Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Bill Cole

The outer layer in the plans for the new Inner Harbor

Local developer Jeff Ratnow attempts to educate Bill Cole and Nestor about plans for the new Harborplace space and the financial realities of the Inner Harbor and downtown to be an economic generator for the entire city and community.

The deviled egg is in the details and the future of downtown Baltimore

Some folks only attend the Maryland Crab Cake Tour when deviled eggs are involved. Our pal Bill Cole returns to join Mac Campbell of the Baltimore Convention Center in a wide-ranging discussion on the progress of downtown Baltimore and how to get the community to buy into the positive changes and leadership.

What will Baltimore look like when we’re done?

As we all await the Angelos Family signing a long-term lease at Camden Yards and the Orioles offseason spin will begin, Bill Cole and Nestor wonder exactly what the teams want and what the city needs to build a...

The dark clouds over The Warehouse in a sunny season as Angelos stalls Orioles lease

Bill Cole and Nestor return from MACO business networking in Ocean City with every leader in the state – and all of them talking about the Orioles lease stall and the outlandish demands of John Angelos to keep Baltimore baseball alive at Camden Yards.

What is the real future of Baltimore baseball?

As Baltimore Orioles "owner" John Angelos fights with Wes Moore and the Annapolis folks trying to give him $600 million of our free money that he won't take, our favorite sports and civic foil Bill Cole catches up on a summer of Orioles baseball, MASN misery and the kids going back to school.

So, when is the next All Star Game in Baltimore and what will that look like?

Watching Cal Ripken go back to Seattle and pining away for another All Star Game in Baltimore again, Bill Cole and Nestor wist hopeful and realistically in discussing the 30th Anniversary of the Camden Yards classic and the future of our downtown and the next time the Midsummer Classic comes to Charm City.

What makes those Maryland crab cakes taste so great?

Our never-ending education about crabs, crab cakes and the Chesapeake Bay continues at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market where Bill Cole and Damye Hahn discuss local business and what goes into making your crab cake taste great this summer in Maryland.

The future of sports in Baltimore

No one does Baltimore sports history like Nestor Aparicio. Bill Cole opened up a nest of birds and the future of the Orioles and the lease situation at Camden Yards and the value of a sports franchise to Baltimore. This one got spicy and went overtime.

The new rules of engagement if you’re picking up baseball again

Now that the Baltimore Orioles are "cool" again, Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the (new) rules and engagement of baseball as pennant fever comes to the Charm City for the first time in a long time.

It’s a love story for Taylor Swift and the kids

After spending a day online trying to fetch Taylor Swift tickets from the Ticketmaster mafia, our Bill Cole shakes off the bad blood after an evening in Philadelphia and fills in the blank spaces of 100,000 girls singing "You Belong With Me" under the stars.
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