Monday, December 5, 2022
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Mike Rosenfeld

Was it high time for Maryland to get legal?

Our chief digital doctor Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection joins Nestor in a discussion of how it felt in the ballot box back on Tuesday as new laws replace old belief systems in America. It only occurs when our votes change our municipalities and country.

Why Baltimore deserves nice things

With a new Arena coming and cranes in the sky in Port Covington and a new golf track running next to the freeway downtown, Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss why so many outside businesses and people and investors still believe in the Baltimore that we do.

Getting ready for a new downtown arena and entertainment venue in Baltimore

The former Baltimore Civic Center that became The Baltimore Arena that became First Mariner and then Royal Farms Arena changed names but never could shake its image or, simply, just what it was: an old building that was outdated the day it opened in 1961. That's about to change. Let our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld tell you what he learned recently on a trip to Austin, Texas.

A frank discussion about the night this website crashed under heavy traffic

Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection joins Nestor Aparicio to discuss the night a major announcement about his media pass with the Baltimore Ravens being rescinded crashed the Baltimore Positive website – and what happened next. A business and digital leadership course ensued. Out of disaster comes opportunity! (Oh, and you're gonna love the way this website looks next week...)

Looking to other American cities that are finding a better way

Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection and Nestor discuss what makes cities better and more attractive. After a recent business trip to Detroit with Baltimore leadership, an assessment of where we are and where we need to go.

The shadows of the dark web and terrorism in America

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss the connections of dark web to guns and mass murders in America

Who has the finger on the button of free speech at Twitter?

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor have a spirited debate on free speech, Twitter and corruption of news

Building a place like Baltimore Positive brick by brick

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor make a first pitch for the new Baltimore Positive growth team

The patience and trust of April for Ravens fans

Mike Rosenfeld joins Nestor to discuss spring purple football dreams and staying healthy

The long arm of the Russian troll farms in America

Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor discuss Russia and the troll farm mind crimes of the World Wide Web
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