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Discussing WNST 25th Anniversary documentary and NFL Draft weekend history


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Our Friday gatherings at Faidley’s have been quite eventful with Jackson Holliday news but it was a great chance for Luke Jones and Nestor Aparicio to discuss the WNST 25th Anniversary documentary “No One Listens; Everyone Hears” and the first round of NFL Draft weekend at Lexington Market.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home, we are wn St. Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive. We’re positively at Faith Lee’s beautiful Lexington market. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery had a young man come over here, younger than me, but not too young, asking for a PacMan scratch off. So we have a lot of scratch offs from the Maryland lottery, we’re gonna have these all summer long, we’re gonna be here on Fridays before the games, Luke and I are not going to be under the duress that we’re usually under with drafted draft and Jackson holiday and the Yankees coming to town and beautiful weather and all that good stuff. But you were up late last night or Thursday night, and you didn’t get a chance to watch documentary. And you thought I was giving you a hard time because you get a lot of sleep last night. Then I realized like, when I went to make this thing, the idea was to make a six to eight minute, sort of little hit and run telling the history of the company. And then the more I talked to Greg Landry about it, he’s like, man, and we should make it you know, 1518 minutes or whatever. It turned out to be 36 minutes and 36 seconds. And 36 is like my favorite number. It’s also my lucky number. When I first saw Springsteen, I hit the lottery on 936 was my number. So when I found that out, I thought like, okay, so I’m not sorry for not watching a little, some people have watched people haven’t, but all I want you to it’s a commitment. It’s not like its destination. It’s not like, you just put it on or listen on the right. It’s never gonna run on the radio. It’s not meant for the radio. You’re misrepresenting this a little bit as I told you again, watch some of it. And I listened on my way home from Owings Mills at 130 in the morning. Don’t listen, I just felt like you shouldn’t listen to Led Zeppelin listen to bro heard on the radio, not in my pocket. I listen to podcasts, and I listen to sermons and all kinds of stuff when I drive. I understand that but it’s not. They’re not showing you something.


Luke Jones  01:44

But my point is your visual. But some people can’t see.

Nestor Aparicio  01:52

But you’re not one of them. I guess my point is, don’t make it out to sound

Luke Jones  01:55

like Oh, Luke didn’t bother to watch it. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:59


Luke didn’t have time to watch it. I missed my whole point. Yes. My whole point is like by three hours asleep on Thursday. There were a lot there were a lot of people to watch the first night and the reason I released it was not everybody was eating free cheese puffs out in the did. How was that? Was that meat or was a veggie is it they had

Luke Jones  02:19

they had both I had the meat they lost. Oh, I liked veggie lasagna too. But it was it was good. I like that he’s

Nestor Aparicio  02:24

OBGYN We got a long gray. Matter of fact, I found pictures of me at Nate’s and Leon’s with Kevin Malone doing a show in front of the pastry cake case over there. It’s now like Chipotle or whatever that thing is on the corner. And that’s what that was. Leon’s. Yeah. Yeah, I was at nits. And Leon’s the day that Ray Lewis got medivac in practice in August 97, that was a crate. I think it was crazy Newsday to training camp. I wasn’t I wasn’t there that day. I think I went the day before or the day after I I just have a memory of going with my I mean, I wasn’t even driving in 1997 yet. So I but I know I went I got older than you right around then. And I’ve. And you know, Ray was my guy. I mean, I was 14 years old, first favorite player of any one for a Baltimore NFL team. So yeah, that was scary at the time. It was really scary. So what are your families? The documentary is out? I mean, I don’t know what to say other than it was like having a baby like Thursday night when it got released. Finally, because like, we made it, it’s an HD movie. It was 17 gigs. Can you imagine that uploading and Shrewsbury? 17 gigs, trying to get to YouTube? No, because it would still be upload. Yeah, we took a week and a half to get up. Right? So it took me you know, when I looked at it’s like, 26 minutes. And I’m like, what it’s 459. Like, I want to release this at five a weight. So luckily, nobody was clamoring, but I released it at 529. And it’s a 36 minute film. So even if you started watching it, then you couldn’t even say anything nice to me or pick on me until 610 Maybe 615. But it was amazing. But between 630 and 730 How much feedback I did get the first hour good. And that coincided with a long, long long wait for the ravens to pick so a long way for me to get this film because I started the countdown 11 days ago. Yeah, 12 days ago with any testability that’s true. Did you see if any P shots and of course I did. I was first of all I was there. Right? I mean that was in Miami. That was the last tell everybody how shocked I was that Vinnie Testa variety

Luke Jones  04:36

was spoke to me in that way. Like I think you were shocked first of all that he was even doing radio row because he even said he didn’t really he wasn’t a guy who liked doing media. I mean, like not saying he was a jerk but he was never a jerk. He didn’t want he didn’t like he lived in Annapolis when he moved here he lived. Somebody told him to live in Annapolis and play football in Owings Mills. So he had an hour commute every day.


Nestor Aparicio  05:00

At the end, he had kids, and I didn’t talk to him about why he did that. We probably should ask him about that. I’ll say this you get back to that is you watch his documentary and see those newsletters and people, Shannon Sharpe and Ray Lewis and Rod Woodson and

Luke Jones  05:16

signs. I remember getting many signs over the years, so

Nestor Aparicio  05:21

Oh, they get nasty signs. Okay, don’t Trumpy and all that. So so thank you. So, see I talk about this stuff. I want to make clear that I did. It’s awesome for me that you’re so young. So handsome and intelligent. Oh, bad hasn’t changed? Of course not. I would just say like in that era, the it’s just different man like live news and doing a live show at Hooters and things that when I’m telling you, I was live on the air at nits and Leon’s and there’s no internet to look up. Whether Ray Lewis is really getting medivac not theirs calling my mother and saying put the news on and tell me what’s going on on television. And channel 11 as a cop, you know, I’m back in the kitchen trying to watch a television. You know, it was it’s a different era, like all of it feels and acts and smells so different. When art modell would come out to the barn because he thought it was important to meet with the community. Like he believed in that kind of stuff. Not for good or bad, or Cleveland or Baltimore. It’s just the way he was wired. It was his business and he had to show that he cared more than anyone that that was kind of the way he was. But that whole era is I can romanticize it in one way or another, but it’s not coming back. No. And that’s one of the reasons like sharing it. And but Vinnie that era of so many comes 96 And I’m only tell you but 9697. And then zire hardball came in 98 like Tony banks and jet as a pitcher in

Luke Jones  06:50


their Mitchell Scott, the leap of faith.

Nestor Aparicio  06:54

I love Scotland love Coach Billy oh, these guys came out to the barn is my point. So if you and I were like seriously, on my life, if you bet on my life, every single Ravan who played for the team? Between 96 and probably Suggs getting drafted, okay, like so when that that period of time for seven, eight years, every single player who played for the team, who I really wanted to have out there a couple guys that had card games or shoot ’em ups and stuff that I didn’t, you know, rough state never came and had a beer with me, right? But if you played on the ravens and you were a starter backup didn’t matter who you were, I mean, I didn’t have stock. How do you think I knew Spencer flour and Mike Flynn? They weren’t starters. They were dudes. That became starters. But every player came except Except Vinnie. Even Matt Stover eventually came out like I don’t know if you’ve said Matt had children and it was always a man. It was about God children. Monday family it’s my wife’s night just now we did it on Mondays. I wasn’t flexible when I got more flexible with Matt Max like, I’ll do 30 You know, like, Man was flexibility. Like right that’s when Vinnie he wasn’t here long enough. I didn’t establish that like I’m anybody or anything. It was 9096 97 but video was always wonderful. Then he was also the hardest working guy on the team. And when the team got here knew Kevin Byrne had to pull me up say you do know the quarterback shows up first leaves last has the most like all of that on a quarterback and Marvin and Jimmy and those guys always told me that to Vinnie is the guy. I want to be honest Dude, I don’t think Vinny Testaverde ever, ever ever, ever ever appeared on my show in my air in any way until the time he sat down with us in Miami years ago. So for him to make the video in that way. Because I didn’t even know I don’t even know why I put him in there. I was something about he called me nice. And there was a whole like I thought that was the Nestor not nice Nestor Shrek the whole damn thing. Don’t tell anybody that who’s gonna watch a documentary now? Who’s gonna watch it now you know? But anyway, so telling these stories and have it be part because you have Jed jetted in in a weird way that if I died tomorrow, and you had to do a documentary about me and talk for an hour, the strangest thing about our relationship is how you sort of flew in and you see me with these warm incredible relationships with all these Marvin Lewis and Mike Smith calling us at midnight to go drink it in Indianapolis. You don’t like all of this stuff and you see these martyr loses kind of TV to you too. You’re sitting at the bar with a more Heaven’s Gala. And you’re and you know the depth of my relationship and then where I am now where like I can’t get in the night. You have to go do double duty and I haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t shot anybody I’m not OJ you know what I mean? Like it’s bizarre the whole all of it’s really weird to me all these years later. Yeah, yeah. And have any be the guy that I features. I said to him, I don’t remember there’s definitely

Luke Jones  09:59

stuff from Lisa Myers, he’s, uh, he

Nestor Aparicio  10:01

never ever ever did my show ever.


Luke Jones  10:03

I did you bring that up to him?

Nestor Aparicio  10:05

I don’t think I think he did because that I will have to think about I would have thought for sure that there was a period after he left, like 90 892 1000 They won the Super Bowl. He was the only player in the history the team at that point when they won the Super Bowl, who ended on my show. Yeah. I mean that like if you went roster, the roster, there might be a couple of edge. Like, if you met if you pull the 96 If you say to me, did Eugene Daniel Yes. Tim COVID? Yes at Sutter. Yes. Just go. I give you the whole list you’ve ever Yes. You know, Rob, you know, a pleasant Yes. And a pleasant Yes. Burnett a million times. You know, Greg, Greg Montgomery, the late great. James Jones. James shows lots of love, love James Jones. Yeah. James Jones, a great guy, underrated player, great guy, James Jones, T. Bone Jones Lake lake.

Luke Jones  10:56

I mean, obviously, you can’t install on my face. But you see, you’ve led the Ravens in an entire media perspective, right. It’s always thrown out without anything. But just the the point I’m trying to make is this was the team that arrived when I was 12 going on 13 that I watched through middle

Nestor Aparicio  11:17


school and covered Ray Lewis for five years

Luke Jones  11:21

to training camps and to his last two seasons full time. Yeah. 2011 When I was when I was full time, full time

Nestor Aparicio  11:27

I wanted 13. Okay, all right. All right. So but but the point is,

Luke Jones  11:31

see I have such reverence for those really early years, just because that wasn’t media Luke talking that was fanboy


Nestor Aparicio  11:38

Ed solder on the show, one that I loved, et cetera. Et was great guy, you

Luke Jones  11:42

know, talking to Vinny was great. I

Nestor Aparicio  11:44

mean, he was a great guy. Yeah, he just didn’t do the show. I didn’t it didn’t make me mad at him. You know?

Luke Jones  11:49


Yeah. Well, you also have to think about where Vinnie was at that point. Miami star came up short in the championship game. Tampa Bay, things went horribly. Cleveland, they moved the franchise up and down and benched and bench for Eric zire. And even though that happened in Baltimore, slang it

Nestor Aparicio  12:08

though 96 And then championship game, the 90s 1996 numbers

Luke Jones  12:12

I mean, for that era, for him to throw for 4000 yards. I mean, now fourth art 4000 yards. very mediocre quarterbacks have had 4000 yard seasons. Vinny doing that in 1996 That was something haven’t seen

Nestor Aparicio  12:25

Michael Jackson. Roll a strike on jump your


Luke Jones  12:29

ship Michael Jackson was one of my favorites too.

Nestor Aparicio  12:31

I mean, Michael Jackson is

Luke Jones  12:33

a great guy being a 13 year old first of all, his name just demanded some attention. Hey,

Nestor Aparicio  12:38


did you get to meet Derek Alexander when he was running around out there coaching a little bit. I feel like I

Luke Jones  12:44

met him once because I think he was out at the Ravens facility visiting a couple times and I think I said hey, he wouldn’t remember me or anything like that.

Nestor Aparicio  12:51

I found pictures doing this of my son on BAM Morris’s lap.

Luke Jones  12:55

That’s pretty good.


Nestor Aparicio  12:58

By the way, we’re Lexington market Luke and I are just teasing about the 25th anniversary documentaries app please go find it a Baltimore pause and I walked to the bathroom here. And I saw a guy in a John Ogden throwback night and it was it was a throwback. It had the tagging for throat

Luke Jones  13:13

because it was it was at the 9696

Nestor Aparicio  13:17

block letters in the letters are the ones that are hard to replace. Ah, God bless you, David Modell. You are weird, but I love you, man. You know, David’s in the in the dark. In fairness, I

Luke Jones  13:29


mean, you know, I like uniform fashion tweets all that. But they they remedied that in year two. And that is still the same basic template. I mean, it’s been tweaked a little bit here and there. But still they’re classic uniform at this point. Now, the flying be when

Nestor Aparicio  13:43

I’m the guy that wants to mustard pants back. That’s the guy I am. You know,

Luke Jones  13:47

that’s terrible. Mustard pants. You can play well, you and John Harbaugh, the only ones who like those.

Nestor Aparicio  13:55

Because you grew up in the 70s when the Redskins were women?


Luke Jones  13:59

idea. I mean not. I don’t know that 100% But the way

Nestor Aparicio  14:05

it is he used to be kind to me and polite. He had some good ideas. But great football coach. Yeah. And they’re a great football evaluation team, which we’re gonna find this week, and they’re gonna keep you awake. Offensive lineman gonna have to have one, right? Yeah,

Luke Jones  14:18

I mean, that’s what we talked about. In our previous conversation with Nate Wiggins. Look, the board got plucked, clean. I mean, it really was it was picked clean. And around one when the Ravens were picking. They weren’t gonna move up for any of these lineman. So you look at and say, All right, do we reach for someone in the second round, which is diminished value? That’s exactly what you don’t want to do in a big picture sense. Or do you take Nate Wiggins, who was still very much a knee they needed a third outside corner so he steps right in. He’s going to be not a starter but he’s gonna play

Nestor Aparicio  14:50


good. You ask guys weigh 175 pounds is a great cover, corner cover corner cover.

Luke Jones  14:55

He’s got to get a few more hands.

Nestor Aparicio  14:58

You said run support. I’m thinking what if I win The 135 pounds I don’t want to be in run support, you know tackling but you still have to get in the NFL in the NFL you have to be able to do and that really is a differentiator that probably drops him to this point. Right. Right. Right. A little bit like that where because you see the speed you see the pedigree you see where’s the club’s? You also see that he’s young. And I guess the other part of this is you’re projecting out like all right, halfway this year, sort of most of the way next year we get to the third year we went up a

Luke Jones  15:30

Pro Bowl caliber player well and part of that is as I said the circumstances Brandon Stevens is in a contract here and your roster is getting more and more expensive when you have a franchise quarterback everything just a matter BK and all the


Nestor Aparicio  15:42

end you have to pay Cole Hamilton and Linda bomb are common. They’re common. Absolutely.

Luke Jones  15:45

And you look at Marlon Humphrey injury plagued year and he’s under contract for the for this year and two more years after that second highest kept figure on the team. So if he has another injury plagued year, or he’s not so good, we can be talking about him in terms of we talked about Ronnie Stanley right now. So this was this wasn’t their number one need I’ll continue to say right tackle in the offensive line in general by Monday but look, but this weekend, people here number two or number three is fade these written shrimp salad. They’ll

Nestor Aparicio  16:14

hear this on Saturday, Sunday, but by Monday, they’ll have two offensive linemen right the over unders two, I would think so. Okay, fair enough. But

Luke Jones  16:20


are they gonna be ready to play right away? And that’s the question are gonna be

Nestor Aparicio  16:23

guys that they’ve identified and like, I mean, this is an organization it’s pick Marshall. This is an organization that also picked play you know, you get one of the plays I mean, that’s what they do I point in

Luke Jones  16:34

but they don’t always play immediately though

Nestor Aparicio  16:36

Dixon, or Pitta Hurston or Andrew Jackson


Luke Jones  16:40

or pit and neither one did much as a rookie is what I’m saying here. That’s what I’m talking Okay. So and look, I’m not criticizing the pic need

Nestor Aparicio  16:48

to pick about how he didn’t get any help in the first round. The quarterback and

Luke Jones  16:53

I saw the headline and I gotta say, Lamar, any point?

Nestor Aparicio  16:57


Well, that too. But the biggest head scratcher on night one was all that, but also the quarterback Kirk Cousins who’s you know, legendarily, a man of God and a straight shooter and you’d like that and all that is first thing was, you didn’t give me any help to win games this year. Not you took a guy to bring my job. He ain’t even gonna play this guy. Right? So like, how are we? How do we get better this year? And that was always flat goes thing to the year they took Lamar. He’s like, Well, you didn’t help the team. You know, like, and also the writing

Luke Jones  17:25

was right. The writing’s on the wall for Kirk Cousins. But they just signed them. This isn’t this isn’t a guy that’s been with you don’t

Nestor Aparicio  17:32

expect us to be able to make sense of this. I just met up in Atlanta.

Luke Jones  17:37

When you and I talked about this, I think we let off before we even mentioned Nate Wiggins, I think this is the first thing we talked about. This is different than Green Bay. I mean, Aaron Rodgers was one older I think he was a couple years older than what Kirk Cousins is. Maybe I could be wrong on that. But much, much more established had been there a long time. And that was later in the first round. This wasn’t that wasn’t a top 10 Pick. And you mentioned the Eagles. And you know, I mean, there’s always been some of these we’re gonna scratch your head. This is its Galaxy brain stuff to me. Like I don’t understand. I even saw some people.


Nestor Aparicio  18:09

Imagine being on Atlanta radio lay all day long trying to explain it gold.

Luke Jones  18:14

If you’re still, if you’re still taking calls in this day and age by goodness, good luck getting in on a day. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:20

like that. Yeah. No, I

Luke Jones  18:22


got I’m just saying in general, because I think

Nestor Aparicio  18:25

I’m trying to explain Nate Wiggins, I saw somebody not call him out.

Luke Jones  18:29

Right. Right. I said that to you late, early Friday morning. But I saw some people even trying to rationalize saying, Is it possible, they would try to trade cousins, it’s like, go look at what the cap hit would be trading him immediately.

Nestor Aparicio  18:42

No one can have him either, right?


Luke Jones  18:44

I mean, someone else could, but it would be so prohibitive to their cap. It’s like you just threw money away literally like you took money and lit it on fire. You might as well have done that. That’s how weird that would be. So it’s just, it’s so bizarre to me. But hey, they’re also the team that everyone thought had the circumstances that they could, in a plausible sense, make a run at Lamar Jackson last offseason. And they said, with Desmond Ritter,

Nestor Aparicio  19:09

so we’re good with

Luke Jones  19:11

NXT. And there were literally two or three teams. We don’t need to rehash this. We talked about this for two years, basically. But there were literally two or three teams who had the cap space, the draft capital, a market that would probably be appealing as far as if you’re going to try to prime away from a team that’s a contender, and they had no interest so it’s amazing to see a year later, to course correct as dramatically as they have to sign kirk cousins to big money and draft and by the way, the quarterback and waiting. Go look at his injury history in college. This guy’s had multiple major surgeries with Kirk Cousins coming off of

Nestor Aparicio  19:46


it was a crazy reach to begin. Well, no one else would have taken him at that spot. I mean, I’m like, let me be clear,

Luke Jones  19:53

I like Penix I think he has a chance to be a good NFL quarterback but that team at that spot After you just signed that quarterback in Kirk Cousins get

Nestor Aparicio  20:03

a get yourself organized in a room and think that you it’s just so it’s one

Luke Jones  20:08

of the weirdest. Look, I don’t pretend all at Home Depot money, you’re always rebuilding. I don’t pretend to be a draft savant by any stretch of the imagination, but I cannot think of a set of circumstances more bizarre than whatever that is. And I don’t I don’t know if we’re gonna,

Nestor Aparicio  20:25

well, we manage every nuance of the cap money decision, certainly with Lamar last year, every permutation of what this means and what that means. What does it mean when you sign a quarterback to that kind of contract? And then a guy falls on the clock that you can only play one and only pay one but it’s all over with AI? Look, the Orioles have this problem in the outfield with a lot of players and like all this stuff going on, too. So Luke Jones is here. We have the Pac Man scratch offs we’re giving away here we’re at failings, we’re going to be on Fridays, before all the home games or maybe a day in June. We’re not going to be here but we’ll let you know merrily crabcake Tour is presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with Liberty pure solutions and our friends that if you do multi care, I want to give a shout out to curio wellness because they have loved up our 25th anniversary began this conversation talking about the documentary, it is available. No one listens everyone hears and get some rest, draft an offensive lineman or towel off and get ready for the Yankees on Monday. You know they’re coming to town. The Yankees are coming. The Yankees are coming. I am Nestor. He is Luke. He’s headed off to the mike Elias. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t call it Jackson holiday press conference. We’re back for more here at faily stay with us.

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