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Chris Pika

Laying out the full case for why running backs are getting pinched by NFL money

He represents the best running back in the National Football League but can't secure a long-term deal in Las Vegas for Raiders offensive weapon Josh Jacobs. Our resident NFL agent Chad Wiestling educates Nestor and Chris about what's happened to the market for running backs in the NFL and how it will effect every player like J.K. Dobbins in the future.

Where the love of football and classic rock converge

Football agent Chad Wiestling asked Nestor if he could wear his Child's Play shirt to honor East Baltimore rock music on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour in West Baltimore at Spirits West. From College Park to Hammerjacks, our favorite NFL agent rocks and rolls through Baltimore music history with some Pacifica belt buckle show and tell from our spirited host.

What makes Mt. St. Joe so special on the west side of Baltimore?

When the Maryland Crab Cake Tour was rolling toward West Baltimore and Spirits West on Wilkens Avenue, it was time to let our proud Gaels alum Chris Pika tell Nestor why Mount St. Joe is special to him and many others over the infamous "Godfather" Italian cold cut on the longest block of rowhomes in America.

What can football fans learn from XFL season?

Always great to have a visit from our longtime public relations czar Chris Pika (aka @BlogAndTackle) who joins Nestor on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at State Fare to discuss his recent XFL stint in Seattle and Dallas and what he's still learning about media, startup football leagues and the people who play the games.

And we’re on to the postseason

Chris Pika of Blog And Tackle joins Nestor to discuss NFL managing the Cincinnati crisis with Damar Hamlin and the Ravens handling of Lamar Jackson's contract, injury and playoff readiness.

The business of reporting the business of Baltimore

Amanda Yeager of Baltimore Business Journal joins Nestor and Chris Pika to discuss beat of our city

The best of the best even in the worst of times

Max Weiss joins Nestor and Chris Pika to discuss Best of Baltimore and the Baltimore Magazine summer

What is Lamar Jackson really missing by missing OTAs?

Chris Pika and Nestor take a deep dive on Lamar Jackson skipping OTAs in Owings Mills

When your franchise takes on controversy and guaranteed money

Chris Pika tackles crisis management of Watson in Cleveland and NFL owners ready to welcome him. And a few words of sincerity about the loss of legendary football writer John Clayton.

How will the Dick Cass retirement affect Steve Bisciotti’s future as Ravens owner?

Nestor is joined by Chris Pika and Luke Jones to discuss the Dick Cass departure and the future of longtime Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

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