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Where the love of football and classic rock converge


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Football agent Chad Wiestling asked Nestor if he could wear his Child’s Play shirt to honor East Baltimore rock music on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour in West Baltimore at Spirits West. From College Park to Hammerjacks, our favorite NFL agent rocks and rolls through Baltimore music history with some Pacifica belt buckle show and tell from our spirited host.


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Nestor Aparicio, Chad Wiestling

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W en s? Ci, Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive. We are positively doing the Maryland crabcake tour. We are out in West Baltimore in the city. Right near Calhoun Street. We’re at the 2601 Wilkins Avenue. We’re experienced West I love the menu because it reminds me you eat that a lot of waffle houses Chad, you know, so this guy lived in Atlanta in New Orleans. He Mr. Mr. Wallace, it has a waffle house style but a delicious menu. They got club sandwiches here, crab cakes are coming out in the next segment Rikkyo the proprietor of all things Notre Dame and Oriole baseball here and in a lot of UFC stuff we’re right by Mount St. Joe the homeland of Chris pike and I thought I was gonna get rid of you pica but I’m not because you’re Mr. Rock and roll I remember you would rock I read in New York John Mellencamp I fight authority authority always wins. Absolutely. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re giving these away out of your spirits Western our friends that when their nation 866 90 nation, take care of our sponsors. We’re going to be at fade Lee’s next Thursday morning. Speaking of sponsors are going to be at Pappas in Glen Burnie. I’m working out the date with the county executive Steuart Pittman, also working on a date with Johnny yo to get him over to Shannon’s pub and he’ll Thorpe. We’re going to be a Costas on August the third celebrating our 25th anniversary at wn St. It’s exciting. I’m probably going to cry I found some old get nasty stuff found some old Houston Oilers stuff. John McClane and I sent him a picture of my Houston Oiler pom pom Ski hat from 1979. So I might get the Passerini on the show to him. I believe what you were there when I answered Billy white shoes, were you not? I was not. Wow, he did. He danced with me on radio row in Atlanta. I did the dance with him. But the white shoes Johnson and I know you knew him a little bit with the Falcons. Right? Yep. Chris Mike is here. Chad, we sling agent to the stars. Star running backs. That’s why he’s still you know, Dr. Mona Dennis is huge Baltimore Ford hybrid models. And Chad’s an agent here in Baltimore, in Canada. If you missed the last segment, please go check it out. Chris is also here. And we did a lot of football we did and I wanted to rock and roll with you because I was afraid you were gonna bag our paper was a little iffy because of his wife this week. And my wife had car he had all sorts of issues today, right? But I You hit me this morning and I was a little frayed you weren’t sure because you were my star guests.


Chad Wiestling  02:15

So you saw so you saw my you saw the text coming to me like Oh, boy.

Nestor Aparicio  02:21

What’s going on? That’s your players. Yeah, exactly.

Chad Wiestling  02:24


Nestor Aparicio  02:26


So so so for me, I looked down and you sent me like it’s I won’t get the exact text year. And you said something like, we cool today? Are we doing video because I want to wear my Childsplay shirt. And I’m like, Well, you should wear your Childsplay shirt. So what what do you know about me that I because I don’t know you that? Well, like we’ve had a couple of beers over 25 years. We share a mutual friend who was a former teammate of yours and a friend of mine, I Mike down to Florida. Actually Mike’s not for you. We’re going to get the cure together whenever I’m alone with you. We’re going to be at the cure on Sunday night at Merriweather with Victoria. I’m Vicki strong, so absolutely so see. But I don’t know you that well in that way. But I know that you love rock and roll and Collins and I have been at a million concerts together to meet your concert my wife said to me the other night you wanted to see Dave Matthews Saturday night. I might be going up two fingers crossed. I have jury duty tomorrow. Good for you. I’m 2032 minutes away from being able to get caught. Okay, Johnny yo caught me. Caught me Mc

Chad Wiestling  03:28

How much you get now? 15 bucks. 30

Nestor Aparicio  03:29

Oh, 30 County now. Okay.


Season 30 I’m doing next house. You can 30 Yeah. 30 in the city. All right. Well,


Nestor Aparicio  03:38

either way. I don’t want the 30 bucks. I want to go to New York and see Mike Peters of the alarm is playing a gathering this weekend in New York. Anybody knows me knows how much I love Mike. I gotta get Mike on the show. He’s never done my show. His wife’s a friend of machines. They’re friends of mine. And he formed a thing called love, hope, strength, power, rock and roll. He’s battled leukemia. He had to cancel the show from February to get to get a treatment. Over in the UK and Wales. They’ve just opened the bar over there. The beautiful people known him God since 1985 86. Richard, Abraham’s got me a copy of strength, it became one of my wife’s anthems to battle cancer. So anyway, we’re trying to do this this weekend. And you hit me with a rock and roll thing. What do you know about me in shots? Because I don’t know that you know, of my, my interior with Charles player, do you not?

Chad Wiestling  04:25

Well, I what I know is I think things that you’ve told me over the years with those few beers is that I think, you know, you’re from Dundalk. And didn’t you go to school with John John and I have known each other for a while. So so, you know, I know. I made a story

Nestor Aparicio  04:41

last month because he’s one of my closest friends like in the world today, right? Like, do all these years you haven’t always been that close. But he and his wife are the people we go to dinner with when we go to dinner. And when we go out and we’re doing things and he’s the one who will text me and say hey, you and Jen want to get lunch? Let’s go get lunch. I mean In the neighborhood, you know, so nobody else does that. And John has been around the world, John and I grew up eight blocks from each other if there weren’t a highway in the way would be seven blocks away. And we grew up in different in different neighborhoods. So we didn’t really know each other until like sixth grade seventh grade. Yeah. And he was always a drummer. He was always a rock and Elva drummer from overdrive. Yeah. And my wife had never said Great frontman and great from my wife has seen stone horses, Trump city devils like all of that. She had never seen him drum. She’d never seen Trump’s idea. She’d never seen him drum. And she knows all the bass she means we’re friends we bought at the dinner. She had gone out to dinner with him a dozen times before she ever saw him on a stage sing. And she found that to be like, Wow, what is he does that and I’m like you’ve never seen him drum. He drummed one night on the Sarah Fleischer

Chad Wiestling  06:00


down a tribute night on ramp Sam said Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

unbelievable night unbelievable night like Tom Kiefer came and unbelievable kick kicks in Child’s play like join force. Yeah, that was insane. I hope somebody has video of it. But so she had never she wasn’t there that night. She had never seen him drum. The child’s play show last summer she got sick at the best of Baltimore party was in the middle of the crabcake tour last August at soundstage. She didn’t go that night and she’s never seen him drum was showed up Styx left us tickets in M three back in May. Right. And we’re going we got there at 1230 I

Chad Wiestling  06:37

saw you I saw you and Jen walking by. And then remember I sent you a picture of I took a picture of John Yes. Yeah, it was this and I sent you a picture of John up on stage obviously didn’t have shoes on is a treasure in the white trivia tribute to Brian jacket, which I got a lot of people like why does he get the why does he get his bare feet? I like that’s because that’s Brian jack man, which I thought was very, very cool of John to do that. But yeah, so I saw you there like and we had stories over the time

Nestor Aparicio  07:06

there at noon early and Styx gave us tickets like in the fifth row. We were like, right? You were up there way up in the front. And we


Chad Wiestling  07:14

went I was back in the back. So I was like,

Nestor Aparicio  07:17

nobody there at noon. There were a couple 1000 people there. But it was very scattered on em three hot, you know, that kind of day and a walk down to the front. And my wife watches him sing and then she’s like watching and drum. She had never seen him drum. So she had never seen like, and I said, Imagine when he had hair like mine. My hair down. It’s a rock’n’roll segment. Right? But so like, I grew up with John so when you said you had the shirt? I thought you had the old school. I wish

Chad Wiestling  07:42

I did. The the what the rat race like Yes. So I think I think I’ve outgrown those. I can’t put them on anymore. I have actually found like I which drives me crazy with teachers. This one actually fits good. Thanks, Charles. But yeah, but you know, there’s T shirts, I mean that these are T shirts, I go to concerts and I, I always get to buy a t shirt even though I know they’re gonna be shitty T shirts. You know, they’re the Fruit of the Loom like, heavy cotton. You know? And I understand cotton. Yeah, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  08:12


like a merch booth. Yeah, I

Chad Wiestling  08:13

understand. And, you know, 4050 You know, I went to Iron Maiden, which was phenomenal with the cap center. And, you know, in fall, like last November, I interviewed and they ate their T shirts, like 65 bucks. And I’m like, I know this shirts not gonna fit right. What do you feel like you contribution? I was like, Yeah, I’m like, but I gotta get one. And then they have like, got 200 different versions of Iron Maiden T shirts. I’m like, I gotta get one. Of course it doesn’t fit right.

Nestor Aparicio  08:39

To get an ad or once you get Yes, I

Chad Wiestling  08:41

did get it. Anyone.


Nestor Aparicio  08:42

contributed? Nico. Yeah, I was in Maui on a beach big beach. And they told me he lives up the hill. Right. One of the one of the, you know, good for him. He said, Yeah, you know, but the rock and roll thing for me. It’s been my whole like, life critic, and through all of this stuff, and I child’s play to me. They were my neighborhood band there. You know, it’s easy, and I was seventh grade together and homeroom. Nick, you know, I’ve known Nick since seventh grade as well. And his family I was with Nick’s brother in law at State Fair having lunch yesterday, Nick’s brother in law is is a manager of state fair. So we were talking to like Baltimore people and they put this thing back together and God rest Brian Yeah. Best Brian story I got for you. Because Brian was always with the girlfriend and trouble back in the band. And they were always trying to make it like all that. All my stories in the paper and Jama corroborate, corroborate all this. Shawn didn’t even know about this. I had a band at the turn of the century Ridgemont High, Ron West who’s now in and cultivated. I got up and did an alarm song with him a couple of weeks ago at the Emerald tavern. So I sang in a band called Ridgemont High for about five years. My wife was the Yoko Ono with a band show. You’re doing one on a Saturday night at two in the morning and there’s smoke and it’s awful and it’s loud and you’re making a buck now and I didn’t really I just want everyone to scores LaMantia legitimate guitar player who was in a great band in the 80s was had Eddie Eddie Van Halen hair and like all that he was in Watkins, welcome great country band pack places loonies, Harford County the whole deal for many years. Paul cuts my hair when it gets caught. gentleman’s gentleman Joppa Road, give a call six. I’ll get his number out of the air. But Gentlemen, gentlemen, Paul. So Paul’s my guitar player ace is my keyboard player and I’m the singer of the band. And we did 80s throwback music. Spandau Ballet Bondra. You know, there’s you know, you name it, right. So we’re playing at the, the seller on route 40. in Ellicott City is called the seller does that sound right? It was the seller, it was like a brick seller, right on route 40. And we’re playing on a Saturday night. And the ban was maybe a couple two years in we had a little bit of a following. There. were, you know, 5060 people there Saturday night and late at night. And we’re dancing and, and Brian Jacques shows up. Alright. So Brian’s there, because they were booking bands that we were like a crappy band. Yeah, they were booking real bands there. And so we were in there playing and Brian Jack’s there sees me Hey, what’s up? And, and he was, you know, he was loose. Brian, he was loose that Yeah. He was really loose. And he came up to me. He’s like, Hey, man, I want to get up with a song with you guys. And I’m like, I’d love that. I love that. Sure. And, and Paul’s like, I got a guitar. Yeah, sure. Yeah, let me plug in. What do you want to do? And he looked at the setlist. He’s like, I want to Rebel Yell with you guys. And I’m like, Okay, let’s do Rebel Yell, you know, so it was our encore song. Brian came up and got on stage and we do a hit. I haven’t died. I’m getting. I’m getting emotional. I’ve never told the story in here. We got up and did Rebel Yell together. And so like, that was like an amazing thing. You know, I love Brian. So the child’s play logo is on the shirts and soundstage that night. And it’s the old shirts. Yeah, so we’re talking Fruit of the Loom. 1980 Jack Dean couldn’t afford for glue. It was fruited fruit of Essex is what it was. So the shirts are, John later told me he’s like, my wife. We’ve had T shirts, 20 years and boxes. They’re from my parents house. When parents died. I had to clean it out. It was terrible. But I found all my old child’s play. And he’s like, we did it. They did it for charity. You know, that night it was for Brian’s charity. Right. And, and the bidding got hot. The bidding was you know 75 And, and I swear to God, I looked at it. I wanted the shirt. And once it got to like 80 bucks or 100 bucks. The thing I thought is, it’s not going to fit.

Chad Wiestling  12:47

Right, right. But you would have had it though. You would have wanted it to fit. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  12:52

I told John this over dinner a couple years ago. I’m gonna find your shirt man when it finds it. And I texted him. I said, this NFL agent loves you and your band and he sent me a he’s got a shirt. He’s like, he sent me a picture that on M three. And it was you have a picture? No, no.

Chad Wiestling  13:08


I said I sent it to you. Right? Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  13:11

I don’t know. I drank that day. Right? Exactly. Three weeks here, word spirits west. So I want to do a little rock and roll with you because this morning I said to you, who were your bands?

Chad Wiestling  13:22

And you said in the late 70s. So you were like,

Nestor Aparicio  13:25

let me clear this. So I collect Pacific Abell buck. Yeah. Okay, that’s right. So they were only made from 75 to 79 Okay, and I’m convinced that they never paid any of these. I don’t know. There’s no There’s nowhere on the internet. You can Google this. Everybody knows what these are of our age. You see belt buckles you remember these things? So yeah, so they came out I only owned one in my in my childhood. I owned a Led Zeppelin belt bought that I bought a KB and eastpoint Mall. And it was a tough decision because the fog hat when the heartland they and I love Zeplin but I loved Rushmore, but the Zeplin belt looks sexier to me at the time yeah later differently and in through the outdoor just come out and Robert planet just lost his son and you know all of my love. I hadn’t discovered what an incredible song carousel ombre was going to be. Or I’m going to crow I’m going to crawl might be my favorite Zeppelin song. So I bought this belt buckle and for 35 years of my life 1979 1980 through 2000 In is through my wife’s cancer 2016 I owned the Led Zeppelin belt buckle and never owned a belt. Okay, it was on a childhood Indian belt that I had that was made of leather that somehow I acquired 1978 It didn’t fit but it it had a belt loop that fiddle belt buckle. My belts were always like grown up belts that were Ralph Lauren with a belt buckle that you know, like, so I never wore it. My wife surprise me on Christmas like maybe 15 or 16. She went on The Internet bought me a rush belt buckle that was a modern it had the rush logo on the back and it was from the band. It was like it was licensed. Okay, Eddie and Alex and Neil’s estate all made a few bucks on it. God bless him. I want him to write. But she actually got me a belt. I looked at the bone. I’m like, That’s crappy belt. I said, you know, she’s like, I’m still wearing. It’s the only belt that I’ve ever had in my life. It’s a leather belt that had a belt buckle. This is where John Allen comes in. Okay, so I’m out with John drinking. Imagine that. I was actually going to Eugene Monroe’s house for a party, former NFL owner. John lives out by him in our county. John and I are in a wine bar and he looks down he sees my belt. He’s like, That’s let’s Apple belt buckle. And I’m like, yeah, he’s like, I got like, three like I get an Aerosmith. I got a Stevie Wonder and I have the other Led Zeppelin with the blimp. And I’m like, texting her and I want to see what they look like and then we hit our phones two years ago, we just got out after the plague. And I started Googling Pacific Abell bottles and I start seeing all the ones like the cars that I didn’t buy the police that are really hard to get. And I saw them and I started to see the pricing on them and thinking they’re not an investment but if I buy them they’re gonna go up in value I’m gonna get to wear them and you know what, they all fit unlike shirts All right, so along the way you the first thing you said to me so I gave you classic rock so today we’re gonna have fun of course I like Frampton comes alive.


Chad Wiestling  16:27

Oh yeah, I mean the that was like so

Nestor Aparicio  16:29

this is the one I wore for you today in addition to the Stone Horse a shirt for you John Allen whom I love. And I don’t care who knows it. This is the Frampton comes alive belt buckle. So this is it says on the back Pacifica 1976 It’s an original and this was one of the first 15 or 20 that I purchased because it wasn’t a super expensive right the kiss ones really expensive

Chad Wiestling  16:52

I guarantee you they got I had I mean I don’t know if it was that brand but now talking about but because I remember getting a belt buckle and it was the kiss destroyer photo and I don’t have any more help me through it was thrown out or something you know, you know

Nestor Aparicio  17:12


I had my hands on it this morning and didn’t bring it but it appears what I did but I’m like a magician. This feels like a magic act. I brought I didn’t bring you I didn’t bring you destroy your but I brought you the next album.

Chad Wiestling  17:24

Wow, dutiful.

Nestor Aparicio  17:28

Yeah, there you go. Man. There’s little love benchers


gifts, I


Nestor Aparicio  17:30

mean just a wall of you know those. So this one here is an original from 1977. And the difference is this has a stamp on the back that looks like a Pegasus horse. And this is when Bill a coin who everything kiss is stamped au COI N. He was the man he was the you he was the agent. He was the manager did all their deals, all their licensing deals all their many, many licensing deals, including their coffins, probably in the end. That I love Paul Stanley, and I love kiss and I love kiss alive one my cousin Nelson gave me the album 1976 changed my life. Yeah, made me grow my hair long the whole deal. So the kiss belt buckles are the more expensive ones. I picked this one up at a reasonable price recently and I gotta destroy your room with it. It’s a little more bang. I didn’t bring the destroyer because it’s a little chipped off. Yeah. And I didn’t want to be embarrassed. But But and the value, obviously it’s like a baseball card, right? I mean, the nicer they are, the better. So I bring these out. And this is a really nice kiss belt buckle that I picked up on. It a little did a little repair, you remember this? I just remember that. So by the time it got here, so the belt buckles were very humble in 1976. And if you see the back there kind of dingy. And then by when a coin bought them you put the kiss flair on them, right? So of course it had to have the was made for loving. So this is the blue, you can’t even see it. It’s a disco version. And by then they all had the coin on them and they were all the coin stamps. And you know through my collection and I have more of these than I care to admit at this point. But I grabbed a couple on the way out the door because I had worn the Frampton one because I was heading out the door and you hit me said Frampton, I put it on and then you’re like what a love

Chad Wiestling  19:16

kiss. Yeah. So

Nestor Aparicio  19:19

DC bond Scott. So the interesting thing is one of the most expensive belts in the market is it’s a Leonard Skinner. It’s the Confederate flag Leonard Skinner. Skinner was one of my plans to enter Skinner belt was worn by Bon Scott on an entire tour the whole Highway to Hell tour. He wore the Leonard Skinner belt. Go look at the picture. Google bought Scotland Skinner belt, you’ll see and it is it’s considered the you know the Holy Grail because bond Scott Ward ACDC didn’t break in America till ad company was out of business that you can get an AC DC belt buckle funders that you know you can buy it on the internet and but you can’t buy these right like buy you can buy knockoff Pink Floyd with Dark Side of the Moon but you can only buy the only two Pink Floyd’s that were made by Pacifica right and they look like they were made in 1977 or 78 but once they got discone you can see the metamorphosis with one of your other favorite bands which is Boston Boston. Okay, so there’s the eight track right so that’s that’s Boston one hit after hit More Than a Feeling let me take you home tonight. So then Boston two comes out. And don’t look back. And Bill Coyne gets a hold of the gets hold of the of the brand. And they go disco right. Yeah, so there it actually looks like the third stage 1986 This is one of the most beautiful belts in my collection. This is the This is Boston. And this is a really hard belt to get. This is like a really rare. This is a perfect belt is never been worn by anyone. It came from a guy who had a head shop and a record store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I found them on the internet. He sold me for perfect belts that were very hard to get Pink Floyd Bell, a hard belt, a Boston belt and a car’s belt that were that are all really tough belts. And then And then by the time a coin got ahold of it, they went uptown. And it looks like it looks like this. It looks like the skate land in Essex and in Dundalk in 1979. Playing off the wall by Michael Jackson, right? Yeah. And last but not least my first ever belt buckle. This is the Led Zeppelin belt bought. Oh, yeah, that’s a good looking book. Right? Yes. So it’s got the swan on it. And this is the into the outdoor Led Zeppelin. And I hope that the light is picking it up in here. But these things are kind of cool. Yeah. So when I saw when I had this on my waist, John Allen begat my, my wife would say you’re a little obsessed with this film hobby. But she’s not like that. thinks it’s cool. Every time one comes in. I got a ZZ Top on the other day. And she looked at it. She’s like, that’s a good look at Belle, you know, so I wear them every day in my life. They want

Chad Wiestling  22:03


a great point. It’s like baseball cards. I mean, you got a great point. I mean, they’re collectibles and, and, yeah, shoot. I mean, if you’re a music buff or a rock and roll guy and you have these things like you know they gotta be worth so

Nestor Aparicio  22:16

I wear them as a tribute to the artist, right? So Sunday night, I’m going to see the cure. The cure is guitar players, a guy named Reeves, go browse, go browse. wreaths. His wife was the publicist for Robert Plant on the the manic Nirvana tour. So his ex wife, it was long time ago. It’s 35 years ago, I had lunch with Robert Plant. Philip Johnstone, who was the tall cool one, the keyboard player in that band. And and his wife then was the publicist. He Reeves girl I met later, when he was the guitar player in 10 machine with David Bowie. I went to dinner with David Bowie. He played at the Capitol Ballroom in DC on the tin Machine Tour and regroup. So Reeves is a Facebook friend. He’s the guitar player in the cure. I’m gonna wear my Bowie belt buckle on Sunday night. There you go. So I always find an angle like I saw JT Souter at ramshead jt south or wrote new kid in town with the Eagles. But he also was a key founding member with poco poco belt with this beautiful horse on it that I wear. So all the 70s belts, they come back. They’re stupid. But if you wanted to wear your child’s play shirt, I

Chad Wiestling  23:32

was gonna wear a little more flares. Player Yes, Peter Fritz,

Nestor Aparicio  23:36

if you ever need to borrow one you have to have a belt. All right. And don’t pitch Jan your Jan not about your belt, because I pitched in my wife about this belt. And if I go to New York this weekend, the only thing it’s on my list it’s spelt starting to wear out. But she got me this belt on a rush belt buckle about six years ago and it’s the only belt I own. So I changed this belt every day. And I can move from Boston one to Boston to it but I’m going to put the Peter Frampton went back on



that’s good. I mean, it’s like having old tour books. Yeah anymore.

Nestor Aparicio  24:04

They’re really nice forecourts workbooks we all would get you know when you see that picture right there do you not think do you not here do you feel like Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  24:12

so it’s funny because whenever I text you that you know, I was putting on my child’s play shirt and I was like, I started like calm and like started singing to myself I’m like yeah, when you think of France becomes a lot of like, how can you not so I gotta Frampton story

Nestor Aparicio  24:27


for you. So, Paul amantii My guitar player gentleman’s gentleman Joppa road give him a call. look him up Watkins welcome. He cuts here better than this. So Paul, it was my guest at a sticks. I want to see sticks foreigner Frampton show at Nissan for

Chad Wiestling  24:48

foreigner. I love for them. Love for I love for him, right? I mean, I know I would have brought the phone. I don’t know how I did not write that bandit when you asked me because I Jen and I he’ll go see them you know

Nestor Aparicio  25:01

cuz your dirty white boy yeah so so

Chad Wiestling  25:06

energy bucks hero and everything Asia belt


Nestor Aparicio  25:10

Asia didn’t come to like yeah there’s a lot of yes belts yep I wore my yes belt to see seal because Trevor Trevor Trevor got lost his name Trevor no no not Trevor Raven Trevor Hall sorry from from the Buggles okay he’s seals musical director I wore my yes belt to seal for that there’s a connection in modern music to almost I can wear one of these belts for almost any show and I do I find my I pick my spots I want my sticks belt to the M three show because they headline the show, right? So this story’s about sticks sticks. Leaves me and Paulie backstage passes in Nissan way before the play Jay why always lets me hang out right so JY lets me hang out and he meets me backstage and walks me up to the stage introduces me to Frampton people friends on stage introduces me to Francis people it says these are my friends. Let him hang here and watch the show. So that we’re at the board it’s me and Paul, he apologies in advance. He’s not like you know, I’ve only done this two or three times in my life. I’ve been on the field for 100 NFL games. I’ve been at Superbowl that what I’ve only been on stage on the soundboard at a big show. Shifts enough had me sat on the side of the stage when they played with Nelson do a cheap trick covers. I mean, I remember where I was on the stage, because it’s special. I was on stage with Sammy Hagar at the universal Amphitheater in the gallery when they’re pouring that the kilo and the monster kilo throw. It was fruit juice. You had to sign a waiver that you wouldn’t drink on stage. So we’re we’re backstage at Peter Frampton and his his sound guys like these guys next to me. And I’m like, What happened to Bob mayo? But Bob? Bob Bob died last year, you know, like and I was talking about the band. And Frampton comes offstage. It’s all good. Not I’m not seeking anything or anything like that. And we were just kind of walking around at backstage 30 minutes later, and Frampton was there at the doorway at the outside. And Paul, who’s a guitar player, like lost his mind. Paul’s like, it’s Peter Frampton, you know, and I’m like, What’s it say? Hi, Peter. How are you? Hey, mate, how you know how are you? Nice to meet you. And it’s as you play guitar, do you? Yeah. She taught me give you a pic. And he gives Paul a pic. Oh my God. Paul, like. Peter Frampton was super cool. And it wasn’t anything like meet and greet. We just bumped into him. He was leaving. He was going back to the tour bus. How are you knows, and we were just insecure area kind of hanging out. But he was very, very nice. Peter Frampton. His guy gave me this little keychain that plays that’s why I made the sound when I had this. It’s they were selling it for 12 bucks. It was a tchotchke was a merchant. But his key is his guy gave me one. And you hit it. And it goes wow. The beer cold. This was a talking keychain. And it would play. Show me the

Chad Wiestling  28:18

way. The voicebox said I like

Nestor Aparicio  28:21

sling. Right. So you wanted some rock and roll? What’s your favorite shot? What’s the best shooting you’ve ever seen in your

Chad Wiestling  28:25


life? Well, man, I tell you what I mean, I love that. We’re speaking of you know, Mike Collins, who we you know, we call them Mickey see who played at Maryland with me. Back in the day three back, right. Yeah, yeah, I started to creep back days and samples creep back a little bit. Right. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Same hair color. Yeah. So yeah. But so it’s, you know, that was back in the old days when you literally had to, you know, as you know, go go wait for tickets in the capsule. Dude. I’m so so so. So my month. Mike, so Mike was Mike was like, you know, working for a scalper. You know, at that time, before he became the own his own scalp. He’s not a scalp broker. To broker. Yeah. Fast time. Yeah. And so we waste a call. Yeah. So we would, you know, we’d go way out in line stuff, you know, for tickets and do all that stuff. He would get like 50 bucks to camp out. You can always take it so he got me a lot of stuff. I’m partially I like to say I’m partially deaf, because he would like get seats for two right by the speakers. You know, it’d be whoever it’d be like, the loudest show I’ve ever seen was at the cap center was AC DC. I couldn’t hear for for three days. I mean, it was after those about the right yeah, cannons going off like I can’t. I mean, that was literally

Nestor Aparicio  29:48

the way the other night I’m flipping around on axis because I didn’t have the Orioles game on peacock and AC DC showed up from river plots a and Buenos eres 2009 I’m Brian Johnson and good voice Malka live. I’d never seen it. I didn’t have great sound. This is my little television. You know, I had it on. My wife fell asleep. I stayed with it for an hour through shoot to thrill and Hells Bells. It was a I saw the stones there. I saw the snow really? Yeah, it was one of the most electrifying places I’ve ever been in my life Rio and Buenos Aires VC show and those places go see I would love to I’d

Chad Wiestling  30:23

love to see down in South America what it is Iron Maiden go down there like I don’t do it. I see. I see the you know the the clips on YouTube. And I’m like, You need to be a part of it. Yeah, because maiden shows are like

Nestor Aparicio  30:38

I saw YouTube in Sao Paulo, the YouTube in Sao Paulo shows one of the most electrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. And then we saw the stones again and river plot day. This is the river plot day so it all look very familiar to me. It big, big I mean 140,000 see giant stadium and and Brian Johnson doing the catwalk. Yeah, and Angus do like, it made me wish I had seen more of them in that era, because I jumped the shark on them Aerosmith is like there’s some bands that I saw Bryan Adams couple weeks ago, as good as I’ve ever seen him. I saw seal three times last month because it’s one of the greatest shows ever seen in my life. Right? Anytime, anywhere. over 50 years of seeing concerts. I saw seal and people were like, seal. I’m like, go see him. I mean, he’s just unbelievable. And then some bands don’t have it. And I don’t want to see Elton John anymore. I love Billy Joel, who still has Stevie Nicks.


Chad Wiestling  31:32

I’m a big, even still today. I haven’t seen one a new tour but you say what’s the best just like I’m a big Metallica guy. So there’s been some great Metallica’s over the years from the late 80s. Throughout, you know, when they were starting from justice for all that’s when I started

Nestor Aparicio  31:47

Merriweather the night that that lightning hit the board Razi played out Yeah,

Chad Wiestling  31:51

that was it. So you know, so my days back to Mike even my days at University of Maryland, which was the you know, late 80s, early 90s That’s when your music yeah that’s every every show that we get along every show at the cap center I was there I was usually

Nestor Aparicio  32:06


exclusive with Josh Jacobs agent

Chad Wiestling  32:09

but I was so you know, Metallica Guns and Roses all that I still funny thing I still go you know I’m just supposed to be the I am this agent and working for players but when when GNR got back together now I wish they would get Steven and obviously Izzy back I think that would be you know if it’s going to end you know, bring the five grand

Nestor Aparicio  32:28

Hershey August 11 I

Chad Wiestling  32:29

have not seen them in the modern era. Okay, and I regret it everybody tells ya so looks like something I want to see. So I it’s I mean it’s it’s still huge production and you know and when they first got back and every tour that they mind is the you know, nothing was going on during the pandemic but I travel like I got I get you know, I’ve gone to Wrigley Field Fenway I you know, my players think I’m working and I’m like yeah, I’m working but I’m like Watson Jones and roses I’m at the concert and so the last time the last tour they are coming you know this summer back but the last tour me and my buddy from from home was like okay, we’ve been we go to the usual we go to New York you know DC you know all the local Philly all those things. You know, we we drove there like Winston Salem, we go to like I’ve seen in Miami. I’ve saw these places. Like let’s go to some random place. I’ve been doing it right and that’s, that’s what I’m gonna continue. There was like Missoula, Montana. We went


Nestor Aparicio  33:30

to a great Cuban places I saw bro Jim, my wife and I saw Pearl Jam and Satine in we drove Yellowstone. Right. We took a week. Pearl Jam and Missoula was the reason was that at the football stadium was


one of the greatest VISTAs in the West. Oh man.

Nestor Aparicio  33:47

Vulcan parks and that’s where I went. I flew out there. That’s my thing. Now, you know. I’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s a trip I have planned next month. Bryan Adams and Joan Jett. Joan was at the game this week. Um, but there was a great great night of music. I love Bryan Adams. He’s playing San Diego on my mother’s birthday. And then the next the next night. Quincy Jones is being honored at the Hollywood Bowl. Tonight’s John Mayer’s play. I mean, Quincy Jones. I mean, Michael Jackson won’t be there. James Ingram won’t be there. But I’m assuming Quincy Jones at the Hollywood Bowl is gonna bring out some some ish stuff that’s gonna be live eight ish right now like I’m thinking so I’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl, and I’m figuring one time at the Hollywood Bowl. Why not Quincy Jones. The next night they’re playing Bryan Adams is playing the forum. So I would have the choice to either go to Quincy Park to or Bryan Adams and Joan Jett, part two and then and then fly home and like I just want to see the Hollywood Bowl. I want to go to Royal albumin and

Chad Wiestling  34:50


red rocks. I have just about to say I have not been right. So Tom

Nestor Aparicio  34:53

Petty and and Joe Walsh there actually went to the show with Nils Lofgren go out one night see you Bill Walsh I played air guitar to Rocky Mountain way at Red Rocks with Mills Lofton while Joe Walsh sang it, and there’s video of it. Rock and roll spirit. You know, but but Red Rocks is something everybody should see. But right now my bucket list for music Hollywood Bowl on my bucket list. Royal Albert Hall in London. I had a chance to do it. When we ravens played and I did bailed on it had the best Indian field glued to my foot in my life, but I bailed on it. So these things are the celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, is the is painters mill. It’s a circle theater. It’s the last one. So like sticks played there like six weeks ago and Todd Zuckerman put video up in the round. It looks killer. It looks like I want to see a show there. I don’t know what show but and I don’t even care what shows I see at these places anymore. I just want to like I’ve always wanted to go to the gorge out in in Washington State. They stepped concerts in the middle of literally in the middle of a gorge and ever made it there. You know, I don’t have a Coachella thing or anything like that. I mean, stadium shows and festival shows seals playing a bunch of festivals next month in Europe. I don’t want to see him. I want to see him a theater.

Chad Wiestling  36:11

Yeah. You know, if you and I’m not trying to be biased because I’m from the Hagerstown area, but if you want to ask me what the best Club Band is, kicks, kicks and no question.

Nestor Aparicio  36:21

Are you going any the final show? Yeah, I


Chad Wiestling  36:23

was just at him said, you know, last week or two weeks ago. Yeah, I was there. And what a great one for Shane. What other? Oh, yeah, sorry. I’m sorry. But what a great I couldn’t be any happier. I already got my tickets for it was sad at M three. I gotta say because it’s part of my you know, maybe I don’t know, when they announced that they were retiring.

Nestor Aparicio  36:40

You know, when I wasn’t at the show that stash put it online. Yes.

Chad Wiestling  36:44

And I was just like, my heart dropped because it’s part of my that’s part of my life. When When Jimmy had his drama. Yeah, no, no. Yeah, the child’s place opening for them. Yeah, that’s where I was going. That’s what I’m saying. That’s why I was saying like, How cool was that? When they when they announced it like, and child’s plays opened up for him. That’s, that’s freaking huge. You know, so I paid a shitload of money for two seats up front and I got a bunch of like, lawn seats for hearing. Yeah, I hope so. I hope so. But night kicks is kicks. Kicks is in hammer jacks. And, you know, up in LA I’ve seen him and dives and Hagerstown and, you know, shitty places. I keep saying shit. Sorry. But it’s the truth. Yeah. But they’re like, the club wise, I think and I’ve met I’ve met bands, you know, other, you know, like, from that era or whatever. Or, and I’ve one of my closest friends is Fred quarry from Cinderella. Like we live together Nashville in the late like, kinda late 90s and early 2000s. Actually, I got great story. I went on tour with them shake you all night. Yeah. went on tour with Cinderella. Like, if you want to put us on a tour bus and stuff like a book on so I would talk to you know, Jeff, you know, rest in peace, Jeff Lebar. And, and Eric Brittingham. And Fred, I’d be like,

Nestor Aparicio  38:00


I found their autographs recently. Yeah. On a on a shake me fly. Yeah.

Chad Wiestling  38:03

And, you know, I started to say, hey, you know, what do you think of kicks? Right? You know, because they’re a Philly band. Right. And they’d be like, they’d be they would shoot it straight. Like, we didn’t want We never wanted them to open for us, because they would kill they would blow us off stage out. Like, no, like, no. Here I go again. They’re like, yeah, they’re they’re phenomenal. They’re phenomenal band. And I’m like,

Nestor Aparicio  38:26

1998 99 I wasn’t getting my levels right in my headset. I was shouting into the mic, right. And I was losing my voice before I sang in a band. It’s this is it’s probably 9097 98. I wanted to sing in a band who’s capable singing events that they streamed into the radio four hours a day, every day, taking phone calls. And by Friday, I was like this. And Steve Whiteman offered me voice lessons. I met him over in Hartford. Ironically enough, two blocks south of the barn. It was a drum shop there. I think John Allen gave lessons there, too. And Steve Whiteman gave me voice lessons about five times. And I went over and I met him I think Monday nights after I work, and he’d say sit up straight now. Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee taught me all of these techniques. From down here. You do it from down here, not up here, down here. That’s pretty good. Steve. Right? Yeah, that’s pretty good. But Steve helped me and I I’ve never been Horst since so right. Tommy Shaw told me to drink throat coat tea, the licorice tea. That’s what he does. Okay, so there’s little tricks that I got from rockstars back then. Because like I was like losing my mind. Yeah, like, I have five minutes to the Rockstar I’m talking about

Chad Wiestling  39:39

back in the day when smoking cigarettes.


Nestor Aparicio  39:43

Terrell halls blown heaters on the side of the stage Hey, Rex brought me crab cake. I cannot imagine anything else. Cake over here man. Oh, Ricky is here for work spirits when we we. We lost ourselves in rocket. Yeah. Let me tell you about the Triumph documentary. Really rich here. He’s going to be our next guest. The softball King he’s upset that I’m leaving to go to yoga. Oh my god That looks delicious. That looks like West Baltimore right? They’re

Chad Wiestling  40:07

known as crab cakes. Are you ranking like your opinion? Like no I just give like and free like

Nestor Aparicio  40:14

I talked about this is affordable here’s West Baltimore you charge for this let me know after we got we got no problem. Alright, we’re gonna take a break. I gotta eat this crab cake Rick’s here We’re experienced West is brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’ve got Pacific belt buckles and Childsplay gear here. My thanks to John for putting the band back together and make a child’s play happen. We’re gonna come see us play John and everybody else. Maryland lottery presents the crabcake tour. We’re out on the road. We’re going to be fadeless next week and our friends at the Winter nation. I have not worn the floppy hat. I’ll probably do that in the last segment one eight to crabcake 866 90 nation if you need Windows. They’re great people stand behind the work install in the right way. Just like you’re doing Josh the right way. And you’re doing Catholic Lee, what are you? What are you doing right now? What are your gigs?



Baltimore Catholic League, we’ve got the NBA draft and Ken Whitmore from Archbishop Spalding going to be to be on a team by the time they hear that exactly right. And the Pro Football Writers of America it’s that time of year start working on record book and getting ready for the upcoming season. And you know, maybe write about a bunch about his clients and the words they went through. Yeah, hopefully, hopefully.

Nestor Aparicio  41:22

Is there anything you want us to you’re gonna get your guys signed? Or is it like not? Can it not happen before the season? Or is there still a chance? Or? Or is there hope or be a year you can’t be on? Give me Give me the truth? No. I

Chad Wiestling  41:32

mean, there’s, you know, it’s got to take both sides, you know, so it’s the that’s the first thing and one thing I’ve learned in this business is that, you know, everything works at deadlines. So it’s not motivated right now. Yeah. So you understand that? They’re on vacation now they’re on


vacation. Brent deadlines for action. Yeah. So


Chad Wiestling  41:51

you know, I expect hopefully and and knock on wood. Hopefully that, you know, July 15 or 16th. You know, the the phone will start ringing and meaningful conversations.

Nestor Aparicio  42:01

To have a contract. He wants to have a contract. He wants to be ready. He wants to be a writer and that’s that. Yeah. You’d like to get three for one. Yeah.

Chad Wiestling  42:11

Whatever. Yeah, right, right. Yeah. You want yeah, once some little bit of security. He’s He’s proven what he can do. And he’s put in his time and it’s just turned 25 And it’s time for him to you know, these have a little bit security. Yep.

Nestor Aparicio  42:22


Well, people on my ass crabcake when he gets paid and I hope you get well, hey, man, I love you and your wife and like when he’s out running on Monday Night Football and I’m watching I will say what? Hey, that’s Weasleys guy right there. You know, let’s keep Melfi yards and let’s get a victory here two touchdowns. You know, my boy at the brick is the voice of the Raiders right you know does pre and post and all that stuff. So bricks gonna be Hey, you hung out. We’re wasting what’s going on? Chris is gonna get back to work. Chad’s gonna get back to sunning himself and listening waiting for the child’s play reunion. And it’s gonna be a little

Chad Wiestling  42:54

rat race. I mean jamming the rat race right now great.

Nestor Aparicio  42:59 Longtime pin punches knocked the wind out of metal lottery to friends whether they should work spirits West we’re coming back. I’m going to eat this crab game with the tower this crab cake. I might blow off yoga and have a beer sing the Notre Dame fight song back for more from sure it’s westward Wilkins Avenue. Stay with us.

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