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Warren Moon shares old Houston Oilers stories with Nestor on Radio Row


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The Hall of Fame quarterback talked about life on and off the field ahead of Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco.


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David Meltzer, Nestor Aparicio, Warren Moon

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn st Towson Baltimore and wn s We are live in San Francisco on radio row. I, you know, we’re running out of things to say here but when I can bring Warren Moon on the air David Meltzer, sports one marketing, David, I usually just bring you on as the major celebrity here and author and super agent, but when you offer me your guy, I’m thinking alright, I’ll do the gang tackle that my people meet your people, you guys, your business partners,


David Meltzer  00:29

right our business partners and best friends and we’ve had a great relationship here but now for about the last eight or nine years and I just love being around this guy. So positive radio, right? Most positive guys, I

Nestor Aparicio  00:41

know what makes you so positive David Meltzer,

David Meltzer  00:44

like everybody else their mom, that’s

Nestor Aparicio  00:48


got to learn it the right way. Tell me what I want to work on a book. The first time I met my wife was at a hockey game made icon once the first time you guys met and became business partners,

David Meltzer  00:59

business partners we became when we started our business about seven years ago. But we’ve met at least Steinberg’s sports entertainment, because they was running his, his agency and I was part of the agency as a new business development person. And that’s where we met. And then we started to formulate our ideas, we started to talk about different people that we knew. And when Lee had some of his personal problems, we decided to go off and start our own business. And it’s been very, very successful.

Nestor Aparicio  01:25

Yeah, I mean, I would say with Lee of all, you know, all the players that he had, and all that, and he’s sitting three feet away, by the way he was visiting here. He’s right here. Oh, that that leaves. I’m looking over there. If I had another microphone, I bring him back. You know, when you post football, that was a concept that he brought to the bar kowski in 1979. I don’t know that such a thing existed, right? I mean, thinking about post football was about getting a deal done right now. Right.

Warren Moon  01:57

And he invented in my opinion, he invented sports agent tree. But more importantly, he created the ability to create legacies. So if you look at Aikman, moon and young, I think that’s three legacies that may never exist again. And he built those and taught when I was most impressed with all of these guys that were my heroes, as I now shared office space, and they come by, they have the same characteristics, the same values. And that’s really what Lee when they were young, instilled in them that was most important, what you gave back, not only to the game, but to your communities. And that’s what made the difference. Well,


Nestor Aparicio  02:32

now that your career’s over, and the jackets on and all that stuff, being prepared for all that it doesn’t seem so far away when you get there, right?

David Meltzer  02:38

No, it doesn’t. And it’s just been a great journey, you know, and that’s what you try. And you try and enjoy the journey as much as you can. Because you look back at everything that’s happened to you, you wondering, like, how did I even make it through all of this, but where I am right now in my life is a really good place. And I’m just able to help make a difference in people’s lives, which is something that’s very important to me and what our philosophy of our businesses is the make a lot of money, help a lot of people want to have a lot of fun doing it. And that’s what we’re kind of doing right now.

Nestor Aparicio  03:06

Well, how many times I routed for you to get to the big game? Yeah, I had two tickets on the 50 yard line in Minnesota 92, that John stabbed me. I was convinced when he started the season with nine and 181, whatever it was, I was convinced that was the year you were getting there. For a guy like Cam Newton to be there at this point. If you were to give him advice at this point, what do you like about what you see about him? And what would you say? You did things differently than him you were much more understated?

David Meltzer  03:34


Yeah, but I would try and let people be themselves as well. And I know what my personality is, and I know what his personality is. So even though I’m not a guy that celebrates a lot, I’m not going to tell him not to celebrate, because that’s his personality. And I’m a little bit more low key than he is. I just want him to be himself. But I want him to stay humble. Just make sure you stay humble, and maybe even be a little bit more humble than normal because people already think because you celebrate and you show all this personality that you’re into yourself. And this guy is as much a team guys as anybody I’ve ever been around and if you talk to his teammates, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you talk to his coaches, you know what I’m talking about. That’s why his coach allows him to be this way because they know he’s all about the team first. Even though he does bring out this big personality and likes to have fun playing football.

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

I you know, I guess as far as you guys are you guys gonna keep the same mics Okay, I’ll put that one back up. I got people moving around they want us to sit together so we we look like we’re all in at the end it to win it here. This is an interesting matchup for the quarterbacks right? Young, old black white. He’s West old school, new school legacy with Archie Manning and all of that stuff. It’s been a wonderful game to talk about this week. I’m wondering what’s gonna be on the field, but the Peyton Manning riding off on the orange Bronco? That’s a good story. I mean, I had that in Baltimore with war with with Ray Lewis had that drone bet as you saw him here in Detroit. This is a storyline right for Peyton.

David Meltzer  04:55

It is and you haven’t heard anything else talked about except for babies retired. airmen know nothing about the game. Everybody wants to know what he’s doing after the game and everybody wants to know about what Cam Newton does when he scores a touchdown. Nobody wants to talk about the actual game itself. And this game is a very intriguing matchup because you got to really good defenses plan. Like you said, you have two contrasting quarterbacks. There’s a lot of speed on the field on both sides of the football. I think it’s going to be a tremendous football game. I think, Carol, I mean, they make that Denver has to keep it close early. If this game gets away from them early like it did in Arizona, or like it did for Seattle. I don’t think Peyton Manning can bring them from a far behind because of his physical cape. I mean and abilities at this point in his career, but if the game stays close, and he has a chance in the fourth quarter, this could be anybody’s game

Nestor Aparicio  05:45

I’ve been saying all week, he’s getting treated like a five day old fruit, like a damaged product, you know, and I don’t necessarily see it that way. And certainly, because of their defense, he doesn’t need to be Peyton Manning 2004 That that defense is going to be just fine getting after him. It’s


David Meltzer  05:59

a different. It’s a different mindset for this football team. They’re good. They’re winning a different ways. Not like all Peyton Manning’s dominating the offense. It’s running the football, it’s playing great defense. And it’s an effective, manageable quarterback. And that’s the way a lot of teams have won in this league and over the last few years, and they’re trying to emulate that in Denver.

Nestor Aparicio  06:18

David, I want to bring you into this because I had Dan Passerini earlier and I am famously when I went on the radio 91 You were still playing you were in your prime. Everybody knew I was an oiler fan. I was in Baltimore. Well, you know, I adopted out I mean, what are you want me to say we didn’t have a team, you know, so you were my guy. Passerini was my guy. And I gotta tell you, as well as an oiler fan as a kid. I’ve done this 25 years now. I chased you ran in 92 to get a picture with you. I was wearing Bill stuff because I didn’t like the Redskins. Right. So I met you at a Timberwolves game. All these years later, you meet so many athletes and celebrities and had them all on. I’ve had a lot of my heroes. And it’s so nice when they’re good people, right? I mean, in the end, right? I mean, isn’t that it? Not all of them are good people. Not every teammate was a good person. Not every coach was a good person, but good people. And that’s what you’re trying to do.

David Meltzer  07:11

Yeah, you know, if I could pick anyone that we work with, and you work with so many, I would have chose Warren to work with me because from the day I met him, he was so kind to me, you know, he was reassuring through all the problems that were going on supportive of me. He’s always concerned about me and my family. In fact, you know, I joke around with my wife because he is like this, Papa. And he’s always, you know, the work wife, I’m drinking, he makes sure I have a glass of water. You know, it’s like, he’s always taking care of me, but he’s just one of the nicest people. And, you know, I’m a huge fan of Warren on the field, but even a bigger one off the field. You know, I wish everybody knew how much he sacrifices, you know, you have all these people here taking pictures of him right now for a reason. This guy gives 90% of his time to everybody else, you know, drives me nuts. I can’t believe I’m like, Hey, Warren, just take a breath.

Nestor Aparicio  08:03


You were raised rough man in LA, right. I mean, get football back and all that. But

Warren Moon  08:07

I was raised in a good household. My mom did a great job of raising us. But yeah, there was a lot of stuff around where we lived on too many sisters. And she kept me away from all of that somehow, some way that I didn’t go the way some of my other buddies did, who are much more talented probably than I was, but they never made it out of my neighborhood.

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

Well, you got the LA thing going on. The rams are coming back to LA primer on this.

David Meltzer  08:27

Well, my big thing is great for the fans, especially RAM fans who are there, you know, you feel bad for St. Louis, because you hate to see a team ripped out of a out of a city. I know all about all that happened and used to go into a tenancy. So I know what it does to a city and the identity is hurt. The economy is hurt, everybody is affected by it. But for LA, I think is great for that city, because it’s such a big market that the league wanted to see a team there they might even have to, but the thing I’m concerned about is if they don’t win in the first two years, they will not come people will not come that’s what LA is La wants winters. The Lakers have been winners forever. The Dodgers have been winners forever. The Rams won when they were there. If they don’t win, and they haven’t won here in St. Louis for quite a while. The fans will not come once that newness wears off of the football team.


Nestor Aparicio  09:14

Is there a legitimate excitement there? Because we’ve heard for so long, and nobody really cares. Everybody I’ve talked to from LA seems like they care and they’re going to be kind of buying RAM stuff again, right? Oh, absolutely.

David Meltzer  09:23

There’s a great excitement in the LA but if they don’t win, you know, I always say there’s about a 13,020 1000 affluent base that will go to a game for the experience of it. But the minute we start to lose your stadium is empty at that rate. Basketball works right Laker games, our show right now they’re playing horribly. When I go to the games, they’re filled because nobody wants to see Kobe finishes his career, but you once you get over 13 to 15,000 people you better win.

Nestor Aparicio  09:51

David Meltzer joining us here warm oh god where to find your your your conglomeration online, I get your newsletters. I don’t need to go to the website.

David Meltzer  09:59

I’m at W mu No one on Twitter. That’s it. And we have our website you you know what that is or you want to say it on the air you want me to say sports one marketing? One marketing. Yes, number one like the back of Warren’s jersey.

Nestor Aparicio  10:12 I wore it proudly see later Warren. Alright pleasure. Thanks for having us. Always my pleasure as well. We are live in San Francisco on radio row at Super Bowl 50. With more to come, we are wn St. dotnet am 1517 wn st Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking.

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