Hall of Famer Deacon Jones remembers “trying to kill” Johnny Unitas in classic battles on 33rd Street

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The feared defensive end chatted with Nestor ahead of Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa.


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Nestor Aparicio, Deacon Jones


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Nestor Aparicio  00:05

it is Super Bowl 43 All of our coverage brought to you by Toyota live web.com Get out play our block pool and have yourself a nice cold Coors Light while you’re at it drew and I here with the legendary the man who coined the term sack we wouldn’t had a sack pack with the Colts in the 70s reward for the great Deacon Jones you’ve given us a hard time before we started about this whole Raven Baltimore Ray Lewis thing what’s going on DK

Deacon Jones  00:30

I came down here with the idea to go see ray in his room and I don’t see you as I’m a little bit upset about what happened man I mean

Nestor Aparicio  00:38

we lost man you know you lost football games in your day you know what happens we tried hard competing. I root hard as a fan and it just didn’t didn’t work out for Steve that simple we come back next year. That said you got to come back.

Deacon Jones  00:52

But let me tell you about next year you’ll be hitting up a 70 year old like me talking about next year no last overnight, this is gonna pick you the rest of your life. And anyway you know Baltimore used to have the Baltimore Colts you played a few games over 33rd hated man in that part of the country.


Why would you do Did you kick John Have you

Deacon Jones  01:17

tried to kill him


kill johnny johnny kill you more than you killed him.

Deacon Jones  01:28

I don’t have a scar not a star and not a MA from football Johnny


was pretty good.

Deacon Jones  01:35

He was the best quarterback I was saying you know he had to come back

Nestor Aparicio  01:41

how many times you get Johnny in the grass

Deacon Jones  01:46

they been one is born to admire that didn’t do any they didn’t go in.

Nestor Aparicio  01:53

So why sack Why did we call them sacks when I

Deacon Jones  01:56

came into the business? They used to refer to that particular part of the game as Deacon Jones tackled quarterback. Well that angle No money. No influence. No. Nope, nope. No people love a running back one. quarterback throws the ball. Okay, everybody had to have a clear defined position. Okay, we didn’t have no notes, self respecting newscasters that is going to write Deacon Jones tackle quarterback is a hidden but he will write Deacon sacks quarterback. Now. The reason where it came out. It was devastating the city putting all offensive linemen in a bag and picking a baseball bat and beat on the day. That’s exactly what it was. It was hard no one line. And you see where our money went. We went from me and when I came in, we were the last on the totem pole PayScale.

Nestor Aparicio  02:54

When I left defensive linemen were underpaid.

Deacon Jones  02:58

We did last on the pay scale. That means everybody out there Qubic kicker was making more money. When I left the game. We were number two band quarterback, Deacon Jones. Why would you label what we did? And we cause people to watch what we did. And when people back tickets clearly state that I’m going to watch deeper. I don’t tell you

Nestor Aparicio  03:20

next major football player Do you ever do anything with you would never do a show together? I mean, that would be ebony and ivory right there. Already man already.

Deacon Jones  03:32

We work together on ESPN alone.

Nestor Aparicio  03:35

I want to see the tapes that can you imagine this guy with a hat

Deacon Jones  03:38

to look at it and quiet because you know where you gonna get a word. They couldn’t put a muzzle on. You say whatever you wanted to say this is not a one on one one section. It’s got to be done by owners. Everybody we all had to pitch in and get this done. If we don’t hurry up and do this, you know all the players in the area that we’re talking about it will be they won’t get the hell and they won’t get the new the new hip when you can get all these artificial in nine to make your life the quality of life much better. And he’s deaf and he’s got it should be okay now some of us made money outside of the game because we took other other responsibilities along with the football. When we were asked to perform on the field, go perform on the field. If I had to stick a needle into the into the EEG I’m gonna do that because I’m going to play the nine ain’t got nothing to do with bands ain’t got nothing to do with nobody but me. I’m going to meet you every Sunday at one o’clock and you could take it to the bank and get a loan on I don’t care what I have to do to get here I’m gonna beat it. Well, that’s dedication to the call and not at calls is looking back at guys who are limping financial Lean broke, you understand simple because the action wouldn’t have for them. Everybody looked at football, look at sports now, they only see those big numbers. But we had to start somewhere. Somebody had to take the small money in order for the big money.

Nestor Aparicio  05:16

So what needs to be done? He was a prescription for helping out. I mean,

Deacon Jones  05:20

as I said, you know, medical sciences advanced along with, Okay, we have situation now where a guy can get to knee hip to new hips, right? Oh, he can get to new knees. You understand me? Most of the injuries come out of football is either knee hip cushion. I used to cause a concussion Right? Exactly. We just bought my makeup. I’ll pay for that myself.

Nestor Aparicio  05:46

I wouldn’t play you in flag football. Because I

Deacon Jones  05:49

wouldn’t mess with some guys some guy down in San Diego I was doing a show and some guy came up with his helmet and he wanted to hit he had to feel the sting at his hip I explained to him you don’t want this you don’t want to be hit with this booklet his chin strap on I said okay, get down because you I like to do in about in about a half a second. I tend to take this thing I’m gonna say I’m gonna scare him permanently. We’re here it makes it a hell of a sound. Big hand is gonna really hate the guy who spoke to me and I never seen him again.

Nestor Aparicio  06:31

Wanting you professionally wrestling Ernie to Big Cat let you know I mean, I think he would have been a great wrestler,

Deacon Jones  06:36

the deacon I’m not a clown. I took my game series as my profession. I played it the best that good I left it in great shape. And no wrestling. People ask questions of Joe. You know I get annoying I mean, when I will try to hurt you and wrestling that way. Never know

Nestor Aparicio  06:56

who did smacking in the Rams, what should you know stranger to so, you know,

Deacon Jones  07:03

we did a lot of things I did you know, planning and Hollywood was no bad deal. You know.

Nestor Aparicio  07:08

We talked to Jack Youngblood about that yesterday and he said, you know, the opportunities were there for him for Fred Dreyer for Merlin Olsen for yourself.

Deacon Jones  07:14

I played you know, I was on the Brady Bunch and I know I remember the Brady t 68. We did that and I still get a better deal in football.

Nestor Aparicio  07:28

And easier. Nobody got hurt. was good having you on.


If you love Baltimore sports, you’ll love wn s t.net.

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