Hitting the big 50 to win $50,000 for a Home Run Riches jackpot

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John Martin of The Maryland Lottery tells Nestor that the Orioles pace of home runs and fast start will soon trigger a $50,000 homer for a lucky winner in the Home Run Riches 50th Anniversary jackpot.


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Nestor Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t, Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive or positively into the May period of baseball fever and we get a little horse race. We’re gonna run here in a couple of weeks as well, the Preakness. But I’ll tell you what, it’s crabcakes season it’s crab season. It’s gonna be oyster season soon for me, Maryland crab cake tours coming to you. We’re gonna be Middle River on Thursday at MC falls oyster and we’ll be giving away the scratch offs. We had some winners last week. fadeless we also had some winners Captain Larry’s last Thursday, as I got back from Hawaii. I’ve been on a bit a little bit away but I’ll be back and tell you what I’ve come back to these these jackpots. My wife’s like, what are the jackpots? They’re all low. Again. Everybody’s hitting it but us at this point. But I know we got lots and lots of ways to win. We’re going to talk Corvettes today. John Mark joins us here from the Maryland lottery. He is the director of all things 50th anniversary and old school. What’s going on? Happy May to you back atcha

John Martin  00:55

Hey, I have a partial score. I’ve just been handed this bulletin it is Powerball. 71 Mega 68. That’s after three quarters.

Nestor Aparicio  01:03

Okay, good enough. It’s a what game? Are we in? We game five game six games. So no, it’s round two.

John Martin  01:08

It’s exciting.

Nestor Aparicio  01:09

Can I ask you this before we get into anything? Because I sure don’t tell anyone. I used to do sports here. All right. And people know you’re like an Ohio guy and a Cleveland guy and all that. I’m just asking. I’m not as I’m not trying to be snarky or anything. I’m wondering if I were a Cleveland person how I feel about LeBron at this point. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t really I watch him. And it’s kind of a marvel that he still did. But like, give me a little Cleveland insider before we get to every segment here.

John Martin  01:38

Not a problem. And again, this is this is my view. Again, the views expressed by John Martin

Nestor Aparicio  01:42

are solely. Yeah, yeah, of course. Of course. The small print it says right here. When when

John Martin  01:47

the decision and we all watched it, nobody tells you they did God. It was incredibly naive. We all watched it. I cried like a 12 year old boy. When he and I was not 12 when he decided to leave, and then you know, I hated everything he did in Miami, and he won. And then that date, I remember it’s like one of those moments you have in Baltimore sports history that you can share. I remember exactly where it was when I heard he was coming back and I cried again. Like a 12 year old boy,

Nestor Aparicio  02:17

I was a captain Larry’s doing the Maryland crab cake tour last week when I heard the Lamar sign.

John Martin  02:21

Yeah, right. Let’s see. There you go. And he delivered as promised, he said he was coming back to win a championship in Cleveland. And for someone who remembers the last championship 1964 Cleveland Browns. not that old. Oh, I remember watching that game. That’s a whole nother story for another time. But the promise of winning I mean, we all thought we would die and never see that there’s a whole generation of Clevelanders who are content and unfortunately, some have passed who have never seen a championship. So for him to deliver on that was was euphoric. And again, when they won that game seven. I cried again. You can see I’ve got I’ve got a problem with tears.

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

Man, it’s it. Yeah, that’s good. Man. I cried two times. The Ravens won the championship. Yeah, yeah. So every time the Orioles loose was it’s been since 83. I mean, when you don’t win, it’s not fun.

John Martin  03:12

But now watching him now I think you have to even if you don’t nothing about basketball, you have to marvel about the discipline and the physical nature of a man this age, performing at the level he is in the sport that he chooses to participate in,

Nestor Aparicio  03:29

and these young whippersnappers trying to challenge him and talk trash to him. And I’m like, stop with that for LeBron, leave LeBron alone. Go play ball. Now, you

John Martin  03:38

could argue that Michael Jordan had a different level of competitiveness, you could certainly argue that and I would, I would allow you to say he is the greatest of all time. But for pure longevity, for consistency for all the other things for what he does off the court. Yeah, I wish him no ill will. Matter of fact, that I think is fun that he’s going to get Steph Curry. Now. And you know, we’ll see what happens with that. But from my perspective, he delivered on the promise he brought a championship. I wish him well. And as long as he stays out of the headlines for the rest of his natural life, then then I think his legacy is is pretty secure

Nestor Aparicio  04:15

as an Oracle fan. I don’t feel that way about Machado. And it will never have to know about Lamar now that he’s signed here. So like, give me some Lottery News here. I mean, I didn’t want anything. I we had the race coming up in a couple of weeks. I know you got some racetrack stuff going on a lot of scratch offs going on but more than the 50th anniversary sort of wasps above all of this, right like that’s, that’s all year long. There’s things going on all the time with a lottery,

John Martin  04:37

you know, and the countdown clock is going. We’re just stoked, and I’m going to tell you why here in a second. We talked about before our home run britches contest, players enter a chance to be the contestant in the game. And someone someone already is holding on to a reservation for $50,000 they don’t know it yet. But when the Oh sit there 50th homerun and my tickers a little off. I know you’ve heard that about me my tickers a little off. I think there are 36 now because because they hit two last night wouldn’t be 37

Nestor Aparicio  05:07

by the time people hear this or 38 I mean, there’s a lot of homeruns you were saying June Hey, no way this thing’s going to June this thing might not make it the Preakness

John Martin  05:16

right? Well again we the level of competition I think it’s going to ratchet up a little bit but that’s okay.

Nestor Aparicio  05:22

Excuse me the Guardian soon now now

John Martin  05:25

at the end of the month it yeah, this could be a done deal by the time before they play the Guardians. But but the fun part is not to get lost in all this. The game itself the whole merch is fast play has a progressive jackpot that is now in excess of $90,000. So if you’re lucky enough to have that winning ticket, and these are progressive jackpots, so let’s figure that 50,000 90,000 Hang on. Yes, yes, that is correct. And, and when someone wins, then it gets reset at at at 40 and jumps up again. So so there’s there that’s enough fun. But wait, there’s more fun because if you are a contestant in the game, when they hit that 50th homerun, you will win $50,000 And as I look at my calendar because we have selected contestants, you know, we were thinking it would be maybe at last season against or that last series in the month against the Guardians, but you know what? It could be? It could be Savannah Honaker of Dundalk. Do you know, Savannah?

Nestor Aparicio  06:18

I know Honaker family maybe There you go. There you go. Monica.

John Martin  06:22

She is hanging on to the May 18 Los Angeles Angels noontime star 1235 off of

Nestor Aparicio  06:30

Otani, that’s what we do

John Martin  06:32

something so we’ll see but check check the sports headlines check MD lottery.com. We’re on Countdown mode full counter mode to that 50th And even after the 50 This hit we will have a second $50,000 prize at the end of the season. So if you miss out on this if you’re not one of these folks already in the in the queue, don’t despair, keep submitting your names because we’ll have a big payoff another $50,000 winner at the end of the season.

Nestor Aparicio  07:00

John Mark just want to give money away here I just want to see show a tiny pitch at some point. So I can see I’ve seen that I saw LeBron play. You know you always say Did you see Jordan play? Did you see Johnny you play or whatever. But Otani is one of those guys so, you know, two weeks away from Otani coming in here and hit a 50th homerun went some money. So I did some homework this week for this segment. Because last week you and I didn’t know you were doing it. I’m glad one of us. One of us did some homework. I didn’t know you were doing a Corvette promotion. And last week you sprung this on me and you spring these scratch offs on me all the time. And we started talking Corvettes and my wife’s favorite 67 Corvette I had to go up and do all this stuff. Give me the Corvette promotion because I I think I meandered into real Corvettes and not scratch off Corvettes. But you do have a promotion going on right now. We do we do and it’s

John Martin  07:47

again, it’s a scratch off ticket a $5 scratch off, it’s our core fat we have a three different options very colorful ticket featuring Corvettes in yellow, blue and red

Nestor Aparicio  08:00

on red one because I like prints, you know,

John Martin  08:03

well there you go. There you go. And, again, top price on that ticket is $50,000 if you scratch and win, but again, the appeal to a lot of these tickets is non winning tickets are eligible for a second chance. So you enroll in my lottery rewards or loyalty programs, submit your non winning tickets, and we will have a series of drawings through the summer months. The first three drawings in June, July and August we’ll select one winner of a 10,000 Other prize. But the grand finale in October on the ninth is our entry deadline. So on the 10th we will select one winner of a $150,000 cash prize. And you did a little research today that can get you a pretty good Corvette so

Nestor Aparicio  08:46

100 Since we there’s been a lot of numbers, and I’ve told you I’m not a math guy, John, you know this about me, right? But I’ve done some math is we first off the Lamar contract as it relates to winning Powerball or Mega Millions, right? But I also did the Corvette research that the car that my wife’s dream car is a 67 Corvette you can get them for as little as 75,000 I don’t know if they have an engine or not. But but in general $150,000 would maybe get my wife COVID I hope it would be in like it would be red at that point. Hope it wouldn’t be blue or gray or black or something like that. But, but nonetheless 150 grand for quarterbacks, quarterbacks are I mean everyone loves quarterback. They really do. Right.

John Martin  09:30

Do you remember the first time you were in one?

Nestor Aparicio  09:33

It was in the late 70s I had a neighbor that had one and this was when I love cars in the 70s And you remember Smokey the band that was the black TransAm with with the gold, Bert eagle on the top and then there were there was Corvette summer which Mark Hamill was in now. But we had a Corvette in the neighborhood and I did as a young man get and it was a stingray. It was new. I don’t know how they afforded it, but they did and I went for a ride and I remember Are them telling me it was fiberglass. That’s all I remember that it wasn’t like made of like the same sort of metal. So that’s all I know about Corvettes and my wife loves him.

John Martin  10:07

It is a unique experience when I was a young man. Many, many years ago, I

Nestor Aparicio  10:13

already dated yourself and you remember to 64.

John Martin  10:17

So this was the late the late 70s. I worked with a guy who was, I think one fry short of a Happy Meal. Anyway, he was a little unique individual and he had bought a new Corvette. And one day at lunch, he said, Why don’t you go get us some lunch? I said, Okay, fine. And he threw the keys at me. And I said, Excuse me. He said, Yeah, take my car. It’s the blue one out there. And I looked and there was this. I can’t tell you what it was because my mind was so blown as I had the keys. I walk in there, I drive this Corvette. I drove it like a little old lady, going to church, I thought, Jiminy Christmas if somebody even sneezes on this thing. While I’m out. I am dead. And you

Nestor Aparicio  10:57

were too young and dumb to ask insurance on it. Right?

John Martin  11:00

I was I was the first last and only time I’ve driven a Corvette. It was amazing. Right? And that was a long time.

Nestor Aparicio  11:10

You didn’t go through the drive thru, right? No, no, no, no, I

John Martin  11:13

parked far away. I walked. Got it. Parked far away. You can walk back but yeah, it was

Nestor Aparicio  11:18

fun. It was so fun milkshake on the dudes. Corvette. John Mark is here. He is the director of all things Maryland lottery and Corvette stories, and the Cleveland Guardian stories and LeBron James stories, amongst other things. I know we’ve had a lot of winners, and I was in Dundalk the other day. And this was oh, actually it wasn’t it was on. I was on Harford road. It’s in Hartford road. And I drove and I don’t even know what store it was a liquor store. I don’t know which one it was. But they had a giant banner out in front right outside the beltway. And it said, we sold a million dollar winner. So I get this happens everywhere, not just the royal farms and wise and my sponsors. But all over the place. When you give a million dollar prize out the person that sold it and the liquor store that sold it or the the vendor that sold it, they get a big banner too.

John Martin  12:03

We have estimated we’ve done the math for you on this one Esther every day, 365 days a year, every day, we average $4.6 million of prices to players that’s each and every day. And every once in a while some of these retailers sell a million dollar ticket some of them sell a 50,020 ticket, whatever. Yeah, we liked that idea. We liked the idea to promote that this is a lucky store. So as players are driving around and they’re thinking I want to buy lottery ticket Wow, why don’t I go to the store that’s in the business of selling winners. And and they stop in there. So it helps our retailer network. It helps the word of mouth. And it makes makes things a lot of a lot of a lot of fun. A lot of interesting things that happened at retail.

Nestor Aparicio  12:46

Well, we’re gonna have somebody screaming when they went home run riches and all this give me a little update for them. I had a I had a back and forth with a Maryland horseman this week who happens to be involved in the gaming industry. I didn’t know it involves the Preakness and John Waite and a showdown at the Guinness, give me a little swarco update give me a little sports wagering update as we get into this. And I think the sports wagering side of this, I remember when I was a little boy when the Preakness would come to town and the derby because this is Derby week, my dad and the neighbors we would put horse names in a hat and put $1 in and when snow balls or whatever. But it was just something fun. We did literally in the neighborhood around the Derby and around the Preakness with all this coming in. I mean, the first time I think I ever gambled on anything, certainly legally, was that the race track and you’d have a race track promotion going on six for five. It’s a big, big month, I think for this state for racing. But you guys are serving the racing business for fun. And when I go into Costas, and I see it up there, it looks like a real horse race. Yeah, the race

John Martin  13:46

tracks. product we have is our monitor game, one of our two keynote being the other. This is a promotion we’ve been now for several years, I wouldn’t say it’s easily been 10 years that we’ve run this so and it’s it’s $6 for $5, you get $6 of play for $5. So you get a little kicker there for you a little a little promotion. But this the opportunity to especially during the trifecta or the I’m sorry, the Triple Crown. You have opportunities to run this promotion we do with our retailer network, the week leading up to the derby. We’ll do it the week leading up to the to the Preakness and the week leading up to the Belmont. So for people who are really tuned into horse racing, it makes it a little exciting, as if the race itself was exciting, but it gives you a little staying power through the week leading up to it and we’re looking forward to great Derby and then hopefully that Derby winner chooses to come to Maryland and participate in the Preakness and, and then we’ll see where we’re at after after two legs of the Triple Crown if we’ve got a potential for Triple Crown winner this year.

Nestor Aparicio  14:46

Well forte is the horse everybody’s talking about this week. I think you’re already on the show with some other people, as well as Todd Schuler talking about the derby this week, but it’s all coming. I opened the door for Spark and for sports wagering and for where we are And you’ve been very clear about this for almost two years now that this thing really would come in waves in the way that people wager in waves in regard to football in regard to the Super Bowl with regard to march madness in regard to maybe the Derby, maybe the Preakness. Certainly the NBA Playoffs, we’ve already referenced that and the NHL playoffs and baseball’s happening on any given night. But this thing is very, very cyclical as far as what the public wants for sports wagering and when they wager on sports and when it’s when it’s drawn to them. We are

John Martin  15:31

very definitely in use to get a racing analogy, we’re in the back stretch here, we’re way on the other side of the track, because it’s going to slow down. There aren’t that many events, a sports calendar really doesn’t pick up again until until the fall. And right now we have 10 retail locations, we have nine mobile entities that’s 19 locations for sports wagering, but we’ve already licensed work has already approved 31 locations. So there are 12 people still in the pipeline, between getting their official award from Spark, and yet have not been finally gone through the final issuance phase with the lottery for a variety of reasons. Some of them have just ever been built out their their infrastructure, if they’re, if they’re a retail location, maybe they were remodeling. And we’ve got a couple of coming up in a couple of green turtles, one in Baltimore City and one I believe in Canton. I believe that’s correct. So those two are still kind of building so they’re they’re going to come online. Some of the OTB locations in in other parts of the state are remodeling, they they’re going to come online. And then we have a number of mobile wagers that just haven’t gotten the right dance partner yet. They may be licensed but they still need a sportsbook operator. And so that negotiation which is not part of us, that’s part of them as a licensee as a business negotiating their own partner on the on the sportsbook side. So when you look at 19 in place now, the sports calendar being a little slow until it heats up in the fall, we’re going to not have a lot of news and not gonna be a lot of breaking news on the sports wagering and licensing front. Until we get closer to the fall, when some of these people who are in the queue are saying, wait a minute, I want to be ready for NFL. So let’s get this thing done. You know, let’s let’s slap that coat of paint on there. Let’s open the doors let’s let’s get a deal arranged with a sports book. Because you don’t want to miss the the kickoff literally and figuratively, on this NFL season. Well, I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

been talking to you a couple years about this, since you were running really hard to try to get bricks and mortar open. And then obviously the mobile side and the legislature put in, like 40 I don’t remember that was a number. And you said we probably won’t get to that number, even though it sounded like a number and you’re like, there probably won’t be that many operators that can operate especially once the big guys got in here. We’re not going to hit our head on how many licenses were out, or we’re not close

John Martin  18:04

to that right. Now in the legislation. Again, the legislation was crafted in in 20. I mean, the referendum was 2020. And people were already starting to, you know, circle the wagons on what it meant. And so the law was what came out of the General Assembly and 21 and regulations. So at that time, we had the contemporary thinking and the contemporary thinking, quite frankly, was a little aggressive, even back then they were gonna be 107. That’s a three digit number 107 potential licenses in the state of Maryland. Now, you really need to talk yourself off the ledge there because there’s no way and we couldn’t even name 100 sportsbooks, let alone people who would have 107 licenses. So the reality is, this is the market, I mean, and we have like I say 19 active today, we have the potential for 12. More plus beyond that we still have people we’re still having the pipeline beyond the pipeline. So we potentially have 40 or 41 licenses by the time January of 2024 starts. Well, I’m hard pressed to think that that’s going to get fulfilled. So I think anybody who truly wants to be in this space is there whether they’re actively taking wagers today or in the pipeline to get started for the next NFL season. I really can’t see us getting beat much beyond the current identified entities.

Nestor Aparicio  19:24

John Barnes here he is the director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming and we got some games going on during the 50th anniversary and scratches I’ll be giving away these old schoolers the throwback to the lotteries first ever scratch off and I’ve had a lot of winners on these. We had several winners of failures. And John, I’ll tell you, I you know, I’m in Lexington market people get a crab cake and whatnot, they win. And obviously, Bailey’s isn’t cashing them. And they’re like, Hey, how do I know if I want or whatever I’m like, Just take your phone out. And I think that that there’s still a message about it’s easy to find out if you win, it’s easy to play. Second Chance it’s easy to play my lottery reward like All parts of that is it’s still there’s still people that don’t know I guess that’s the point.

John Martin  20:05

Or work is never done Nestor it’s a tireless, tireless task our work is never done and we appreciate you as a deputy out there educating the population that you run into but yeah when in doubt come to MD lottery.com. Everything there to be explained whether you’re a retailer whether you’re a player, whether you’re have a casual interest, whether you just want to see when the OSA debt 50th Home run, all that stuff and more at MD lottery.com

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

baseball teams really good. By the way, I just want to get that in. You know, this has been a lot of fun, a lot more fun than I even thought it was going to be because I don’t have anything to compare it to. It’s been a long long time since it’s been this good. Especially this early John Martin series giving money away homerun riches. If you’re watching the Orioles every night be on the lookout for that big 50th home Ron’s gonna be 50 grand and I still go back to Gary Ranchi winning a million dollars to somebody 40 years ago. I am Nestor. We are W nsda and 1570 Club CB and MC falls come see me at the local come see me at State Fair next Friday in Gainesville. We’re given these way and our friends at window nation as well making me wear the the fun floppy hat and the fun shirts. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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