Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Chris Pika

The business of reporting the business of Baltimore

Amanda Yeager of Baltimore Business Journal joins Nestor and Chris Pika to discuss beat of our city

The best of the best even in the worst of times

Max Weiss joins Nestor and Chris Pika to discuss Best of Baltimore and the Baltimore Magazine summer

What is Lamar Jackson really missing by missing OTAs?

Chris Pika and Nestor take a deep dive on Lamar Jackson skipping OTAs in Owings Mills

When your franchise takes on controversy and guaranteed money

Chris Pika tackles crisis management of Watson in Cleveland and NFL owners ready to welcome him. And a few words of sincerity about the loss of legendary football writer John Clayton.

How will the Dick Cass retirement affect Steve Bisciotti’s future as Ravens owner?

Nestor is joined by Chris Pika and Luke Jones to discuss the Dick Cass departure and the future of longtime Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

Looking for the big story here on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVI all week

Nestor welcomes Luke Jones and Chris Pika to Radio Row in Los Angeles with a chat about race and hiring coaches.

Setting the scene for our 28th year of Radio Row coverage from Los Angeles and Super Bowl LVI

Chris Pika joins Nestor to set the tone for an unprecedented Hollywood version of Super Bowl madness.

Blog and Tackle Finding a way to dust off after a bad loss in Miami

Chris Pika of Blog and Tackle discusses winning ugly as weather changes in NFL.

Jamming space into a bus with Michael Jordan in the summer of 1994

We finally prodded our Blog and Tackle local sports lifer and proud Mt. St. Joe alum Chris Pika to tell us some tales of No. 45 in Birmingham and what a big deal in the real media was like before social media.

The football business of manipulating a draft board in Owings Mills

Chris Pika of BlogAndTackle discusses the Ravens' deftness at using draft picks and manipulating the board before the names even start flying.

Blog & Tackle

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