Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Don Mohler

Wes Moore tells us how the next four years are going to be different for Maryland

Wes Moore tells Nestor and Don his plans to make Maryland growth a source of pride over next decade

Wes Moore explains his vision for Maryland over next decade

Wes Moore joins Nestor and Don to talk campaign and celebrate Maryland and end of Crab Cake Tour

Why Aruna Miller is joining the Wes Moore campaign for Governor of Maryland

Lt. Gov candidate Aruna Miller tells us why she joined Wes Moore ticket to lead Maryland

Aruna Miller and the energy to improve Maryland with Wes Moore

Aruna Miller discusses ways to make Maryland better with a Wes Moore victory in Annapolis

Talking elections and purple Maryland with Pam Wood of The Baltimore Banner

Pamela Wood of The Baltimore Banner joins Nestor and Don to talk political season and possibilities

Crab cakes and comedy with Mickey Cucchiella in Dundalk

Mickey Cucchiella joins Nestor and Don at Costas to celebrate all things Maryland and local comedy

Putting the red and blue back together in purple Maryland

Don Mohler and Nestor do The Recon on the state of bipartisan Maryland politics and crab cakes

Finding the courage to move forward as a nation in aftermath of insurrection

Don and Nestor do The Recon on courage of Liz Chaney and politics in Maryland as election unfolds

Alaska, crab cakes and espionage all in one regroup of The Recon

Don Mohler and Nestor reconnect The Recon on Alaska, crab cakes, travel, espionage and the FBI

1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 30 Sitting for crab cake with Governor Hogan at The Boatyard in Annapolis

On the 30th and final day of 2021 Maryland #CrabCakeTour, @NestorAparicio and Don Mohler invited the leader of The Free State for a traditional meal and stories over a crab cake in Eastport just over the bridge in Annapolis at The Boatyard.
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Latest News

Football and end of the year finance

Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss end of year football and college bowl season and some finance tips to be aware of before the ball drops on 2022.

Maryland Crab Cake (and Brewery) Tour Day 20: Once you go, you know

The 20th day of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery, Goodwill, Window Nation and the Restaurant Association of Maryland we managed to pick up a legendary Angelina's crab cake from a secret shipping location on Kent Island and a delicious beer at Ten Eyck Brewing in Queenstown.

A view from some of the empty seats at M&T Bank Stadium

Dennis Koulatsos takes Nestor downtown for the Ravens unlikely win over the Broncos and strange atmosphere as Lamar Jackson goes down with a knee injury and Snoop Huntley saves the day.

Getting Weis this holiday with entertaining and fun snacks

Christina Pelletier of Weis Markets talks holiday charcuterie boards and party planning ideas to keep the taste festive and healthy.

Stanley practices fully as Ravens get ready for Pittsburgh without star quarterback Jackson

Tyler Huntley took the starter reps with Lamar Jackson sidelined with a left knee injury.

Chuck Clark honored to be named Ravens nominee for Walter Payton Man of the Year award

"Just to see the guys who have come before me in my six years being in the league who have gotten that award and that nomination, it meant a lot to me honestly.”

Tyus Bowser on Ravens-Steelers: “It’s just a straight slugfest”

"Nobody likes to lose, especially to the Steelers, so there’s definitely going to be tension there."

Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson’s status: “We’ll just kind of let it play out”

The Ravens head coach also didn't want to get into the specifics of his quarterback's left knee injury, which has been reported as a sprained PCL.
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