Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis talks early days of Ravens-Steelers rivalry

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The longtime Pittsburgh running back caught up with Nestor on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego.


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Mama Bettis, Jerome Bettis, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Aquaman it is our number three, the Budweiser sports forum brought to you by Toyota. We’re live in San Diego, and I now have a former friend and Nemesis but always a lot of fun with that smile of yours, man. Dude, I ripped it up in Pittsburgh two weeks ago, when I was up there right up until game time. And that’s always the way it is when I’m in Pittsburgh bus, you know, I’m gonna come up there and I have a good time. And we’ve been losing lately and I’m not happy about that.

Jerome Bettis  00:27

Well, it’s one of the situations we were getting payback for all those times that you guys are beating up on us when

Nestor Aparicio  00:35

I want to see a Super Bowl ring looks on your finger. I want to take a picture with the bus where he’s putting it on it doesn’t fit he don’t get it stuck. I want to pack my Super Bowl ring stuck your bigger ring there buddy. I see how the Raven Raven bird looks next to you know I’m on now I’m gonna show it to Bill cow. I won’t put it on a website or anything like that. Mama bus. How are you darling?

Mama Bettis  00:57

Find that’s not real. Oh,

Jerome Bettis  00:59

is it that that is a real super ring. You want to wear? That’s what you get? The beauty of

Nestor Aparicio  01:05

mom it’s good for the boss. It’s good for the buses mama. Man, you know what many things I could talk about with you. But I always tell people you came you did my show back in New Orleans few years ago. And I gave you a hard time and you were a good sport about things. And years later, here we are again. But man, I think you do more for charity and for kids. And I read about all that stuff. I mean, it’s easy to hate you from one to four, two times a year. But the rest I mean, you know you’re a guy you know. I tell you to black and gold is not a flattering color. It makes you it puts weight on mama puts weight on you. Black and Gold is not the right color. Purple purpose flattering.

Jerome Bettis  01:46

Oh no. That white and purple. I don’t know about the color of Aquarius.

Nestor Aparicio  01:51

It’s nice to hear. You guys are here with the Campbell Soup, folks. And are you doing chunky and you’ve been doing this for a number of years with the bowling alley and all that stuff? And I know you’d like to. You’d like to Kaggle a little bit and yeah, but tell me about getting mom involved? Cuz we talked to Brian or lack a little bit about this too.

Jerome Bettis  02:07

Well, this is this has been a long time coming. You know, my mother is a president of the NFL mother’s association. So, you know, she’s always been looking at these commercials saying they need to put them real mothers in there. Yeah, you know, and they were done actors and everything. And so they approached me about, you know, being involved. And I said to myself, How can I do this and my mom is so against it. And so I said sometimes said some things to him. But fortunately, Campbell’s wanted to do the mothers in this campaign and it turned out great. My mom has been terrific. And she actually stole the show on my camera.

Nestor Aparicio  02:45

You’re born actress, right?

Mama Bettis  02:47

I think so. I’ve been waiting for this, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  02:49


Jerome Bettis  02:52

Yes, she was she was my sunshine.

Mama Bettis  02:56

My only problem was was trying to remember my lines. I told you, Ron, I can remember my lines. And I said, Well, maybe they’ll give me a teleprompter. He’s like, Mom, come on. You gotta remember that. The one commercial

Jerome Bettis  03:07

that we’re in together, she has lines and I don’t That was That was tough.

Nestor Aparicio  03:13

Yeah, but you guys obviously enjoying the success and bringing mom as a part as a man. I think moms do so much. Michael Macquarie’s mom and Baltimore. Sandy

Mama Bettis  03:22

Sandy into my she’s in that organization very active. John Hopkins mom also that past president of my organization, how many moms in Baltimore? Baltimore was the actual starting place I had great

Nestor Aparicio  03:34

things started

Mama Bettis  03:40

right, that’s where that’s where all of our the majority of our founding mothers were from Baltimore.

Nestor Aparicio  03:46

Dare I say we have rules around here during the I hate Pittsburgh, we actually call a Pittsburgh Sox week, but I’m gonna tell you that we don’t wet Steelers fans on the radio except for Steeler Steve who is we have more Baltimoreans we call it Baltimore. Ron’s because they support the Steelers, and they waive the yellow tag. Come on. When you come to Baltimore, you

Jerome Bettis  04:06

do have a good we do have a good good group. Well, you know, I think that’s because before it Baltimore had the team, everybody gravitated to the students because it was either Steelers or Philly or the Redskins. No, no, no,

Nestor Aparicio  04:18

don’t say Oh, nobody


Jerome Bettis  04:19

went nobody went with any of those teams, everything. Everybody really went with Pittsburgh, because we were probably the neutral team out of all those teams over there. And everybody fell in love with us right

Nestor Aparicio  04:29

now there are people dying that I’m having you on the program. But there’s there are some Steeler fans out there right now saying he’s double age and he just put the bus on the radio and all that stuff. So if you want you have any words of wisdom for the people in Baltimore either Raven or Steeler fans, anything to say because well, I hated you for so long. First of all, to the to the I’m giving right now give me

Jerome Bettis  04:53

the true Ravens fans. I just want to let all you guys know that Be patient. You’ve got a good call Watch the coaching staff and the team is a lot better than you know the record indicate and next year expect big things out of them because we know they’re gonna be a force to be reckoned with and to to still have fans listen out there you know all three

Nestor Aparicio  05:15

of you and you know we’re

Jerome Bettis  05:19

we were disappointed you know it was unfortunate you know we didn’t get to to the game we wanted to be in which is this one but look for bigger and better things next year and you can count two wins already all right.

Nestor Aparicio  05:34

Talking about you I call Marvin Lewis you know Marvin gets a job in Cincinnati. Thank you blindside me I see how you are. Come over here just to give me a hard time see I thought you weren’t looking forward to coming over here but I think you

Jerome Bettis  05:52

said two games a year I don’t say which two games we all know that this is gonna be to Baltimore it’d be Cincinnati.

Nestor Aparicio  05:57

Are you Are you back with the Steelers? For sure. No, you’re just I mean a lot of concerns about your health. Wayne, you heard you heard it all this year?

Jerome Bettis  06:03

You know what whenever whenever there’s things aren’t going well then you always hear that same thing about me all his weight or his health and yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  06:14

The lighter I’m a big

Jerome Bettis  06:14

guy. That’s when he called me to bus. Okay, if I was to 20 I’ll be the minivan or the punch bug or something. You know, but you know, I’m a big guy. That’s what I do. And I do have to have surgery on the knee and that’s been the problem the whole year, I had some cartilage damage so I’ll be fun come up next year and I get a chance to beat up on some some ravens oh now to

Nestor Aparicio  06:35

cower discovered a passing game you may never get the ball back. All they want to do is chuck it up there now. Tell me about what’s good seen your mama bus Thank you very much for coming by bus you’ve been mostly fun now for the most part here. Did you want to plug the soup What kind of soup you eat something with beef. I tell you right now

Jerome Bettis  06:53

Chicken Noodle chicken noodles. But yeah, we’re here to to really raise awareness, awareness about hunger. And we’re going to tackle hunger but we’re going to generate about a million cans that we’re gonna give away to charities and everything. So it’s gonna be a big shindig that we’re doing. So look forward, look forward.

Nestor Aparicio  07:14

I always tell people you are right but you would look better and purple. I’m just being honest with you. All right. So good luck to you. I made the best team win and do you know I’m able to tell you to beat Cincinnati or Cleveland never worked for you. So but my mama boss if you ever wears purple you and I will be family. At some point

Mama Bettis  07:31

my favorite color purple.

Jerome Bettis  07:36

Go back and go back and go.

Nestor Aparicio  07:38 We’ll step back take a break for a while. Now we get a photo out with the bus. We’ll be back for more of the Budweiser sports more brought to you by Toyota live in San Diego. Stay with us.

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