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How did it ever get this bad between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens?


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Lamar scratch

What do Hayden Hurst, Orlando Brown, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Chuck Clark and Lamar Jackson all have in common? They’ve all asked for trades out of the Ravens organization. Our local leader Bill Cole joins Nestor to review the long trail of how it ever got to this point with the franchise quarterback.


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Bill Cole, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about W and S? T tassle? Baltimore and am 1570 We are Baltimore positive and continuing our wise conversations out here. I got to tell you this is a guy I haven’t had on a couple of weeks. I was gonna bring him out next week on the Maryland crabcake tour. Presented by the Maryland lottery, of course, our instant lottery scratch offs, we’ll have those and our friends and window nation as well. 866 90 nation. Bill Cole joins us now. And Phil, I want to begin the whole segment because I mean, you’re one of the NSA this in the ad I know you shudder but you’re one of the inspirations for all the Baltimore positive things. I had my coal roofing mug this morning and I got my royal farms coffee in it, obviously. But I want to give a free shout out to a local bakery in the city. Can I do that? Of course. You ever been to the Woodley bakery? You know the Woodley is I do crossing the Hacienda across some Scottie Donahoe? You know, right there, Belair road, they make chocolate chip cookies, the way my next door neighbor, Miss Barb made them. And this is the last byte of my chocolate chip cookies. I just want to begin the segment by saying it’s been too long. Where are you? And I’ve talked to you since like, the Super Bowl.


Bill Cole  01:06

So the Woodley bakery was like, part of my childhood because you gotta remember how far up Bella road it is.

Nestor Aparicio  01:17

It’s between Moravian like Frankfurt. Right now, it’s a little north of Frankfurt, but go ahead.

Bill Cole  01:22

So my great grandparents house, which is where the business used to be, was, like, white Avenue. Hamilton Avenue. Like right there. So Woodley was part of the, you know, routine part of the system, right? Like you’ve had Bavarian Cream is what you’re telling. Yeah, absolutely. Like, yeah, ox was always there. So yeah. I just

Nestor Aparicio  01:43


want to get them some love man. For the second and I’m like, you know, why not? If you see them, tell them they’re the best chocolate chip cookies on Earth. They’re delicious. Cheers to them, as well as you know, stickies and all sorts of stuff. How’s give me the roofing update. Manny, I’ve got her problems. Can you help me with gutter problems right now?

Bill Cole  02:00

Yeah. Now’s a pretty good time. Well, no, really, we probably should have had it done back in the fall. Right. So like, after the leaves fall, you

Nestor Aparicio  02:09

know, you want to fall? Where was this?

Bill Cole  02:12

After the leaves fall? You clean them out? And then yeah, sure. Yeah. Maybe you get out there.


Nestor Aparicio  02:19

We should have done in the fall.

Bill Cole  02:24

You know, roofings. Good. The everything seems to continue to be moving. I mean, I think the interest rate hikes have caused projects that were barely making financial sense to sort of go away. But yeah, there’s an argument that maybe there’s project shouldn’t ever move forward anyway. So you’re kind of taking some of the questionable stuff out of the marketplace. The local municipalities and federal got everybody keeps spending money. So I think it’s going to continue for a while to be pretty good. And solar continues to just be bananas, and, you know, trying to figure out where the products are coming from. And there’s a huge in the, in the IRA bill, the inflation Reduction Act, there’s sort of like this bonus, if you can buy domestic. So there’s this big push, right of like, trying to figure that out. domestic supply is not big enough to really service everyone. So we got away from

Nestor Aparicio  03:31

that, like after Reagan, didn’t we, you know, just let’s just buy everything from China, right? Like, that has certainly changed. If there’s anything after Trump, that might be good. That is there is a feeling that well, we should be buying from each other. You know, that’s not a bad idea. You don’t need to, you know, kick everybody else in the world to say that we’re number one, we’re number one, but finding ways to manufacture things to create jobs is just, you know, that’s been on my mind all of this century. And at least, the more I talk with people like you who buy big things, as you know, my old man worked out Bethlem steel, right, you know what I mean? Bethlem steel went away. Well, we’re disputing go away where we started getting it from, right.

Bill Cole  04:15


I mean, I think there was, there has been a growing momentum towards what are they one shoring, or manufacturing? Right? I think that’s the fancy, you know, TV where they make it here, but made in America. Right, right. But I think what happened is that the pandemic sort of accelerated that movement, right? Because it identified where the risk is in not even making 2% of our antibiotics in America or chips. Yeah, sure. Right. So so that just accelerated what I think was already a movement that was going on now, I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  04:57

think was just happy to have toilet paper at that point. Yeah,

Bill Cole  04:59

I don’t I think it’s a I don’t think it’s a necessarily a job fixer because I think the plants they build are mostly robots and autonomous and all kinds of crazy stuff that denies our heads would explode if we saw how it was happening but it certainly helps with sort of the I don’t know national security level of making sure we have the stuff we at least need baby formula was one that was a major crisis. So yeah, it’s, it remains interesting times nest, you know that I mean, Chris, we can’t even figure out who the quarterbacks gonna

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say to you, man, it’s crazy to old guys like us get together business owners, and after a plague and worrying about the world and having wise conversations and trying to fix things that the sports side of both of us this has been a fascinating couple of months for me, especially getting thrown out, you know, and not being at the owners meetings, which, by the way, Steve shouty and I have one or two things in common. We’re both male. We both weren’t at the owners meetings this week. So, you know, we’ve heard from everybody except the guy who owns the joint, right. And as a guy whose name’s on the front of your building, and I’m on the front of my building. That’s an interesting concept in all of this but opening day, and I’m going to be up in Hollywood casino, a Barstool Sports for the Fenway game. I’ll be downtown next week. I’m in Costas on Wednesday doing the crabcake tour. 50th anniversary, it’s springtime, right? The Preakness is six weeks away. We have opening day, brand new arena, you and I, how long have we talked about a new arena in this city and in all of our life, right. I mean, since it was it was an issue in 1973. When I walked in there for a clippers game and the Harlem Globetrotters. My parents took me to see the circus, right? So, and I always loved it. So and I’m seeing all the pictures out of their big wings to Frank ravish anybody sees him give him a kiss for me. And but I haven’t been to the building yet. So I’m going to get down there for Springsteen and or the Eagles next weekend. I’m going to be downtown. I’m going to be in Dundalk. Wednesday. I’m gonna be downtown Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we’re doing the show at fade leash on Friday morning might be the last time worth the gold market. Right. And they’re opening like there’s this renaissance the thing at the Radley rutschman is gonna be downtown next week. Go to randerson maybe even Grayson, Ron, these new names and yet all of this is going on dude. And it sounds great chirps lady Terps played to go into the Great Eight. The men play lacrosse season is here right like flowers are growing. It’s this Lamar, right like it. Like how heavy all of that’s going on. But none of it can get any oxygen because this Lamar, thanks. Fascinating. I’ve talked to you about it a month. Lay it on me. What What? What do you think if you’re the caller? What are you saying right now?


Bill Cole  07:50

Well, I’m gonna attempt to be more intellectual than most of the callers that you’ve complained about to me for the past 10 years. So I think, you know, I think I can confirm, like, people ask about it. I don’t know why they asked me and why I talk. You know what I mean? But it is like a topic that has come up in circles that you would otherwise not even football wouldn’t even be a thing you can

Nestor Aparicio  08:16

imagine to me everyone even want to talk to me right? Now, but what do you think’s gonna happen? I’m like, I spend all day talking about this, I can give you a 30. It’s really complex that that that’s the intrigue and all of this, that it’s not this isn’t simple. Even if Lamar might be simple. This isn’t simple.

Bill Cole  08:34

And I think there’s still remains lots of an misunderstanding about how things work. So maybe you can clean up a couple of things for people, because I’m always shocked at maybe the things that we think we know, or the things that we don’t know. So

Nestor Aparicio  08:52


I can’t address all the ignorance that I see on social media. Right? All I can say is I do this thing over wn St. And we have this guy named does this thing. And we talk intelligently and I only bring intelligent I mean Dennis knows more about football than half the sports writers I’ve met right like so. like talking to people about industry agents. salary caps cap ology, how the league works, how these billionaires think how the union’s gonna think what the original sin of that fight is all about. All of it. And I tried to get every angle from Leigh Steinberg and from Chad Weasley or agents, you know, I’ve got around all of this. At the end of the day, this really is about managing expectations, right like Lamar thinks he’s worth more than anybody else thinks he’s worth right now.

Bill Cole  09:42

Yeah, I think for the for the fans. There’s a couple simple things that you need to understand that will help you sort of think about possible outcomes. So when you franchise tag a player, the typical response from those play There’s not I would not say always but normally is their disgruntled nature then transforms into not showing up for anything up until like a week before the first game, and they’re

Nestor Aparicio  10:17

your highest paid player by the name franchise tag, at least at that position, right? And they are the least motivated, and you’re getting the least amount of true effort. Right? You know, involvement all in by in your you’re getting more from the taxi squad player who’s down in the gym everyday working hard then you’re getting from that person. And that’s 32 teams. Right, right.

Bill Cole  10:42

And then the reason that they show up for the first game is because and this is where I need clarification. They get 16 paychecks. Correct. Right? Seven, set Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. You’re right. newfangled world says no


Nestor Aparicio  10:57

more eight, Nate. Right. All

Bill Cole  11:01

right. So you post for the games because you don’t get paid if you don’t show up for the games. Is that correct? That is right. See. And that’s a piece that like no one really understands. So the most likely outcome, in my mind is that he will ignore everything he will sit out. They’ll say I’m

Nestor Aparicio  11:25

good for 2 million a week from September one until I get hurt again. And the minute I break my Pinky Winky Winky, dinky dinky. You know, I don’t play 90% I mean, come on. I can’t play it. 90%

Bill Cole  11:37


Correct. So you’ll get him for

Nestor Aparicio  11:41

Roger Doran in his right.

Bill Cole  11:43

But when some level, you know, 15% of the time, Lamar is brains going to be reminding him that he still is trying to get the 250 million so I gotta go out. Maybe I pick the games against the weaker teams or whatever. But I gotta show everybody what I made though, so that I can still try and get a trade and try and get moved out to get the money I want. So I think that’s the most likely outcome

Nestor Aparicio  12:08

now. So if that’s the most likely outcome, how does John hardball go back in the building today and find that acceptable? I I think they say it’s just time for him to go. Like, he’s not gonna win us a Super Bowl next year like this. You know what I mean? Really? Is he really gonna win us a Super Bowl? Listen to Ravens. Kevin Burns said this in my ear. Going back to Anthony Pleasant 1996. We like pissed off players, when a player is pissed off, they play harder. Okay, I don’t I don’t know you’re getting that from the $32 million guy that used to be the case, right? Playing contract and all that. Dude, if the kid was playing for a contract, if he had an agent, he would have been back on the field playing football in January even losing because it would have shown more harm than whatever the hell we saw, which, and I’ve said this out loud. If you’ve listened to the show this week, because I know you’ve been in and out. I’ve said this five times on the air this week. But if I’m an owner, any owner, any owner, a smart own or a dumb owner or mean owner of Jerry Jones, owner of Arthur Blank, I’m an owner of a business. I’ve sat and interviewed 1000 People I’ve hired and fired i The first thing I would say to him is Yo man, come on it nice to meet you, Lamar. Listen, before we get started here before I bring you to my football team and I have to under $32 million in cold cash right here in my Samuel Jackson Pulp Fiction, you know, briefcase it I have it here for you. Why weren’t you in Cincinnati? Right. Can you explain that to me? And he put on the internet. This was literally this morning he answered that went on the internet that his his knee swole got swollen in Pittsburgh, did they I saw him dancing in the locker room because I did see him in locker room that day in Pittsburgh. I was a real media member that day. Thanks, Mike Tomlin. Thanks everybody laughs But it ain’t funny to me, dog. I have no sense of humor about what I do for a living. So. And I pointed that out over coffee and people cough and I’m like, you get my press pass taken away is nothing funny to me. So I’m in Pittsburgh, and he’s rolling through and I never saw him again. I don’t know. If I were sourced. Billy, the biggest story to me at the pool in Arizona would have been that why wasn’t he in Cincinnati? If I had more resources in the organization, I would find out exactly what happened there. And and the truth will come out as to whether he said I’m hurt. You don’t think I’m hurt? I’m hurt. You don’t think I’m hurt? I’m going home. Maybe I don’t know. I mean, I really don’t know. I don’t know what was said to him after he told a fan to perform fellatio. And when five days later when he took the podium he said his girlfriend’s the one that told me to take it down. Wow, the owner of the team didn’t want you to do that. The general manager Chad Steele, somebody didn’t like hit you at 615 on a Sunday night and say bro, take that down. It’s not that you work for us you make $23 million a year working for us. That’s not that’s what you would do owning colorific. So they have a whole different set of rules. And this guy has been rogue. And I just your notion that John Harbaugh and the organization are going to be held hostage in this. I think this is where you end the hostage situation, because he’s hijacked the offseason. You know what I mean? Like, I think there’s been so much upheaval, I don’t think if I own the place, I can bring him back, no matter how great he is. I agree. radio show host here. They’re all on 1057 being great right now, because we couldn’t figure out how to work it out. And if you can’t work it out. You have to end it.


Bill Cole  15:41

How much did we overpay Angular to come be the newest retread wide receiver that the Ravens have? Like how as a wide receiver, how can you even sign here when you know that the quarterback issues we have, like, I saw something this morning or whatever Odell we’ve been talking to Odell really, like you really think Odell is gonna come here. I mean, the only way

Nestor Aparicio  16:06

to play with Tyler,

Bill Cole  16:08

or trade for the only way Tyler or Odell Beckham comes here is because they overpay him by millions of dollars. Millions of dollars. Right.

Nestor Aparicio  16:18


But they don’t have right away they’ll have it’s if they don’t have Lamar. The only way they’re gonna have cap space is if they don’t have Lamar. I never gonna get peace with this kid. Right? Like, I don’t they they’re negotiating what are they negotiating?

Bill Cole  16:32

Well, don’t forget to reward him

Nestor Aparicio  16:36

after all of this. Really? Are they gonna do that?

Bill Cole  16:39

Right? No, it’s all about trying to get the most they can out of the trade, which will ultimately be very disappointing. Whatever, especially if I take where you’re going.


Nestor Aparicio  16:51

We’re gonna get one Bell and enough’s enough.

Bill Cole  16:55

Whatever you give me, you know, two bags of balls and a million bucks and we’ll give you the like, whatever it is. It’s gonna be disappointing. I

Nestor Aparicio  17:02

was so pissed off last year at him that he texted me to tell me how pissed off he was that Lamar wasn’t at practice last year, John hardball text me and told me what I tweeted before I was thrown off at Twitter after tweeting about Lamar was right. So I don’t know what else to say John was upset with him for not being a leader. Forget quarterbacking and sweating. Dude, you’re part of the team, you’re the leader of the team, you want to go upstairs and get the boss to give you $250 million. Be down here working, you know, or, you know, show up, be present, be present. You’re a leader, you know, be be worthy of what you’re asking for not just on the field, but off the field. Right. And that’s the management side. It’s a grown up in me.

Bill Cole  17:53


This does John, retire. At least change jobs? Really. So you think John has enough?

Nestor Aparicio  18:06

Jobs? Good indoor four and 14 or four right

Bill Cole  18:09

and rebuild this thing and spending 10 years trying to get back to the glory?

Nestor Aparicio  18:15

Depends how much he likes. Eric depends how much he likes, Steve. Listen. I’m not convinced Steve’s keeping his football team, Right. Steve feels absentee Sashi saucy Sashi Chad Steele and Sasha are going down and picking up $600 million from Governor Hogan three days before he’s hightail it off to his boss president. Like all of this has happened in the last 90 days. We’ve heard from everybody but the guy who’s writing the check.


Bill Cole  18:44

Even Even if we just for a minute, which I know you won’t mind. Bring it back to your personal situation.

Nestor Aparicio  18:51

Oh, please don’t. But

Bill Cole  18:53

that reflects on John. I think the horribles.

Nestor Aparicio  18:58


hardball is a liar John Harbaugh is a liar. John Harbaugh has lied to me. Eric, the constant has lied to me repeatedly. Steve shoddy in the disappointment. I haven’t Steve Bashaud. He is palpable. But the fact that he doesn’t show up and he’s nowhere to be found. And there’s no reporters to even ask where he might be. Like, that’s, it’s an amazing thing, because we’ve heard from everybody. I don’t care what Eric thinks. I don’t care what John thinks. Although I do and it’s pretty apparent to me. John doesn’t want to kick around anymore. And John is smile effing him. Right? The dude he threw a load in John’s eyes on Monday morning, dude. Like John was walking up to sit down at the table where I have sat next to him for the last 18 years. And I wasn’t there and I’m watching it on the internet. And I’m watching NFL Network and a tweet from Lamar happened. The minute John appeared on the screen, walking to the podium to sit down for this breakfast thing that I’ve been a part of. And that tweet appeared And now the whole national media is descended upon John and John for 28 minutes pretended that Lamar never asked for a trade. And he’s sitting there, basically, not even acknowledging which one you think.

Bill Cole  20:13

But do you think that John Harbaugh is the type of person who doesn’t get uncomfortable, disappointed, frustrated when he chooses to lie? Like, do you think it bothers him on some level as a human being when he lies?

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

I don’t know. No, I haven’t. No, no, no, I, I maybe I used to think that in regard to football issues, until they bled over into real life, lawful issues. integrity issues above and beyond. I don’t want you to know how injured my quarterback is that that’s a cat and mouse game about football. Things that involve real life. Are you can

Bill Cole  20:59

No, no, let’s just sit well, but separate the two right. So


Nestor Aparicio  21:03

that no problem standard radio, what I would say to John Harbaugh to was fed behavior,

Bill Cole  21:08

I understand bad behavior isn’t necessarily like I recognize the opinion around the behavior. What I’m saying is, is that he doesn’t have to feel good about it, he still chooses to do it, which is a problem, but he might not feel good about it. And that’s the sort of thing that grows under the radar with why he would leave the team, why he would choose to not coach anymore is like, look at all the dumb stuff, in addition to the football, look at all the dumb stuff I have to put up with, because I have

Nestor Aparicio  21:42

a feeling grounds on another side of the building from Eric and John. And I don’t know that because I’ve been thrown out. But if it was Kumbaya, young, good, I’d be in there and reporting like, no, no, no, Sasha and John are good. Sasha and Eric are good. I don’t know.

Bill Cole  21:56


They throw me how much anyways,

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

really poor PR director. So this is where I can throw Chad’s deal over the edge. Because I’ll say this, Sean sat down and began that thing. I’ve been in that room. Dude, I know what that room is. It would have been very easy for Kevin Byrne, who’s respected to go over to John and say, Hey, fellas, can you just give us one minute I need to grab John, we’ve we’ve had a situation here. Pull John away from the cameras into the back, say to John Lamar just tweeted this. It’s four tweets, he’s outed that he asked for the trade. I just want you to know. So why don’t we just put the the honest on this and go back out there and just say yeah, yes, for trade March 2, we’re trying to figure it out. I really don’t have answers for you. We’re trying to figure it out. Like, John. John has been the PR director for a long time. John says what John says, nobody’s gonna tell John what to say. Like, what probably one of the reasons Kevin’s down on the golf course at this point. Right. So John sat there, and I’m not on social media dude, I I’m a reporter and I had pictures of tweets you’ve sent me. So the like, stop bosta stop that. There is a thing called social media. Your quarterback has a million followers. He just tweeted that he told you he wanted out on March 2. Now respond the truth. We miss a press conference. Everybody in the league is here. Just let’s let’s get current. Let’s just get fans are watching you have customers? Does the owner care that they’re the owner and characters customers. He got a golf course. And his quarterbacks in limbo. And everybody around the city everybody around the sport is trying to find some certainty. And the union screaming collusion the kids down in Florida making Jim commercials I mean, it reminded me John based out then it reminded like cable, late night TV, you know. So instead, the face of the organization and the only press conference they’re going to have before something called a liar’s luncheon. And then the draft is the coach sitting there smile effing all the media and acting like Lala a lot like he’s in fantasy land. Like I, I wouldn’t have allowed that sitting next to him. The first question I would have said is why wasn’t he in Cincinnati? And how can you make that right? I mean, they don’t want questions for me. That’s why I wasn’t there.

Bill Cole  24:21

I I always think that coaches want to coach and everything else that isn’t somehow related to coaching is really just the crappy part of their job.

Nestor Aparicio  24:33

That’s true, except it’s not true in the case of Billick and Gruden and people that have a different Yeah, business perspective or Outlook. If you’re a ball coach, I would agree with that. Football Coaches and jocks and like all that. They don’t have time for any of this.


Bill Cole  24:51

Really? I think that’s what I think that’s what the horribles are, I think. Coaches are

Nestor Aparicio  24:55

awesome teachers. The first time I sat with Marvin Lewis Marvel’s like don’t call me a coach. I’m really a teacher. And you’ll see that you’ll learn that about football. It’s a classroom game. And this is what he told me and Jimmy Schwartz was in the corner of the room. And from that moment forward, I never really thought of him as anything other than a man who could teach me something. In the same way, I thought Dan Mohler, somebody could teach me something when he was my school teacher, right. And I have all these teachers on that I respect as part of Baltimore positive thanks to you. But the teacher part in John is excellent when you ask him about special teams rules and technique, and like all of that, but there is a part of him, he’s making $12 million a year, he’s the face of the organization, when the owner hides, the general manager doesn’t want any part of it. And, and he’s got to be the voice of the team. And right now the messaging is poor, it’s poor.

Bill Cole  25:51

It is Sumption is he has to be miserable. So if deep down inside, there has to be some joy that comes out of being a teacher of football. Right? How John horrible gets to do like 1% of his job, being the teacher of football. The other 99% is, is management. It’s, it’s yeah, it’s PR, right? It’s its strategy. It’s, you know, shenanigans, it’s whatever.

Nestor Aparicio  26:23


But that’s the point that Billick was zero time into shenanigans. philic would just come out and say, This is what’s going on have added and then there was no worry other than Preston writing whatever stupid thing Preston was going to write, but in, but there was never any I’m going to run from you. You’re going to sit in my office and I’m just going to flat out bullshit you the whole time you’re here and my eyes are going to move left and right when I’m lying. Like I’ve dealt with hundreds of coaches, right. 95% of them had been pretty honest. Because they felt the accountability if I got to be here tomorrow, that they’re they’re not a guy that comes in cuts a tree down and goes away. And you don’t have to worry about him anymore. I mean, part of being a coach and a leader is the accountability of the honesty, integrity that you want everybody to buy into, not shenanigans. Like that’s the point. As a journalist, it’s my job to call bullshit on shenanigans. And right now there’s more shenanigans going on, then there is truth. And that’s been going on for years at these press conferences, where I go out there, and I roll my eyes. And when I asked a real question, they grabbed me by the throat and put me out on the sidewalk. It’s disgraceful. It really is disgraceful.

Bill Cole  27:39

I really, I don’t know, John at all, I’ve literally never had a conversation with a man. Like, but what I tend to believe about humans, is if you’re in a job, where only 1% of your time is spent on the thing that you truly love, and the reason why you do what you do, and the other 99% of your time is spent on stuff that just sucks the life out of you. You cannot do that forever. And there will come a time where he is not going to put up with it anymore. And my concern, you know whether it I mean, I could probably make the case that it would be it would be the right time to completely implode the whole thing. Right? If your quarterback is out the door, and the system needs to go with him, then why am I keeping that head coach? Why am I keeping this knucklehead? Why am I keep it you know, like we were trying to keep it together? Because we were only two steps away? Well, you ain’t two steps away now more. So you should probably think about writing the shit.

Nestor Aparicio  28:43

Man. We have never talked rebuild, have we? What well, Billy did after the Superbowl, we call it the you know, retool, reload, restore, we had to get rid of all the money. And like all of that, right? We had that after a ring was 21 years ago. But shotty has never used the term like that since he’s on the team.

Bill Cole  29:01

So based on what you’re telling me about Steve’s apparent lack of interest, that what I’m talking about will not happen. Because that mandate needs to come down from a shot. Like Eric’s not going to pull that, you know, they’re not know Steve’s not


Nestor Aparicio  29:21

engaged. Like, I don’t think that I know, I think Steve can live with four and 13 better than any body can than anybody. But as much as they say we want to win, Steve, Steve’s, Steve’s about to watch Danny sell the team for six bill. He knows he’s up on five bill, and he was halfway out the door five years ago. So you know, five years from now, I’d be shocked if Steve owns the team. And to your point, if the thing’s gonna get burned down, he’s not gonna win again. He doesn’t want to be a part of it. I mean, Steve can live with for 13 and sell it off, but I don’t think Steve’s going to be around for them to win again to your point.

Bill Cole  29:57

So but my question is, do you think he’s engaged enough? I’ll be sitting around the conference room with John and Eric. And

Nestor Aparicio  30:04

one of the reasons Steve’s at Eric and John ran is he doesn’t want to hire another general manager, he doesn’t want to hire another coach, right? He doesn’t work part of that.

Bill Cole  30:11


Right? But but so in order to have the blow it all up and start over conversation, they got to sit around the room, the conference table and say, Okay, let’s look at our options here. It’s the same way we started this conversation, we can ride this train, this is what that looks like, we can make this move. That’s what that looks like, we can make this move. That’s what that looks like. And collectively, like you got to get buy in from all those pieces. And then everyone’s got to go out and say, Alright, here’s the plan. Let’s go. If one person isn’t, doesn’t like the plan, all of a sudden your head coach says I’m retiring. And now you don’t have a head coach and the plan blows up. It Eric can say, I don’t want to I’m not I’m not in charge of this mess. I just the fact

Nestor Aparicio  30:56

that they don’t want real questions should tell you everything you need to know. But seriously, the fact that they don’t literally want real questions that John seeks the harbor of the NFL Network to hide or their their podcast lounge. I mean, do the thing the other day that was really embarrassing. And all of this. There’s reporters everywhere. They’re asking you about Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, and then I hear this voice. It’s Cliff brown Cliff used to be a journalist, and I like Cliff and I’ve always liked Cliff. Cliff is not a journalist. Cliff is an enabler, Cliff Cliff works for the Ravens. He works for He interjected a question about like life wide receivers are so John not to change the subject. Well, thank you, Cliff. It does anybody know that cliff works for me. And Cliff works at my pleasure. And I can get Cliff fired tomorrow, just the way I had Nestor thrown out a couple of like, it’s unbelievable. The he’s on press conferences, dude, these are Putin Shams at this point, when there’s not real questions. And when they do this is Joe Biden planting, you know, one of his people in the front row of the press conference to redirect the questioning. I mean,

Bill Cole  32:05

so let’s just remember, at the at the end of it all, there are still 500 to 1000 superior athletes walking out the door of one institution attempting to make a living playing that game. Every single year. So far, no matter what sort of terrible management, misbehavior, bad contracts, all that there are 1000 Dudes knocking on your door saying, I’m ready, let’s go, I’ll do this. I’ll raise my life. I’ll blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, like all that whole? Professional Football, desire never wanes. So

Nestor Aparicio  32:52

Well, look, there’s three teams at the top and Carolina. There’s teams with the picks that they want. Stroud Richardson, they, you know, Dennis keeps talking about Stetson Bennett around here, right. Like that. He’s gonna be available. Well, yeah, I mean, and we’ve got the offense. Okay. But but when it comes down to it, this is where I believe Steve was four months ago, which is what took him 30 seconds, we’ll pick another one, Eric smart, we’ll just go get another quarterback. And that’s the way they should be looking at it. That’s the way they are looking about it. But that’s not the public face that they should be putting on it. But there is a point where like, they’re good at what they do, they’ll figure this out. And I have, but lying to the fans and having this, this manure throwing contest with the kid, you know what I mean? And it’s clearly he’s the one doing all the chucking at this point, and they’re just ducking, but this is a really awkward time for this franchise. I mean, and as we talked about opening day, the Terps, prosperity things happening arena opening all that it’s really weird that the owners meetings that I got locked out of this week, if I were out there, the ravens are the organization that there’s most questions about, right, everybody else can sell some prosperity. The Ravens have clouds, a lot of clouds, and that’s, that’s very unusual for the organization.


Bill Cole  34:12

I agree.

Nestor Aparicio  34:15

Bill Cole is a co roofing he is Gordian energy, he puts a solar up on roofs. He makes roofs better and commercial spaces been doing that for a long long time. You can find a medical roofing and we talked about more than anything else on your mind. He wants you to baseball Are you getting going to concert you know what you’re excited about the arena? Nothing?

Bill Cole  34:31

Oh, basketball, you know, that’s been fun to watch. I mean, that’s been a pretty crazy tournament. But other than that, no, not really just trying to you know, keep rooting for the warmer weather to show up sooner rather than later. But I’m ready for spring. You know, let’s move on.

Nestor Aparicio  34:46


I haven’t given a lot of bile about ownership. You got me on a train you’re late talking about media. It’s it’s very unfortunate that we had this segment but it necessary.

Bill Cole  34:54

I guess I don’t know. I thought it was pretty impassioned you were either recover We’ll stretches there, where I was just trying to figure out what role it is that you should play. Like, you know what

Nestor Aparicio  35:07

role it is, I’m going to tell you, I’ll leave you with it. Finish your thought, because

Bill Cole  35:11

you probably should pick it up. But the idea that you can talk for 45 seconds with as much vigor and passion about how you would like to see certain situations handled. And I know from, you know, spending the time together that we do, the amount of thought, you know, and how you think about things. But you’re sitting


Nestor Aparicio  35:33

next to this man who makes $12 million a year who would have you thrown out on the street and did who was lying to everybody who’s sitting there, smile effing the media, pretending that we’re in Wonderland at a press conference, and I just, somebody’s got to call bullshit on that such that somebody, even if I’m sitting 3000 miles away, somebody has to do that, because what they’re what they’re asking what not asking. They’re demanding. Chad Steele is demanding that I parent their lies, like and and take that out to people and defend what what will John said, so it must be true. John, John said, so it must be true. I mean, one of the shots, if not flaws, one of his his fatal flaw is he I don’t think he can lie. I think the shot he’s like, you know, when the shot when you ask the shot of your question, he’s got so much money, he’ll just tell you the truth, which is why he’s dangerous, right? Like, they tell you to swing, you’re dangerous, because you’re honest. I mean, Steve avoids these things. Because after three beers, he might tell somebody the truth,

Bill Cole  36:35

as the world evolves, right? This, I think what you’re describing is probably one of the consequences of everyone having their own streaming service, everyone having their own platform. I don’t need your newspaper anymore, because I’ll put out my own content. So in that newfangled world, which we’ve never lived in, right, like it’s being created and evolving as we go. Yeah, we it’s our job to raise our hand and say, Hey, did anybody realize that like, if everyone in the room asking the questions as an employee of the organization, that there could potentially be a problem and that as a, as an entity of the state that gets taxpayer dollars, there is an obligation, you know, for us to keep them in check.

Nestor Aparicio  37:26

If you can keep the Angelo’s in check and look at how that’s turned out. Right.

Bill Cole  37:30



Nestor Aparicio  37:31

all the way John got Lou and check, apparently, Lou’s been cut out of the media guy, which is, that’s big news around here. i It’s opening day week. I don’t I don’t want to carry any more of this in. But I would just say thank you for at least allowing me to express my opinions on a press conference. I was locked out for the first time in 20 years, which was only the most important press conference that they’ve had. And it was, it was something I that’s all I can say it was just it was surreal to sit here and watch this on a screen. It really was

Bill Cole  37:59

it the whole thing is very unfortunate. I feel I am worried for Lamar, as a human. I’m concerned that, you know, he’s getting bad advice and making bad decisions. And, you know, I don’t I have to feel sorry for that I am concerned for him. But at the end of the day, I guess he’s a grown man and is making his own decisions and is making his choices. So I mean, it’s going to be what it’s going to be as a fan. Like, it’s cool. I’ll refer the purple, like, there’s going to be 11 dudes on the field. I can promise you that. So whatever your

Nestor Aparicio  38:39

quarterback trying very, very hard on our ball and the one who will show up in August and practice and, and, and be a part of the team. Be part of the team, right? A guy that if you gave him $23 million here, he might show up and swing a talent Cincinnati to playoff game and help us. Bill Cole was here he is cold roofing and Gordian energy. I’m really not in a bad mood. It’s spring. It’s I started the segment talking about the Maryland crabcake tour. I’m going over to cost this we’re celebrating 50 years with the Maryland lottery, our friends and window Nation. I’m putting together an oyster tour for our 25th anniversary. It’s fun, it’s spring. It’s good weather. It’s Baltimore positive. Stay with us.

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