Can John Harbaugh really coach “composure” to grown men?

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Mike Rosenfeld of Web Connection joins Nestor to discuss composure and the exposure of Ravens’ mental weaknesses by the mind games of the Kansas City Chiefs.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Mike Rosenfeld

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T A are 5070 Tacit Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is. It is a week of purple healing, purple therapy that that I am very familiar with. I’ve been a purple therapist here for about 28 years now. We went Super Bowls around here not lately and we feel like we’re a good franchise but we’ve been happy twice and sad the other 26 times. So as things go, we are going to, we’re going to soothe our souls with some soup and around here they do Chicken Soup for the Soul Canfield, all that stuff. We do crab soup around here next week, we’re going to be doing a step up in a good turn for our friends at the Maryland food bank. It is the coldest hungriest week of the year. It’s Valentine’s week. It’s Super Bowl week. For the excessive who we’re going to spend 10 grand to go to Vegas if the Ravens turned around and won on Sunday. We’re going to be doing five consecutive days of Marathon live. Yes, I said live radio for the first time. From nine until five beginning on Monday we start the party fate Lee’s Tuesday. We’re going to be at cost this Wednesday at Coco’s I’m wearing my Coco shirt and they’re down this week. They’re they’re away. So when Marcela gets back on Mackinac, Coco’s crabcakes this week, like Chick fil A on Sunday can’t have it shut down. So hang in there. We’ll be back next Wednesday. Coco’s Thursday. We’ll be at State Fair and Friday. This guy will be joining us at Pappas in Cockeysville. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery when donation. Jiffy Lube, we are indebted to our sponsors or partners. This guy helps us hold the Baltimore together along with Jessica vallas, and Arthur designs, have a great team. He’s web connection. He is our Chief Digital Officer and Chief purple fan along with Leonard Dennison. Everybody, Wendy, every everybody else around here, who loves the Ravens in his first thanks, first Mike Rosenfeld. How are you? How you doing? How are the boys? I mean, I know you in the family, this is a this is a tough week or it’s tough week for everybody in Baltimore this week.

Mike Rosenfeld  02:07

Yeah, I’m probably doing as well or poorly is most most of your listeners. Well, I flew one of my, my oldest son and from Chicago, his fiancee went to we all went through the game, my wife, my oldest son and his fiancee, which was her second football experience. And as everyone else was, was really excited, felt the fans showed up. And the vibe was good. Not a lot of red. I was really worried if the bills won. You know what that would have done to the stadium. But it was there was major

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:46

debt. The Chiefs your board was winning, right? Like literally, right? Yeah. I

Mike Rosenfeld  02:50

mean, that was my philosophy. And it’s not as easy to hop in a car if you weren’t gonna fly and flying as easy because it’s so Southwest flight. But I flew last

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:59

week, in and out of town, and I saw Lions fans everywhere, everywhere.

Mike Rosenfeld  03:07

I had a challenge that many didn’t. My wife’s from Detroit, Detroit is my second home, I maintain an office in Detroit. I love the people of Detroit. And I know the torture that they’ve been through with the lions. And I was rooting for them, but then had the realization that what if we win, and they win, that’s going to be tough, because someone’s going to have bragging rights for life. You know, I would definitely not want to be on the losing end of that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:39

I always worried about a Ravens Eagles or ravens, you know, Redskins commanders wherever they’re going to be called. Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  03:45

so as it turns out, both teams lost. They lost in a much worse way in my opinion than we did although we lost in a not not a great way. proud of the team proud of the defense I think, did a great did their job. Just the offense was concerning. And we’ve seen it before it was it was the I’ve seen elements of that before was uncomfortable. And all I kept thinking of is there’s going to be a lot of commentary for you, you know, throughout the year of you know, incomplete passes, you know, passing into triple coverage even though it was a penalty in the end zone, just not a good pass and passes overheads on screen passes and, and having temper tantrums and throwing helmets and just stuff we don’t need. And this team I think everyone can

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:40

see the throwing helmets a bad idea and I can throw in C and we could say that ze flowers hitting, slicing his hand open on the bench in anger after he made a bad play. And that head butting Travis Kelce and calling him a bitch which might Television view gave me you know that rook wants smithing at the line of scrimmage, bashing the guard. Like to try to get a five yard penalty. i There’s just stuff along the lines of all of it flowers taunting the guy and dropping the ball and pushing them off and like I the lack of discipline was glaring and especially if they weren’t your team and you know Jonathan had biblical phrases that begin his postgame with in the end. I if you watched it from the outside, you’d say that’s a mess. If you just helicoptered in watch the team play you’d say they kind of lost their cool. And I wrote my column this this week. I think that was sort of the gig. I think that’s the head game that Andy Reed believes John’s a hothead worked with him spagnolo is best friends with John and and and Dave tobe knows John Harbaugh exceedingly well it’s but things go I think they thought big crowd crazy people place gonna be L Hall. Get chippy with them say seats get you know get get 15 yards, get them get them mad angry. And Kelsey was laughing in their face like like it was it was like a hockey taunt. You know what I mean? Like it reminded me of that sort of your goons you want to be goons will do something that will turn you into a goon you know, you’ll be the one that throws the punch, you’ll be the one that gets the extra two minutes in the box will score the goal will beat you. And it reminded me a hockey a little bit the head game of the pregame skate and like all of that. I if I were riding arrowhead rain or whatever the hell it’ll be called if they win again. I I would think that there was some serious coaching going on. That wasn’t accidental that they came in and started throwing Justin Tucker’s tea around early on. Right, which they did.

Mike Rosenfeld  06:57

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think there’s something to what you said. I think the neutral people watching the game would say that the Ravens lacked discipline more than the Chiefs does, for sure. I think that there were I mean, we all have a bias. But I think there were some penalties that, you know, oftentimes are not called penalties but, but still gotta have

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:22

some bias. If you believe that I watched the game pretty neutrally. And I don’t think anybody should have any complaint about the officiating, being like the reason they lost the reason they lost the safe flowers dropped the ball at the endzone, the margin would awful pick, and they couldn’t control themselves when they needed to. And quite frankly, they had an awful game plan. They ran the ball six times. I mean, like, and when Lamar needed the run at the end and had the sticks in front of them. He chose fourth down, instead of just walking forward to the sticks and getting a first now the chiefs were in positive plays the entire game, and certainly the entire first half. They were in positive plays, that gave them a chance to win a road game against a team that was more talented is what everybody said I you know, I don’t know if yet Patrick mahomes Patrick mahomes is better than Lamar Jackson again, still. And until that changes, that that is the narrative. The narrative is we don’t have the best quarterback. I mean, that’s true. He’s exciting. He’s lovely. He’s wonderful. He’s Superman, but he’s not the best quarterback. He’s not. Well,

Mike Rosenfeld  08:25

I agree with that. And I agreed with that going in. I still think we had the better, more talented team all the way around. I do think we were out coached. And I don’t understand. I mean, my son kept saying to me, they only ran Gus three times. The first one was for 15 yards. What is going on? This is the 28th ranked team. Rush defense what is happening here? And I didn’t have an answer. I don’t think any of us have an answer. It was just uncomfortable. And it was familiar. It felt familiar. It felt like it was too big of a moment. For some of the players

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:09

it’s a game of down in distance for me Mike you know, like and I learned that really 2019 I said that to Luke. So there were two books on football and championships and I didn’t really feel the game of down in distance and the way it was played until Roman got here and the entire game was it is first down. We we want to be in the best second down position we can be in let’s get as many yards as we get on first down, what’s our played, it’s going to get a 678 yards. They were in second into second one and they operate you know, Lamar could throw the ball from there short passes down the field 1214 16 Play drives, unless say flowers, you know, unless Lamar could break your ankles and run 71 yards because what you could do, but all of that seemed to be in play most of the year in regard to To the running game and what they were willing to do. This was, this was out of the, it was an outlier. GamePlan for them, I think. And that’s the part of it that kind of shocked me is that they appeared to want to do things differently than where they had had success all year long. Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  10:18

they didn’t play their bread and butter. It looked like a different game plan. It looked totally different. Also, I’m struck by just throughout the season, any long passes by Lamar just are just not. There’s no dimes. He’s really good. He’s really good on the intermediate pass, typically the short pass, but the touch on the long pass. I mean, there was definitely some plays out there with receivers, just outstretched arms and just three yards beyond just just not, not there that last play by mahomes A little this the last with a blitz and just leaning back and throwing the ball that was just a DAG or dagger proportions, you know, to to go to the two minute drill when stadium empty. It was tough. It was tough. I well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:07

you believed you could win the game. The whole game, I believe, you know, like, I believe like, all right, you know, it’s a drive. It’s a play. It’s a different it’s a bad ball. It’s, it’s something that gets my home’s off his game. And that’s a whole lot easier said than done. When he’s got the lead. He’s got the ball. Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  11:25

I hear you. And like I said, I feel like giving up 17 points to that offense. You know, they came out they scored on their first drive. So to Miami, when we played Miami, I mean, those are two teams that choreograph their opening drives to a tee and and executed and scored. And after that score, like I said, in my sock, because it looks so easy. So we’ve been here before I said, we’re not getting shut out, you know, and we weren’t shut out. And we answered and it’s seven, seven. I’m like, Okay, let’s, let’s see where we’re, let’s see where we’re at. I was surprised that Kelsey was as active as he was because he hadn’t been really, but they’re going to him. I mean, when it’s crunch time, and you know, they’re going to him and well, it was good vibe. Most of the game, the fans were into it. You know, like I said, I think the fans did their part. I think the defense did their part. I just think the offense came up short. And I didn’t know until you said that he hit the sand. He slapped the bench or whatever and got his hand open was in that

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:27

Evan Washburn reported that during the game, I mean, he reported it, and my wife was kind of talking and which is sort of severely restricted in my presence during football games. So I tried me. So and I’m such an gymnasts said back to Evan Washburn. So let me get this straight. He cut his hand by like, I just want to make sure because I don’t think gymnasts heard it right? Because flowers was bleeding. And he held up his hand it was just gushing blood. And I’m like, did he get hit on the hand when he put the ball across? And that’s what I thought. And that’s apparently what you announced on gymnasts, like hold on. Tony Romo was like, come on, you gotta have better self discipline that can’t be doing that on the bench. What’s wrong with you, that there is going to be a long season long offseason and in season of the perception of Team discipline. composure was the word. John didn’t want to hear that. I mean, John doesn’t have any composure himself. He spent three minutes up on the podium and couldn’t compose himself, you know, enough to give straight answers. So you know, the composure may come afterward, but they were not composed. And that will now be their thing. Trust me. Mike played, played a lot of hockey covered a lot of hockey. I know the head games, baseball, I’m going to throw it your head. We’re going to like all of that. Once your thought to be somebody that you can set off their personality in a way that is not you have a Tony Romo kept saying this during the broadcast. Lamar has got to quiet his mind. Lamar has got to quiet his mind. This is a quarterback who lost every big game there was to lose, right? I mean, Romo would be the first to admit like he didn’t win the big one, right. But he played in a lot of these games. And I love when the insights insightful. And he said he’s got to quiet his mind. And I thought, I don’t really know if he knows how to do that. In this circumstance. I don’t know that he’s ever had to do that. I don’t. And when it’s been like this, I don’t like what I’ve seen. And people like you just don’t like him because he’s this or that. Right? Whatever. I’ve been called a racist for crying. I don’t like anyone that pounds the ground. Like they’re playing Pop Warner Football, and I think that should cease that should hold. It should have been halted by his father and mother when he was 12. Because it’s not good. It’s not a good look. It’s not a good optic. It’s not a leadership optic. You would say the same thing about anywhere you work that if you’re pounding the table, it’s like losing your mind and you’re the leader. That’s the kind of department you’ll have. And I think that that’s a 55 So that’s where I am

Mike Rosenfeld  15:01

I don’t know how anyone that says racist I’m not sure that this is a great analogy anytime

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:06

I’ve been Lamar questioning Lamar that has been it’s always you know like Lamar no I I’ve been around them are Lamar is a really nice guy he’s fine, he everybody loves him he’s good. This is something he’s needed to work on from the beginning as much as he’s needed to work on throwing the ball better, and they will dispute he throws the ball Great. Now he does it. No, he does it. Now he throws the ball pretty good. You know, his special skill is his speed. And the fact that he has three skills, quite frankly, he has the entire package of Robo quarterback, now it’s just how to use it and when to use it. And when not to be pounding and throwing your helmet. I mean, throwing helmets is unacceptable. No matter how much money you make, no matter who you are. Throwing helmets is not the way we teach the game at Rosedale little Pop Warner we didn’t teach it that way. You don’t I mean literally. Yeah,

Mike Rosenfeld  16:00

I for sure. And it’s a sign to the other team that there potentially can get in your head and and easily unglued. Yes. And that’s for sure. See that you know you’re not you look at like this thing about Philip Rivers when he used to play and it was fiery and you know, he tried to raise people’s Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:23

trash talk Brett Farve same thing.

Mike Rosenfeld  16:26

But I don’t like when Lamar when something doesn’t go and he grabs his receivers and you see him being really animated but but but oftentimes I’m like, was that the receivers fault? Or did you just throw a bad pass or make a bad just

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:39

like go through a lot of interceptions around here, right? How many do we know and did show ever in the postgame say I thought he was gonna go in but he went out and practice we practice it is in and I throw it in he went out and we got picked and I was a pick six and I plank and we got our asking. Joe would never do that. Right. But Joe also never go over to a player and say, WTF right? I had Joe on last week, by the way last week. This is a little news for you tell me what you do at web connection. So I can brag about last week, not brag about it. But just state facts. I mean, I’m just giving you facts that we had the highest traffic we’ve ever had in the history Baltimore positive last week. So I would let you know that. That’s

Mike Rosenfeld  17:19

awesome. Good for you. I know you’re working. We’re working hard. You’re working hard. We’re fractional Chief Digital Officers. What that means is you’re at a small midsize company. You see your competitors large and small kicking your tail online whether it’s on Google or or their their ratings or their social media or their website. You have no leadership in house, you have no idea what to do to compete, and you can’t afford a full time Chief Digital Officer. People hire us as an affordable fractional Chief Digital Officers to help create the strategy and execute on it. So I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to explain what we do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:02

Well, the reason I even threw that in is I had record traffic last week. Joe Flacco is piece apparently just caught fire on the internet. right like so. 10s of 1000s of people have watched my sit down with Joe Flacco last week and obviously I have a relationship with Joe and a lot of blood on the brakes with Joe Joe has been in my home. I’ve been in Joe song, right. So we know each other. And I’ve seen him do these things with Bleacher Report and this and that and Joe’s hobos, and he puts his little thing on and shaves up nice. I said to him, you look so good, you know, the lighting on you. You look perfect. And he laughs at me and you know, MFC and you know, we talk like Dundalk, Jersey guys would talk. And in the piece he talked about the fact that he got a lot of manure because he said the S word. He said I took a lot of shit for you know being unemotional. And he said I and he said this to me when I was writing the book 11 years ago. My father taught me that, that that’s the way you play. You don’t you’re not a crybaby you don’t yell at the officials. You don’t yell at your teammates ever, ever, ever. You don’t back talk your coaches. You don’t show anybody up ever. You don’t show people up. That’s what we called it on. So I love his father, Steve and I have been texting back and forth back when the Cleveland thing was going well, you know, all three weeks ago, it was a long time ago, three weeks ago, the Cleveland thing was going good for Joe. But Joe came on last week and talked about the stigma of the fan saying you didn’t care enough and this and that. This is the this is the opposite. This is too much right? Like this is somewhere in there. You can compete the angry be all of that without having to be demonstrative because it does bring into question your leadership when you’re losing it brings into question whether it should be or shouldn’t it does. It’s

Mike Rosenfeld  19:55

beyond that. We all know let’s just take a Zero 0.01% of your audience probably was ever in a position to play professional sports. But we all probably played sports someday in our lives. So let’s take sports out of it. Let’s just talk about work and where we work. And we work as a team. And then there’s that person or people who are just high anxiety, really ratchet it up, create bad fives, and that stuff’s contagious. It’s you feel it, and it affects you, whether you want it to or not. And I’m not at all suggesting I think moving on from Joe and going to Lamar was not was not the right move. I think it was the right move. But one thing you have to say about Joe is what you just said, which was cool, Joe, you know, you know when you’re playing a sport at the highest level. And you have the quarterback, which is the the captain, not the literal with the seat on it, although they often are, but leader of the offense, you need a guy who’s just steady and doesn’t show you that they’re freaking out or that they’re having a meltdown. There, you know, meltdowns are contagious. So to is calm, you know, we’re going to do this, we’re going to pull through it. I’m trying to think the only time I saw Joe lose his mind, and I’m sure I’m missing one. But the one that’s comes, you know, sticks out in his could have been his rookie year, where he did a pick six, at the endzone, and we were about to score and he was the last guy running to try to tackle the guy and he missed it. He was on, he was probably more embarrassed. He was on his stomach. I was at the game and he pounded the ground in just frustration like what did I do? That’s all I can remember, of him showing emotion even at that, and he

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:50

probably was pissed off afterwards. And he you know what he always said to me, and this, this is a tribute to Joe. He’d say my brothers and sisters would make fun of me if I acted that way. He said I didn’t want to give my brothers and sisters a chance to make fun of me. That’s literally that’s in my book. I mean, you know, I remember him saying that to me over it. He said, I couldn’t, you know, even in high school, I wasn’t going to come home because my dad would have stirred up my brothers and sisters to make sure that I wasn’t too full of myself. Right? Like, literally that would be how he would. And I’m not saying Joe needs to be Lamar, Lamar. Lamar is Lamar, that’s fine. But like the team, and taking cues, and how the team lost its composure. This wasn’t about Lamar, this is about all of it, from ze flowers to clowny. To ro Quan to where’s the leadership to where’s the coaching? And, you know, there was no finger pointing in the aftermath. That’s the worst finger pointing like, that’s completely that’s outside the bounds of anything horrible would except finger pointing, he would not go for that at all. But he’s allowed the rest of this. And, you know, I’ve definitely heard people saying you, you got a podcast and you pound on your chest when you’re doing well Marlon on free, but where are you when the ball goes over your head, and like they threw me out, I’ve been in that locker room my whole life, it’s what I do, it’s I feed my family, I’m never gonna let that go. But that’s part of the accountability of throwing people like me out is that they had a lot of empty seats this year, the business could be doing a lot better in regard to their brand and selling locally. And, you know, accountability across the board for the empty seats for the $600 million they’ve taken for an owner who has spoken to the media in almost a decade, like literally out in front of it censoring honoring Ray Rice, and nobody there to ask a question as to how it happened, like their state run media that half the press conferences, or people are under their employee, like just all of the perception of all of it. It really gets brought into question when you can’t ask questions. And they lose in this fashion at the end of the year. And it’s unfortunate, that’s all and it’s unfortunate that, that this they’re gonna pound this until the end. And as I said, they’re going to have to beat mahomes Allen burrow, Herbert Park was going to beat his brother now, right? Like, all of that starts over at zero and zero again, they’re gonna be a diminished team next year. In theory, in theory with Queen and what they’re gonna have to get mad at BK in order to keep him and Ronnie Stanley and wherever they are with their problems. They will not be as well constructed because of money as they were this year. And they’re going to have to do this and the notion that they’re ever going to do it on the road. I see these other teams that mahomes Just beat Josh Allen in Buffalo and Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. Both of them relatively will say handily, but outclass them the whole way. That That’s what we have to think about for 11 and a half months now is that if everything goes perfect, and you’re the two seed, you’d probably still get through to Kansas City or go to Buffalo or go somewhere else. And if you’re the one seed, you still better handle your business, because I’m not sure they would have made it through Josh Allen last week at Buffalo come this way. And Miami wet the bend, things move the different way. They didn’t look great against Houston. And they they look bad against Kansas City when it mattered. And that’s going to be the takeaway forever from the season in the same way when you lose in 2006. Like they never get a chance to correct it. Now, Lamar can go win a couple of big games next January. But until he does, pounding the sand and throwing helmets and throwing picks and getting the ball strip, that’s going to be he’s going to have to live with that for love and it eats at him. I know it does, and it’ll probably make it better, but has to make it better. He has to get better.

Mike Rosenfeld  25:52

I want to make it clear. Guys in exceptional talent. He earned the MVP award in my opinion, I don’t get a vote. He is not a running back. He is He is a quarterback that has elite running skills and needs to work on his deep ball to be considered one of the higher end passing quarterbacks. But at most he’s got to grow up. He’s got to mature. He’s got to he’s got to handle adversity better.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:33

He’s got firstly, never cane he got paid, he stayed healthy. They won, they won some more. They almost won and lost in a pitch them off for a couple days. And they came back one next week. Then they won 111111 And he’s the greatest and he’s the MVP and they’re their boat racing the 40 Niners on Christmas night. I mean, like I said it, you know, the adversity came fast and hard when Patrick mahomes got off the bus.

Mike Rosenfeld  26:57

I’m just thinking and I don’t have I we didn’t really play from I think that was the thing about the Ravens. We didn’t have a lot of games that we were losing and had to come from behind. The ones I can think of were yesterday, the Browns game that we lost where we had the ball and we’re in a position to get a first down and close

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:15

like they had a lead and the two minute warning and every single game they play. Right. Okay, we’re not behind by more than a touchdown all season long. They fell behind for two by two scores for the first time in week 1718, actually against Pittsburgh. So like they did say they never played from behind. They never played from behind. Like that’s that’s not hyperbole they never played from behind. Well, I

Mike Rosenfeld  27:38

remember I don’t remember what the circumstance was, it seemed like it was not necessarily the two minute warning. But when we were in a position to close out the Browns at home, and we were three and out, we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t do it. We had an opportunity. It’s just like, when the going gets tough and we’re not playing from the lead. I think that’s where he needs to come down and dig deep. And I’m not saying he hasn’t I mean, you know, he’s picked up huge fourth and fourth down plays and things like that. But that’s my observation. What do I know? I’m just the guy who watches football but but guys an exceptional talent. He’s still a young man. And if he can, you know, if he can continue to, to grow? I think he’ll be good. But you’re right. I mean, as soon as the season was over like this is the season when the quarter when the Steelers have no quarterback, and burrow missed the season. And I don’t know what Watson is. I don’t really think very highly of him. But but the Browns are good. And they would have been better with him, in my opinion. And you look at all that and you’re like, if you’re going to be easy, and you’re right. This is the team. This is the I told my kids. In my opinion, this is the best ravens team on both sides of the football that I can remember ever on. The defense wasn’t the best defense. And the offense may not have been the best offense but combined. They were I thought the best team I’d seen so it’s really hard to not go to the next step. My

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:14

brother’s phone is here. He is our Chief Digital Officer at web connection. I’m sorry. Yeah.

Mike Rosenfeld  29:18

I was gonna say let me stop crying in my beer. No. Wounds are stopped still licking my wounds. It’s not Baltimore

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:26

and when you when a beer is cold when you lose your hand you freak crab soup. So what we’re doing Super Bowl next week, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation as well as Jiffy Lube, multi care, and all of our sponsors literally your wise marks of all our friends at row farms. Everybody’s gonna be involved next week. Beginning on Monday we’re gonna broadcast live from nine to five webcasts live from nine to five and discus 100 different charities. Dude, I thought it was gonna be like a giant purple pep rally like I just instead I don’t know, you know, I mean, we’re doing this for the Maryland Food Bank. Do people come out and do something nice. I’m in five awesome places and neighborhoods. By the way, I learned this from the Food Bank folks. They’re given me local pantries and all five areas so the food stays local. So if you come to like Coco’s larval, it’s gonna stay pretty much in that neighborhood. That area, same thing in Dundalk that they don’t like take it down to some big tank and send it out the gate who forgot that that would matter if it’s feeding people, but they like for food to like, you know, happen, you bring it on Monday, we’re gonna eat it on Tuesday or Wednesday. And the best way to do that is to keep it local. So I’m gonna learn, dude, I mean, it’s gonna be a week of education, we’re gonna learn about 100 different charities, some of them you’ve never heard of, right? So everybody’s heard of Casey cares. And everybody’s heard of, you know, there goes my hero, whatnot. But I’m getting these inbound charities. I’m like, what is that? I look it up. I’m like, that seems like a good story to tell. So we’re gonna tell that story. What do you think? That’s

Mike Rosenfeld  30:45

awesome. I think you’re doing a continue to do a great service for the city. I do want to if I can, I want to end on that something half full instead of half empty, which

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:56

still, please do. Yes.

Mike Rosenfeld  30:57

I asked you allow me to ask you, you know, and your listeners to just remember how it used to be going from the end of football season, knowing that you are going into a horrendous Oriole season. And you had to wait until until summer practice for the for the for the Ravens. We’re very fortunate out and I’m not buying it yet. But I watched the Terps play this weekend, they had the best game there at 500. In the conference, I don’t have high hopes that they’ll make the tournament but they’re at 500. So you know, we can we can try to close this chapter. And instead of like the last, I don’t know, 15 of 17 years, we have something to transition into spring training starts soon we got March Madness. So let’s be grateful the fact that we at least have that and that’s the way I’m gonna look at it and maybe some others will too. Brianne

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:58

is his new album called so happy it hurts. So I would advise you to pick up a copy of that and go listen to some happy songs. He wrote a whole album of of how great life can

Mike Rosenfeld  32:09

be. Okay, yeah, maybe I’ll do that literally when we’re done. It’s upbeat, so

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:14

happy it hurts. There you go, you know, shine a light shine a light. He is. He’s Mike Rosenfeld. He shines a light on all things web. He is our chief digital officer. He can help you if your website’s effed up or if you don’t have one or you need one or you’re like, hey, how do I work this? He’s there for you web I’ve been visiting with all sorts of folks this week. Coach Phil is coming on Duan Edwards is joining us, uh, Todd, he’s gonna come on later this week. You know, I kind of had Admiral attalos coming on Ross Tucker is coming on Matt Stover is coming. I mean, I had all of this sort of Victor bricks coming on to talk about John W brick foundation because he can’t come next week. So I had all these people coming on to do all this rah rah rah rah rah rah right and now it’s so I don’t know I’m here doing purple therapy, trying to hold it together. So we could do crabcake row next week. And I hope that everybody comes out, pick a day, pick an afternoon, stop out, have a beer, have a bowl of soup. Do something nice for the Maryland food bank for people in your community who need to be fed. I feel better.

Mike Rosenfeld  33:13

I feel better after this conversation. Thank you. Thank you. Therapy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:19

Yeah, you know, I mean, I’m a rabbi, a priest, a Buddhist rabbi, priests think is what I am. So all right, it’s all good. I Yama due to something we are wn SDA in 1570, Towson Baltimore. We’re still eliminated but we’re still Baltimore positive and pitchers and catchers report soon, I promise

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