Friday, November 27, 2020

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Dick Cass

Ravens to host just over 4,000 fans for Pittsburgh game

The upper deck will remain closed until further notice.

Keeping the Ravens COVID-free and on the field every Sunday

Team president Dick Cass gives an overview on how the NFL has managed to keep football alive and what the Titans' organizational struggle will mean for other franchises.

After quarter of a century with team, Byrne ponders watching Ravens games on television for first time

We're pretty sure he's seen more in NFL games in more NFL stadiums than anyone alive. Now in semi-retirement in South Carolina, the longtime VP who came from Cleveland with Art Modell discusses his departure from a labor of love and football and community.

Twelve Ravens thoughts on training camp preparations and other topics

Tight ends coach Bobby Engram was nominated for the PFWA's George Halas Award this week.

Twelve Ravens thoughts as virtual spring workouts continue

With players still not allowed in Owings Mills, Lamar Jackson will hold workouts in South Florida next week.

Twelve Ravens thoughts ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Team president Dick Cass confirmed this week that the Ravens aim to be ready to conduct training camp in Owings Mills.

Ravens players adjusting to uncertainty with rest of sports world

"I don't think anybody really knows what's going to happen. There's a ton of uncertainty right now with timelines and when people are going to report and when things are going to start up."

O, say can you see a real lease for Orioles at Camden Yards by the dawn’s early light?

John Angelos went “Baltimore patriotic” on an orange Fort McHenry promise but only a long-term lease for the Orioles at Camden Yards is the dawn’s early light

EPISODE 48: Cass discusses Ravens significant role as shared Baltimore centerpiece

Nothing brings a community together like a championship sports franchise. Dick Cass knows about winning and losing in Baltimore. Some deep thoughts here...

Cass discusses preseason misery of NFL fans and potential solutions

We all dislike the NFL preseason and all the awfulness that it brings. It is a brand problem for the sport. We asked Ravens president Dick Cass for potential solutions...
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Latest News

Lamar Jackson tests positive for COVID-19 as Ravens’ virus outbreak nightmare continues

The reigning NFL MVP was among the latest Baltimore players to test positive, putting Sunday's game against Pittsburgh in clear jeopardy.
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After that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, you gotta get up and move!

Let our local Planet Fitness fitness guru and internet sensation from Poly tell you how to start moving past the gravy and mashed potatoes on Black Friday and beyond the holiday cookies and leftovers.

Teaming up with Taharka to deliver you local holiday ice cream comfort

Running the scoop shops is difficult during a pandemic so let Kowfi Dorman-El bring the deliciousness to you. And we'll save you $15.70 on every order beginning on Black Friday. Do you prefer pumpkin or egg nog?

The best crab cakes in the world at your fingertips

When Damye Hahn of Faidley's at Lexington Market was talking about shipping her legendary crab cakes across the country, we surprised her with a special customer. Let our head coach Brian Billick tell you about his Maryland Thanksgiving-eve tradition now shipping to the grandkids in the midwest...

A bright idea to light up Ravens fans in darkness of winter

Our pal Cort Smith at Sporticulture has supported our sporty chats for years but here's one with him discussing why a lifer local flower lover from Walnut Springs Nursery would dream up cool NFL sports novelties like magma lamps.