evidence added No, he’s gonna be serving me a crab cake on Friday we’ll be at State Fair from two until five. We’re gonna have bill we Dell from CFG Bank Arena, or yeah, she’s from CFG bank that sponsored the arena we’re gonna be talking about you’re probably talking about cannabis legislation. We’re gonna be talking about loaning the money, all sorts of things going on. That’s next Friday. That’ll be it’s a fair then we’re out at the local and they’re also they just won a huge award from Restaurant Association in Maryland. Haven’t had Marshall talking about that before we do the oyster tour this year. So I got Natasha what you thought about me she looked at me here’s what you thought you thought long hair he’s kind of skinny probably don’t eat a lot of brittle hmm I grew up you know I eat me. So I mean I’m only eating tour here so I’m trying to stay skinny and fit Thank you Planet Fitness and Victor brick for making that happen. Natasha I’ll tell you what, I appreciate it. I am personally going to combined by some brutal because I love what’s your you bring a lottery cloud when you stop paying for tape. Yeah, at the State Fair two to five. You got to come up to the local on the 23rd. I’m only I’m only licensed to distribute these three hours every other week on the Maryland crabcake tour. reciate you thanks so much. Thank you. All right, it’s about Wainwright selling the brutal doing the good things helping people save lives, teaching young children the right ways of the world. And you can find it over at Harford road and our brutal stand and find are aligned to so you can find me at State Fair and at the local we’re getting around on the Maryland crab cakes represented by the Maryland lottery and window nation. And it’s spring Lucas running around with the baseball team waiting on the football team. The LA Marathon is all over with now we’ve got football players in camps, Luke stone all that any breaking news weapon first on the WNS T tech service. That’s all brought to you by our friends at Coons, Baltimore Ford, on behalf Asante and Karen Segal and all of our friends each and every year. Hope they have a great event on a Wednesday night downtown at the Museum of industry. I’m Nestor we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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