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Hall of Famer Orlando Pace mentioned the likes of Jonathan Ogden, Walter Jones, and Tony Boselli with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row in Minnesota ahead of Super Bowl 52.


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Orlando Pace, Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back wn st Towson, Baltimore and wn s CI dotnet. We are live on Super Bowl 52 on radio row 50 twos pretty good number, is it not? Luke Jones? That’s,


Luke Jones  00:11

that’s pretty good.

Nestor Aparicio  00:12

That’s a number we use around here fitting. And at some point later on in the week, Ray Lewis will be joining this guy we assume right. Orlando pace you told me you block Ray Lewis once or twice I was out there at the the Edward Jones Dome when the Kurt Warner miracle happened to Ray Lewis Hall of Famer not you get a vote.

Orlando Pace  00:33

Absolutely. I don’t have a vote. But I’m almost he’s the lock. He’s, he’s a lot. If he’s not, then the process is. There’s a problem with the process until

Nestor Aparicio  00:41


this Brady guy comes along, we have to debate you know that. In your career, at what point did you start to smell it because like Suggs this year, I think for the first time, all of us you cover him and been around and we’re like, there’s something that makes it happen. Right. And for you, you got a championship early on a lot of great play you were surrounded by great players. You know, was there a point where you’re like, man, maybe that that calls gonna come while you’re still playing?

Orlando Pace  01:13

Well, yeah, it’s always a dream as a player, but you get to a certain point where you know, you win a championship or, you know, you go to a few Pro Bowls in your career, and then you have some success and, and guys respect you throughout the league and you hope, you know, at the end of it, you hope at the end of the career, you hope that you’ve done enough to get that call. And no, I was fortunate enough to get that call. And it was extremely excited. Bottom line

Nestor Aparicio  01:36

here. Luke Jones, I’m gonna let you because Luke is very fair minded and much more fair minded than I had. I don’t hold a grudge. Luke, who was better Jonathan Orlando.

Luke Jones  01:47

Orlando, that question, full disclosure, before we got going with our conversation. I said, Oh, Orlando pays. good player. He’s no, Jonathan.


Orlando Pace  01:57

From that point, I knew I was at a Baltimore station Exactly. Better. You know what, we both have gold jackets. We both had great careers. Obviously, our offense is different. Obviously. I’m gonna say, you know, me, I’ve got there and I’ve assumed Jonathan was saying him, but I certainly would say him and Walter Jones and say him but that’s just part of it. But you know, we were you know, that that era of just having great tackles in that era with Jonathan water, but sadly, so many other greats, Willie Rolfe, all those other greats, were the passing game really was elevated and you needed a really good left tackle. That was a great area to play in was an unfortunate that I played in that era with so many other great tackles.

Nestor Aparicio  02:39

I was there that first day when Macalester picked the ball off and got tripped up at the one yard line and Bill Hicks first game and Scott Mitchell and DeMarco Farr called Scott called Scott Mitchell of water buffalo. I mean, I was there for all of that now,

Orlando Pace  02:53

you’re holding the grudge.

Luke Jones  02:56


It was hard to argue with you saw how bad

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

the water was the Hall of Famers that day coming out of the lunch line at the Kroger whatever that was, I mean you were around when you know for meal crying and said you know all of that stuff. And you know, I guess to all of this you probably thought you would have been more Superboy you know what I mean? And to be at that point in your career you thought well this is easy I’ll go to seven or eight like Bray what the Patriots have done you played against them? I mean, like don’t over here

Orlando Pace  03:33

you know what, it’s unbelievable and what he’s been able to do his entire career and think that his legacy started there and Superbowl 36 of winning the Super Bowls. And to think that you know he’s still playing at a high level at this point of his career is is phenomenal. It’s a credit to the hard work and everything that he’s done and that whole system with him and Bella tech, and I’m obviously still a little bitter about that game but you know good for him.

Nestor Aparicio  03:58

What do you say when you see the cheery I still you know every time we keep pace


Orlando Pace  04:06

you know, he’s still playing you know, the big guys. When you see these guys, you kind of just want them to go away you see finitary hit another field. Like did I remember it naturally goes back to space. Or he’ll miss one and like why even do that Super Bowl 30

Nestor Aparicio  04:21

Brady’s loosened 28 to three last year and you’re like

Orlando Pace  04:23

finally. Exactly. Yeah, so we take pride in everything but

Nestor Aparicio  04:27


come back from 28 to three. Absolutely. I don’t think there’s anything left but for for you in the hallway by the way. Orlando paste joining us here on behalf of Kay Jewelers. I know when we get a shout out for Valentine’s Day and do all that. So you sing a little song. We have the ring to don’t absolutely ring here.

Orlando Pace  04:43

This is Chris Carter’s ring is a replica of Chris Carter’s way and as a Hall of Famer, you get a go jacket a bust and you get one of these nice really nice rings that from Kay Jewelers and and they do such a great a great job with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and in the ring of excellence and I Obviously Valentine’s Day is around the corner we want you to

Nestor Aparicio  05:02

look like Chris Carter Do you like your your boss?

Orlando Pace  05:06

Okay, yeah it worked I think my miniature you guys kind of manage it but it’s good


Nestor Aparicio  05:12

it’s like Atlanta pace There you go. There you go. Nice right the Rams in the move and all that stuff. I mean obviously we’re sensitive to all this right because we’re Baltimore people and you know I’ve written a lot lately about losing a team and fans going away and I don’t know what point as a player for you in the beginning there was so much inertia in St. Louis and the team was so good and I was there the day you guys beat Tampa and we’re going to throw out you know, you might

Orlando Pace  05:37

be a rams fan quietly man.

Nestor Aparicio  05:39

No, I did like Fred Dreyer and Hunter back. I mean, I was big, big Fred Dreyer fan. Don’t tell Jack Youngblood that you know, I guess for St. Louis and now there is no home to go home to and you know, Bruce Laird live with this instead white all the Baltimore guys that lived in the community. And I said, the first thing I said to you was, I interviewed you in 1999. And Atlanta, Zimbabwe. I said, Where do you live and you’re like, I still live in St. Louis. And, boy, you mean your big guy. Everywhere you go. You might as well have a ram helmet on the side of your head is much like the Colts players and already Donovan and plenty more all those guys. When a team goes I don’t know that there’s any like playbook for how to how to and you know, it’s not coming back. And that’s the weird part.

Orlando Pace  06:18


with you guys in Baltimore. At least you guys got a team back we never believed we were gonna get a team. Yeah, so St. Louis is in that same boat. So you kind of walking around as a player initially, you’re walking around like, Hey, I don’t have a place to go. I don’t have a hot I don’t have a real home. But you know, obviously the Rams has done a great job of including us. And once RAM always in RAM, that whole mantra of being in LA and obviously being out there and the history of the game. So you see the LA Rams, the LA original LA Rams out there. And they know exactly what we’re going through. So we can have conversations back on how the move affected him but

Nestor Aparicio  06:52

still going to St. Louis and see Jack Youngbloodz roaming Gabriel. I’m like what

Orlando Pace  06:58

you tried to include those guys but obviously, when when the Rams left St. Louis there’s a part of St. Louis that kind of died. You guys probably feel that way. Because you kind of just walking around as fans like, Who do I cheer for? So there’s a lot of people, there’s diehard rams fan, I just feel like they don’t have a team to root for as well. So as players, we feel that a little bit too. But obviously, you know, we have to follow the organization and they’ve done a great job with me. Yeah,

Luke Jones  07:20

and it has to be awkward, though. For a guy like you I mean, a Hall of Fame player in St. Louis. You want to feel loyalty to a place you’ve made your home? Yeah, but at the same time, there are people in the Rams organization. I mean, you’re not that far removed from playing where you know, you have ties and so there are guys that have come and gone and, and that was always the awkward thing for the Colts and that was a little bit before my time when they moved. I was just a baby. But there were certain there were certain guys who would go out to some function in Indianapolis, but a lot of guys stayed away. And they felt that loyalty to Baltimore. So


Nestor Aparicio  07:54

sorry, Wayne, if you were if you’re Raymond Barry showing up at an Indianapolis Colts game and at dump out there in 1985 8687. Then come back to Baltimore and say on the bottom, your white like you had something to do with her say, I mean, yeah, Crunky is a four letter word in your state. It’s gotta be right. And he was in Missouri and that’s that’s the

Orlando Pace  08:15

weirdest Missouri. Yeah. So it is I think is you know, obviously there’s a lot of bitter fans there who, who’s not familiar with, you know, betting really like, you know, Mr. Crocky, or whatnot. But, you know, obviously he’s business at the end of the day, and you guys experienced those guys. They’re businessmen.

Nestor Aparicio  08:31

How about this Cardinals? Yeah. Baseball town, right? told everyone if you’re gonna go to a baseball game somewhere, go go pick a Cardinals Cubs game on a Friday night. Go over to the bug village over there. I mean, I’ve always loved the Gateway Arch. I’ve always loved St. Louis and i My heart breaks when I see balls are and I see people like you even just being there. I mean, I guess you sense it. You knew we sort of coming down the line. But then there’s the aftermath of those Sundays without football.

Orlando Pace  08:59


Yeah, and it’s rough. Because you know, when you go through that, like I enjoy taking my kids to the game every Sunday she did ya know what I mean? So just getting them because they’re very young when I play so get a chance to go to a pro football game is always special. Now we got to travel four hours now to La just to get to a game now so but it’s still fun. We still enjoy it. We’re still my kids are still huge fans of the Rams I’m a part of that organization as well. So really excited to do that. And you know, always always hoping for a winner.

Nestor Aparicio  09:27

Before we go yeah, I know you’re gonna talk a line with him because you got all your own line questions.

Luke Jones  09:31

It wasn’t so much Oh line, but there are a few offensive lineman on the list of finalist for the Hall of Fame. Absolutely, really rooting for I mean, it is specifically the one that you’re a little surprised hasn’t made it. I know his career wasn’t as long as you and Jao but his peak was not for years. It was pace Ogden or Maselli. Who do Yeah,

Orlando Pace  09:49

absolutely. But Sally was to me. He was the I think I felt like he was he was the one player that everybody was kind of chasing like he was playing so good. Like everybody watched his tape I remember The first time he went against Bruce Smith and he kind of just dominated Bruce Smith and I was like, dude, yeah, that dude is the truth. And he had everybody started going smaller shoulder pads, smaller shoulder pads. And, you know, I think he was he was one of the standards. He’s one of the great players. Obviously injuries cut his career short, but, you know, he was he was playing at the highest level of anybody at the time went before he got hurt. So hopefully I’m rooting for him. I’m always rooting for left tackles. He was you know, he challenged us and made us better players as well. So,


Nestor Aparicio  10:28

Isaac, Bruce also, oh, yes, my gosh. I mean, how many guys got now is his fault Warner. You

Orlando Pace  10:37

are, I mean, Isaac is a finalist this year. So he’s a finalist. Toria was a semi finalists. But Isaac is so unique and great because I got an up close personal snapshot of his career and the type of professional player he was and and I’m excited. Hopefully this is his year to get in. But obviously as you know, receivers is really tough. It’s a log jam for receivers and there’s a couple of great receivers coming up as well. But my vote will be for Isaac Bruce. He gave the

Nestor Aparicio  11:02

fans a finger behind the bench at Memorial Stadium in 96. I was there I want to show you that’s Orlando Payson I in 1999 hanging out

Orlando Pace  11:25


so that’s awesome. That’s

Nestor Aparicio  11:26

where my Raven colors here and all that. That’s future Hall of Famer. Right yeah, you know, that was a fascinating game because you came this Jimmy Schwartz is still pissed off but he’s trying to get eaten because you know I mean, I You took his ring with the reach and all that you’re a part of one of the the crazy Super Bowls where like, you can easily jump a kick with Vince here in one way or another but right. It was incredible.

Orlando Pace  11:50

Yeah. You know, obviously Mike Jones who made that tackle with the last the last play there and but the Titans was such a tough game because seemed like Steve McNair and Eddie George that last drive it’s just got stronger. And I’ve known Eddie because we went to college together so the he was running the ball like really hard. That’s when when the hardships have beaten a friend like that because obviously I got the ring and I’m excited. But the flipside of is you did so

Nestor Aparicio  12:14

I still give Tiki Barber a hard time when I see him about a one.


Luke Jones  12:18

It’s interesting because I saw one of the national writers made a list this past week in the top Super Bowl dream matchups that never happened. And one of the ones they mentioned was the Rams not facing the Ravens after at the end of the 2000 season. I mean, the Rams were the standard offensively, the Ravens were a historic defense, with apologies to Tiki Barber and the giants who didn’t put up much of a fight in that game at all right? The Dream matchup really would have been ravens against France. Yeah.

Orlando Pace  12:43

Well, you guys got a little taste of as you guys came to St. Louis Right? I’ve been to St. Louis many times the Ravens right early on game.

Nestor Aparicio  12:50

I remember that game. We played there with a former game to bowler ball was back there. Bowler got hurt. And then the last one was at Torrey Smith, we will play every eight years. So I know. Like I’m 21 but I’m

Orlando Pace  13:05


good man. That would have been a dream matchup that one versus versus that that that defense that Baltimore defense with Ray and dude, you

Nestor Aparicio  13:12

guys lose to that year in the playoffs because New Orleans?

Orlando Pace  13:16

Absolutely. And we were banged up all year, kind of riding that wave where we just won the Super Bowl before and it was kinda Yeah, we got back in Oh, well, where are you guys? No one man. Well,

Luke Jones  13:27

we Jamal Lewis tore his ACL the first week of training.


Orlando Pace  13:31

So you guys got to stop this whole patriots run to

Nestor Aparicio  13:35

Elvis grbac song right now but I’ll leave that alone. Well, you

Orlando Pace  13:37

guys can’t be that excited with the Patriots either day. They’ve done some things that some some comebacks Brady hasn’t come back. Same

Nestor Aparicio  13:43


thing and I’m gonna leave this for next year. They cheat too. You know, you’re telling I mean, the legend of your Super Bowl and the playbook. And yeah, I mean, there’s some dirty efforts. I mean,

Orlando Pace  13:58

we could pile up with the Patriots, man. You bet.

Nestor Aparicio  14:02

You’re gonna be the heavy bodyguards, Orlando pacer Hall of Famer on behalf of Kay Jewelers. Every kiss. There we go. That’s all brought to you by Howard bank, as well as our friends at Royal farms refresh real fast pizza John’s as well as our friends at Coal roofing and Pfister energy. We’re out in the buy a audio of all 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world on your mobile device by downloading the tune in radio app trying to keep luke warm out here in Minnesota. So Superbowl 52 coverage ongoing from the Mall of America we are wn st dotnet am 1570 wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore sports

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