If Ravens and Lamar divorce, what will they tell the fans?

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Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the disappointments of recent Ravens seasons and the apparent souring of the Lamar Jackson relationship in Owings Mills.

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back, w n s t test Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into a new year and into a new offseason for ravens football around here. We’ll be doing Marilyn crabcake tour next week we’re gonna be in Catonsville with our friends State Fair and Beaumont and El Guapo and Evan and all of them and picking up the pieces from the 212 to eight as we begin the new year before the Super Bowl. And as we begin into Lamar Jackson sweepstakes are brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’ll have some rabid scratch offs to giveaway next Friday in Catonsville, as well as our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free and you get 60 months. That’s five years 0% financing. That’s even a better deal than they gave me so it’s pretty good deal. I love what I have friends on the program and this guy is Bill Cole from coal roofing. I have a cool roofing mug and the reforms in here. By the way, Billy, I usually wear a shirt where the logo is above the nipple. And the drug city shirt is actually lower. So I have to always like hold it up. You’re not a Dundalk guy. Like right. So like, where did you grow up? Are you Southwest Baltimore? Because it feels to me like that’s where your business was? Right? Yeah, that’s

Bill Cole  01:09

the real Yeah. Well, that was only started in 97. So I grew up like Perry Hall Whitemarsh. The my great grandparents house was in Hamilton. So like white Avenue and Bella rose that was kind of, we kind of were there and then moved our way out. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  01:26

everybody’s Baltimore experience really is how far from Memorial Stadium or the civic center or harbor place, right? Like the key places, how far you may have been from the mall in our era, like where you’re from, but even when like the Ravens moved here, and Kevin Byrne came here. So the thing that blew everybody in Baltimore identifies himself when they say, where are you from? It’s where you went to high school. Or if you went to curl, you’d say I’m from Highland town, but I went to curl here. I went to Catholic High or I went to Calvert hall or wherever you would go, right? I find it interesting to being from Dundalk, right? There’s such a stigma. And I don’t mean that in any people don’t make fun of Catonsville, or even our beauty. So there Jimmy Schwarz, congratulations on getting the branch job this week. But people don’t make fun of places like they do Dundalk. And I often wonder, because I’ll say to somebody uptown from Towson, or whatever, you know, where the rich people lived. When I was a kid, I’d say, you know, you ever been to Dundalk, you know, have you ever like and they’d be like, Well, I have an uncle that yeah, what the squires once or I went to what I had a captain Arby’s cheesesteak once in the 80s or whatever. So like, did you ever go it? Did you know about drug city? Because there’s nobody in Dundalk. It doesn’t know about drug city. But I am thinking like, you come to Hamilton, maybe you don’t know about drug city and you just like tackle because it’s a funny name, you know?

Bill Cole  02:41

Correct. That’s pretty much what I do. I have no idea about drug city. So I laugh at the name and see that you’re that guy. I am definitely that guy. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  02:51

the drug city story because drug cities like this legendary place that is only like drug city, and you’d have to go. And it’s a shame. You can’t experience some of the old things. But they had this fountain now. They’re bringing back some of the greatest hits from the old days of you. They’re not going to bring back the videotapes and the X Ray did. You know they’re not bringing any of that back? In the wrestling magazines are definitely not bringing those back. But some of the old school candies and stuff are still there, and you should should go to drug city. So there’s my fault. Well, it’s a positive thing for you.

Bill Cole  03:24

All right. I like it. I’ll have to put it on the list during the show

Nestor Aparicio  03:27

there. March 3. So before we get into ravens, did you have a special teacher in your life? Do you have someone who was alive or is alive gym teacher, principal somebody liked on Moeller was to me in your life.

Bill Cole  03:41

I, I felt bad about this actually got to conversate with your wife about this last week or whatever, when we were all together, but it’s like, there are teachers who definitely were more influential than others. There are teachers names that I remember. Not for good reasons. So they’ll remain nameless. And then

Nestor Aparicio  04:02

Bill call please report to the principal’s office Bill Cole.

Bill Cole  04:05

I my stories are more about coaches. Right. Like I spent more time on the field or in the gym. Okay, those

Nestor Aparicio  04:16

are your mentors. Fair enough,

Bill Cole  04:17

which is and then, you know, like each one of them, I can look back fondly and say, Oh, that’s why I think it’s okay to scream my head off at my daughter’s when I’m coaching basketball. That guy gave me the ability to like, even though I’m getting me and my 10 year old had this discussion last night about little girls talking trash and how it’s like, messing with her. She’s like, not, it’s like, and I’m like, no, no, you don’t understand this. Yeah, you might not like it but this is part of the game like dope. So we had a wonderful you know, mental toughness conversation last night. 1010 Okay, Dan man I was like, Oh, they’re

Nestor Aparicio  05:00

on the internet. I think you know, I mean, I was reading section over drugs, these kids today. I mean, they got to have skin like an armadillo is Rex Ryan once said to me and

Bill Cole  05:10

my wife, she, she didn’t play any sports as a kid. So she’s like, Oh, that’s totally unacceptable. I can’t believe that, that those kids talk. I’m like, holy cow, you you have no idea like, this is what it is like, like, it’s been going on since the beginning of time when they were like throwing rocks at each other. Like, you just they people look for any advantage they can in a competitive sport and it and it’s not a borderline, it’s borderline on like, bad sportsmanship, right, depending on how personal it gets. But the idea of walking on the court and going to the player that you’re opposing and saying, Hey, I just want you to know, like, I’m the best defensive player on my team. And I told them, I was going to guard you, because you’re the best offensive player and I’m about to shut you down. That concept. That’s that’s good natured competitiveness. And now I’m in his head right now. He’s he really wants to beat me now. So

Nestor Aparicio  06:10

you’re talking trash. You’re playing checkers when you’re six are no,

Bill Cole  06:13

not not a trash talker. But very forthright with, Hey, I am the stopper. I’m coming for you. I’m going to be in your pocket all day. My name is Bill. I’m going to high five at the end of the game. But between now and then you’re not going to touch the ball. We’re gonna compete. We’re just not going to touch the ball. I’m gonna take you right out of this key. So

Nestor Aparicio  06:36

I like I’ve done the 1057 Every year at the Super Bowl last 25 years. No Cole was here. He’s cool roofing record the energy. So the reason I asked about the teacher thing is I had a transcendent experience last week. And it’s had a ripple effect, right? Like every day, since that day. Someone and this is the nature of social media has made me smile in some way, in regard to this transcendent human being who’s 82 years old. I don’t want to say I haven’t thought about Mr. Stadium in 30 years, because I have a lot. I hit a son on Facebook. When my mother was alive. We ran into him in the IHOP and Bundock like 10 years ago, and we talked about getting together and then my mother died and my wife got cancer and like we never got together. So this is a man that keep in mind. So this is 1979 8081. Okay, that’s the timeframe. I’m 1011 12. I had skipped a grade all the kids were bigger than me, because I was 10. And they were 12. Right? So and I was 10 in the seventh grade, you know, kind of strangely, right? Because I read at a high level. I was really smart. When I was a kid. I don’t know what happened. But so Mr. Stadium was the chorus director and the music teacher. He was one of maybe three African American teachers in the school. There were zero African American students in high calibre junior high school, I’ll show you them. I’ll show you all three of my middle school or junior high school yearbooks. So this is 7980 81 in that frame, and he like had a bigger class because Chorus was, you know, 100 kids, and or, you know, it felt like 100 but it might have been 50 or 60. There’s a lot of kids band was going on next door. We it was a measurement to be in chorus, because they had a choral event every Christmas and every spring. Every spring. We all had to get on the school bus dress really nice drive to Parkville Middle School, to our recital and sing our songs and get graded. And it was the most he was the most serious, demanding. And if you didn’t like structure, you would hate Calvin stadium. Kids hated him. Probably because he was black. You know, it’s 1979 and Dundalk, right? It’s Archie Archie Bunker still in real time. He any they don’t have O’Connor’s place yet. He’s still doing real Archie at that point. Right. You know, me heads still bumping into him. Right. So this is 1979 81 Wonderful man always loved him always loved me, dreamed of being in his show. When I was in ninth grade. He gave me a part in My Fair Lady. So, so fast forward two weeks ago, and I haven’t seen Mr. Stadium in 10 years. I haven’t interacted with him as an adult. Okay, I’ve never interacted in 31 years on the radio. I have never had an adult other than running into him in the IHOP and he and his wife are special people. So let me explain to you this. Calvin stadium singers, gospel legends in this area 6070s 80s The kind of gospel act that would open at a big show being the undercard because they were big local act and they played the churches throughout the region. Three singers soulful you can go Google and YouTube and he told me that the other night so I did not shared one last week. So I have reached out with all these years in a My Fair Lady ag comes on, and Ron Legler down at the Hippodrome sucking me in the bottom are positive, you know? So I get this My Fair Lady and I said to my wife, we gotta go see my fair lady. My, my wife’s like, I’ve never seen my fair like, I’m like, she said, what’s it about? Oh, you don’t even know what it’s about. Cool. All right. So let’s try to figure this out. And then I reach the Patrick Calvin son, Pat Calvin’s, 82. And I put a note out on the internet and it went crazy, dude, he taught it Pikesville for 10 years in the 70s. So there’s a whole wing of his life that I had no idea about, including one of my partners. One of the people that owns my station was taught by Calvin Stata, he sent me a text yesterday. So every day, it’s this auto opening box of chocolates. So I’m dragging in the drug city. He lives in Edgemere. I’m dragging them to drug City on March 3, and there’s your chance to meet my chorus teacher, the legendary Calvin state and who’s going to be my guest. He’s going to break my balls. And when my wife said to me, I’ve never seen anybody abuse you. The way that man abused you for hours.

Bill Cole  10:59

Well, I wasn’t totally sold until the end there. Now I’m probably in because any stadium is not demure. I have to be I have to be around for that.

Nestor Aparicio  11:10

How are you man? How are you dealing with the aftermath of the Ravens it’s not even like a letdown Right? Like nobody. Oh, yeah, it is.

Bill Cole  11:22

I find to be wildly disappointing. Like there’s like a song or something. Where did all the heroes go? Like I don’t know. Like

Nestor Aparicio  11:31

I’m thinking about the Van Halen Where have all that good times gone.

Bill Cole  11:35

Okay, sure. Yeah, that would work too. Okay. I wanted to go to bed. I wanted them to be down three touchdowns at halftime like I had no hope that’s not entirely true like you know, like, I think you and I talked about it like hey, anything can happen but they they made me watch the entire game and they

Nestor Aparicio  11:59

made me believe you saw Hey, I did I got vested when the when the ball was going like up to go over

Bill Cole  12:08

no doubt. I was I was fairly neutral at that point. But like you weren’t

Nestor Aparicio  12:13

ever going to score a touchdown when they just prior to that last thing we

Bill Cole  12:18

just prior to that snap doing field goal analysis because reality is they lost their left tackle or whatever they were a mess they had ceased moving the ball. Okay, kick a field goal here play defense, get it back kick field goal. play defense, get it back. Do we have time for three more field goals to win this get you?

Nestor Aparicio  12:39

And you’re thinking they’re not the Bengals anymore? We’re gonna sack burrow or he’s gonna throw the ball off the Marcus beater. Yeah, and we’re gonna pull off the shock of the world the way the Giants beat the bike.

Bill Cole  12:50

So right so I mean, they were just they were sort of a wounded duck at that point. And, and all they were trying to do was run the clock and get to the end of the game. I also believe that James crochet the third or whatever he is, had a chance to have a clip that would have been shown at the Hall of Fame forever. And part of that, you know, play off glory read Jacoby Jones to Yes, like all those crazy things that happen in the playoffs that you never would expect you know what I mean that the chance of it happening is one of the billion all I mean, I it was very hard catch I get it never happens. That’s what makes it one a billion. But it don’t get much closer than you get it

Nestor Aparicio  13:40

for me is when the ball hits the ground. I am like they weren’t going to be Kansas City anyway, you know what I mean? Like there’s a part for me, I’m not thinking like I used to think which is bus trips, Super Bowl fun. This. If this team loses, we could actually host the championship game because we’re the hierarchy like I all of that had gone away. And especially Lamar tweeting out extensive reports of his grade two, almost three injury. You know, like, I didn’t think Lamar was coming back either. Right? I just the Mojo around this team was to me, as a as a fan, as a citizen as a journalist, shut it down. You weren’t winning and they’ll figure out what you’re going to do to win the next time because this and I think that that’s what they’re doing now. And that’s why I mean, NFL Network is on the air bro. Eating in the morning after the game sending him to the Jets. Right. Vegas has numbers on sending him to the like, it’s amazing how quickly this has gone from Lamar is our guy too. They don’t want Lamar Lamar doesn’t What

Bill Cole  14:46

do you think that it was Lamar decision to not go to Cincinnati or do you think the Ravens told him why don’t you just stay home?

Nestor Aparicio  14:55

I think they that if I so I’m guessing Okay. even on this right, because John Harbaugh and Eric Decosta Don’t speak to me, although in the old days, I probably would have figured it out, right. I mean, I had enough people, and there’s still enough people that have really want to poke around. I’m much more like eating the popcorn like Michael Jackson and thriller. You know, I’m much more like, oh, well, you know, if, first off, it won’t be an NFL insider that reports anything other than the Raven side, right? So if, and I know how the politics of this work, so whoever reports it, this is like Jeff Barker in the sun. If he reports it just because John Angelos talked to him in the middle of the night, told him what to write. He wrote it right. And, by the way, John Angeles another story, though, write that down. So we get to that because they made some news this week, too. But in regard to the, to the Lamar Jackson situation, my gut is to me, and I only have a little piece of this, the pieces. And you know, I’ll be full disclosure, Harbaugh was really displeased with Lamar Jackson missing OTAs How do I know that it’s in my phone. So when Lamar and I were on Twitter back in May, and he missed the OTA week, John wasn’t happy. And I would think John’s not happy. That probably doesn’t make Steve or Eric happy, or Greg Roman happy. And if John’s unhappy and a former journalist at that point, I was still a journalist would know about it, and the coach would want me to know about it in May, and then they’re throwing me out in July. It’s bizarre dude. Like all of this is bizarre. The whole Bill Maher thing is bizarre, but I would say the WTF on draft night, probably not good. Missing OTAs really didn’t make hardball happy. Right. Like you’re really not showing leadership and you’re like, you’re the guy right? You’re

Bill Cole  16:49

trying to break the bank but you’re not doing it. The negotiation

Nestor Aparicio  16:51

with Eric. Eric would always portrayed it to me as being you know, cordial, but but a little awkward. But but like, I don’t think Eric ever thought they weren’t gonna get a deal done. Right? I don’t I think this started with unavailability last year gives me the yips gives me the shakes, kind of like a tropical storm. If I have a house in Hatteras, right, I get a little like, you know, maybe this, you know, maybe the second storm won’t be good, right? WTF when he knew it was going on playing the social media game of pay me putting up you know, I want to be paid memes while they’re trying to pay him. Right. But not enough, right? The notion that the Deshaun Watson thing was going to screw everything up. Then he comes into camp, things are fine. They’re playing football, it’s all good. But the sign in the in the hall down in the in the aisleway, in week eight, where he’s holding up the pay me sign, and then the injury and then everything that happened after the injury, which is him hiding for five days after the tweet that got me thrown off at Twitter, back at Thanksgiving. And somewhere between one to three weeks, I don’t trust there’s a trust issue, right. And I’ve talked about this a lot all week long, right and 19. The theme for that team was big trust, right? I am assuming I don’t necessarily speak Urban Dictionary. But I’m assuming trust didn’t mean a trust in a light rigging. It meant trust with a tee. And I think there’s really a, there was a trust problem in December, and something that probably was boiling and percolating through all of these things. And I would say at some point in December, they came to the conclusion that he was too hurt to play wasn’t going to play. They didn’t like the way he’s handling it. He didn’t like the way they were handling it. And somewhere in there. Sometime during the holidays, something went really arrived with trust that has brought them to the point where I don’t know how they’re gonna kiss in makeup. You don’t I mean, I, I, they’re all right. Things, but I don’t know how they’re gonna kiss him. And

Bill Cole  19:01

I know I moved into like, how do you ensure value? Yeah, because I don’t think he’s playing for us again. But I need to maximize my value to deal him. And like not going to the playoff game. That eroded value in the player. Like he’s either not a team player, or he’s more hurt than we think. Or he’s walking around on a cast like nobody’s being honest here, blah, blah, blah. So

Nestor Aparicio  19:30

he’s sitting in a sky bots, and they’re saying he’s there and wanted to be with the team and didn’t want to be on the bench strategy and a distraction and where he is. That would show me solidarity with him not being there the other night. And him while catting the twit the Twitter thing, right?

Bill Cole  19:51

But I would say don’t. I had to tell my kids this right. My kids were all over it. Can’t believe you didn’t go and support this team. cuz, you know, like, we’re trying to instill those kind of values in my children. And like, I’m like, well kowtow, and we don’t really know the story like the Ravens might have told him not to come, yeah, you’re too much of a distraction. Like, we need to go do business. You know, come on, really, it’ll be fine. He was in Pittsburgh

Nestor Aparicio  20:17

five weeks ago, when I was I rubbed elbows with them, dancing, the Latin music, they just beat the Steelers, he was there.

Bill Cole  20:25

I get it. I don’t so but

Nestor Aparicio  20:27

I walked by him to make sure if he had something to say about me for about the Twitter thing that I was available, because that’s the journalist in me, the journalist in me is front facing accountability, after I write, fire the coach, or whatever I’ve ever written, fire the coach,

Bill Cole  20:43

if somebody has hopes of resigning him or getting him to play for us, then the other angle that they’re playing is how do we diminish his perceived value to the outside world? So that he has to come back in my office and say, Hey, we need to get this done. Like, I don’t really like what’s going on right now. I’m not, you know, so diminishing

Nestor Aparicio  21:08

him do, they’re gonna shine him up, and they’re gonna deal him off at some point in March, to whoever is makes him happy and makes them happy. I’m, I’m pretty convinced to that. Like, if there’s a kumbaya, and he’s back, you’re playing playoff game. First off, if there’s a kumbaya, it’s because they gave him more money than anybody, right?

Bill Cole  21:27

I don’t think, yeah, I don’t think any business person can do that at this point. You know, like, with him not playing in November and December for the last two or three years or whatever, whatever the injuries are. I don’t think you can do that. I mean, if you’re, if I’m Bushati,

Nestor Aparicio  21:44

if you’re Stephen Ross in Miami, and you’re trying to sell tickets, oh, yeah, sure. I got Brady retires in Tampa Bay doesn’t have an offensive coordinator or quarterback, right?

Bill Cole  21:53

I don’t know, I have all the information, right. He’s been in my meetings. He’s been in my training rooms, I know what the deal is with the guy. If I’m Bushati, and the cost goes, and does that, I’m going to the gods of St. Jude, have you lost your mind? Like you just wrote us? We, you know, we might make the playoffs? Maybe. But we’re going to lose the first round every year, because we aren’t going to be able to pay our defense, we’re not gonna be able to pay receivers not gonna be, you know, so. And I don’t think I think the cost has got a 20 year 30 year run ahead of him. So he’s, he’s playing the long game. You know, there’s no relegation if you don’t make the playoffs. So

Nestor Aparicio  22:35

I don’t believe that they believe that he will win the Super Bowl here be healthy enough to win the Super Bowl be happy enough here. And I also know this. I don’t know that they believe in the experiment anymore. And they were calling it they weren’t calling it an experiment hardball went for calling an experiment to a revolution in six months. Right. It went from an experiment to a rebel 18 months, right? It went from an experiment to a revolution to an experiment again, because the night they drafted him. We talked about this the morning after he ran into linebackers in that Hall of Fame Game out in Canton, Ohio. When Luke and I were up in the we were up in the little press box, and we’re like, oh my god, he got hit three times harder than I’ve ever seen a quarterback and hit in a purple uniform. And it’s July. And you know what I mean? Like? So knowing all of that, I don’t think they believe they can pay a quarterback $48 million, that they can recruit wide receivers because they can’t recruit a wide receiver in this offense. That’s part of the experiment that I don’t know. When Eric was getting his sigma Dells together. And his Uber Sabre magician, Hopkins scientists who are going to analyze all the analytics, that they looked at this and said, We’re going to draft wide receivers into the system, because we’re never going to force them to play, right. We’re never going to be able, and even when we trap one who’s best bunkies with our quarterback, he could want to play here anymore. And people watch the ball. Six years old.

Bill Cole  24:13

We can sign all the Sammy Watkins into Shawn Jackson’s who can’t get a contract anywhere else and hopefully catch lightning in a bottle. I look at it, it will be considered you know, 20 years from now they look back it won’t be a revolution. But the game definitely changed because of the success that Lamar and Colin Kaepernick before him were able to have in changing the way offense is played. Even if it’s just merely from the fact that there’s this whole other playlist that now the defense has to prepare for change

Nestor Aparicio  24:49

the size and the category of football players defensively, it’s changed linebackers and safeties and it is changed and Free. Think about the size of a human. You look at ro Quan Smith, you’re like, he looks like Ray Lewis. Like if you let the air out of him a little bit, right? Like, literally, Ray was too small to play linebacker it 25 years ago now that they want a team full of strong teams. They want a team full of Kyle Hamilton. Sure, sure. Yeah.

Bill Cole  25:23

I don’t know. I mean, I think when you accept that you’re drafting Lamar, you know, that that has like a half a percent chance of ending? Well, right, like, the number of

Nestor Aparicio  25:40

ways that in any case of drag Robert back, right, yeah, probably many quarterbacks drafted on draft night are going to win a Super Bowl, not many when Brady was alive, right? I mean, like, literally, right. And if Brady weren’t alive, Manning would have won for those literally, right? So,

Bill Cole  25:55

but your percentages are higher, if you don’t add in the fact that part of the skill set is the running, which means you know, they could get evicted anytime, right, they can get a broken leg or whatever. And, you know, and that that that the other quarterbacks aren’t exposed to that it’s just our percentages are much higher for this guy. So it was probably all going to end poorly at some point. And they all had a meeting somewhere in middle of December, and said, maybe now is when it was going to end poorly. Because why would we pay $200 million for it to end poorly four years from now? You know,

Nestor Aparicio  26:38

so and I also think they don’t think this kid’s gonna be able to handle the heat when the heat gets hot, and they give him $200 million. In the end the bright lights get. I mean, he was he was a much better players an underdog if he was a much better sell to the community as an underdog. That same way with Joe Flacco. The minute Flacco got the money they we all forgot he won the Super Bowl.

Bill Cole  26:58

Right? If he if Lamar would agree to take 15 million a year and I could go pay someone slightly better than Tyler Huntley another 10 million a year and literally like not play Lamar to ensure that he’s available for the playoffs. So one game more than one game off one game more than one game you know, whatever kind of goose he was running backs, right? Whatever kind of goofy set right third, you

Nestor Aparicio  27:32

care about JK given the ball 32 times a game?

Bill Cole  27:36

Yeah, I mean, like whatever kind of goofy system you could create. I do believe that Lamar has the ability to win, you know, three or four games in a row, be really special. Go on a Flacco s 11 touchdowns, zero interceptions, kind of run and win the Super Bowl and just dazzle the universe. I do believe he has that in him.

Nestor Aparicio  27:57

He do it with Sean Jackson and DeMarcus. Robinson and

Bill Cole  28:00

correct and he’s not going to do it. After 17 weeks of getting the shit beat out of it. Right? He’s not going to step up and be able to do it after that. So that’s the problem for all

Nestor Aparicio  28:10

of these reasons. I think you pointed out Now who’s the buyer? You know,

Bill Cole  28:18

whose loved the Miami story. I mean, if they can work it out, so that it fits for at least one year with waddle and Tyreke Hill, like holy cow that there are no excuses at that point. I mean, and they were good, right? Like they beat us. They made the playoffs that I mean, they were pretty good team. So I liked Miami when

Nestor Aparicio  28:42

you don’t win football now you’re just done. Ah,

Bill Cole  28:45

no, I mean, I’ll watch I’m curious you know, I there’s enough like the best teams aren’t so much better than everyone else. That there’s just a runaway and it’s boring because the chiefs are gonna win again like I don’t feel that way. There’s a part of me that likes rooting for the bills. I got a buddy up there who’s a bills mafia maniac so you know, I got you know, oh,

Nestor Aparicio  29:09

I know people here hate the Bengals. Now all of a sudden, it’s kind of cool. Like, it’s like, Man, I’m old enough to remember I never thought anybody ate the bangles. But and I’m not a bangle hater. I kind of liked that kid. I think he’s he’s got some Moxie that I like if he were my quarterback in some way.

Bill Cole  29:24

I like to hate him. I like to hate him. Okay, fair enough. See,

Nestor Aparicio  29:27

I don’t I don’t love Josh Allen. Funny enough, you know what I mean? Like as as players like Patrick mahomes. I mean, I think he’s, you can’t hate him. He’s kind of like Peyton Manning is a little bit other than the Colton helmet, you know, like,

Bill Cole  29:40

always feel sorry for the bills. Right? Like, like,

Nestor Aparicio  29:45

if they win the Super Bowl. I mean, that’s the greatest story ever. They like they’re a better story than the Chiefs by far. Yeah. But my point with the Bible’s was I don’t think the Bengals can win now. Because of the injuries. I just see them as lame duck. So I I do want to see the bills and the chiefs. Get together in Atlanta Next weekend and flood the city and play the Peach Bowl all over again. Weird.

Bill Cole  30:05

But I think part of my youth, you know, Jim Kelly and the bills like, I there’s no way I will never feel not feel sorry for the bills. Right? I’ll always feel sorry for them. So something about that makes them you know, somebody that you want to root for, like, there’s like, I can’t imagine how that would have been if that was my team. Right? Like, like they were my team in a lot of those years. You have a team. So you had to pick right do you pick the Giants or you pick the bills? Well, you definitely pick two bills like Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, like they was at

Nestor Aparicio  30:39

the championship game when they won 51 to three when they beat Jay Schrader zig and I talked about it all the time. Have I ever said that on the crabcake tour at at gunpowder Lodge, I guess that was back in October in that range. And he came out and we talked about that day. Because I went to Buffalo for Oilers games. I was not at the comeback game. I was with rustig at that. But the year before the Oilers lost up there, I was at that game. And I went back for the championship game. The art shell game and I’m telling you, man, I have never been in a place where like, if you couldn’t find a girl that night and have a good time. I mean, the whole city was, I mean, I was 2120 years old. It was just an on fire. I drove six hours to Buffalo. And all of a sudden my teams go into this. I wasn’t my team, but like, I’m there drinks fun fans, girls. I know that all of that Zubaz back in the day Thurman Thomas. And then I started were sixth house watching them get beaten, watch the ball sale. And I was like, you know that, you know, my life this 35 years later, and they still?

Bill Cole  31:47

Right? That’s what I mean. So even if they win, I’m not sure that that doesn’t still make me feel sorry for them. So and the NFC is a little bit, you know, like, whatever. Not again, I don’t need to hear that none of that’s really

Nestor Aparicio  32:01

I don’t need to cowboys either. I don’t need that definitely don’t need the 40 Niners

Bill Cole  32:05

like I don’t know, you know there’s there’s not a

Nestor Aparicio  32:08

lot of bills, beating the Cowboys though that might be fun. In a Super Bowl. I’m saying, like, people get worked up and then break their arm.

Bill Cole  32:16

Okay, all right. That’s a little bit mean. But okay. I can get there

Nestor Aparicio  32:20

Cowboys fans. I mean, they went off, they never when that’s right, I was gonna say they went all the time. They’ll call a series called roofing a Gordy energy. Give me a little roofing update here because it’s wintertime. And I know, like it’s been in the 40s. It’s been pretty pleasant. But I remember two days before Christmas is being like, I’ll never forget how cold I was.

Bill Cole  32:41

Really cool. Well, before I go there, I want to come back to something you said earlier this morning, this might be the useful part of our discussion. You were talking about the fact that you reached out to your teacher and you know, had a meaningful reconnection, and part of that relationship

Nestor Aparicio  33:03

was better than meaningful. I would say it was the bet it was my favorite night of the year. So far. It’s been a short year, but I would say it’s my favorite night. In the past eight months. You know what I mean? Like, whatever. I haven’t done a whole lot of things. But yeah,

Bill Cole  33:16

I have no idea how his life is right now. But he might say it’s the best night he’s had in 20 years, right? Like when you get to 82. I don’t know how much fun you’re having. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he has had

Nestor Aparicio  33:31

so much fun that it will make me cry if I talk about it. Right. So I can’t believe I haven’t thought of doing more things like it was like my mother was alive again. I was like hanging out my mother again. It was it was like that very much just psychologically, if you’re if you’re going to Dr. Melfi as you usually do.

Bill Cole  33:48

No, no, no. So I just got done listening to a nother podcast. And it was about this Harvard study on happiness. That is like the longest human study that’s ever like the Pete the subjects started in like the night like 1939. So they’ve, like follow these people through their whole life. They’ve picked up their spouses and kids and then expanded the study and brought in more groups. And so it’s this huge data set, right. And there’s lots of stuff that they haven’t had a chance to analyze, like, I don’t know, how important are pets to your happiness and all this, you know, just sort of extensive liberal bias. But fundamentally, once you get beyond some obvious stuff, those people who were the most happy are the ones who had meaningful relationships. And it didn’t mean like the people who had the most were the happiest, right? Because it really depends on who you are. So So for an introvert, right? If they could have like me More than 1235 meaningful relationships, they could potentially land in that extremely happy category over their life. For an, you know, for an A the opposite of introvert extrovert, thank you to me. Right and extrovert, you know, 150 meaningful relationships, right? Like, the more the better or whatever, whatever that is, but meaningful. And the concept of the people who spent time and effort minding those relationships, were the ones who seem to be more happier. So you can know lots of people. But if there’s no effort into grabbing coffees just catching up, go, you know, spending an evening doing something crazy, whatever. That that that just didn’t. It didn’t hit the, by the

Nestor Aparicio  35:54

way, man. Write this down right now. I just gave you your accelerant speech for next month. Right there. There’s your Thursday morning. Right? Perfect. Right,

Bill Cole  36:01


right. Oh, good. Yeah, that’s wonderful. And then the only other thought I

Nestor Aparicio  36:06

had this connection is, I mean, I get it. It’s a wonderful concept. And I think after the plague, even more valuable, right?

Bill Cole  36:14

Yeah. And just that that affirmation that we all know. And this is they say it all the time, you know, like marriage is hard. You gotta work at it, right? Like, we know this, we know that. Having meaningful relationships takes energy and effort and stick to it

Nestor Aparicio  36:29

sometimes causes disappointment and frustration,

Bill Cole  36:33

we know that. We just need to be reminded, but yeah, and then the other thing I thought of that I wanted to do, which is totally a not a very good transition, but whatever, is, we should have, like a book club comment every time we get together. Because like, there’s always good books, and people are always looking for good books. So but

Nestor Aparicio  36:54

I’m not right now. But I have read a lot of books in my life.

Bill Cole  36:59

Right? So here’s my comment, which you can distill this and we can talk about it next time or something the all the millions of listeners can just grind on it. But smart guy told me a month or two ago, he only reads two books. And he reads them both over and over again. And the whole idea is that these two books, in his opinion, right are the secrets to life. And Bible in the art of war. No. Just checking How to Win Friends and Influence People. Thinking grow thinking Grow Rich Think and Grow

Nestor Aparicio  37:39

Rich. Okay, fair enough. Yeah, they’re both on my bookshelf. Right.

Bill Cole  37:43

And I read, I haven’t read Think Grow Rich by read the other one a long time ago. So I’m rereading that now. And he’s right. Like they’re fundamental things and the road less

Nestor Aparicio  37:53

traveled. And there’s like all sorts of things like that. I don’t Robins whenever I need a little dip. He’s doing a thing next week, a big week long thing. I may or may not participate. I may because I’m feeling it. Right. I mean, you know, I’m having some interesting things going on here as I try to expand what I’m doing. So yeah, opening my mind. I had one of the greatest American authors on last week, James Patterson on with Mike Lupica. And I spoke to them because they’ve written a book of fiction. Right, like admitted to the greatest writer and I’m like, I haven’t read a fiction book since maybe like he’s the beaten like, literally, like I don’t read fiction.

Bill Cole  38:33

Oh, I’m mixing. I mix in Tom Clancy all the time. See, I

Nestor Aparicio  38:37

just don’t I just don’t I was just rethinking rich again, than I am to read or biography now I will read true stories of success people people. I like that thing. You know, maybe if it’s a rock’n’roll band at a band or whatever, I’ll read that kind of stuff. I love those right? Yeah, rock

Bill Cole  38:56

I love those I need. I mean, ultimately one of my objectives is you know, I gotta read to go to sleep. So it can’t be to work oriented, it can be to work oriented, otherwise I just stay up all night thinking about it. So you know that would

Nestor Aparicio  39:11

be the best way for me to read at the end of the night get 10 pages 15 crash out all right, good advice bill called telling me to read which is the same thing japanischen told me last week when I had him on and we we got to talk about things as a guy who writes stuff I you know, I I’m trying to produce it not consume it at this point. Bill Cole will get up on your roof take great care of you. And your business. Does Commercial Roofing as well as Gordian energy and all things like listen to the ads I I’m on a time constraint bill I you know, I love Oh good, man. So good. We are wn S T am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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