The future of sports in Baltimore

Looking ahead to whats next for the business of sports in Baltimore Conway
Looking ahead to whats next for the business of sports in Baltimore Conway
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No one does Baltimore sports history like Nestor Aparicio. Bill Cole opened up a nest of birds and the future of the Orioles and the lease situation at Camden Yards and the value of a sports franchise to Baltimore. This one got spicy and went overtime.


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Bill Cole, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t tassel Baltimore, Baltimore positive or positively taking the Maryland crab cake tour back out on the road. I was away last week. I haven’t had like a proper crab cake in like two weeks. I was going to fade these couple weeks ago where my pappy shirt today we’re going to be down in Glen Burnie with enrolled a county executive Stuart Pittman at Pappas putting that date together in July. The next Marilyn crabcakes represented by the Maryland lottery is on Thursday will be at spirits west on Wilkins Avenue that’s the southwest side of town I will have my Mount St. Joe Gale Chris pica with me we’re gonna talk a little sports little city little Orioles also going to be joined by Chad we sling local NFL agent who was just such a great guest he’s been a longtime friend of mine I’ve never been able to convince him that he’s good at this he’s gonna come out and have a crab cake with me on Thursday all the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with window nation. I’ll have the floppy hat 866 90 nation you buy to get two free and 0% financing for two years with our friends at window nation. So new crabcake for me, I have you bill Cole. If you had the spirits west of crabcake

Bill Cole  01:06

Yes, I have. Really? Oh, wow.

Nestor Aparicio  01:09

See, I’m not from the west side of town. So I don’t know. Like I can’t be shrimp salad because right. And you know, I know St. Agnes and I know like where Babe Ruth played and did all of that. But like the St. Joe thing. I’ve never met a St. Joe guy I didn’t like right so I’ve had Rafeal Alvarez St. Joe guy, the molar family all St. Joe people before the hurricanes will people. And Chris pica, Jamie Schwartz, Jim Schwartz is a Mount St. Joe guy. So the Mount St. Joe people all you know, rave up on that part of the world and their life experience and all that. So I’m gonna go have a little piece of that it’s spirits West about my

Bill Cole  01:50

my historical data here could be a little I could be a block off. But I’m pretty sure spirit West sits at the end of the longest contiguous block of row homes in America. Pretty sure if it’s not,

Nestor Aparicio  02:10

you gave me that because I’m gonna bring it up with Ricky when I’m over there on Thursday, and see if he has any of that trivia, because it seems like he would.

Bill Cole  02:17

Yeah, if it’s not that blocked, and they’re like a block down. Right? Then they’re like, Nah,

Nestor Aparicio  02:22

oh, my God, it’s been in a roofing business with his family for 105 years would you know No, such randomly weird. I don’t even know. I’m gonna call Jack Kelly’s on. His shock is around. I Oh, if I have shock in my phone, my former colleague and beautiful man, that I at least have a resource. And if not him, Dave Atlin of Rodricks. You know, I mean, there’s there’s still people that know things.

Bill Cole  02:46

So that that part of Washington Boulevard, and you call it Washington, and Monroe? And, you know, I mean, like, we’re pretty close our offices, you know, maybe 10 minutes from there. So we’ve we’ve,

Nestor Aparicio  03:03

you’ve had liquid meetings, It’s spiritual? No,

Bill Cole  03:07

look, it is it is very much a part of the city where many people would would be completely uncomfortable parking their car and getting out. Like, it just doesn’t feel good. Right? It just doesn’t present? Well. It’s a relatively scary place. And I would say, look, that is a tough, tough spot there. I mean, there’s a lot of poverty, and a lot of people, a lot of drugs. You know, it’s tough. It’s tough that that’s a parched portion of the city that we’ve consistently tried to help. And, you know, they’re just, they’re just as nothing. There’s nothing there

Nestor Aparicio  03:52

to counsel. And I hope to have him back on the program at some point, if he doesn’t join me on Thursday. But, you know, part of doing the tour is going around and talking about things that are changing things that are getting better, hoping that things are getting better, though West more rolled out the red line this week. I mean, we’re seeing a different kind of government a different kind of leadership in the early go. And I haven’t spent time with Wes Assam at the at the Preakness. He’s going to join me for crabcake in August. And by then, I guess we’ll have a lot more to talk about. But man, Nick, the effects of COVID bill I like I still go around and I travel significantly more, you know, more than a lot of people but less than I used to. And you know, I was in New York recently different places. I see this bounce back happening, right. I mean, I was in Canada twice last year. I’ve been in the islands I’ve you know, I’ve been in probably 10 states this year. Just seeing how municipalities are putting things back together where this federal money may or may not be going, how it affects change in positive ways in regard to transportation drugs. Um, jobs, you know, I mean, it feels to me when I move about that the world’s changed dramatically in that I think a lot of people are working their hustle and their work in the gig economy, but you don’t see them out. And the places people used to get lunch and places people used to gather at lunchtime to smoke to have a liquid lunch to go down the street and join a friend meet me for lunch, let’s have lunch together. I had lunch with somebody to send a call a couple weeks ago, and I’m like, I’m like, nobody invites me to lunch. You know, they mean like, I don’t go to lunch anymore. Because they don’t have lunch. And they’re not working their office. And they’re not where they used to be. They’re like, in their basement, in their pajamas, working, doing whatever the work is. But your job is not like that cool roofing. But I think when I drive around cities, not Baltimore, but just in places where there used to be people got in their car and went to work. My wife’s an example that, yeah, my wife has to get in the car and go to work once a month. And it’s weird. She puts up and like stuff and like, it’s, and she used to do that every day, for 30 years.

Bill Cole  06:09

I really hate the word, you know, new normal, or whatever. Like, I hate that term. It’s just

Nestor Aparicio  06:16

a, it’s a part of our life, that that COVID change that you and I were broadcasting throughout all of that.

Bill Cole  06:22

Yeah, I’m not sure. I’m not sure that this wasn’t like this was like a hard reset. Right? I mean, it was so sick. 20

Nestor Aparicio  06:31

year olds don’t see it that way. Only 50 year olds or older, who’ve been through this now were like that, that she was normal. Nothing was normal. Like, like, I mean, like, and anything that happens after that is an unintended consequence of it just not being normal.

Bill Cole  06:48

Well, and I don’t know, I guess where I was going with that is I’m not sure that we’ll ever find a new rhythm. Like there was a general rhythm to life. You know, I mean, it had evolved over, call it 70 years or whatever coming out of World War Two and just

Nestor Aparicio  07:05

like, but I think the rhythm of social media and the rhythm of this doing what we’re doing FaceTiming zooming, like the rhythm of that changed dramatically at the time when COVID came along. COVID came in 2002 would have been a different kind of plague. That was a totally

Bill Cole  07:23

agree totally agree. Well, I guess what I was, what I’m saying is, we we develop this rhythm of get up, go to work, come home, you know, like, like, it was very, very normal. And then we’ve had these changes, social media, video, teleconference, whatever. But none of them really, significantly altered the rhythm of life. They were just bolt ons to life, then COVID happens and it’s like the hard reset. So as people are rebuilding their lives, like now those things are ubiquitous, they’re like in the in the DNA of your life, the social media, or the video teleconference work from home this hybrid that, you know, like, now it’s, you have a choice, because there wasn’t this old rhythm that you just went back to. Now it’s no, no, we’ll do you do that, or I mean, your company’s telling you, you can choose to stay remote or hybrid or. And look, that stuff’s all still screwy. I talked to somebody yesterday, who’s like, yeah, they make me go in twice a week. The only weird part is we’re on a rotation. So there’s no one there when I go in two days a week, because it’s only you know, four or five of us. And then the other five are at home and blah, blah, blah. So that doesn’t make any sense. What are you? What are you accomplishing by that? And, look, we’ve been fortunate enough where we keep adding people and I’m running out of seats. So for as much as we kind of dug our heels in and said, Alright, everybody come back, like we, we love you. We want to be around you. We believe our creativity and our problem solving is better when we’re all together. Now like Yeah, but I don’t know, maybe hybrid is something that we really need to consider. Now. You know, now that we’ve went full circle, right? So everybody

Nestor Aparicio  09:16 With pajamas and a kitchen table yo picks

Bill Cole  09:22

things up. My concern has been since the beginning. When you’re in a pandemic, and everything else is shut down. There are very little distractions when you’re at home working, when you’re at home working and the world is an open, you know, thriving place. There’s an awful lot of distraction. Look, I mean, I’m just

Nestor Aparicio  09:44

10 days and you can work from home.

Bill Cole  09:46

I’m just trying to be a realist, you know, like, and I want people to be successful, right? I don’t want to set them up for failure, right? So you got to do something

Nestor Aparicio  09:56

about a functioning society that can’t be done. And the way we saw it on the Jetsons, you don’t I’m saying like, there is a point where it is nice to get out with people. It is nice to go to happy hours and events and awards, this ballgames and concerts and yeah, I’m going to see the cure on Sunday night. I’m elated, you know, so like, I’m getting out even if it rains, I’m committed that I’m gonna wear a poncho and smile about it and and be mopey and melancholy. Just the way Robert Smith wants me to be. You know, I would just say that there has been this shift in the way all of us think, and I mean it from a literal, do I want to hug that person, kiss that person, breathe on that person, elbow, bump that person shake that person’s and are they six feet away? Oh my god, that lady’s wearing a mask. I mean, I flew in an airplane last week, you know, 20% of the plane was wearing a mask and they were more older folks and whatever, but like it. We’ve changed everything to some degree. And I guess that I want to talk sports with you just for a minute. Because the thing that I’ve talked about and you and I talked about Baltimore positive is the Orioles and the summer and changing habits. And I had Rick Vaughn on this week. I’ve had great conversations on the air this week. Rick Vaughn was the longtime PR guy for the Orioles. He did the Memorial Stadium send off in 91. That was his vision to do the Field of Dreams and do all that stuff. He ran the Tampa rays for 20 years he runs Joe Madden’s foundation now after working with him with the rays and the Cubs and like all that and he

Bill Cole  11:30

said when he was bald thing, the closer

Nestor Aparicio  11:33

that’s the other Rick Vaughn breaky centimeter, centimeter. So anyway, they’ll try to get that

Bill Cole  11:39

haircut. I can’t can’t get that Ricky Vaughn haircut in the back. Yeah, you remember,

Nestor Aparicio  11:44

I just can’t get Charlie Sheen out of my mind and change your lens. But neither neither way. So here. So Rick Vaughn comes on the show this week, and I gave him a hard time because back in 1992, when I had hair this long, right, I went into Rick Vaughn with hair down, you know, it was just like this. And I’m 23 years old. He knew me. Well. I mean, I worked the paper. You know, I wasn’t a stranger. My last name was Aparicio. So I was welcomed to be around. But he he, he said to me, Hey, man, I’m gonna give you a pass. And you know, yeah, we’ll see how it goes with your little radio show you and Kenny Albert with the sports forum on AM 1230 wi th. And keep in mind this is Camden Yards is opening. You know what I mean? He’s got a press box there. Everybody wants in everybody wanted to be there. I’m starting a radio show on an am radio station. And his penalty to me was look, I’m gonna give you a pass. You come down here. Do your job. Do what you need to do. I know you’re gonna be wacky nasty nasty on the radio was six kids named you at all that? He said. But you’re getting to be less parking pass. You’re gonna park. It was over here. You’re gonna park pacify a dog. And when you earn your stripes, we’ll get you in a lot pass. And I was pissed. I was like, come on, Rick. I sit down here every day, you know. So But nonetheless, I gave him I gave him issue about it for two years and in 1994 You know, after the all star game because I think a lot of it had to do with a list all star game whatever. Spies the team. Rick’s there. One minute, I get an alias parking pass. I had an alias parking pass. I guess it totally threw me out. 12 years later. I haven’t had anything except TV. 18 years free to birds coming up. Every time I see Rob Lowe on on the on the massive broadcast. I think I’ve been wearing the free to bird shirt from the warehouse and the picture in the Baltimore Sun. But nonetheless, all these years later, Rick Vaughn comes on, and I get melancholy, and he made me cry. In the segment. He told me the story about Joe Maddon in this dying kid. It’s unbelievable. I mean, Rick’s just one of the great humans that I’ve known and he’s a PR guy. And you know what, he never was a bullshitter. He never lied. He never had to lie. He never went in front of the media and made stuff up. He didn’t do any of that. And then Angelos bought the team and he had to go, he went worked for the Redskins for 10 minutes, wound up in Tampa, trying to build whatever that thing we’ve witnessed the last couple days is down there where they’ve had great baseball and, and he even said to me, and this was heartbreaking. He said this in the same he’s like, I’m not sure baseball works in South Florida. Um, like, you’ve been trying to sell it for 30 years. Ricky’s like, have you seen the crowd? It’s not working, you know, but But nonetheless, we talked about rebuilding the Orioles. We talked about what they did then. And in the absence of the Colts and then we’re going Wayback Machine. 30 years. Right. Going back to what you and I were talking about civically? How do we pick it back up again? How do we make the new Lexington market relevant? How do we make Wilkins Avenue relevant? How do we make harborplace Which now we’re going back another, you know, another generation if you’re going back to harbor place, when you’re talking about Camden Yards in the aquarium and the science center, how do we become relevant again, and my friend Todd Yohanna just got hired at bopa by the mayor which Trying to figure out tourism. You’re trying to figure out roofing we’re all trying to figure out how to make the city better. And you know what we all decided 40 years ago, Bill, we decided we got to trust somebody. Let’s trust Brooks Robinson. Let’s trust Cal Ripken. Let’s we lost the Colts that drunk scumbag from Skokie Illinois took our football team. Let’s, let’s make the baseball team the centerpiece of the city. Let’s build our Gateway Arch. Camden Yards. Let’s fill it with people, black people, white people, young people. Let’s make the courtyard open all day and have a beautiful restaurant at the top that everyone wants to eat at. These were the visions that that all came and went. And I bought into that I bought a condo with this view in 2003 kind of thinking it would come back and Angelo’s would be long dead by now. And some sane human would have bought the team that there would never be a thing called the Washington Nationals because Peter told me I never be a walk. I don’t know Washington senator I write all the lies he told me at the bar and then I pretty much knew where lies and I think about like a guy like Rick Vaughn couldn’t work in this environment had the lead can’t really work in baseball because he can’t do Greg baiters job at this point and his whole gig and Marty Conway and Jana Marie Smith, was to get your grandfather to buy four seats move their mezzanine seats from coal roofing over to the stadium, Angelo’s came in screwed. Everybody put all of his buddies down into the seats. Like it was a fiasco. I mean, I was on the radio every day talking about it every day when we didn’t have a football team was the only thing other than Gary Williams and Walt Williams to focus on it Joe Smith in 1992, and three and four. But Rick talked about the amount of sweat equity and Larry the Kinos passion to get it right. And Jana Marie Smith passion to get it right, and that the ushers the tickets, just everything was about getting it right. And it was about never taking a guy like Nestor and making him feel like unwelcome at the ballpark. I mean, when I have Charles Steinberg on who ran the Red Sox and as a fistful of rings, with Larry Lucchino all he talks about he’s like, he could never believe that the Angeles family would want to treat an apple Recio or a surhoff or a bordick or a Ripken or a Flanagan or, or a citizen or a coal roofing or an anybody poorly ever, or have my buddy Jeff Amdur in the hospital fighting for his life and he loves the Orioles and he can’t watch them, you know why they’re on mass and to or peacock or Apple this or whatever. He’s, you know, he’s a retired school teacher is to run up and down skipjack games with a hat on Yellin, Skipper, I mean, a true guy who would be buried in a in a in a Brooks Robinson Jersey, and he is fighting for his life, and they will put the baseball games on. My mother had this in the nursing home, but the game was on mass and two, they didn’t get it. So like I just think that there’s no community, John Angelos is a fraud, a liar Bashaud. He’s off on a boat. And I’m trying to figure out how the sports teams are going to put this all together is it going to be the gambling, all the gambling palaces, they’re going to build around the bet on all of this because they feels like betting is their big? Their juice. They’re now making the dice game, setting the rules of the dice game, taking the action on the dice game, and then pay it out on the dice game as to whether an umpire calls strike or ball. It’s it really we’ve come a long way in 30 years from Rick Vaughn and Charlie Steinberg and Bob Brown and like people trying to get the paper and the radio and the TV and the socials and the fan clubs and the boosters and the and the Sports Night Dinner at Our Lady of Fatima you get I mean, like, we’ve lost this Lamar has got $52 million, and he’s telling people to perform fellatio on each other pencil me like and we just weren’t like that. That’s fine. That’s good. Yeah, you know, is he gonna run? And can we bet on it?

Bill Cole  19:03

I was gonna tell you that you can bet on the NBA Draft. And the number one pick is minus 50,000. So like, it’s so known that he’s going first. But you are still able to bet on it. Like if you bet

Nestor Aparicio  19:25

Bradley Beals ever gonna play a game for the new team like, like at these odds every day, and I listen. I’ll pimp it. I’ll play an ad. I’ll say go do it. Every night. I see these ads and ads in the middle of a baseball game. And I think to myself, This is it feels a little desperate. But it also feels like John Angelos is down in Annapolis right now fighting with Westmore about how to steal land, literally from the community and build an emporium and housing that he drinks more money on of after screwing up the TV network after screwing up the franchise After emptying out the city after playing a baseball game with tank circling the city after suing his brother and airing all of their dirty laundry and going in front of what’s left of the legitimate media on Martin Luther King Day and offering to open his books, and then lying about it. And we’re June 21. And we’re about to give him more than six on and Wes really can’t give him more than he gave Steve. Right? I mean, like so. And nobody’s talking about it, dude, know what he’s talking about it. They were talking about billions of dollars being given away to billionaires who are absentee? Who bad media members intimidate them? And when my story becomes public, it’s going to be even uglier, because there’s truce still left to be spilled on that. But the Angelo’s thing has been out in full view. And now he’s going to heist the new governor for I guess whatever he wants, he will take the team in Nashville.

Bill Cole  21:04

Right so prepare for the the surge of professional women’s soccer, professional men’s soccer. The Mate maybe lacrosse leans in, but they’ve managed to screw that up for like 20 years and seems like they can’t get over the hump. You know what I mean? Like, I don’t understand that. But

Nestor Aparicio  21:31

any gross game, but like I’m waiting. I know. You’re watching f1 on the weekend, and the Saudis the sheiks have come in and bought the rich white man’s game. Yeah, they bought.

Bill Cole  21:44

Sure, sure. That whole thing is crazy how that merger with

Nestor Aparicio  21:49

sports says, How important is sports so important that the Qataris, the Russians, the Chinese, and and, and the Saudis are it’s their only way in other than Tiktok and make

Bill Cole  22:05

an oil? I think it’s just the Yeah, it’s the best money laundering. Like it’s the you know what I mean? Like, like, it’s, it’s sports washing

Nestor Aparicio  22:14

a billion and a half dollars to come kick a soccer ball for a couple years. Just to legitimize them. You already danced on stage with them, right? Because he won the World Cup winner stayed in there. Right. I mean, like, literally, that was the whole. I mean, you saw that that was one of the sickest things ever. They. They bought a World Cup by slushing money to fat, dead drunk parent owners living at the top of Trump Tower. You can Google that. Now. There’s been movies made on that. I know you’ve seen the movies. And, and now and when Messi wins, the most famous man in the world in Argentina wins. The King gets to stand next to him and do the dance with Messi. And it legitimizes everything about the tournament. I mean, it’s, it’s, and we move on, we march on, and six months later, the Saudis are like, here’s a good idea. Let’s buy Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. We buy them. We have them all. You know, I mean, I

Bill Cole  23:18

What’s the purpose? Like I hear you. I understand everything you said so far. But what’s what’s the legitimacy?

Nestor Aparicio  23:25

What was the purpose for Peter Angelos to buy the Oreos, it wasn’t a die eating pudding so his kids could fight over $2 billion. It was to be king. Same reason he ran for mayor significance significance. The King of Saudi Arabia has everything he wants, he can kill people kill journalists killed Washington Post journalist kill Americans, like in another country and chop them up into little pieces while they’re alive. And that’s still not good enough. I mean, he’s got all the money in the world, all the women who like he’s the king, they don’t let women do things there. It’s, it’s sick. And they’re gonna buy golf. And that’s going to we used to to play there, that’s gonna lead on stage and exhibition game there, you know, like, the Chinese already shut down the NBA, right? Effectively.

Bill Cole  24:24

Right, but I I just don’t understand. Like, I hear you. I understand everything you said. But like, is it the slow play that it’s going to unwind our belief in, you know, respecting women? Like yeah, okay. Don’t go to Saudi Arabia. Probably not a place you want to go because they kill people and shot them up and there’s no consequences. Fine. We learned that Okay. Got it. But like,

Nestor Aparicio  24:52

but when they offer money when they offer money. I mean, you know, right. People I know work for Peter. He was last 20 years knowing that he wasn’t on the up and up, you know what I mean? Or they weren’t trying to win or like, I mean, plenty of people PR all sorts of things all day long. I mean, that’s what PR is at this point. It’s blessing at this point. It’s not it’s, it’s getting out. It’s, it’s Baghdad Bobby

Bill Cole  25:17

is what it is. But well, okay. But in the case of the Orioles, you would make the argument that a karate owner leads to a cruddy product, which takes away this joy that we all used to have, right? And for, you know, a dozen economics

Nestor Aparicio  25:35

of it. Let’s let’s go back to John Angelo’s in Westmore. He’s promising economic development that he has never delivered. But by the way, so So Right. So he’s, that is the promise, the promise is we’re gonna give you money for economic development, and it gets us the red lines, all of that’s economic development and

Bill Cole  25:52

all of that we have a civic responsibility to pay attention to opine, in theory, you’re supposed to Alack you know, your state delegate and your city council member, you know, like you have we have a system you’re supposed to elect these people to go argue on your behalf of the opinions that you have Bob are fine. But how does that? What is the negative consequences to the Saudi money? Like, and I’m not trying to be like, I understand the premise. Hey, why would you want bad guys, right? Like, they’re generally bad guys. We don’t agree with their principles and the way they choose to live their lives. And it’s, it’s wrong?

Nestor Aparicio  26:38

Well, it turns the whole wing of golf into a propaganda machine for them in whatever way they wish to do it.

Bill Cole  26:43

Okay, but what does that mean? Are we all do? I mean, do we believe that we’re dumb enough, that somehow they’re going to convince us that their treatment of women is the way to go? Like, we’re not? We’re not going backwards on that concept? Right? Like, that’s not in the cards. So I don’t really, you know, what I mean, like, or that we have all decided that we shouldn’t do solar, we should only consume oil. Like, we’re not going to go back on that concept. Like, we might debate the percentage mix of stuff, but But nobody’s sitting here saying we shouldn’t have any solar and we should only use oil. No one’s saying that. Right. So I just don’t, I understand that concern around letting you know, this guy who’s got a bad reputation into the party. Right? We let him sit down at the poker table. He’s got a bad reputation. Yeah, but look, he’s gonna He’s gonna put his money up and we’re gonna beat him in poker because he sucks. So we’re gonna make more money. Like, I just don’t you know what I’m saying? Like I hear you it legitimizes them fine. Book, they sell more by anything you’ve all read, right? They’re already legitimate like that, like they write they, they have airlines, and they mean, yeah, so and it’s dubious, to get the World Cup.

Nestor Aparicio  28:13

What’s not much different different shotty and Angelo’s when they own the franchises in the city, they get whatever they want. I mean, literally, like, and that’s where we are with the Orioles, what do they want? What are they going to get? They get whatever they want, because they have the money to do that. They have the lawyers to do that. You know, they can get whatever they want. This is just about getting into have it. I don’t mind of a Saudi Arabian Sheikh as to why they picked golf, golf was available to them. Golf was something they could have without having to start a war.

Bill Cole  28:47

I get it the same thing. I mean, golf, the World Cup, you know, I mean, look, they that. That was about legitimizing them as a sports country or whatever. And they

Nestor Aparicio  29:02

were the greatest. I mean, that’s what it’s been about for a couple 100 years, right.

Bill Cole  29:06

Yeah, I just don’t know how that changes, like, the GDP of your country. Different living standard

Nestor Aparicio  29:17

is better than Pittsburgh, because the football team wins. Like, that’s not that’s really not how it works, right. We like to think that out works that we’re better than you when our football team wins. But that doesn’t make it a better place. Right. Sports teams making money is you’re gonna make the community a bet. No, I pitched this. I don’t read my books. Like I pitched this as a premise that life is better in Baltimore with the Orioles in the Ravens. I’ve been pitching that premise on this radio airway for 25 years. On my show for 31 years. I’ve never back down from that. But I’ve always been of the mindset it would be better if it were better run like a like it used to be when it was a community organization when people like Rick Vaughn were there and 3.5 million people were there because people felt like the Orioles were family member. I had been treated as such and I’ve seen witnessed too much with my own eyes, not just in my direction, but in a general in every direction. I mean, if you’ve witnessed this over 30 years, and you can’t love it, clap for it, put a jersey on and still acknowledge how rancid it is. Like if you can’t do that, then you’re not I mean Moeller navigates sideways all the time. Because you can, you can acknowledge that 100 losses is 100 losses, you can acknowledge that poor, poor community development, poor, poor community relations, poor everything or everything. I mean, the Angelus family with the baseball team, everything about it has been a poor experience for a long, long, long time. Other than the stadium they didn’t build.

Bill Cole  30:53

Right? I look I you know, we’re on the same page around a winning sports franchise is rocket fuel for community, right? Like, the restaurants do better. The everything is better, like just traffic is better because people let people over you know, nobody’s waking up on Monday morning pissed off because the Ravens lost right? What

Nestor Aparicio  31:18

are the black flags coming out for the call, right? What are we doing those?

Bill Cole  31:22

So and I guess I just am struggling with this. And I you know, maybe there’s someone that will come will hear this and like smack me across the face because I’m just so naive, but like, I get it. The Saudis are bad, have a bad reputation and believe in things that we don’t agree with. I just don’t understand how like what that leads to what the negative, like deterioration of our society that is going to occur like, Hey, man, people believe all kinds of weird stuff right. And over time, the thing is Saudi Arabian

Nestor Aparicio  32:04

King will be telling Jim Nance what he can say. I mean, like, you watch, I watched golf the other night, I watched it all night from LA was on at nine o’clock at night. You know, I was kind of pulling for Fowler early in the day and then I kind of had a you know, Rory thing for a little while. I mean, my hair’s long, and I’m Hispanic and all but I watch golf. I watched the majors, I talked about things. I was I’ve been on the golf course twice this month. So like, my back’s actually feel a little better. Thank you, Steve Lucca love you. But I mean, have you seen what’s happened with the NFL, the broadcasts, and Roger Goodell and head trauma, and that doesn’t look like they they can message. But what I’m saying is, nothing happens if it doesn’t happen at the pleasure of Roger Goodell and Steve Ashanti. Like, and that’s just the fact there’s nothing you’ll see on ESPN. No one you’ll see on NFL Network, no one you’ll see on television, no one with a media paths that. I mean, at the end of the day, Steve shot, he’s doing this to me nuts, Chad Steele and Steve shot, he’s doing it because he’s a billionaire. And he doesn’t give up. Right? And he’s got lawyers and he can chop my head off my media had often say your, your career’s over, you’re out. And so because he’s rich, so I’ve seen the power and the money, and the influence and what it does to the media and what it does to the mindset of saying, oh, all of the NFL program is going to be controlled by the NFL. It’s like gonna and thinking you’re getting like truth, you’re getting 24 hour a day cheerleading and PR from a 24 hour a day, well paid, staffed by a billionaire to sell that to you on the Phantom side. And then people like me that may report truths about Lamar Jackson’s contract or something. He actually sat on Twitter last they’re

Bill Cole  33:55

not with it, but but their desire to grab control of that isn’t against you, CBS and Viacom and all these other people. It’s just all those other people who are making money on there. You’re asking

Nestor Aparicio  34:11

why the Saudi Arabian King, like what happens? What happens is you’re watching golf on Sunday night, and everything about it. Everything about it has to be approved by the king. And I lived through that, you know, I lived through that. Go read the Peter principles, that when Toyota wanted to put a sign on the outfield wall, Peter hated foreign cars and wouldn’t allow it when the Bank of America came in and said our logos red, white and blue. He’s like that, that look good on the wall, change the colors of your logo, when she flakes and we’re gonna put a cow on the outfield wall and it was sold the salesman did all the work. They did everything they needed to do that. And all of a sudden guy put a cow on my wall and deals over with so like, I don’t like John Lowenstein John Miller at Davey Johnson at aparece Do you know that Rick Dempsey Yeah,

Bill Cole  35:03

right? That’s exactly how it changes I understand. And then what did we do?

Nestor Aparicio  35:10

We went to the game anyway and gave him money and really looked the other way.

Bill Cole  35:13

No, not really. For the last decade, there’s been 2500 People go into the game.

Nestor Aparicio  35:19

Right? Well, making a billion dollars.

Bill Cole  35:23

Well, that’s TV. I mean that I like I get too big to

Nestor Aparicio  35:26

fail. That’s Saudi Arabia. That’s the key. Okay. That’s too big to fail. Listen, Rick Vaughn. Go back and listen to Rick fall now and listen to early Kevin Byrne. Not late Kevin bourbon early Kevin burns when he’s coming here trying to. I said to Rick Vaughn. I said to Rick, that puts your head in this. You’re old enough bill calls here. Coal roofing Gordian energy does roofs and good advice.

Bill Cole  35:48

Well, put your head into this questionable and Rick fall. And

Nestor Aparicio  35:51

when Rick Vaughn said to me, Hey, you’re young, you can walk from parking lot B to parking lot. A you can do a little more walking. Let Jim animun and you know, choke rows. You know, the older guys have the better end like, you know, I’m a kid and I got long hair, you know, whatever. What at that I said to him, I said, Rick, at that moment in your life? Did you ever think there’d be a football team here? No, way. There’s no way we’re ever gonna get a football team. Right? So, and I said, Rick, did you ever think a football team could come in, in 1995, three years after Camden Yards was built and build a stadium come in wearing purple uniforms with a stolen franchise, and and say to the fans of the newly named Mustang Maverick American ravens, that before we even come, you’re gonna have to like pay for the timeshare. You’re gonna have to write a check for 1000s of dollars for the right for the right to be thrown out of your seat by Chad Steele. 27 years later, after paying for it for 27 years. You’ll earn that right? And I said to Rick, it was an inconceivable concept that the city could be so excited that we all wrote I wrote a $5,000 check in 1995, right? Like that we would all write a check. To have a team instead of having a camper instead of having a boat instead of chasing girls, instead of going on a vacation instead of doing things instead of investing the money let her ask and appreciate that. We invested invested in PSL. Right. And, and the Orioles had Cal Ripken, Davey Johnson 100 web and the Ravens premise. The motel family premise was give us a lot of money for the right to use the beach. And we bought into that. And I said to him, so here we are. 30 years later, the baseball team like has really good players. The city has challenges. We discussed that earlier. Like if I hire you and Marty Conway and all these guys come back, the first thing you’d say is, you’re gonna go shake hands with people. You got to be nice to people. Where’s the owner? Where’s the guy in charge? Where’s the president? Where’s the manager? Where’s the check? Let we get you? You need to be out with people. Where’s the fanclub? Where’s the Glee Club? Where’s the pet band? Wait, where’s where my players where my star players? What are they doing? What are we doing to sell tickets? are we given tickets when we do it? Why is the upper deck empty? Well, let’s get some people out here. We’re winning games. And I don’t sense that that’s going on at Camden Yards or I mean, I don’t feel they’re not trying to sell me a ticket. They’re not trying to get me back there like that. They put the games on places. I can’t find them. I wanted to watch the game Sunday and I couldn’t, you know, like, life for fans like Jeff Anders in the hospital. He can’t watch the game like so. I just I’m wondering, I know what built it the first time because my heart still has my heart. Right? Like I’m still here doing this because it got my heart the first time. What’s gonna do that this time, they’re winning. So people are coming in, but this will be used against us. If people don’t come if people don’t come John Angeles is gonna say, Hey, we’re winning. It’s time to go to Nashville. Y’all have a lease? Because that’s next. I mean, it really is.

Bill Cole  39:09

And, and I’m, I’m on the fence as to what the, like, sure. A true blue Baltimorean like my love that like Baltimore without the Orioles is just a weird future that I can’t imagine. Right? That’s right. So but if I step over here and I say Bill Cole the you know, civic minded, community oriented want to lift all of our, you know, neighbors up. I’m not sure that the right solution isn’t. See a good luck

Nestor Aparicio  39:44

giving a billion dollars

Bill Cole  39:45

to join Asheville.

Nestor Aparicio  39:47

I don’t even I don’t even have a word for what John Angelo says that this was a liar. I mean, he stood in front of the media. I mean, this should just wouldn’t flow 30 years ago because they wouldn’t have an accountability. Somebody like me 10 People like me and Phil Jackman and Ken Rosenthal and Jerry Sandusky, who’s hiding somewhere that they would have been accountability. There would have been questions raised for the community to say we’re about to give a bunch of money to the Angelo’s family for specific improvement. Like literally, that that’s what we’re about to do, and to Major League Baseball and this trust, because they’ve done such a good job and Oakland and Tampa and Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City’s empty again, like, that’s, that’s why with you like, what, what are we giving away? What is what are we asking for? What’s the vision here? And why would John Angelos his vision be a vision that I would buy into, or you would buy into with our own money, let alone our civic money, we bought into the ngModel thing, right? Like we gave him the PSL and we built the thing and it was fun for a while and it’s the now they’re trying to sell tickets and things have changed. And cities change the knee and you know, all of that stuff. But with the baseball team, this is in front of us, dude, like the team’s winning people sort of kind of going, we’re excited about it. The people who are excited are excited. But this, this is very challenging, like trying to build this even when they’re winning.

Bill Cole  41:17

That is the evolution of you know, nasty Nester from the 90s into the Nesta with Baltimore positive to that. See, find me a sports reporter who’s on the sports beat, who isn’t going to say, Well, you got to do whatever you got to do to keep the Orioles here, right. They’re part of the fabric, you know, like, it’s their job. And it’s their team, and they love them. And they’ve always been here. So we’re going to do whatever we’re going to do. And the economic casualties that come from that is not a story to them. That’s not a topic that gets discussed, because that’s

Nestor Aparicio  41:54

all they talk about on Fox 45. That’s the sports page where they talk about the city’s bad the bad is the city city is bad bad isn’t. Let’s give a billion dollars to a billionaire who’s done nothing who doesn’t even write the sports page rutschman looks good in his uniform.

Bill Cole  42:13

Keep the sports over here. Everything is fine. Don’t count the money. It’s all good. The other page of the paper says things are bad. We need to fix them. And no one that Nestor is the only one right that’s crossing that bridge now.

Nestor Aparicio  42:27

Show me somebody else that’s crossing. I agree.

Bill Cole  42:29

I agree Ness. I agree. I mean, who right

Nestor Aparicio  42:33

now would pay money for a PSL? Who would pay anything for PSL right now, if you had to reach in your pocket by your seat all over again, right now, who would do that? I mean, it’s insane premise

Bill Cole  42:45

all of the people who probably can’t afford that. They’re the people that they’re preying on, right? Because they’re the ones that want to go, they’re the ones that didn’t get to experience it the first time around. They’re the ones who were locked out. Those were the ones who, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  43:04

stands every week and paid a fortune to do it, and spend half my life chasing people around in purple underwear, like, and I know, I know, how they’ve treated me, I know the lack of integrity that they’ve had, and I’m going to share that with the whole world. And because I can, and I should and I must, and I shall and like and they’re they just got $600 million to fix a stadium so they can make more money on game day, and they can’t sell their tickets because they’re throwing people like me out and the owners on a boat somewhere not asking questions, and he’s sending his his employees down to Annapolis to shake hands, take a check and not take questions. It’s insane. I mean, it’s really insane.


It’s not

Nestor Aparicio  43:45

like that. It’s insane. Because it’s not ever 30 years ago.

Bill Cole  43:50

It’s not insane. Okay. Look at how much money is spent to create content on platforms like Netflix or Apple TV or, or you know, Disney making Avenger movies or whatever that go to the box house. Look at how much money is spent creating that stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  44:12

None of that can touch a Denver Broncos game on Thursday night. Not they are

Bill Cole  44:15

the kings of content. They are the king. Like you don’t have to script it. You don’t have to write it. Like the

Nestor Aparicio  44:24

crazy stuff. Why don’t you want to bet on it. It’s fun to bet on.

Bill Cole  44:27

It is fun to battle, right? It adds this extra little juice to it. Great nest, you can bet on the first quarter. And if you lose on the first quarter, you can bet on the second quarter. You can make sure you

Nestor Aparicio  44:37

don’t need to wait for Sunday night or Monday night to chase chase your beats. There’s no doubt about that.

Bill Cole  44:42

So I mean, they have that advantage that while people play games and other people want to watch that is content creation in some of the most efficient I mean, think about they’re actually getting paid for people to watch them create the content almost There’s like a, you know, daytime TV show where there’s people buying tickets to watch from the audience. Because that’s all it is. All it is is content but you

Nestor Aparicio  45:09

say that and then the king of Saudi Arabia buys golf and you wonder what his endgame is. And his endgame is to create content. His end game is to create influence, and significance and ego and ego. I mean, come on, man. We’ve left that we haven’t used that word. I mean, oh, Angelo’s thing wasn’t even love the Orientals. He didn’t love baseball. He didn’t know dick about baseball when he bought the team. Like literally Steadman wrote at length about he didn’t know anything about baseball, he bought the team, so he could feel like the king, because he always wanted to be the

Bill Cole  45:43

king. Totally agree. And the fact that not wealthy

Nestor Aparicio  45:47

stone it up is an amazing byproduct of how impervious to reality. American sports ownership has become a really is pretty profound. Right? Yeah. gymnasts, we get fired for saying that on golf,

Bill Cole  46:06

totally buy into the ego play. But to me, the ego play just doesn’t have consequences that impact my life. And like, honestly, if they ruin golf, fine, fine. I’ll find something else to do. Like already watching

Nestor Aparicio  46:22

f1? Nobody? I

Bill Cole  46:23

mean, like, well, right. I mean, I don’t know. I’m sure they already are. Right. I mean, come on. It’s like it’s the billionaire sport, like, Give me a break. So I just don’t know, like, I don’t know, that’s fine. I took

Nestor Aparicio  46:38

sports and we meandered from, you know, Saudi Arabia, and China and Russia and Qatar to here in Baltimore and saying, how important is it? It’s so important that the King of Saudi Arabia has decided to buy golf, and that these countries buy things. How important is it Baltimore’s about to like, give away the ransom to the Angelo’s family again, but

Bill Cole  46:58

tell me, tell me, right? Or else? Oh, yeah. But there’s this whole movement of reshoring, right, like we learned in the pandemic, oh, my gosh, we can’t get our antibiotics from China, because if China decides they don’t want to send us antibiotics, we’re screwed. So in that warehouse behind you, and that picture, well, the reshoring

Nestor Aparicio  47:18

we’re supposed to be Angelo’s and Ashanti, we’re maryland baltimore, people.

Bill Cole  47:23

I understand. But if we turn that warehouse and that stadium into an antibiotic manufacturing facility, and we created a, you know, 2000 jobs, and we could train people how to use the computers and the robots that actually make the drug. Yeah, bet

Nestor Aparicio  47:39

on that.

Bill Cole  47:41

But But does that pick the city up better than, you know, a World Series

Nestor Aparicio  47:47

55 I obviously, having watched really, really poor ownership wreck, something that was designed to be awesome, and has been awesome in St. Louis, and Boston, and lots of places, places where, especially in small communities and small towns, where when you went to Gilman you actually have friends, and people like you, and everybody surrounds you, and wants to be a part of it. You know, Rick Vaughn talked about the owner of the Tampa lightning. This is a guy who’s a PR guy for the Tampa rays, right? Who always wanted to be a big deal there and they won and they had yo man and worlds and in a baseball state where people can play 12 months a year, and there’s a Hispanic population that plays baseball and ili. But the the lightning put a hockey puck in Tampa, and they own the city. I don’t know if you know that or not. If you’ve been the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, five minutes with Tom Brady. That’s fine, the Glazers, they’ve won, that’s good. It’s the NFL that owns everything. But I’ve been down there two bucks games when there’s been, you know, 5000 people there when Joe Flacco was throwing six touchdowns and like, the boats, the Tampa Bay Lightning, put a hockey team, they’re in a non hockey community with a lot of transient people. And they put feet on the street, and they own the community there. Because they’re in the community, they are a part of the community. Everything the Orioles and the Ravens have talked about being and if wanted to be, but aren’t really, I mean, oh, no.

Bill Cole  49:14

They used to be the Ravens used to be used to

Nestor Aparicio  49:17

be right used to be that’s a really sad thing to say that you would say that used to be because, you know, you were at my barn shows,


Bill Cole  49:25

you know, was right. I mean, that was from 96 to I mean, I would certainly the second Superbowl experience was not the same as the

Nestor Aparicio  49:38

because Harbaugh was running the team it all changed with Brian GoFAR I promise you that John. John is mentally right or paranoid. Weird man. Right Brian Billick is fundamentally run facing right fundamentally honest, fundamentally do doesn’t care, you know, like he his his mindset is I’m going to take mine against yours and we’re going to have at it, and I don’t care what you know, you go do all the research you want, we’re going to do our thing and we’ll be ready for you and, and he understood the media side of the importance of growing the game and growing the franchise. And all of that changed. You know, where have you seen John Harbaugh in the community where I mean, seriously, he does the FCA thing every year. That’s his. That’s his thing. That’s what he does. And then, you know, he doesn’t vacation and Ocean City he’s not around here doesn’t want to be around here. And when it’s over, I don’t think you’ll be here. I think you’ll be you know, like Brian left, there was nothing left for Brian here. He left. There’s nothing left for Davey Johnson here. I mean, they don’t leave things behind is what I’m saying. Right Louis Ray Lewis John OG and that’ll live I mean, they take money millions hundreds of millions of dollars and go wherever home is Lamar will take it to South Florida. And I mean, he’ll leave a million dollars here and to put his name on a field somewhere and and that’ll feel nice and good. Like Brady Anderson has his name on tennis courts that are overrun with a mess five feet away from like, that’s not Eddie Murray has name on the on the the nature center is mother’s name. I love that Nature Center in West Baltimore. But like at the end of the day, is sports really leaving something or taking something at this point? When the billionaires come in? They’re taking something

Bill Cole  51:21

and read still participates in our community?

Nestor Aparicio  51:24

He does. Somebody goose. Yeah. I don’t see Joe around here, but I don’t know that Joe’s be loved. Right. And that’s weird. So disturbing, right? That’s all he ever did was when?

Bill Cole  51:40

Right? But he wasn’t far enough.

Nestor Aparicio  51:41

So we don’t really like him. He never yelled at anybody. He never act like a jerk. We didn’t like him.

Bill Cole  51:47

Right? Yeah. I don’t know, man. I mean, look, I we’ve we’ve had this discussion about the Orioles in Nashville and leaving and staying and all that and I

Nestor Aparicio  51:59

think it’s ever really going to happen. I think the threat is going to make it so all the chips go to the king. And I

Bill Cole  52:06

get that. But how do you how do you have a real straightforward discussion with empirical evidence around? positives and negatives.

Nestor Aparicio  52:19

John Angelo’s were a decent human asking for all this money, he would be sitting next to me over at spirits West for a couple hours like his old man did, and telling me whatever’s on his mind. I mean, and I get the challenge, whether it’s a lie or not, like when are you opening your books? That’s question one, when you offer it, and you’re a fraud. But but it that is the fundamental problem is that there’s never going to be any front facing, because it’s not who they are. It’s not what they believe in. It’s not what’s the believes in anymore. That’s why I’m thrown out. That’s why I could be flying to Florida to have a press conference and be literally put in the back of the bus. But by an owner.

Bill Cole  52:59

I don’t really think the Angeles’s or any sports owner has the responsibility to open their books to people?

Nestor Aparicio  53:10

I don’t I don’t think so either. But I think if they’re taking a billion dollars of public money, hmm, they’re not one company anymore.

Bill Cole  53:19

I don’t know that that’s true. And I still don’t know that that’s a precursor to opening the books. What they what they should have to do is they should have to explain how that billion dollars is supporting the taxpayers who are paying. Right. And if somehow,

Nestor Aparicio  53:38

for Chad steel and Sashi brown to do that in Annapolis the day they went down there and took the check. And

Bill Cole  53:45

I don’t know, I don’t know. I mean, I That to me is the is the obligation. The obligation is, you’re supposed to show how this helps the taxpayers.

Nestor Aparicio  53:57

What Every politician is supposed to do. Right?

Bill Cole  54:00

I think so. I think so. Right? I mean, there’s some Yeah, I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  54:05

we’ve been at this a while and will continue to be at this, but I it is my it is it is my my wish as an older man. Now, having done this on my 25th anniversary doing this, it is my wish that they figure this out, you know, whatever this is that they figure it out for the good of the city, because I’ve been pimping the shift for 30 years for them. And all they’ve done is make money and been jerks and an empty the city out. You know what I mean? The ravens are less than they were the Orioles are way less than they were way less than they could have ever been. We’re going to see what the Ravens have in store and who the next owner is going to be because Steve’s not giving it to his kids. John thinks he’s going to own this forever, or put boots in the ground in Nashville and swap out. I mean, I don’t know what John thinks. Because whatever John would think sitting next to me, I think John’s a liar. So there’s a fundamental problem about him already being dishonest, all the stuff with his family, hiding for the last 30 years, all of it, all of it is not good. And it’s not it wouldn’t be good to do business in any respect with someone with that sort of track record. But the state’s about to do that. And Wes is about to do that for the good of the community. I mean, we all nobody wants to lose the Orioles. But But what is the future? What’s the plan here? Fellas? What’s the and who? Are you going to share the plan with your stakeholders, your your partners? Like I mean, if you’re not sharing with the community and the people who are paying the bill and empower you to be wealthier. I mean, Steve bought the franchise for 575 million, it’s worth 5 billion. Yeah, no, he’s the big one. But

Bill Cole  55:35

that’s not his but that’s not his fault. Right? Like you can’t hold?

Nestor Aparicio  55:39

No, no, no, no. All I asked for is a press conference once a year where you speak to the people and and it take honest questions and put an honest foot forward to front face and say thank you. Here’s what we’re doing. Here’s why you should have confidence in us. Here’s why we’ve always had integrity here and you can trust us. I can’t trust the Bushati certainly can’t trust Chad steal. Seriously, your friend as a sponsor, as a radio host as a human being, like in any way are these people have integrity. They’re not. They’re not. And if you’re asked me if John Angelos is a man of integrity, that we’re about to give this, he’s not he’s just not we know that going in. Now, all that being said, so what is the plan? And who’s going to be held accountable for giving all this money to these billionaires? Because I’m not allowed to hold them accountable. Right. They’re not taking questions from me. They’ll take it from Luke because he’s the white guy, but but they will take it from me. i It’s insane. It really is. These are billion dollar companies taking money from our people.

Bill Cole  56:46

So that’s, that’s, that’s fundamentally your complaint, your chief complaint today. It’ll be my complaint. I want to understand why they gave 600 million to the Ravens

Nestor Aparicio  57:00

stands up say thank you and tell me what you’re going to do. Okay.

Bill Cole  57:02

Yeah, you don’t you don’t get to tell people to thank you. Like, like, we love doing business and being around people who thank people, because it’s just a nice thing to do. But you don’t get to tell people that right. But what you do get to do is you get to say, Hey, that’s my money. As a taxpayer, prove that you need the money, show the state how you’re getting a return, show the city how you’re getting return, that’s a real

Nestor Aparicio  57:30

show me the track record of what you’ve done. That’s a real that’s a

Bill Cole  57:35

real obligation that should exist in the government governance. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  57:42

when you go into the voting booth, and you say, show me confidence, Ben Cardin or not Ben Cardin, or Larry Hogan, or when whoever you’re voting for, you are putting a vote forward for that person’s integrity, whether you believe that or not, you are if you don’t believe they have integrity, you shouldn’t vote for them.

Bill Cole  58:01

Why, wow. Again, I love you Nesta. Utopia is a wonderful place to live in. We live in Baltimore, typically, typically, all of the names on the list. I’m saying, I don’t really believe they have integrity. I don’t really believe they have integrity. I don’t know. Because we There are career politicians and they’ve changed their minds and they’ve changed their positions and they’ve been inconsistent and

Nestor Aparicio  58:25

and they’ve offered to open their

Bill Cole  58:26

books for all the wrong reasons. And yeah, I mean, like, like this is this is just where we are

Nestor Aparicio  58:31

and we don’t get to vote for owners though. They just That’s my point. My point is we don’t vote for them we should hold them accountable. How about that we should just hold them accountable whatever accountability is, we should hold them accountable for the money for the responsibility for the brand for it saying Baltimore on it and it should stand for and not on some PR way that’s manufactured by Chad Steele and Greg Bader it and it was never manufactured with Rick Vaughn the orals were real thing you know, I mean, so when we see Adley rutschman Here in the offseason and we see him put up a flag you know then then we’ll know when we you know Lamar Lamar is what Lamar is I mean I don’t see that changing I don’t think he’s you know, I mean we’ve seen five years Lamar he’s we’re gonna get we’re gonna get

Bill Cole  59:18

Yeah, my sense is the Mars probably just like the the millennial version of the superstore professional athlete.

Nestor Aparicio  59:29

Money in Indianapolis or like

Bill Cole  59:30

grew up in a different world in a different time and a different place with different stuff with social media with all these other things that just crafted him into a different kind of human that is different than the humans we we

Nestor Aparicio  59:41

see this about the Orioles and I don’t experience I only experienced them through Rob long and a translator at the end of the game. They seem like good people pick the kids playing on the team. Like they’ve won me to the extent more so than even the previous generation I you know, I wasn’t a big fan of the pie in the face and You know, you know I, I like disposition I like friendliness. I like good people, I like people I can cheer for people I want to root for, and not necessarily just about the way they play the game, but about the kind of people they are. And that’s been my position for 31 years. And that’s really never changed. Just in I wrote for good people, and it’s why I never had a drill SUBSTR jersey, you know what I mean? It’s why I never had Rafeal pull marriage I didn’t ever read Albert Bell jersey, then I met him and I got rid of it. Bill Cole is here he is cold roofing and Gordian if you tell people what you do, because we’ve been at this an hour and a half, and I’m gonna have to break this into three segments are no sponsors going to be read at this?

Bill Cole  1:00:39

You know, well, we apparently talk about all kinds of crazy stuff with Esther, but in the meantime, commercial roofing and solar, you know, it’s summer, we’re going gangbusters. You know, it’s either a repair to get you down the road or replacement to fix it today, something new, like we do all different size stuff, all different things. And then on the solar, you know, again, it continues to be this new discussion, something that everyone hasn’t bought before. But you know, look, we love to help people kick the tires, figure out whether it makes sense for them and then ultimately build a for them. So

Nestor Aparicio  1:01:18

I’m gonna start rumor. I’m gonna start a rumor right now. All right, the coal roofing is so devious and so self interested that they really are looking for the Orioles to leave so they can put a dome on the stadium and we can have a solar roof. Because we benefit coal roofing to have a roof on the stadium, wouldn’t it?

Bill Cole  1:01:38

No, it would not benefit coal roofing.

Nestor Aparicio  1:01:41

I’m just kidding you.

Bill Cole  1:01:42

But 2000 more high paying jobs would better

Nestor Aparicio  1:01:46

Ah, see now we’re at but but I people wonder what roofs have there were stadiums and I’m thinking we’re playing Tropicana Field all week. I told I told Rick Vaughn. I don’t hate going in there. He’s like, You know what? Our fans never hated it. Because it’s 98 degrees here. And they go inside it. It’s nice. Yeah, sure. Well, I think you’ve you’ve had the original business of roofing because I think like if you and I were like Gilligan’s Island, and we got shipwreck, the first thing we have to have is the roof. So I think you’re, you’re in the original business, like, my friends are royal farms, and I’m bringing the coffee first thing in the morning. All right, dude, I appreciate you. Yeah, I hope you don’t I didn’t make any enemies in the community here with facts. But like, I, I am very concerned, after pimping this for 30 years, what the next 30 years looks like, you know what I mean? Will sense of how are the Ravens going to dust themselves off? First off the Ravens need better people in their organization? I promise you that they had better humans working in their organization 25 years ago, as opposed to what they have now the Orioles? I don’t, they had better humans working? Yeah, they have better baseball players right now. But I really want to see this do well, and I don’t know how it can without feet on the street. And I’ve been saying that and I

Bill Cole  1:03:03

just want to make at least one clarifying statement. And that’s that I am not a Saudi Arabia apologist, like my statements are driven from a curiosity to understand it all better, so that we can make better arguments because whatever set of arguments we made, it wasn’t good enough for Phil to say no. And it wasn’t good enough for the PGA to ultimately get in bed with them. So it’s a lot of money. I haven’t looked but that’s my point. So we’re not making good arguments. We’re not creating we’re not making good arguments. This

Nestor Aparicio  1:03:41

is capitalism money will buy whatever you want, whatever you want.

Bill Cole  1:03:46

Okay, then then the state. You know, it comes similar to the same. You’re gonna give sports owners hundreds of millions of dollars to do stadium renovations. Like how does that benefit us locally, blah, blah, whatever,

Nestor Aparicio  1:04:01

not even gonna obligate them to stand up at a press conference and say, what we’re going to do with the money I mean, like that’s, that’s it’s incredible. And

Bill Cole  1:04:11

go have a press conference because it’s gonna be like this whole ribbon cutting and celebration thing. They’ll

Nestor Aparicio  1:04:17

do what he did the day Sashi Brown was out there before they threw me out, which was invite you to a press conference where you’re not allowed to ask questions. They’ll call Call Roofing The Guardian energy. They’re not putting a roof on the stadium. I was just having fun with you. You got all nervous on me man. You can find him out on the front of Baltimore You can also find him at cole and find the mug with my roof arms coffee each and every morning here on wn St. I felt it’s summertime. I’m watching baseball. The bears are down looks at the ballpark. The ravens are on a little bit of a delay. And I’ll be doing the crabcake tour but spirits west on the west side of town talking about running backs and contracts and money and money and more money. We are W nsda and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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