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Coming back to the show at Camden Yards


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With Shohei Ohtani in town and the Orioles surging, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss who is going back to the Camden Yards to see real pennant race baseball and when and why.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we were positively into just a an amazing week of great weather. A big horse race here in town this week. The Baltimore Orioles sit high and feeling good show a Otani and Mike Trout in town and all sorts of things happening if you love the NBA, if you love the NHL, if you love the PGA Championship this weekend and the beaches are about to open up and people are about to spend spend spend and I saw it over the weekend at Janet Jackson and the Orioles this guy he’s headed to Oriole Park at Camden Yards he’s he’s all Lamar it up and we talk all this football football football but deep down you know you got an orange heart letter Raskin letter Raskin, Raskin global you know we always said Build it they’ll come I’ve talked to you for years on the radio Dennis for years, lots of people for your sponsors, friends phone callers, about like what it would look and feel like if we all wanted to come back and legitimately wanted to pay wanted to make time to do that. You have now you’re there.


Leonard Raskin  01:07

I’m here. I’m here. Two reasons, you know, both both compelling to go down and see the orange carpet. One obviously Berger playing good ball took two out of three from the dreaded pirates over the weekend took two out of three from Tampa Bay. You can’t can’t do better now. I guess you could sweep them but let’s not kid ourselves. But two out of three you keep winning series man you play in 66 667 ball. That’s pretty good. So gotta go see the boys play. I looked through the closet, found the Nick Marcus jersey. All right, that’s the last I have dust that off haven’t been to a game since pre pre plague. You know, since pre COVID. So it’s

Nestor Aparicio  01:55

you haven’t been to a game since like 19 since 19.

Leonard Raskin  01:59

So the boys are playing good ball. And as you said, Man, when they when they put a good product on the field, it’s time to support them and go check them out. So I know people

Nestor Aparicio  02:08


beating you up as a friend and a client, like not going much to the games or

Leonard Raskin  02:15

literally haven’t gone in four years. So yeah, I’ve watched him and I went on a date Leonard right. No, I’ve watched him. I’ve tuned in I love watching the games but just haven’t felt the urge to cruise downtown and Camden Yards and do all that. But

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

I ask you this because you’re going to see Otani pitch Monday night. And we’ll get a full report and who knows how I’m going to be a John wait full disclosure and draw because I love John Waite and the babies and all and bad bad English. But for you, you and I we’ve only done one thing socially this year and we will be doing another thing in two weeks. The Mount Washington pediatric golf event. Yes, sir. Want to give them some love on that Monday, first Monday of June. So Mike bordick will be joining us on that day as well as he did last week up at Adam sheep on behalf of Chesapeake feline Association. We adopt the three cats that day. So it was a beautiful day, up in Aberdeen, but for you and I we got together a month ago, I would say quietly because I wasn’t posting. I don’t think I posted anything. I took a funny picture of Mike Elias at the event, but Mike Elias came out and you allow me to be your guest. And I want to thank Doug Strauss and you know, everybody that was out there, Bill we del who was my guest on Friday from CFG bank was also there. There were only what 50 People there maybe 60 People likewise came out. Was there anything that day? I’m just asking that was in line with recruiting you? Or is it just that they’re winning? I

Leonard Raskin  03:45

heard some good things. Look, I heard him before, not in public, not in face to face, but on the air and other things. And I like what the man saying I like what he did with the rebuild. And I also like that at the beginning of this year, he didn’t say we’re still rebuilding and we got work to do. He said we’re a playoff team. This team is gonna win. And and I like the spirit. I like the the attitude. I like hearing that. We’re not about being okay. You know, we were okay last year, we’re about winning this year. And to date, they’re playing 667 ball. And they’re winning series and they’re winning games and they’re playing good teams. It’s not like they’re just beaten the low life teams if you will, which they were for years. So it’s good to see them winning. And I want to go down and support team cm winning. And I want to see shohet on the hill. I think it’s gonna be great see him and trout. I’ve seen lots of great athletes in lots of sports. We’ve talked about that over the years the opportunity to watch Ovechkin down with the caps and just it becomes so ordinary but when you’re here, but around the country around the world to do it is extraordinary. You know, seeing Michael Jordan in his prime I never Never I will say this never went to a golf tournament and saw Tiger Woods play live. So I didn’t get to do that yet. Maybe I’ll get a chance. Who knows haven’t done it


Nestor Aparicio  05:10

for years, right? I mean, it was right

Leonard Raskin  05:14

but I’m just saying I’m about seeing great performers at the top of their craft and I think Otani and trout get a chance to go out and see them against the birds. I’ll be rooting for the birds obviously won’t be rooting for them, but it’d be cool to see him. So I like getting the opportunity to see great players and in all sports, I like to see the best and it’s really cool to have the opportunity to go check that out. So it’s combination of the O’s winning Otani coming up, throw in the orange, and we’ll see what happens. It’ll be a good night and hopefully a good night of the yard.

Nestor Aparicio  05:47

You know what, I haven’t promoted this much on the air but I did a lot on social media over the weekend. If you follow me, I saw greatness I stumbled in the greatness on Wednesday night. I went down to anthem to see seal and I walked in and I saw one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen in my life. Wow. And I’m like at this point in the game to go and see like, Friday night, you know, Luke went to the ballpark. And all of a sudden Cedric Mullins is doing what Cedric Mullins does, right? Absolutely. And you I was at six

Leonard Raskin  06:17


special. I was at six at the Hippodrome.

Nestor Aparicio  06:21

So my son went to six on Sunday. How was it? It was it was

Leonard Raskin  06:24

it was outstanding. It was outstanding show the performance was fabulous. The Hippodrome was backed place was going while the ladies were singing their hearts out. It was excellent. Hey, man,

Nestor Aparicio  06:35

let’s talk about this a little bit because I had bill we Dell on Friday. Okay, state fair. He runs CFG bank and they sponsored the arena. I went to see Janet Jackson Saturday night, I wanted to see Anita Baker Sunday. I need a baker was the the hardest, most expensive concert ticket in the history of Baltimore concerts. Wow, Mother’s Day, it was impossible, impossible to get into Anita Baker tick. I’m being really honest with you. And I was gonna run down there but so for the week and the weekend and Preakness and Janet Jackson sold out. And Anita Baker sold that not a little sold out. No, no, you know, have the upper deck be closed and none of that. But the Oreos 26,030 6000 Mother’s Day, Preakness this week. Bruno Mars is in town this week, right? And I talked to Bill about the concert roster, that if you put the CFG bank concert roster, I’m talking kiss, John Deere, Stapleton, all of that against Madison Square Garden. What Baltimore has with a drawl now, and the baseball team and you’re going down Monday night, we got a horse race here happening. I am feeling on doing the crab races flexing the market Wednesday with our friends and families. Do you feel differently? I mean, you’re you’re going downtown tonight, like you went downtown Friday night to see see. So people are down again.


Leonard Raskin  07:58

Here’s the thing, I think Oh, absolutely. But I think the the back end of that is you got to be able to not just go to the event. I think we got it. We got to turn the corner where, you know, I went to the Hippodrome and I parked in the Hippodrome garage, walked into the show, went to the show, great show, got in the car came home, didn’t go to dinner before didn’t hang out a

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

little Italy, or we’ll do something like that. Like I went to see Janet Jackson and I grabbed Chinese food at my favorite Chinese food place young scary out. I parked my car uptown where it was free. And I went to Mount Vernon marketplace. And I had a beer at the local oyster, you know, before the show, and I was like, so I did a little walking thing. The city Yeah. And Park Avenue where my mother took me to the white rice in and park avenues you know, it’s not it’s right. But it’s it’s not threatening. It’s just boarded up. I mean, I didn’t pass a human being. But I got her crazy at the movie theater down there. And we went to the white rice in and I thought to myself, I wish the white rice and we’re here right now it’s still my soul for that.

Leonard Raskin  09:11

Yeah, there you go. And I think that’s the that’s the bottom line is you got to feel safe walking in the city. And sadly, you know, with the news out there and the the 500 kids by the harbor and whatever and shooting downtown and these other things. All the draw is fantastic. And it’s all going to bring money to city it’s all great and it’s all going to bring people back to the city and that’s great. But if you park in the arena, go to the show and leave or park near Camden Yards, go to the game and leave then then that’s not good enough, but it’s getting there. Like you said, if we start seeing people in the bars, which they are down by the stadium, start seeing people pregame postgame hanging around, walking over to the hall

Nestor Aparicio  10:00


are a different thing when Phillips was at a piano? Absolutely absolutely. I mean come on man I made my living there I didn’t

Leonard Raskin  10:07

get it but that’s my point that that has to resurrect and people the next generation not as old dudes but our our kids kids and you know so on, they gotta be willing to go down there and walk around and feel safe and resurrect the city and Bill and the guys over at the arena are doing a great job to see that

Nestor Aparicio  10:26

they really are. I mean, the lineup beautiful see 100,001 with you know, phones out singing Janet Jackson song shaking my ass, and like, you know, 120

Leonard Raskin  10:36

shows their their booking 120 shows they’re going to rock and that’s going to draw, and if that draws, and then people come before hang out after and look to the arenas where the arena is in a great part of town for a long time, but and the Hippodrome the same, but if they can draw and then somehow who, who bought harborplace one of the developers right bought harborplace can’t remember his name, but he’s, he’s planning David, go ahead, give me the rest. He’s planning to renovate and resurrect the harbor but man I remember going to the harbor that you walk over to Stouffer hotel and do the four or five floors of shopping in the bramble by the way, David Bramble. That’s it, sorry about that. And you do all the shopping over it Stouffer in the in the shopping area, and then you hang out at Harbor place and you sit out on the, with the little amphitheater there and see some show and go to the aquarium and when, when, when everybody’s willing to do that again, and I don’t see a lot of crowds down there. When I drive down on a beautiful spring afternoon, I expect that place to be packed and you see, like 10 people walking around.


Nestor Aparicio  11:44

It’s in transition. I don’t think it’s any great. Like, just like there was a vision a year ago to say, we’re gonna do this arena and we’re gonna try to bring people down and Janet Jackson and Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles and John, they’re all really going to come and play. That’s real. And I love this Baltimore positive conversation letter. Raskin I sometimes we get together talking about money. Sometimes we talk about business. A lot of times we’re just talking about sports with the Ravens or Lamar Jackson or the Orioles or showing Connie or the horse race. I mean, you talked about potentiality for what the Preakness could be in our lifetime. Yeah. And you grew up on the west side of town and I grew up in a family. We never went to the horse race, but my dad honored the Preakness. I mean, the dirt. The Triple Crown was a thing in my neighborhood. We all watch the race together. I didn’t go to my first practice until I was old enough to drink beer at the Preakness, which be in the infield. But But even that has changed from Animal House into something that I’ve been to the last six, seven pregnancies. And then the event has changed. And Bruno Mars will change it this weekend as well. Yeah, but having big events and having big things that the city can handle that. And maybe one day, as I would say to Steve Ashanti, maybe one day, we’ll get that draft party here and have a four, you know, has kind of right

Leonard Raskin  12:58

here for the city. Absolutely. And there’s no reason not. And when they when they pull that off, and when they maybe get another MLB All Star game, you know, something like that. That was a long time ago. What was that in the early 80s?

Nestor Aparicio  13:15

Well, a Taylor Swift just did four nights up in Philly over the weekend.

Leonard Raskin  13:18


Right, right, right. I know. There would have been a big deal, right? I know a lot of people drove up there to see that show. And each night people were up there just having a blast. So yeah, you know me he or she could rock him and tea. I’m sure she could. Absolutely and Billy Joel is coming back right now. Camden Yards baseball stadium, with with with Stevie Nicks. Stevie Nicks. That’s a combination. I didn’t see coming.

Nestor Aparicio  13:49

70s classic rock you know, right.

Leonard Raskin  13:53

Out there, we’ll be out there for that. So another Camden Yards event attending?

Nestor Aparicio  13:57

Let Raskin is here. He is a Raskind global. I wear the shirt. You find them out of Baltimore positive go to Rascon You are doing a money thing this week. Right? For business owners out there. Yes, I want to exit so if I want to sell my radio station, this is this is sell my businesses the pathway. And what we’re talking about 20 years people will talk to me about buying or selling my radio station. And I think if I were interested in selling my business 10 years ago, probably would be different than selling it now. Right?


Leonard Raskin  14:25

Yeah, correct. And the biggest thing, one of the most important things people need to know about whether it’s a sale to an inside or a sale to employees to keep the company going with the employees a sale to an outside third party company that you may want to that comes in with a big check. You got to prepare for that. It’s not something that just steps up to your door knocks Hello, I’m here I’m ready to buy your company. You have to plan for it. A B you have to put your company in a position to be ready for the sale. See you got to be mentally and emotionally ready to exit it, whether that’s because they take over and you’re out or they take over, you now work for them for a little bit of time and then transition out, whatever it is, each of us are leaving our business. At some point, the hope is, we leave it vertically and it’s a planned exit. Some people sadly leave their business horizontally, unplanned exits in a bad way, and the company’s a mess, the families a mess, things left behind are really terrible. businesses shut down, families get destroyed. So we have a webinar we’re putting on Tuesday night 630, you can get in touch with us at El Raskin.

Nestor Aparicio  15:41

We thought about this hold on a second here before we so like I own radio station, and I guess about this out loud, I’m either going to die today or sometime in the future, and it’s somebody else’s gonna be stuck with and have to figure out what to put on that one radio. Baltimore negative.

Leonard Raskin  15:58

Exactly, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  15:59


pretty good thing here. Or I’m, you know, I better have a plan for somebody to buy it right. And so I die with it. Or it’s gonna go under, it’s gonna go out of business, right? You

Leonard Raskin  16:11

work till the day you choose to shut it down. Right? Yeah. So you can vertically work as long as you want, and then say, I’m out and it’s done. Or somebody buys it inside or outside, or you got

Nestor Aparicio  16:26

somebody to buy it, right? Like you’re always

Leonard Raskin  16:29

always planning for, look, the only thing you don’t want to plan for the exit of when you start is marriage. Everything else in business, you buy a stock, you got to think about selling it, you buy a portfolio, you got to think about distribution, because someday you’re going to need the money or use the money or want the money rather than for what it’s sitting for. for some other purpose. When you own a business, the best day to think about leaving the business is the day you start the business, you structure the business in a way that it’s owned, and that it’s controlled, and that over your lifetime. It’s structured so that when you sell it, you mitigate income tax, after you sell it, you generate massive revenue, and let you die with it, you protect your family, you protect your family in such a way that they have either the money to go on if you didn’t sell it, or to transfer the asset so that again, the government doesn’t take half of it in the form of estate taxes, inheritance, taxes, probate fees, other costs. So you’ve got to structure it for exit when you start it and as you own it. And the best thing is the day you start it, you plan the exit. But the second best thing is, I would say five to 10 years before you’re ready, you got to plan the exit, and then the crazy nonsense where somebody does knock on the door and offer you a check. You just can’t refuse. Well, then, okay, planning aside, you’ve gotten a big enough check that you can walk out and say, I’m not worried about it. Okay. So all those things come to bear, you got to understand the taxes, you got to understand the ownership structure. You got to understand your opportunities to get out and again, not pay the government too much of that money. State of Maryland, you end up with potential income tax, capital gains tax, you’re somewhere but potentially in the 45 48% income tax range. You work your whole life, you create an asset. And when you sell it, you get half and the government gets half. That’s not a game. We want our clients to play. So we got a webinar. Tuesday night the 16th No, today’s Monday is the 16th Tuesday the 17th 630 got to get my time’s right. Yeah, cuz if it was the 16th Tuesday, is it? Yes. Okay. Yeah. My mom. But here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. If it was Monday night, I’d missed the webinar, because I would be get ready to watch Shohei Otani. So it’s Tuesday night, definitely Tuesday night 630. You can find this out at info at Raskin, if you want an invite, we’ll make sure you get one, it’ll be recorded, probably thrown up on our YouTube channel, you’ll be able to see it there. So if you’re a business owner, and it’s something you’re thinking about now, or in the future, or hadn’t thought about, but think you need to think about it. These are the times and show, you know, we talk about all the time that there are in money and finance, there are the things you know you this isn’t everything but in money and finance. The thing is, you know, you know, that makes up about 10% of your knowledge base. There are the things you know, you don’t know, maybe that makes up another 10% of your knowledge, lack of knowledge base, and then there’s the things you don’t know you don’t know. And that’s generally for most people 80% of the rest of the stuff. And so because it seems like you’re sitting around studying it all That’s right. That’s right. And this isn’t in the my things I know I know. And for a lot of business owners it’s in the I don’t know I don’t know things I never thought of that’s right when I meet people when I talk to them about an exit they don’t have any strategy at all they


Nestor Aparicio  19:56

think horizontal when they think exit right. They Well no people think someday a radio station you think you’re gonna have to kill me to come get it? Right? Well, maybe

Leonard Raskin  20:05

maybe the day you buy it, a lot of people think Hey, some Mr Big is gonna come in with a big check and take me out that’s the that’s the dream I build a big company and I get bought out by Microsoft or I get bought out by Apple or no some Google comes along and takes me out whatever your business is that the big, the big public Kahuna comes in and saves the day gives you a big fat check. And that happens so rarely. And if it does, you probably built the business for 30 or 40 years, you’ve got it at a point where it’s humming, where you don’t need to be there even to run it. Look, when you’re an entrepreneur and you’re running your company and you’re the see everything CEO, CEO, CFO, you got to be there. But when you got a company that you’re running, and you could take a couple few months off, take a nice vacation, come back and your business has grown. That’s, that’s when you’re the CEO and you know that your position at the company is unnecessary. That’s when it’s the most ready to sell. And once you’ve done that, that’s when Mr. Big may come in. Because there’s a business there. There’s not just me running the shop and nobody can replace me. I mean, if you’re not on the air, you’re not on the air. If if you got six guys, I’ve done it three different ways here. So I’m aware that’s right. So so you got to find somebody to step in and say I want to be on the air. Because if you’re not on the air, you’re not in the air. And for me, if I’m not advising folks, I’m not advising folks. It’s not like my assistants who are great, are going to be advising folks the way I advise folks. So those are the variables you have to consider. And then you put all that together you say, Okay, I’m humming, and now I can exit. And dare I say that. In our local sports. You know, there’s guys who have homes and businesses and if they wanted to sell them, they probably could and although forced out of the picture, one last drip one sale. Sir Daniel Snyder. He just sold for 6.05. B billion when

Nestor Aparicio  22:06

he gets the last laugh as long as he doesn’t go to prison. Right?

Leonard Raskin  22:10


Right. As long as he stays out of jail and with 6 billion I think he might

Nestor Aparicio  22:15

imagine those stakes 6 billion or jail, right? Like he’s

Leonard Raskin  22:19

gonna he might get both. He might get both, but But he’ll find his way out of prison, you know that he’s like he’s he’s got enough money to find the best lawyers save the day and go pay somebody off because that’s what rich people do. It’s a drop in the bucket because you know, the 6.05 You know, the point oh, five part. That’s the part you use to stay safe. That’s 50 million. Yeah. That’s what you used to be out of the out of the headlines. And I don’t know if he did anything illegal. I just know that the NFL decided they didn’t want him in the ownership team anymore. And they got a new guy they like better

Nestor Aparicio  22:54

imagine how immoral you have to be to get kicked out of that club. Hey,


Leonard Raskin  22:58

but but here’s the thing. You get kicked out of the club, but you got 6 billion on the way out. You know when we were growing up my friend. There was this guy on TV remember that guy on TV? $6 million, man right he’s nuts. He’s a nothing right? He’s a nothing next to this dude. We

Nestor Aparicio  23:13

got the 6 billion 0.5 These 9.0500 All right. Nothing. All right. I’ll keep you square at Rascon global. He’s also out at the front of Baltimore positive and in good spirits. Big week, man Choi Otani. We got to preach this we got things happen in spring is sprung. The Orioles are happening. Thanks. We haven’t mentioned Lamar. How about the beaches, calling the beaches. Colin. Listen, I stopped late at night to urinate at the Joe Biden Plaza in Delaware. And I think of you somehow when I do this because I go into Delaware. And I’m nowhere near your Delaware which includes water. But I am coming to do a beach to see Tommy Conwell in July. Like you know, summer and the beach and 75 I mean, was it. This is the best time of the year we played going on and it’s great.

Leonard Raskin  24:06

Preakness will be packed.

Nestor Aparicio  24:08


Oh, good.

Leonard Raskin  24:11

Good. Good man. Rascon

Nestor Aparicio  24:13

talking Baltimore positive thoughts here getting downtown not just once, but twice this week for your baseball and hippodrome Broadway six action. You can find me up in fallston. I’m getting out of the county going to the other county by Norfolk County on Tuesday at the local award winning fair. I’ve seen the pictures I’m really looking forward to getting up there will be fallston on Tuesday from two of the five it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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