Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher talks defensive greatness in Chicago and Baltimore

The Bears great chatted with Nestor on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego.

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss why Baltimore deserves nice things

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss why Baltimore deserves nice things

Why Baltimore deserves nice things

With a new Arena coming and cranes in the sky in Port Covington and a new golf track running next to the freeway downtown, Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss why so many outside businesses and people and investors still believe in the Baltimore that we do.

Pat Borzi discusses the long sportswriter life to Minnesota and Vikings football

Pat Borzi discusses the long sportswriter life to Minnesota and Vikings football

Minnesota nice and the world of sport from an import

Pat Borzi, author of Minnesota Made Me and contributing writer to MinnPost and New York Times Sports, discusses the long sportswriter life to Minnesota and Vikings football.

EPISODE 244: Ware says Klobuchar campaign taught lessons in Midwestern politics during Presidential race

A Baltimorean gives an insider's perspective of an ambitious run at the White House
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Latest News

Clowney’s surprising season paying off in big way for Ravens

"There’s nobody in this building probably except Lamar Jackson who’s had as much pressure as Jadeveon Clowney."

Let’s talk facts about Orioles and the MSA Memorandum of Understanding

Former Maryland Stadium Authority chairman Tom Kelso returns to answer more of Nestor's very serious questions about the Baltimore Orioles lease, the "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) and what happens to Steve Bisciotti and the Ravens if Governor Wes Moore promises all of The Warehouse and Camden Yards land and power to the Angelos family.

What does John Angelos really want – and what is Maryland willing to give him?

With the stadium lease drama about to go into extra innings in Annapolis and the typical Angelos family stall rolling on for baseball fans, longtime Baltimore journalist, author and Orioles historian John Eisenberg discusses the history of the franchise, the city and the downtown landscape he found four decades ago when he joined The Sun as a sportswriter and columnist.

The Pappas crab cake story from Parkville to wherever you are for the holidays

As the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery, Window Nation and Jiffy Lube takes us throughout the community to tell the best Baltimore Positive stories and Weis conversations, there are none better than the crab cake tales of family lore and secret recipes kept for three generations. Let Steve Pappas tell you the 50-year history history of his family crab cake and Parkville legacy.

Offseason magic with Home Run Riches winners during the holidays

Every Orioles fan remembers Barbara Phelps-Anderson, who hit it big in the 50th Anniversary of the Maryland Lottery celebration when Ryan Mountcastle hit the 50th home run in a memorable Baltimore baseball summer. Nestor caught up with the huge Birds fans down in Sunnyside to relive the magic moment and talk offseason Orioles baseball.

Rumbling the 80s back to the Recher on December 2nd with Tommy Conwell

Legendary Philadelphia blues rockers Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers return to the Baltimore area for the first time in two decades and Nestor asks why it's still fun to put the band back together almost four decades after the Hammerjacks magic of "I'm Not Your Man."

When will Orioles make some offseason moves and news to improve?

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss what is next step for Orioles in an offseason of unlimited possibility – and no Camden Yards lease or Black Friday ticket deals for fans.

Ravens hope bye week helps lead to better Ronnie Stanley for stretch run

Baltimore needs a better version of the former Pro Bowl left tackle to maximize its Super Bowl potential.
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