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Evander Holyfield and Deontay Wilder collide with Nestor on Radio Row in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII

The heavyweight boxing champions chatted with Nestor ahead of Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


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Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WNS G Towson Baltimore and wn s We’re live on radio row all of it brought to you by our friends in like retail Sports Medicine Institute and Foundry row in Owings Mills we talk more with the talks next week as well as our friends at Royal farms and I’m I’m out of coffee but I’m fully caffeinated because I need that for a guy like this see? heavyweight champion of the world. We welcome Deontay Wilder back on did you come out of your shell man remember a couple years ago we didn’t have all this going on.



Everywhere I’m getting I’m getting a lot of I remember a couple of years ago stories.

Nestor Aparicio  00:37

I mean, you came as a younger guy. You’re more comfortable doing this a few years ago


Yeah, most definitely definitely had a lot of practice from from over the years I enjoy hitting the back in the day stories because they allow me to let me know how far I’ve came I’ve came a long way you know my grind my my my hustle you know everything about me you know just not giving up just deal speaking things in existence and believing that it’s gonna happen and I’m receiving it all you know, woken up my manifestation right now. So man, I’m blessed

Nestor Aparicio  01:15


man. He says like you do some mental clarity work here, man. You you meditate, you do yoga, what do you do? Man, you’re


doing a meditation. You know, I always use visualization with meditation. You know, meditation definitely is a form of relieving stress. Making yourself calm relax, you know, is a visit reverie pleasant thing that I used

Nestor Aparicio  01:35

to discover that who turned you on. Because I mean, that’s the point my life to where relaxing and being focused on what you want to do, in any line of work in any line of whatever you do is important. You


go that’s the key point. Any line of work, you don’t necessarily have to be one specific strategy. Exactly. And I got introduced into it in 2007 2007 two that were today.


Nestor Aparicio  01:56

And how I’m 33 So how were you that you were 2021 years old? Yeah.


What? 22 So what happened? And 20 Yeah, somewhere up in there. And up doing during the Olympics time? Okay. All right. So we had a one a woman, I forgot what her title was. But um, she introduced us and she made us lay on a mat. And she was telling us about meditation and getting our mind right do visualization, visualizing ourselves, you know, running a course doing something just like boxing, you know, visualize ourself being successful, seen, you know, understanding everything we need to do to get into a competence dimension. And, you know, I took it very seriously. A lot of the guys probably, you know, brushed it off, you know, meditating, it’s new,

Nestor Aparicio  02:42

where, you know, first off, you’re trying to evaluate it, see whether it’s for you, whether you’re comfortable doing it and what the value would be of it right? And once you find value in anything, right, hey, you’re a fool not to go back to it.



You go there you go in. And I’m one of those guys that wasn’t a fool. To this day, and it helped me out it It happened to me helped me out. Not only just in my career, but also in life everyday life you know, what’s next fight for you, man. That’s why for me it looked like we’re gonna be late April early May. Having a rematch with fury. It was amazing fight the first time we’re gonna come back and do it again. The Secretary I don’t believe in no ties. You know, I read a receive a last draw. You know, in this sport, this is a gladiator sport. And we got a lot of pride in what we do. And it can’t be no drawers around here. You know, it’s just like the wild wild west we draw it. Somebody’s got to go somebody Oh has to go.

Nestor Aparicio  03:38

Give me your training regimen now as a 33 year old, that would be different than maybe when I met you 567 years ago.


Man, you know, I’m sure people are coming at you with all

Nestor Aparicio  03:49

sorts of milkshakes and this technique and these gloves and that gloves, these shoes and you know do did jump rope and they’re bringing your rocky techniques that you attended for boxers they everybody would have a different way I work out at night I work out in the morning so for you what what does your life look like now what’s the best way for you



once I’m once I’m in camp, you know we doing we got to get out I hate getting up in the mornings and once you hate it and that’s why I say you know in this sport is about blood sweat and tears you have to sacrifice a lot What do you

Nestor Aparicio  04:25

create your schedule or to somebody say you’re getting out of bed at six o’clock in the morning if you me?


Well they give me options. I don’t have no choice but to get up in the morning so they give me options of time I like alright so I picked different options of time. Sometimes we can go with seven in the morning sometimes we can go at nine you know so I always choose to nine give me 30 more minutes and then go not have 30 So we get up you know in the morning as always straightening condition and corner you always weld and you know after that getting something you know when of course you wake up, get some in the body, you know, get it going, you know some type of breakfast or something like that. I’m so because I wasn’t a person that’s what do you eat the mornings? I like waffles and sauces. You know, sometime sometime, biscuits dipped in honey,

Nestor Aparicio  05:08


you don’t need a heavyweight champion. Eat like that. Proteins man, you


know, we had a proteins, we had the shakes and stuff like that. You see what Tom Brady

Nestor Aparicio  05:17

does, um to TB 12? Have you studied that a little? That’s incorrect. I mean, I’ve looked it up because I do yoga. And, you know, I tried to stay on 50 I tried to get in good shape, you know, and eat right and all that. But so I’m always looking for not an edge because I’m going to be the heavyweight champion. But but just and I discovered like oats in the morning fresh berries in the morning. That’s how the last 10 years it’s managed to get my metabolism. And so


the oatmeal. Oatmeal is great. But I love oatmeal.


Nestor Aparicio  05:45

Great. He talks about playability. You said to not get injured. Yes. Whatever the hell he’s doing. We’ve got to pay attention to it. Right. I mean, literally all the Super Bowls. I mean, this guy’s Yeah, my premium athlete here, I look up, I keeps looking at Tom Brady. But But what he’s done is taken a whole different level of science to this as a quarterback.


Yeah, you know, but you know, through time and through age, you know, the older you get, the more you try to, you know, break the body down and relaxing and try to understand what I need to put in my body, you know, because the older your body become, the slower it starts to be able to produce certain things. And it just like with the healing process, your body is not going to heal as fast as it did, maybe 10 years ago, or 20 years ago when you were younger. But it’s you know, when you get older, you need certain things you need to exercise

Nestor Aparicio  06:35

you get older when you get older. What as you get older,



you need it when you get older, you know, you start worrying about more about to help you need you eat healthier, you know you start doing things that give you a healthier lifestyle and stuff like that. Now when we go on you know it quickly with peace and Pepsi and get away with it, you know, but it can’t I’m always doing the right things. I’m always staying dedicated to it. I’m always staying disciplined. And that’s why I’m always the more more athletic guy, more mobile, more hostile and have more energy. That’s why my power also carries on not only through the first, but through the 12th rounds. How would you do against this guy? We don’t know. You know, people are always people always asked it. You know, it was you know, Holyfield’s one of the best things that came up in his era and time, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  07:23

bam, his finest year. I love it. And I didn’t realize you both before and Alabama Vander Oldfield, welcome. Good to see you again. So I’ve been doing this 26 years. It’s simple. And this is truly thrilling for me when I found out that I could get the two of you together and put it together. First thing I think I said is, do they get along because I want to be in the middle of that. So you know, I would think


I love the man, you know, he came, he overcome so many velocity and his career, you know, they, they didn’t want to respect him as a champion, because my Tyson was the man that they that overshadowed everything, even when he lost and stuff and he came back and redeemed and says, always buy something about the southern boys, we always had to come and show our stuff show up, but not only show up and show out and he did that. And then he started getting respect. You know, I love that he’s from Alabama. And being from Alabama. Home is where the heart is, you know, although he can start his career in Alabama, we didn’t have no commission. And I made it my business to get that for that simple fact. I’m like, man, we have so many great talents and we have so many people that can do so many great things. Let me get the commission here. So So you know, we won’t have to travel these everybody can afford to trip just get up and travel like that. And you know, that was a big inspiration for me to get this community product not only myself not only vendor, but Joe Lewis and Ernie shade was from Alabama as well too. Some people don’t even know that

Nestor Aparicio  08:48

even Barkley although he fights. How are you?



I’m great. I’m great.

Nestor Aparicio  08:53

Well, what are you doing here other than hometown ambassador, I think of Atlanta, thank you and the real deal.


I’m here with the certifying beef. So

Nestor Aparicio  09:03


bring me some food. You know, I’ve seen these guys all morning. He and I were just talking about diet literally when you walked up. I said to him, we use your diet, different 33 whatnot. And we got chefs walking around here at 10 o’clock in the morning, giving us beef jerky. Beef jerky, I’m not sure how you know Jeff I’m great.


Protein Protein packed I’m sure is what they’re doing. This is the week about bringing the best of the game and these guys are the best in the ring and and that’s what certified Angus beef brings is the best of the Angus

Nestor Aparicio  09:29

breed well I am guilty as charged. I had certified Angus beef last night here in Atlanta, Georgia. So every day I begin here with grits every day ends with either bread pudding, banana pudding, pizza you gotta get out of here you can’t stay. Now your boys playing as well. I want you to talk about football and be both you guys love football. I see Deonte here every year I’ve had you on in previous years. You were going to Super Bowl as a fan you said my section and many, many years ago but you love for The ball and


yes I do and your children. I played football I played football. I’m just a late bloomer. So when I graduated high school I weigh 147 pounds by five, nine. I was a late bloomer. My son wasn’t though. He was huge when he graduated. He he weighed too damn when he got to high school,



what position they play, they run it by running bar nice.

Nestor Aparicio  10:25

See people see him and he’s six foot seven walking through here. They think you’re LeBron like they you walk through. They think you’re a basketball player. I mean, fighting the guy in his sight. It’s a whole different thing fight.


Because you know what they they got more leverage and all that and it ain’t good to say they got the advantage because it’s something you could do they can do. Why they could do something that you can do is who fight the game. Well, I don’t remember

Nestor Aparicio  10:49


every time one of your fights come on, they put the tail of the tape the reach, you will always have to reach out the water Evander Holyfield here. We’re doing beef jerky, we’re doing we’re doing the champ. We got two fighters here from Alabama. But also, two guys were red, white and blue. I did a little research because I knew I’d have you guys over both of you fought the United States of America Most


definitely. You know, it was definitely a precious moment in my time. You know, I was just excited just to make the team, you know, coming from where I came from making the Olympic team and a year and a half. You know, they always say I came out of nowhere because my name wasn’t on the list. When they had that list for the Americans who they wanted to represent. Deontay Wilder was four and beyond that lift, you know, you had

Nestor Aparicio  11:31

a whole different trip back in the day 80 and 84. And what have you,


because you know, pretty much I when the guy that’s supposed to make the Olympic team either, but that what they said.


Nestor Aparicio  11:43

Sugar Ray told me that job. I mean, everybody felt like an underdog to make that team.


So that was the biggest highlight of my career, making the Olympic team because when they said it represented the Olympic team. They say, Atlanta, Georgia. Oh, I was happy because we’re Matt was a Reina amateur World Champion had just knocked out the Cuban that just knocked out the Russian. So I will say I thought he was the guy that’s gonna go, but I had to beat him two times in a row and beat on the sand and then I beat him on a Sunday.

Nestor Aparicio  12:20

You guys being from this part of the world have a Super Bowl in Atlanta. I think you were with us in 99. I know. I met Muhammad Ali. And there was a fight going on. I might have been involving you. But i Li sat in the media center. The only time I ever met him was in Atlanta over at the high end right here downtown and the whole media gathered that week to watch Ali watch a fight in the media center says so I when I think of Atlanta I think I’ll Lee lighten the torch. I think of you I mean the Super Bowl being here though. It stopped the city right? I mean, this is a big deal down here only once a generation right



the thing is, is that we got to we got a new stadium. Everybody gonna get a chance to see that. See the game good. Because you got to look up and see the screen. Yeah, but you’re watching Olympic game you look back up and see and you see everything close to clear. Not a bad spot.

Nestor Aparicio  13:17

Chef thanks for coming by. Evander always a pleasure to see you. Over the decades this guy. I was out covering some fights in Vegas. This guy has been everywhere, man. I mean, real ambassador for your sport.


Oh, most definitely. And he’s keeping strong you know, good mentor.

Nestor Aparicio  13:32

Deonte always good man. Thanks for making time for us and Deontay Wilder Evander Holyfield. The chef is here as well. The beef steak strips. They’re leaving us behind. Right Jeff? All right, making sure here we’re live on radio row was brought to you by our friends in life for gel Sports Medicine Institute and Foundry row in Owings Mills on Nesta. We are wn St. dotnet am 1570 and wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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