Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher talks defensive greatness in Chicago and Baltimore

Brian Urlacher San Diego Super Bowl Radio Row 2003
Brian Urlacher San Diego Super Bowl Radio Row 2003
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The Chicago Bears great chatted with Nestor on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego.


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Brian Urlacher, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Why just sports former live in San Diego one of the reasons we come out here is because we get free soup and the chunky and the Campbell’s people have come over and they keep bringing us stud athletes. We got Brian Urlacher here with his mom Levoy to first off, how are you? Mom? I’m good. How’s it feel to be chunky mom? I mean, you know,


the good thing. I like it.

Nestor Aparicio  00:18

Now, you know, when they do the commercials, they don’t use the real moms. Do they buy

Brian Urlacher  00:21

this? I think this is the first year they’ve used the real moms from what I understand. So why would you use the real mom? No, no, it was fun for me, man. We did the commercial was like a three day shoot. And I don’t know why you would. Because I guess some of the real moms didn’t look like our moms looking these commercials.

Nestor Aparicio  00:34

Yeah, beautiful. When do you turn 30 Lavoy. I’ll be honest. Now you know what it is. I mean, I hear it’s that New Mexico, like the sunlight and the sunshine and taking care of things go up the Taos and you know like that, right?

Brian Urlacher  00:49

When I grew up, we didn’t do that stuff. But it was a beautiful statement. I love stuff going out there. It’s very nice.

Nestor Aparicio  00:54

Well, it’s just a way for Chicago, and he’s wintered I noticed me? You see I you know, like, it’s nice to be a bear. And especially, I mean, their tradition, all that stuff. You guys want some last year law some this year? And you know, you’re in a league long enough. I mean, and ravens are seven to nine this year. I mean, you know, everybody knows where to best franchise, you know?

Brian Urlacher  01:12

We’re gonna have those seasons. But right now, it’s like, I think it was two degrees this morning. So I’m ideally at six in the morning. It’s cold up there. Tell everybody

Nestor Aparicio  01:19

what it’s been like for you to come off a great year to be had the expectations be so high? Because I mean, for the Ravens when we won the Super Bowl in the next year, the expectations were incredible. We made the playoffs. And last but I mean, for the Ravens fans this year, we were talking about losing and we asked him what would it be like to be a Bears fan or rams fan or even a Steelers when they got off on the wrong foot? I mean, it’s tough. And you guys played every game basically on the road this year?

Brian Urlacher  01:42

Yeah, you know, we played the champagne, but we thought this year was gonna go football. You know, we loaded up I think we signed it. We resigned everybody that we thought we need to come back and just didn’t work out. Obviously, we had a bunch of guys are, which was definitely no excuse. But we just we didn’t play good. We lost a bunch of games in the fourth quarter. And we traveled champagne every weekend. Or when we had a we had a home game. We were down there. But that really wasn’t it when the fans came and watched us play, which is all you can ask for. But we just didn’t play well. We did it to ourselves

Nestor Aparicio  02:09

expectations for next year. I mean, you were asking me off the air. Hey, what happened to Ray and I could say what happened to Ted, you know, and when Ted got hurt, it looked like a different team. And we’re lucky I’m gonna be able to talk to Ted a few weeks. He’s coming into Baltimore for the black Courage Award. You know, and that’s not an award you want to win because it means you got hurts, right. And but but Ted’s coming in. I’m sure we’ll have a chance to talk to him more about it in March. But from your perspective, it’s a different defense when that happens.

Brian Urlacher  02:34

Yeah, I mean, it was played behind him knows he’s I think he’s the best tackle in the league runs top and he just takes up two or three guys every play and and obviously, you’re gonna like to ask the middle linebacker for your chance to run in unknown blocks, you’re gonna make a bunch of plays. And it’s weird because it’s had more tackles I’ve had in my whole career, I think because most of them were downfield. But a bunch of last game was most of them were downfield. But

Nestor Aparicio  02:54

when you’re lying back and you look at the back of guys jerseys, you know, that’s

Brian Urlacher  02:58

good, but uh, you know, we had a bunch of guys step up and do a good job, but there’s no there’s no Ted’s in the league. And Ted is the man he gets the job done when he’s on there

Nestor Aparicio  03:05

when you look back on the season and see the things that went wrong in the last opportunity and every year you feel like this is your only shot or the one shot and I know you’re still a young guy two three years into the league but when you look forward for next year, what do you think from your perspective how the team’s gonna get better? I mean, I think you saw glaring weaknesses throughout the course of the season and really kind of up and down play one week you go out you guys have played some great football Yeah, and another week you look like a different football

Brian Urlacher  03:29

terrible Yeah, we I think the main thing we got to do is just we’re gonna get everyone healthy for the main thing and camp is gonna be fun because we got so many guys played this year so many young guys there’s gonna be a lot of good battles for jobs next year. And that’s gonna be exciting they’re in camp but we just got to you know, figure out we’re doing a quarterback we got a bunch of moves we’re gonna make you know the GM is gonna make a bunch of moves and see what we could keep a quarterback and who they’re gonna release and just you know that you know, stuff works but you know, there’s players just go out there and hope you have the best players available.

Nestor Aparicio  03:55

Well, I’m gonna talk to you mom, you’ll avoid for me now. Hey, tell me about the whole like this Brian call you and say, Hey, Mom, I got this soup thing we’re gonna do me how does this work? When’s the first time because I mean, I’m sure before he was in the league. You were watching the you know, Terrell Davis. I mean, it’s become a very famous ad campaign


right now actually chunky, chunky soup. Campbell soup called me and wanted to do an interview with me so they flew down to my hometown and interviewed me and a couple days later they called and asked if I wanted to do the commercial we

Nestor Aparicio  04:25

probably just want make sure she was good luck. Make sure she was fit for the complete sentences Yeah, that’s alright man. Mom’s take care of herself. But for now I’m not gonna hit on her lacquers mom give me a meat bone over the head. So but when you got involved with this thing, I mean fun for you. I mean, your little piece of started watching the boy play on TV and all that it was


it was fun. I mean, I had a great time we spent some time Brian I did together in New York and with of course everybody and but it was nice. Just not only the stardom, so to speak. I enjoyed doing it. I really enjoyed doing it

Nestor Aparicio  05:00

well I meet a lot of the players mothers you know after the game and whatnot with the ravens and it’s always fascinating to see the support group that goes on behind the players because I mean players have good What if they have a good wife that helps you have good parents that helps you know immensely as well. And I think all that sort of thing comes out and different kinds of backgrounds from you and I like a lot of guys that are in New Mexico dudes in the league. Am I correct saying oh, there’s a

Brian Urlacher  05:23

few. I think there’s four of us right now in the league plan.

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

When you think of Florida you think of you know, south or Southern California you think in more NFL players Yeah, not everybody in your neighborhood grew up thinking they were gonna get to the NFL Yeah,

Brian Urlacher  05:36

we just want to get played like if a high school bother you know, it’s it’s different out there a different frame of mind because just football is not real big out there. And hopefully we’ll college one day and play but

Nestor Aparicio  05:45

he’s big. I’ve never been it’s one of the few states oil oil was

Brian Urlacher  05:49

huge out there. That’s what I mean. My dad worked in the oil fields growing up that’s really all there is to do. We were I mean we grew up in the southern part of the state and up north you know, it’s more industrial stuff Idaho I grew up was just oil that’s all they did was working in oil fields and and that was it. That’s all I did in the summertime. We’re gonna feel that was it?

Nestor Aparicio  06:05

Well, I guess it made you big and strong. Yeah.

Brian Urlacher  06:10

drilled out immensely. Let me tell you, man, that stuff helped me.

Nestor Aparicio  06:13

Last thought for the game this week and see in this matchup, I’ve talked a lot of players coaches. I’m not gonna watch Super Bowl but you know, I am I’m not playing and I don’t want to be a part of it for you. You’re here. You’re part of the festivities, some thoughts about the game and these two teams coming together?

Brian Urlacher  06:26

It’s an interesting matchup with Oakland’s offense and Tampa’s defense. I think we all know how good both of them are. But I don’t see I don’t see Oakland being stopped. I mean, I picked it. I picked the jets to beat him. I pick Tennessee to beat him so I’m probably gonna pick them to win the last two weeks I picked the teams that have lost so I’m gonna pick up Oregon this time. I think they’re gonna get it done. You know, I know tamp as a great defense but opens defense playing good right now too. And we all know Trump as defensive or offensive in that great, so I think it was gonna pull it off

Nestor Aparicio  06:51

who you were Fana when you’re growing up.

Brian Urlacher  06:54

I grew up and that was cowboys. I grew up I grew up in New Mexico and we were like five hours from Dallas. I obviously was a Cowboys fan didn’t have a choice. Well, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

been very nice getting to know you, mom. My pleasure. And we’ll be on lookout for the Chucky favorite soup. We got it. You got one.

Brian Urlacher  07:07

I’m supposed to say chicken and and garlic herbs and stuff like that. But I like chicken and stars. All right. Yeah. I got a chunky soup. And so it’s just a regular Campbell’s Soup by like,

Nestor Aparicio  07:17

but you look like a chunky monkey. Yeah. All right. Good seeing you all. Thanks for stopping by lavota and Brian Urlacher will get a little photo I was about to take a break for 115 Senator take some phone calls drone badassery by momentarily we continue on the Budweiser sports forum Live from San Diego

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