Spending the final weekend in Sarasota scouting Orioles

Sarasota Orioles
Sarasota Orioles
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Luke Jones and Nestor prep for a long weekend in Sarasota with the Orioles and who comes north to Baltimore – besides the more-than-mild expectations that new ownership will be announced on Opening Day.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home, we are wn SD, am 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re going to take the Maryland crabcakes world back out on the road, we kick things off at the cost. It’s the first week of April in China line somebody’s crabcake tour events up with maybe an Orioles game afterward. So there’s a little bit of that going on in April to play some afternoon baseball, make sure you check it a Baltimore positive, Luke and I are headed to Sarasota Florida. In advance of all things opening day. We’re gonna be down there this week. Also gonna be doing the NFL owners meetings this weekend in Orlando and getting it back out on the road, I look, this whole new ownership thing I keep saying to you, I, like I pinch myself, I get up, I get my royal farms coffee in the morning. And I’m like, Is this really happening? And what? You know, all my insiders are like, it’s happening soon. But you won’t have a press pass and Sarasota this week. So I’ll be like, well, it’s just the 19th year in a row as I do this 25th documentary that I found all my old press passes over the weekend. It’s it’s been a real hoot. Thinking about the future while not admiring, but at least looking at the carnage of the past.


Luke Jones  01:15

Yeah, well, I mean, springtime is all about thinking about the future and with this Orioles club that is coming off 101 wins. There’s lots of excitement. There are some questions, certainly, and we’ll get into those. But it is funny that we’re going to Sarasota at a time where everyone else is gearing up to leave Sarasota. I mean, let’s face it a week from now, you know, week a week from now everyone’s gonna be counting down to the last couple days until opening day, and it’s right around the corner. hitters are ready at this point, you know, for the most part, I think at this point, it’s more just built that last little bit of build up for these pitchers, as they began a six month marathon and you’re trying to keep guys as healthy as you possibly can. Knowing that you see Kyle Bradish right now you see John means right now, knowing that neither one of those guys are going to be there on opening day at the very least. So, you know, it’s it’s exciting. It’s coming. Yeah, we’re right around the corner. And at this point, you know, I think fans are looking forward to seeing some games on mass in this week, because there aren’t that many. And that’s another issue for new ownership. Certainly, hopefully by next spring. That’s a much different story. But I think there’s very much a sense of it’s getting very close to being go time. It’s it’s time to start that 162 game track. And I think there is reason for great excitement here in Baltimore.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:37

All right, let’s do the full treatment. And all of this mean, I don’t know what it means when Star Wars hits three home runs and has fun. You know, I don’t know what all the bats mean. You talk about, you know, hitting off the twins and hitting off the Tigers and hitting off the Red Sox, a Spring Spring Games, man playing split games this week. And we’re down there right even at the end, trying to get innings in. Ah, you know, I keep thinking with Elias around here and i i almost spit out loud last week. I they might trade Morgan Moses, you know, like, I feel like something’s up here to some degree where there’ll be making moves at some point. They might not be today this week around the corner for opening day. But I feel like they’ve got an abundance of abundance right now. And to your point, they could play that slow you go to Norfolk, you know, you go to the farm, we’ll find the bats we’ll find it’s cold out. It’s April. Take your time. Jackson Holliday, you’re still 12 years old. You know, like all of that. We’re not going to start your clock but whatever you want to hear. But the expectations and this really does go back to me looking at my press passes from 1986 and 88. And touching them and feeling them and scanning them and shooting them for this crazy documentary we’re working on with a blue rock productions and my buddy, Greg Landry. But I think the thing about all of this is sort of the patience for all of it to say we’re contender 101 games last year, there’s never been a march here in 32 years of me doing radio. Well, we can sit around here and say they’re almost a sure thing to be an above 500 team. Right? They’re almost there a sure thing to be a contender, not in the world. We’re in 1966 You had to win the American League, or in 1969 for the 25 years, you had to win the division and you know, they just need to be a really good team and they’re there’s no thought they’re not going to be a really good team from any of us. And I don’t know that we’ve ever sat around here at St. Patrick’s Day and going to spring training late even though there’s an NFL owners meetings and I need some sunshine and I need some Mickey Mouse. i This is a different level of wait and see where this team and this abundance of talent but I know one thing two trades are gonna happen you talk injuries, trades are going to happen. And Elias is not afraid to deal. Whomever pick it. I don’t throw names at Austin A’s amalco any of these names out you want, but they got dudes, they got parts, I don’t think any of the deals are going to include. You know, there’s there’s a shopping list of Watchmen and edit and none of those guys are going anywhere. But the rest of the guys are just, you know, they’re they’re commodities at this point on a team that has real potential over the next three to five years to win a couple of championships. And I think everybody sees that knows that everybody in the Major League Baseball. I mean, it’s almost like we’ve never talked about it like this dude.

Luke Jones  05:41

Yeah, I mean, it’s why, you know, on the heels of the Corbin burns acquisition, and before we found out about Kyle Bradish, I mean, I said at that point in time, I think this was the most anticipated exciting spring training since gone back to 96 and 97. You know, what, when they were buying free agents, obviously they did not have the farm system then that they do now. But with Pat Gillick with the commitment to payroll and freedoms that they had at that point in time. I mean, that’s probably the only comp that I can think of, as far as going back to, you know, there was excitement during the buck Showalter, Dan Duquette years, but it was always with caveats. Right? It was always, okay, what’s the ceiling for this? You know, and 2014 was great. But then Nelson Cruz goes out the door and Nick Marcus goes out the door. And you’re wondering, all right, how’s that going to work out? But with this?

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:28


I mean, when Dr. Rodriguez to when you’re in it, when you are a contender, you only have one pitcher, who winds up being a 10 year major league pitcher, you have to give that pitcher up the rent Miller Right. Like, you know, things like that happen that you lose the only couple of prospects you have during an era like that. Sure. Yeah.

Luke Jones  06:45

And we talked, you know, we’ve talked about it in recent weeks. I mean, they were they were in on John Lester, that that trade deadline, but they didn’t want to give up Dylan Bundy or Hunter Harvey. And at the time that, you know, based on how those guys were perceived that was understandable, at least justifiable, let’s say even if he disagreed with it. But I think we’ve talked about it. It’s wide open. I think we also need to recognize the reality at this point of Mike is and the front office, they have a process. I don’t think necessarily that new ownership coming in. And even with a willingness to spend more, which you hope will be there. Of course, I don’t think that’s necessarily going to drastically change how Mike Elias proceeds because I think he has a process that he believes in. And I think there’s going to be roster turn and there are going to be trades made. And there’s going to be time periods where you’re going to get get to a point with certain veteran players. And we’ve seen this in the past. It’s just no one was paying attention at the time. You know, there was a point where they traded Jonathan VR, there was a point where they let go of guys that were starting to get more expensive. They traded train and CD two years ago, you know, you kind of go through that list. It’s just back then they stunk still so it was a matter of no one really cared. But you’re you’re at a point now and we’ve talked about this a lot with the the outfield right now knowing that Santander is in a contract here, Hayes and Molins are a year away from free agency. You have Colton Couser, who I expect to be on this roster based on the fact that he has a little more positional flexibility than the other guys. But what about Heston? couristan? What about Kyle sours who has suddenly put himself back on the map, even if not for a major league roster spot, at the very least to make himself look attractive for a potential trade for the Orioles to go get a bullpen piece for example. So you have all these individuals. And let’s face it, you only have so many spots. I mean, you go down the roster very quickly, you know that on the positional player side not talking about the rotation and the bullpen you have your two catchers and rutschman and McCann everyone knows that right? No drama there. Infield spots gunner Henderson’s get one Jordan Westbrook’s getting one mountcastle and O’Hearn at first base slash DH. Matteo has been moving around more playing more outfield. I think he’s made himself more valuable in that way. We think he’s a real true utility guy at that point, right? Sure. Sure. Exactly. And that’s what he he’s not gonna be the starting shortstop anymore. So he’s got to move around, right? You know, backup shortstop, that only gets you so far in terms of value. So he’s going to have to play multiple infield spots and move around. He’s going to pinch run, of course. So he’s diversified what he can do for you a little bit, but then you get into Okay, what about Jackson Holliday? He’s had a nice spring, there’s no question about it. We know it. Even if it’s not opening day, we know it’s gonna be very soon. Right. And either way, what does that mean for someone else who potentially is there? I think a guy that’s interesting that hasn’t been talked about a whole lot. You know, where are they with Ramona Reus at this point, plays multiple infield spots, has for the most part handled the bat. Well, I mean, he was a gold Glover at third base a couple years ago. He’s he’s been a valuable player for them now. lucratively, but he’s been a valuable player for them. But what about Kobe mayo? who himself has had a really strong spring? I don’t think Kobe Mayo is making that opening day roster. But at this point, you have to start looking at him in terms of when he’s going to be arriving in Baltimore and a guy that has played, you know, his defensive third base has garnered compliments from Brandon Hyde. He’s got big time power. I mean, this guy has been a serious prospect for them. And he looks like he’s very much on the way and probably at the Orioles were a different rock, you know, had a different roster makeup. He might be a guy that be on the roster opening day, but you just look at how many guys they have and how many spots they have that quarter

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:45

team, he’s a guy you want coming north, and you want to give it back to if he’s done what he’s done. Right.

Luke Jones  10:52

Sure. Sure. I mean, putting aside you know, service time and all those different things. Yeah, absolutely. So, so my, my question there is, you know, I think there’s been an assumption, because it’s the way it’s been in recent years of Jorge Mateo and Ramona Reus, both being on the roster, but, you know, are one of these young guys, you know, it was a Kobe mayo and his potential rival Jackson Holliday, if he’s on the opening day roster, of course, that that’s, you know, I’m kind of making that assumption right now, even though it’s not definite. But, you know, what does that mean for someone like a Reus, who has been valuable but now, you have more and more of a logjam? Right. And I didn’t even mention someone like Conor Norby, who has been at triple A for, you know, and kind of done everything, he can do a triple A at this point. So to your point, there are some moves made at some point, I don’t necessarily think it’s happening by opening day. But you kind of look at it. And you just say, well, there are only so many chairs. And while you can certainly send guys back to triple A, and I think I made the, you know, I even drew the comparison, a few weeks back when we were talking about this, where I made mention that Mike Boddicker, who had a heck of a major league career, you know, last Oriole to win 20 games, right, he spent the better part of what four or five seasons at triple A Rochester just because there was a spot for him. Now, that’s the extreme example here. But you look at where they are on the outfield. And I even say, the infield at this point, you know, it’s becoming that way more and more with the way that holiday and even Kobe Mayo are forcing the issue this spring that, you know, they might need it, they might be moving on from a couple guys that you’ve grown accustomed to like, I don’t even mention his name. But take Ryan McKenna. For example. Look, no one’s suggesting Ryan McKenna is more than what he is, which has been a fourth or fifth outfielder. Good good glove guy. good defensively can play centerfield, which is relevant when you’re talking about depth on your 26 man roster has some speed, but limited with the bat. I mean, he’s a guy that’s made contributions for them the last couple years, but he’s out of options. And I just look at it and say, Is there really a place for him? Are you really going to send all these young outfielders down to triple A to keep him? I’m guessing no, I’m guessing Couser is going to make and I’m guessing. You know, if I had to predict right now, barring injuries or anything like that, McKenna’s probably going to be DFA and they might lose them. But but it just speaks to guys that you’ve kind of grown accustomed to seeing that we’re going to start seeing this thing start to turn over. And I think in some cases, not even because of money, or because of contracts or someone hitting frequency. I think in some cases, it’s just going to be they’ve got someone better on the way. So I think that’s what’s really interesting for this team, as you see the spring stats, and I always remind someone to use caution there. That’s been true for decades, but someone like Mike Elias, sigma del, this front office, they’re not going to be fooled by sample size, but they are looking at the data. They are looking at, you know, the exit velocity and how these young guys are handling Major League pitching that they’re facing in, in these grapefruit league games, not so much when they’re facing some double A arm. But if they’re facing a legit Major Leaguer, and you know, they’re looking at the data, they’re seeing what the batted ball data looks like they’re seeing what the pictures look like in terms of the stuff and the movement and the command all those different things velocity of course. So you look at the the raw spring stats, you know that just the traditional stats. I don’t think that is something that you’re drawing too many conclusions from, but when you have these young guys producing and doing things that are aligning with what you’ve thought of them as far as them being a prospect for you, mean that’s exciting, and even if it’s not leading to maybe decisions that might not they might not be as difficult as fans think they are. It does reinforce that they’re talented players and it does reinforce that you You’ve got a roster crunch here that that’s here, and certainly on the way in terms of these young guys, and that’s a good problem to have. But at the same time, you want to maximize all these assets, right? You don’t want someone who is really, really, really good, stuck at triple A, and that’s why Joey Ortiz was part of the Corbin burns trades trade, for example, because there was no spot for Joey Ortiz, who is absolutely from a defensive standpoint, a plus Major League shortstop. So, you know, that’s,


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:29

it’s par for mayo, right?

Luke Jones  15:33

I wouldn’t say that. There’s no spot for him right now. Meaning opening day, I would assume. But that’s why I said, at some point, we’re gonna be having a conversation about remote areas. And Jorge Mateo, and, you know, kind of look at it through that lens. I think, if you’re asking me to kind of project out what I think the Orioles infield could look like over the next couple years. Obviously, Gunnar Henderson and Jackson Holliday, Jordan Westberg fitting into that, but he might be more of the super utility guy that moves around and plays four days a week, let’s say five days a week. And but now I beat there’s a good chance he’s they’re starting third baseman, and I would have said a year ago, maybe he’s they’re starting first baseman and we’re talking about mountcastle. You know, again, I’m talking a year or two out from now. But you know, male years ago, we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:21

talking to Trey man Seanie. And it feels like, you know, five years ago, right? Like, so it happens quick.

Luke Jones  16:26


Yeah. And that’s why, you know, I’ve said, and I’ve written about it, we’ve talked about it a lot. I mean, the outfield, you know, the three guys, the three vets that have been out there. They’ve been the Mainstays. I mean, this will be I think, the fourth straight opening day, you know, again, barring an injury or something weird over the last, you know, seven to 10 days here. But this will be the fourth straight opening day that it’s been Hayes. Marlins Santander, right, left center right field. I mean, that’s changing. You know that that’s, that’s coming to an end in terms of just viewing it through that lens, because you have Colton Couser. Who, not saying Right, right now is better than those guys are right now is going to start over those guys. But I’ll say this much, Austin Hayes and Cedric Mullins, they’ve got to produce, right, they’ve got to be consistent. They’ve got to stay on the field, they got to stay healthy. Because you have

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:16

to stay cheap. Sure, sure. We have to talk that way anymore. With robots up, it doesn’t even matter. We talked about this with the ravens and there’s a salary cap, when you know, new ownerships coming in doesn’t mean that they’re just going to throw bad money at mediocre outfielders when they can play cheaper. I mean, like, that’s a sport wide issue that I don’t expect to change with ownership. They’re not gonna become the Yankees or Dodgers overnight. So I still look at it as though where do you want to spend your resources? And it worries me for for for all three of those cats in whatever order, right. But

Luke Jones  17:50

But, but we’re also talking about guys who are they’re not old yet, but they’re getting older. And you have, these aren’t marginal prospects that I’m talking about? I mean, Greg Hauser and Heston, these are guys that have been top 100 prospects and all baseball, right? And in a couple of the cases much higher than that. So we’re not talking about, you know, this isn’t a fringe in the way that and I don’t say this to be disrespectful to him, but Kyle said ours is more of the, you know, he was at his peak more of a fringe top 100 prospect, right, you know, didn’t make the cut, but was on the also receiving boats

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:27

was his ceiling. Austin Hays. What’s


Luke Jones  18:32

towers? I mean, you know, I mean, they’re obviously different players. I don’t think towers was ever perceived to have the ceiling that Austin hates. I mean, keep in mind, Austin Hayes was a minor league player of the year, some years back. I mean, he was the guy who made the majors a little over a year after being drafted. I mean, that’s how impressive his ascent was, you know, back in the, at the end of the Dan Duquette era. So, but the point is, we’re really like to piggyback off of what you were just saying, it’s not just that they’re cheaper, it’s the thought that they’re cheap, yes, cheaper, but they’re gonna be better. Now, that doesn’t mean opening day, they’re going to be better. But my point, again, is, it’s why I want to start to see, that’s why I want to see Colton Couser on this roster, one, get him more acclimated to playing in the major leagues to you, you do have the reality of where you are with these older guys. But also, those three guys don’t have to play 155 plus games a piece, you can rotate Couser into the mix a little more, get those guys off their feet a little more to try to keep them healthier, and more productive over the course of 162 You know, deep depth as Earl Weaver always talked about way back in the day, you know, and not necessarily that’s going to become a straight platoon with any of these guys, but you know, Austin Hays we know has worn down in the second half the last couple of years. Cedric Mullins is coming off of a very much an injury plagued season. Again, this isn’t me being eager to replace those guys, but it’s recognizing the reality of you do have the he’s really talented young outfielders who? Yeah, you can send back to Norfolk for a while. And I don’t think that’s going to ruin anything or mess anything up. But at the same time, you get guys to trip away. And we kind of, you know, we always make this mistake. And when I say we, I just mean in general baseball, people, fans, media, whatever that development finishes at triple A, it doesn’t, you know, guys just get to the major leagues, and they have to develop I mean, we saw it last year. I mean, Colton Couser was an extreme example of someone who really struggled in his first month in the May in the major leagues to the point where they sent him back, Gunnar Henderson, we were talking about a lot, the first six weeks, the last season was really struggling. And he ended up being rookie of the year. So what does that tell you in terms of, you know, there’s, there’s an adjustment period Adley rutschman, went through this, you know, his rookie year and struggled for his first month or so before he really took off. So, you know, it’s, and I think this is a good challenge. But it’s still a challenge, nonetheless, of how do you balance winning, and doing the things that you want to do at the major league level in the win loss department, the standings and positioning yourself to back in the postseason again, but also recognizing that you have these young guys who are making a lot of noise, you know, whether it’s at Norfolk, or whether it’s in the grapefruit league this spring, that, you know, it’s gonna be tough to keep these guys in the minors for much longer. So you know, how it looks on opening day, let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean that that’s going to be what the bulk of the season looks like, at all. And to your point, I think, we will see a trader to at some point in time to not clear the deck, but at least try to maximize maximize all your assets, you know, maximize the value that each of these players have. And at some point, it might even be that they trade a veteran player. But I think that’s also where Mike Elias has to recognize and he’d be the first to tell you this, that there is chemistry, there is makeup of your ballclub there is there are those factors, those intangibles that you can’t quantify, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not there. So I think, you know, it’s a balancing act. And it’s a good balancing act. It’s a fun balancing act. But it’s going to be really interesting to see what this roster looks like opening day. But way more. So what it’s going to look like over the next, say, four months getting to the trade deadline. I think that’s going to be fascinating. So, you know, position player wise boy, there’s plenty of talent, but that’s where maybe we transition then to talk about pitching side where there’s certainly things to love. But there are also some a few more question marks there. You know, whether we’re talking about health of the rotation, or we’re talking about the bullpen, and, you know, for me, we’re looking at a bullpen that definitely could lose could use another late inning arm or two, you know, whether it’s gonna be someone that emerges or whether it’s acquiring a bullpen piece or two. But that’s where we go back to that surplus you have on the position players side and seeing is there a move or moves to be made at some point between now and the trade deadline? And I think the answer has to be an emphatic yes. Based on how the 40 man roster looks like and how triple A Norfolk looks right now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:07

Well, yes, we go down there this week, and we’re gonna see some games, see the Phillies for a minute, you’re gonna see the pirates for a minute and the Red Sox for a minute. There’s so much activity this time of year. And this is where your expertise and you’re watching them in good years and bad years only had a year and a half of good. It’s been, you know, 15 years of bad well, not 15, but 12 years bad that you’ve seen. They’ve never been in this position before where they need some pitching and need some help. But when you talk about the kind of pitching they got in the last two or three years around this time of year, whether it’s you know, canola last year, or whether it’s a lefty or whether it’s a righty or whether it’s fatigued. I mean all of these leftovers from other organizations. bullpens the one place, we talked a lot this week about offensive line and what the ravens are going to do and where you can get help and where you can find veteran help. It feels to me like bullpen helps always been kind of cheap, and very, very speculative and very, very hot and cold. And very, very, from this organization standpoint very much. So. There’s some guy in the Reds organization that they’ve always sort of looked at and said, If I could get my hands on that guy, this is the week they go out and look for three or four of those guys around baseball where lies is like I always like that guy from the twins. I watch him pitch up here. They don’t like him that much. But I don’t like his arm angle. I think we can fix him. That’s who these cats are. And that’s why I’m not nervous about them. I think these guys are geniuses I really do.

Luke Jones  24:49

Well, I mean, and look, I think there’s fair concern. Do I think that’s panic do I think that’s going to ruin their season? No, no far from it. And I’ll point out as you mentioned this, you mentioned Janja Konomi. Now, that was a trade deadline move, obviously, when they dealt Jorge Lopez a couple summers ago. But how about Danny coulomb, who ended up being really their third best reliever last year in terms of obvious answer to all stars and Felix Batista and Janja Cano? Coulomb, they acquired a few days before opening day now, he wasn’t the same guy that your Cano or you know, Felix Batista coming out of nowhere. He’s an older guy been around and had modest success in the major leagues, but he’s someone they identified to say, hey, his current club now there’s no room for him. We think we can make one or two tweaks here or there. We like how he throws we like his makeup. We think he’s a good guy to be a good clubhouse guy, good leadership guy for the bullpen. They brought him in and Danny Colome had a terrific season now. But point talking about how hot and cold and how. Yeah, just mercurial bullpen arms can be Danny cool on this year? Who knows? He might be one of the weak links in the bullpen. I mean, you just don’t know what I’m using him as an example. I’m not picking on him. But yeah, they’re they’re looking right now for other teams, who might, you know, they might have a bullpen arm that’s out of options, or someone that has fallen out have fallen out of the good graces of the organization. And they might say, you know that that’s someone we could swoop up and maybe he’s going to start the year in triple A Norfolk for us, but he’s a guy that come May 1, he might be a sixth or seventh inning guy for us. So, you know, you’re always looking for that. But I think where the bullpen stands right now, I mean, obviously, know, Craig Kimbrel. And I know, had some very shaky outings early on in spring training. And look, I think you’re always looking at velocity, you’re looking at stuff you’re looking at how healthy guys are, you know, you don’t want to see any red flags. But in terms of the performance. Look, Corbin Burns has been knocked around and a couple outings are we really panicked about that, you know, a couple of fake games, how he’s pitched compared to the last four years, his track record in Milwaukee, I’m going to side with his track record more so than what the last three four weeks of Spring Games is look like. But, you know, you’re looking and you want to see guys look healthy. You know, you want to see, especially these last this last week of games, you want to see guys looking sharp, you know, you want guys to feel good about themselves. But you know, it’s it’s very much a case of, you know, you kind of trust what you’re seeing. So, in the pen, you have Kimbrough, you have Cano, even if Canola is not going to be first half of 23 Cano. He’s still a very good bullpen arm. You have Danny coulomb, as I mentioned, you have CNL Perez, I think an interesting name and I talked about him some last year. Mike Bauman, by all accounts sounds like he’s had a nice bring. Now the stuff has looked good. The numbers have looked good. He’s someone that last year he had his moments there, you know, it was up and down. I’m not saying he was great. I’m not saying he’s someone you’re going to trust in the ninth inning, or the eighth inning at this point in time. But, you know, he’s he’s always had a big arm. And it’s kind of tied to kind of now or never for him at this point. So, you know, Is he someone that can emerge for them? You know, so, you know, they’ve got, they’ve got candidates, you know, Dylan Tate, I haven’t even mentioned he was really good at two years ago. You know, he’s when they traded Jorge Lopez, he was their eighth inning guy that year, where they were kind of sorta in the wildcard race, the final month of the season, and he did a nice job in that role. So looks like he’s healthy. You know, the numbers have looked pretty good. We’ll see. So, but that said, on paper, you know, I do have some concerns about the bullpen in terms of the depth the scope of what you have out there, guys that you can count on to be eighth the ninth inning high leverage, guys, I think everyone I just named our guys that I feel pretty good about in terms of middle relief, you know, guys that pitching the sixth and seventh inning. Yeah. But guys pitching the eighth and ninth, knowing that you can’t just hand the ball to Cano and Kimbrel every single night. And there’s some question, and that’s why originally, when they made the burns deal, I was so excited about it from the standpoint of sliding, you know, putting Tyler wells into a bullpen role, but he’s gonna be in the rotation now, at least to start the year. So, you know, these are questions but at the same time, every team in baseball needs more pitching. I mean, it’s just the truth. Look at the Yankees who was looking like I look at their rotation, and then suddenly, Gerrit Cole has elbow issues and he’s gonna miss the beginning of the season and looking like he’s in the same same boat as Kyle Bradish. Right now. I mean, it’s these guys all break. And I don’t say that to be flippant. I say that to just be. You know, it’s just the reality of every team has some questions about their pitching. Every team is going to have some concerns there. Every team is going to ask, Do I have enough pitching depth? Did the Orioles have enough pitching depth right now? You know, I’ve got my questions about that. I certainly Do I have some skepticism there. But the good news is, they have capital in terms of prospects, you hope with no new ownership coming in here, which could be finalized by opening day or shortly thereafter, when I screw it up believe Come on, man, it feels like it feels like it’s right around the corner. But you feel like they have resources in terms of prospects. And hopefully the ability to increase the payroll sum over the course of the season, if an opportunity presents itself to go out there and fortify your rotation or fortify your bullpen or do both. So, you know, through that lens, I mean, there, there are elements of their pitching staff I really like and there are elements where I say, oh, you know, as you know, Craig Kimbrel, do I feel as good about him as I did about Felix Batista last May? No, I don’t, you know, because Felix Batista was extraordinary. And Craig Kimbrel is not the guy who was a decade ago. But that’s not to say that they can’t make it work. And that’s not to say that they’re not going to win a ton of games, even as they look to augment and fortify it and upgrade the bullpen or the rotation for that matter. So those teams got has a heck of a lot working for it, it’s not perfect, doesn’t mean that they can’t make some improvements doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be some questions and tweaks and they’re going to have some injuries, they’ve already experienced that, you know, they’re going to experience that that’s part of the game. But the good news is, again, from a resource standpoint, or from a resource standpoint, they have, they should have the means to address some of those concerns. So, you know, it’s exciting. It’s, as I’ve said, over and over, we’ll continue to say it, it’s a heck of a time to be an Orioles fan right now, when you look at where they stand. And also the means that they have to improve and get better both internally, or to go out and make some moves between now and the trade deadline. And even thinking well beyond that. Well, we’ll try

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:54

to put Luke to work down in Florida. This week, we’re headed down to Sarasota we’re headed to Orlando, parts of Tampa, and others, see old friends catch up. Talk some baseball thinks some baseball, watch some football owners meetings and sort of catch up behind the scenes with em. I see. See you soon. Opening Day is very, very near and I’m re releasing the Peter principles are all out at Baltimore positive you may hear Peter angelos, his voice perhaps for the final time on the radio here the next week or two. As we get up on opening day. Whether it’s Peter principles or my dinner with Peter at the barn or the old days. We’re about to turn a page here into something really beautiful. I hope I’ve been talking a lot about that with friends going down to Sarasota to check all that out. We’re getting a Maryland crabcake tour on the road. We’re gonna be doing live radio from downtown for the first time in a long, long time. Actually not true we did it last month for a whole day. We’re gonna be doing a couple hours on Fridays when the Orioles are home at fade these live fade Lee’s Fridays from two to five Luke will be joining us for crabcakes shrimp salad, macaroni cheese if he knows what’s good for him in the new Lexington market. So make sure you’re keeping that on your scorecard a friends in Maryland lottery, Jiffy Lube window nation, and liberty peer solutions put us out on the road to make it all happen. So welcome on out supporters. We’re going to be at Costas. We’re going to be at Coco’s in April and we have some other new spots we’re gonna check out into the spring as well on the Maryland crab cake tour. A 25 year documentary is coming out, I can release the name now. No one listens everyone hears that’ll be coming out in a couple of weeks. It’s not an April Fool’s joke, but it might come out on April Fool’s Day. And in the meantime, looking at talking to football, we’re talking some baseball mix. You’re checking to Saturday and 1570 setting a place on your dial subscribing to us on YouTube, as we make our way to Florida and back for a whole new ballgame. This year with the Baltimore Orioles stay where this is Baltimore positive

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