Brian Billick: “It’s not the best team that wins, it’s the team that plays best”

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Every coach knows the pain of tough losses and watching players take bad penalties in the heat of the moment. Our head coach Brian Billick joins Nestor to discuss coaching, accountability and composure in the aftermath of the Baltimore Ravens 17-10 loss at home to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Brian Billick

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are WNST am 5070, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive cleaning up the mess here but we’re doing some pretty great next week. We’re gonna be doing a cup of Super Bowl with his crabcake row. We don’t do radio row around here anymore. We’re like Atlantis Morissette uninvited but we are very invited inviting everybody to come out and participate and help us with the Maryland Food Bank next week as we do a cup of Super Bowl and is our initial turn at eight hours a day of live marathon radio beginning on Monday at fate Lee’s Alexa market Tuesday will be accosted somewhere my Costa shirt me and Dundalk. Wednesday will be a Coco’s Thursday. We will be out at State Fair in Catonsville. And then on Friday up at Pappas in Cockeysville. Great Maryland crab soup, great cream crab soup and go 5050 All the things that they don’t feed Billick out in Columbus, Ohio and up in the sturgeon you’re pulling out of the Northern Bay in Minnesota wherever your golf courses. We had coach pillock on last week course our partner on behalf of living classrooms foundation I just learned that James Bond is going to be coming out on Monday to join us at at the first stop if at least to talk about living classrooms foundation so it’d be great to catch up with him and all the things he does which I know you’re interested in but your interest in football I mean you got 40 Niners routes and I know how much you love San Francisco you got ravens routes, and all I could think about was games guys like you lost and that as opposed to the ones you won you won the Super Bowl show the ring off every other time you did this that was hurt feelings involved for all of you who won Super Bowls but somehow lost a whole bunch of other big games like this, you know?

Brian Billick  01:34

Yeah, I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s painful. I’d particularly when it reminded me of when I was in Minnesota and the 98 team when we were just a cod locked to go. And we were going to go to the Super Bowl and or at home championship game hadn’t had won in Minnesota for years and years and years. And Atlanta came in and you know, we lost and it that lingers because of the expectation. And I know, like everybody, I thought it was a slam dunk. I thought Baltimore at home, they played well enough to win except for the turnovers mistakes. And that’s against a good team like Patrick mahomes and can’t see cheese. That’s gonna get you a beat and that one, that one stinks. It’s gonna it’s gonna ride it for a while with him. Coach, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:19

know you’ve been around this a long time on every end of all of these things and different divisions and different roles and all that. I come medicine as a fan, right. I was at the ghost of the postgame as a young boy leaving that game after Casper right. I was at the Dr. Game in Cleveland, the first AFC chant as a fan. Ernie, of course, he got me ticket down the right field line. I was on the 50 yard line sitting alone. I went with Phil Jackson. I walked out of that stadium that day as a 17 year old guy. We lost our football team here. You hear a pin drop. Man your game in Minnesota. I didn’t leave the stadium with the fans. I was in your locker room was the day I met you. And I I thought of you and I knew I had you booked today after this. And I really I know you. Well, man. We were partners. I love you. And I don’t think I talked to you much about that. And when I bring it up, it’s Joshy Josh and hey, it was the day we met and I waited for you. And it wasn’t it wonderful. Oh, my God, that was just as I was an ugly as seen as I’ve ever seen. And you were part of it. And I’m friends with you long enough to know I don’t bring it up much with you. But today’s the day to bring it up and say how much do you think about that? Because you see the ring? You know what I mean? Everybody knows the glory. But boy, that was a rough day

Brian Billick  03:29

25 almost 2526 years ago, and I still I don’t go a month that that doesn’t isn’t brought up anytime anybody’s talking football, particularly if I’m in Minnesota or you know, whatever. It because that team a little like Baltimore was such a you know, Gary, it’s that offense and everything we’re doing, they’re going for Super Bowl. It’s one thing to think oh great. Come could we go and we’ll we’ll play and we’ll win and we’ll go to Super Bowl. But for it to be a foregone conclusion. A little like I think with with Baltimore this year, because they were playing so well and they had everything in order. It stings that much more. And it’s hard for the fans. It’s hard for the players and the organization because of the expectation and great game. And obviously against a great opponent. I think Baltimore’s a better team. But clearly it shows at the end of the day, as it always has been big plays turnovers and penalties. That’s at the end of the site. There’s a great saying in the profession. It’s not the best team that wins. It’s the team that plays best. That wins and that’s what happened. I don’t know what the best team won but the team that played best and made the fewest mistakes won the game. I saw

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:52

you lose games so you win games, big games, small games, also games I had matched over on talking about missing the kickin Miami so far today and I had Dwane Edwards on already today talking about 2006. And the expectation you guys were 15 and one in Minnesota at bringing up all the awful days. But this oh six game as well. That was my darkest sort of day as a raving fan because of the expectation level and where you were working there and how well the team had played the pedigree, the defense and the fact that you had done it before and Ray and a lot of those guys have done before. I just think the expectation when you’re 15 and one there, you better when, you know like and then that sits with you and I think of this team and the opportunities where they were on Sunday at home. Having Patrick mahomes On the road, avoiding Josh Allen and burrow and all the rest of those quarterbacks almost full health of Marlin Humphrey, maybe aside, other teams missing their spy linebacker against Lamar, they’re missing. They’re all pro guard. I mean, just every part of it felt like this is something that really we’re gonna regret for a long time. Because this is really hard to get this game back here ever again. Right?

Brian Billick  06:01

It is because it’s everybody. People always ask, you know, is how hot talk about how hard it is to repeat is a Super Bowl champ. After you went in the next year, and I was running, no, it’s hard to win a Super Bowl period, all the things that have to line up and stack up in order for you to walk off that field with that trophy in a single year, let alone back to back and then we’ll be talking about that ad infinitum with Kansas City and this year, and the whole nine yards. Along the same thing, and I always say no, it’s it’s hard in terms of what has to happen and things aligned for Baltimore, to put them in this position. Doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen again. And I’m sure they’ll take well, we’ll come back, we’ll be better. But they also know that all the things that have to happen for that, for that to be you know a lot of its fate, and a lot of it just it is what it is. And that’s what it’s a missed opportunity when you get so close. And it’s right there. You can taste it and doesn’t happen. Like I said that that that stings and lingers with you for a while. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:07

say I’ve known you 25 years, I don’t know how many crosswords we’ve had maybe one or two or a handful, somewhere along the way. I don’t remember many of them. But I remember vividly the game in Detroit Ford Field, when the flags were thrown and Bart Scott and thrills, um, everybody kind of lost their mind after that is one time after the game that you looked at me like you were gonna kill me and you waved me off. And you’re like, not today. I’m not. You were and and I think you were as frustrated by the behavior your players and your accountability in that. And composure. Coach, I thought about this during the game, I thought this is they’ve lost their composure row, Quan Smith pop and guys clown, he’s poppin. Guys, I mean, close lining the MVP, not the MVP this year. But the best player in the sport and mahomes the way they did, there were just so many things that were out of character that were composure oriented, that really fall on John’s desk, whether he wants it to or not. Yeah,

Brian Billick  08:04

it’s it’s not. That’s not fair. But that’s true. I mean, it’s it as the head coach, just like in Detroit, it that’s the players and the emotion, everything spun out of control. And I don’t know what you could do to get it back other than take all those guys off the field, which is I mean, okay, you can take roll call on Smith off the field, you can take, say flowers off the field, after he stands up over that guy and does what he does. You can’t so as coach, it’s tough. Because you the team spins out of control, and you saw it again, it’s the same thing. You try to address it, you try to make it a teaching moment with the guys, you know, going guys, and now isn’t the time, but there will be going are losing our composure. This is what it costs us. We got to learn from that. Because we’re going to be in that position again at some point. And we’ve got to collectively and individually learn that that’s a tough lesson to learn and the accountability for it. Because, you know, the players will look at it from the standpoint of well, you know, it’s it’s the passion for the game, they’ll try to excuse it his passion for the game. And also well, it was just me just one time. Yeah, but you have five, six guys, that happens one time and it spins out of control. And that’s the result in the most, you know, highlighted of situations. So yeah, that is a tough one for that for the Coach and the coaching staff in the organization. And the players have to address they first have to recognize as we had to after that Detroit game, that that that then take the count Yes, that’s what happened. We lost control. can excuse it, can’t blame it on the officials, or on the moment or excuse it by the passion of the game. We lost control. You have to recognize that if you’re going to learn from it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:56

You know, Matt Stover came on earlier today. I’ve had all your former players on. And Matt mentioned that at one point, Bill Bella check when he was brown before the Ravens came, coached the defense to piss off Orlando brown. So he would take punches at them in practice so that in the game it wouldn’t happen. Happen to You happened late in his career. I love Zeus whatever he had a reputation for. Kick him in the shins, bite him at the bottom of the pile, he’ll punch you back, you’ll get 15 yards. It happened with the season on line only to tell you I was there. It was a long time ago. I had a feeling and you can speak to this a little because you know, Andy real well, and Steve spagnolo and Dave tobe know John real well, John’s a little more fiery than you. I know both of you. Well, you are much more calm than John. John’s more hot headed and certainly was was younger and all that. I think there was a point where they told Travis Kelce throw that stuff on Justin Tucker down there when his mouth off get gets to have Arthur Mallette throwing punches that lead the broadcast literally. I cover hockey for a longtime coach, right. I remember the old hockey skates, and we’re gonna yell and we’re gonna scream we’re gonna mouth off. And we’re going to see who gets the extra two minutes for the shove in the face. And we’re going to score the powerplay goal. I don’t think about the football mind game in that way. Because it’s so hard to begin with, to keep your focus. There’s so many things going on in any given play that everybody has a responsibility that a calm mind, but hearing Tony Romo talk about Lamar Jackson trying to calm his mind on the bench and having a quarterback to pound the ground. Like, I don’t see any other quarterback doing that in the Pop Warner sort of way. It’s Lamar is way it’s his expression. But I don’t know that the Chiefs didn’t coach this this week to say, let’s do the Orlando brown model of getting under somebody’s skin and getting ro Quan Smith off his game getting these guys off their game, because that’s how we’re going to win. Kelsey clearly was an agitator, you know, reminded me, he really did. And that’s

Brian Billick  11:59

his game you have to and they came in the underdog chip on his shoulder because everybody was disrespecting them, you know. And they know that Baltimore, because the nature of the team has been for years and years and years that you know, physical, you know, play like a raven, that mentality that you have confident that Oh, absolutely. Can’t imagine there weren’t pushing a buttons to seeing Okay, which of these guys, can we get to to bend to the pressure? And, and sure, and that’s just gamesmanship. There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, that’s just that’s all part of it. Because ravens play that game a lot, you know, have been fully

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:40

right, literally the bullies,

Brian Billick  12:44


you know, competitive nature that says, We think we’re good, and we’re gonna make sure you know, we think we’re good and see if I can get you to lose your composure, because we won’t. And for the most part, we didn’t. But when you do, and it goes the other way, then then you can see it. So but you know, that’s that’s all part of the game. And, you know, all this, where they are right now. It’s regroup. Got it next year, you know, you’ve got a good team, you’ve proven that I don’t know what their cap situation is, whatever. And what what happened, what changes have to be made in the offseason, as every team has to deal with. But knowing that, you know what, we’re if we’re lucky, we’re going to be right back here. doing the exact same thing, either more homes or with Josh Allen or with CJ Stroud, or if any one of these great young quarterbacks is borough healthy burrow, you know, maybe

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:37

his brother now with Justin Herbert out in LA, right, yeah,

Brian Billick  13:41

yeah. How about that? Exactly. Right. And that, you know, so yeah, you’re gonna be here again. So what are we gonna learn from? And the hard part is, is it’s one of those things, it’s little like, because like the conversation about Lamar, Can he win the big game, and well, it was great that they won the playoff game against Houston, but that’s not over. That’s gonna pick right back up. And it’s gonna and they know that and Lauren knows that until he wins the beginning. And that’s fair. That’s the way it’s going to be. You have no control of that. So and the hard part is, you’re going to carry that all year long. Because doesn’t matter what you do during the regular season. It doesn’t dress the way you can’t win the big one, until you win the big one. So that’s, that’s the emotional baggage you kind of carry along until you get that opportunity to rewrite the record book. And that’s that’s going to be the challenge for Lamar and the organization.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:43

It’s hard to beat the best quarterback. I mean, I don’t know how many weeks you rolled the ball out there. Maybe in Minnesota, you had the best quarterback a lot of the weeks around here. You didn’t every week I mean against you know, certain weeks you did when you’re playing Spurgeon when or somebody like that but when you call I’m in with mahomes. And you don’t care who you’re playing, and you have the best quarterback, or you have that guy, I don’t know that we perceive Lamar to be that guy, or that he’s shown that he’s that guy. He’s a two time MVP. But if you gave me one of the two quarterbacks on Sunday, much like when you got beat with McNair, man, he was the best quarterback in the sport. So you sort of tip your cap to some, but that guy always wins. The best quarterback always seems to win in your sport,

Brian Billick  15:24

you know, and I’m be going out to Vegas and doing the whole thing analyzing OKRs this matchup, and it’s going to be a great matchup and San Francisco, there’s so many different things that San Francisco can do that this ought to be a great matchup. And you can look at their ability to run the ball and the defense and get pressure with a four man line and play zone behind do all things you got to do to be Kansas City. And they’re there. And you could go round and round with it. And it’s all legitimate. But at the end of the day, it’s but they got Patrick mahomes. At the end of the end, you can’t quantify it’s just a special. You can’t quantify it. You’re not going to stop it. It’s like you know, the Jordan of the day? Well, all we can hope to do is containing try to keep up with him. And the Ravens defense to a large degree did a great job. I thought I think I said it last week that if we were going to sit here and talk about a Kansas City when it was going to obviously it’s going to be a Patrick mahomes and it was going to be the ability of Pacheco. And for them to run the ball on characterised uncharacteristic against the Ravens defense. And it’s that combination was going to if indeed they were going to lose it was going to be that well, the Ravens held up they didn’t they try, they kept going. And they had some good runs. But for the most part, they handled the Pacheco running game, which is the personality of that team separate mahomes right now. I also told you what’s the one thing that John had to tell the coordinator, I don’t care if we lose, I don’t care if it’s 100 Nothing, don’t let Kelsey catch a pass. Right? For him to go off the way he did was and the Ravens have some great personnel to match up. Like I said, Hamilton’s just phenomenal player. But you try to go one on one, or you try to go just zone you lose. Kelsey is going to have the kind of day he does. And that’s going to be the challenge for San Francisco. Now. You know, what do you do to take Travis Kelce out of the game? Because if you don’t, he’s going to have what do you have 11 catches 12 catches set a NFL record or something? And and the hard part is, if you don’t add once it starts into the game, then the players going okay, obviously, we don’t have a plan to stop this guy. And they eventually blamed the coaches. Right, which is fair and not fair. You had a plan, think you have the personnel, you got to change it up. But when he starts going off, and particularly in the critical third downs, when you know, you know where Patrick mahomes is going and to not stop. That’s going to be the challenge for San Francisco right now. Particularly on third down. I don’t care if you have to put nine guys on Kelsey, you gotta you gotta do something to take Kelsey or Patrick mahomes is going to find and that’s going to be the challenge for San Francisco.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:29

But go to a longtime head coach Brian Billick All right head coach on behalf of living classrooms Foundation, he’s headed to the real super bowl we’re gonna be having a cup of Super Bowl next week.

Brian Billick  18:39

I’d rather come out and spend time with your cup of Super Bowl

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:42

you know what we can make we can arrange that in the future because we’re going to be doing that this is this is an art this will be our first rodeo but not our last rodeo with doing this but I guess last thing for you and because you’ll be talking about this all next week as well. Andy relationship with Him knowing this chiefs team knowing where Brock Purdy is, I find it very hard to like the 40 Niners even though they came back on Detroit, and we can talk about the pain of the lions but the 40 Niners have really, they’ve been a scuffling team here the last couple of weeks and they’re in the Superbowl. Shocking

Brian Billick  19:13

what Detroit did in that first half. Now they regrouped. Okay? Both offensively and defensively. And and you know, getting the criticism where you didn’t stay with run a game like Baltimore big and say, Oh, they didn’t stay with the running game. They didn’t have a chance. Kansas City chewed up that clock and first half. So they didn’t have a chance to stay with the running game. And by that time, now you got to start throwing around and try to catch up. So against the defense that was obviously outstanding and very optimistic. San Francisco is going to be the same way San Francisco has all the elements to beat Kansas City. They really do. But but you got to do it and they did almost did it the last time I remember the last time these two teams played. I said that Kyle Shanahan would sell his soul to the devil, if you could promise him, just give me a chance in a one score game with us having the ball last. Which means Patrick mahomes doesn’t have it, because that’s a losing proposition. And they had that, but they couldn’t, they couldn’t close it out. Right. And they ended up giving the ball back to mahomes. And the rest is history. So San Francisco, is capable of their game plan, just what we saw in reverse, to up the clock. Put Patrick mahomes In a tight situation because he doesn’t have as many series, run the ball, make the big plays down the field that they’re capable of. What a four or five man rush, keeping mahomes in the pocket, which you saw Kansas City do very, very effectively to Lamar for the most part, and try to play matchup zones in behind it if you got to play some man that you’re going to match up well with that, but you better put two on Kelsey. So there they have the personnel to put to kind of game playing together that can beat Kansas City now, will they can they? And at the end of the day, does Patrick mahomes Do his typical special things that makes the difference. So it is a good matchup and it’s one that I again, but I can’t I can’t get past Yeah, but they got 15 So I gotta go with I gotta go with 15 and Kansas City and again,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:35

I know it’s hard for you to be sort of pushed out of the game and doing television and you thought you might coach again you never really coached again except Arizona State and going back later on. Bella check and Pete Carroll at this point being more of who would always say we don’t get smarter, we don’t get dumber we get smarter as coaches you know, you learn more marks back in the game right going to the Vegas with Antonio Pierce. The fact that Bella check and PK that they might not find seats are certainly Bella chick might not find a seat because appears he wants one right away, Pete might not want one. But the youth movement of oh gosh, like McDonald being the art coordinator. And Ben Johnson being the hot coordinator, you were that guy and worked out for you. But you know, five or six of these guys, they’ll be looking for another coordinator job.

Brian Billick  22:28

It’s tough. There’s no question no matter what you choose, you know, it’s the same formula, you always tend to hire the opposite of what you just fired. And, and there’s always the trends, you know, it’s the college guy, or it’s the former pro head coach, or it’s the pro coordinator, or it’s that you know, and you and that gets hot for a little bit. But no matter which direction you go, four out of five, we’re going to lose, get fired at the end of the day. Just because that’s it’s a tough job. And there’s no one set formula right now we’re clearly in the young guy, you know, particularly if you’ve had lunch with Sean McVeigh, or Kyle Shanahan you’re getting a head job in the NFL. That’s that’s the that’s what they’re looking for right now. And so that’s the cycle we’ll go through. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:14

it’s also a whole lot more inexpensive than trying to get Bill Belichick you’re building $100. Right.

Brian Billick  23:19

Sure. And the fact that with Bella check, you can you can I can just see the I think we joked about it last week with belcheck With that Atlanta job. And I know a little about the land job because of Mike Smith and Arthur Blank and rich McKay. And you know, he’s had some perspective on that with Mike being the head coach. You that that was never going to happen because spell check and if nothing belcheck can be completely honest. Well, he you know, I can see that conversation didn’t go with going, you too, gotta get out of the building. Okay, you gotta you gotta clear this building out and I’m gonna redo the whole thing. If you want me here, that’s what you got to do. And, and, whoa, you know, and that and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because he’s done a great job with that and shown that he can win with it. But yeah, I don’t know too many owners, and particularly generally this a gentleman who’s leaving, and what general manager is going to bring in Bill Belichick unless it’s one of his guys. And even if it is one of his guys, he’s going I know what’s going to happen here. We bring him in. Yeah, this is going to be a partnership. Up until the point the first time Bill wants to do something and I don’t and then and then we’re going to know how that partnership really works. So yeah, I it’d be interesting to see pizza different cat in that regard. But both those guys were 7273 years old. It’s hard for me because I can’t imagine I can’t I can’t imagine the grind. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:46

But why did you stop wanting to do it?

Brian Billick  24:51

You know, I got to hang around it because the media thing for a while. It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to do. It was more a matter of realizing If this isn’t good work, I could say I want to do it certainly would like to have the money. But at the end of the day, my heart and soul wouldn’t be in the way. I knew I knew what it was before. Okay. And I knew what my life was about and how 24/7 365 days a year. That’s got to be it and you love

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:22

your wife and your daughters and your own personal sanity. No. And

Brian Billick  25:25

now golf, you know, that’s why I never play golf. i Oh, they always said you, you can have a good career. You can be a good father and husband. And you can be a good golfer, you can maybe do two out of the three. But you got to choose which two but I just I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t be able to sustain the passion that I used to have for the game, but now And could those guys are they just convinced themselves that they are? I don’t I don’t know. Don’t belcheck doesn’t know anything else? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:54

I was gonna say once you don’t know anything else, it’s like me doing this. Like I don’t know what else in the world I would do. I really don’t have anyone to 32 years. I don’t know anything else.

Brian Billick  26:02

Yeah, and for Pete Carroll and pizza. pretty eclectic guy. And, you know, once you do get out, you realize this is okay. I have other interests. I can I can enjoy this. And you know what, I don’t care how poorly I put or how badly I play. No one’s trying to run me out of town. So Life’s good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:24

Well, I still call you from out of town once in a while coach Philly, is here. You can follow him out on Twitter. He will be what are you pimping? In Las Vegas everybody? Pimp it’s so this is why I did the charity things coach because every I’ve done 27 Super Bowls. Everybody would combine they pimp the product X, but they would also print charity. Why? Right? So I’m just doing this thing next week to say we’re just going to do charity why? And we’ll figure out that the dumping of soup into products and doing good things. But radio row is about giving some information from some famous guy with a ring like you for a product but also a cause. So what do you got going for me? I

Brian Billick  26:59

remember when Kevin Byrne at first, but we’re ravens and developed a close place with Kevin Byrne, our Director of Communications and he said you know Brian, at the end of the day, the NFL is one thing. It sells stuff. That’s all it really it is you’re selling stuff. You’re selling the product you’re selling the time you’re selling the player. And so you’re right radio row is just I told you last week, it’s the signal relief. It’s real deal span fact I just got out of the pool. And so my shoulders and back is where I’m feeling where I feel the fatigue and, and the ache. I put this thing on and it literally blocks the pain. It blocks the electrical signals that allow you then to do the other things. It’s called signal relief. You got to check this is reusable. It’s very effective that way you put it wherever you need it. This this. I’m looking forward to talking this thing next week.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:52

I know you are I thought you last week I was in your favorite town out on the West Coast having some margaritas with like your friend, Julio Bermejo. And we drove into the city from the west side at night. And we went down into a hill and we came up and there was Coit Tower and all I could think of is your love for your wife. And so whenever I see Coit Tower, it triggers me to think about you and Kim Billick, about that. Yeah,

Brian Billick  28:16

no chance I quartered her in San Francisco when you’ve got the bridge and Coit Tower

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:20

and Alcatraz over there. The lights, he had

Brian Billick  28:25

no chance she had no chance to say yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:28

All I could say is I came back, you know, over the weekend. It’s been a couple days last week out there. And I came back. It’s still the most beautiful city in the world. Like I just I can’t get over how beautiful

Brian Billick  28:38

as long as you see it from from 30,000 feet. Don’t get down onto the streets.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:46

You know, I know but you you know, Julio has a sign that says if you love San Francisco defend San Francisco. So there is a little bit of that and you know, I would agree with you. American cities in general have a little ways to go and I’m traveling around a little bit. They are the ways to go in Kansas City or or in San Francisco right now or Santa Clara. They’re in the Super Bowl coach bellick will be out in Las Vegas next week. We will be doing the cup of soup or bowl the crabcake row tour begins on Monday and fails get all the information at a Baltimore positive All right dude, you’re off the clock I’ll bother you again next year when there’s zero and zero go hit the golf ball ski do all that stuff up the baseball season you’re now you’re of no use to me anymore. We’ll come we’ll call you back and football season. All right.


All right. Two seasons here. Now

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:32

we have a baseball team. It’s amazing. Brian they they won last year and stuff. It was good. Brian Billick is our friend our head coach will be able to live in classrooms Foundation. He is resting comfortably out in Columbus, Ohio and it’s off the clock and onto the skis very very soon we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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