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Purple Reign

WNST STORY OF GLORY No. 1: The New Orleans Super Bowl 2:52 march in February that you’ll never forget

If you were in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, 2013, you were probably down at the river meeting us the greatest purple march in the history of the Baltimore Ravens fan base. Thousands of you met us at the Natchez down at the Mississippi River to march 17 blocks at 2:52 to watch Joe Flacco throw and the lights go out at the Superdome. Where were you in the parade of purple on Poydras?

Joe Flacco: Coming back to Baltimore to set the record straight on Cleveland

We've been writing about and talking to Joe Flacco about football since the day he was drafted in Baltimore in 2008. After an amazing December run in Cleveland, our Super Bowl XLVII MVP comes back home to discuss what made his fairy tale ride with the Browns so special and to set the record straight on his Ravens' fire and legacy as a winner.

Purple Reign 2: Chapter 8 “Just a regular Joe”

With all of the excitement around the play of Joe Flacco leading the Cleveland Browns, here's the best biography of his life and career ever written. You'll learn a lot about what makes Joe Cool so cool. Enjoy Chapter 8 of "Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story." Author and radio host and entrepreneur Nestor Aparicio penned this #RavensFlock classic in 2013 after Flacco was the Super Bowl 47 MVP in New Orleans.

Dear Joe Flacco: I’ll never let ‘em forget how “elite” you were here in Baltimore

Originally published in 2019, a fond, personal farewell to the "other" No. 5 of Baltimore sports. Time will not dim the glory of his Super Bowl MVP deeds with the Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco is cool again in Cleveland so perhaps this is worth another look?

Tackling the legacy of Goose and The Bullies of Baltimore

Immediately following the ESPN "30 For 30" presentation of the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV champion Baltimore Ravens, Luke Jones and Nestor tackle the hard knocks of the Bullies of Baltimore and the road to the memories of glory in Tampa.

Dilfer talks about Billick and week of prep leading up to Super Bowl XXXV win in Tampa

Five years after the departure from the Ravens after holding a parade, Dilfer sat down in Detroit at Super Bowl XL on Radio Row to discuss the art of being a quarterback and mentally preparing to win the biggest game of your life.

One month before winning Super Bowl XXXV, Dilfer pours his heart out to Nestor at The Barn

If you loved "Bullies of Baltimore," you'll love this one. He led with his heart and his brain and it led to Trent Dilfer winning a ring with the Baltimore Ravens in a very short time here. On the day after Christmas in a short playoff week back in 2000, he told us what winning would mean to him with the emotion we expect...

Dilfer discusses picking up the pieces after leaving Baltimore a Super Bowl champion QB

Five years after he wasn't brought back after winning the Super Bowl in Tampa, the jettisoned Ravens' champion sat with Nestor in Detroit on Radio Row to discuss the aftermath.

Ogden and Stokley discuss Dilfer and Grbac and aftermath of Super Bowl XXXV quarterback shuffle

Fifteen years after the fact on Radio Row at 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco, Nestor wound up having an impromptu gripe session with two guys who have strong opinions on the Super Bowl XXXV champions and "Bullies of Baltimore" and 2001 Ravens aftermath.

Purple Reign 2: Chapter 21 “For Baltimore, a second Pa-RAY-ed”

This is Chapter 21 and final of "Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story." Nestor Aparicio has released the 2013 book here over recent weeks to prepare #RavensFlock for NFL season. This is the biggest parade in the history of Baltimore.
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Latest News

Finding The Vault and gems of the past and future at “new” CFG Bank Arena

Our Chief Digital Officer Mike Rosenfeld offered Nestor a chance to be a suite life guy for the recent Journey and Toto concert at CFG Bank Arena and wanted his feedback. Comedy and music and Danny DeVito and PacMan and free booze and why Edie Brown needs a room named after her at the former Baltimore Civic Center.

What are the next key moves of DeCosta and Ravens?

As the NFL Combine gathers in Indianapolis, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the Ravens' decisions on the franchise tag for Justin Madubuike and where to go in April for offensive linemen and more depth across the roster as the inevitable offseason attrition continues.

DeCosta says Ravens “probably will” tag Madubuike without long-term deal

Baltimore has until next Tuesday to use the franchise tag on Pro Bowl defensive tackle Justin Madubuike.

Ravens make four new hires to coaching staff official ahead of scouting combine

Head coach John Harbaugh lost several notable assistants following the 2023 season.

Hot yoga, great football and giving back and living in Baltimore as a Ravens alum

Our resident Super Bowl XXXV champion and hot yoga devotee Femi Ayandabejo joins Nestor for a spirited debate about mental fitness, personal strength and Ravens football and the importance of giving back on Crab Cake Row: A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl from Faidley's for the Maryland Food Bank.

Crab Cake Row: Our marketing pal Steve Taormino donates cans and talks Vehicles For Change and brands

We began the second day of our "A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week" from Costas Inn with a large donation from our CC&A pal Steve Taormino, who partners with Vehicles For Change, a local organization with national ties that helps folks with transportation and transforms lives.

The Peter Principles (Ch. 4) – The Dumb Dumb error begins in Baltimore

The Ballad of Davey Johnson begins in Baltimore in 1996. All he ever did was win baseball games. He and Peter Angelos never agreed on much. And then he was gone. Here's the whole story through the eyes of the journalists who covered it.

Crab Cake Row: TurnAround providing support for victims of worst crimes against women and children

Former Ravens Super Bowl XXXV champion running back Femi Ayanbadejo tells Nestor why TurnAround earned his support for survivors of abuse from Faidley's on "A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week" for the Maryland Food Bank.
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