The way we were on Radio Row over 28 years

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Screen Shot 2023 02 09 at 4.06.36 PM
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Bill Cole and Nestor discuss 28 years of Radio Row chats that will become WNST Radio Row Month at AM 1570 and Baltimore Positive. We’re still adding up exactly how many Hall of Famers over all of the years. You can count them up yourselves and let us know.


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Bill Cole, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about w n s t testable Gabor and Baltimore positive. We are taking a little bit of respite from doing things around here, but we’re still live and up and running. Though Cole is gonna join me right now we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crabcake tour on March 3 at drugs city with our friends, they’re all brought to you by the Maryland lottery, I would hold up a lottery ticket but like I don’t want hold up the old ones because I’m going to have the new, like old school wishbone thing going on over drug city on the eighth, we’re going to be fadeless at the old mics in the market. I know the new ones open, they’re going to be getting in there soon. They’re building out their space and the new Lexington market Damian and the group at Faith. He’s gonna be joining us on March 8, and I’ve got great guests coming down the line, but we’re gonna have great guests all month long. Bill, the National Football League has decided after 28 years to delegitimize me, rather malicious way I think and disallowed me from doing Super Bowl and people laugh and I tell them this when you’re the big shot at the accelerant, the CEO of coal roofing, by the way, still got the mug here this morning. It’s royal farms in here as well. Well, Justin Tucker blend for kick. Why don’t they have a Justin Tucker blend with a kick? I’m just saying that, that I’ve thought about that. I’ll talk to Ostrowski about that. So I’m not in Phoenix. It is currently Wednesday of Super Bowl week we’re you know, full shoot interview here. And it would be 448 in the morning and Phoenix and I will be getting up in Phoenix and I think it’s probably only in the 50s kind of gets cold there. Like it hasn’t been nice and Phoenix this week. But I’ve been to Phoenix three other times for Super Bowls. My second Super Bowl was the Neil O’Donnell Barry Switzer Super Bowl at the Sun Devil Stadium. I was at that one. And then of course, there was the the oh nine game and then there was the 15 game. So I know the streets. I know what the convention center is. I saw Mark Andrews on a days where I had no access to him on Tuesday on radio row. So I know the deal. But in lieu of doing that, I am doing something kind of cool here this month and going through 28 years because I know you’ve been an intern here. So I’m gonna say you’re an intern at wn S T. Do you remember our radio rose when you were an intern here last century?

Bill Cole  02:15

Now I’m gonna I’m just gonna say no, because as an intern, I was required to deal with the golf show and the wrestling show and the basketball show something as cool as radio row. No, no, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near that. You know, likely the intern screws that up. So no.

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

Sunday morning. So I’m thinking that there was a Super Bowl you strolled in your 99 or 2000 when the Atlanta Super Bowl was happened under the Miami? I don’t know what year that was what year was it? Do you have a no?

Bill Cole  02:46

No, it was probably like Yeah, 999 2000 2001 it was probably it was before. It was before the raid

Nestor Aparicio  03:03

was a dude named Wendell that did the wrestling show. Right? And Jamie did the golf show. And Bob Haney did the basketball show, right? Yeah, I remember about that era, since we’re doing your shooting. At a girlfriend, I had a I had a girl it was before my wife was in my life, right? So I’m single. It’s 1999. I’ve been out all night in Vegas with this beautiful girlfriend I had from Sweden. And I’m laying in bed at the Rio and giant windows. And I feel like a king and the phone goes off. And it’s 348 in the morning. And it’s Wendell at the radio station on a Sunday morning asking why the CDs aren’t playing on the air because he couldn’t play his wrestling music at 648 in the morning on a Sunday morning. And I’m in Vegas. And it was because the CD player read them the other way. You put it in front instead of back. He didn’t know that. So I had to take a phone because before Tech, I did make a phone call 348 in the morning. And this is when I started thinking like this is when the radio station was new. And I thought this was all fun. And it was gonna be like we had a pool table in the basement bubble hockey, remember all that? And that was 25 years ago. And that’s when I decided like this is like real work. Did you know what I mean? And I probably shouldn’t have a wrestling show on Sundays.

Bill Cole  04:17

Well, I would tell you that I was definitely out there that day. Not that anyone let me touch the CDs. Touch the CDs. I mean literally as an intern, the only thing I was allowed to do was answer the telephone. And maybe like I remember one time the the highlight of my internship was doing the basketball show with Bob Haney and we were doing a mock NBA draft. And like I got to actually be one of the draftees which that would then constitute the most time I was ever allowed to say anything ever during any of the talk on the show. No on answering the phones, I was teeing up the really intelligent callers in Sunday morning at

Nestor Aparicio  05:09

715 in the morning. No, you get to talk on this show. Well, when I shut up eventually, but I did it. I mean, like the radio row thing for me, it’s been sort of an iconic part of what I do, right? Like, I mean, I’ve gone every single year since 1995. I went before we had the Ravens I went 92 and 95. Right. So I was going to Super Bowls as a fan, praying for the Houston Oilers to be there. But like, I’ve done radio row for five days since since New Orleans in the very, very beginning, a lot of people would show up on Thursday and Friday, sometimes Garceau would, you know, would helicopter in and sit at the Super Bowl with a little notepad and do his voting and like all that, but like I we set up at five in the morning. And there’s no one in the history of radio row that took it more seriously than, than me and my company in kicking the ass of 1300 and kicking the ass of 1057, which we’re still doing everyday this month. But it was a really competitive important week. I mean, and it’s Super Bowl week. I mean, it’s the biggest week of the year, you know?

Bill Cole  06:11

Yeah, I think one of the things that I’ve always you know, it, I’ll use the word admirer loosely, I don’t want you to get to, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  06:20

find a lesser synonym for that.

Bill Cole  06:23

You know, sometimes people have a tendency to take something they love, and then turn it into a business, right? Because we’re going to spend all this time on something that I love, man, I gotta feed my family. And I should really just turn it into a business. And I

Nestor Aparicio  06:39

know you thought that about rubes as a kid you ran around. I’m just gonna do roofs, you know? Right,

Bill Cole  06:44

exactly. So that when they do that, when people do that, they end up like losing that love they had for their hobby. The minute they turned it into a business. And I think that’s like I said, something that I admire is that you have been able to remain a passionate fan, you know, but at the same time, you know, go and do this work, and still bring that energy in love and not get worn down. And to your point like, Okay, I’m going to the Super Bowl. Yes, this will be a great time. Well, no, actually, it’s a week of you know, some of the most intense work that you have to do. I’m 54

Nestor Aparicio  07:27

years old the last 15 years by Saturday, the last thing I want to do, I had Julio come down from San Francisco last year. All he wants to do is be in a room with John Elway and Dan Marino and all I want to do is not be there by Saturday, because I’ve been there all day. I’ve been there 60 hours a week. And like on a Wednesday night, I get invited to this EAA party or this or that. And like, I can’t go at that pace anymore. It’s one of the reasons I stopped going to the combine, because it really became a drinking party for people younger than me that drank more than me and stayed up later than I did. And I kind of have to work and I run a company. I this is serious endeavor. I know it make it look like fun. And that’s part of the fun for you being the CEO and all of you and Leonard Raskin and Dennis Koulatsos, who runs this giant car dealership over at security, but like, being amongst people who run things, there’s a whole different level of pace for what you’re going to see over the next three weeks as to how Dan Marino winds up on my show in year 25. And how Bill Walton wound up on my show in year five. And how I had three sitting head coaches at the same time how I’ve had four NFL owners on the show over the course of time, how when Adam Sandler walks in the room or Chris Rock walks in the room, they wind up and come and do my show. And they wind up sitting with me.

Bill Cole  08:43

Yeah, I think I mean, just from a layman’s perspective, I was always fascinated with like the Super Bowl pulls them all in. Right, like, like you. I don’t know how, I don’t know how many of those people notified people ahead of time that they’re coming to walk radio row,

Nestor Aparicio  09:01

you know how you know if they have a handler or if they don’t, right? So like as an example. You know, Mark Andrews running around there Tuesday. If he’s there for a sponsor, he’s got a handler, if he’s just dealing with the past being a player, which we get a lot of that just a lot of the guests that sat with me was just sort of like, hey, there’s Sean Ogden, and there’s Trent Dilfer. And there’s Hey, come on over Hey, Rod, I mean, Rod Woodson, the Netta handle he’s my dude, you know what I mean? Like so but some years he’s been handled some years he was you know, part of a there for a sponsor there for a charity and a lot of cases there for a medical purpose. A lot of guys are there for medical purposes in recent years, because the league kills people right let me let’s call it what it is, right? I mean, the league abuses bodies and minds and souls in some cases, and I found those lost souls on radio row and guys that have been the rehab and the people that take them the rehab people like Randy Grimes, who changed his life, playing the league 15 I mean, meeting really serious people and the pit Stop part for me is losing access to those humans and being delegitimize. I find that unacceptable. And you know, and I find that unacceptable at some point because it is unacceptable what’s happened to me?

Bill Cole  10:11

Right? It’s this wonderful mix of different intentions. And, again, I think about you and putting myself in your shoes. You know, one minute, you’re having a semi coherent discussion with a really burnt out Rockstar, who, you know, you, everybody knows who they are, but they’re not actually that good at communicating anymore. They lost that about 15 years ago. So you’re trying to piece that together? That’s

Nestor Aparicio  10:41

not the Rockstar, that’s the football player. Well, no, no, no, no, that’s the football player. I want to be really, like it didn’t take us long here. Any of us long and especially like, you know, I’ll get drew a shout out on this one. You know, he would go to the Super Bowls and see these broken down men and had he had a different vibe about football. Having been an athlete himself and you know, like all that right. Like when you go there and Conrad Dobler comes over with a walker and sits to you and shows you the holes in his legs. You know what I mean? Like it’s it’s a different level when Jim Otto comes by when he’s like these broken down older men, and dementia and hard times that come with it. The NFL never wanted that. The year that that movie came out the concussion movie, oh, my god, like, oh, and but that’s what I’m wonder why they take people’s press credentials. Because I’m happy to talk about that just as much as I’m happy to hero worship Joe Flacco or Joe Montana or Lamar Jackson, if you ever climbed the mountain, you know what I mean?

Bill Cole  11:40

Yeah, I mean, that’s the interesting dichotomy of that Super Bowl week, the lead up, right, it brings everyone, everyone comes to town. So in one minute, you’re having this sort of tough conversation that, you know, strikes at your heart, and you’re, and then the next is a fun, you know, good, you know, so and then the next one is a sales pitch, because somebody’s promoting a book or something, whatever it is, that’s what

Nestor Aparicio  12:07

the radio station is going to, like, show that in the coming days and weeks, right. And the website is going to show that in the coming days and coming weeks that it really, but from the business side, from the from the up my sponsor, and my friend, and former internal like all of that, and the way we talk about things here on the radio. If there were one roofing convention a year, were all the commercial roofers came together, in wherever. And it was the biggest thing, and they put it on television, and they did all of that. And they told you, you’re no longer a roofer after doing it for 20 years, that you couldn’t come to the convention. I mean, it’s basically the biggest media cuz I mean, anybody would say that it is, it is the place where the media gets together, makes friends meets other industry, people. It’s a significant important event in general and to be delegitimize, there is a whole different level of Hmm, I wonder if they can do that? Because, you know, that’s, that’s where we are right now. Hmm. I wonder how far they can take this the legitimacy de legitimization. And, and logging of me, I wonder how far they can take that.

Bill Cole  13:21

Right. So the last conversation, I think it was the last conversation you and I had, or maybe it was two conversations ago was about, you know, the value of Lamar and things that were enhancing his value and things that were degrading his value. I would question how they are devaluing the Super Bowl. You know, there was a time period where it was the pinnacle. I mean, I guess it probably still is, right. So it’s still demands the largest dollars per minute of commercial, you know, throughout the entire year. So it still has the stranglehold on this, this pinnacle thing, but there are so many steps along the way, that have sort of eroded what it was, and what it looks like it will be into the future. And it comes from every perspective. I mean, think about like what did they do? 21 right, so 20 they had it because it was right before COVID locked down. So 21 Did they let people go would you have to get

Nestor Aparicio  14:37

21 was the Tampa Super Bowl that was the Brady I think there were it was Florida they’re nuts down there. So I think that they had they had people in the stands i That was the only Super Bowl I’ve missed in the modern era. At the last Super Bowl I missed before that was Leon lett. Seriously. I’ve been to every Super Bowl since Leon let other than the Brady 21 game which was its own? I mean, it was a plague. And I never thought they would take advantage of the plague. I mean, part of Chad’s still kicking me out is the plague using the plague as as an excuse. You weren’t. Yeah. Well, I

Bill Cole  15:09

mean, that’s,

Nestor Aparicio  15:10

like, you know, I mean, it’d be interesting what he would say in front of a jury but and what he would actually say if he if somebody had to ask him a question about why threw Nestor out, and then why the NFL threw Nestor at the NFL threw Nestor out because Chad Steele said, so the I have that in writing. So the NFL and the Cincinnati Bengals disallowed me from covering the playoff game, because Chad Steele said so. So I have that. I have that in writing. So I know where it’s coming from. And I know, it’s very obvious why I wasn’t at the Super Bowl this week, like the Ravens told the NFL not that I’m not legitimate anymore. So but but the interesting part for me is going through all of this, and the week being here, where I would be there working really hard. I’m here working really hard, in the same way that I used to work hard when I was there. But I have all of this video, all of these pictures, all of this audio that I’m I’ve never presented at Baltimore positive, right, like if you were an NST, listener, or an amp 1570 listener, you’re in the car in 2006, when Trent Dilfer was baring his soul to me about getting thrown out or you were there in 2009, when Ray Lewis was on the set with us for 30 minutes talking about maybe leaving the ravens and sniffing or like how all these convert these archival things we have, I haven’t presented them on the radio in years, I haven’t presented them at all at bottom are or on LinkedIn or on Facebook or on Twitter or on Instagram, you know any of those places. And I’m, I’m really excited that this awful malicious thing The NFL has done to me has freed me up this week, at least to put it all in a box and present the evidence for 30 years of very, very hard, diligent, integrity based character LED work, work. This is what I do for a living, it’s my job make it look like a hobby, but it ain’t a hobby. And, and putting this out for you. And for everyone you know, and for everyone who likes me loves me hates me. Plenty of those too. They all come out this week, but putting the content out and saying, here it is man, go check it out, go check out my work, because I’m really, really proud of it.

Bill Cole  17:23

Yeah, I think it’s fascinating. As you watch us, and this, this is maybe making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. I don’t know, I think that’s yet to be figured out. But, you know, we had to rebuild our life, our lives, we have to rebuild our institutions, like all these things coming out of the pandemic, we’re rebuilding the things that we choose to spend time on the way we treat others the things that we give our attention to, and then in the face of three years worth of change. Right. So how quickly things have changed through that time period. You also have to factor that in. So you know, how many people are still buying cable? Or did they all go to the other platforms and streaming and now you know, like, whatever pick whatever goofy example. The Super Bowl is going to be different. It’s going to be it was different when they

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

won weights, different bands in Philadelphia, that felt like they were connected. Are you ready? So they were connected, right? They’re connected, they got tickets inside. Now that used to mean that you knew Baker Koppelman, or you knew someone with the ravens and ravens get in, you had a chance because you won the lottery right to buy a ticket at face value, right? Face value on the tickets is $4,200 Dude, they’ve made the face value. Now the scalper price kind of like Springsteen, right. Springsteen used to be $250 and the tickets were good scalper 800 Now he’s just charged 800 The Super Bowl tickets, you know, you’ve been through Super Bowls, right? It said on the ticket $650 You paid 1400 Right? It said on the ticket 2000 Whatever. 950 But you paid 2100 Right. So whatever 3100 I mean, it could have been asking right wherever was now they just charged the 31 Like, like the roofers are three grand that go up, you know, it’s 4200 here 50 yard lines 10 grand right like that. They are their own scalper. At this point with the Disneyland’s we got paid 156 bucks to get into Disney. You know, they’re their own scalper at this point.

Bill Cole  19:31

Wow. Yes, might disappoint you, but I’m not sure I actually have an issue with that. I mean, it’s market price, right? It’s supply and demand. And

Nestor Aparicio  19:43

the market price would be if you won the lottery and you’re in Philadelphia, you think maybe I get a ticket for 1000 bucks. You know, maybe that would be the fate you know, like maybe that would be the case, right? But it’s just not you know, you go through all this to win the lottery. You win the lottery. Have you won the lottery, if the tickets are $3,800 Have you won lottery.

Bill Cole  20:00

So right so you can as as the business established that the market value is such, but doing that to your point, and I don’t know what the percentage was of the lottery winners who were paying 678 100 bucks in face value. I don’t know how many

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

people here 10 years ago that got a ticket for 800 bucks from the team in under polishes 800 bucks, but But they could have sold it for $2,400 at the time, right. And so yeah,

Bill Cole  20:29

I mean, is that half the stadium is that a quarter of the stadium is a third like I don’t know what that means

Nestor Aparicio  20:33

sponsors in like take up. You know, there used to be this large percentage. It was 1% of the gate that though every team in the league guy, I don’t I don’t I think it’s still that way. Because every player in the league has the right to buy a ticket or two tickets, excuse me, every player. So a lot of I mean, let me tell you Siragusa story Siragusa was the king of going around locker room being a ticket scalper, he loved it, he took pride in it, he literally would have put $100 bills, he’d walk around the clubhouse and buy tickets for his jersey buddies to a move him I don’t I mean, I got fans that use them. You know, I mean, this is 1999, there was a, you know, front office team, people, when they would negotiate a deal, they would negotiate if you were negotiating to get a job with the Tampa box, you’d say, you know, the thing that would really have me work for you is if I got two tickets to the Super Bowl, the right to purchase the right to purchase, right, and you’ve purchased them for 650. And you’d back to him for 1500. And you take your wife to the Caribbean with 1000 bucks you made on the tickets, right? Like that was a league thing forever was a Benny, you know, inside the league 25 years ago, I don’t want to say that they shouldn’t have taken that out to your point at the sea level. Yeah, man, and we’re getting, we’re getting mugged here for a lot of money. But to your point, the Superbowl is never gonna be the same. Because nobody thought dogs gonna be able to do that. So that’s

Bill Cole  21:57

right. That’s where I was trying to get to. So if half of the stadium is sold at face value, and then half of that number, sells them for the money. Right? Then you end up with 25% of the stadium with people who paid 678 100 bucks for the ticket, which again, isn’t nothing right. Like that’s still the most expensive sporting event, you know what I mean that a family would not even a family, the families don’t do it

Nestor Aparicio  22:30

right? Well, this year is even worse, because both of these teams have done it recently. Right? Right.

Bill Cole  22:35

So if you take I mean, you know, they always made jokes about Superbowl that, like, there was, you didn’t have to worry about calling your plays, or the snap count or any of that, because there were not enough fans of one team or the other for it to actually be loud or anything like that. So you know, that’s, that’s really the truth. It is, and I get that. But that that still means that the game becomes devoid of all meaning. Right? Like, like, the whole

Nestor Aparicio  23:08

season with nobody in the stands. So let’s not, let’s not act like the fans are that important. You know, they don’t really care who shows up, they care that the people that show up are willing to pay 24 bucks for a beer. I mean, it’s scalping in the stadiums. Unbelievable, dude. I mean, like, once you get into the game day, I mean, the pretzels are 12 bucks. I mean, it’s like literally the most expensive, expensive thing once you’re in there, the beers that they charge 12 bucks during the regular season. There’s 16

Bill Cole  23:38

But But everybody’s okay with that, like that

Nestor Aparicio  23:42

was what it used to be called right

Bill Cole  23:44

understood. That was 20 years ago. People complain about it now, you know, and they tried to sneak beers in in their pockets. And, you know, I mean, like, you know, there was it was, it was annoying enough that they were willing to take steps to try and circumvent

Nestor Aparicio  23:58

I went to Springsteen last week in Tampa, and it’s the first time I’ve been out in the wild, right. I haven’t flown on airplane, but I’ve just been working, you know, doing doing what I can do after the Ravens trying to wreck my career. I got to work. You know what I mean? So the last five months, I haven’t been on a plane went down to Tampa, and I met Springsteen, right. And I, you know, at a couple beers in a parking lot, a little tailgate down there. Beautiful night out. I’ve seen Bruce How can it be bad, I’m alone, it’s all good. Go in and check the beer out. And they had the big tall boys at 24 answers. And I’m like, and they don’t even put the price up. Like the price isn’t even. Like the price isn’t even there at the hockey arena anymore. Right? Same hockey arena. I saw the caps and five years ago. So I put my credit card I’m like, I’m just gonna buy give me a big old silver that are Michelob or whatever, right? So I get a beer. And it was 13 bucks. And I thought, which 24 ounces of beer. It’s only like 650 beer. I’m like, That’s the deal. Like I felt really good about it. Like I felt like I wasn’t getting gout even though I was getting out but if felt like when you went to the movie theater, you know what I mean? Like you got the popcorn and you know what’s $2 of popcorn? You paid $14 for it, but at least I got a $13 beer at a Springsteen show and I felt like, Man I’ve made out, you know, so

Bill Cole  25:16

it’s pretty weird how the world changes and our best beers 24

Nestor Aparicio  25:19

bucks at the Super Bowl. Here’s 24 bucks. Sure. Yeah, for sure. I guess

Bill Cole  25:23

I guess what I’m worried about is like, the clips they show of like, in the one I’m envisioning, and this never happens at the Super Bowl, but is like, you know, the unranked college football team beats the number one ranked college football team and the end the students rush the field. Right. That’s the image. Right that that sports, right that glorious overcoming for the underdog to win. And that’s why, you know, the Ravens run in 2000. Then I just watched that 30 for 30. Again, oh, man, I just it was I stayed up way too late. It was on late. I was I was like, I can’t go to bed. This is so good.

Nestor Aparicio  26:10

I felt bad for the people to think go to the Meyerhof that night. That

Bill Cole  26:14

was me. I didn’t go like what I didn’t even know it was happening. I’m just like, not even connected. I’m just totally in the empty seats

Nestor Aparicio  26:22

there that night to be honest. It wasn’t attended. It was well attended, but it wasn’t well attended.

Bill Cole  26:26

Well, that was not promoted properly. Right? That’s not interested in having the $600 ticket buyers in the Meyerhof that night. That’s what that is. I think I paid 50 bucks

Nestor Aparicio  26:37

to go or like that. I mean, I think maybe they paid 100 bucks for two tickets. I bought my tickets. And I sat in the stands and, you know, like, watched it.

Bill Cole  26:47

But, like, the ride, I mean, we drove we drove we went to the home game, we drove to Tennessee, we didn’t make the the black hole. And then we drove to Tampa, you know, I mean? And then we’re sort of like, annoyed, because we’re getting calls from people who are in Kenton or Fells Point after the win. And we’re like, Gosh, I wish we could be there. Oh, of course. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  27:17

Okay. I didn’t know that.

Bill Cole  27:18

Oh, yeah, I got pictures to prove it. They’re funny pictures too. But. But it’s like, at what point? Does that not matter? I don’t know that that matters. Right. Like people already

Nestor Aparicio  27:30

mattered a lot to you a Sunday night?

Bill Cole  27:32

Yeah. But like, people don’t think that they can go anyway. Right? It’s an unachievable ticket. It’s not, you’re gonna be like, you really got it, you really got to be willing to, like, give up a lot in your life to make that magic happen.

Nestor Aparicio  27:50

At this point, sure. Even then,

Bill Cole  27:53

you’re traveling your hotel and you know, all everything’s jacked up everything you’re touching, you know, it’s an experience. Sure, but you really you I mean, the choice to do that is, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  28:06

not for everyone or everyone when it’s not priced for everyone. I would agree with that.

Bill Cole  28:10

Right. And I, you know, maybe maybe it doesn’t have much impact on at all. I don’t know, I mean, I think I am concerned or I don’t even know if concern is the right thing. I and I’m not I don’t feel strongly enough to predict anything, but watching what they’re doing to you. Thinking about the different I you know, black eyes that have occurred for the league over the last decade, right? All the concussions, the all the things we’re bringing up, right, the concussion stuff, I mean, all of it, the stuff that went on with the guy from Buffalo, right? Like, all of the things that continue to happen. And the rise of premier soccer, I don’t know f1 f1. Yeah, right. Like these other things that just continue to and then you know, around here

Nestor Aparicio  29:10

make up first postural worked up that Maryland lacrosse season, right. I mean, people have the next season golf, if you love golf, golf’s common. You know, there’s the baseball baseball’s common man. I mean, they’re NBA LeBrons the king, right, like so there’s always a little rascal beyond. He’s falling the caps every night and a veteran. You miss little boys skating around and playing hockey. So I mean, there are other things out there. And I remember when you and I were kids, baseball was king, and they were the kings of arrogance, right? Who were the worst people ever the baseball players, they were always the arrogant guy, you know, that was part of Major League was Roger Doran was a baseball player. Now here we got Lamar Jackson, and part of this is are we gonna give him a quarter of a billion dollars are not guaranteed. I mean, we’ve just moved the different stakes man. I mean, 30 years ago on the radio, I remember arguing about whether Cal Ripken was worth 5 million or 6 million and year because he really wasn’t he was getting older, but he’s cow and he sells tickets. He sells tickets. He sells tickets. The one thing about the Ravens is they’re making so much money that they the empty seats don’t matter, the team, that it just they’re too big to fail. And that’s why they can do things like they they’ve done to me. I mean, really? That’s the truth.

Bill Cole  30:22

I don’t know. That’s bizarre to me. I mean, dribble in the discussions about well, the millennials, they’re not like football fans. So that’s an entire, you know, generation that they’ve got to convince to come to the stadium. They’re not

Nestor Aparicio  30:35

worried about that the people in there right now are not like Roger Goodell, sorry, he’s got a billion dollars in the bank. You think he’s worried about the day after tomorrow? He’s worried about making numbers right now. Keep his gig right now. And if the place is on fire, worry about it later. You know what I mean?

Bill Cole  30:49

So what happens when, and this might have actually already happened? But like eSports, like what happens when the the Madden championship in eSports? Is a bigger draw? As a real game that occurs at the Super Bowl?

Nestor Aparicio  31:09

Well, yeah, this man I had your boy Rosenfeld on two weeks ago about AI. And I got to tell Mike this too, because I went to the hammer Jack’s premiere Saturday night, over in, in my neighborhood, literally in Colgate East Point where I grew up, and I’m there and just talking to people. My old pal, Derek noise works for 97 underground. No, Derek, 30 years, you know, I say, hey, Derek. Hey, Dawson, my wife Hey, I know there, Derek comes up to me. He’s like, Hey, dude, I heard that AI piece you did on the radio last week. Unbelievable, man. And I’m thinking see people listen to stuff around here, you know, but more than that, the virtual gaming and stuff that’s coming down the line. I mean, and I’ll leave you with this because I know you’ve got a beautiful family and you do family things and you go places. I spent one day alone at Epcot last week last Thursday in between going to see Bruce and Tampa in Atlanta. I just went to Orlando and bought a ticket walk the park drank beer, look, the kids blown bubbles. It was fun. It was a beautiful day. Good way to spend my day. People watching as it were, you know, after a plague outdoors with with liquidity. And I got on Soren. Right. So I get in soreness. First thing I did when I went in the park because it’s the greatest ride ever. In my mind. You go around the world. It’s my jam, and it smells. So I did it. And it was just as cool as it was five years ago. And I did it my wife. And I got there early. And later in the night it got empty again. And I went back and wrote it again for a second time before you know before the fireworks or whatever, five minute wait, I’m on it right? And I’m on that ride. I put a little thing out online and everybody’s like soaring up in there. It’s crazy. But there’s something even better if you like that there’s going to be this matrix thing where you fly with goggles on. And I’m like stickman sign me up for some of that, you know, so I’m thinking to myself, if the NFL is gonna throw me out baseball, sports, whatever, like what am I really Springsteen’s gonna die and not talk anymore? What am I really going to be into when I’m 65 and broken down? Because I am picking up a golf club. I’m not going to be like Bill it can go back on my bill. It said he was never going to golf. Now when I text him, he’s golfing every time. So I will never golf, right. But I’m thinking that the fun part of whatever the virtual thing is, that’s going to be my thing, you know, going into some virtual reality where I get to fly around the world, because that was kind of fun for me.

Bill Cole  33:24

Do you? Yeah, here let me just ruin your day. No, don’t do it. Imagine Did you see the movie? Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio? Were there all dreamers? Oh, yeah, you probably need to watch that. So like that we have these machines that you hook up to that make you fall asleep and dream. And then the whole premise of the movie is that they’re like, stealing corporate secrets by intercepting other people’s dreams.

Nestor Aparicio  33:58

Yeah, I like a movie I’m really interested in,

Bill Cole  34:01

okay, but at one point, they go into this room. And it’s full of people, old people who live like their entire lives hooked up to the machine, dreaming about being young and being physically fit or like, you know what I mean? So like, Yes, I hear you. There’s all these exciting things that come.

Nestor Aparicio  34:27

But by the time I’m 80, I’ll get to go on the beach and just really think I’m 23 Again,

Bill Cole  34:33

and you won’t even be at a beach. You’ll be in a closet in your house, right with a heat lamp on. Yeah, temperature controlled with some wind blowing and everything you know, and if you really want to do it, they tell you to put a little box of sand under your feet. Just

Nestor Aparicio  34:48

I’m gonna give you a Bruce Springsteen line right now from a song called Asbury Park. Sandy. He say he’s talking about being out on the boardwalk bang in those pleasure machines all night. You know, talking about playing pinball all night. And I’m thinking it’s like an arcade that you walk into right? Where it’s just you push the buzzer button for pleasure, whatever brings you pleasure, because I mean, football brings people they like cheering. They like winning. They like losing they like, whatever that endorphin is right. Like, get me to that endorphin right. I’m trying to find that through some other premise than Springsteen, or a football game. So it’s the only way I’ve found that the last 54 years I’m working on Bill Cole is going to try to grow me up. He’s going to also try to help you understand solar understand Commercial Roofing bill, as a Tony Dela Rosa once said, Here, tell them something, Bill.

Bill Cole  35:40

Yeah, no, no. I don’t think anybody really wants to understand Commercial Roofing. So we’ll just say that, again, it remains a

Nestor Aparicio  35:49

thing, they don’t need to understand it, you understand that? They should call you? Well, yeah, I

Bill Cole  35:53

want them to understand it enough to know, you should plan for it, right? Plan for it, think about it, it’s gonna come at some point, let’s not wait until we’re like, not out there forever. Right, you’re gonna have to plan for it. And when you do, the idea is that if you’re proactive, and you’re thinking about it, and you’re planning for it, you also have the ability at that point to evaluate what putting solar on top of a new roof would look like. And you know, maybe it’s right for you. Maybe it’s not done that or

Nestor Aparicio  36:23

fancy drawings, right. Like you’ll come in to show them what their new roof Okay, all right, that’s good

Bill Cole  36:26

that but the nobody really cares about the drawings. So some people care about the drawings, but really, it’s the bath it’s the spreadsheet, like, here’s the tax credit, here’s

Nestor Aparicio  36:34

what I’ve got for you, you’re gonna give them a eyeglasses and they’re gonna walk around on their new roof right and smell the smells and feel the breeze right and then you’re gonna have them see their bank account and see the money it’s saving them and seeing how it’s making the world greener in a better place. Right. Okay, is that pretty good?

Bill Cole  36:53

That’s good. That’s good. I mean, we we definitely have done like these virtual so we can take a picture of the building we can draw the

Nestor Aparicio  37:04

solar or they did that with my kitchen last year.

Bill Cole  37:07

And then like fly pretend drone all sides

Nestor Aparicio  37:13

for the fancy projects right? So yeah, I mean

Bill Cole  37:16

really not it’s it’s easy, easy, it’s easy and inexpensive. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy for me. I don’t know how to do it. But but we

Nestor Aparicio  37:27

will call it can be found at the front of Baltimore positive. He’s been our friend, our intern, our counseling ad for a long time around here, finding the Baltimore positive find me Cole And of course, Gordian energy. I am going to be found that drug city on the third of March I’m going to be at fade these on the eighth on the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation 866 90 nation, if you need Windows, you’re talking about states saving money staying ahead doing what you’re doing. I got Windows last summer, it has been a great great winter because I’m not freezing my tail off. And I know I’m saving money because I’ve like got the bills I got year to date now. New windows good ID 866 90. Nation buy to get two free in two years free financing. They were doing five they’re doing two it’s still a good deal. Take advantage of that. And take advantage of all of our wn S T radio row awesomeness. It’s radio row month. I think I just came up with something bill. It’s radio row month here, February all month long. The history of 28 years doing radio row before they maliciously threw me out and try to delegitimize me but the end of the month. We’ll see who’s legitimate. I’m Nestor we are wn St. Am 1570 Towson, Baltimore illegitimately doing pirate radio from Dundalk here in Towson for 25 years

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