The spring life of kids and sports and where the rest of it fits in?

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Bill Cole and Nestor reconvene after a spring absence to discuss the spring sporting life of kids and families – and then where the surging Orioles and dormant Ravens fit in between club and travel.


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Nestor Aparicio, Bill Cole

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W and S, T Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the springtime and we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crabcakes where I have a whole schedule my gosh, I’m I’m East I’m west north. I’m south, like Barry Manilow. I’m up, I’m down, I’m all around. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’ll be giving away these excellent lottery scratch offs. We’re gonna be state fair on Friday in the afternoon bill we dealt from CFG bank will be and we’ll be talking about Janet Jackson and I need to bake her mother’s day and let’s see Bryan Adams, Joan Jett, John Mayer, Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, your twin to fire all the shows. I’m going to all summer long. Chris Stapleton all coming to the CFG Bank Arena. So I’m looking forward to that. Also, we’re going to be promoting our friends at window nation. I got to wear the fun hat with Pete Kurinji. Last week down in Essex at MC falls. So well, we’ll be doing that 866 90 nation go get those windows. And of course, if you need Commercial Roofing. That’s everybody gives me shirts, Bill. Nobody gives me you’re the only one to give me a mug. So the royal farms coffee in the coal roofing mug as usual, around here, dude, I’m gonna be on your side of town. Where you live where you work where you play. We’re gonna be on the 23rd with the local up and fallston I think you know about fallston right. So we’re gonna know about

Bill Cole  01:15

the local, you know about the local? Oh, yeah, sure.

Nestor Aparicio  01:18

award winning restaurant association Maryland said chef of the year all that stuff. So did the crabcake tourists rockin What the hell have you been there? Like, what are you? We’ve been on roofs or something. Where have you been?

Bill Cole  01:30

Admittedly, I probably have just been on soccer and lacrosse fields. So you know, that’s kind of my life. I was at Maui. Yeah, that’s a good one. My minor more like Carroll County and Howard County and Prince George’s County. And so playing a lot of lacrosse and soccer and none of which is local. So should I know about

Nestor Aparicio  01:53

this as as someone whose kid might be making grandkids at some point, I may have some interest in all of this. I’m fascinated at Larry Stewart on this week, right? Who is just at the Coppa job. He’s worked at Morgan. He’s worked in college basketball waiting to get this job forever. legendary player played the NBA for five years, played professionally for almost 20 years overseas, Spain, Portugal was, and I’m thinking to myself, he’s out recruiting kids, this is like a different thing than he would recognize. And he’s my age, which is why I bring it up. Born in 1968. He spent his whole life in it. Dude, I am so far removed from coaching Pino ransom, in middle school basketball at Rosedale middle, or having my dad and I coached a little league team. And every time I talked to anyone who’s involved at the collegiate level, or NFL or P Kurinji, was out last week, talking about his 50 years of doing this with kids. It’s just like how handled every kid is and how every parent has to put a lot of money out, no matter what the sport is to travel around. Like, it’s a full time gig. I don’t say stage parenting, but it’s no longer what it was for me in Little League, which was my dad having the equipment in the shed with the helmets and the bats. And we would carry it up to the school yard on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday or Thursday, sometimes a Saturday opening day, and we’d have a snowball stand. And it kind of all got done between five and nine, two nights a week within three blocks in my house. And maybe we may travel you know, or all stars or whatever. But this this is different gig for kid i Every spring I see it with everybody I know who’s our age, but my kids 38 Your kids are 15 man.

Bill Cole  03:35

Yeah, I think the challenge is that you know, the professional sports and the undersized guy and who made it any Steve Nash, right? Like people like that, who don’t fit the exact mold, give every parent’s hope. And even if you are trying to be somewhat realistic about it, and you back down your expectation like as as

Nestor Aparicio  04:03

well maybe she’ll go to Gettysburg or so. You start with?

Bill Cole  04:06

No, not even I mean, for us, all I’m trying to do is give my kids a chance to make a high school team, if that’s what they want to do. And the

Nestor Aparicio  04:15

grades are the most like, what you’re going to be in life is not a lacrosse player. Right. So but that’s if you’re dribbling a basketball, though, right?

Bill Cole  04:24

I think it’s totally different for all the circumstances. I mean, in our case, like I just want them to experience that high school team concept and you know, Hey look, it’s also helps them stay out of trouble. Maybe they’re not interested in boys, you know, like, like, we can go do this other stuff over here. And then it takes a life of its own and then there’s a lot of characters involved and you know, you got to kind of figure out whether they’re good or not so good and what their intentions are and and nobody was Billy wants to communicate or talk or be honest, you know, so it’s, it’s a whole different level all of this parents

Nestor Aparicio  05:07

is my play and how much is my kid gonna play and how much is we’re going to pay and how many nights a week and Bill, I’ll bring this full circle and we could talk more about your kids in rec ball and a whatever club and all of that league and all of that. But as it relates to the Orioles and you and I in 1989, or whatever it was, and Cal Ripken or whether it was Eddie Murray or you know, whatever generation boop pow, right? Pick, pick your generation, but the the attention span of people and what baseball is done for old guys, I was with a bunch of old guys, and I’ll tell Todd for him and Bill yurman that they’re all guys. But I was at a conference the other night Bucky lassic was there. And they were all like, we like baseball again. And I’m like, Well, you like that they’re winning? No, no, no, we like that. It starts at 630 It’s over nine o’clock. Like we like all of that. And I’m thinking Hold on. If your kid plays lacrosse, but but but but anything in the spring, maybe one of the reasons the stadiums not all that full is every kid that plays baseball really can’t go to the games because they’re playing ball. I mean, and maybe that’ll change in July or August when school’s out and games are over and travels done and all stars aren’t being played at Joseph Lee fields right. But there is part of this that I think like how are the Orioles going to get people back there when every athletic kid is doing something athletic with their freakin parents. Like I see all my Facebook everywhere. And they can’t even figure out when they can get to their place in Ocean City if they have one.

Bill Cole  06:37

Yeah, no, I don’t know that this rule that this is consistent for everybody. But I’ve heard many times the observation that like when we were kids, you kind of just went outside and you went and played and you were playing some kind of ball game, whatever it was whatever you guys were into. Now, everything in the kids lives is scheduled like Monday we do this Tuesday we do that, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  07:00

organized as? Yes. That word last week, we were talking to Highland town and soccer about a way the second with Pete Kurinji was one of the it was a highlight of the year not that the segments not really good bilkul but the peak Rich was still hope. Well, I mean, pizzas told these playgrounds sorted he talked about organized ball and I’m thinking to myself, my dad was a community organizer politically. an umpire lost the child like you know, was a manager love basketball, baseball, like my dad was that guy who was up at the rec league with you know all I can name all the names Mike coy Tom tonight, all these people that ran the Colgate rec Council my dad was there for that I was there for the draft. I was there when they were counting the quarters from the snowball machine. Like I remember all that as a kid. But not every neighborhood has that in 2023. And if they do, that person may have their kid pitch and all star down in Essex or out in Rosedale or up in Parkville or wherever over Glenburnie going across the bridge I mean, whatever. I would just say that the the notion that my childhood was about organized ball because I have pictures in eastward jersey with John Rollo, or that I did organize things I played or I played a Pop Warner Football right at Dundalk on the Longhorns three years with John Rolla right kind of famously had this giant and all my picture like Andre the Giant. I played so much more 98% of the ball I played was in Rob debasis backyard either playing wiffle ball basketball, baseball on the church, lot of St. Peter’s playing football, baseball, basketball, never soccer. I told Kurinji that last week, nobody my neighborhood picked up a soccer ball lacrosse ball. But the the notion that kids get together and play ball, man, I never drive around and see kids playing ball ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Not at 11 in the morning on a Tuesday in the summer anywhere. And that’s so different than what we had. Because none of us really wanted to play ball and like we played all day. And then our coaches would say, Mr. Carroll kowski and Mark Wood. I’m 11 years old, he banned us from swimming or playing any ball on game days, because he didn’t want our legs not with us at 615 on Joseph Lee fields, and we’re taking on Richie path who would let it later play double a ball like Barry stitch who played soccer perfect. These are the kids I’ve competed against. And Butch was like, you know, no swimming. I couldn’t swim in my own pool on game day. That’s how serious Butch took beaten Yankees in my in my house league in 1979. That stuff lost because I struggled.

Bill Cole  09:41

We go when we go on travel tournaments and we’re staying in a hotel with a pool. There is strict, no swinging times from our coach that is still a no

Nestor Aparicio  09:53

winning thing.

Bill Cole  09:55

Right like like I definitely played a ton of basketball as a kid organized Basketball. But I guarantee you that there were more minutes logged in somebody’s driveway playing basketball than there were at the gym. I don’t know. Like, and that does, I don’t see that and how it exists. And I don’t know if that’s because we intercepted them before they got a chance to get going and started introducing the organized stuff. And then all of a sudden, because we they definitely start earlier. I mean, they got these lacrosse. My my 10 year old was volunteer coach for the two three and four year old lacrosse clinic last weekend, right. So we are definitely organizing them earlier. I think the problem is the old statement that, you know, you’ve heard a million times like, Yeah, you’re good. But you know, right now, there’s some kid in Iowa working twice as hard as you. And you know, this, this concept that like if you’re not working maximum hard, there’s some other kid working harder than you. And parents take that to heart. I don’t know. It’s, it’s becomes their social network. It’s, I tell you it is it is destroying. And that’s probably too strong word but the idea that your your youth sports was community based and those were your neighbors. And those were the people that if you needed sugar you borrowed it from and like, that was when so and so’s husband died we all went over and help them and like that, like that community stuff. And that was the way it was when I was growing up to like, those were all the kids I went to elementary school with those were the same kids I played baseball with and the same kids I played, you know, football or whatever. That is gone away when you know, I got one kid playing for a club in Essex. I got another kid playing for a club in Harford County.

Nestor Aparicio  11:49

I mean, there are no ringers. Everybody’s a ringer, right?

Bill Cole  11:53

I don’t know, there’s

Nestor Aparicio  11:54

kids get to be 17 years old and can figure out NIHL money and they’re good enough to figure out nio money. Their parents have had them handled since they were 12 to make sure they got a scholarship at Calvert hall or Gilman or what your wherever or at least like school.

Bill Cole  12:10

Yeah, I don’t think people understand that I owe money because the ni l money makes a real tangible return on your investment much sooner. You know, like, if you are looking at investing in their kids, look, one of the greatest speeches I ever heard was when my son went to Calvert Hall. Lou acro, was the athletic director, and they had a fall sports meeting. And he brought all the parents in the auditorium. And he said, Look, I realize how much money you have invested in your kid to get to this point. But now I need you to let go and let my coaches coach them. And it was very pointed conversation about you know, like, the investment that parents make. So I don’t think they realize at this point, how closer the NFL money is, how much more available that is to more kids. I think it’s only going to get worse from here would be my observation well,

Nestor Aparicio  13:15

and then the expectation level of you know, like me talking to Pete the other day about UMBC. And, and I owe money. Let’s talk a really catch on in this country after World Cup and eight years from now, my grandkids, right? Well, if he could kick a soccer ball, like, you know, the amount of money that would be available would look like. In other sports, I’m talking about lacrosse and soccer sports that haven’t caught on. I mean, like look at baseball in this country, and what college baseball is, like college baseball has never really caught on. They tried college softballs. There might be more money in college softball because maybe more people might watch it then watch college baseball. So like I don’t even know that. But I do know that college football and college basketball and all the money that swirled around since Jim Valvano was, you know, greasing players 50 years ago, you know, like all of that is out in the open now. And I don’t even know how I talked about how coaches are going to recruit and players get in the portal and yell at the player the wrong way. And he has a lovely anymore on Monday morning and he wants to go transfer to Richmond or whatever. College Sports is going to have an identity crisis and big, big big time in the next five or 10 years because I don’t recognize it as a 54 year old guy and I’ve loved that most of my life and I invested a lot in it traveling around going to Final Fours like all of that. And I do see other sports like things you’re not even thinking about like hockey raskins really into the bean pod and the Frozen Four and all that all the LaCrosse, their Final Fours coming up a couple of weeks posture can’t get enough of it with Maryland and people around here. So these other sports are kind of coming and I’m I’m sorry Elon money, like when busing Bucky, Bucky lassic, was in a bowl over in East Baltimore. And next thing you know, he’s living in a mansion with Tony Hawk. And nobody knew where the money came from, because X Games came, and it maybe didn’t affect your house, and my dad wouldn’t have cared about it because he’s watching the Orioles. But there’s, there’s money coming in all of these places, and sports that are trying hard in a lot of ways. And I always use soccer and lacrosse as examples of them catching up. But at some point, kids are going to make money on this or at least get free pizza.

Bill Cole  15:35

I don’t Yeah, I don’t think anyone fully understands how much things will change. I think we’re really in the early days, right? Like, it was easy for people to make the assumption that Miami is going to have a lot of boosters and a lot of NFL money. And through the transfer portal, you’re gonna you know, there is a confluence of COVID and extra years and NL money and all of these things coming together at once. That is totally crazy. I just think we’re at the very beginning, like I don’t think parents fully understand. And I owe money. And I don’t think that I don’t think the world at large understands that. And to your point, it only takes one wealthy alumni who played field hockey to like, set that University’s field hockey team on a path of, you know, dominance in these lesser sports, right. So I it’ll be wild man. I mean, it’s, you know, it is I don’t know, we’re all screwing our kids up. But you know, like, it’s yet to be seen whether we’re doing massive damage or just mild damage.

Nestor Aparicio  16:59

Though. Bill Cole is here he is coal roofing Gordian energy, he does things I see all the solar fields in places I’ve been lately. You find them in coal roofing, I certainly could find them out at the front of Baltimore His logo like all of ours looks a lot better and on the website than we really look at 7am When we record these things, all right. It’s been a month that you and I got together. Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, who are we drafting? How are the Orioles going to be? Why don’t we go into a game? Dude, I’ll say this. I mean, I don’t think I’ve had you on since early April, because of our schedules and your kids and this and that. And whatever. The Ravens over the last month, rarely have they had a month where they could go from we might win five games if Lamar is not here to we’re definitely winning the Super Bowl, and somewhere in there as the truth, right. But then there’s the business side of what we just saw transpire with a player who I don’t want to call them a bad actor, but certainly didn’t feel like he was aligned. His shockers were aligned with the organization and the organization was aligned with him. And yet through it all, after all of it got the richest contract in the history of the league. And by the way, Leigh Steinberg is on the show next week. I’m sure he’ll be talking about Patrick mahomes. Now being the seventh tied paid quarterback, and this is the way this works. But it has been a fascinating month for Baltimore sports, whether it’s Yanni or Cano, whether it’s the Orioles and Adley rutschman. Whether it’s Lamar Jackson’s a flowers, rocky sin, like any of this stuff, sports is really relevant. In my world. Again, our traffic’s up, the fan is setting records and like all of this stuff, people are engaged again, and they kind of want to walk in the cost. It’s no music on it’s the game Ben McDonald, everybody watching the game on a Monday night. Hey, you know, I like that I built the world around that 30 years ago, I thought that was never gonna go away. It’s coming back.

Bill Cole  18:59

I I definitely have to admit. I mean, if people want to go back and watch the actual coverage of whatever the last time you and I talked, I mean, I think there was like a half a percent chance that Lamar was coming back at that point. Like I was pretty floored that it took the turn it did. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have been because

Nestor Aparicio  19:21

neither one had any options. Yeah, I don’t know what I mean, you know, I’m writing about it. Neither one had an option. The Ravens option was not to piss him off five more months. And, you know, they have a salary cap. They’re gonna spend the money either way, he’s just gonna get more of it. I mean, literally, I mean, people were like, Steve’s rich, you show me they have salary, they have a number, you know, whether they give it to him or the left tackle. They gave it to him, because they couldn’t live without him. And they got they lost in negotiation. They were negotiating against themselves there. There was no other party involved. This As we understand it, not at that level,

Bill Cole  20:02

right? I well, and there was no way that you were ever going to get tangible value in a trade that made sense. You know, like, maybe if there was a real desperate team, maybe but Cleveland was already, you know, spoken for. So

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

hold on. Mr. Jackson’s gonna win the Super Bowl for you. You’re not desperate. You’re serious. I mean, I’m not being honest. Like, if anybody else thought he was the answer, why would the Colts run around and by the way, they get the Colts drafted. I’ve seen this online, Greg Doyle, who’s a bit of a negative. You know, he’s an honest guy. He’s a real journalist. But like, he would be quick to say that I think this guy sucks if he thought he sucked. Anthony Richardson came to Camp this weekend in Indianapolis and won everybody over. And he’s the number four pick. And we were wondering like, why did they I don’t know how his career the next three years it’d be measured whether it’s, you know, whether any of the top quarterbacks are the next Baker Mayfield or the next Patrick mahomes. Right. But none of them thought Lamar was the guy because if they did, they just want to give him $50 million. The way Steve did, right. I mean, because everybody around here thinks they’re winning the Super Bowl now.

Bill Cole  21:14

It is funny how fast it turns like that. I mean, we’re gonna have to win the Super Bowl like 52 to 41 I think or something like that. But But then again, maybe not. I mean, do we have the highest paid quarterback in the highest paid linebacker? Like, yes. Okay. So I don’t know how the math works like, so. But we have linemen, right? We just don’t have any defensive lineman or we don’t have we have a listen,

Nestor Aparicio  21:39

I’m not here. I think that they’re, they are constructed to be very, very good this year.

Bill Cole  21:45

I think so too. I don’t get it. I don’t know. Well, their quarterback

Nestor Aparicio  21:48

be good enough. Will the scheme be good enough? Will the extra will be good enough? No, no, no, it’s how are they going to throw the ball 42 times a game are they going to run is your quarterback gonna get broken in half running into linebackers? 12 times a game. I don’t know. I don’t know, I know what I’ve seen before, which is we’ve had a quarterback that can’t get on the field in December for three years now. And they just gave him the bank. And now the next not this year, but there’s going to come a point where they’re going to have to pay the bill for a $72 million cap number on him a couple of years from now, which is what they have. And he’s gonna have to play like Joe burrow, there’s not going to be any more like he throws a pic and cost the team the Giants game, which he did last year. I remember what happened to Joe Flacco after he got the money and we had a parade. We had a parade and gave him the money and and he was the village idiot. And I just think this Lamar thing, Lamar has got to go out and be great every single week when every single game make every single pass. And I don’t know that I’ve seen that football player the last call last three years. I don’t know that I’ve seen that guy.

Bill Cole  22:57

My favorite comment that people make is now that he’s paid, he’s gonna really do well. And it’s like, maybe, but most of the time when after they get paid, like maybe the drives not there quite as much anymore and things kind of wane a little bit. And they’re they’re never as good as the season right before they sign the contract. So I get worried about

Nestor Aparicio  23:23

he put 72 and a half million dollars in the bank last Thursday 72 and a half million dollars in that that was the sign the biggest signing bonus in the history League. He puts seven it’s, you know what I mean? That night, this is a kid that already had 20 $30 million, right? So I don’t And he even and he’s a pretty humble kid. Like he really is. I mean, I I’m not anti Lamar. As a human, any of this. I’m not even anti how he negotiated but as a fan, it leaves me a little chilly. You know, I mean, like, he held the whole organization hostage. And he won. And he won big. And now he’s gonna go out on the field and you’ve paid to be there and you got the jerseys and all this and now it’s Super Bowl or bust and that’s where they put and that’s okay. I mean, Steve would tell you that’s the way it should be right? But then they got to go do it. And and then I have to say do I think he’s gonna beat Burroughs? burrow mahomes And, and Aaron Rodgers or Justin Erber I don’t I think it’s hard for any of these guys.

Bill Cole  24:30

It really is. i It’s look, it’s the model has existed for a while. You have a short window, right until you get whacked with all the high cap numbers for everybody. So you got to have two or three almost all pro guys that are on the rookie deals, right? You got you can have three or four who are like veteran retreads that nobody really wanted so you can Pay them probably below market

Nestor Aparicio  25:02

dusty Houston I’ll go through all these I can name the names of the guys are talking about right

Bill Cole  25:06

exactly the recipe is there, you know, but if but if your first round draft pick isn’t pressing the edge of an All Pro right, then you just don’t do it. If your left tackle goes down, you just don’t do it. If your tight ends don’t contribute you just don’t do it. You know what I mean? Like the recipe is so exact and it look if you don’t put the sugar in the cake, it’s not edible. And that is what happens to us. You know, we get an injury. I mean, I always the one that seared in my head forever is the Elvis grbac Right, you know, year after the Super Bowl. Like we were we knew we won the year before it’s like this is this will be easy look at all the pieces we added this should We should definitely went back to bed. And I think seriously goes down and training camp and you know, it was a small? Yeah, like it just never, you know, never materialized and it’s like, okay, it’s very fragile. Very seldom is there a guy on your bench who’s gonna step on the field, you know, and perform at the level the guys oh, they’re pretty, they’re all pretty good at that, right? They’re all pretty good at making sure that the best possible guy is the one on the field. So I don’t know, I there’s, I get a little concern for him and like guys in the future, looking at what Lamar did and not taking an agent. And I think there were deals that that are probably more lucrative for him in the future that are never going to come you know, whether it’s a shoe deal or a clothing, you know, he’s got his own stuff, and he’s gonna hoe the road that way, that’s fine. And I’m usually a cut the middleman out kind of guy like that. I do think there’s too much middle people in our universe that put friction around deals or raise the price of stuff unnecessarily. But in this case, when you’re the you know, X, you know, former MVP, highest paid quarterback in the league. To not have a team that is maximizing that is to me is just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But maybe he’ll tell you

Nestor Aparicio  27:16

backups come to town since you and I got together last time. Right. And they drafted what I mean about using resources, right? I mean, you run a company called roofing, I run a company, I’ve had resources and capital and money and where you are and we all have salary cap one way or another. We all have a budget. And if you don’t stick to it, you you don’t have a business right so and an obligation to be profitable as CB shouty once said, but Odell Beckham, Jr. I mean, that they have put real resources into allowing Lamar to throw the football better, giving him more time to throw the football now how well he’ll throw and how well they’ll executed. That, that is I keep going back to the fact that no other team wanted this kid, like twice now. He’s been on the market twice. And just said, Does anybody want me and the only ones that wanted him are them. So I hope he does feel the love. I hope he does fall in line. I hope he’s happy with his money. I hope that there’s no focus on anything but football for him. Right? Aye. Aye, aye. But I’ve also witnessed what’s going on here. And I’ve never really been convinced he’s the best quarterback. I think he’s exciting. He’s one of one. But I don’t think quarterbacks can run into linebackers and play football in December and well, I’m two for two. And I’m not a dumb guy. And I think they’re not dumb either. And I think Steve is like, what we’re gonna give them all this money they’re gonna break him into at some point, we just gotta hope it’s not the first year or the second year.

Bill Cole  28:47

Right? Right. Right. You look at a minimum. Again, my my biggest regret was that during the negotiation, I didn’t go buy a ticket that had the Ravens like 60 to one to win the Super Bowl, because I’m assuming the day after he signed, it probably dropped to like eight to one. So I could have had that ticket. So that was my biggest regret. And that is the truth. Right? I mean, you drop him in there. It’s all different now. So that makes it exciting and fun. Yeah. I don’t mind being wrong. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  29:18

anything on the Orioles? Are you gonna be right or wrong? I mean, I’ll say this right now they’re gonna make the playoffs right? I mean

Bill Cole  29:26

I’m still good. Three weeks away three to four weeks away from being

Nestor Aparicio  29:32

gay guy are you are you probably probably I mean, I,

Bill Cole  29:35

I am aware of it. I unfortunately, have not figured out where that fits into my life and play in the Pittsburgh

Nestor Aparicio  29:41

Pirates and big games this weekend. Bill, come on. Get with it. I

Bill Cole  29:45

get it. I look, you know, I mean, my love for them, never wanes. But trying to fit them into my attention span is sort

Nestor Aparicio  29:54

of like your cause. It’s like your cousins. You love them. You just don’t see him that often.

Bill Cole  29:59

Makes Exactly, it’s exactly like, and, and, and, like there was no reason to see them for a long time. So now my whole life has to change. I mean, like,

Nestor Aparicio  30:11

they move back to Carroll County and you want to hang out with them.

Bill Cole  30:14

I spend time watching the f1 race in Miami this past weekend, did you not do

Nestor Aparicio  30:21

your old man’s way in the car? I mean, your family has been into cars, right? First and foremost, that’s a passion in your family, right?

Bill Cole  30:28

I have never been a car guy my whole life. f1 is not cars. It’s so much more than cars. And it’s the spectacle. And it’s the technology. It’s like, it’s like,

Nestor Aparicio  30:40

it’s not really about the

Bill Cole  30:41

horses. Yes, yes. It’s not as bad as Kentucky Derby. Because that really is sort of, I don’t know, I guess if you’re in the horse training business, you know what goes into it, but

Nestor Aparicio  30:55

it’s also Southern, it’s cultural. It’s the f1

Bill Cole  30:59

is an extravaganza. And that always shocks me. And like when you watch it, they’re in there. Like two weeks ago, or three weeks ago, they were in Baku, Azerbaijan. Right. Like, I would have never seen that before. I didn’t even know that existed. Like that looks like a really nice place to go. I doubt I’ll ever get there. But it looks like a nice place to go. And then you layer on the technology and the fact that the cars aren’t all the same. And that like, you know, all these engineers are working to make their car like half a second faster as it not goes around in a circle. Not goes in a straight line for a quarter mile, but actually goes around like a road track and has slow corners and fast corners.

Nestor Aparicio  31:42

We hadn’t Baltimore Yes. Right. Like,

Bill Cole  31:45

yeah, it is. It’s pretty. It’s it’s I don’t know, it pushes a lot of buttons for me. It’s and and it’s definitely picking up steam. So

Nestor Aparicio  31:54

oh, there’s no question about that. Yeah, there’s no question about that. The I don’t know anything about it. But I’ve just spent more time talking to you about it with more intrigue than I have. I

Bill Cole  32:05

mean, if you’re just seeing the show, if you’ve seen the show in Miami, you’d be scratching your head. You know, 340,000 people

Nestor Aparicio  32:13

and people that were there. I know a lot of people that were there. My buddy David Katz was there. I’m gonna have to call him and get him on now. Yeah, Kathmandu,

Bill Cole  32:21

I’ll do a deep dive on that. We should figure out what the heck’s going on putting cats

Nestor Aparicio  32:24

on my list here. Hold on, anybody knows David Katz. Tell them I’m looking for him. I’ll text him. Bill Cole is here. He’s cool roofing and Gordian energy he has to go. But anything you want to say in regard to a roofing or, or energy here this summer is energy bills go up. By the way, I’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks of kind of gnarly weather, because we had the window half open, we’ve had the air, like we’ve been saving a little bit of money on energy here. Since we got back and I forgot to the number one thing about Hawaii was that like, you didn’t ever have to have the air conditioning because the winds blown.

Bill Cole  32:54

Yeah, Hawaii is an interesting solar place because they pay so much for electricity, that it was like a no brainer. Hawaii was one of the first places like we never did any work. But friends of mine,

Nestor Aparicio  33:06

on these hills and why it’s all solar. And it’s beautiful. It’s palm trees and whatever. And I don’t say blends in or doesn’t blend in. It’s a little reflective. But I I look at it and say, Oh, they’re out here in the middle of the ocean. And they’re, they’re using the sunshine, which is what they do. They’re the rainbow state to, you know, call energy and I thought, okay, that’s still then bring down the cost of like the macadamia nuts, but no problem, you know, but it helps a little bit.

Bill Cole  33:34

You know, look, it’s the weather as the weather breaks, we get busier and busier. Solar is good. If you don’t know you should look into it. And you know, Commercial Roofing is definitely something people should be planning for. Do some maintenance extend the life of that roof. That’s always my suggestion.

Nestor Aparicio  33:51

I can’t get you out for crabcake at some point, please. Yeah,

Bill Cole  33:54

we’ll make it happen. All right. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  33:57

I miss Bill Cole. I miss all my friends. They’re here we’re gonna be celebrating 25 years. Here’s what Okay, I’m gonna give you this. My 25th anniversary is August 3, and fourth. We’re doing the shows those days that drugs city Nick Costas and Bondoc. And what I want to do is try to bring people like you that you ain’t never been to drug city. Maybe you’ve been a Costas for Krebs, or whatever. But we’re gonna bring some folks down to Dundalk for my 25th anniversary. Is that sound good?

Bill Cole  34:21

Yeah, I need to get to drug city. I need to see what this is all about.

Nestor Aparicio  34:24 Well, I planned drugs city to do my birthday party on October the 13th. But since we began this broadcast, the Ravens have decided to play the Titans not Nashville, which is pissed everybody off, and they’re gonna play the Titans now in London. So no cowboy hats for you. None of that right. I mean, I know Dennis is gonna be really disappointed because he talked out loud about this. But since we began this segment, the news broke on the Yakuts Baltimore for WSD textures. So now my birthday and drug city. I may be in London like hanging out at Royal Royal Albert Hall. Oh my birthday, so maybe that’ll be it. All right. All right, man. Sounds good. I get a $99 flight to Azerbaijan. Maybe Roger Waters is playing that night. He is Bill Cole. He is called roofing and Gordian energy. Orioles, ravens. Luke’s around I’m around the Preakness is in town, merrily crabcakes represented by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation. It is all coming to you all month long. We get a little hot out, have some fun. And now we’re going to be this week. Stay fair on Friday, week after next 23rd at the local and fallston we are coming to so many places. I’m lining it all up in June. I don’t want to give it away but we’re coming to hell Thorpe. We’re coming to Wilkins Avenue over there by St. Joe that some people might know about as well. And Rondo county Harford County, Carroll County on the hook I got a charity event happening there I’m I’m on the phone with Greenmount station because I missed those crabcakes because they’re delicious. I am Mr. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking crabcakes and Baltimore positive stay with

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