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A grand giveaway chance every time the Orioles load ’em up


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John Martin of Maryland Lottery tells Nestor about the Orioles magic of the Home Run Riches Grand Slam giveaways every time the team hits a homer but with a grand twist this season.


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home, we are wn s. T A and 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. You know, I gotta say before the segment begins because we’re doing the crabcake tour, we’re going to be Greenbelt bowl. Yes. 10s and ducks I’ll have, you know, my back are a little better I grow. I’d roll. Yeah, I’d be there all afternoon. But we’re gonna watch the angels in euros and on Friday, we’re at fade Lee’s. But I was pumping gas at Royal farms. And I actually heard the lottery commercials that we run here. And it was the funniest thing because when I brought John Moore Jonathan was here last week, he said Seth brag about beating your heels and pirates and Clemente and stars. And I heard the waka waka waka waka waka ad. So I thought you know, I’m gonna I’m gonna have some fun with John Martin, the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. The middle of lottery helps us put these Pac Man promotions into into effect. I’m giving these away every male bowl agreement station watching the baseball game on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully, the Orioles can bounce back from Tuesday and then on Friday, we’re going to be at Faith. He’s doing it. How are you holding up through all this? I mean, I thought last week when you weren’t here, I just thought you were just too busy trying to figure out how to pay all these grand slam promotions. All these homerun riches winners, Conor Henderson into the Anaheim night. I mean, they’re hitting some bombs here. I mean, then they might need to move the right field wall back before it’s all over with for you. Oh, there’s


John Martin  01:24

not a lot of room to do that. Don’t do that. But yes, last week, I was actually out on a rehab assignment. I was down in Baltimore south in the Sarasota area. Okay. And, you know, I’m trying to stretch out maybe get myself to, you know, six innings seven innings. You know, make sure I can I can we have

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:44

three batters out of the bullpen right. Now if you can do that, maybe you’re left handed. You’re good. We could use that

John Martin  01:49

I am not left handed. Boy I’d give my left arm be ambidextrous.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:54


Yeah, I know. Did you see the video of the kid over in Asia that throws both arms now oh my god it showed up on my timeline is he’s got a glove that the glove Oh yeah. He’s like it looks like something on AI and there he is. Throw if and I’m thinking if Otani can do this anybody can do you know what I mean? Like it’s just Babe Ruth did it right but it’s just been 100 Bo Jackson to two sports. But yeah, I can’t I can’t feed myself with my left hand. I can’t think like that. But the Orioles bullpen and baseball on the tongue. And you guys on everybody’s tongue because meaning we’re 35,000 People in the ballpark last week. We’re coming home. Don’t tell anybody but Luke and I spent an hour talking about the Yankees are coming on Monday. So we’re real baseball town here. We’re such a baseball tent. The NFL draft is happening this weekend. And people are still talking baseball.

John Martin  02:45

Yeah, that’s fun, isn’t it when you’ve got other other things to keep you busy like a like lotteries, perhaps maybe the jackpots the Powerball megamillions are in that area that I know certain members of your household appreciate when they’re both in three digits series on

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:01

Mega Millions and 129 on Powerball she would play the Mega Millions because she’s she’s stingy you know, she wants to scream. Greed is good. Right when it comes to winning.

John Martin  03:11

As long as she’s playing responsibly, that’s yes. And enjoying it and knows when to say when and then that’s that’s all good. So she she is looking at that I’m sure as many people are, and you know, springtime things bloom things blossom. We launched a couple of fun scratch offs this week. One a perennial favorite, at least I think has been perennials. It seems like it’s almost every year is our skeeball scratch off ticket at a $3 price point top price $15,000.


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:39

I used to play that down on the beach. Right? You told me skee ball right in the arcade?

John Martin  03:43

I was just gonna say I’m sure you have fond memories of skee ball in Ocean City. And I actually had

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:49

a conversation two weeks ago with somebody about skee ball, that they have one in their home. I’m not I’m not making this up, because and it may have come from the Pac Man conversation, because I was somewhere recently where there was a machine and and like, and my wife and I have been talking about it because I’m handing these out at our early crabcake tours. Right. So you know, the, the games of our childhood are still you know, I was never any good at skee ball. Like that was just one run like I’m good at duck pin bowling, right? It’s pretty much the same thing. Yeah, this same thing. It’s

John Martin  04:19


once you get in a groove, right? I mean, when it hits that little hill and

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:23

anything can happen when it hits the hill.

John Martin  04:25

Well, that’s the idea. If it were five feet straight with no, no obstacles, people would win all the time. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:36

I’m going to be hitting Ross for next month, right like in May. I’m going from Pac Man to skee ball so I need to get my ski chops up right


John Martin  04:43

something else Hey, but the the one we’re really talking about here and I don’t know if Seth you know he’s sometimes he gets a little focus on things. If if he got into it last time, but we launched a new scratch off $5 price point this week called the big spin. Did he talk to you about that? Let’s talk about this the big spin what is the big spin The big sprint is a $5 scratch off that if you are lucky enough to win a cash prize, you could win up to $50,000 instantly on that $5 scratch off ticket. But if you reveal a spin symbol, that means you can take that ticket to any Lottery retailer, you can actually scan it with your mobile app, you can scan it at a self service vending machine, and it will reveal your spin price, which would be anywhere from $10 up to $250. Or you could reveal a big spin logo, which means you now need to schedule an appointment to come on down to lottery headquarters and spin a six foot wheel. You know, you’ve seen those prize wheels on television. Correct?

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:47

How about the Bob Barker? You’re thinking Bob Barker. Okay, there we go.

John Martin  05:51

How about coming into this to the intergalactic headquarters here at Maryland lottery and impressive building? My dad? Yes. Yes. And and standing in front of when the six foot wheels and give it a nice little twirl with the potential to win from 50,000 to $250,000 Cash Money, right? So

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:12


they come down, they automatically 150 the show, just

John Martin  06:16

for walking in the door just for seeing this smiling face just for seeing this smile

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:21

even more than you gave the Ravens tickets winners, right and like the mid 50s A lot, right? Like that’s a kitchen downtown. Right?

John Martin  06:27

Don’t Don’t tell them that it’s a lot of money. It is it’s a significant it’s a big amount of money for the big spin. We do things big here at Maryland lottery


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:37

isn’t one of the wheels where you need to have I mean it really?

John Martin  06:42

Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:43

I mean, I’m sure you know, some muscle bound guy could do that. But for guys like you and me, I see what I did right there. For guys like you and me. Yeah, yes, it’s two hands. And you got to give it a nice little. I’m spending the afternoon up at Greenmount bowl, you know, doing a crab tour next screen Max station, and he’s gonna beg me to like he’s gonna put the duck pinball in my hand and my youth at the East Point fair lanes. And you know, it’ll all come back to me and then my back will kick in. And I’ll be like, not a golfer, not a bowler. I can shoot baskets. There’s things I can do at this point in my life. Like picking up hot grinders in the hole. Not my thing right now. But spinning the wheel. I think I got one spin in me. I think I could do that for 50 grand. 250 grand, right? If I hit it,

John Martin  07:23


too. Yeah, yeah, different price amounts, you know, they click click, click, click, click, click.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:30

And there you have it, the little light spin and they played. Okay. All right. I like that. John Martin is here. He’s Executive Director. Well, thanks, Maryland lottery and gaming, putting a similar you know, you mentioned scanning and winning. First time ever, and I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe given that I’ve given 1000s of these things out over the course of time. I was at fade lease two weeks ago, Friday, we’re going to be there again, this week, Luke and I are going to be there crabcakes shrimp style, the new location. It’s even if you’ve been to fate these a million times and but didn’t do one. And we told the story about everything in the old ones in the new one, except the entire kitchens changed. I gave one of these to a gentleman. And he came over during the break. And he’s like, how do I know if I want or not? And I’m like, Give me that. And I had my app and I went boop. And at that moment, I thought, Man, I really want him to win 10 box or like, even to box. He was not a winner. But I had explained second chances. But I want you to know that anybody can find out if they they want or not as long as they have a mobile device. And it’s it’s literally pretty fast to happen. It’s faster than you think. Even in my own case, I wanted to help them. I’m like, boop, boop, boop, boom. And it was like, wow, now, now I’m on now I’m like, You’re a winner. You’re a winner. You know, I feel like I could be Oprah when I’m out doing this. You know, don’t

John Martin  08:41

get out of your skis there, pal. But the Yes, matter of fact, it’s even easier now with our new and improved mobile app. So for details, go to MD We’re not only can you learn more about these wonderful new spring promotions and new games, but you can hopefully learn about our new app, which will make it even easier for doing things like that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:04

All right, well, um, you know, I guess we talked about lots of things and jackpots and all of that winners. Tell me about some winners here. First winner I want to talk about is the grand salami last weekend, because we probably should. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I tried to bring you into baseball. But then when you get these jackpots, you know, that’s what we talked about. But


John Martin  09:24

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You said baseball. Are we talking baseball now?

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:27

I used to be. I don’t know if you know this. But there are people that have called me an icon in this town people that have compared me, our cosell and Howard Stern. I’ve done sports here for a long time. So I am always ready to talk about and I’ve been waiting a long time, as you all know, on and off the air, waiting a long time to talk about oriels prosperity. So let’s talk about homeruns. Let’s talk about giving away your money. You should

John Martin  09:52

you should but briefly an homage to the team with the best record in Major League Baseball.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:57


Oh gosh. It’s a All right,

John Martin  10:00

you know this Hey, hey, don’t deny me my small victories All right, well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:05

mean, I just you know had a big victory so if you and I don’t have a bad week together in October because I man doing this documentary, there are pictures of the Roberto Alomar incident 96, as well, as well as a picture of me next to Tony Fernandez. Oh Nightscout doing both Tony Fernandez did Baltimore radio did my show. Six days after he hit the home run off up in Aetas? Because I had a picture he and I in the dugout in Cleveland were all frozen because it was snowing that night if he did the show that night. 1997. So these are things you don’t know about me that you need to know about me having gotten this all these years? You know, I remember when your team had another name that we don’t talk about anymore. And also remember the greatest sports movie ever made was made about your franchise, not mine.

John Martin  10:55

Well, there’s still plenty of time on the clock. It’s still happen. You know what’s great, though. Nicole watts of Sykesville, Maryland, and I have not yet talked to Doug Lloyd. No, we talked about Doug Doug has been on your show. Many times. I would I was not aware of this because I was down in in Sarasota, you know, working out the kinks. Apparently Doug called her during the game after after the ball had just left the ballpark. So Todd gets on the phone. And I’ve noticed what that conversation was like


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:25

oh, no, no, we got to have Doug on next. You’re taking a week off and you’re on vacation next week. You’re on assignment I’m putting your assignment is to get to tell the stories but it’s hilarious. But ya know, she’s one she knew a couple of weeks ago before the month began that it was a night right because

John Martin  11:41

anyone who enters the non-winning ticket and to be a contestant of The game can go to MD we will be drawing and posting for the month of May coming up any any day now. So yeah, you’ll be able to look ahead and say okay, I’ve got substance just state and Nicole hopefully did that and said I’ve got April 19 That’s Kansas City it’s a way okay and bam $5,000 later the first Grand Slam which you know for those of you keeping score it I know you do to date as we speak there have been 34 home runs hit one grand salami for a prize total package of $33,000 and the little $5 homerun riches Bases Loaded scratch off or I’m sorry fast play ticket now has the progressive jackpot over $90,000 So if you don’t make the that’s not a bad consolation price if you don’t make the contest of the game is winning over 90 grand Don’t you think?

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:42

You know what, and I think they’re gonna hit one a month right? I mean, they’re gonna hit six I think they might have eight or nine they might only have three or four but I don’t think so. Because a they have the hitters to do it and be they’re gonna have guys on base. I mean, I will acknowledge I mean, they’re gonna they’re gonna have Hey, when Seth came on because Seth is such a baseball and that loves having Seth on despite the fact that he better not where the stars will Jersey next I told him Clemente acceptable here. I’ll accept Clemente, but we will not accept stars will here and certainly not Kent to call V or anything along the lines of Omar Moreno. But he gets some baseball nerds that’s with me last week, like literally went out and talked about how many times they had the bases loaded before the Grand Slam last week, we did the show. They led the league and bases loaded opportunities. So I mean, so early on, I mean, you can pry the Guardians I almost use the T word I’m sorry. The second column the browns. But But this team’s this is gonna be fun on a daily basis. Anybody who is a May contestant knows that. It might the prize might you know might turn into Hey, we get a vacation out of this.

John Martin  13:50


Well, it should be lots of fun. Yeah, each and every game because again, when you’ve got that lineup from from one to nine, and and the potential is any, any game to have. I’m just looking at the

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:02

holidays to its now so we can leave them alone. All right. Well, there

John Martin  14:05

was a stretch here. I’m looking at it here from April 13. through April 17. Five games, they hit three home runs every night. So that means the contestant game one $500 Being selected plus 500 per home run. We had Mariana Johnson win $2,000 Melanie Bortel win $2,000 Christopher Ruth win $2,000 Gloria Massey win $2,000 JANET Davis win $2,000

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:30

I can’t wait to be contestant on June 26 When it’s about 97 degrees at game time. And the airs night you know what I mean? Like balls gone, you know that you’re gonna they’re gonna have nights where they hit five.


John Martin  14:41

Say, oh, yeah, yeah. And we are more than happy to be be part of that. You know, here’s another fun story here because in spring I mentioned the spring thing going on here. We have a motion called Spring Fling, where anyone who buys a draw game at your pick through your pick for your Keno racetracks, Powerball mega million is a game that’s not a scratch game. We’re not a fast play game. But a a draw game, we’ll get on a random basis, one of our four newest, fast play games as an add on a freebie. So imagine the look on the contestants face. When are the players face when they were playing their I believe it was a pick three, pick four. game they played one or the other. And up, pop Canac. Congratulations, you’ve won a fast play $2 scratch off game, which you would call 711 21. And oh, by the way, that happens to be a progressive jackpot. And oh, by the way, that ticket that just popped up happened to be a progressive jackpot winner in the tune of $25,765. So you happen to be a retiree and you see this ticket pop up, and you’re pretty excited because you don’t really know what it is. And you call your daughter and you say, Hey, I think I just want $1,000 And she says, Dad once you scan me the ticket, says

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:00

see John Martin does that what it says CMD lotteries that

John Martin  16:05

it said progressive winner and when they scan the ticket, and she read it she said Dad, you didn’t want $1,000 You want a $25,000 Jackpot. So imagine the hilarity that ensued and the fun and they came in and took the ceremonial picture behind the big check. From Salusbury little sleepy Salusbury they won. I love

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:26


Solsbury man, they have a zoo in Salisbury that I still haven’t seen and every time I go down there, the mayor who’s no longer the Mary’s working for the governor has always threatened to take me to the zoo and my wife on the way to the beach. So we have to stop and Saulsbury they got a great pie shop and Saulsbury I’m gonna tell you that right now. So come see me. I’ll get you there. And I’m

John Martin  16:45

gonna I’m gonna guess that he’s not the first guy who’s offered to take you to the zoo. There’s probably a few people

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:50

in your listing. Kirby FAL was a friend of mine. And matter of fact, matter of fact, because of you, I’m going to the zoo next week. I have an event at the zoo next week. I’m going to take a picture and I’m gonna send it to you by the way I got something for you. This is a new feature we’re gonna have here on our segments from time to time you don’t know about this

John Martin  17:09

new to starting now.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:12

This is a new feature we’re gonna have here you show off all your winners. I want to show off my winners this Hey Lee’s right with winners so I you know I have winners to these folks scratch see she scratched the thing she named scratching She scratched the scanner and she scanned and I think they one was a two one was a 10 but they were and look at can you imagine when you went 25,000 on the scratch off that the smile that you get on your face when you win like that? We see those smiles every day. When I get these added families and when I give these added Greenmount station

John Martin  17:44

that’s because you’re that’s because you’re a giver Nestor people people like to engage with people who are givers.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:49

What do you see the documentary? Oh, you know it’s coming out this week. No more lies on this program about my integrity. John Martin is here. Executive Director of the Maryland lottery. What else do we got going on? Because I know we got Yeah, I mean spring begat summer next May next week. 80 degrees Yankees in town like all that going on. This is when you guys really get out and in and spin the wheel as they say is Ross and Doug telling me we

John Martin  18:12


love it go to MD And look at the events photos from from the past but more importantly coming up this weekend. Saturday we’re going to be at College Park at the University of Maryland for Maryland Day. First time we’re doing it I’m sure that’s a big deal. I think it’s their spring football game. And I think they have a lot of things going on free events. So it’s a way for people to get out and roam the the College Park campus and we will be partaking in that. Stop by spin our price we don’t get pictures taken and you may show up on our lottery page. But in the month of May then every weekend at least one event sometimes double dipped on a weekend barbecue

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:55

is like wow you know I need I need I’m about the beer the barbecue the wine the you know what to do. I’m about outside okay

John Martin  19:03

with the make yourself on Saturday, the fourth to the Anna Rondo County Fairgrounds for the Annapolis Irish festival. My wife who is part Irish, half Irish, somewhere in between the part and a half. We’ve attended this before. Great event. Lots of lots of music, lots of Culture of the Irish dancing and all this fun stuff.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:29

Every time it’s time I went to Dundalk, Ireland. No, there’s a real Dundalk, Ireland. Yeah, this is this is a good one. And this is the stuff I would put in the documentary if it needed to be longer but we went to we went to Ireland so you two went to Dublin after my wife got sick. It’s probably 17 She was feeling much better, had a great trip, went over drank beer did the Guinness tours and all that stuff before they even built the place over here. And there is a Dundalk, Ireland and I’ve always known about it looked it up. It’s only 45 minutes from Dublin and we got the car driving on the wrong side of the road. Um, and I did it with five speed to make it even more of a challenge. You know, I mean, not to be backwards wrong side by side of the car and driving the five speed. So we went to Dundalk, Ireland, it was a Sunday and if you know anything about Irish culture, it’s a family day. It’s a roast day every, you know, to dinner day for everyone in Ireland, and they have special things on menus. And I looked up a pub that was going to serve proper food. I googled all this down and I went to this pub, the name of the pub sounded like my father. My father’s last name was Mick Gergen, my father was Irish, and it sounded sort of silly as McGuire’s place. And we went there, and we sat at the bar, and we’re the only tourists. You know, we’re a billion miles from anywhere, and we sit down and we look like we’re tourists and we start talking to people and we’re like celebrity tourists because we’re Americans and like, Americans ever come in here. What are you doing in here? What do you do and I can’t do the Irish thing. So we order food and I told them I was actually from Dundalk, Maryland, which they probably know about now with the bridge right and fell on the barstool befriended us talk to us TOLD US history of like all of this stuff, and he’s like, there’s a there’s a football match at the end of town. They play at Oriole Park, and I’m like, what the Dundalk Football Club. Oh are I elor I E L or you can look this up. I have a match at four o’clock I’m you can get tickets and I went over we didn’t stay for the match but I bought a Dundalk FC sweater in the gift shop when I went through. And this fellow on that day took my number and a month and a half later a packages that speaks to Irish hearts right? package arrives. I don’t know what’s in it. It’s a box from Ireland. We open it. The man went to stores in town and sent us a Dundalk care package where everything on and I have a shirt that says you wouldn’t understand it’s a Dundalk thing. It’s from Dundalk, Ireland. So yeah, so Irish Irish festival. Let’s go I’m ready to dance. I’m ready to do all of it. You know, whoa, whoa, whoa. Dundalk story for the day. Well, grab


John Martin  22:03

your kilt and head on over to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds on the fourth will be there and then the fifth will be in Frederick. The running festival is you don’t do running than either. I know you said you didn’t do certain things

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:16

want to have my knee coat on and oh six and the doctor looked at me when I came out of the fog and said you’re never going to run again. I ran a little bit but no, I’m not a runner. I’m a rapper. I’m, I’m a I’m a low impact. Stretchy guy. That’s what alright, but I’ll cheer him on and I’ll meet him in the garden afterward and have a beverage.

John Martin  22:33

Sure why not? Here’s what I’m not familiar with. We’ll be doing a Saturday May 11. Rahm fest I hope that’s not a sleeping related thing. I don’t understand that. Remington neighborhood. In in the city again. Music food. Good Times Remington

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:51


festival. Really? Yeah. Oh, that’s awesome. I didn’t know about that. See that? All right, good. Good.

John Martin  22:57

We both learned something today. And of course, those big events coming up in the latter part of may include the Preakness wine in the woods and brew at the zoo. So we’ll talk more about those in the weeks ahead. But again, you can check us out at MD Find out where we are. Come on down, spin the wheel, I’ll take your picture with us. And regale us with your exciting winning stories.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:20

So I’m going to be Greenmount bowl doing the show and going over to Green Mountain station and we’re gonna be doing a lot on horse racing. David Richardson from the horsemen’s association is gonna be joining me all the changes all you said the magic words and includes money, Preakness, Preakness. So I’m gonna be talking about pregnancy in the future. So I know you guys are involved there, everybody’s all into that. So that’ll be coming next week as part of the Maryland crabcakes where, which is what we do around here. In addition to promote the Maryland lottery and responsible gaming, certainly, John only to tell you because I’ll bring it up just what’s happened in the news in the NBA and all that, that we need to continue on this message. 365 24/7 right. It’s

John Martin  24:03

all education and be happy, you know, as we have these opportunities, thank you to to educate folks about it. But that’s really where, where it has to start and educating in the schools. This


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:15

guy lost his life, right? This NBA player, right, like, you know what I mean, like, and I you know, I look at it and say that this is this is, this is more than a social shame. This is a real addiction. This is I mean, you’ve always told me that, you know, this is something call get real help get real support.

John Martin  24:34

Well, and again, not to end on a downer note, but but the reality is, is you can’t tell me that this young man was not educated or was not made aware. But yet, for some reason, either chose to ignore it or thought it didn’t apply to him and pursued a course of action which basically ended his career and you have to wonder where did the system fail? Call him and you’re never gonna get everybody. And you know, when we talk about these things about Responsible Gambling, you know, 95% of the people play responsibly

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:09

and have a great time with it real and enjoy

John Martin  25:12


it and it runs good things. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:14

want to come back to that and say like, this was action, and guys and dials, just like the other social questions of cannabis and alcohol and all of these things and how they’re adjudicated, but, but at some point, we create laws, we pass laws, and then we try to do the right thing. And that’s what we come together and try to do and, and, you know, part of doing the right thing is keeping an eye on each other looking out for each other as well.

John Martin  25:37

Yeah, absolutely. And again, as we talk more about it, that if you think he’s the last one, here, you’re mistaken. He just happens to be the next one. So we’ll see what happens going forward. And we hope that it doesn’t, it doesn’t slow down our efforts to continue getting the message, continue educating people and make sure they have access to the resources they need. That

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:59

being said, we’re gonna be out on the Maryland crabcakes we’re having some fun this week. We are also previewing the 25th anniversary documentary to be out probably by the time you hear this, so you got a Baltimore positive check that out 25 years of doing this 40 years of doing that 32 years of doing the radio thing, and, and a lot of years of asking people for their time, and their and their involvement. And we’re very, very appreciative. Everybody out there, and I’m sure in the early going of the draft when the Ravens don’t draft authorities, people will be hitting it laughing. Lots of folks, if you’ve participated at any point in our journey, you’ll be in it. So a big thanks to the Maryland lottery for putting us out on the road with the Maryland crab cake tour Pac Man for now. And Stiebel coming down the line and the Preakness next month we got lots of things happening including home run riches, and an NFL draft that Luke is covering any breaking news happens first on the WNS D tech service. You’re hearing this we’re in the middle of the draft draft picks will be coming your way out on the tech service as well. You can sign up at Baltimore

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The news of the death of former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and Super Bowl XLVII champion Jacoby Jones came as a shock to everyone this weekend. A few photos and a long conversation about his dancing prowess. We will remember…

Rediscovering the art and love of collecting sports collectibles

Local sports memorabilia expert Danny Black joined Nestor to discuss their lifelong shared love for collecting baseball cards and sports memorabilia. From the hobby's evolution and its modern aspects, Nestor shares modern tales of his amazing Luis Aparicio collection and…

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