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The civic fatigue of The Lamarathon


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Our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection joins Nestor to discuss the never-ending Lamarathon drama that has infiltrated all parts of local business conversation. The business of No. 8 has become everyone’s favorite topic.


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Mike Rosenfeld, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive, set your dial, put a little thing and am 1570 on your radio. I don’t say that often enough. The owner told me to say that that’s the good angel on this side. The the guy that pokes me on the other side, the devil in the relationship and making sure because the devils in the details, this guy joins us now he is our chief digital officer. The see do most people don’t know what that is, but he’s enlightened me. I use a web connection. Last time he was on here was educating me about chat GP T’s he does webinars that I slept through that he sent me a link to that can make you smarter that I want to be say, hey Siri, fix my calendar and have things work. My Siri just opened up


Mike Rosenfeld  00:45

dammit. That’s that’s how it goes. My watch. Sometimes I’m in meetings with clients and I ask it and it just starts interrupting and I just did it.

Nestor Aparicio  00:53

It interrupted my thing. I’ll never say that the S word again. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crabcake touring guys like Mike Rosenfeld who keep my website running, keep our business percolating. Guys like Linda Raskin with his crab mallet, and our friends at the window nature. We’re all gonna be gathering next week for the Maryland crab cake tour at costus. On Wednesday, from two to five and then on Friday, I’m gonna be fade these on Friday, Mike, maybe you could come down next Friday to fade these you’re cordially invited. But this is a momentous thing because we’re opening an arena. Everybody’s gonna be downtown opening day on Thursday. And then Bruce is Friday and then the Eagles are Saturday. i You’re a part of what I do because of Baltimore positive and, you know, you’d like my political campaigning and where I stand on trying to fix the city and stuff. I don’t know that that that that we’re all going to want fly the flag next week in that way. But this is a really beautiful thing for Baltimore next week in a lot of ways. And seeing John Mayer on the calendar and Anita Baker on the calendar, Janet Jackson on the calendar, Adam Sandler on the county these things that Bryan Adams, Joan Jett all playing see if you bank arena that I’m going to make the first trip down there but not the last next week. And I want to kick it off with the crabcake tour that morning to sort of celebrate Lexington market. And all that downtown’s trying to become trying to become

Mike Rosenfeld  02:13

any any improvement is improvement. And I think we talked in the past about my getting a sneak peek at what the arena new arena is going to be forgetting about all the talent or bring in just the physical changes inside and us having a big boy Arena in our city, which I feel like we deserve. And they did promise that they would have artists that never would have considered coming to Baltimore and skipping over. And they’re delivering and I’m really, really pleased about that. That’s for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  02:46


Um, you know, for you this time of year, it’s opening day, right? It’s March Madness. It’s springtime. It’s playing a summer vacation. It’s work hard. A lot of people work. I mean, I’m working really hard right now. I mean, like I took a little time in February when the Super Bowl didn’t happen. And you know, did the radio row thing and I do that every year that’s when I’ve gone Australia and gotten away from the weather a lot of people do that. But we’re starting to focus in on things and on sports. It’s amazing to me I’ve run a sports company for 31 years as you’re well aware being a listener for a long time. And sports feels relevant again in a different kind of way. I’ve been networking again shaving although I didn’t shave for this segment. I shave twice last week smelled nice that I got my hair cut the whole deal. And I went out and everywhere I was and I guess part of this speaks to me doing this for a living even though Chad still doesn’t respect that or understand that everywhere I go people come up to you want to talk about Lamar Jackson. And look I could talk to you I wanted to talk some chat Jeep GPT and some web issues and all that but like your kids, you you love sports and the occasional mobile wagering and this and baseball starting and you’re in the mindset, lacrosse people are everywhere in our community. But this Lamar Jackson thing, it it goes from the C chair all the way down as to what would I do? What’s gone wrong? What is he doing wrong? Well, you and I haven’t talked in a month. Where are you on the Lamar Jackson thing?

Mike Rosenfeld  04:11

Oh, where do I start? I have been kind of pondering this for a bit and I I’ll start with the thing that I think makes football from my perspective and I’m just an average fan. You know, how often do we say for baseball? Look at the division the Orioles are in the How are we supposed to compete with the spending of the Red Sox and the and the Yankees and and even the you know, the Blue Jays recently and how baseball is broken and all of that. And football, you know is the great equalizer where there’s a salary cap and you know I’m sure the football players in the Union doesn’t love it but but if you’re if your team is operates? Well, you should, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to be competitive, unlike baseball. So I kind of start there. And while I don’t believe the owners are colluding, I think that they are subconsciously making a stand that what the Haslams did with the Browns is, is an anomaly. And it’s going to screw a lot of these other teams. So, so my observation and this is no hit at you for what you do for a living because I respect having to fill content and having to engage your audience. But I’ve been watching a lot of people’s feelings on TV and radio about the Lamar situation. And I keep coming back to no one knows for sure what he’s been offered, what he hasn’t been offered, what exactly he wants, what he’ll accept. So when I hear and it’s interesting, if you tell me if you disagree, if you listen to player, players, X players that are on these, these programs, they’re on the MAR side, because they have a bias, and they were players and, and the owners are only out for the owners and the players are only out for the players, I find the journalists to be open to the Ravens perspective. And, and you know, the Mark has been hurt, and he wants a guaranteed deal. And only the Browns have given such a crazy deal. So with all that said, I feel I feel a bit bad for Lamar, because for whatever reason, in his life experience, he does not have the trust to hire an agent. I think it is, if you look at the percentage points that you’d have to pay to a professional to manage this situation. I strongly believe if it’s five or $16 million, that he’d had to give up that over his career, an agent would by far get him more than the cost of having the agent and the points there. So I feel like he’s immature. Not overly immature. He’s 24 years old. So he is mature as a 20 or 26 year old. Should be I don’t know his

Nestor Aparicio  07:35

is he? I don’t think he’s normal. I think he’s been coddled, I think having mama be the agent and I I’m I’m past the point of giving him the benefit of the doubt. And I’ve seen his tweets and I can’t believe he got it. He got a degree at Louisville. I mean, they gave they gave him a statute level at a college. And I’ve seen I I’ve seen enough, I’ve seen enough to know that this is not manageable for Steve Ashati. It’s not manageable for John Harbaugh. Now, whether they manage it and he comes back and plays football 90 days from now, I’ve been saying for the last 90 days at full throat, that this is a tough situation and the welcoming him back part. And the part where he’s gonna get paid more than anybody’s going to pay him and that he’s going to be the prettiest girl with the ball in the offseason when he hasn’t played in the postseason. All the knocks are legitimate. But I think the talk about not having an agent and not trusting people. That’s uh, I mean, come on, man. I’m from Dundalk. I’ve had trust issues. I had alcoholic parents, you know what I mean, I was adopted, I lost the finger. We all have excuses in life about things that happen that push us on a path. And, you know, my wife will tell you I have trust issues with some people. But at some point, you have to trust somebody,

Mike Rosenfeld  08:52

let’s Yeah, well, this is a this is an I love this stuff. This is just a friendly debate. Because sometimes I have these discussions, I can argue both sides of it. But but if you follow sports, and you follow football, Lamar can’t be the only person who’s had trust issues and, and have, you know, issues like that. And I guess what I was saying is, for whatever reason, he’s made a decision to not have an agent and, you know, I look at my my kids and I, you know, look at, you know, lesser talents who have endorsement deals and things like that, and that just can’t help them. So I think the point remains that he’s made a the first bad decision he’s made is not having an agent. And if and if you do the percentages of even if he got the $250 million deal, and you do the 5% Maybe you’d have to he’d negotiate. I mean it


Nestor Aparicio  09:52

but but he’s gotten zero and endorsement money in five years, that I’m with you. I’m arguing he was sat with 10 agents 10 years ago and had any level of sophistication at all, that one of this group of people could have been trustworthy enough to put a portfolio in front of him and say, let me show you what I did for Brett Farve what I did for Warren Moon what I’ve done for Colin Kaepernick what I did for Pitt pick anybody pick any agent you want, but pick somebody that’s legal knows the rules. But more than that, this is where I would be a grown up to him and say, Listen, I just had my house redone last year, right? I had the trust that the plumber did the plumbing. I had the trust that the electrician and the lights that work here, Jr, who does everything around here with the tower and makes the radio station work. I just have to trust that he knows what the hell he’s doing. And I don’t go behind him in every way and say, why is that? Why are there why is that thing there? I have to trust you with my website, you and Jessica valus. And like and that the internet, God’s will God’s will instead of goblins will not eat my website. So we trust we trust every time we get on a blacktop that the other guy’s not going to cross the line, right? This is if he’s truly sophisticated about money and wants to be Jay Z and wants to be a billionaire. All of those guys have financial representatives, and any one of those people would tell him you don’t know enough to do this, you’re never going to be a brain surgeon. So hire one, you’re never going to be an accountant. So hire one, you’re never going to be a car mechanic. So hire one, you’re never going to be a Chief Digital Officer. So hire one. So at the end of the day, do your rich kid now that you’re about to get drafted your you can afford it. Your reason you can afford it is because five years from now you won’t look up on your ledger and show what I tweeted out, which is Josh Allen’s made $60 million more than you five years later. And that doesn’t even include how many buffalo wing ads. He got up in Buffalo and car dealerships. And I saw him on he’s on every billboard and a buffalo airport, literally, he’s getting 50 grand from all those places at least right? You know, so he’s the Justin Tucker of, you know, and I, I’m amazed at how unsophisticated all of this has been. But I’m also amazed that he is he putting himself out on Twitter, embarrassing himself, the thing that he did to horrible Monday, Mike, I really don’t know how how horrible comes back from that. And I was locked out. I have been the guy sitting next to horrible the last 18 years before that billet for five years. Right. So I’ve been going to that event for 20 years. Yeah, I’ve only missed it for the plague and my wife’s cancer. I’ve missed it twice in 20 years. And to see Harbaugh get hijacked like that, and not. And it really embarrass himself in front of the national media by not having the truth. The truth is the kid wants out, he asked out, this is his way of negotiating or his aggressive way of getting out. I think, I think they’re done with him and Owings Mills. I think they’ve been done with him for a long time. That’s my opinion. I don’t know that to be factual. But I think that

Mike Rosenfeld  12:59

well, so let’s put the Lemoore agent thing aside, because we’re in agreement. It’s a critical error on his part. So let’s put that away.

Nestor Aparicio  13:09

Yeah. If he had an agent, I played that role with Chad, we sling and I mean, we go down that if he had an agent, he’d be signed, and he’d be on a beach with his girlfriend, and be back practicing. And he’d have $80 million in the bank right now instead of 30.

Mike Rosenfeld  13:24


And if you had an agent, I believe he’d be with the Ravens.

Nestor Aparicio  13:28

Oh, no question, no debt. But you know, what, if he had an age at the beginning, he wouldn’t have been with the ravens, because he would have been drafted higher.

Mike Rosenfeld  13:34

So so so how about that? Right. I

Nestor Aparicio  13:37

believe that muscle.


Mike Rosenfeld  13:39

Right. So so let’s let’s now, look at the Ravens side of this. You know, I hear no envy on I hear people say no, no player after their end and MVP season, which was a second year. So that’s not typical. To give an extension after the second year, maybe after the third year. That’s the Ravens fault, because they didn’t sign him and lock him up then. And in fairness, to that argument, his third after his third year was before the Shawn God his craziness deal. But we don’t know what the Ravens offered him then, and Lamar was representing himself and may have had unrealistic expectations. My opinion is I look maybe it’s because I’m a business owner. I’m on the side of the owners. Only because I don’t want football to become the NBA or MLB, where the wealthiest of the wealthy are the team owners or the teams that typically are going to put themselves in a position to win. I also don’t know and you can help me here you follow this better than I do. Tell me the last team that had a quarterback that had 25% or whatever percent of the salary cap that was able to win the Super Bowl with the remaining meaning money they have to try to fill the rest of the roster. Well, I’ll

Nestor Aparicio  15:03

give you Tom Brady. Okay, let’s start with Tom Brady who’s won all these Super Bowls and you’d say, well, how did they do that with him to cap number first off, the Patriots lie and cheat. So there’s no question in my mind that Bob Kraft couldn’t get $5 million to Gillette that does a $5 million endorsement deal with Tom Brady. And that I think it was probably Hokey Pokey there. I think they’re serial cheaters, serial liars. I you know, I mean, I think they’re true integrity issues there. And I think they that they found ways to circumvent it. But on the record on the record, Tom Brady would give money back every year, and his agent would give money back so that his linemen could get paid so he can be protected so they could bring Randy Moss in so they could keep Tedy Bruschi around so they can hire Chad Brown to come in and play linebacker late and seasons, and that they could keep all of their star players around and they don’t have a lot of Hall of Famers for having won so many championships, right. They have a lot of Hall a really good players, Logan Mankins, you know, they had good player they had Joanne druzy. They had guys they had for years that they could pay those guys that they don’t disappear. And part of that was giving money back to take money to stick around. And Tom Brady essentially, I know he went to Tampa blah, but he might still play Miami for five more years. But he he was there a lifetime because he and his people and the Patriots figured it out. And I don’t know that they did it legally. I mean, I really don’t I think they’re cheaters. I think I think they found some way to you know, give Tom a little bit more a little juice, something something something something a private plane, something something something. I remember when I was he got bagged. You want a fun story, your story anymore in Super Bowl. The salary cap was kind of a new thing. At that time, 22 years ago. And when the Ravens won in Oakland, David Modell and the modell family gave every player like a bag. And in the bag was a video camera all the you know, it was a it was a thank you for getting our family to the Super Bowl bag. And it was gifts. And you know, it was a couple grand it wasn’t you know, it wasn’t 50 grand because they had Super Bowl shares coming you know, they win the Super Bowl, they all got $28,000 A guy or whatever, right for winning the Super Bowl. But this bag was worth five grand or whatever at the time, right. As he got bagged on the salary cap, because the guys were showing off that the team gave them something right. So Ozzie had to count that against the salary cap that that’s how punitive that that system was, at the time, right to say, we’re not going around the salary cap. But this is where Lamar and the quarterback, when you said I wonder the last time and I gave you Tom Brady, this is one of the problems with Lamar. If you get along with this money, and you call back next year and say, We need cap, Does he even have anybody to handle that business, and you really want to go to him to handle it. When he doesn’t mean he’s not sophisticated enough to have an agent to even handle because he shouldn’t be handling it. And everybody knows that now. And that’s if there’s one thing the Ravens fans have learned, this is not a good way for a superstar quarterback to conduct his business.

Mike Rosenfeld  18:13

The problem I have the problem, you know, Lamar will say that anyone who knows me knows that I go I go, you know, 100% I want to win a Super Bowl. But on the same token, I believe last year when he didn’t come back to play was a decision that he made without the benefit of an agent who’s who said, Look, your negotiations aren’t going really well with the Ravens teams are going to judge you and will always judge you but how often you are on the field didn’t

Nestor Aparicio  18:45


show up in Cincinnati to fly a towel. Right. And you had no intention of playing the following week in Buffalo. Right.

Mike Rosenfeld  18:53

And and that decision you know, Arthur Blank just said yesterday is on on on his mind. And of course Lamar claps back today which he’s getting

Nestor Aparicio  19:05

back all you want. I’m the billionaire. That’s right. No, you’re not getting my money. I don’t want you to be the face of my franchise and Deshaun Watson thank shame on Jimmy has let me just on a on every level Shame on him. But that now has become the bar and this awful human has become the bar and I don’t think Lamar is an awful human at all. No, neither

Mike Rosenfeld  19:25

do I and I don’t want to speak


Nestor Aparicio  19:27

I just think are is is is a man child and has been afforded that opportunity and now has $30 million and doesn’t need to listen to anybody. He’s been right all along because he’s got $30 million. And nobody ever told me was even gonna be a quarterback. You thought I wasn’t running back dude. He’s still stuck on all of that. Right? And it’s the crown that we saw and all of that. Just all of it to me has said to me that I’m shocked that John Harbaugh and Eric d’acosta and Steve Ashati. Really, really believe that He can come back and win a title for them at any cost at any price.

Mike Rosenfeld  20:04

Right? Well, I was gonna say, except for you when you said running back, except for the one team that traded up to get him in the first round, which is our team. And you know, you only have certain windows. I’m saddened to hear that Coleus Campbell is likely going to sign today with the Falcons. I mean, you wanted to win, by the way. Yeah, well, yes, it’s a crappy

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

division. But I mean, I thought he wanted to win a Super Bowl. Right? So So you want to win a Super Bowl sign somewhere where they have a quarterback?

Mike Rosenfeld  20:36


Well, if you want to win a Super Bowl, you play injured, Brock Purdy was had no arm. You know, in the playoffs, they had no other choice. And he stayed out there on the field and handed the ball off and tried. Tried to pass. I mean, you do what you got to do. And then you get the surgery. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  20:53

let me ask you a young man, if you’re my franchise, quarterback, and you’ve got 140 million of my money in the bank two years from now, and your knee hurts and it is what it is. Are you playing? Or am I said that Tyler Huntley out there more than that? Are you gonna get on the plane and show up Cincinnati and be a part of that? Or are you going to three months later claim that the swelling went up and that you were hoping to play in Buffalo when there was never any hint of anything? Like peace from anything the last month of that season? And they’re all just in I went through this with our mutual friend Bill Cole, that they’re all just be Essen. You don’t I mean, like that horrible press conference this week. It just, it just feels like a den of liars. It feels like it feels like there’s very little integrity on both sides of what’s going on here in a lot of ways, and the fans and the media are left asking these questions with with false answers, right answers that are made you look that way. Everything Lamar Jackson is put out on Twitter has been in his own benefit. But this thing with hardball on Monday, the hijacking the press conference with the trade demand. I just I I don’t know how he’s going to come back from that. I really don’t know.

Mike Rosenfeld  22:08

So so let’s take it to the next step. Okay. Because I didn’t i i Obviously you had a conversation with our mutual friend Bill Cole. And, and I know a lot of it was about based on what you’ve told me about Powerball and how he responded in real time to being kind of caught off guard by a timed tweet. But who, who other than the ravens are going to sign Lamar? Lamar, if we agree that Lamar has not done himself service, I want to say this, again, I’m not. I’m not crapping on him as a human being, I’m crapping on his business decision not to have an expert guide him. That’s all I’m doing. But because he’s made a decision to represent himself and go down this path. The not playing the last five games. Is is on the record is not flying with the team is on the record his demand or of expecting to be paid a salary that no one else expects to pay him is on the record. So I don’t see and we’re seeing this in real time. Who is everyone that’s out there? So they when they say who’s the best fit for Lamar? Is it the Colts? Is it? The Falcons? I still think it’s the Ravens if they can forgive each other, because they know who he is better than anyone else? And I don’t think anyone else is going to give him the money that he wants. So what are his options are his options? Because I don’t think he’s getting I don’t think he’s getting dealt, I really don’t I think his options are to play on the tag, or to sit out. And if he plays on the tag, and does what a lot of people say, which is, oh, I sprained my ankle, I’m going to miss seven days, is that really going to help Lamar to add to the five games you missed last year and the five games you missed the year before and not going, that’s not going to help him? His only shot is to either come to an understanding that he’s not going to get from anyone what he’s looking for, or to sign and play or to sit out. Those are the only options and I see all of them pointing mostly to Baltimore, more than anyone. So he

Nestor Aparicio  24:34

doesn’t show up for camp. He doesn’t show up in the summer. He fights. Why do the Ravens want that? Why do the Ravens want the uncertainty of this and having a bad ending? Why do they want the Antonio Brown ending?


Mike Rosenfeld  24:47

I think, I think if it were me, knowing a fraction of what everyone else knows. I would be looking and I understand why they did the fully guaranteed three year deal that’s been leaked out there. Right, which is we have a window, we’ll pay you for your prime will give you 100% guarantee. So you can look in the mirror and say, Look, I got I do

Nestor Aparicio  25:09

we have to pay you for your legacy, you’ve won one playoff game. Well, why do I have to pay you for being an old guy who is 30 may or may not be able to do this at $50 million? Why? Why? Nobody’s gonna do that. Nope. Look around. Nobody’s taking the lifetime deal with you. Right? December two years, three years.

Mike Rosenfeld  25:28

Let me ask you a question. I said three year deal. He has only won one playoff game. And I know his playoff numbers are abysmal. But do you not believe that he has the potential in the playoffs to go for a run on a run, but I

Nestor Aparicio  25:42


bet $50 million right now, I wouldn’t bet I wouldn’t play rotisserie football and draft him thinking I’m going to beat burrow mahomes Allen, Herbert Morris in that order, or any of those orders. He’s the sixth best quarterback in that pack that I just mentioned. And the reason for that he had played this ever since I was wearing a mask in the stadiums were empty. I mean, that’s a fact. A fact.

Mike Rosenfeld  26:09

I’m with you.

Nestor Aparicio  26:10

So your electric he’s explosive. He’s exciting. Hey, you know, I mean, right now he’s a one hit wonder. He had a good album a couple of years ago, the last couple albums he’s put out. Um, you know, I’m waiting for him to you know, I mean, you see the Counting Crows. I don’t know, I’m what I’m waiting on the next good album, you know what I mean? Really.

Mike Rosenfeld  26:29

So I’m sitting there saying he’s 75% Win winning during the regular season. And as you know, from our both of our Super Bowl winning years, you just got to get to the dance. You just got to get to the


Nestor Aparicio  26:45

I just hate all these statistics, the wins and losses and like all that, what are you going to do next year and the year after that in the year after that, and I think this organization knows the good of Lamar and the bad of Lamar. And if they give him $148 million next week for three years, lock him up. He comes back has a press conference pretends none of this happens. That they all they all we love, Lamar, we’ve always said we love Lamar. They can say that Lamar can say my knee was swollen. That’s why I wasn’t in Cincinnati. Marlon Humphrey can say that’s my dog. Let’s go. Let’s hunt, you know? Okay, but then they bring Lamar back in is Lamar happy here, Lamar is there a moment in the long, long time that it’s felt like Lamar Jackson has been happy with Baltimore, the ravens, John Harbaugh, Steve shoddy, the situation his passing game, his teammates, his health, the poor fell in Pennsylvania that just went on the internet and spoke the obvious. Like, all of this has been percolating behind closed doors. Now there’s no chat still stopping him from doing whatever he wants to do. There’s no agent in the way he just tweets at random it kind of reminds me the old president just tweets you know, shoot from the hip right like now you know, whatever, can’t put the toothpaste back in the tooth but i i This is not the style of Steve Ashanti and John Hart. This is not what they want for their organization is everything you’ve said, Well, he played for the number and he’ll be pissed off for greatness. And he Okay. John, almost like he’s my freakin quarterback. It’s May were easy. We’re gonna win. I’m here to win. You’re gonna win. You’re here to win. Where’s my freakin $32 million quarterback?

Mike Rosenfeld  28:28

Bear? Your position is the Ravens need to move on to the Ravens just need to say because because they may know that they know 100

Nestor Aparicio  28:36

times more about what they don’t like about him than I know. I know what I don’t like watching from the outside. And

Mike Rosenfeld  28:45


so let’s take that they know a lot more than we than we know. And they made no effort except for a rumor of maybe signing Baker Mayfield who we all know wasn’t being signed to be the starting quarterback. So they put all their eggs in the basket of either going all in on Lamar and matching whatever deal if he gets another deal on thinking they can smooth this over or blowing this shit up, excuse my language and starting all over

Nestor Aparicio  29:15

being held hostage by their quarterback. I can’t think that that’s real comfortable for Steve ashadha Your John horrible. They don’t want to be they don’t want to answer questions for me. Why would you want to be held hostage by this guy had their franchise like seriously,

Mike Rosenfeld  29:27

believe me they of course don’t want to be doing that. Right. But that doesn’t take away the fact that they didn’t do anything in the offseason during free agency to try to lock up a quarterback because

Nestor Aparicio  29:39

they’ve been held hostage by him. Yeah. And and part of that is the salary cap number putting 32 million on him which it just cost him class Campbell is probably going to cost the Marcus Peters if they wanted Marcus Peters maybe they’re going to draft next month but by the way they draft 22nd I haven’t heard anybody even mentioned that Jim Palmer when you’re thinking of when they draft This time of year, I can’t imagine a march. We weren’t talking about who they got to drafty. That’s the 15th question at this point. And


Mike Rosenfeld  30:07

I’ll give you one last quick point. Of course, looking I’m looking at the highest paid the richest NFL owners in football. And it just so happens that the second to last and the third to last wealthiest owners are the Steelers and the Bengals. I know this wasn’t part of their calculus, but the Haslams may have successfully driven out of the division, Lamar Jackson and I can tell you that if Joe burrow takes although you’ll have an agent takes the same stance and says that I want to fully guaranteed contract that he is not going to be a bangle so maybe what the Browns have done unintentionally by screwing it up for everyone else is put themselves in a position to have the best quarterback in the division in two years. And that would be crazy if that happened but with that

Nestor Aparicio  31:06

I talked prosperity about the brand. I mean, I don’t really that that’s never cool in March or April. My project actually it is cool and because they never went in October, November December, Microsoft was my dude at web connection. He is an outsourced chief digital officer can help your business we talk about it all the time that if you need a little little help on your social media, your website or your web strategy, he’s the dude for you he’s our dude here as well. Maybe joining us if you want to see price you want to Eagles you do that or no

Mike Rosenfeld  31:34

now I’m headed to Chicago next weekend to help my son move from one place to the other. I will miss it. I’ve seen both artists before I actually saw the Eagles right before Glenn Frey died so I’m glad I got that in at the arena interestingly enough before was upgraded, but you enjoy and everyone should enjoy Go Go Go enjoy your city.

Nestor Aparicio  31:56

I’ll be living it up at the Hotel California downtown and Baltimore. Microsoft can be found at web We talked about him he’s also add on the front of Baltimore With these chats no traffic toward next week presented by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation on my window nation floppy hat off the right way 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free we’re getting into the springtime now crabcake tour Costas on Wednesday, Friday morning we’re gonna be a fade these the 27th of April we’re going to be a captain Larry’s in Federal Hill trying to put something together with our friends Pappas as well. In mid April we’re gonna get a location on that might be Glenburnie might be Bel Air might be Parkville might be Cockeysville. We’re very, very appreciative. All of our partners around here for making this thing awesome. We are wn SDA and 1570 Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking. Lamar Jackson and Baltimore

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