Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Bill Cole

How would Baltimore fans react to the departure of Lamar Jackson?

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss how Ravens fans would react to a potential sign-and-trade departure of Number 8 and what the backup plan would be in Owings Mills if the franchise can't come to terms with Lamar Jackson.

If Ravens and Lamar divorce, what will they tell the fans?

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the disappointments of recent Ravens seasons and the apparent souring of the Lamar Jackson relationship in Owings Mills.

Is Purple Festivus still a thing?

What happened to all of the purple lights and flamingos on the lawns of Baltimore? Have the Ravens lost their January mojo with the people of the Charm City? Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the most unusual Festivus in Baltimore football history.

Shining some light into the darkness of the NFL this week

Bill Cole joins Nestor to discuss NFL leadership in crisis and how far the Ravens will go in January – with or without Lamar Jackson.

How did Nestor wind up with a media credential in Pittsburgh after being banned by Ravens in Baltimore?

As many know, Bill Cole from Cole Roofing inspired large parts of this Baltimore Positive platform over the past decade. A meandering podcast conversation from Christmas to Qatar kept coming back to Nestor being pressed on how he wound up in the locker room in Pittsburgh doing his job for the first time this season after being locked out by Chad Steele and the Baltimore Ravens ownership.

The sportswashing event of the century on full display

Sure, we love soccer but the "bring your business to Qatar" ads on Fox television during the World Cup games aren't convincing Bill Cole and Nestor that this is anything other than the bags of billions of corrupt dollars that it so apparently appears to be this month. The blotter on Blatter and the FIFA criminals has now produced a tournament in the middle of winter in a liar's lair.

Is now the right time for blue skies and solar energy?

Our longtime pal Bill Cole of Cole Roofing tells Nestor why Gordian Energy and his team has been having more conversations with locals about the power and future of solar energy.

The world’s stage in Baltimore at the new CFG Bank Arena

Before the doors of the new, shiny object downtown comes for the next generation, allow Nestor Aparicio to tell Bill Cole some old Baltimore Civic Center tales that will lure him back for the music – and hopefully stay for more Inner Harbor fun. Let two Baltimore kids dream about the future with a world class facility replacing the former relic of memories.

And what comes next?

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the readjustments of Fall, football season, kids back to school and post-pandemic life and assessing the future in America.

Who gets to ask Mr. Big the questions at those press conferences?

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the wonders of Lamar Jackson and the death of independent media voices covering Baltimore Ravens. Might be time for a #ColumnNes
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