Sweeping into the second half of a memorable Orioles season

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From peach cake to memories of All Star Games of yesteryear, Mike Rosenfeld and Nestor do a summer baseball session as the upstart Orioles turn for home in the pennant race that Baltimore has been waiting a long time to see and feel the magic.


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Nestor Aparicio, Mike Rosenfeld

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W and S T, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are positively into all star game week around here. This used to be a time where I got I went to every All Star game for about 20 years and I’ll probably share some of that as part of our 25th anniversary coming forward. But it is the 30th anniversary of me bumping into Geddy Lee at the Maryland Science Center at the All Star gala still have his autograph on the back of my my ticket from the gala that night and reception I attended with David Hill, from then outside pitch, but we are going to be celebrating 25 years later on this month. I wear my drug city shirt, basically to torture Mike Rosenfeld because he I don’t think he’s ever been to drug city and Dundalk, Maryland 1954. They were established at 54. Maybe I should make it WNS t shirt like this and give it away on August 3 Fourth, it cost this and drug city when we celebrate that says 1998 Because that’s kind of when this whole thing happened here at wn St. Mike Roosevelt joins us now he’s our Chief Digital Officer. He’ll be there when I’m giving away Maryland lottery tickets. I’ve got my I got tickets. I’ve got my crab mallet for Costas on the third with Rascon global including, I can open my own bottles of beer which I think Karen will appreciate down there as well. And our friends window nation 866 90 nation my wife wash the floppy hat after the last show. It failed me so it’s kind of straight up almost like your Miller Lite floppy hat that you got last Friday night. Rush about how are you man? Happy Summer to you, man. What’s going on?


Mike Rosenfeld  01:26

I’m taking summer that’s a good looking floppy hat. Isn’t it a hell of a hat foot over your head because you’ve got your headphones on? Yeah, we’re listening to this probably should do themselves a favor and pull up the videos.

Nestor Aparicio  01:39

I watch I watch the videos from families I wear it sometimes and it looks silly, but it’s fun and I love when donation and they support we do and help us feed our families and you know Yeah, it’s great.

Mike Rosenfeld  01:52

My summer is great. So you’re holding a crab mallet had crabs over the Fourth of July. Beautiful beautiful thing outside on our deck. It’s just felt like a Baltimore actually was on the Fourth of July. And then the sun can cost

Nestor Aparicio  02:07

more that day. Yeah.

Mike Rosenfeld  02:13

And then my we were we were eating until the sun came down and then the local neighborhood fireworks experts were launching fireworks so we could see right on our deck. So it was pretty. It’s pretty nice evening,

Nestor Aparicio  02:27

taking a cut my hair at some point and then I see Dean Kramer go out and throw seven innings and like when I put my hair back now I tried to put it back the way Dean Kramer does. So you know what I mean? So I’m trying to like get into the spirit of things here this summer. But yes, summer has been great. You mentioned Fourth of July. I have a great piece running right now you find that a Baltimore positive number families we were given away into the lottery scratch offs, everybody that came by Lexington market, it was good stuff. And so Bill co came by with Amy Hahn and they had never met. So these are sponsors of mine that had never met, right. And I told them that I’m trying to put together a night and you need to hold this like to December 8 is the night that Dan Rodricks is doing his Baltimore event again, his his his play, and I want to take all of my friends and sponsors out to this. So I got them together and they had never met and Bill it never been to fade Lee’s and then the next thing you know Marty, Gary comes in. And we did 51 minutes about how the giant invasive rock fish are eating all the baby crabs at the bottom of the Chesapeake. Because some hillbillies in Virginia brought him in here 50 years ago and didn’t think they were coming up the creek. I mean, it’s like something out of Jurassic Park. If you see these fish, they’re 100 pound cat fish. It’s not good. And my buddy who’s a fisherman Sammy tutor, who’s gonna be a guest on the show. I’m getting him out to the crab cake tour salmon, our boy scouts together played little league together. He’s from Colgate. My parents were friends. Like we’ve known each other forever. He’s a little worried because I didn’t vote for Trump. But that’s just my cheap shot at him. But we’re gonna get together. He’s catching these giant catfish for the first time. He’s been on the water for 50 years. Fishermen have never seen them and they’re they’re boating 3000 pounds a day. Fish

Mike Rosenfeld  04:09

I saw this. I didn’t know it was a thing. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  04:12

I mean, what’s more Moore’s in on, like, everybody’s trying to like, and we think that scientists think we’re never gonna get them out

Mike Rosenfeld  04:20

that they I saw a special one and how people are going on boats and bow hunting them with, with, excuse me with with bow guns, you know, and shooting them. And it’s just like, and they’re trying to get Maryland restaurants to

Nestor Aparicio  04:37

start featuring. Yeah, I gotta talk to our friends at Restaurant Association. Mara, we gotta get on this.

Mike Rosenfeld  04:43

Yeah, it’s a problem. Well, so

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

we did a long thing about it. But this is like, what when I’m sitting in fadeless market with Bill Cole and Damien, who’s both of their families have been here over 100 years. They’ve never met and Bill for whatever reason hadn’t been in there and and he felt off All about having not been there and I’m like, well, you’re here now. That’s all that matters. You know what I mean? We’re building one next door. That’s what Baltimore positive is about is bringing people who don’t know each other together in some way and saying, I’ve never been to Dundalk, because I’m from Woodlawn. I’ve never been to Pikesville because I’m from Essex. I’ve never been to Bel Air because I’m from Colombia. Like there. There’s just a lot of that that does go on here where we get into our patterns of doing the same things. But the one thing we have in common and I guess I knew this was crab cakes and crabs. And really the Orioles you know, when I when I talked to a lot of people our age, I mean, you’re from the other side of town. We work Memorial Stadium at the same time, doing the same thing in the same way, batting like Eddie, or like Al Bumbry are cleaning rocks out of the batter’s box like Ken Singleton. And now I’m just wearing my hair like being crazy, but you see it, you’re like, Okay, so I guess what I’m saying is crabs, and the Chesapeake. There’s no other place you gather on the Fourth of July, and talk about doing this thing that’s so indigenous to us. And so indigenous that Lennar Raskin has figured out a crab mallet that’s patented with a beer bottle opener on the side. And I know you need this next Fourth of July. That’s brilliant.

Mike Rosenfeld  06:13


Nestor Aparicio  06:15

nobody happens here.

Mike Rosenfeld  06:16

Let me tell you something, you know, not that you need any creative ideas, that’s what you do for a living. But, you know, as I’ve gotten to know, you and work with you, yeah, we have the sports in common. Yeah, we have the music in common. But the other thing that you know, as you continue to evolve Baltimore positive, that I think that you have a handle on more than I do, is just like local spots, local joints, local place to grow. have,

Nestor Aparicio  06:47

you know, local people?

Mike Rosenfeld  06:49

Yeah, your peach cake and your and your, you know, and your pizza and your and oh, there’s this little spot down here. And, you know, and I think if you if you whether it’s personally between the two of us or on on the air, if you bring a little bit more of that, I think there’s a lot of people who’d appreciating and, and you’re right, there’s not there’s people who live in their cocoons. They live in their little towns a little while I talked to

Nestor Aparicio  07:14

Chris pike up at the spirits West, where it’s like, he had never really been through the tunnels because he lived on the west side of town. And like, why would he need the tunnel? And like I dated a girl who’s from Pikesville, who’d only been through the tunnel two or three times, and every time she would come and visit me on the east side of town, when we go through the tunnel is a thrill for her. Like literally and unlike. It wasn’t a thrill for me going through the Harbour Tunnel when I was a kid. He was the only tunnel before 8182 And then I had Barbara Mikulski on explaining how the tunnel got built. The fort McKay, the thing we know is the Fort McHenry tunnel, which I remember the first time I went through there to go to a clippers game. At that time when even Skipjacks was a clippers with PD Eliot who just got his driver’s license, you never should have had his driver’s license. And we went through the tunnel and the orange lights it was white. It was like Heaven’s Gate man like when you went through the old the new tunnel and the old tunnel, which was all dingy and claustrophobic and stuff. And I’m thinking to myself, those are Baltimore experiences. Some people never had families grandkid. Some people never been to drug city Mike.

Mike Rosenfeld  08:17

Yeah, I didn’t know I didn’t know drug City until you put the shirt on today.

Nestor Aparicio  08:21

Well listen, this is why the 25th anniversary is gonna be significant we’re gonna be giving these away from the mayor louder gonna be eating crabs were in the the fun weather nation had having friends like you out hopefully, I hope that August 3 and fourth, if you’re not on vacation, and this is for the listenership for everybody out there. We’re gonna be at cost us on the third most of the day, I’m trying to figure out 12 to five something like that, where we can have a table and folks can stop by bring old get nasty stuff. Get a free book. I’m gonna have a whole bunch of stuff to give away that I just want to like, give to people who really want it. We’re gonna have great crabcakes there. i This is such a Baltimore positive thing. I want to tell you this story because the other day I’m a peach cake guy. You know this, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  09:03

Yeah, yeah, I want to just for the record.

Nestor Aparicio  09:07

I ate my last piece this morning on the air with Dennis. I’m sorry. I really did. I tortured him. I held it up. I’ll get you a peach cake. It’s just one thing to talking about peach cake in December, or January or February or you can’t have it. Okay. It’s like talking about eggnog right now. Where am I getting in? Like, seriously, we’re gonna get an eggnog right now nowhere, right. red crabs used to be this way in the winter, but we fix that. Yeah, it’s like getting a snowball in December. Not happening. Although you could. I would say this for me. Peach cake starts now. Like a week ago Fourth of July ish. I thought it kind of went away in August. But now I’ve been told they won’t go away too early September. I wrote to the man who who runs the Woodley bakery and the Fenwick bakery and Mr. Simon passed away up in Kochi for these are the Three bakeries that still do it better than anybody here and if there are other ones for missing them. Here I am nessa Baltimore positive.com As Peter Angeles wants to I’m a very available individual let me know if there’s peach cake that I have not sought out the frickin peach cake toward next July in August. I mean, I will no problem. So I went, I went online and I wrote and I believe his name is Al but his real name is Michael. I think it’s al though, at att. I’ve only met him once. And it was last week at Fenwick bakery. I woke up at like 620 in the morning on the morning that it happened last week. They opened at seven o’clock I drove over you know 645 I parked the car at 651 I thought there would be a line there wasn’t but I’ve been there when my God I’ve been there when there have been sporty people up or down Harford road however you want to I guess I’ll par for road at that point or no actually we down our throat. So I walked in at 658 and they were open. I got the first piece of peach cake on the first day of peach cake season. He didn’t even have to sign up. I met him I met the Baker’s that are there in the morning. I told him how much I appreciated them and how important it was that like they’re in business. I took a picture they didn’t know who I was. They were not like listeners or fans or whatever. But I did beg him to make a little extra peach cake on August 3 and bring it over to cost this for us so that he can come on the air and talk about peach cake and then I can have some peach cake available. So that if some straggler like you that never comes to Dundalk that doesn’t know your way to drug city or to cost us on the third or fourth of August could have a bonus now mean you got to drug city your cost is you’re already I don’t need to bring anything you don’t I mean like I’m being honest with you. You love whiskey, drug city you love beer and crabs crab cakes, crab soup, cream spinach, oysters, Rockefeller, pit beef, whatever you want. Ribs cost this can take care of you want a milkshake. You want a big boy milkshake, they’ll make that for you at the fountain at drug city, drug city their motto is if we don’t have it, you don’t need it. So I have two places here within a mile each other you can walk past a war memorial down Old North Point Boulevard and you can get the cost this but without peach cake and peach cake season without silver Queen corn without crabcakes. Without proper ripe garden grown tomatoes with proper salt. Without things I don’t even eat like potato salad and macaroni salad. I don’t like any of that. But you have to have it. I went through this with coal as deviled eggs gotta have those I think tastes like garbage. I’m not eating them. But you got to have them. So this is what my 25th anniversary is gonna be. Are you in? What do you think? I’m in. All right, thank you. I appreciate it. While you’re my chief digital officer, Mike for you with with the summer in the Orioles and stuff like the All Star Game Adley rutschman Dad pitching to him. This has been as good as sports a year. And I mean Lamar and I might might not play six games. The Ravens might snake I don’t know. But this feeling of like you and your kids in baseball and summer. I’m watching the Home Run Derby Monday and I hate the Home Run Derby because Adley rutschman is in it?

Mike Rosenfeld  13:19

Yeah, I mean, look, I just yesterday I said to my son I said that when yesterday, MIT felt like the biggest win of the year for me, you know losing three in a row and having the Yankees be one game behind us. You know would have been atrocious. We’re not playing well. But you know this Colton Couser who I’m starting to understand is just a character in a good way. You know, just an interesting dude and

Nestor Aparicio  13:46

all the masks and cameras loved his family too.

Mike Rosenfeld  13:49

Yeah. And looking looking at the lineup and looking at Henderson and you know, and then Richmond and cows are and and West Rexburg. It’s just like it’s just really exciting. And, and even as the Orioles were kind of sliding these last two to three weeks, you know, just playing just under 500 baseball or maybe at 500 Baseball we take for granted. I mean, we used to play 300 Baseball so and just saying the future is bright and I’m using air quotes. Because this is going to take us back to another conversation. I just would like to see them extend a player. I’d like to see the commitment to keeping what we have to do

Nestor Aparicio  14:33

you know what it’s real early on that like I I hear you and you’re being fanboy now. And if I weren’t asked you yesterday on the air, taking this phone call, I’d say pump the brakes like I’m not you’re not in any risk of losing any of these guys right this minute now. I mean, Elias I’ve met him one time and he actually emailed me and said thank you and was kind to me, like literally, out of the blue. I got an email from him like, so I have no axe to grind with him. Maybe one day we’ll have a beer together and laugh about at all when the new ownership takes over and we get the long term lease that you and I have spent the last couple of segments talking about at length in an important way. I don’t know anything about him. I would say this, that I know personally, I know this for a fact. And it’s never been reported. Maybe it’s never been reported. But Eric Decosta helped him get the job. You’re gonna mean Eric knew Mike. Eric knew CIG Eric was part of that with analytics, Eric and I used to be friends, friends, that I knew all of this stuff. So when they were when John Angeles was looking to hire the mike Elias thing, you know, like, Elias is really smart. And like when I see the Jeff passan of the world, people that write about baseball, talk about the system, and seeing what’s here. A lot of these guys would have to fall on their face, or take on Tommy John surgeries, and I watched John means, by the way, I don’t like that speed seat spinning thing. Dude, if a guy’s gonna do an inning in the dugout, cut the shit. That’s what I would say. That would be me. If I were John Angelo’s. That would be me. If I were the executive producer. That would be me. If I were the general manager, the team, that would be me if I were Greg Bader, that would be me if I were the manager in the middle of a game, saying, sit on the bench and let him do the work done with that. We’re professional outfit here. Like games. That’s all that’s it stop. It’s the one time the fans get to interact with John means. Stop. It’s not

Mike Rosenfeld  16:28

what are you talking about? I’m

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

gonna weigh the maths in it. He did the maths and thing the other night means has a thing with a bunch of the pictures where they spit seeds at each other when they’re doing the interviews, and the third inning, I want the interviewer to be good. I’m still with it. That’s the radio producer me saying Don’t screw with my guests in the middle of an interview. Right? That’s That’s basic broadcasting. And that would like you want to have a little fun at the end. Fine. But like not for a whole inning in the middle of a game we Couser is it bad, and Jim Palmer Hall of Famers trying to get interesting things out of John means stop it. Stop it. So that that would be my thing. Because I do want to get to know these guys, John means seems like they all seem like good guys that That all being said, I’m boxed out and they let my employee in and my employees want vacation this week, and I can’t get a Pressman. I mean, I would have been up at Yankee Stadium this week, right? Like, if things were normal, if they were normal franchise looks on vacation. I’m not allowed to cover the game. When Luke went away last week. We didn’t have anybody at the game because they won’t let me in. That’s how effed up they are. So I need to bring that up to you and Mike Elias and anybody else, right? But I would say they’re very likable, right? And a lot would have to really go wrong here. And I don’t, I’m not one of those fanboys that needs the to have the team pat on the back on all star game night, or that I need my player to play like Mike Messina and Seto Gaston, or I need rutschman to win the Home Run Derby. I don’t need any of that, you know, but But what I need from the franchise is an all in Right, right. Whether it’s not intimidating and locking out local media members, whether it’s what are we doing with fans to get them there on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights, which have been a problem. Fans love Hawaiian shirts, they like Shaq team didn’t play well in front of the big crowds. Those hideous Baltimore jerseys, like you and I could sit and talk about all of that. But the future is bright. And this is the big chance this is their big opportunity. But I don’t know that. Given rutschman $80 million to hang out two extra years right this minute, is something he wants or needs, or they should be focused on in the middle of the pennant race. I mean, they need to get it they need to get it, they need to get a lease. Like y’all keep going back to that they need to get a lease and get a future. They need a blueprint for what they’re supposed to be other than a friggin ATM. Whenever they start winning. They need they need to be something more than that.

Mike Rosenfeld  18:55

I hear you. I’m going to put you back on the alias. I’ve been to four games this year. Always buy tickets, kind of behind home plate. And every year Elias comes down and sits in a couple empty seats that happen to be there. Amongst it’s not like he has his own seats amongst the fans. You know, instead of just hiding in the press box or things like that just seems to be an oppressive guy guy that I’m like proud is you know running the team. You know you feel good. You should be

Nestor Aparicio  19:28

a guy that in his soul feels like it’s wrong that I’ve that I’ve a guy named Aparicio has been thrown out of the organization for complaining about it’s sucking and it did suck. It still sucks. I mean, it’s still not great. I mean, how can it not suck when their games aren’t even I can’t find their games. How can you know like, it’s still kind of sucks. I mean, they’re really you don’t worry it doesn’t suck Mike I went through this with Dennis last week. Go look at Cincinnati’s crowds. They’ve turned the spigot on there, right for the first time in a long time. They have this kid He was exciting and pissing everybody off and having managers, you know, upset at his showmanship in Cincinnati. He’s Lamar Jackson, right? Like he’s the savior. And they’ve got a football team that’s like, really brought out the sports fans. They’re Everybody I talked to in Cincinnati tells me I wouldn’t recognize the city. Now, of course, I was denied a press credential because Chad Steele wrote to the Bengals and told not to let me in for the playoff game. But apparently the white jerseys and the end the Joe burrow factor is something that I saw a little bit with Marvin, I saw a little bit with Carson Palmer back in the day when I was there, but the baseball team has always been the night I did my baseball tour in 15. I went with Marty McGee, who worked for the daily racing form in Lexington. He came up and ice cream had a great night and be swabbed hundreds of people. I mean, really, really motivated bone marrow donors that night. I mean, it was we had a line, it was unbelievable. And the Reds were the gal from the Reds who was with us that night is a LinkedIn friend and Lindsey somebody that’s still in my life that the reds, the Reds were impressive, man. And, and they suck. They just suck. I mean, they don’t have any money. They’re, they’re where they are, you know, they’ve had Votto, you know, I mean, like they, but they sucked. And on that particular night, they gave a bobblehead away. Oh, my God, dude, there were 8000 people waiting to give up get a bobblehead on that night that I was there. And and they’re a vibrant part of downtown even when they suck. Unlike the pirates where people don’t go people went to reds games, and they cook them giveaways and like all that, but man, the Reds are the sleeping thing. And they’re winning. And instantly everybody comes back because they don’t hate the owner. They don’t hate the team. They think Pete Rose got screwed. Their team hasn’t been any good. They’ve been waiting for it. But they don’t have that pent up angst that people like me have been projecting on the radio for 25 years because the owner has been a creep and his kids are clearly creeps

Mike Rosenfeld  22:13

off what you really think?

Nestor Aparicio  22:15

Well, but But why aren’t people going back in? The Orioles? Have all of this and you and I are in? Why isn’t it? Why aren’t we all back yet? And when will we all be back yet? Or will there we just lowered the bar we lost the sea. We’re just gonna tarp the upper deck out in left field the the free the bird seats as I call them, because that’s where we sat? Or we’re just gonna tarp that or turn it into a bar? Are we waiting on Westmore to come $600 million dollars to make it a bar? I don’t know. But when are we going to fill the place on the Mondays and Tuesdays and when I hope it’s August? I really do. I mean, I’m here for it, but that they have so much more they could do and should do. And to your point on the field. Man Elias the next couple of weeks. He needs to shine right? He needs to make a deal or two they need more pitching. They do absolutely

Mike Rosenfeld  23:05

need more pitching. Look, I think if I see a tarp up there instantly going to Oakland A’s Hayesville but do you prefer

Nestor Aparicio  23:14

empty seats? No.

Mike Rosenfeld  23:16

I don’t I

Nestor Aparicio  23:17

want you make those seats $1 and put people in them. There’s

Mike Rosenfeld  23:21

definitely stuff you could do. I you know I keep referencing my my son’s because we talk about baseball every day because the Orioles are so much fun and talk and worthy of talking about but my youngest son absolutely brought up the Reds two weeks ago. He said he said they bring up this kid like we brought Adly up and he said and everyone’s at the stadium. It’s like sold out just watch this kid and and we’re looking at our stadium and it’s just not full and the only thing I can think of is a the fact that that the ownership here has has has turned off the fans or be the sense of not being safe to go into the stadium. I go to the stadium all the time. I’ve never felt unsafe. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy maybe it’s because I’m six foot and I’m not you know I’m not worried or paranoid that someone’s coming after me because I don’t think I’d be a target. But But I don’t ever have this. I know there’s stuff bad stuff going on in our city but I’ve never felt it at the stadium walking from where I parked to the stadium walking from the from the stadium back to where I park. So I don’t really know. I mean, I think it’s a combination of those things. But I don’t know if there’s a negative vibe about that how safe it is in the in the stadium in Cincinnati. I don’t know if if there’s that concern. I just really wish I knew the answer to that I really wish people would, would go back not for not for the owners, but for the community. You know, and just go back and support these young young players and and get excited and enjoy the vibe. But, you know, we’ll say,

Nestor Aparicio  25:05

Well, I would just say Mike Roosevelt’s our guests, he’s our Chief Digital Officer, we like to have fun together, you can find them out at the front of Baltimore positive.com. And obviously, he’s gonna give you the elevator speech, if you have a business of any kind and need web implementation or, or thoughts on web or leadership on the web or strategy on the wherever you want to kick the ass in your competition, lecture guy for that. I talked to Dennis a little bit about that this weekend that a lot of radio through the Fourth of July, they went up to New York on Monday night. And he put the game on. And it was like all of this energy, because like, it’s been such a weird week, right? We can go through this. We’ve all experienced that with the third of July and Fourth of July and Fifth of July and sixth of July feel like and last weekend was my heritage fair, and it got wiped out with rain. And the oils are playing at one o’clock in the morning and like all sorts of weird things. But they went to New York on Monday and Tuesday and they wet themselves, right like they’re not playing great ball, but they get up there. And the thing about Yankee Stadium that night, it was really full and raucous and fireworks he and holiday. And it felt like a Saturday night it was packed. And I’m thinking that’s just something that Colton Colton cows has never seen. And even Adley rutschman hasn’t seen it a lot. And like a lot of these young players like walking into this hellhole and Aaron, you know, Aaron hitch those a little bit about it, right? You heard it when he came to bed. And I don’t wanna say they didn’t play well or whatever. And I mean, Gunner Henderson’s running the bases like a Little Leaguer and the stupid things given extra outrageous things that bad baseball, they play bad baseball for a week. They play bad baseball to the one on Wednesday night. But I would say that crowd at Yankee Stadium really got me thinking the like, are they ever going to have that in Baltimore, other than when they give a t shirt away or bring Shaquille O’Neal in like I don’t. And that’s not to say that that’s a bad thing, because they had that on Friday and Saturday didn’t play well. They didn’t hit the ball. And so I’m looking at it saying Are these kids just not playing? Well, because 50,000 people showing up, and it’s just a little large for the first time and pressing for the first time. It’s hot as hell, it’s the middle of the season, guys are gonna be getting a little tired, right? Like all of that the all star breaks common. You’re playing well. And then all of a sudden you stub your toe, but it really was something about seeing the bright lights of like, oh, Yankee Stadium, a lot of people and then Wednesday night, there weren’t a whole lot of people in Yankee Stadium, right? Like for the, you know, after the holiday was over. I guess everybody got their mojo home when it was more semi empty. But I’ve watched a lot of Orioles baseball this year. And it’s been quiet in Baltimore for the most part for the most part. people yelling people. Yeah, they gave me hats. They they begin 40,000 People for the hats in the years when they lose 120 games they have. So they build. They’re good enough to sell to give away free stuff. We figured out bobbleheads it’s gold statues. Oriole fans love free ish they do. So they’ll sell tickets on those nights. But there’s a point where the crowds, and that’s what makes it awesome. What makes it awesome is when there’s a lot, you know, who makes the magic happen, Mike Rosenfeld, you make the magic happen of Oriental baseball. And so I would say that that crowd thing is an indicative part, and is end up an important part. And a really important part of showing John just how much we love them. Oh, so he, he’ll, he’ll keep the team here. And that way, Wes will give him a favorable transaction in doing that. And, you know, I look at all of this and just say, what’s the plan? You know, I’m not going to harm you. And I’ve harped on it for two hours. What’s the plan? And I know the plan right now is Mike Elias is going to make the team better in the next 40 5060 days, she’s going to have to if they’re gonna, if they’re going to sincerely make a run in October, they need more pitching.

Mike Rosenfeld  28:54

I agree. You know, just a couple things. I don’t know if it’s the orals the bright lights and the crowd noise. Because unfortunately, for the first time, they lost two series in a row at home, not playing great baseball there before they went to New York. I’m curious to your opinion. Do you think that the stands would have been as raucous in New York and crowded if they weren’t chasing the Royals? If it was the Orioles of two years ago? I

Nestor Aparicio  29:24

think people can I maybe I’m wrong, but I’m in a

Mike Rosenfeld  29:27

vision game against a team that they’re pursuing. You don’t think that had anything to do with the crowd?

Nestor Aparicio  29:32

I think Yankees fans have noticed that they’re losing and that they’re coming from the bottom up, which is you show me how many times in the 25 years we’ve had wn St. That the Yankees have been playing from the ground up looking up maybe they’ve looked up at Tampa for looking at various points, but it’s usually looking sideways at the Red Sox and Tampa not up certainly not at the Orioles

Mike Rosenfeld  29:54

right, then being in third place, not in second. So you know it’s It’s tough every team goes through look the rays have lost four in a row I mean teams two teams have these these spurts I just hope they will snap out of it because I want September baseball to be meaningful whether we make the playoffs or not I don’t you know, we used to be by this time we were out of it. It was over you know, there was nothing to look forward to. It’s like It’s like being Detroit Lions fan of the last decade not including last year where your season was over after week four you knew it was just not going to happen. You know, that sucks. So

Nestor Aparicio  30:36

maybe I should bring a free the birds reunion together and call it see the birds and see if match right will sell me those tickets up in Section 386 388 that I always sad and and pimped out.

Mike Rosenfeld  30:47

You don’t think you can just buy them if you wanted to. You can’t go out for sale.

Nestor Aparicio  30:50

They don’t put they don’t sell those tickets. I didn’t know if you

Mike Rosenfeld  30:53

if people

Nestor Aparicio  30:55

listen again, if they weren’t creeps, and their owner didn’t run for me. And they wanted to come on Baltimore positive and have me ask them like legitimate questions. It’s very clear and Marty Conway is great at this when he comes on. It’s very, very clear that they still like any sports franchise like the Bowie Bay Sox build around Friday and Saturday nights and Sundays. They build Sundays around kids run the bases with wise markets sponsoring it. They build Friday nights around fireworks and any money concerts in the old days. They’re still doing that around Shaquille O’Neal right and country music and John’s cowboy boots in Nashville and whatever else. They can still build a Saturday night around a tankard night a pub night, a hat night, a shirt night, a Jim Palmer bobblehead a boobs barbecue, whatever they want to do and Adley rutschman superhero Marvel Comics Star Wars May the Fourth be with like they they Christmas in July. I’m not making that up. I did it. It was snowing out there in the garden. The Padres were in town. I have no idea why that happened. But they they’ve tried to sell tickets. And right now it’s the $10 bleacher seats right? It’s the squirt me sport, Mr. Spongy guy out in the outfield for the for the sprinklers and, like, so. That’s good. But at but i They gotta keep doing more. And to your point, the city needs to do more branded, Scott needs to do more. We can’t have 30 people getting shot in the middle of the night, four miles away from there, because it does sort of rub off. So we have issues in the city. But how the teams playing on the field is one of them, even though it has been for a week. Like they’re worthy of coming out to see them play. And if they’re worthy of the city in the future. And hey, Bill Cole and I had a real deep dig two weeks ago on what are we given them and how much and what’s it worth and what’s the plan and who’s making the plan and you and I’ve been around the corner on that a little bit. This is a great time for them to find some leadership.

Mike Rosenfeld  32:54

Or look, let’s hope by the next time we speak, it’s going to be real close to the trade deadline that that we get some some positive transactions and some clarity on the lease.

Nestor Aparicio  33:09

Because baseball on the breath right You and I are talking about it actively that is Glaxo’s brag for 15 years here that he had been a ballgame. He’s now bragging about the six he went through even though they’re one and five when he’s there. So go visit him over coons Ford tell them but but everybody. I mean, if you put wn S T on your either your own about crabs, crab cakes, or fun or this or that or whatever, Tommy calm well, but you’re you’re here at baseball here. I mean, like really? Like we’re talking baseball, you’re because people are talking about it. Now? What does it mean? How do we grow? What does it mean? What does it mean to the next Inner Harbor? What does it mean to the neighbor? What does it mean to public safety? Because these are the questions we should be asking if a guy who’s asking for $600 million when we can’t solve any of the problems I just gave you.

Mike Rosenfeld  33:54

Yeah, you know, Dennis has been to six games, he bragged that he hadn’t been a one. I’ve been a four. Maybe the previous years. I’d been one a year, but there aren’t enough Dennis’s and Mike’s to fill up the stadium that are willing to go back. So, you know, hey, challenge to your listeners, go to a ballgame. Check it out, feel you make your own decisions about how safe it is. You know, I choose not to watch the local news. Because it’s so negative. But you know that if there was an incident of something happening to a family at Camden Yards, you’d not only hear it on local news, but national news it’s not happening. So don’t panic and live your life and enjoy your life and, and be part of the fun rather than just, you know, avoiding it and, and being scared that life’s too short. That’s just my opinion. Who might have given advice to people who didn’t ask for it though.

Nestor Aparicio  34:47

Are you going to tell me karma?

Mike Rosenfeld  34:49

Am I going? Yeah, I’m going I’m looking forward to it. You know, we talked about it. I’m embarrassed to say that. You know, it was the one mumble album that I was reared on. Right and and when you and I had a conversation about all the other music, I motivated myself and downloaded the other studio album, which is Qatar trouble,

Nestor Aparicio  35:17

right? I’m 17 on it had got a break down it’s great songs on Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  35:21

hell yeah so I listened to that. And so now I think I’m pretty well positioned for the show. So I

Nestor Aparicio  35:29

gotta get you that walk in on the water EP brother. I mean, I gotta get you that stuff gotta get your million pretty girls and here I come and do you still believe in me? These are these are quitted Tommy’s gonna play these that night. And do I know that? Because I had to talk with him.

Mike Rosenfeld  35:42

Okay, well, we still have to figure out how to get stuff from your CDs to anything I can play music and

Nestor Aparicio  35:50

good to get an offer you a track dude. Yeah, but

Mike Rosenfeld  35:53

But yeah, and I’d love to, I’d love to hear it. So. So I’m going with friends. And two of them have never heard, heard heard of him much less know his music while he drops

Nestor Aparicio  36:05

his pants playing, you know, work out at the end of the show. Or they see that.

Mike Rosenfeld  36:11

So I invited them over. They’re coming over Friday, making making some pizzas outside. And it’s atomic Conwell night. So that was pretty strategic. I don’t want them leaving early. So So I wanted to come get a little taste. My wife through osmosis knows, probably half the songs he’s going to play. So that’ll be good. So I’m just looking forward

Nestor Aparicio  36:32

to this one too. Oh, yeah. Oh, nice. All right.

Mike Rosenfeld  36:36

I’m looking for mindless fun. Good dinner, good vibe. Good drink. Good. Good. Good. outdoor experience. So I hope it

Nestor Aparicio  36:46

doesn’t rain. Right. I hope it’s not awful that night. So but I’m trying to I was at

Mike Rosenfeld  36:50

I was at there earlier and I know it’s not outdoors officially. Is it outdoors.

Nestor Aparicio  36:55

I think I haven’t been to the bottle and cork since I saw maybe the bodines There are a number of you. I mean, trying to think of the last time was the bottle of cork for show.

Mike Rosenfeld  37:03

I think we’re okay. I think we’d be okay but let’s let’s hope for dry weather that just makes for

Nestor Aparicio  37:08

1100 people can fit in there. So go see Tommy calm. Well, Mike Rosenfeld is our guy. He’s our Chief Digital Officer. That’s a fancy title. Mike, boil that down for what that is help tell the people what web connection does.

Mike Rosenfeld  37:22

For large businesses. Large companies are fortunate enough to hire a full time Chief Digital Officer. They’re responsible for overseeing all digital strategies from websites to their to their apps, social media presence, email marketing, content, marketing 30. much everything that touches the digital space and small to midsize businesses are left to fend for themselves. Maybe lop this on to a marketing person, even a VP of Marketing who has no idea of the ever changing landscape. So what my company does is we work with small to midsize companies to bring that same level of, of executive level leadership to the digital space so they can compete. And we’ve done it in a way that is affordable to small and middle sized businesses. It’s a fractional model, so that even individual companies of one can afford to work with us. So we love what we do. We love helping people. It’s very creative. And you know those people who are competitive and don’t like to see their competitors kicking their ass. Those are the good fit for us.

Nestor Aparicio  38:33

Well, I’m looking forward to spending a night with Tommy Conwell, and with Microsoft Feld and his wife and his buddies until we beach. It’s 23rd time he came on the program. You could check that out of Baltimore positive as well. And listen, you don’t need to commit to anything because it’s still a couple of weeks away. But there’s August 3 at Costas, that’s a Thursday, August 4, which is not our anniversary, but it’s the third we’re gonna be hung over and doing it on fourth that I’m spending two days down at Dundalk doing the crab cake tour but really doing our 25th anniversary it’s all brought to you by our friends when donation 8669 donation I’ll be giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs both days to everybody that comes by I gotta get robbed to get like a little bit more of a supply. I think we’re gonna get newer tickets. I love these. These have been a very very lucky batch at some winters over spirits West a couple of weeks ago, as well as it fails then Lexington market would have built coal and Marty Gary come by talking about fish and rock fish and catfish and Snake heads and all that kind of stuff. So the third or the fourth Mike I’m gonna be there most of the afternoon both days. We’re trying to figure it out to smithereens of playing in Hershey on the fourth. So I might go to drug city. I may move it to like more of a morning midday so but I have Johnny Oh, coming by 330 So I have Thanks. Thanks. It’s a shell game here. But the 25th anniversary is August 3, it’s when we went on the air it’s legitimate 25 years to the day. I’ll be sharing all the nasty things that WPA l people said about me when I went into business and that takedown piece that rock Ibaka wrote about me in the sun, you know basically questioning as to whether we could ever exist Just or be solvent in any capacity in 1998 that I say yeah, 25 years I’m still here. So here have added

Mike Rosenfeld  40:08

all right. To my calendar. I’m gonna be I’m officially in. Alright,

Nestor Aparicio  40:12

either days fine. And then December 8 for you with all the sponsors, but that’s not you know, that’s just a free plug that people should go see Dan Rodricks thing. You’d have to see it on the eighth. He’s doing like five of them. But it was the best Baltimore show I’ve ever seen. I told Dan that I told him if he leaves, and you know, he got choked up, but it doesn’t matter. It was that friggin good. And every Baltimore person like you, like Linda Raskin like Dennis like damy like Bill Cole, like all of our sponsors around here, need to be a part of and including George over drug city. And I told Nick and Pete I’m like, I know it’s a Friday night at Christmas time. Man the booth for a couple hours and come over and see this Baltimore play. And we’re gonna make a night of it. We’re gonna have crabcakes we’re gonna have beer. It’s gonna be nice. So that’s kind of my official holiday soiree, you know. Anyway, I you know, who else thinks about Christmas in July except me and the Orioles? Thrilling events, right?

Mike Rosenfeld  41:06

Yeah, you gotta you gotta do what you got to do. You got to plan ahead. You got to be irresponsible.

Nestor Aparicio  41:11

Christmas in July. Used to be the all star game though. Right back in the 70s. We were kids 80s. Right.

Mike Rosenfeld  41:16

Yeah, well, you know, it’s not I don’t want to start this. It’s another segment but we’ll talk about the time that has passed since we last that and all star game but that 30

Nestor Aparicio  41:24

years 30 years this week, since I ran into Geddy. Lee since John Kruk since Randy Johnson since Free Willy like Messina. Seto sucks all of that.

Mike Rosenfeld  41:36

Yep. Shame.

Nestor Aparicio  41:38

I’ll tell you my sceeto suck story. And the mike Messina dining we dined together in Toronto, when he had to go pitch in Toronto. I’ll tell that story the next time if you ask nicely. Well, I’m gonna make a mental note. My brother’s a fellow he is our chief digital officer. You know, as the Chief Digital Officer, I don’t think you make mental notes you got to make like you make a real note. You get to make a real note on that. You can find him at a web connection. You find them out on the Twitter and the social medias and all that stuff. You don’t thread yet?

Mike Rosenfeld  42:06

No. Threats. Did they launch it yet?

Nestor Aparicio  42:10

As my chief digital officer, should I be on it?

Mike Rosenfeld  42:13

I think it’s just an announcement. I don’t know that it’s live yet.

Nestor Aparicio  42:17

I’m in. Okay, count me in. Yeah. And check off the don’ts Twitter that threw me off back in November because I wrote something about Lamar Jackson. I wonder who was behind that. I’m Nestor. We are wn SDA and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive, but not on Twitter. If you’re Nestor Aparicio

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