Thinking about an AI starter kit for the holidays?

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As our Chief Technology Officer Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection is always looking to push a very willing Nestor in a new tech direction, here’s some AI intelligence for your stocking stuffer and the usual football conversation of hope for the holidays.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Mike Rosenfeld

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W n s t TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive, happy Christmas Happy New Year Happy Festivus whatever you’re celebrating Hanukkah was last week Kwanzaa is around the corner and my eggnog drinking celebration shall begin here this week as well as a crabcake celebration. So brought to you by the Maryland lottery we got the unwrap the cash prizes. We have the peppermint payouts as well as the dented oh snap gingerbreads we were giving these away last week at the foreign daughter and curio wellness witchiness shock Rock and Roll Hall of Famer had a great great conversation about cannabis in the plant and the science and all of that with Michael Brown, fine and Wendy Brown, find a curio and also learned about detergent, taking out all the stinky stank of my active wear with a guy named Drew Westervelt from a hex ATX Baltimore company, Baltimore manufacturing company, kind of an interesting story and we learned all that up Acurio wellness on Friday. We are going to be at wise markets this week talking Maryland stadium authority, hoping to get Bill Ferguson and Brooke Lieberman and a whole bunch of different people on West more to talk about the the stadium outcome. But it’s on the top of everyone’s tongue. It’s ravens football, it’s Festivus. It’s Lamar not talking as much about the defense but the defense is worth talking about. This guy talks about all things digital, and he is our Chief Digital Officer. We’ve made some moves to be pissed off for greatness going into 2020 for Microsoft held a series of web connection, findable web You can find them at Baltimore And certainly, if you need help with your web strategy, as he brags about here today, and 1570 in our commercials, he’s the guy for you. But you know, it’s the holidays. And you’re like all the rest of us here trying to work through all the cocktails, all the family, all the madness. And this football team being as good as they’ve ever been. Right. I mean, this is doesn’t get much better than this on Christmas night. San Francisco. This is a hell of a week for the Ravens.

Mike Rosenfeld  01:57

Right? Absolutely. I mean, this is my kids are spread out. I got one in Detroit, one in Chicago. They’re all we’re all starting to make plans about, you know, playoff football and hopefully multiple games in Baltimore would be nice for change. This hell schedule yesterday’s. Yesterday’s win against Jacksonville was huge. That’s the one you had to get in this brutal stretch. But yeah, it’s definitely fun.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:26

I don’t think you have to get them all with the teams coming behind you. And then you see the Kansas City’s playing a Little Sisters of the Poor for next couple of weeks. And so they’re gonna win and Buffalo has gotten better, although they might not get in, they have, they better be good to get in. Whereas with the ravens, if the Ravens want to be a one seed, they better be good. If they want to get by, they better be good. These next two weeks best team in the NFL, they would say on the road, the ravens are four and a half point dog early on, as we get going. And maybe it’ll change for the week. I don’t know, on the road for the second week in a row. Certainly did enough to win against Jacksonville and defensively held their water. Although early in the game. Trevor Lawrence gave some gifts. I mean, I pitched last week about horrible o’clock management and and Luke was like, hey, they’re not the only ones that aren’t good at it. Well, there goes your proof where you have a Super Bowl winning head coach, a quarterback who won national championships. He’s been in the league a couple of years ago. Just lead points out on the field against the best team in the AFC.

Mike Rosenfeld  03:33

Yeah, I mean, that was ridiculous. I don’t think that was coaching. I think it was the quarterback run, run run on the ball. Ravens won’t be able to get set. Let’s run a quick play. And it was a gift. It was it was a gift. And we’ll we’ll take it. I have a I know. I have a question for you. A couple of them. One is the the timing of if they’re going to flex the dolphins game, which would be huge on New Year’s to be a forest game for people to party and then go into into New Years. But the the big one is a strategy question. I don’t understand. I know it’s not exciting. I don’t understand the mindset of kicking the ball and allowing the kicking a ball short and allowing the the the receiving team to return the ball rather than just getting the ball to 25 yard line. So there was a play yesterday where Tucker kicked it to the five and our special teams hasn’t been excellent this year. And they ran the ball back to the 40. And I think that’s what started the drive that ended the half and I’m like Why? Why just why do that? Why? So every time they kick the ball off, I’m like just put it through the endzone. My

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

god love to ask questions, but they threw me out. Now there used to be a point In your work I like you would ask me something like that. And I’d say, I’ll ask Carbone when’s their last pillock? That’s not That’s not the world that they have. I mean, you know, Jack Steele was standing on national television, stocking his quarterback trying to grab his quarterback from Melissa Stark. And it’s like, what are you doing? Get the hell out of the shot, you know, so I don’t the way they’re managed and the way they’re, you can’t ask questions I don’t. And I don’t know that you would get honesty in that in the way that during the military, he’d say, Well, we thought the kick returner had the yips and he was gonna fumble the ball. We thought we could push him back there and make him start at the 15 instead of the 25. We liked the way we recovering, you know, like whatever the answer would be, which would be the real answer, because there really is usually an answer. I mean, the Trevor Lawrence thing at the goal line was very simply, like, we could have dirted the ball, but we had a free play and I effed up, the free play had to be into the endzone or it had to be through the endzone or during the ball because you’d want to cost three points there, but at least you would get a straight answer have I screwed up? You know, literally, I screw hardball was truthful. Last week. You weren’t on the show last week, but he did say on on the camera. I effed up. He said that into his microphone. You can get some truths. If you know Fox Television. They They love those tight shots. When Fox does a game. You get to see coaches lips move in a CBS isn’t really into that so much, you know what I mean? So a lot of it is about the bronchus. And how about having Terry McAuliffe basically say the league’s wrong on the touchdown call like, very rarely do you see that from an official on national television saying I think the league got that wrong. I think your bets not going to cash because it Goosen New York. Well,

Mike Rosenfeld  06:49

I know that everyone listens to your radio program and definitely listens when I’m on with you. But checking the Google machine, I will just tell you that the average yard line for a kickoff return is the 22.8 yard line for me to to potentially give up a big play versus just saying let’s start at the 25 yard line makes absolutely no sense. So I wish you could ask that question. I know you can. But I had a debate with my son. He’s like they wanted to take five seconds off the clock. You know, for them returning the kick. I’m like, so was what one minute 38 versus a minute, you know, 30 you know, three or whatever. And it makes no sense. But I digress. So it was a big game. A big look. I’m a half full guy. I like to believe I am. So I’ll take the W was these are must win games. If you know I’ve said going into these next two games. Well, of course you’d like to win both but you got to win the one against the AFC for tiebreaker purposes so I was really happy to get that W yesterday.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:00

Jacksonville like now fight with Indianapolis in Houston. And how about the Oilers were in those I mean awfulness. But most fellas here he’s on webcast. I’m sorry, go born in Houston. I mean, they weren’t in Tennessee against Houston. So if you’re in Houston watching your team play your old team and we’re familiar with this when the Colts were there 56 throwbacks the other day and having it unnecessarily Amy Adams, classless classless I don’t I don’t I love the Oilers. I love their uniforms. If I bought the Oilers, I bought the Titans I would be compelled to put the Oilers uniforms back I love the Oilers. Everything about them. That was filthy. It just intellectually shows me who you are. You know what I mean? Really, because unnecessary and you know, the weirdest thing and I talked to Luke about this. And I know we’re going to talk some AI and then a year with you being the web guy, but I’m blown away by how many fans in the stands. And Nashville, we’re wearing Oilers gear like that stuff is selling in Tennessee in a big way.

Mike Rosenfeld  09:15

Yeah, I I often say I’m so glad they changed. You know, the Ravens created a new name. I’m glad that the Cleveland got their team back on play. There’s no overlap there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:29

It’s nobody looks at us anymore and thinks Cleveland Browns,

Mike Rosenfeld  09:32

no one except for people in Cleveland. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:36

But then he became Joe Flacco. I mean, he’s gonna get into the playoffs. So there’s, you know, I mean, we gained the best we had Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  09:42

you know, they walk when they won that game I was off first of all, I’m like cursing the bears. And I’m like, we got to win. I mean, I I want to win the division, and at least get one playoff game. So yes, once again yesterday’s win. Was Was Huge. are

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00

you rooting against Flacco? Just because they’re the browns and you hate them no matter what or do you have a soft spot for it because there’s really a mix of this. I find myself rooting for Flacco. I you know, like I I’m not saying like, and I’m rooting for Jim Schwartz too, because he’s one of them. I mean, so every time they get the ball or give the ball up, I’ve gotten like a vested friendship involved in that in some really, weirdly, I’ve never looked at the Cleveland Browns and route, I’m an oiler fan, right? So I never liked the Cleveland Browns ever, ever, ever. It took me a little while to get used to Finney and, you know, Michael Jackson had all that when they got the

Mike Rosenfeld  10:39

answer. Your question is, I’d like him to see him perform well stay healthy, but the brands lose. What I don’t want to see is a Ravens Browns playoff game. And God forbid Joe Flacco leads the team to a win over us that would in my mind tarnish the feeling I have for him in the history of

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:03

I would, it would it would not take away New Orleans, it would not.

Mike Rosenfeld  11:07

No, it would not. But still, I mean for him to come in here and eliminate the Ravens in a playoff game, especially if they were the number one seed would scar. Oh, I’m being honest.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:24

I can’t imagine the phone calls that day. The morning after that Microsoft found a series it the web connection. Tell me what you’re doing your chief digital officer. And I you are the first one to really bring me chat GPT and AI, I am not really utilizing it. Although it is everywhere in every piece of software, whether it’s Microsoft, whether it’s my jetpack, and things that MonsterInsights things on the backside of my website. My otter, which we use for transcription uses AI. So like, it’s all there, and I haven’t jumped in. But as you know, and anybody that knows me, knows, you know, my wife’s off baking, it’s holiday week, I work on my business and I did my business. If you’re listening to the radio this week, you’re going to hear a lot of best love and a lot of crab cakes for stuff this week through the holidays. And I am working on the greatest promotion we’ve ever done here. We’re going to do Super Bowl week. So our radio row week after I mean if you’ve heard Joe Nemeth and Joe Montana, and whoever Hugh Jackman, all the stars we’ve had, we’re going to do something really special this year for radio row to talk about our 25th anniversary and to commemorate that, but I need to get better and 2024. And that’s something I look at every year Christmas, I have my list up here the purpose of my life to be the best version of myself enjoy all of my I mean, I have I have all of my my game out to get better and 2024 to make a better Baltimore positive to celebrate our 25th anniversary. And I know, I know, I know, I know, much like if you weren’t on Twitter, if you didn’t have a Facebook, if you didn’t have a cell phone, if you weren’t on the internet, like if these points in life, were like changed, you get cable TV, right? Like whatever. This AI thing is something that some the cool kids are using it your digital nerd you’re using it. But it is paramount for me being a small business owner to right here right now that we’re a year into this really where people are using it is I need to adopt it, I need to drive it, I need to understand it. And I need to utilize it in the same way. When I went over to Dave Goldsmith’s house. And he’s like, so kids, there’s this thing called the World Wide Web, and it’s gonna blow your mind. I remember that first meeting that I went to in Pikesville. In 1997. I’m like, What is this geo cities in this America Online thing? The AI thing is something that if in the next six months, for the next six weeks, I can drive it better. It’s it’s going to change my business. And I’ve realized that so I want you to take your platform and tell me what you know, because you’ve been adoptive and my chief digital officer has taken a strategy with AI that, quite frankly, you didn’t have nine months ago, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  14:09

Yeah, well, first of all, and I’m not just saying this to kiss your tail. But there are, you know, we’ve been we’ve been at our respective businesses for a while. And there’s a lot of people who would just say, I’m just going to ride this out until I retire. But the fact that you and I both are focusing on continuing to be better, and to grow is a testament to how we approach our businesses. So celebrating

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:36

25 years, and I know fans have done some great shit around here. You know what I mean? And I’m proud of it. 25 years in curio sponsor, our 25th anniversary, I just put our road trips, we’ve taken over 12,000 people on the road like we’ve done great, great thing. That’s great. I pat myself on the back. It’s been a great ride. But I’m 55 and like Baltimore positives irrelevant, and the governor’s pissed at me and like so like I I know, we can do great things. But I also know you, you couldn’t do it without a cell phone, you couldn’t do it without a webpage. And I think we’re getting to the point where if your competitors are using AI, and you’re not, you’re spending money time waste, not being resourceful, not being efficient, especially if you’re small, you’re gonna get steamrolled the way, you know, Amazon steamroll people.

Mike Rosenfeld  15:23

Yeah, so to answer your question, I happen to feel artificial intelligence and AI is, is overused. Like, we just bought a new washer and dryer, and it says that AI, you know, because it’s intelligent, and it’s not a human, so therefore must be artificial intelligence. But I focus on, I focus on actual machines that learn and advance themselves and and mimic the way a human being would would behave. One of the exams. So yeah, I’ve been talking about chat GPT, because that’s the low lying fruit that most people think about when they think of AI. One of the examples that I’m going to give that has no relevance to my end my business or my clients, but I found outstanding was, how they’re using it in the operating room. So the example that I saw was, when they open up with someone has what they believe is brain cancer. In the old days, which was a year ago, they would open them up, they would take a slice of the growth, they’d close the person’s skull up, and then they would send it to a lab and it would take weeks, I’m not gonna say months, but weeks for them to determine what this was and how they were to treat it. Now, what they do is they bring a computer into the operating room, the scholars open, they take this, this piece, they run it on in this computer and the artificial intelligence, not only you can immediately while the person is still open, so they don’t have to go through two surgeries and cracking their skull open twice, and all that determines what what the pathogen is what the DNA of the tumor is, they can predict the growth of what would happen if left untreated, so that they can make real time decisions in the operating room of what to do. Now, that’s not a chat, GPT write me an email with a subject line type of use of a

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:40

zactly. But create a post with a headline that says what I say it is and add tag lines, and you know, launch it to YouTube, you know, like trying to do simple things here. Just

Mike Rosenfeld  17:51

so. So let’s make it simpler than that brain surgery. I’ve told you in the past, I mean, I’m in the business. So tech, new technologies weekly are rolling out. But for me every year, year and a half, there’s a technology that changes is a game changer for my business. And, and this year’s was notetaking, which is artificial intelligence. So you know, as as my practice grows, I go from consultation, a consultation, one client to the other, sometimes their needs are similar. Sometimes they’re different. And I need to be on top of my game so that when the next time I have a consultation with them, and like Okay, last week, we discussed this, you weren’t supposed to deliver these things. I was supposed to deliver these things, let’s move the ball forward, and let’s grow. But as I get busier and busier, I noticed that sometimes small details were slipping through the cracks. I don’t know that my clients realize that. But I realized that and I have a high standard for myself. So right now you a lot of your listeners may notice if they go into a zoom or they go into a team’s they see a a extra rectangle that joins the meeting that says so and so is taking notes for you. Fire Firefly AI is probably one of the leaders, the one that I’m using is called Fathom and it’s a bolt on to your to to your you don’t have to use it with teams in zoom, you can just put on your desktop and open it

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:31

gives you an automatic summary of the conversation. Right? Yeah, but it’s not like just

Mike Rosenfeld  19:35

a transcript, which I see on your website. It can give you that what it does is it breaks it down. This was talked about then this was talked it’s a

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:43

summary I have I have a summary of every conversation on otter AI that I need to figure out how to get to our platform. So the summary shows up at Baltimore positive so real life issue for me is the summary exists. I just don’t know how to get it to live with In the frame of what I’m delivering, because people would like a summary of what Luke and I talked about, oh, offense, defense, whatever, other than just a headline, it’s the same issue of summarizing any conversation. And recollecting better, right, like, instead of, I got it all right here in my head, we’re doing too much for that. Having notes for all of it, the next time you get together would be beneficial in any walk of life, right, pick up where you left off, have a little review. It’s not

Mike Rosenfeld  20:29

just the summary, which it is. But at the very end, it says next steps. So it takes the summary. And it gives you the next step to the point where it is so smart that, and I don’t do I don’t do it five minutes before the meeting, but I could five minutes before my next meeting, I could go to the one and a half page summary to the very bottom 1/20 of what they’ve produced, and read that and be totally prepared for my meeting. Now, I will tell you that I went I’m a member of a small CEO group, we’ve been together for years, we just kind of support each other and talk through issues and things like that. One of the members is our friend, our mutual friend, Bill Cole. And I

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:13

still call here the one that puts the coffee in my coal roofing mug.

Mike Rosenfeld  21:17

That’s right, the roofing and the and the solar energy company, CEO. And I basically said the same thing. This was a game changer. And there was some debate like, is this excessive? And? And do you really need it? So he’s a client of mine, we had a consultation, and I said, Hey, how about I just send you what it just showed me? And I sent it to him? He’s like, Well, he’s like, how much is this? It’s just a game changer. And it’s not just for, and look, I love giving tips to your audience that they can use on their own. You know, I am a consultant. So I regularly hold meetings, and my clients are all over the place. So oftentimes, it’s in zoom. So that may make sense to people that they can do that. And there and, but if you’re like, let’s just say, Bill, you know, he’s not a consultant, but he has a lot of meetings, he has meetings with his executive team with his HR team. So you can use it for that you can set up a microphone, with you in your board room, you can have the meeting and it will still summarize your meals better

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:21

at school, I would have been at the end of the day, if they’re just would have been a summary for me at the end of you know, like, I just would have been better at at what Well, I mean, look at all my Robbins training, when they tell you, you have to get a piece of information four times, you know, hear it twice, repeat it, repeat it again, write it down, like all of those sort of intuitive human things to say, All right, I now own that information that information is is learned not I have to look it up, literally, right. And

Mike Rosenfeld  22:49

there’s one other piece that this software does, which I find to be outstanding. It provides you this outline, it’s an outline, it’s the the way they taught you to to learn and take notes when you’re in college. It’s an outline, but for every entry in the outline, there’s a blue link, and if you click on the blue link, it takes you right to that portion of the conversation. So if you if if just the entry isn’t enough, and you want to relive the actual conversation and the nuance of it, you click on it instead of having to figure out where it wasn’t drag your your slider to the where you think it was in the video. It takes you right there. It’s just outstanding and ridiculously inexpensive. I’m talking like 100 and 150 bucks a year to get your stuff in order and get your head wrapped around and not have to worry like I like this I like what we’re doing the free flow Creative Conversation where we don’t have to say okay, stop so I can take a note down. We can do we can just go

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:49

and and the notes being taken. Right. Exactly. So okay, great stuff, man. I mean great tips. Mike Rosenfeld is our Chief Digital Officer. That’s why right there and I’m gonna be stepping my game up. We’re gonna step in our game and we’re going to be fade Lee’s on next we got my favorite shirt on underneath year 27,000. That’s Wednesday after Christmas. We’ll be giving away some peppermint payouts. We’ll have some other holiday giveaways as well as having our final crab cake in the old Lexington markets would be fried oysters and, and tramp doing it all this way. I’m going all in and fate Lee’s and we’re doing something in radio row wheat. That’s going to be one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done here for 25 years. So I am piecing that together. I’m going to need your AI for all the meetings I’m going to be having for all of that Microsoft can be found at web You can also be found at the front of Baltimore positive through the holidays don’t look for him this weekend. He’ll be drinking eggnog and having some fun and probably watching too much football like all the rest of us this weekend. They sort of start on Thursday, and they don’t end it’s the most exciting time of the year and I’m gonna be wise markets. They’re breaking the sauerkraut kielbasa out for me, they promised me cinnamon ice cream on top of my apple pie warm just the way I like it. So I’m gonna have Christmas twice this week, thanks to our friends at wise markets. You know, we have his wise conversations around here. Luke is out and Owings Mills all week long if there’s any breaking news you get first on the wn S T tech service brought to you by Coons, Baltimore Ford, and I’m a very available individual. You want to reach me, nessa Baltimore finds me anytime. There’ll be plenty of stadium, stadia residue with the governor, and with all the people that are giving John Angeles more money than we probably should. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. Merry Christmas to everyone. Even John Angelos and Steve Ashanti. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. Stay with us. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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