Mike Ditka looking back on Hall of Fame success: “I’ve had the greatest life in the world”

Mike Ditka Super Bowl Houston Radio Row 2004
Mike Ditka Super Bowl Houston Radio Row 2004
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The legendary coach chatted with Nestor on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston.


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Mike Ditka, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. That’s legendary chats in my time with this guy is a legend in Chicago. Dallas, my dad love this guy. I did a TV show with Buddy Ryan and Buddy Ryan work with this guy famously back with the Super Bowl bears. Mike Ditka did some radio with me maybe a handful of times over the years. This was one time he actually sat down and talked to me. I had just gotten married. It was January of 2004. We were in Houston, Texas, at the Super Bowl, and he sat down to promote a stimulating male enhancement drug and, and assured me that I didn’t need it. Mike Ditka from the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas, in 2004. Homer live in Houston. It’s all brought to you by Toyota Super Bowl 38. We’re rocking through and we got the coach and coach Ditka Welcome. Welcome. How are you?

Mike Ditka  01:06

I’m doing good. I’m great.

Nestor Aparicio  01:08

You’re over with Mike north in Chicago. That’s good company. Well, maybe

Mike Ditka  01:11

not my way, way way. Maybe Mike Norris with me and Chicago. is big in Chicago, blaming him and Doug do a great show. And actually, during the football season, we worked together because we do it out of my restaurant.

Nestor Aparicio  01:25

You know, I’ve been at your place out there. And I mean, that’s good stuff. When you keep that carry carries. That’s gonna have 100 years. They’re gonna have Harry Kerry’s in Chicago, right? He’s gone. Yeah, but

Mike Ditka  01:33

he can’t greet anybody at the door. I can. How often? I’m there every night. I’m in town.

Nestor Aparicio  01:38

Really? mixing drinks right now. No, no, no,

Mike Ditka  01:40

no, no, I just meet people talk to him. Say hello, checkout, if everything’s going right and stuff like I don’t know. And I sign a lot autographs and I look man,

Nestor Aparicio  01:48

I brought my beautiful wife down this year. All right. Yeah. And you’re promoting Levitra now, and I just want to say this all right. I’ve used a certain blue pill. Yeah, the competitors pill now. I honestly got I was once man to man here. I’ve used it for some enhancement purposes. And it let me just say it works. It puts led to pencil. All right. I’m trying to figure out why.

Mike Ditka  02:08

We’re letting the pencil put that makes the pencil hard.

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

That too now. Okay. So but what I’m saying here is why do I change now that I’m using a product that works? Okay, Viagra has worked for me in the past. I’m not a spokesman anyway, to move to gay. That’s the one thing I’m saying because why?

Mike Ditka  02:26

All right, this is this is Viagra comes in 2550 100. Okay, this comes in 510 and 20. So you say, Well, how can it be as much more concentrated, gets into your system faster, works faster, it’s stronger. And that’s it, period. Now, there’s no side effects from this. It works with reasonable amount of alcohol and the other one will not work with that. So I can’t talk against swagger. I’ve used swagger. I just said that I’ve started using Levitra. I’ve been using it now. For quite a while. It works great for me, really. I have no problems with it. Now. Somebody’s going to come out and say well, what about Cialis? That’s a new one. Okay, there’s another one. So I mean, whatever works for people I’m not trying to you know, if you’re happy with what’s working for you, and but you shouldn’t need anything that first of all, you’re too young to need any coach, you don’t have anyone you’re right now. I do. I do. But I don’t want to pass them around. You guys. You might get in trouble. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  03:20

For you’ve had a wonderful life. I mean, haven’t you really I mean, football player. I’ve

Mike Ditka  03:24

had the greatest life in the world. I mean, when I look at the lettuces here, and it’s looking at the front of a car.

Nestor Aparicio  03:32

Oh man, look at yours. That’s my

Mike Ditka  03:34

mind is just classic. That is beautiful. But that looks like

Nestor Aparicio  03:37

yours. They gave mine away. That’s pretty narrative book on the Ravens after the Superbowl year, three years ago. Yeah, absolutely. A lot of fun. And they were like winning,

Mike Ditka  03:45

but they were a good team. And it made it a great defense. It was fun to watch and play reminded me of watching I did a TV

Nestor Aparicio  03:49


show with Buddy Ryan for a year and I enjoyed his car he liked me and we just got on good and his boy Rex is with with the ravens and we just have a good time. I know the whole thing that storybook year and all that stuff for any bears, man, it’s special. But all those relationships you build 20 years later and the legend of Walter even though he’s gone. That’s just every time in Chicago, they still talk about

Mike Ditka  04:12

it. It hasn’t happened since it may not happen for a long time. Hopefully Lovie Smith can change that he’s a good coach. And if the general manager gives him some help and get some some players and they got a chance to make it better,

Nestor Aparicio  04:24

the homeless problem boy, Mike Nolan out there from Baltimore. They try I mean, I don’t know what Angelo did, but it just didn’t work. And let me be great.

Mike Ditka  04:30

He lowball them. That’s what he did. It’s what he did today, right? We low balled everybody. I mean, let’s face it, he lowball Nick Saban. So I mean, if you’re gonna make up your mind and your general manager, you want to hire somebody, hire, hire him pay what it takes. If he’s the guy you want, let nothing deter you, Washington want to Gibbs. They paid and that’s what’s going to happen. If you want a coach and you go, you go get the guy you want. You don’t say well, I’m going to take the third or fourth choice, but they don’t do that up there because they don’t use common Since

Nestor Aparicio  05:00

I will go back to your life from it you play you Hall of Fame you coach you when you smoke cigars you drink beer Saturday Night Live. There’s 10 years worth of skits on you. Now you’re the spokesperson for Levine. You’ve always had a sense of humor from the dress on the front with Ricky Williams and all the Ricky invites you his party last night. I saw he’s having a party last night.

Mike Ditka  05:18

No, no, I don’t do parties anymore party. Still on my Levitra milk and cookies. I may see Ricky in Vegas. I am going out to Las Vegas to do a party for Caesars and he came out last year so I get to see him once in a while. Hey, I really appreciate just a couple minutes to visit with you have a look guys are great you guys and I appreciate very much that look check them out. It’ll be in the mail. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  05:40

Levitra There It Is he gonna try to convert me. He’s moving me off, man. We’ll sit down. We’ll take a break the one and only coach Ditka is here with us. We’ll take a break. Budweiser sports forum live in Houston. It’s all brought to you by our good friends at Toyota stick around balding is going to join us next I promise

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