Finding The Vault and gems of the past and future at “new” CFG Bank Arena

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Our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld offered Nestor a chance to be a suite life guy for the recent Journey and Toto concert at CFG Bank Arena and wanted his feedback. Comedy and music and Danny DeVito and PacMan and free booze and why Edie Brown needs a room named after her at the former Baltimore Civic Center.


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Mike Rosenfeld, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive this is going to be fun one because I think we might as Bill Maher says, go overtime and this one so I’m going to start things by saying well, we’re gonna get the crabcake to our back end of the road it’s all gonna be brought to you by the Maryland lottery up to 10 times the cash tickets we given these way our friends in Windsor nation 866 90 nation I’m gonna get in stores this year, I’m going to be bragging about them. I haven’t ordered them yet. I gotta get on the phone with the Harley and the folks that when the nation to get that done 866 90 nations the way to do that. There’s a rumor that I won’t pay any I’ll have 0% financing for the next five years I forgot when there’s I know about doors, I got to find out about doors that escapes or not. I’ve read the ad right in March. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care and liberty pure solutions signing up as a new old sponsor, but they keep my water fresh around here. So I really appreciate that with well water. And this guy keeps our internet fresh. And he’s our Chief Digital Officer. A lot of folks don’t know what that is. This is why he puts fractional Chief Digital Officer. Behind him. He’s Microsoft felt at web connection. He’s out of the front of Baltimore positive as well. And much like all the rest of us trying to navigate mass in an Oriole season and navigate Indianapolis and combines in free agency and losing players. But more than that, just a spring is sprung and we’re trying to get out and have a little bit of fun from time to time and you and I got together and actually socialize downtown one evening, along with by the way, I’m wearing my I’m a blunt person shirt and our 25th anniversary brought to you by curio wellness and foreign daughter Wendy Brown. Finally, I had a delicious Korean barbecue steak dinner with spouses that evening. The CFG Bank Arena brought journey todo when and it’s something I would maybe have attended on my own given the right price or the right night. But Mike invited me courtesy of our friends at the wall, but I’ll let you tell the story because you tell everybody you call me two weeks ago and you’re like, Dude, I gotta I gotta gotta thing and it’s, it’s private. And it’s a club and it’s and I’m like, Alright, man, you’re gonna give me free parking? Let me come down and be your guest and give me free booze. I’ll make all night of it. So I did. Yeah,


Mike Rosenfeld  02:08

well, I’ll give a little bit of background. About a year ago, a little, maybe a year and a half ago, I took with two partners, group of people to Austin, Texas, just to check out the city. We do that regularly just looking at different cities, bringing those back seeing what we can learn. And while we were in Austin, the people from the oak view group asked if they could speak to our group. The Ofu group is a is the one who invested all that money into the arena. And when we were there, they told us this was before the arena open. They told us that the arena was going to be the next best Arena in the country and that there were two markets that everyone in the business were interested. One was Austin and one was Baltimore. Me and our mutual friend Bill Cole looked at each other, like what is he talking about? I mean, Austin Baltimore, in the same sense, as much as I love our city. We’re not on Austin yet. So I was like, what what have you ever

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:14

done a South by Southwest Jason Pappas and I talked about it for years. We never did it. I’m sure he’s done it by now. But but like I was gonna do it when it was like young and fresh and hip and cool. And Vaynerchuk was doing it 15 years ago kind of thing. Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  03:26

never, never never made it. I never made it there until my son lived there one year during the virus but but anyway, they talked so glowingly and basically what they said was that the the arena in Washington in the arena in Philadelphia, have a radius of geography in which artists cannot perform within. And Baltimore is outside both of those areas and artists would want to play there but the stage before they redid it was prohibitive, because all the new gear and and and panels and lights and

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:02

all that fit in the side door that got left open when Ted Leone’s yelled at me in the ice melted before Ovechkin almost broke his ankles. Yeah, yes, yes.

Mike Rosenfeld  04:10

So Right. So they’re like, Okay, I’ll give them like

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:14

literally, I mean, the building was built in 1961 for opera. Right? And

Mike Rosenfeld  04:18

they and they’re like, you know, we may have about an artist a week there and I’m sitting like, Yeah, I mean, all was was the circus, the monster truck and Trans Siberian Orchestra wrestling. That was it. So I’m like, I’ll believe it when I see it. And lo and behold, through that we were invited, and I saw you there to the naming. When they announced the naming rights and and then they announced that the opening weekend was going to be Bruce Springsteen on a Friday and the eagles on a Saturday I’m like, Okay, well that’s just getting started. But they have lived up to their word in my in my mind, there’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:53

never been a time where I’ve been on the website, looking ahead where they don’t have an ASHA Jana Jack Send a John Mayer a queen a kiss a book Shelly. I mean like I went up in the middle I wound up no mean you want to talk about this fault thing because I mean you got this special private room and I got to experience it with pop a shot and Donkey Kong and a bar and a couch and popcorn and really delicious cookies by the way to cram the oatmeal cranberry cookies were delicious. I sold to and had it for breakfast next couple days don’t tell Frank but but they were delicious. But I would say you invited me on a soft night and journey wasn’t was journey in Toto. I call it fake journey because it’s just this fake journey to me because it’s a real journey. But you invited me I wanted to come I got down I thought maybe it’s a soft night I checked the tickets every seat we sold I mean places pack it wasn’t a $10 Giveaway like the Ravens you know we’re most of the year like the seats are sold in full place was full up vote of the gills. It’s been full almost every time I’ve been there. Like I went for Queen I went for John Mayer. I went for eagles and went for Janet. Yeah, I mean, like I’ve been there a lot in the new world. But you showed me a place I hadn’t been I’ve been in the club level and Frank’s bar. This is 1962. And I had been all that but you showed me like this cool thing. But the reason you got it is I thought whites got a soft night between Stevie Nicks and Bocelli and I’m like Stevie Nicks Saturday, Michael Hall of Famer, Pete wood Mack, Sunday night, Toto and John and then Tuesday night, Bocelli barely brought the house down, everybody loved the jelly thing, everybody on my timeline. I mean, that was not possible in the days of I love our friends at Royal farms arena, I love my friends at first Mariner Bank and et al and the blast and but it was not possible to have that sort of lineup in the past at all, not

Mike Rosenfeld  06:46

at all. And really, what I wanted to do was invite a group of, I feel, I feel a sense of obligation is probably too strong of a word. But to do my part, to help the oak view group get a return on their investment that they made in the city. And through the relationships that we established, we had access to the vault so most people know the top of the arena you come in and you walk all the way down to your seats, but the basement which used to be maybe offices and things like that, they totally redid and if you haven’t had an opportunity, it’s where the suite holders go. It’s it they’ve done it up really really nice. It looks to me as if it could be in you know, Oriole Park or, or the amazing

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:33

thing is having stood in that hallway a million times in my life for him in a million ways. You know, like I can’t even begin to tell you how many rock stars I met in those hallways and underneath and Jean Uber Jaco and skip Jackson blast and how many times Ed Hale put meatballs out before blast game and I went in there and sat down with Billy Ronson and had a plate of food or, like, just everything, you know, everything that was ever there. Going back to the beginning, it’s like going back to walking in there with my dad to go to a clippers game. You know what I mean? And seeing Howard mash, selling hands. So I mean, I 50 years of my life, I go to that space. It’s a very sacred space to me, so that when I’m back there, throwing pop a shot, and I’m literally in the same space. As I sat with Danny DeVito. One night for half an hour talking. During the Eddie Murphy ra tour. I stole him away as the media critic then he was in the seats with me and he was getting Danny DeVito because he was standing freaking to veto before an Eddie Murphy thing. And my great friend John Wright said, grab Danny and let’s get him out of here. Let’s get him someplace where he can get left alone. Do this the Baltimore arena 1989 You tell me 8889 87 Whenever he was shooting 10 Min. Here you’re shooting 10 Min. In Baltimore. Danny DeVito was in with me and I said Mr. DeVito my friends run the arena. I’m Nestor. I’m from the Baltimore Sun. I’m a music critic and it’s nice to know you’re here for the movie. If you need some like to be left alone, like oh yeah, let you go. I’ll go with your kid. And the next thing you know Big John right all six foot six. Looks like James Brolin like looks like he could be married to Barbra Streisand kind of beautiful man, John, right. It’s like an uncle to me. He took me and Danny DeVito into his office, his office, roughly roughly where your wife and I played Mrs. Pacman together was literally where I sat next to Danny DeVito for half an hour waiting for Eddie Murphy rah to happen that night in the green suit. The whole

Mike Rosenfeld  09:43


Well, let me add to that. So we had tickets to the vault. The Vault is the premier of the premier suites and it

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:51

used to be John rights office and before that, it was Ed Brown’s office. After that

Mike Rosenfeld  09:55

it was Jamie Curtis office. So you may not know but Jamie was

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:59

after NAFTA II. Cheney did what Ed didn’t eat his old office. That was John’s old office. That’s now a Mrs. Pac Man Machine. And

Mike Rosenfeld  10:08

I know that because we consulted with the arena for like five years during the World farms days and provided them a little refrigerator

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:18

there and might have had a diet coke out if it wants. But that was the only hospitality and he’s a woman of hospitality. But she didn’t have anything like that.

Mike Rosenfeld  10:25

Oh, I know. It was dark. It was dirty. And I was worried that there could be rodents running around when I used to be in there. But there was no such thing in the vault. The Vault was from left side the right side full bar fully stock. As you said, there was Papa shot. There was video games. popcorn machine. Yeah, make

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:42


a recommendation was okay, good. I got a recommendation. All right. And it’s an E take this lol If you’re out there. I don’t need any more free tickets. I don’t need any parking. Free drinks is nice. But I mean, but I don’t need anything. This is just free advice for you. That space is sacred to Ed Brown. And when I used to go in there and see Ed and Sydney’s office, Ed, she might be 70 now, but she might be a little older than that. Edie had behind her desk, like mementos, like backstage passes from Stevie Wonder from 87 hanging, sort of like what my off like what any? It looked like a carnies office. It looked like she was a concert promoter. And there were pictures of her with Barry Manilow and pictures behind there have Sinatra and there was a menu that got signed from whatever from whomever she had all of this stuff. If you really want to make that space authentic, you should bring Edie stuff back from all of the arena years because I know like Frank has that picture the Beatles poster and the Led Zeppelin poster. I took a picture that would be more I put that up from the 60s and they have all the Frank Sinatra stuff and the Beatles and Elvis and all that cool stuff. Eds office if it were brought back would be like Archie Bunker’s chair at the Smithsonian, you know what I mean? Like sort of a little bit like that. So I would say if they really want to authenticate that space in the vault, they should put something of EDs on the wall, because I would sit there all night. Just look at ease backstage passes and or pictures, because I couldn’t even focus on Ed when I was in our office. Because I was always like, is that Lionel Richie? What we see here I’ll Commodores back in 78 they pack the place do nights, because that’s who we gotta love Ed, I think you gave me a chance to talk about Edie. That’s the whole gift and all of this just talk about eating? Well,

Mike Rosenfeld  12:36

I’m here to play these What can I tell you that

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:38

was at his office, I just gotta let you know it was at his office.

Mike Rosenfeld  12:42

So just to paint the picture for people. It’s the lower level in the very back of the arena. The exact opposite is


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

right next to where I bought the wrestling magazines in the 70s with Ivan Putski. And Chief Jay Strongbow and Bob Backlund. Yes, right next to it.

Mike Rosenfeld  12:57

Well, yeah. Did you bring me you had me at matches hams? I haven’t heard that in forever but

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:02

let’s what’s the S stand for? What’s the S stands for?

Mike Rosenfeld  13:05


What that stands for? Saw we throw that throw that away?

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:07

Right? Thank you very good. All right, my grocery fellow man bad connection. You’re you know, you’re you’re showing you’re showing your home or I’ve been here you know, I

Mike Rosenfeld  13:16

mean, I’ve been here two years or three years longer than you next

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:19

thing you know, are we talking about Kathy Chesapeake around here amongst other things, but your to your point, it gave us a night out. I quite frankly, full disclosure did not have the greatest experience. I had eight really, really nasty drunk women. My age sitting behind me who were obnoxious during Toto, which is pretty quiet act, some people you know, and then these girls are talking soon, people close. And I’m like, we’re not having any fun. So we went and found the reins in Africa. And you know, we did all of that like away from the seats we were in. But I do that pretty often. And you and I have done three segments about the breakdown of American culture at concerts and etiquette so that is not Lowe’s fault. That’s not the CFG bank arenas fault. It’s not the chew really nasty women that my wife got into it with John Mayer when John Mayer is trying to sing acoustic songs are these really nasty women all I could think about and I did this on your behalf because I don’t want to make lol angry and I want these Oakview people this is not anything about the arena or about my experience. It’s just the general level that the morning after and I did this out of respect to you, that you sweet life me and all that stuff. I was gonna say all my only hope and the aftermath of leaving Germany a little early. And getting home a little early and having a really nice night with friends, including you and having free drinks and cookies that were memorable. I could just hope those eight women had the worst hangover of their life that I hope that their Monday was so effing miserable because they He made everybody around them miserable at a journey toto concert, where people spent a lot of money to have a nice night out. And I would just hope that they had the Monday they deserved that. I mean, anyway, but all that being said, I love the night. It was a it was a memory made and look, I pimped the arena all the time. I need Pearl Jam tickets lo Help, help I can’t get in. But like, I’ll be there. I love the arena. I love what they’ve done the arena. I love that I have members of the old arena. It couldn’t stand that way anymore. It’s like Memorial Stadium. Couldn’t do it anymore. Just the old girl wasn’t there. And I love that I pulled up and there was traffic Mike. It took me 30 minutes to park stuff. I want to bitch about that. Like it’s good. There were people it was packed. It was packed on Saturday for Stevie Nicks was packed on Sunday for Germany. It was packed on Tuesday for Bocelli. Enough sad. It’s Baltimore friggin positive. It’s awesome. Except for the Drunk girls behind me. And I hope their heads still hurt.


Mike Rosenfeld  16:02

Yeah, that could have happened anywhere. But yeah, I like that. You put the caveat there that that wasn’t they were gonna swap mines

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:08

everywhere. It doesn’t happen. It happens everywhere. That’s my point. That’s it.

Mike Rosenfeld  16:12

We talked about three segments. We’ve talked on multiple segments about people from the county, just get over it. Dry, you know, have have an evening in the city.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:26

Place worthy coming to it really is so is the Hippodrome so it’s the aquarium. So the harborplace Is it because it’s not building it’s falling apart. But like there’s plenty of worthwhile awesome things going on in our city. Every night. I mean, Jason is Bo was at the Lyric the other night, I had to make a decision about that. My wife and I went and saw St. Paul and the broken bones and rams had live I’ve been around said lives since before the plague. I had to think of less than what was there was this Led Zeppelin got the lead out. I was there one night, I think John Allen and I went down and rocked out one night, but like, I love what the city is becoming. And I think it’s growing up in front of us. And I think the baseball thing is going to be the straw. Like Reggie Jackson said the straw that stirs the drink. I believe that.

Mike Rosenfeld  17:14

Yeah, I do too. And I go, Look, I’ve always been told you can tell a city by the cranes in the sky and their cranes in the sky. I mean, the, you know, I work from home office now after years and years of driving from the county into cam every single day before Harbor East you know, and before the can company in the late 90s. In Cannes. And before Canton was really what Ken is now

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:42

embrace was a bakery. And Canton was a doc.

Mike Rosenfeld  17:46

Yeah, and you so so look, I want to be that half full guy. I want to convert half empty people to have full people. Well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:55

that’s what you were doing with me that night. That’s why I said to you, dude, you don’t need me down there. Get somebody that’s not converted on converted? I mean,

Mike Rosenfeld  18:02

yeah, well, really, the Pete, to be honest with you, the people that were there are, in my opinion, really good people who are influencers, because some of without throwing them under the bus, some of the largest corporations in Baltimore, have yet to make an investment into the arena, just to basically support the city support the arena. And I really wanted people who I think also care about the city who may have inroads and can just basically tell people like we are, hey, we went to the arena, it’s totally different. We had an unbelievable time. It was totally packed, the vibe was good. I don’t know about you, it may have taken a half an hour to get in. But it took us five minutes to get out. And we stayed to the to the end. And, you know, so just just being open minded, helpful. And to challenge people to just say, You know what, give it a chance, make up your own mind. But don’t think back to the, you know, 80s 90s 2000s Arena, give it a chance. That’s all I’m saying.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:03

And here’s what I would say. And this is with all due respect to the sweet life and look, I told you this when you invited me like, I don’t feel like a Hobnob or I don’t need to sit first class. I’ve I’ve been on Millionaire’s row at the derby. I’ve been backstage on the 50 yard line in the main suite, two Super Bowls like I you know, like, I’m not that guy. And certainly not that guy when it comes to concerts. I mean, the less Gucci the better for me, and Billy Joel was on. He was on Howard Stern, and a couple of weeks ago, but Billy Joel said this for years and my wife was a benefactor of this because my wife is so beautiful, like literally, Billy Joel would import the fans into the front. Because the fans in the front it got douchey people paying $1,200 aren’t the kind of fans that are going to know every song. They’re not really the super fans. They’re not grateful to be there. They’re just rich people as he said they were just rich, boring people that were could turn it into a bad wedding scene in the front. And it wasn’t fun for him. And he said, I like pretty girls. I like young people, I want enthusiasm. And all I asked when I send my roadies to the back in the top and import people to the front is that it brings enthusiasm down into the front. And I can tell you this from Springsteen shows where people spend a lot of money and stuff. It totally shows and I go to a lot, a lot, a lot of concerts. I’m not a club level guy. I’m not a Pop Shop between sets on there for the music. I’m not there for the beer, the girls, the people, the I am there literally, to engage with the artist. I got something for you. You think lol will listen to this, this piece if he does. So my son comes over the other night and he says, Hey, you sweet life fake journey I was and I’m like, Well, you know, he’s like, I liked the arena. And like, yeah, he’s going to show down there soon, too. Because they booked stuff. They fall out boys and all that stuff that he likes his era. He loves John Mayer, too. So we got talking about this and about them. The experience of going to a concert and pop a shot and like the things that you had in the vault, and the things that a lot of sweets in modern arenas that like, I like having my own bathroom. In a suite level. I’ve watched concerts and suites and whatnot. And it’s like nice having a comfy chair. But that’s not my way of watching a hockey game, a football game or a baseball game or concert, soccer. It’s just not. I’m a kid of certain left field in the bleachers at Memorial Stadium. And I don’t need much more than that. And my dad’s philosophy is same game out there it is here. I could see the strike zone better out here. And maybe he wouldn’t watch in the massive cameras on Saturday that we’re going up and down like porch and Palmer, getting cross eyed trying to figure out what’s the ball on a strike. But you know, my son and I talked about what like makes an experience and makes a concert and make some memory. And it really is the experience with the band. So my son has this. I shouldn’t even say this out loud. It’s pretty good idea. He said that he’s Google that somebody’s doing the technology. Are you ready for this? Mike? I’m gonna go to the concert in the future and the oak view group or someone like them? Maybe my buddy Jason right. I talked about John right. His son’s one of my dearest friends in the world. He runs Live Nation in Chicago, right for the whole, like, I don’t brag on Jason much because he’s a Calvert Hall guy. I tried to leave them alone Loyola University, great goalie, break friend life a friend. But for these people in this industry who do concerts for people like me and my wife that are pissed off by drunk ales hanging out, my son said, you know, would make me come to a concert and like what he’s like, sell me a headset when I walk in, or a channel where I can put my supersonic. I have these here. These are old school. I still use these. These are eye candy, or Skullcandy Skullcandy, not eye candy. Skullcandy eye candy. whatever they’re called. These are my iPod. They still have holes in them for the mini jacks, right? I listened to my I packed my pod with this when I plug in to leave my wife alone when I’m three o’clock in the morning, listen, rocking out the Van Halen. And my son said if I could bring these and they’re Bluetooth enabled, and put this on my head like I’m walking through the Van Gogh Museum. Or when you do and Frank and you’re in the corner, sobbing and Amsterdam, because you have a headset on because you’re not hearing people say, Oh, well, you’re in a sacred space. Right? Put this on when I’m at John Mayer and give me board sound. I’ll pay $10 Extra. Trust me, I’ll pay I’ll pay whatever you paid to get into the club. Okay, whatever the vault cost. Make this a part of it. Give this to me. So when I go out, I’m hearing Steve Lucas sir. And not drunk woman from Lansdowne. You like that? That’s my son’s idea to tell him that when I go to concerts you’ll leave me to F alone and let me be with John Mayer because I spent $328 to do it.

Mike Rosenfeld  23:53

Tell him he can footnote me when he and he look if he makes a billion I just want a million if he uses this There’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:01

a rumor that web connections in the tech space I’m just not

Mike Rosenfeld  24:03

just not just the or how about the whole visual you know, Oculus type of or with apples come out with where not only do you have the audio but you can zoom in on Neil Shawn as he’s playing his guitar solo and zoom into his hands not be reliant on the video that the that’s on the screen but choose your own experience how about going backstage and watch them walking on stage before they come in? And of course if you haven’t tried to go

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:34

into you know I just hope you to still live to do it at the sphere.


Mike Rosenfeld  24:37

Yeah, so I mean, he’s on to it but don’t limit it to just audio to have the whole video multimedia experience. The whole thing

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:45

this you tell low by the time Janet Jackson gets here and lip syncs and next time I want this on so I can miss you much. I can let’s wait a while I can escapade. I can you know what I mean? When all she says yeah, Yeah, I don’t have to say no, you don’t I mean, so awareness. Right.

Mike Rosenfeld  25:04

I hear you. All right. I, brother. Well, I was. I was, I was glad to have you. I’m glad you went, I was glad. You know, I got to spend a little bit more time with your wife, you were able to meet my wife. Look, I’m like you, like I still for the Ravens playoffs. I had tickets in the lower bowl, kind of close to the endzone. And I chose to sell them. So I could sit in the 500 level, top four rows, because I like to be all the way up in the 30th row. Because I like to see, but that’s how I learned and watch football growing up. So I’m weird that way where everyone else will say you. You went from lower to the upper. I’m like, yeah, see the game, the better. I can see the plays develop no

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:47


offense to anybody in the lower deck. No. Thanks to any of you, it’s not the best place to see my 1301 seats. Trust me, I sat in them, the fields in front of you, you’re closer to the field and you see the field and that’s what you want to see. But

Mike Rosenfeld  26:04

I like you. I definitely like to experience the concert experience the vibe, but I’m not gonna lie. I like the ability to walk back and forth and fill up my drink, grab a cookie and go back. You know, during, during a you know, the keyboard Solo was great, but it gave me a chance to stretch my legs, go grab a refill and all that stuff. So and there were people who

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:26

were diecast Alonzo suit has a little bit of a back story. Castronovo excuse me, a little bit of a backstory. That’s not a good backstory. We’re singing a mother father. Like I’m like, this is a night for me. And I told you I said when they play scape and Mother Father, I’m gonna be there. But it was me and about 12 people in the whole arena. Everybody’s there waiting for open arms. And you know, that’s good. I mean, I like I’d love concerts man like I am. Well knows this. Everybody knows. Everybody, Frank, Ramesh, they all know. They see me there. I’m a paying customer. I love going to concerts. And the more the merrier. And even the ones I don’t go to they’re great for the city. It’s it’s just a great it’s a great thing. It’s it’s awesome. You know, I

Mike Rosenfeld  27:08

agree. Let’s make it happen. Baltimore. Be positive. All right, there

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:12

you go. Mike Roosevelt’s here and even talking to baseball when they’re talking to football when you know what I’m so baseball up, Mike, that I’ve been adding to my Louis Aparicio collection. And I’ve been getting some a couple that I’m just missing. There aren’t many missing. This is a this was a 63 post cereal piece that was missing from my collection. Also on the back of jello, jello containers back in 1963. It’s cardboard backs. He didn’t even back because it was a bag. This is sort of a mint condition. Nice piece, you know, things you could find on the internet for less than 10 bucks that can warm your heart. You know what I mean? Are you Yeah, so I’m on the baseball trail. I’m feeling good about things. We’re talking a lot of baseball, Luke and I are. There’s a rumor we’re gonna son ourselves in Sarasota. I’m just saying flights are held. Reservations might be made. We’re trying to figure it all out whether Luke and I can live together for six days running up and down from Fort Myers to Sarasota to Orlando, but we’ll say I am Nestor. We are WNS da and 15 70,000 Baltimore. enjoying our time here during the slow times the friends like Microsoft fell from a web connections stay with us Baltimore positive

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