How would Baltimore fans react to the departure of Lamar Jackson?

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Bill Cole and Nestor discuss how Ravens fans would react to a potential sign-and-trade departure of Number 8 and what the backup plan would be in Owings Mills if the franchise can’t come to terms with Lamar Jackson.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What’s next w n s t test Baltimore and Baltimore positive, you’re positive we’ve taken the Maryland crabcake tour. Back out on the road. We’re going to get state fair on Friday morning, all brought to you by the Maryland lottery have some holiday cash drops to give away, as well as our friends at weathernation 866 90 nation I’m actually wearing my window nation t shirt underneath of my cold roofing t shirt. My wife hasn’t made me coffee yet today. So I do not have a cold roofing mug. But I will before the end of this segment with no cold cold roofing and Gordian energy. He usually comes on and I mean, sometimes we talk about state of the world. So let’s talk about politics. A lot of times we’ll talk about the city or life in the city or life in the county, or his kids playing too many sports, and then we sort of fall back on the old Hey, what do you think’s gonna happen tomorrow, man? What do you think? You think they’re gonna trade a man? I mean, I think they should. Blank. So this is the week where you had your opinions. I had my opinion. This is the week where I’ve gone all in on the fact that I think they will sign and trade him that’s what I think will happen. So people say to me, what do you think’s gonna happen? That’s what I say. What do you say Bill? Call it happy. New week to you. And you know, it’s roofs are good. Everything’s good out there, pal. Yeah, happy

Bill Cole  01:15

new week to you, too. Maybe we get a little taste of winter here sooner or later. I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  01:21

You need that as a roofer. Don’t you? Aren’t you like to plow snow like your best because, you

Bill Cole  01:26

know, we don’t do too much of that. I mean, we just need the freeze thaw cycle. That’s what kind of destroys roofs so. Exactly. Okay, good.

Nestor Aparicio  01:35

I just wanted to know what was

Bill Cole  01:37

destructive. That’s a terrible thing. Yeah, it’s a terrible thing.

Nestor Aparicio  01:40

I need controversy. I need the quarterback in the team to not get along. And when that happens, ratings, ratings rating? No. I mean, I don’t really wish for that any more than you wish for snow and ice to help roofs. It just happens.

Bill Cole  01:53

It seems sort of dangerous to sign and trade him because then you’re like right or wrong. Like if you can somehow spin it. If you can somehow spin it where it’s it’s all Omar’s fault like he he wasn’t going to sign with us unless we made this trip. When

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

you see hey, Nurse running around this weekend. And when you see Orlando Brown Jr. Running around this weekend, you almost saw wink Martindale running around this weekend, by the way because today, you know, they weren’t good enough, obviously, but we don’t look at them in some way. Every time Hayden Hurst catches the ball. It’s a thing right? He’s a Leaper. He’s a jumper. He’s a dot. Like all that, I don’t say was a failed first round draft pick for the Ravens or that was screwed that up? Or you know, and I guess that’s because Lamar worked out. And they drafted him for later and they got rid of him. We have Marc Andreessen we don’t let allegedly we don’t need hate nors we can’t use Marquis brown though. You know, I still

Bill Cole  02:51

reason I still resent Hey, nurse. I mean, I had to go back and look what we got for him. So I guess that was a good deal. But I still am like, dammit, why did that guy do that when he was here? So I mean, I don’t even remember him being healthy enough to do that kind of stuff when he was here, but maybe it wasn’t our thing

Nestor Aparicio  03:08

on Eric’s drafting, right. And I’m like, hold on, man. Every year. They have an offensive lineman that goes it gets $100 million from somebody, you know. Right. Ricky Wagner did that. Ryan Jensen did that. Colette, she assimilated that right? I mean, they’re about to lose one of their guys now because they they just let offensive lineman scowl. Right. So I would say they’ve put a lot of good players in other places. And Hollywood brown you can take the jury out on him or whatever, but I would say trading other players to other places. That’s how this works. Right? I mean, that’s and if you get three number ones, it’s incumbent upon you to turn one of those into Joe burrow or whatever the next thing is gonna be for you Joe Flacco at least about that

Bill Cole  03:54

doesn’t doesn’t make me as a fan not resent the guys that used to be here and are now playing and making plays for other teams like that. This is me off.

Nestor Aparicio  04:05

I like Reggie Jackson and Don Baylor is that where this started? I

Bill Cole  04:08

don’t like guys that leave here and then go do well, like they should be done right when they leave here or whatever. I mean, I get it. It’s all

Nestor Aparicio  04:17

every pass and Kwanko eloquent, bold caught. 2014 was, you know, a Civic.

Bill Cole  04:24

Sir, like, my Holmes has a band wheel. And was like visibly upset because they told him to go back and get it checked out. He didn’t want to because I think he was worried about what it might show. But he did and he taped it up and he came back and he played and I guarantee that thing is injured. Like I think that thing is pretty nasty. And he’s going to have to boot it up and do some stuff and tape it up and, you know, the other team’s going to maybe accident really fall into his legs a couple of times to see,

Nestor Aparicio  05:03

there is a tradition of that and the AFC Championship game if you’re if you’re not familiar with that, right?

Bill Cole  05:08

And all I would say is like, when you’re trying to compare yourself to those types of guys and get that kind of money. That’s a very different feeling than our guy not being willing to suit up, not willing to go with the team. And to your point, I think last week was like, we don’t really know how hurt he is. And the story has been told poorly. So we can’t make the

Nestor Aparicio  05:36

Ravens know how hurt he is. Sure, right. I mean, the Ravens put doctors in there and they came out and said, This is a slight thing he’ll be he’ll be back by Christmas. That’s what the medical staff was advising the team about their $23 million leader. And at some point, the trust went away, right? And whether he’s being dishonorable less than honest, doesn’t want to play. Roger adorning, whatever it is the Ravens did not go out of their way to protect him from that at the time. Now that it’s over with that press conference last Thursday on the Bravo Eric Bravo. That was almost like sort of Pacino and De Niro getting you know getting getting an Oscar although Eric would not get Eric fail. Eric was sitting there taking notes and not looking up and sweating his ass off and like I’m thinking to myself, Oh my I said six months from now let’s see how that press conference goes. When they’re like we love Lamar Lamar is the most exciting player Lamar is the best player, la Marzocco Buccaneer what right right like they were six weeks away from that

Bill Cole  06:39

is Roger adorning like a one of those in the in the New Age dictionary or whatever like that, like that’s a that’s a good reference. I do like that.

Nestor Aparicio  06:51

New dictionary, the movies from 1989, right? Okay, but Roger Doran said it out loud if you think I’m gonna go I’m gonna waste this talent and this this perfect body on your last place. Crappy baseball team. I’m not doing that. Right. So but Lamar Jackson, this wasn’t about your last credit. This was dude, you play your whole life way to win a playoff game. You’ve only won one. You may never get to another one. You might never ask how Ripken you might never get to another one. But you know, Maurice got all this cocky. And all this bravado and all of his. And as

Bill Cole  07:25

as football goes, we were two plays away from you know, beating the Bengals. As strangely and bizarrely as that is. That’s the NFL and that’s football and you were two plays away. So, you know, would it have been meaningful if he would have played at 75%? Sure, seems like

Nestor Aparicio  07:45

my question. And this would be the fan question, which is, and this would be the question that I would have asked in the press conference last week, it would have pissed them off, and they would throw me out all over again. If he was under contract, and he was paid, and you gave him and you agreed in the offseason, 180 230 whatever the magic number that would have gotten him to sign when he played, right. Like, and only Lamar knows that, right? Or, and Lamar doesn’t have an agent. But all of us asking that question means we don’t trust him. Right? Like, literally, if you have to ask your kids. Did you do your homework? And they say yes. And you’re like, all right. Let me see it. Let me see it. That’s different. That’s I don’t trust you.

Bill Cole  08:34

Right. It’s healthy skepticism, because they’re a child. Right? So sure, I have the child version of trust. But I also have healthy skepticism because I was a child. And sometimes we have we’re still learning the definition of honesty at that point. He’s a grown man. You all right.

Nestor Aparicio  08:58

You’ve explained this recently, haven’t you? He’s grown.

Bill Cole  09:01

We have child trust problems all the time. Sure.

Nestor Aparicio  09:06

My kid hasn’t lied to me. 20 years. It’s one now when he was 14, I hated him, you know? 3738 my kid doesn’t lie about anything. Right? Like me. I can’t lie. I’m incapable lying on the worst liar in the world.

Bill Cole  09:20

Yeah, that’s a deep dark hole to go down because there’s some allowed lying in our universe and and until you get on the other side of the allowed lying. You know, when the

Nestor Aparicio  09:32

loud lying is for the ravens to say we love Lamar, we he was hurt, he

Bill Cole  09:36

all kinds of stuff. There’s all kinds of stuff. There’s, you know, I think my children are more exposed to politics, right than I was at their age. Like it’s just much more part of our universe now. And they, at a young age, realize that that people are lying like that this doesn’t make sense that that’s probably not true. And well, why would they say something? That’s not true. Well, you know, there’s things that we don’t understand that we don’t know. And you know, they have to keep people calm or blah, blah, blah. I mean, they went through a pandemic, right. So like, there’s all kinds of education that occurred there that view and I didn’t get it 10 or 12 years old that, you know, all we needed to worry about was where the ball was or where the girls were where the ball Oh, we have to

Nestor Aparicio  10:23

ask was, why did we not get that from Santa Claus? Now, they want to know why they can’t walk out of the house without a mask. Right? That’s a different level of why in 2020 for anyone have younger anyone under high school age, I would say education,

Bill Cole  10:39

right. And I think we always take that healthy skepticism to sports. Because they’ve, they’ve all lied to us for years, forever. And it’s like, strategy, like, Well, my quarterback is questionable, or he’s probable or he didn’t show up on the injury list. But now he’s not playing or he showed up on the injury list. But now he’s 100%

Nestor Aparicio  11:06

or Robert Graham issuing the tweet the next day single morning go to Cincinnati because he was sick. Well, nobody else said that. Martin say nobody said that. But okay. All right.

Bill Cole  11:16

So I and like, are you gonna sign him? Are you not gonna set like that, that strategic theory, as we like to call it when it’s when it’s allowed lying? Its strategy. Its deception. Its game planning

Nestor Aparicio  11:33

to spin shin. Sure.

Bill Cole  11:35

It’s like teaching kids about fouls and basketball. Like they go into basketball, thinking that they don’t want any fans. Because in a lot of other games, kind of like fouls. Like in soccer, you don’t get a number of fouls, but you’re trying not to commit fails. Right?

Nestor Aparicio  11:53


One hockey you get two minutes, right, hockey’s real world hockey, go to jail, go directly to jail, go think about it, go feel shame. And maybe your team will give up a goal and will let you out.

Bill Cole  12:03

Right? So teaching them that they give you five of them. So you’re supposed to use four. And you have to use them strategically to not give up layups or you know, you try and make a steel and it’s okay, right, you run into it’s fine. And then I mean, when they’re really young, they’re like crying. Like their first found they get caught on their like ball and like they like they broke some massive life rule. And it’s the you got to build them back up. So I don’t even know how the fouls came into it. But the idea of gamesmanship and strategy and the the lying and pushing the envelope and all the head stuff that goes in that I think where I want to go with that is what, why does Lamar think he has the skill set and the experience to play that game? When every other player, even, you know, like, you could say that the worst guy on the roster needs that guy to try and make sure he has a job. And the best guy on the roster needs to try and get max contract. So even the guy in the middle who, you know, an agent isn’t even going to do that much good for him like he’s a serviceable backup left guard. Right? Been in the league for 10 years needs a new contract, he’ll get one. If he had an agent, maybe he’d get an extra 100 grand or something. But, you know, generally it’s known that guy, okay, he’s been linked for 10 years, this third contract. Yeah, if you paid attention along the way, he could probably manage that himself, right. Like, the downside ain’t that big of a deal. You’re not in, you’re not in heated negotiations, you’re not pushing the envelope. You’re not going to sit out like none of that.

Nestor Aparicio  13:52

But you need an agent to call teams when you’re a free agent. Like Lamar didn’t have an agent because he’s like, I’m gonna get dressed, and it dropped him in the draft not not being represented. It did. Um, and it really affected the last two months of his career in Baltimore, not having an agent not having a spokesperson not having a rational voice for him,

Bill Cole  14:18

and him his entire time in Baltimore. Like if you have an agent, maybe the right play for Lamar was to have Marquis Brown in town. Like maybe the right play for Lamar was to push the GM to get a number one receiver right to go alongside your world class tight end

Nestor Aparicio  14:39

and the quarterback doesn’t go into Eric’s office and put his feet up and do that that is done by an agent. An agent calls and says, Look, I know you want to keep Lamar know you love Lamar Lamar wants to sign up for Lamar, nice wide receivers Bell, like so, you know, I mean, Jerry Maguire, we all saw Jerry Maguire right like literally for that to be missing and for anyone to think that that’s prudent or smart, or good for him, he’s his own man. It’s naive. It’s it’s unprofessional. And it’s, oh, you can represent himself. It’s fine. Okay, well, now you see the cost of that, right? Like, literally, there’s a

Bill Cole  15:18

I am, I am an advocate as much as anybody for like getting rid of middlemen and like, removing deal friction, and like, there’s a lot of problems in the universe about how we could be getting better quality or paying less for items if there wasn’t so much historical baggage like that we used to need. But now with the internet and other stuff, maybe we don’t need some stuff anymore. Like, you know, like, real estate agents, right? Like, I thought for sure, once I can go on the internet and look at all listings, like, how the heck are the real estate agents going to continue to participate? And you know, what they do? They negotiate on your behalf, or they help show your house to more people. So they figured out a way to continue to provide value, even in a digital age. But like, having Lamar think he could do this is just so disappointing, and I get

Nestor Aparicio  16:22

it, you want to max contract and negotiate. Johnny fine, but

Bill Cole  16:26

but like somebody needs to have that money discussion with him. Right? Like, like, how did maybe they didn’t even sit with an agent, but you’re telling me there wasn’t an agent who could sit down and literally explain the problems or explain explain the value that they bring to the situation? Like you said,

Nestor Aparicio  16:47

I think Eric could explain any of this stuff to him. But it but it’s still the other side.

Bill Cole  16:52

This is textbook, right? Like if you’re an agent, you should write down the last 12 months of the Mars career as the perfect white paper on why you need me. Wow. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  17:06

You know, and if I get, you know, Andrew Brandt on, or anybody in that space that talks about it. I think no one wants to be critical of the kid. That’s the other thing. He’s likable. No one wants to stand up and say he’s not a great passer. I want to see so great Patrick mahomes is he’s not that guy. He hasn’t played playoff games in two years that on to that, like I had Alan McCallum on the other day. And Alan is not a football fan at all. He’s a baseball fan, right? Like he’s straight baseball guy baseball 30 years, and we barely watches football. And he said to me when the show his over and I’m outing him a little bit. But we were just talking when it was all over. He’s like, Does anybody think Lamar Jackson’s a knucklehead besides me? Like he hasn’t played he’s AWOL. He’s not around. He wants more money than anybody’s ever gotten all of a guaranteed Dysport that doesn’t guarantee it. Like, am I the only guy out here watching this and scratching my head and saying, let that guy go? You know what I mean? We’ll get another player. But that’s a baseball mindset to like to say, we’ll just get another catcher, we’ll get another shortstop. The quarterback thing is that the question I keep getting with Lamar is, well, if it’s not him, who’s gonna be a quarterback? Derek Carr, Taylor. Hi, Nikki, you know, like, is that what Steve was shot he wants to sell to the fans in September. But I don’t think Steve cares about tickets. I know, he doesn’t care about media. I don’t think he cares about anything other than sale price, like Steve’s off on a boat. And Steve’s not a part of this. And I think it would take

Bill Cole  18:39

two years with Derek Carr. Like while you’re rebuilding and reforming and trying to figure out

Nestor Aparicio  18:44

agree with you wholeheartedly. What a lot of games are with Derek Carr? Yeah,

Bill Cole  18:49

I agree. Especially with that middle linebacker you just paid for like I like him a lot. You know, so today,

Nestor Aparicio  18:55

right? I mean, like I talked to Luke earlier this week, even off the air with Luke. And he’s like, I wouldn’t be given an off the ball inside linebacker $20 million a year. Like, I think that’s an outrageous amount of money to give him even though you love him. And I think to myself, well, they didn’t love the defense without him. They saw what it looked like without him. And they’ve also seen what this offense looks like without Lamar. And I think what they think is, well, we wouldn’t have this offense if we didn’t have Lamar. But you know, this was an experiment. Right? I mean, John Cleese is an experiment four years ago. They call it a revolution. Now, I think if they were to push the cards back and walk away and say, we’re going to deal with them, or they would totally go back to something of a normal offense.

Bill Cole  19:43

Well, I think what always happens in this is just the world like, you push to one extreme. And then you realize that there’s this place in the middle that like the Lamar experiment, will have permanently changed football, at least for the next decade. Right. Like The arpeggios and like dedicated quarterback runs off tackle with the fullback and putting the guard at the fullback position and bringing the the ineligible or eligible lineman and he’s the tight you know, all of that run heavy stuff. Like that’s not going away. People are putting that in there just not too hard to stop, of course, but they’re not saying I’m going to do that on first, second and third down. And as long as I get three and a half yards each time, we’re going to get a first down and the minute we get an offsides or Illegal motion or a hold. We’re gonna punt because we’re just never gonna get a first down otherwise. And I don’t I’m not saying that’s what the Ravens conceded to but that’s the purest grinded out plan that is there. I look. I think there are a lot of recipes to go ahead and look at this weekend. Like look at the 40 Niners and what they’re managing to do with uh, I mean, the kid appears to be serviceable as a rookie quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

He’s not as good a quarterback is Derek Carr.

Bill Cole  21:09

I don’t think so. I mean, and like but their car

Nestor Aparicio  21:13

right now that have a better chance of winning in Philadelphia Sunday.

Bill Cole  21:15

But that guy uses formations to get opportunities for his players to make plays. The quarterback knows where that advantage is on the play. So he goes he doesn’t have to go through progression right like, I’m gonna get my guy on a dude who is slower and shorter than my guy just chucking the ball he’ll make a play. He’s a pro bowl guy, right? Like so. You’ve got that I think even if you look at Cincinnati, and you look at the tools, I mean sure they have a quarterback who appears to be really good. But they also have a lot of I mean, I would have told you that buffalo would have snapped them like Cincinnati’s other line was as beat up as you could be. And then guys went in there and manned up and that wasn’t even a football game. So I think there are lessons to see out there you don’t have to have a great player at every spot. But if you’re gonna have a suspect quarterback, you better have George Kittel debo all these other guys. Yeah, right right right go grab a star

Nestor Aparicio  22:25

guy with a Dell from McAfee they gave a king’s ransom they have to pay him a lot of money and the thought was well he gets hurt all the time right like that was that was a little bit of a knock on him because he runs into linebackers regularly right? I think this will RPO thing once the Ravens deal off Lamar and they get whenever they’re gonna get through their thing. Lamar is sort of the golden child for whether the system works right? Like this was his one of one he could do things nobody can do you’ll get better as a passer He’s already a really good passer. He was a good passer Louisville, that if he doesn’t win playoff games and go to a Super Bowl, you’ll still look at this and say it’s like the the running chute offense or like the Wildcat or whatever like it’s a gimmick as Joe Flacco said it’s a high school offense. And I mean Flacco pistol on it straight away. It’s a high school offense. It’s a gimmick offense. That’s what he would say to anybody. And it’s that until you win a Super Bowl with that, and then the question would be alright, we love the idea. We love the gimmick, nobody can stop it. We got these big, fat lime and all this stuff that Eric and John have put together. We got wide receivers, like Willie Snead, that can crack down and block and we got Pat Bakar we have all of that. But the question then becomes like if they don’t win with it, or the ravens are not married to this just I can’t believe I can’t believe that if they say life after Lamar. We’ll just go back to doing things normal like everybody else does and try to win games that way. And I want to throw this a poke holes here from co workers. By the way, my wife brought me some rural farms, coffee, and my coal roofing mug. So I do have my my coal roofing mug, the notion that this trade and the signing and where they are with with a tagging and restricted tagging and whether they be get to number ones and where they could deal them off. This next like eight or 10 weeks for the franchise, they’re going to be quiet. He’s going to be quiet all that I’m interested to see how many other coaches how many other offensive coordinators and they’re trying to pitch trying to hire an offense coordinator right now and there. I don’t know what they’re saying to Frank Reich about who his quarterback would be if he takes this gig. Right. And to John’s point, they’re all good jobs that matter. We’ll get a good quarterback. He likes Derek Carr. We’ll go get their car. But these next eight or eight weeks, teams that want Lamar Jackson, whoever that General Manager owner, whether it’s Stephen Ross, the Glazers Amy Adams and Nashville, the clown’s kids McNair’s down in Houston, whoever that ownership group is because it’s not about a GM or coach. This is about an owner saying all right, you He’s available. We have draft picks, do whatever you need to do to bring him here. So we have the sizzle, we can sell some tickets, we, you know, engage our community like all of those things. He’s Mr. Excitement. How many of those candidates are there? And who are they? And, like, that’s what I’m trying to assess at this point, because I’m convinced that they do not want to give him guaranteed money, I’m convinced he will never take less. I don’t think he’s gonna take $155 million guaranteed money, because I think he’s convinced the world will know, we will pay him more. If they do restrict him, he then gets to go out and make his best deal. Who makes his best deal? Does he get on the phone with general managers and fly around and do all the Zoom calls that an agent would do to place him somewhere? All the work that Deshaun Watson’s agents did all the work that these guys that get traded, I watched these guys work in Indianapolis at the Combine I watch all the agents and I watched the the representatives of Pat Moriarity sitting in the Conrad hotel, having coffee with an agent, like these guys are on their money. And this next eight or 10 weeks is it’s just as much of an ish show, as the whole thing has been because he won’t have Eric doesn’t have an agency. All right. He doesn’t want to be here, go shopping. Right about can’t shop himself, right? So like, this is even more crazy. And it’s even crazier that John has offensive coordinator sitting in there this weekend, and has to be honest with them about you know, I love Lamar, He’s our guy, or if I’m done with that guy, and every press conference to me over the last six weeks, John horrible looks really done with Lamar Jackson, to me, that’s why any Kumbaya, that would happen. I also have John in my phone texted me last May, when Lamar was going crazy and not showing up at OTAs. John wasn’t happy with Lamar in May. And I know that not as a hint, I know that like I could show you the text. So I know that the the water started to turn a little bit after the OTAs. And now that he hasn’t played a second playoff game. I don’t know that the smart people in the building in there aren’t just done with him. Just literally, it feels to me like they’re done with him and whatever they get his whatever they get. But this the procedure of the next 10 weeks, it’s going to be crazy around unlike anything we’ve seen around here.

Bill Cole  27:23

Well, my might not be crazy, because there’s nobody to make it crazy. To your point, right, an agent, an agent would make it crazy. I think there were more suitors in October, September right than there are now so and then I always come back to like there are these points in history where you, you can’t totally appreciate them at that time. But when you look back, it’s like oh, no, that was the warning sign. The his first year when we made it to the playoffs and maybe a second year, whatever. And I think we played the chargers that was the first year okay. And the Chargers changed their defense played a nine to is what they write and move their safeties into linebacker spots. And you know, just played fast and wide across the ball. So maybe to validate Flacco maybe not the point is, yes, the system was different enough that people were unwilling to make the changes during the season, to do what they needed to do to stop it, and they would just take their best chances. But when it came time where you absolutely had to win, and you will do anything to win. They dolled up a defense, and they stopped. And that was like, four years ago. It was the warning sign and reality and

Nestor Aparicio  28:56

realities. What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it? You’re gonna throw the ball over their head, and he opened the next season against Miami and did it five times. Literally. Right. Right. And that’s what couldn’t stop him. And now three years later, he’s slower. There talent isn’t as good. The Ravens talent isn’t as good on offense as I thought it fell apart with Mark Ingram. I thought Mark Ingram, provided a big brother for him, provided a running back for him provided a bodyguard for him, provided an option for him. And I think letting Mark Ingram go, I think his countenance changed. I think the whole the picture thing went away.

Bill Cole  29:42

Right? He was a great guy, right? So like, That dude was going to play he was playing banged up. He was playing old. Look, the trend on those tires was gone. Right. Like they took that away in college. So when the time he got to the pros, that guy was half done. But yeah, it was a good car. culture in the locker room and all that, you know? Yeah, I certainly hasn’t been as fun without him right? Even for the guys like watching them play and watching them be a team

Nestor Aparicio  30:11

see running back in the backfield once in last three years like literally I was that guy. You know, I saw the Latavius Murray running around the other day that he was here. No call is here he is cold roofing and Gordian edge. We didn’t have any attention to talking about football today, but we just did a half an hour’s worth. You can find them in coal roofing and Gordion energy. Tell me what you do real quick for let’s get out here.

Bill Cole  30:31

Commercial Roofing commercial solar, still this, you know, wave of solar is coming and the IRA past, you know back in the fall, and it’s people are still trying to unpack it, but it’s a good thing. And again, same same position we’ve been in for a decade or 12 years now, like you’ve never bought solar before. So you should at least try and understand it. Maybe it’s right for you. Maybe it’s not that’s okay, but we’re happy to just lay it out lay it out and show people the economics and show them what it why it would be good and then help them make the best decision. Are you

Nestor Aparicio  31:07

gonna meet me drug City on March 3 We’re doing the show down there with Calvin stadium and a bunch of friends. My one of my oldest friends in the world Ingrid costard. Dr. Ingrid Eccleston is going to be coming on March 3 We’re going to talk about her six months three trips is six months in Antarctica she lived in Antarctica my the first girl ever had a crush on in seventh grade. So we’re gonna have great shows around here we we have Super Bowl coverage we’re gonna have here in two weeks one way or the other, I assure you and you can of course find us on Friday over state fair shot brought to you by the Maryland lottery be doing the Maryland crab cake tour. The holiday cash drop tickets had a handful of these. We’re going back to and Bill you’ll love this. They have the wishbone tickets. The old 1980s logo. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery. I’ll have those tickets to give away. By March 3 When we get down to drug city where they also sell Maryland lottery tickets. Our friends at Windsor nation could still be reached 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free you get five years of 0% financing. Think Bilko can offer that deal to one corporate route. I think I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive in Lamar Jackson. It’s all the more all the time is while we do it

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