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Opening Day

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The fresh start of a new era of Orioles baseball in Baltimore

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the new baseball season and Orioles fresh start at Camden Yards with David Rubenstein and Cal Ripken in front of things after three decades of tyranny. What changes come first and what have we seen so far in the first hours?

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Debunking the local media myth: Peter Angelos did not “save” the Orioles for Baltimore

Many people reached to Nestor Aparicio in the aftermath of the death of Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos looking for some kind of pronouncement. After watching the media reports in Baltimore with various inaccuracies about the billionaire lawyer’s real accomplishments, Luke Jones joined him to react and opine and to set the legacy straight for local citizens who have been fed various levels of myth, poppycock and fake history.

Sports business journalist Eric Fisher of Front Office Sports tells Nestor where new Orioles ownership can make progress right away

Sports business journalist Eric Fisher of Front Office Sports tells Nestor where David Rubenstein and the new Orioles ownership team can make progress right away. Things like a way to watch games on your mobile device and an All Star Game in Baltimore and real progress for the folks at MLB, who believe the franchise will finally reach its modern potential.

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