It’s time to play ball again in Baltimore

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Leonard Raskin and Nestor follow the spring American dream and Orioles baseball back on the field at Camden Yards for a season of (rare) hope in Baltimore.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

So, looking back at W and S t test Baltimore and Baltimore positive, we are positively into the opening day week. And I have a little extra pep in my step and it’s not just this Lamar Athan that’s going on, but I got the crabcake tore back out on the road. We got opening day we get a new arena. We got great concert, it’s no more great concerts around the band. Preakness is coming in a couple of weeks, the weather’s getting your masters is here. Ah, and the Maryland crab cake tour, I added a crab cake in a couple of weeks. I’ve been sort of saving up a lot. I was in the mood over the weekend, almost what the cost is, I didn’t and what I did, and I’ve got props around here today and I’m going to show letter asking my prop, but we’re gonna be giving these away beginning on Wednesday, Maryland crab cake tour comes back and returns from the spring cost us on Wednesday starting off with the Maryland crab cake tour. lottery tickets our friends at the window nation 866 90 nation out doing five years 0% financing again for this month. So that’s back on again. And I’m gonna be taking my my crab mallet, which is still not used. It still smells like wood. It doesn’t smell like J Oh, I’m about to change that this weekend. I think it cost us on Wednesday. We’re going to be a fade Lee’s on Friday morning welcoming Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band the town Saturday night the eagles were down Thursday. I’m just going drinking day drinking. I’m just doing opening day I was denied credentials by MIT by Angeles’s kid now. So I’m just gonna go see bands and look at pretty girls and wear my new orange shirt. It’s gonna be 70 degrees later Rascon Am I gonna sucker you into a little downtown Alfresco opening day or a Bruce Springsteen or an eagle? There’s got to be something that’s going to be a chance to bring everybody downtown this weekend.

Leonard Raskin  01:42

Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a good celebration week in Baltimore. It’s it’s good for the city. Let’s face it the as you said opening day with a team that then I thought a thought had great pitching them on they

Nestor Aparicio  01:57

kick the ball around a little the first weekend. Don’t be negative about the O’s. Yeah.

Leonard Raskin  02:03

Well, you know, I was holding my breath. day one. Day two, I thought it was in the bag, and then it was out of the bag. Day three just happens. We went out of the bag and into the grass. Right, right. I guess you’re supposed to use two hands to catch the ball. I don’t know. Maybe Maybe they taught me maybe literally. Maybe it’s time for some Little League Two hands two hands. But anyway. Hey, look, you know, it was cold. They’re they’re hitting. You can’t can’t beat that. They’re hitting and they’re running. They’re running. And they’re running. So so we got fun to have but no, I won’t be making opening day. It it’s a busy, busy week, but I think the arena opening is going to be really interesting. It’s gonna be good to see how that shows out. I assume they’re gonna have some pretty big crowds I saw I guess over the weekend, right? Queen announced the second show. So they must have sold the first show. Well, what’s

Nestor Aparicio  03:04

interesting is Friday night versus playing. There’s no game right? Unless it rains Thursday. We know it’s gonna be okay. It’s fine. It’s gonna be beautiful. Saturday, the weather changes a little bit but the Orioles are playing at 705 and the Eagles are playing. Right. So I mean, there’s gonna be 10,000 people downtown for the Eagles. I’m assuming there’s gonna be

Leonard Raskin  03:21

10,000 20,000

Nestor Aparicio  03:24

No, no. I don’t

Leonard Raskin  03:26

know who was such a terrible. Here’s how bad who do we open against?

Nestor Aparicio  03:33

are we opening it to Yankees? Oh, really? Yeah. See, that’s how bad it is. I didn’t even know who they opened against. And then the A’s are in town and they had no idea and a couple of you have been pitched tickets to buy at the arena as executive but nobody sits you on buying Orioles tickets in the offseason? I would think no,

Leonard Raskin  03:51

no, if you haven’t gotten a call haven’t gotten an email. I know that’s not true. That’s not true. I have gotten some emails saying you know that you could be a season ticket holder, but nothing. Nobody’s reached out nothing really heavy. And like I said, I didn’t even know who was who we were playing opening day which is kind of sad. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  04:12

next week up in hay fields for the the the CEO club or whatever. So like these. John Angelo’s Jr. has been on TV, he’s talking to people he’s

Leonard Raskin  04:23

gonna be I’m gonna be there Monday afternoon. You want to come? Yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  04:27

want to come of course I want to.

Leonard Raskin  04:29

I’ll see if I can. I’ll see if I can add a guest this late. Monday.

Nestor Aparicio  04:32

You don’t you don’t want me to be there to ask Mike Elias questions.

Leonard Raskin  04:35

Yeah, sure what we can stir up the pot.

Nestor Aparicio  04:39

Michael, you think I don’t want to meet Mike Elias after I’ve been denied a press credential.

Leonard Raskin  04:44

Hey, remember the CEO club? I have it on my calendar next Monday. It was a special because we usually meet Thursdays. The CEO Club is a Thursday afternoon

Nestor Aparicio  04:54

at the CEO club because I want to give you a little oxygen because I have met through networking. Absolutely. talk a lot about sports and your son and Ohio State the American dream and managing money and all that but a lot of this really I do accelerant I did. I did a beautiful event with connects our friends Dziedzic factory Mike Tisch great people. They invited us at Ryan Ripken is doing their event next month when he’s ready to be free and talk, speak freely and come through my radio show. But, but I love that we’re getting back out into you’re doing Mt. Washington pediatric hospital there. By the way, can I make a big announcement? Can I can I can I say that? I did.

Leonard Raskin  05:34

You can. I don’t know if is that public? I imagine it’s no Yeah, I think it is. I think that I don’t know. But you could certainly say it. Why the heck not? Okay,

Nestor Aparicio  05:44

so I got a call through a mutual friend. Yeah. I love Paul Bragg. Anybody knows me? He’s known I’ve known Paul for years. I met Paula doing boys. Big Sisters, little sisters. Big Brothers little sisters. Yeah. Yeah. Brothers little brother.

Leonard Raskin  05:59

Brother, Big Sister.

Nestor Aparicio  06:01

All right. I’m just mama pasta. Yeah. 20 years ago when I first got married when they won’t be really speaks to these events? Because I mean, like you Yeah, um, you know, I met that night. I met Chris Richards from Greenmount station that night. This was 18 or 19 years ago. I can find the pictures. Okay. We put an apron on. And Big Brothers Big Sisters off. I first time I had to Harka ice cream was that night I had on the gram ice cream that night. It was on the club level of the stadium. I’m a newlywed. And they asked me and my wife at to be celebrity chefs to make a meal to serve along with other restaurants and we Ruth’s Chris was there. Sure, sure. And my wife and I made this bar but this Venezuelan barbecue pork taco with this thing that we did on ships, right. And we had sauces and we we took it seriously. We cooked Absolutely. crock pots for two days, probably broke all sorts of OSHA rules. And we serve food that night. We met beautiful people. I met Paula Bragg that night. And all these years later, she’s done more charity stuff than anybody. She’s been with Mt. Washington pediatric hospital. You’ve been with them for at least a decade. I remember before I knew you well, and they were doing an event and they asked me to help find celebrity this and that. And maybe Brian Billy, and I’m like, Hey, Brian Jun Tov here than Live Here Anymore lives where your son lives in Columbus, Ohio. Hide from the tax man out there raising grandkids having a good time ski and doing all that stuff. And he’s actually in Minnesota in the summer. Brian has his cabinet that you loved, loved, loved, loved loves northern Minnesota. So he spends. He’s 70 years old. He’s a million.

Leonard Raskin  07:45

Right? What the heck?

Nestor Aparicio  07:47

What he wants, right? So he doesn’t live here anymore, right? And I said, Well, maybe I could. Do you know, one of my favorite people. And I know you know this as I hold up your crab, Mel Atlanta. Rascon from Rascon global. Mike bordick is one of the best people, citizens baseball players wouldn’t matter if he was a baseball player. Right? Just a good man human being a good person. Mike bordick is a beautiful guy. And I asked him to do it. And within 30 seconds, I had a solution. So it’s, it’s so I sang earlier this week I sang. I sang I’m Frank Sinatra. So I actually sang an alarm song in front of people. You can see that on Facebook if you want. But I sang Frank Sinatra, I think regrets I’ve had a few that was in regard to not going to the masters. But I would say in regard to giving and giving. I could sing songs about like people giving back and people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. I know that you believe in all of that. And this networking thing and bringing people together and getting out after the plague and being a part of something. It’s important. So talk about CEO talk about what you do, because it is important.

Leonard Raskin  08:54

Yeah, well, the CEO club interesting. It’s it was the first for me. I belong been a member for a number of years duck Strauss. For those that don’t know, duck Strauss is the the leader of the pack, the head of the CEO club, and it is a group that meets on a monthly basis does a lunch, little lunch just so we can eat for the afternoon, little networking CEOs around the Baltimore area, and great, great guest speakers that are brought in every month to talk about what’s going on around town. And business, politics, sports. You name it. Last month, I think it was last month we had the president Loyola University at Loyola University. And this coming, I guess, a week Monday is Mr. Baseball Mr. Baltimore, Mike Elias coming to ya. We usually meet Thursday afternoons and it’s a nice afternoon and some networking like I said, the CEO Club was the first network During in person meeting that I was back, meaning with during the plague during COVID, Doug decided it was time to get the group back together start meeting again, in person, and I think the first meeting we had may be 1520 people. Wow, kind of like 100 Maybe 100.

Nestor Aparicio  10:22

I attended one time, I should tell you that Doug invited me maybe five, six years ago it was had to be longer than that. It was before Leone’s is won the Stanley Cup. Okay, so yeah, so Leone’s is spoke and I lived at Harbor court. Right. And it was at Harbor court. downstair. Yeah, yeah, that’s where it was. And I came and spent the afternoon with Ted who I knew well sure, walked into a Baltimore event. And I was one of the only people in the room he knew, right. So he thought of me in Baltimore. He talked about bringing the Stanley Cup The Baltimore like all that, and then he didn’t have after the run, which really, I have no problem. Urinating upon his name in Baltimore, because you don’t I mean, I’m like, I’m on a cap sky, your cat dry, right? There was a guy in my building that is like, I swear to God, Leonard, there was a man in my building, that when I would get off the elevator, I don’t know what floor he was on one of the middle floors. The entire lobby was cap stuff. And I met him many times. He was a season ticket holder from 73. Wow. So this is a man that lives in downtown. But he lived abroad for 30 years, Baltimore’s caps country, I want to point that out,

Leonard Raskin  11:33

I was a season ticket holder since 1987. Since 87, like it’s possible, that’s almost 40 years,

Nestor Aparicio  11:40

it bothered me the tape went on the air and came up to Baltimore, and I supported all of it to say, hey, he’s not an intruder. He’s not Washington. This is a guy that wants to write Baltimore, and it’s important about Baltimore being a part of it. And I think the CEO club that you’re talking about, it is about stimulating

Leonard Raskin  11:57

Baltimore, and it’s about the good news. You know, like you like you talk about we talked about every week, it’s about the good news. It’s, it’s about, again, what’s happening that’s going on in this town to try to make it better and positive change. And yeah, so it’s a it’s a great group. It’s a group of I don’t know, I want to say 100. Maybe more, you’d have to ask Doug. But really good group of CEOs that get together and talk business and network and create relationships. And that’s what moves the ball around the bases, as they say, I don’t know if they say that but down the field is over right now down the field is not here. Right now. We are moving around the bigger the bigger bases. We’re moving around bigger bases with time clocks. I don’t know what’s going on there. With the bigger bases. I don’t know what what spurred bigger bases. I don’t know they want more people to be safe. What is that?

Nestor Aparicio  12:54

I think it was about collisions at the bag, seeing the bag batter. I just think I think they tried it and it worked better. Aesthetically, I

Leonard Raskin  13:02

still don’t like I still don’t like a man on second and the 10th inning, but it’s awful. What do I have to do with it? And now we’ve got the pitch clock and you strike out if you’re not in the batter’s box in eight seconds, but it’s not eight seconds. I don’t know I I watched a couple games a couple of innings not a couple of games couple of innings. Over the weekend. I was in Colorado in Steamboat Springs. It’s an it’s a beautiful place. Not great if you’re not a skier, but there is a lot to do. Otherwise, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  13:33

chocolate and a fire.

Leonard Raskin  13:34

They do.

Nestor Aparicio  13:36

Well then, I mean, it was

Leonard Raskin  13:37

It was magnificent. And I gotta say, I gotta say it was beautiful. You talking about destination weddings at a client, whose daughter, who’s also now a client and talking about generations of working with, with people with their wealth. And it was at the top of the gondola at the top of the mountain in Steamboat Springs at a beautiful lodge up there. Where they had their wedding. And I gotta tell you the best on it to snow when that oh yeah, it was magnificent. It was magnificent. It was snowing during the wedding. It was beautiful. And, and then the next day the next morning, so they live there. The young ones live there and the next morning. Very cool. bride, groom, mother of the bride, father of the bride bridal party, mother of the groom all went to the top of the mountain and skied and snowboard down in full wedding regalia. gowns, tuxes, gowns, tuxes, Jai applaud was just on the end, it was magnificent. It was magnificent. We got great pictures of them coming video coming down the hill. Pictures of the family out on the snow with skis. It was quite quite inventive and quite amazing and so beautiful Day on the Hill, or in that case on the mountain Ah,

Nestor Aparicio  15:00

good opportunity for me to say to you in order to do that, that ain’t free, right? You need to save money. That’s what it’s responsible. And let’s This is why so some people’s needs are small. I tried. I tried Maui every week or whatever I you know, enough to afford crabs that cost us which crabs are never cheap, but they’re good. But I mean, using the mallet, but you talk about the American dream and things you can do. Yeah. When you say to have that moment, you have to,

Leonard Raskin  15:26

well, you know, you have to have a guy like you. That’s, like hope so yeah, I hope so. I mean, we we we met with this couple 26 or so years ago, when I first met them, if three kids when I met them to your youngest was four or five years old. He’s now 30. And so it’s been a long term relationship and we’ve helped them manage medical practice dental practice and grow their practice and grow their wealth and do the things they wanted to do and three kids through college and now one married. Two in relationships. The guy owned his practice has sold his practice is about to retire from his practice. And a couple of years ago daughter got engaged during the plague during the plague and they said we want to do this wedding. We want to be able to have this wedding for her and I said well do what you want. You know, how great is this? Why

Nestor Aparicio  16:24

I didn’t marry her because it would have been a beach for me. You know? On a cold mount.

Leonard Raskin  16:30

You know destination weddings would have been my toes in the sand. I’d have been out of bed at the beach. Exactly. But yes we talk about this is the American dream they were able to do what they wanted invite the people that they wanted have a great time with their family and friends and people they’ve known for 4050 years 60 years and and see their their kids have a blast and a great night on the mountain made a memory for you and all absolutely absolutely and that bad weather screwed the pooch on the getting home on the airlines these days. It’s kind of crazy flying and we had to reroute around but we made it work and we’re how’d you get stuck. Stuck in Denver. You’re not stuck. Not we would have been we would have been overnight an extra day and steamboat. It could be worse places.

Nestor Aparicio  17:16

I got an empanada for you in Denver if you need why we got places

Leonard Raskin  17:19

you could have we could have been worse places than sitting around the hot springs with a fire at the hot tub with a glass uh, what was it? I don’t know. Well, that’s the wife. The wife is the Chardonnay girl. I was I was sipping it was very lovely. I don’t remember what it was called. Exactly. It’s got a name actually has a name. But it was peppermint schnapps. Hot chocolate. It was delightful. It seems like peppermint schnapps. And that’s what it was to me but they had some name at the at the bar. So whatever. Anyway, they had they had that and they had butterscotch schnapps. See now that’s not my so it was it was a lovely rom right? It was a lovely fire around the fire pit watching people ski down the hill and and April 1 And the whole time

Nestor Aparicio  18:04

I’m thinking why am I not in Jamaica? There you

Leonard Raskin  18:07

go. April the first is not just April Fool’s Day, but it’s apparently some Colorado holiday crazy and people dress up in all kinds of costumes and ski.

Nestor Aparicio  18:19

That’s April 28. In Colorado. No, I’m sorry, that wrong Day, April,

Leonard Raskin  18:23

April 1, April 1. And so there we were. And I got up on April 1, and I saw that the march signed with the Patriots. And then I realized it was April 1 And I said oh maybe that’s not true. So enough about Lamar on to the Orioles.

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

Oh, you’re done with Lamar you just can’t make April Fool’s Oh no

Leonard Raskin  18:41

there’s there’s nothing to talk about when there’s no news there’s no news I don’t know Is there any news

Nestor Aparicio  18:47

you know what people in your side of political aisle say when there’s no news you just make it up right so like for me you would say let’s just make something up about Lamar like like on April Fool just make up that he’s going to the pay that listen this ravens thing the thing we can’t make up as fans is it’s really hamstrung their offseason it’s tough created no other news

Leonard Raskin  19:07

coming up yeah, they don’t know what they’re doing. This has got to be it’s just it’s ridiculous. It’s like a circus now. It’s just fodder. That’s all there’s nothing

Nestor Aparicio  19:20

cute about making it up and saying there is no news I’ll tune in to find out what’s happening Well what happened was he demanded a trade a month ago it’s been a month right there’s nobody to take him even when he wasn’t demanding a tray now that I this is like glaze Campbell signs elsewhere Yeah, you know getting players to come here. Or whatever it is. They they are not getting Luke brought this up. He used the hardball ism on the air. That’s a Bocek Schembechler ism. Yeah. Which I don’t I know you don’t like anything that they got. But you’re getting better. You’re getting worse.

Leonard Raskin  19:54

That’s right. That’s getting better right now. No, no and and I don’t know who’s on the radio silent side, them or him, but he drops tweets like, like, like he’s your friend Donald Trump.

Nestor Aparicio  20:10

Why Trump’s tweets are like dropping tweets like Ray Lewis because he’s quoting Ray Lewis you know, right weapon.

Leonard Raskin  20:15

Right. All right. Well, you know, you think he’s talking to Ray said he’s talking to Ray.

Nestor Aparicio  20:19

I think he’s typing all of them.

Leonard Raskin  20:21

I think if he was talking to Ray Ray might tell him to hire an agent.

Nestor Aparicio  20:24

I don’t know. Probably you’d get somebody handles money like that.

Leonard Raskin  20:28

I heard that on April Fool’s Day to that he hired an agent. I said, Did Leigh Steinberg call did li call

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

Hey man, and you come out and get some crabs and crab cakes on me this because I am I had several guests and I’m gonna give you a choice Okay. Wednesday I’m a cost is two to five we’ll have these marital lottery scratch offs go away. Friday morning would fade Lee’s opening the new arena. nikal new now I’m going to be there all day Thursday. And we’ve been down there Friday morning going back to see Springsteen and going back on Saturday for the eagles on Monday morning up at a meet up for it’s all over. So it’s for

Leonard Raskin  20:58

you got Bruce on air.

Nestor Aparicio  21:00

I’m trying to find notes. We’ll talk about it. But so before the week’s over, I’m going to be downtown having all this fun then. I’m going to be at Pappas and Bellaire. I know you love Right, no, absolutely. When he saw the new location up there. It used to be an Applebee’s. They traded up there eaten way better in that neighborhood. Right now. It’s right in Bel Air pet pappases. There, that’s the third cheese. And then on the 27th back into the neighbor going down to Federal Hill. I’m going to be a captain Larry’s having the legendary Federal Hill crabcake. I’ve heard so much about Larry. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that’s this month. And then like I’m doing May and June and like we’re doing a lot of things. So pick your poison. Come on. I’ll let you wear the fun. Absolutely. Tell everybody what you do because you’re handling money. Yeah. And people. I’m a little freaked out because I haven’t filed my extension. You know this, right? It’s funny day days. Okay, so give everybody the Nesta Don’t you know, you want to let my finances out. But like my dream is, I have to file right. Everybody has one of those guys you’re talking to right now

Leonard Raskin  22:02

everybody has to file again, we’ve talked about it before. coming up April 15. And I believe this year, it’s the 18th. Don’t quote me on that. But let’s call it April 15, you have to file your return. And you have to pay your taxes. Or you have to file an extension and pay your taxes. by that date. You don’t get out of paying because you file the extension, all you get out of is the particulars of your filing. So if you haven’t gotten to your CPA yet, you’re likely to file an extension, although not necessarily depends on your return. You get your taxes done. You get your taxes filed, you pay the man, you pay the man, pay the IRS, you pay the state depending upon where you’re listening, you may or may not have to pay the state. But our job Rascon global is to have a couple things happen first, not have the return be a surprise. You don’t want surprises. Those last year yeah. What are you getting a refund of $10,000? Like,

Nestor Aparicio  23:03

man last year, you get a refund in our marriage first time in like my adult life that I was like, why did that happen?

Leonard Raskin  23:12

Yeah, so surprises aren’t good surprises aren’t good. But here’s the thing that people need to know. The tax return is nothing more than a, a coming together of what you did the whole year relative to withholding estimated taxes. So it’s just a calibration of your tax on a filing basis. Now, the goal is not to have surprises. The goal is to mitigate the overall tax, not the amount due on April 15. Nothing wrong with owing money on April 15. But you don’t want to Oh is a surprise. So what it does is it brings together what you did and now what’s your report. So you know, it’s really easy to get a big refund really easy to get a big refund. People don’t know this. It’s a secret. So I’m going to let all our listeners in on a big secret. If you want to get a big refund, he just over withhold a lot of tax during the year and give the government a tax free interest free loan all year. And then you said waiting for them to come back when you file you get a big refund because they owe you the money you paid it already. A refund is nothing more than you overpaid. And paying at tax time simply means you didn’t withhold sufficiently to cover the tax bill that you owe. What blows my mind and has for 36 years Nestor is people say to me, I got a refund. I did great I got a refund. Your tax bill was $112,000. You got $1,000 refund you feel great. No, reduce the tax. And I don’t care if your tax is $3,000 30,000 or 300,000. In 36 years I’ve never met anyone that like paying any taxes, and I have people whose tax bill is, let’s just call it 10 grand 15 grand. And they have to pay because they didn’t withhold enough and they are angry. And they’re in a 10% tax bracket, I have other people that are getting a refund of a couple grand, and they’re thrilled, and they’re in the 37% tax bracket, both crazy. The goal is to mitigate the overall tax, the refund or, or payment at the end is just squaring up with the IRS. So smart. He said, The big goal is to not have a surprise, and then file and pay whatever you’re supposed to pay or if you’re not paying, and just get it filed. And then after that, don’t worry about it. But the bigger thing is during the year, do the things that you can do to save taxes and to reduce your tax exposure. So that at the end of the year, there’s no surprise and you pay less it is legal, fully legal to take advantage of every single line of the tax code and what it avails you regarding paying taxes. So many people think, Oh, these loopholes are these, these people that that find a way not to pay taxes, or, you know, the business that doesn’t pay taxes, and their secretary pays more than Warren Buffett Well, that’s nonsense. You know, taxes, everybody pays some way or another everybody pays and the rich don’t not pay. As a matter of fact, the rich paid tons, they pay more than anybody else don’t have the exact statistics. But something like the top 3% pay about 50 to 60% of the nation’s taxes. So fair shares a bunch of bunk, some silly talking point that somebody made up, nobody will tell you what your fair share is, they just want you to pay more so they can spend more on things they want to spend it on. And it doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican, which side of the aisle you’re on. The government wants to take, take take to spend, spend spend on stuff that you don’t control. So our goal is to help you find ways to save, save, save, so you don’t have to give give give to them. And as we talked about earlier in the session, you can give to causes you care about you can use your social capital in ways that you want, instead of ways the government dictates so including the Mount Washington, including the Mount Washington pediatric hospital, which is going to have a golf tournament coming up in June, which is going to be fantastic. And we’re going to have a great guest or great guests out there talking to the folks that are giving to the community. And one thing I’ll change your wording just so you get my frame, it’s not giving back. It’s giving because if you were giving back it would assume that someone gave it to you and most people that give work like heck to get it. So I feel that it’s great to give and I don’t think it’s an obligation. I think it’s a wonderful, fabulous opportunity to help other people with the large Jessica wealth that you’ve had in your life to enjoy. So there we go.

Nestor Aparicio  27:54

Perfect weather for that. Season the

Leonard Raskin  27:57

man day masters,

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

my friends awful classic five this week, do a little masters preview with Ed Miller. So golf, we got lacrosse, we got baseball, we got Bruce Springsteen. We have the Maryland crabcake tour letter Rasky can be found at Rascon global, you can add lots of things but you can’t have this crab mallet. This is mine and he has a special beer top opener on the outside which makes it perfect for me and Dundalk. On Wednesday. We’ll be past us doing the Maryland crab cake tour Wednesday, Friday. We’re fadeless downtown and it’s a big big week around here. You mentioned you know pay pay pay give give give just make sure you file five file. Absolutely. So we’ll get that out as well letter can be found at Baltimore as well as at a Raskin You can have him or the Sherpas can Democrat ballot. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore, positive here in the springtime

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