Joe Flacco: Coming back to Baltimore to set the record straight on Cleveland

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We’ve been writing about and talking to Joe Flacco about football since the day he was drafted in Baltimore in 2008. After an amazing December run in Cleveland, our Super Bowl XLVII MVP comes back home to discuss what made his fairy tale ride with the Browns so special and to set the record straight on his Ravens’ fire and legacy as a winner.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Joe Flacco

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive celebrating 25 years of mayhem around here. We’re counting down our 25 stories glory presented by our friends curio wellness and former daughter I have my I’m a blunt person shirt on. This guy was always a blunt person we bring him on but I I want to say this before Joe Flacco appears here. We’re doing a special Super Bowl week here in Baltimore. We’re calling it a cup of soup or bowl of soup and we’re gonna give you a cup of Maryland crab or a bowl of cream of crab. If you bring some goods for the Maryland Food Bank. The entire week. We’re calling it crabcake road to hell with radio row that’s out in Vegas. We’re going to do crabcake row here beginning downtown and fade these on Monday will be a constant Dundalk on Tuesday will be a Coco’s on Wednesday. We will be at State Fair in Catonsville on Thursday, and then up at Pappus on Friday, where we think we’re gonna have a Super Bowl party here, because we think we’re going to the Super Bowl. This guy here knows how it’s done. He has done it before and much like a coach but like they say we win a Super Bowl they they can never take it away from you. But that the won’t stop them from trying. And they’ve been trying for 11 years to take my man Joe Flacco Super Bowl away. Dude, I wasn’t going to bother you. I haven’t bothered you since you went off to Denver. And I wrote you a love letter and your father read it and he liked it. I’m Hope you liked it as well and your wife, but I didn’t know at what point our paths would cross again. And I could say to you, you want to come on the show. I mean, you’re playing for the Jets, or the Eagles or the bronco. And I didn’t know. And then I saw you like doing the rounds last week and like telling your story. And I thought I know Joe, I’m gonna invite Joe on let Joe tell Joe stories here. And how are you, man you’ve been? You’ve given us a thrill dude, this has been a lot of fun. And I hate the browns. You know this?

Joe Flacco  01:47

Yeah, you know, I think I’ve gotten a lot of questions honestly about playing for them the last few weeks, the last couple months. And that’s I think the one thing you you don’t you’re not sure of because you had I had such a, you know, I have so many fond memories of Baltimore and the fans there. And you know, obviously, for me, it’s my line of work. And I’m excited to be playing football again. And it was a great city to be playing football in the last couple months. But you never know how, you know, you also love the people in Baltimore, and you never know how they’re going to feel about it. So it’s one of those things. It’s kind of funny. Alright,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:23

let’s start with this. Your dad who I’ve known before I knew you I met him before I met you. I exchanged a text or two with him when you were in Cleveland having fun, and I’ve texted with you along the way and you and I chatted this summer and kind of caught up his old pals or whatever. But your dad said some things about Baltimore Cleveland that had you come here and play the other day, you probably would have gotten a little spicy and locker room and bulletin board material and all that. The Cleveland thing dude, you made me root for the Browns Damn. You know what I mean? Like I was rooting for you hard. And it was a weirdest thing in the world. But there was a part. Joe I was there that day they lost the drive I was there the day Oh, we went left to right. I was at that stadium. I walked out of that stadium with it. We didn’t have a team, we lost our team three years. And I went out there for that game already. Of course, he got me a ticket. And I walked out of that stadium silent and to think oh my god, 40 years later, we sold our team, you won. I had Brian on earlier, he won, they’ve had to watch all of this. And I’ve been out there every game for 30 years watching the same guy who sits in front of me in the club level, change the name on the back of his jersey, give us the fake like I’ve dealt with all of that. But there’s a point where like, you weren’t Detroit to win, you want Cleveland to win and you wound up in a place that became something a special part of your life that you couldn’t have dreamed of on Thanksgiving Day, right? Literally, yeah, for

Joe Flacco  03:45

sure. I mean, that’s the thing, you know, I love playing football and like, it’s, they’re just different chapters, you know, and to have the opportunity to play to play there, if you’re a couple of years and not really, you know, not not doing exactly what I wanted to have the opportunity to do that. And then have so many things that are different in my life at this point, you know, than they were when I was in Baltimore. So there’s, there’s, there’s just things that make it special to the you know, to the time period that I’m in right now. And you know, I think there’s times where you look back it’s like oh man, like if I’m you know, nothing’s ever gonna be like winning the Superbowl but then you start to realize that you know, you want to get back to that game and you don’t think that winning again would ever be like the first but the you know, there’s time there’s there’s unique things about going on that path and being able to have a taste of that in my mouth again that make that make it you know, special in its own way it’s not like one or you know, it’s not like one thing is better than the other this and that is their their kind of own thing and listen, I mean, it is funny being you know I until along the Baltimore and go into Cleveland and play and so long there in getting the feel for that stadium and that fan base from the opposite side. So to now, you know, have that special place in my career, you know, for that city as well, you know, it’s different. But like I said, it’s like, it’s like another chapter and it was a, it was a lot, a lot of fun and to be able to, you know, to be able to share that with, you know, probably even a bigger group of people at this point, you know, whether that’s through my kids or, you know, through the people in town here, you know, whether it was people like you, you know, people in Baltimore that, you know, as long as it wasn’t like, we were playing the Ravens that you could have that maybe you could find a little room to root for the Browns for some in some way. You know, so it was it was it was pretty cool. There’s enough

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:49

evidence to you and me back in the day, all those videos are up on YouTube. Every conversation we have my wife was fighting for life the first time, the second time, there’s all of that conversation. There’s the I am the best. I think I’m the best. We’ll get to that in a minute. But you and I talked over the summer sort of off the record, we didn’t we just kind of caught up. I think I was driving through or something. I’m up in Philly all the time for concerts at some point, I’ll drag you out for something interesting. And make you buy. I hear you could okay. You and I talked August and you said to me I want to play. And I talked to a handful of people in the real world. I’m like I talked to Flacco. He said I maybe even said it on the year I talked to Florida last week, he says he wants to play. And I don’t wanna say it’s a punch line. But you’re 3839 year old guy, wherever you are. Your speed had taken, you know, when you played last year, you look like a 30 Something guy, not like a 24 year old kid coming out of Delaware anymore. And sometime between then, and when you reappeared on that airplane going out to Cleveland. And I remember you going out there and they were desperate. We had seen their quarterbacks and I thought, yeah, you’ll you know, you’ll go play there, you’ll be the backup or whatever. And he Luke even said flippantly on Monday, like I don’t think they think he’s gonna play. I think they just they need another guy. It’s late November, you know, he didn’t playbook whatever. What did you do? I mean, can I mean honestly, what physically? Have you done for yourself? Are you doing that Tom Brady? 12 thing? Are you eating avocado ice cream? I mean, like, what? Seriously? What did you do the last eight months to get into the kind of condition where you look faster and stronger.

Joe Flacco  07:20

I think it’s just a bullshit. opinion of me. I think that’s just what people have kind of steered their mind into thinking about me. And maybe you can look at a game here or there. But I think when you look at the games I played in last year, not with the browns, I’m saying, for you to have that opinion. That’s your thing. I mean, I think you’re probably looking back at what maybe you think of me. But situations matter, too. I mean, you know, when quarterbacks have pressure on them, they’re not given the ability to move around and do something that they are when they don’t have that same kind of consistent stuff going on. So listen, I think I found myself in a good situation in Cleveland, not only because of, you know, the city was excited to win some football, but because we had a talented football team, and we were ready to win. But yeah, ultimately, I just think people have the wrong opinion, if they want to think that way. I mean, obviously, that’s me talking, you know, it’s obviously I probably have a different opinion of myself than, than most people. But like I said, I think I think it was it was it was awesome to be able to get go into a situation and get the opportunity to play on a team that was that was ready to win football games. And, you know, I don’t know what they were initially thinking when they brought me in. And I don’t know what really what, what really got them to the point where they were willing to bring me in. But I’m definitely grateful that they were willing, whatever the reason was, I’m super grateful that they were willing to give me that opportunity. And for me, I didn’t really care, I saw it, I kind of thought there could be some value in in sitting at home during that time of the year. In my case, it wasn’t like I had a choice. It wasn’t like, I turned a couple of teams down because I didn’t feel like that was the right fit. And I was going to sit around and make and wait for that good fit to come in. Like I didn’t have any calls. So at that point, it was getting late in the year and I just saw it as a good opportunity, no matter what the outcome was to be. So I kind of went in there with an open mind and went and worked out and did this did that and next thing, you know, you find yourself on the field and it was awesome. I mean, you know, yeah, you talk about all that stuff. But in terms of like, you know, being older and, you know, Kenny move around in this kind and this and that. I mean, listen, that’s not a big part of my game. It’s not naturally What I kind of think to do on the field, most of the time I want, I naturally kind of hang on to things and want to play in the pocket. But like I said, our our team played really well and had a lot of good parts. So it it afforded me the, the ability here in there to make some plays that, you know, maybe you haven’t seen made in the few years. But listen, I’m super grateful for New York to New York, kept me in the league the last three years. And I’ve played games each year there and we haven’t won, we didn’t win. But I mean, made some unbelievable relationships with guys that I played with. And we were fighting our asses off to win football games. But I’m also super, super grateful for that part of the my career because that, you know, without those three years, and without those guys being willing to sign me, you know, coming off of a neck injury and all that, then this opportunity never would have happened. But having said all that, like I’m super, not only am I grateful I’m proud of how I played last year with New York. I mean, I played against Miami, the last game of the season last year, we scored six points. I think, like we did not like the world on fire. But like if you ask me, I mean, I’ll watch that film with anybody. I, I, like I said, I was proud, I was proud of what I put out there on the film and could hold my head up high about it. And at that point, you know, I knew I knew I wanted to play. But I also know kind of what’s out there and what maybe people are thinking, I did not know if I was ever going to get the opportunity to do it again. So it does put it gives you a little bit of a different perspective. And you learn how to appreciate it all, you know, just a little bit more than maybe you did when you were 23 year old, 23 years old and took some things for granted.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:52

taken away from you. Right, like literally feels when you’ve done it your whole life. It feels like it’s been taken away from you. Right?

Joe Flacco  11:58

Yeah. You know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:02

when you want to play, and you still in your play, but nobody else in the world was convinced you could play but you came back and you convinced everybody you could play? Yeah.

Joe Flacco  12:10

Hey, I exactly. You know how many times there’s people that say that? And it’s like, oh, yeah, sure this and that. I mean, like I said, you guys are thinking that. So, so just to have the opportunity to go do that. And like I don’t care, like what people think like it’s all about, it’s about being able to go out there and play again, and just feel what it feels like to win an NFL game again, you know, how much joy that it just takes you back. I mean, I said it a million times just takes you back to being 1011 12 years old. And now I have pin 11 You know, I have kids that are that age. So going back to like, what just makes this a unique experience and different than any other is like I’m sharing it with you know, five little kids that you know, couldn’t there’s nobody else in the world that I’d rather have a part of this. And you don’t think about that when you’re when you’re young and you’re starting to have those guys and you’re not thinking about getting a chance to play in front of them and sharing this with them. So to have that was really cool.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:22

I talked to you in August I want to go back to this like you wake up every day in September October November, not believing believing you can play because you’re you’re pretty confident bloke jokes. Yeah. I mean, like

Joe Flacco  13:33

you can say that a lot because like, I’m going to be 55 years old and go out and go out to the park and be like, Yeah, I can still I can still do it. You know what I mean? So it’s not like that. It’s not like that. That that comment or phrase like holds much weight of course. I’m literally going to be saying that forever. And at some point it’s not going to be true. But you know I don’t think that’s right now I don’t I don’t think it is but

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:59

but you staying dedicated to your craft to be in the kind of position to take a call against all odds believing it’s not shocking you believe in yourself or to believe the phone would ring but what were you doing what what does an unemployed quarterback who’s a made guy who’s 38 with kids running everywhere and I’ve been to your house up and at what what do you what gets you in a position to walk into Cleveland to be ready to play football in eight days?

Joe Flacco  14:28

I think Listen, there’s no you can do a lot physically and and make sure that you’re in the best shape of your life. And are you actually in the best shape your life I don’t know but like for for what your situation is right now you can make sure that you’re making the most of it. It’s an extended offseason you’re keeping your arm in shape. Not going overboard, that’s for sure. I kind of know I know my my arm a little bit and you know, I know what I have to do to keep that in shape. And once you get once You know, it’s not like I was throwing the live targets but you adapt that you’ve been doing that for years, you keep your body in shape, because that’s become such a big part of who you are. You know, you’ve been doing it for 15 years, 16 years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:13

Your kids in September I can be like, were you

Joe Flacco  15:16

any football many footballs for the most part I was playing I was I was listening, I was studying quarterback out in the front lawn for many months there, you know. But I think at the end of the day, all the physical stuff aside, it’s just keeping your mind open to something like that happening. And then controlling your expectations to the point that you can just go out there and let it fly and play football, for what and not make the not make it bigger than what it is. So I just think, ultimately, going out there and performing on Sundays. Yeah, physical stuff aside, it’s about keeping your mind in that right frame to go out there and do it. And part of that, for me this this this fall, was not becoming was trying was actively trying to not become, you know, bitter about not being out there, and believing that you can still do it. And man, why am I not out there then to some extent, trying to just control what I can control can control and see what happens from there. And I think that that’s what kind of got me to the point where when the when it did happen, I was able to at least take advantage of it to the best of my ability, because I kept my mind in that, you know, positive state that I wasn’t, you know, I wasn’t in a negative place. When I did get that call. I wasn’t bitter in any way. I was just trying to I knew that I, you know, could kind of control a few things. And I did those things. And I said, Alright, now I can just go out there and lay and lay myself out there and see what happens. How

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:04

did it work with the hand your playbook in the middle of the season? You don’t know any of your teammates, you come in there under their names? I mean, you were in a way different situation in New York where they wanted you in camp and like you even though you didn’t play a lot we didn’t see a lot you were a you know, a part of everything they did, you were part of nothing they did. And you helicopter in and they are fighting for playoff lives that defense was good. No choice forever. Like, that must have been the most bizarre thing you’ve ever dealt with. I mean, even more than transferring back when you were a kid that Delhi just sort of like throwing in. I mean, it’s just

Joe Flacco  17:37

a strange thing, right? Yeah. I think learning the offense and getting the playbook that ended up being the easy part. I remember I played the Rams in the first game. And I had been there for a little bit over a week at that point. And maybe you have an opportunity here in there to like kind of like show these guys that they that they can trust you that you can play football. But you don’t really have that much time. And if you do, it’s a couple of little routes that you run in practice, you get one week of practice to show these guys the best of your ability that you can play and you deserve to be here, and you’re going to help them win. But there’s no way that they can possibly believe that within a week, you know, so that’s always it’s what makes it so special is becoming part of the of a locker room becoming part of a team. But there’s definitely, you know, you it’s, it can be daunting, you know, you’re getting another

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:36

neighborhood just walked in like yeah, like they don’t know, you,

Joe Flacco  18:40

right? You’re the new kid and you want to you want to be a part of the team and you want in you, you want to help them. But you also need to prove to them that they should be able to rely on you to help them. And it’s such a you know, you don’t get many chances to do that. So, so and it wasn’t like you had a lot of time to adapt, you know, like these guys were in a position to be in the playoffs. You know, we were in a position to be in a playoff to be a playoff team. And I felt the urgency to go out there and play well. And it was important to me, it’s always important to become a part of that locker room and make and have your impact and become one of those guys. I’ll give credit for that. I’ll give credit to the guys in that locker room. They did make it as easy as possible. For me. It was a great group of guys. I think they had a great foundation. You could see how close of a group they were in why they had had so much success up to that point. So yeah, and like I said, that can be a daunting thing. But it’s so rewarding in the end when you can go out there and you know you’ve prepared for that situation. And then you can make the most of it and you make new relationships and just have an unbelievable time playing winning football and getting your chance to compete for what We all want to Is

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:01

there a point in all this where you know, you win and you you’re banged up you played with a purple hip at one point as I remember in the playoffs and your neck was screwed up, and that Kiko Alonso head, I still like, you know, for all of this and having the game taken away from you, you know, and you didn’t allow you to play earlier this year. This memory you made with your family, you know, at the end with your kid, I mean, when your kids ran out onto the set, you know, after that game, I’m screenshotting that and I’m putting it off. And, you know, I was thrilled for all of it for you. But you This is like Keystone you’re gonna play more, right? Like you’re not, you’re not Yeah, listen, it’s not about it. This isn’t about his Cleveland bringing you back in Deshaun Watson and all that just feels to me like somebody else is gonna value you’re here in the offseason, I’ve seen other quarterbacks in the league, it feels to me like, you’re gonna have a job somewhere. If you you know, we’re doing something maybe,

Joe Flacco  20:54

yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. Listen, I this was a another chapter of my career, I do not want it to be the last. You know, me saying that I can still play isn’t like I want to go out there and play a few more games and have some fun and, and see you later. This is what I love to do. And I’m having a lot of fun doing it and getting the opportunity to do that for a few weeks this year. It it reminds you that getting the getting the opportunity to sit at home this year, because nobody wanted me remind you of how much you still want to do it. And yeah, having the added extra things in my life that make it even more exciting. You know, at some point, my family was coming down to Baltimore, and it was, you know, my parents and my wife and my brothers and now I have kids and nephews and in laws and nieces and nephews and friends in town and it’s just like, you know, the family is just expanding constantly. And you get to enjoy it with more people and share it with more people and it just makes it that much more fun. You know, but it’s not just about having fun. I believe I can play and I still want to I mean my kids coming onto the set Geez Louise i They asked me if I wanted to like have them come on while I was getting interviewed. Like leave them out of it. Get get them over there. Get him as far away as possible. And during during the end of that interview, they just went over and grabbed. I was like, Okay, here we go. I guess they’re coming talk.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:27

I said the screenshot right away because like, you know, this is this is pretty good, dude. Yeah.

Joe Flacco  22:34

Yeah, it’ll be it was cool for them. I mean, listen, it was a cool couple weeks for them. They could go into the school and you know, put on a Cleveland Browns hoodie for a couple of weeks and take some pride in it. So it was pretty neat.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:46

Well, it got me get Mr. tenere out to talk about your calculus class back. I had him on a couple of weeks ago up there and in Jersey, Joe Flacco was our guest. He’s gonna play more football, I guess. So two weeks ago, you’re playing this big shot game wildcard. We got the week off because you know, we’re the one seen all that NFL films writes to me, they’re like, Hey, we have this clip of Joe Flacco out at WNS T will you sign the permission slips to the weekend use it? It was your I don’t think you know, I think I’m the best, you know, quote and the thing you did that night, you know, all these years later, the thing that pissed me off was watching you play well and watching Ravens fans defecate upon you in some way. But the thing that bothered me the most knowing you and the thing that I get antsy on your behalf to defend you, not just as a media member or whatever, but just knowing truth from bullshit, as you would say is that you were disinterested on the sidelines and removed from teammates and quiet and you showed this fire in Cleveland that that wasn’t here and running down and touchdowns a gun in the arm and I’m like, you might want to go back and watch Joe Flacco is fire and iron various. Sometimes Joe Flacco was worn out with children and worn out with with Swing passes and worn out with getting crushed. And there was a point for you where maybe some of the joy was taken out of the game, despite all the money despite like there were times where maybe this wasn’t fun for you in some way. But the fun part of Cleveland came back but you always wanted this to be fun and I never thought of you is this joyous passionless guy that some fans because you weren’t pounding on the ground when you failed? They did exactly. I would never that guy ever.

Joe Flacco  24:33

I think that was always a bunch of shit as well. I think if you look back, you can dispel that very easily. But I’m not a crybaby. I’m not I’m never gonna be a crybaby when things don’t go my way. And obviously there were a few years they were we weren’t winning football games and yeah, that’s never fun, but to have the joy taken out of it, never. And yeah, that’s always a bunch of crap, man. I mean, that’s just from people that don’t really know me and there’s no reason that they should know. I mean, it’s not like a man making it sound like I’m making it, you know, and then I don’t make it a point to kind of put my personality out there and let people know me, the teammates part of it that, I mean, that can get you a little bit, but you know that that’s a bunch of crap. So it doesn’t really affect you at the end of the day. But for people to even have that thought it is just kind of funny. It’s just one of those. It’s just a storyline to that once it gets out there. It can affect the way that people think about you, as much as it’s not true. Even saying something like, oh, yeah, I’m the best. Yeah, in some way. It’s out of context, you know? And what do you want me to say? When they when the questions asked, of course, I’m going to put it on, I asked my kids every night, who’s the best, who’s the man? They are, they’re the best. I don’t care if that wasn’t the case, that day, they’re the best. And you better think that way. And you better put your kids and you need to be put in situations where you’re going to overcome things so that you can think you’re the best. And you know, that’s the only you have to develop that mindset through failures and through successes, and all those different things. But in order to be successful in this league, Listen, man, it’s a bunch of men that are coming for your job, and want to win the ultimate thing. So you better you better be able to handle that. And I just think it’s it’s a lot of, it’s probably being misunderstood a little bit. And I could care less about it being misunderstood. So as soon as those stories kind of start to take the life of their own, it is what it is, and then that’s out there. But you know, I think that’s obviously the furthest thing from the truth. It just, you know, it is my personality to a certain extent, you know, I’m going to be a low key guy. I don’t want to get up too high and down too low. And sometimes those things you’re gonna get picked on for them. And it’s just part of it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:00

Anything you want to say about Lamar, you saw come in, he came to take your job. He’s been what he promised to be. He went through, talk about your disrespect. Nobody wanted to hire him last year. Nobody wanted to pay him what he was worth last year. And now he stands on the cusp of doing something that a lot of folks thought he couldn’t do. I mean, you had gimmick offense gadget high school, you know, there were things they were doing six years ago that they’re not doing now and doing differently, and building personnel around him. But this is an amazing story unto itself. Lamar has an amazing story. You know, they are linked in that way.

Joe Flacco  27:32

Right? Lamar is another guy. I mean, he’s just he’s proven himself to be a tough kid that goes out there and just plays football. And that’s what he wants to do. It’s about winning football games. You don’t see too much fluff and you know, all that crap from him either. He goes out there and he plays football, and he played it hard, every single week. So you got to respect that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:51

Hey, man, I respect you and you got too many kids to be spending. You’re done dismissed. So I want to say about your kids and your family what you do now that you had I mean, you blink Dude, it was like five weeks boom and out. Now you’re back in Jersey and your dad Joe again and figuring out what you know what the next thing is, but you were real happy with this part of your life. Right? Like you’re that you want to be playing football this week. And next week, but but this you’ve got a good thing going on in your real world. Right? Of course.

Joe Flacco  28:20

Listen, I think most people do. Most people try their best to, you know. I don’t know be a good parent and be a good husband and have fun with that part of it. So yeah, listen, I think as an NFL player, you’re awarded a unique you’re given a unique situation where you have the ability to be home with your kids a good amount, whether it’s in the season or in our or in our offseason. So yeah, listen, it is it is. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s a lot of you know, busy work and stuff that you have to get up and tell yourself alright, we’re gonna do this because it’s, it’s what we need to do to make these kids the best they can possibly be. So there’s a lot of things to it, but every parent knows that. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s cool to be around here while these guys are the age they are and be able to enjoy them.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:16

Well, I’ve had a lot of fun defending your honor all these years later, because I’m your apologist here. And you know, I am the guy that always reminds them. You want a super bowl here you were you know, you did something here. It’s all it’s done again, hadn’t been done too often around here, but it’s gonna be fun watching Lamar try to win here, Dexter boys, and it’s been a lot of fun having you around and take care of your kids up in Jersey. I have no doubt that we have not heard or seen the last of you so well. I will await to find out what your future is. And we’ll be watching and don’t go play for the Steelers. Don’t make me refer them. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Like you’ve already done enough, dude. Thanks for coming. All

Joe Flacco  29:57

right after Yeah, we’ll see you soon.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:59

Well MPP joining us here we’re doing the cup of soup or bold week of February the fifth it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery winner nation and Jiffy Lube multi care we’re talking to lots and lots of folks here this week about something we have not had here since 1971 and AFC Championship game I’m back for more on Baltimore positive right after this

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