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When a city starts talking and thinking baseball again


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Mike Rosenfeld joins Nestor to discuss the power of local networking and Orioles baseball. And the old-fashioned stuff like when strangers met at a game and became friends.


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Nestor Aparicio, Mike Rosenfeld

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about W en st Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive I, you know, I let my hair down because I’m in it to let your hair down kind of spring into summer here. Preakness is over. We have events happening. We have vacations happening, I’m seeing the caps and the gowns and the graduates and kids getting out of school. Like they go back to school in August. It’s crazy. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour out on the road, we’re gonna be spirits West, we’re gonna be also added Shannon’s as well. And hailstorm. We have lots and lots of places to get to. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends when they’re nice, we great time up the local and fallston. But getting out, I think is going to be the theme of this segment. This guy actually stays in he is our Chief Digital Officer of web connection. He keeps our website rocking and rolling but much like everybody else to the plague. And I know you have children that live in other places. You like baseball, you like sports, you like concerts, all the sorts of things that I do. It turns out that you and I, I didn’t recognize you like smell good. You’re all dressed nice. You had a jacket, networking and getting out. It’s starting to feel like the plagues rearview mirror a little bit Mike and I would say seeing you at a networking event that Ryan Rifkin is doing they’re going to another networking event is going up seeing people and then everybody coming up to me and talking baseball and football and the horse race last week. Got it almost feels like it’s normal again, like Rosenfeld, doesn’t it?


Mike Rosenfeld  01:30

It does. You know, it’s it’s, it’s slow, but it definitely feels like it’s in the rearview mirror for sure. But it’s always nice. I think your listeners who who network can relate to this. I show up at this event, I’m walking in by myself, I’m a guest of someone else. So I at least know one other person that’s going to be there. I know Baltimore is they call it small tomorrow. But I walked into that event and did a quick lap around and didn’t really recognize a lot of people. I was surprised. Because normally I would you know, there’d be a nice handful.

Nestor Aparicio  02:10

Really too happy to see me. It was a little weird. You know? I mean, for me? Yeah. Must have been an oasis in the desert.

Mike Rosenfeld  02:17

Yeah, I was happy to see you. I don’t know if that’s what you said. But it was always happy to see someone you know. So I walked up said hello.

Nestor Aparicio  02:24


So you look a little too happy to see you have finally found somebody? Oh, even if it is you.

Mike Rosenfeld  02:30

You know, there’s nothing more awkward than just standing there walking around.

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

The whole idea isn’t for you and I to go home. And you know, we love each other. We never get together. I haven’t been in a room with you a long, long time. But like, I don’t want to see you there. I mean, are you know you are supposed to be other people. Right?

Mike Rosenfeld  02:46

Yeah. But I mean, if you extrapolate it, you know what, it wasn’t like this. But if you’re sitting in a bar with a buddy, and you want to meet people, it’s good to have a wing person. So that’s the way I look at it. It’s always good. She wants


Nestor Aparicio  03:00

to just well dressed as you, you know, at an event like that. So

Mike Rosenfeld  03:04

it wasn’t lost on me that you said why don’t you wear that when we do our segments because I’m always in that T shirt, a nicer t shirt, but a t shirt nonetheless.

Nestor Aparicio  03:13

Curious your gauge look, it’s fine. You got your gauge thing going on? Like

Mike Rosenfeld  03:16


yeah, thank you. I appreciate it. So you know, I had to put on the monkey jacket as I call it. Because that’s what the event called for didn’t want to be disrespectful but but yeah, it was good to see you I did see a couple old friends business friends and got to catch up with people it was right before this icy as see Vegas thing which a lot of people were chunking everybody’s on but me we’re gonna be headed out which I was able to do last year was unable to make it happen this year, but hope to be invited back next next year and then do it again. But yeah, look, I’m a firm believer in you just got to be out there. And you got to be seen even as a outsourced Chief Digital Officer, one of my mantras is to my client is you got to be seen and most of that’s done digitally with, you know, online ads or social media posts and just being relevant and out there. But doing it in person is extremely, extremely important. I mean, just just getting out there and, and creating relationships. You know

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

what the amazing thing for me and this is really a gift to you and to all my partners and clients and sponsors and friends and supporters and people that stay with me through not just thick and thin but with this Raven’s nonsense that’s going on the last just illicit nonsense that they’ve been doing. getting out and seeing people and being in places and randomly having people shout mainly really nice things at me. You know what I mean in one way or another, but the networking part of this the last week it’s interesting. We talked networking this week because I began Thursday morning I ran into you and Mike tissues event. The connects event Ryan Ripken was there he was as good a speaker in that environment as I have Ever seen and that includes his father that includes my partner Brian Billick, you know, decorated people. I just thought it was he was fantastic. And then I left and I had a lunch appointment with a business client. And then that night, my wife and I got invited down to the center club. First things first, we were late getting there because of traffic. We’ll say that, again. We were late getting to an event in downtown Baltimore, because of traffic. I want everybody in the audience to think of the last time you were late for something in Baltimore because of traffic. Now you all have memories of sitting on the beltway in the 90s. In the aughts, listen into my, you know, my show or whatever, being stuck somewhere, whatever. Traffic is something we have in New York and LA and DC beltway, you know, on the way to Ocean City, but like traffic in downtown Baltimore, it’s been a long, long time. So the oral game lead out, and we got there and we went up to the top of the senator club and see Trevino invited me and there were name tags for Sashi Brown, John Harbaugh, and Eric, the cost I thought was gonna be much more interesting evening than that. None of those guys posted. But nonetheless, I was up there. And there were 40 or 50 people, my wife walked in, and she’s looking pretty inward. She’s her first networking event since like, 2019, probably, I don’t remember her being on my arm with a name tag at a cocktail kind of event, because we could have them. You couldn’t plan them last year for two years. We didn’t have them. If they weren’t planned. We didn’t have them. So it’s been a long time. And she said to me, I don’t know many people in the room. Do you know anybody in here? And I said, yeah, probably half the people in here. You know, the 50 people I’d like I know, half of them. She’s like, really? And I’m like, I get out you know, you haven’t been with me lately. But I get out. So we you know, talk to people at a beautiful we had just the greatest time we wound up watching Eddie Lauer play down at the horseshoe came in on we went up having food at I mean, we went up stay in downtown all night, Thursday night, and then you know, so we had a great time. And even put any of that online. I don’t think it put my chicken parm that I got into meat cheese, but it was delicious. It was the more delicious leftover Saturday went to the Preakness. And man, the Preakness was great. And look, I can’t get past the fact that the toilets don’t flush. The elevators don’t work. You’re out in the middle. But if you went to the event, and you bought a ticket, and you paid a little too much for it, and you got weather and you got Bruno Mars, it’s a great day for Baltimore, Mike, you know what I mean? Like, you don’t have to like races and certainly the PETA people were out, there’s a lot of protesting going on about the animals and the death of the animals. I ran into Bob Baffert, after we lost his horse, it was awful, awful memory for me and my wife to see him. Just to see how upset he was walking off the track, because we walked in as he was walking out after the horse fell on Saturday, but the networking part that you bring up, and here’s what I want to say, not just for Baltimore positive, but for sports. And for what I’m known for the Orioles, the ravens, my last name baseball, that the fact that there’s this heartbeat about the Orioles again, for just a couple of weeks. Imagine if this goes on for a couple of years, which is how we all got involved in the beginning and 7983 and getting Camden Yards built and all that. But I I do feel like the Preakness the Orioles, what it represents the ravens and what they represent for the community and bringing people together. The Preakness was really a wonderful thing. And to your point networking. It’s not about people from Philadelphia or New York or DC. It’s really networking is is the most local of local things we can do.

Mike Rosenfeld  08:27

Yeah, I’m feeling you everything you’re saying. And while you’re talking, I’m just doing a quick Google search. Just I mean, I know we’re gonna go back to networking, because, you know, I believe in it significantly. It’s helped me get where I am today. But Did you by any chance see the Oriental city connect uniform unveiling and video? Have you seen that? Yes, I

Nestor Aparicio  08:53

have. It’s a Baltimore pride thing made up by Nike. That is yes, yes, very much.


Mike Rosenfeld  08:58

And there’s a local poet who’s done stuff for the Ravens Correct. Stuff for the city. Come Dhwani Fidel, I believe was named Robin mispronouncing it. Brilliant. Poet.

Nestor Aparicio  09:12

Has books of poetry card. Yes. Yeah, for sure.

Mike Rosenfeld  09:15

I actually have one of his poems, which talks about the analogy between Baltimoreans and and craps. And you would think that would be pretty contrived and too simple, but I heard it survivors man, I almost cried. I’ll be I’ll admit it because I’m a homer and, and you know, I look at my kids and a lot of my kids peers who don’t live here by choice and just feel and an ultimate connection to to the city that maybe the younger generation doesn’t feel

Nestor Aparicio  09:51


there needs to be a reinstallation of pride of true that Baltimore positive true Baltimore Right. I’m proud of being from Baltimore. I don’t I don’t lead with it. I lean into it right.

Mike Rosenfeld  10:05

Yeah, I’m with you. I do too. I’m by no means Barisan. It’s very interesting because my wife is from Detroit. But when people ask her where she’s originally from, she says Michigan, and I don’t know any Baltimorean that would say, I’m from Maryland. And I think that there’s a distinction there. If you really thought through it that you know that we that I don’t know any Baltimorean that says, I’m from

Nestor Aparicio  10:31

this, every one. Every person you speak of has such wacky pride in the Maryland flag to have it on their underwear. Like we have, like Texas, their flag is more about guns than it is about whatever the star represents, like literally, because that’s what it and same thing with Mississippi with the Confederate flag really represents something very ugly. The Maryland flag is something I don’t even know what the hell the Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia. I don’t know what any of their flags look like. Everybody knows what our flag like and Under Armour put put it on football jerseys. And, you know, being a part of it, but we have a wacky, wacky state flag and that everybody takes pride in the flag, right? Like it’s weird. And then we piss on Baltimore regularly. And I don’t go for it. Neither is Jane Miller. She’s the first one that really burned up said she wasn’t having it in her conversations anymore than anybody that decides that I’m out in hon valley that it’s okay to piss on Baltimore and pellet. Stop to stop that right people. People somebody did it to me in fallston the other day, stop, stop. You know,

Mike Rosenfeld  11:39

when you say they did it, what exactly are you referring to? Like what what what?


Nestor Aparicio  11:45

So I will I will be fully as I always am here honest, I made this beaut Have you ever been to the local and fallston? I have not. Okay, so, I made a mistake in the conversation of taking the conversation at one point in a different lane and the person across from me perceived it differently. You can go listen to the conversation. Watch it. I did four hours of content. I Clancy fancy. Clancy was my guest at the local. And we had got so I’m up there and I’m in this beautiful, new ish. It’s been open a year, nine months. And there I would say and I would say it’s the Ruth’s Chris a fallston. But it’s not like a Ruth’s. Chris. It’s more the menus different than that. It’s a lot. It’s the local, everything’s local. The beers are local foods, local, local people who runs it. The chef, just one Zach, one chef of the Year from the restaurant sociation in Maryland, and I’m in a conversation there. And I just said, Man, I remember coming to Austin, it was a cow town and nobody hears that. None of this was here. There was a Chili’s up in Bel Air you could go to or whatever. And all of the loonies and the mechanics and all the people that have gone up there lives grill, della roses, everybody went, you know, all of my people, all of the Dundalk people that I grew up with class of 85 in that range 70% of live up in Harford County, right. And I said to them, oh, now you don’t need to go to the city to have like this kind. And that probably was right, because it’s true that Bellaire has great places to eat now as a parents on the play, I mean, break crabcakes I mean, pappases and Bella, like, that’s good. And but that I just walked into my own manure right by saying, Oh, you have great stuff up here now where you can get this kind of a meal. And the man the local was great. The crab cake was delicious. They had this great chicken sandwich. I was right across from rural farms. I felt a little dirty, like get a chicken sandwich be in your roof. But it was delicious. I brought home the Shi steak egg roll. Delicious. Listen, but there is something productive, right? Where you say, Oh, now we don’t have to go into we have. Oh, boy. What it is nice that these things are out there. But it does give someone the Yeah, I don’t need to go down there no more, you know, and I’m like, that’s not really what I was going at. That’s really where I was taking the conversation.

Mike Rosenfeld  14:06

Y’all hear I hear you. I’m you know, going back to the Detroit thing. Having gone there multiple times a year for the last 30 plus years, they very much have a strip center. dining and social experience because people don’t go downtown. So that’s kind of what you’re describing is you know, there’s

Nestor Aparicio  14:30

behind a waffle house in a Dunkin Donuts and it’s as good a meal as you’re gonna get any go to New York this week. I mean, it’s like, it’s, it’s phenomenal. And there’s a line to get in and it’s small and like whatever. But it’s, um, it’s great. And it’s in Boston. And when you say it’s great, it’s in fallston. That seems to be a reason and I go into the city and that’s not what we’re saying. But the Orioles are the difference maker, because I’m sitting in there. And I even said to Lou I’m like, last summer nobody’s sitting in your bar. Make an appointment with their wife, over $100 meal, right to sit here and have a beef Wellington and watch a ballgame and in a beautiful space and a comfortable chair, like in a good environment, but like literally want to sit down at 615 and have a tablecloth and watch the Orioles play, that’s going to happen for as long as Adley rutschman and cutterhead. You know this, that we’re going, that’s going to happen the next couple of years here in a way that’s never happened. And everywhere I’ve gone the last month, people want to talk about my original family business Aparicio. They want to talk about baseball with me. So and they think Oh, Peter, this and I’m releasing the Peter principles. I almost have a sense of humor. 20 years later, you know, after all that went on, because it taught me so much about life and bad people and money and intent and and how to be awful. Peter Angelos taught me how to be awful, and how not how not to treat people ever, no matter how much money I have, how much whatever I would have. And there’s a point with baseball for me being back and being alive and vibrant again, that I feel the heartbeat of the city coming together in a way that as I told Michael is this is why I fought with the old man for years just to make this good again. And when it’s good again, it’s good and fallston again, too, and it’s good. It’s good. Reisterstown it’s good. And Westminster it’s good in Annapolis. It’s good everywhere.

Mike Rosenfeld  16:25


Well, here’s a here’s another positive benefit of technology. Every Oriole game, every Oriole game, there’s a group text between me and my two sons. One’s here in Baltimore for now he’s

Nestor Aparicio  16:41

leaving the Friday night game you couldn’t watch on Apple TV. Are you one of those guys? You’re ticked off? Do you have Apple TV? Right?

Mike Rosenfeld  16:47

I do. I do. I

Nestor Aparicio  16:48

come to your house Friday night. Next time you’re on Apple TV, I’m coming over to your house, instead of writing with all these


Mike Rosenfeld  16:53

issues. You’re You’re welcome to it. But we have a group text, every every game. And every hit like last night I was out at a event. And I get a text gunner with multiple exclamation points, you know, so I can’t I’m not watching the game at the time. But I know he must have gone yard or done something. And there’s a

Nestor Aparicio  17:17

speaking your language, I’m not nuts to say that this baseball thing has your daily habits in a way that brings you back to the nostalgia of caring about it right.

Mike Rosenfeld  17:30

And maybe what I can do is circle back and tidy this whole thing up and talk about networking and baseball and how they go together. So those people who know me I net work pretty well. And I I enjoy meeting good people. But everyone who’s network knows, you go you sit at a table I saw your around a table of 10 I was around a table of 10. You talk everyone talks about what they do. And then you leave and nothing happens. I mean, that’s what if something

Nestor Aparicio  18:02


happens, you pile up the cards and then you get Memorial Day weekend or you actually go through and connect with people, because that’s literally what this pile of cards is literal.

Mike Rosenfeld  18:10

You’re you’re a little bit more proactive than some. In fact, I don’t want to be rude, but I will use the word I was at a table of rookies, who don’t know how to network. And I said why don’t we just go around the table and just for a couple minutes talk about what we do. And as a gentleman, I decided to let everyone go first. And when it was my turn, the program started. And I’m like, I wonder what these people are going to do when this program is over.

Nestor Aparicio  18:42

ribcage card here. And I already had Jake Jacobson’s card before the thing even started. So like just

Mike Rosenfeld  18:49

so after the event was over, I’m like, I wonder if these people are gonna give me the courtesy of the one minute to tell them what I do since I was cut off. Over, they all got up. They all left. And I was not surprised. But let’s talk about baseball and networking. I think I think


Nestor Aparicio  19:09

Camden Yards Mike did it did it not in the 90s like the clubs sections that it was it was the golf course for this study.

Mike Rosenfeld  19:16

And it can be anything but but a dear friend of mine taught me about mound ball. Are you familiar with mound ball?

Nestor Aparicio  19:25

Go? Am I gonna be pickleball? So I mean, why not? Why not teach me mound boys. So

Mike Rosenfeld  19:29


this is a tip to all your listeners. I’m gonna give credit to Michael Gordon, who’s the one who like taught me about mound ball. Okay, so so so here’s, I’m gonna paint the picture. You’re there with 810 12 people. You’re either all in a row or you’re smart. You do six in front, six and back so you can kind of talk to each other and every half inning starts with the bottom of the first. The first person’s holding empty. cup, and everyone puts $1 in. So you put $1 in, there’s $12 in the cup. This is

Nestor Aparicio  20:06

a gambling game.

Mike Rosenfeld  20:08

It’s not gambling, it’s all fun. At the end of every inning if you don’t pay attention, the umpire takes a brand new ball and rolls it to the mound for the pitcher to warm up after the bottom of each inning or after each half inning. If the ball stays on the mound and doesn’t roll off, then the person who’s holding the cup gets the money What does rolls halfway down it’s still on the mound. Know if it rolls and it’s touching grass doesn’t count doesn’t catch on

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

pyres are in on this.


Mike Rosenfeld  20:37

They aren’t so look after, after me it’s not easy to do. So if it’s unsuccessful, the $12 Cup gets passed to the next person, everyone puts another dollar and now it’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:47

20. So it’s when the ball sits up there. The winner takes the cup.

Mike Rosenfeld  20:51

Yes. Now what happens is not only is this good camaraderie, maybe you’re drinking the cold beer with your you’re having a hot dog, whatever. But around you. Everyone in your section is wondering what is going on. Now they’re not actively putting money in the cup, but now they’re watching and they’re rooting for what’s going on. I’ve gotten to the point where there was 100 Plus bucks in this cup of singles. And there was a close call. And we knew people who were on the other side of the stadium to say is that ball touching the grass? Because we needed we needed some cooperation. So

Nestor Aparicio  21:26


you had instructed you seats from the other side of the mound.

Mike Rosenfeld  21:29

It’s very exactly there’s it’s very good vibes

Nestor Aparicio  21:32

really good seats.

Mike Rosenfeld  21:33

Keeps you Oh, yeah. keeps you interested, great networking opportunity to just get to know people. I use the term crossover, which is


Nestor Aparicio  21:43

my dad, and I got to know everybody. When we went to games, we talked to people at Oriel games when we when I was a kid, we would always talk to people there was more space. You know, they’d been out in the outfield when I was a kid, you know, just talking to people spreading out a little bit. That’s how I met Howard shared hockey gets talking to people, right? I don’t know that. People go to games and make lifelong friends anymore by like, Hey, what’s your where you’re from Lansdowne? Oh, really? You know, you’ve been a fan? You’re like, I don’t I don’t know. Networking is different than Fanning? I think right?

Mike Rosenfeld  22:13

Yeah, for sure. But if you can combine both things, why not? I mean, let’s let’s let’s let’s have some fun. You know, we’ve never talked about this but my first job when I could drive was for the Orioles. It was a memorial stadium. I had two responsibilities because I was promoted. My my entry level job was at Memorial Stadium they used to have these big buses come from bars and churches and things like Park right over third base. Exactly. And I’ve my job with a bunch. I think there was maybe eight of us was to board every bus. Welcome everyone to the stadium on their on the microphone. Give them free swag and order forms to for future gains. That’s what my job was. I must have two years I must have done. So you’re

Nestor Aparicio  23:05


Mike Rosenfeld  23:06


the year 83. Like after the World Series. I love

Nestor Aparicio  23:12

this though. I had Clancy fancy Clancy. I mean, I don’t need to tell you who he is. If you don’t know get out of town. Clancy came up to fallston his first vending job was 1974. With peanuts. He’s 15 years old. Like I got like, I didn’t I didn’t know that. Like I’ve known you a lot. I’ve known you 25 years. I didn’t know you weren’t at the stadium.

Mike Rosenfeld  23:33

I here’s and the next year I was promoted. And I was responsible with another guy to take the Oriole inflatable bird that was like four storeys tall that you connected to a fan and it was holding the bat. And I would I would do it for specific Oriole games and road trips. I remember once we went to Hershey Park without Bunbury, and I was just the guy with another guy Manning this inflatable bird. And I remember you had to pull this cord to open the flap to let the air out and I must have pulled too hard and I ripped it and that inflatable bird was at the commission for a year because the bird I broke the bird. I’ve just horrible, horrible experience.

Nestor Aparicio  24:16

And then I can’t believe I’ve known you all these years and haven’t gotten this out of you. This is a deep dark baseball story. Time The Franklin case he chased me around the bases when I swept third base during the crown Junior Oriole that I won


Mike Rosenfeld  24:30

the following year and this was my last job there before I got you know, jobs during college. I worked with Dan O’Dowd who was at the time the you know, head of group sales? I think at the Orioles this was still Memorial Stadium. You went on

Nestor Aparicio  24:46

to run the Indians and then the Rockies right?

Mike Rosenfeld  24:49

Yeah, for sure. Now he’s on MLB Network and you know just just interesting time so love my birds after every shift. When I work there was right For me, it was during batting practice. I’d watch them hit balls out and I’d grab balls to bring to my friends and I had a pin that allowed me access anywhere. I went up to the press box, ate their food. It was it was. It was definitely fun. I mean, I loved my worlds. I love the fact that you know, my kids were Ravens fans because the Oriole stunk when they grew up but my kids love, love the Orioles now it’s all beautiful. I

Nestor Aparicio  25:24


did the crab cake tour last month in Essex or Middle River at MC falls oyster reel. You familiar with MC falls Iron Horse tavern. And when you’ve been in there, you’ve seen all the Jimmy Tyler stuff. And I’m sure the already Tyler stuff all over the walls. And I’m Freddie I know all the Tyler’s from the clubhouse. But but, you know, the last month just having all this baseball come back to me and seeing Ryan Ripken speak and saying what an impressive young man cow should be. You know, I say calanoid I’m like, You should be really proud of that young man. He not just because he’s cows kid or whatever. Just. I’m in front of a lot of 29 year olds. He’s just an impressive man, Ryan Ripken. So I just seeing the baseball tentacles of all that’s Mike bordick. And I did a Chesapeake feline Association, a cat adoption up at Adams Jeep and Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago, just the baseball vibe and getting back out and being a part of it. I now say this and I’ll leave you with this. We’ll we’ll get a crab cake together soon and certainly have talked Chief Digital Officer stuff, but I hope they don’t screw this up. You know what I mean? Like I do not have any confidence in John Angeles or TJ Brightman or anybody misses and any of these people that think that this is going to be well managed. I just I hope that everyone has a good experience as they get back down there hope they can find employees, I hope public safety for the city for branded for the police for the businesses, I just hope that this is the beginning of what I want it to be, you know, which is the beginning of the next good thing it’s going to happen here for our city.

Mike Rosenfeld  26:58

We need it. Everyone who can do their you know, look, they have a unique situation where they can really affect the positive change. You know, I’m waiting for the next milestone, which is let’s just get at least extension sign so that

Nestor Aparicio  27:12

ah, now you’re talking like a journalist, they’ll get you.

Mike Rosenfeld  27:15

Yeah, I mean, but what I’m talking about a fan of our city and knowing the pain that people of our age and older know about a team leaving. I don’t know about you, but when I hear that the A’s are going to move to Las Vegas, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. And every time I’d see someone from Cleveland, I tell them I said I’m not going to tell you that I am a spokesperson for Baltimoreans we don’t like how we had to get our team, but you didn’t care when we lost the Colts and you got your colors back. You know and I have a real honest discussion with them about jerking us around and Jacksonville getting an expansion team and what the Glazers did I still don’t like but


Nestor Aparicio  27:54

it goes back to the NFL ownership and leadership being filthy, right? Like no matter exactly.

Mike Rosenfeld  27:58

So we know and we know what happens when you the gut punch it is when you lose a team and and then you’re like, Okay, we’re a major city. We don’t have basketball. We don’t have hockey. We don’t have football anymore. We have a baseball team. So when the A’s I heard the A’s were moving, I was like, you know, I kind of feel you know, they were jerked around with their football team. Their basketball team just moved across the bridge to San Francisco. I feel some some compassion to Oakland. And I think we have a lot in common with Oakland. They have a good

Nestor Aparicio  28:27

and St. Louis. They have a good football teams.

Mike Rosenfeld  28:30


Exactly. So you know, it’s just all about that.

Nestor Aparicio  28:34

And San Diego where I go in there, there ain’t no there ain’t no more. And they move them for what?

Mike Rosenfeld  28:39

So they can wait a second tier team to the Rams, which are not even a full Tier team. I don’t know what type of support they’re getting. I think you know, it’s one of those places where a third two or more are away fans that are coming to LA just to see the

Nestor Aparicio  28:56

last thing for you because I talked about this because you’ve already brought up you know, Vegas and the A’s and whatever. People ask me why I don’t do the road trips the way I used to first off, I mean, have you seen that the team treats meet let’s start with that. And somebody random road trip up to the Yankees game this week. Good for them. I’ve done 1000 of them. I do them again. They were some of the greatest days of my life doing trips. And if people wanted to go I would do it. But here’s this. The NFL now is flexing games. So if you have a flight to Arizona, Halloween, they play out there. If you have Thanksgiving weekend booked to go to San Francisco, if you have Christmas week to go to LA they can move a game. And even Mark Davis who’s the son of a scumbag said, what are we doing? So so we have people think they’re coming to Vegas for a game on Sunday. We’re going to move that game to Thursday and tell the people in Kansas City or LA or wherever we move the game by three days. Get a different flight booked different rooms. What are we doing? Right And this goes back to government having no and a monopoly and them owning the networks and then being able to throw out 30 year vested local journalists, and have me at every cocktail party trying to justify why they threw me out, right or investigated. So this really does come back to an abuse of power, right, and an abusive structure. And that’s the NFL story. I mean, right up to this week, where they’re going to flex games. And, you know, Brian, who’s making his living now running fans getting drunk all over the country, at an exorbitant price, quite frankly, I mean, prices, I wouldn’t pay no offense to be more around town, but I didn’t charge those prices, or anything near that I’d have a markup like that, which is why I’m kind of out of that business. But that business isn’t even a reliable business. For you and your kids to plan a weekend to see the Ravens play in Cleveland, they might move the game to Thursday night. It’s crazy,



right? I hear you. It’s not right. It’s not right.

Nestor Aparicio  30:57

And somebody in New York should know it. But they’re all making too much money. Mike Rosenfeld is here, he’s not making too much money. But he’s making a living and webcast, I’m giving you a chance to talk about all the cool stuff you do to keep me in business, people just go out hit Baltimore And it pops up. And it’s all beautiful. And part of that is you and Jessica, of course, but making it work and making it work effectively, effectively enough that we’ve been able to grow here the last few years.

Mike Rosenfeld  31:20

Yeah, well, look, you know, my relationship with my clients, they’re, they’re all unique and different than they all have different needs. And what I enjoy working with most of them, but definitely with you is, we don’t often always talk about bits and bytes and, and website and clicks and analytics, as much as you know, having another executive level person to talk business about. I mean, there’s certain things that transcend you know, the web and, and websites and mobile apps and social media, which is kind of core to what we do. But you know, just talking about the business and, and the the good and the bad, the ugly and what and how to position an organization. That’s, that’s just entrepreneurship and executive leadership stuff, which I love doing with each of my clients. And then we figure out how to how to how to deliver results. So and you know, you’ve always been, I think your listeners know, you’re pretty straightforward. You tell the way it is. And when someone is willing to be that way. It allows for more people to help them. And I’ll get back to kind of how we started. You know, I found Ryan Ripken presentation to be extremely enlightening. I’m not one of those people who fawns over people who are famous or their children, but what I found about him was first of all, it wasn’t a prepared speech. It was question and answer. And he was extremely honest. To the point where he’s like, I recognize that I didn’t grow up the way normal people do. It was normal for me. But he seemed exceptionally grounded, transparent, open and relevant to what’s going on in society. And I think that’s why you and I both kind of found him to be, you know, a breath of fresh air because it was just an honor. We’ve

Nestor Aparicio  33:18


been to a million of those events. I’ve never been to one like that. It was unique. Yeah, it was.

Mike Rosenfeld  33:23

It was definitely he presented himself very well. He’s like, everyone else is trying to figure out okay, what’s like lifelike after baseball, and oh, by the way, I’m trying to figure that out at 29 when most young people figured out in the young 20s. And you know, when you know, I wish him luck. I you know, I’m a pretty good judge of who’s got kind of it, and I think he does, so he’ll figure it out. But it doesn’t make it any less stressful when you’re going through it and that’s what he’s going through now. It was just kind of very interesting to hear that.

Nestor Aparicio  33:55

He is my Rosenfeld he networks and he watches the Orioles and sometimes puts up with me, you said unique clients and I’m thinking none have hair this good. He has a web connection. You can find them out on the front of Baltimore I am letting my flow go. The Bruno Mars dancing in the rain inspired me on Preakness weekend. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour out at lots and lots of places this summer. I’m putting a full itinerary together through the Memorial Day weekend, you will want to be a part of it. So I brought you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. We did have some winners at the local and fallston J LMB join me and told stories of me running in my underwear through downtown Baltimore in the 90s Clancy Hassett Haskett, fancy Clancy as you know him talk to beer and Oriole baseball and what it would mean to him to have him win. Me almost made me cry talking about Adam Jones jumping, dumping beer all over his head when they clinched it 14 and pulling them on the field. So great, great stories. Great meal up at the local great crab cake up there. Also brought to you by our friends at Goodwill. 866 90 nation is the way to get ahold of our friends at window nation. It is the end of the month and I want to say the spy to get to Free still same deal five years 0% financing but this is the last month for it so that will not be offered in June you got a week left if you still got may take advantage of that I know Mike was looking for some windows to hurry might get it done I am Nestor we are wn sta and 15 Seven eight Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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