Shining some light into the darkness of the NFL this week

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Bill Cole joins Nestor to discuss NFL leadership in crisis and how far the Ravens will go in January – with or without Lamar Jackson.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into a New Year. Happy New Year to everyone out there celebrating we’re gonna be celebrating with the Maryland lottery and the Maryland crab cake tour. We’re back at it. Thursday next Thursday we’ll be shooting a Coney Island hot dog in Whitemarsh been trying to get up there with Andy for quite some time moving from Island down. We’ll be doing that awesome holiday scratch offs to still get away got a handful of these leftover from Ross from lifeaid Lee’s and Costas last month as well as our friends at Goodwill and window nation as well. This guy joins me to try to do it every week but it’s been like every month lately. The Holidays got in the way it’s pretty typical story. It’s almost like a holiday song. But here it is January and I’ve already done all the the little hats and the funny glasses and I’ve already had my champagne my eggnog Bill Cole from coal roofing and Gordian energy joins us now I got my royal farms in the cup again and how are you happy

Bill Cole  01:03

to see brought up those Coney Island hot dogs again I think we talked about that already right like the Detroit Coney Island hot dog stuff and all that story I think oh the hot dogs the two places in Detroit that we went last time we were out there and you know you got to have each one and you got to decide which ones like the sloppy dirty one and the other ones that clean and pristine and yeah, well the one place the only

Nestor Aparicio  01:27

two choices in Highland town we went that we went to Andy Mota GNA the two choices there where do you want you know mustard or ketchup? Do you want you know the choices were hot dog or the yet beautiful hamburgers and onions that he would grill in the window right? So he’s up in White Marsh now he’s moved out to the county as they would say and how’s your new year?

Bill Cole  01:48

I would like so. I can appreciate that all the college football diehards thought that the kid missing the field goal at the strike of midnight was like this amazing way for new years to happen. But I would like them to recall that you know most of us have families and not all the people in our family are entirely engaged in the college football game. So that played pretty much chaos with

Nestor Aparicio  02:17

Juju dolly and and Miley Cyrus or what were you doing?

Bill Cole  02:22

Yes, only because that was seemed to be the only channel that the streaming service would play so we didn’t see the ball and my daughters are distraught because like that’s the first time they haven’t seen the ball drop and I don’t I’m not really sure about Miley Cyrus and Dolly that was all kind of weird but but I was watching the football game and then I’m trying to pause it because I gotta go do this and I got it was just

Nestor Aparicio  02:45

what do you think it’s not take Clark’s weird at this point was

Bill Cole  02:50

I don’t know. I mean, my mother couldn’t do it with that Guy Lombardo. Right. You know, I mean, right. But nominal day of football, like it just insane. Great college football to watch.

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

You know, let raskins kid goes Ohio State he was out at the game, Lana? So I had him on Brighton early after the Ravens game. And you know, he had a whirlwind week as he thought they were the Ravens were playing at one o’clock. We had like a morning flight out and then they moved the game. Well, you know, so that you mean like Michigan thing and like all of that and Alabama’s and all these big schools. And it feels like Notre Dame’s there every year, and they’re never there. And we’ve noticed that right USC and some other places as well. But TCU I mean, like, my wife didn’t even know they were the Horned Frogs until I told her and then I told her and then she didn’t believe me, you know,

Bill Cole  03:37

it took it took till about the eighth person for somebody to know that it was Texas Christian, they didn’t even know what TCU stood for. But I would like to begin a campaign of implementing relegation into college football and we’ve the pros into it as well. So we all love the soccer relegation concept from Europe and you know, it prevents the rebuild year you can’t just suck or you’re going to go to the lower

Nestor Aparicio  04:06

leagues would have been in southern League had, you know, had that been the case they would have been done double A.

Bill Cole  04:11

So I think like the top four college football teams have to play an NFL schedule the next year and the bottom four NFL teams have to go play an SEC schedule the next year. And I think you might have better outcomes like I don’t know, I know that’s not true because they’re all pros on the pro team and even the best college team only has a dozen pros but I still think something you know, though relegation, we need to find a way to get relegation into one of our sports here because you know, their relegation is fun. It provides a lot of angst and passion.

Nestor Aparicio  04:51

If you had been at that Pearl Jam concert last year in May in the parking lot in Oakland, and the A’s were playing the angels and there were like no 900 People at the game and there were 12,000 people there for Pearl Jam, you would say maybe they should be relegated remember when they were remember when a bud Selig was going to contract? The Minnesota Twins back in the day. We don’t have those problems anymore. But you know, we have first World Football problems don’t wait. You know, I’ve in the playoffs, you know, gaudy. And in the playoffs before New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, they’re in the playoffs. And nobody in this town believes I mean, there’s gonna be playoff game next weekend playoffs next week, there’s a real ravens playoff game and I’ve never felt the temperature feel more weird, not just because I’m thrown out. But like all these years later. This used to be the most wonderful time of the year in Baltimore and purple flamingos on lawns and lights out all of that stuff, right?

Bill Cole  05:54

It’s a good thing that the Steeler Raven game has such wonderful like historical heritage, because Chris Collins worth can sit there and tell me how great of a game it is. And show me pictures of BART Scott, you know, sack and Ben Roethlisberger. Whatever, because that in my opinion was too bad football teams playing bad football, but somehow it’s a you know, it’s a defensive juggernaut run the ball. I mean, that’s the was the fastest football game ever. Right? It was like four possessions and it’s halftime because that neither one of them can do anything. So all they do is run the ball and they can’t stop the run either. So the clock just whines and whines and whines. I don’t know, it was nobody scores, right? It was bad. It was bad football, man. Bad football. And I really thought I really thought Tyler Huntley was better. And I don’t know whether what we’re seeing is Roman, like, shutting him down to not blow it. As opposed to because like, he just I mean, he just doesn’t make anything happen.

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

Well, Roman is, and I’m not going to sit here and defend him. But I all I look, I go back to Matt Kavanaugh, right. I mean, when I knew these guys and spend time with them, it’s amazing. Like I watched Rex Ryan the other day. Rex and Mike Patton used to bring me in any one I wanted, quite frankly, from the radio station and half of my host didn’t care enough to know football to even take it’s, you know, jacking off out in Owings Mills after dark 830 At night, we’re in there, eatin Boston chicken and, and talking football with real coaches. Rex would do that anytime. And when I see Rex break down plays, and when I see coaches, Blake breakdown plays, and when I hear Rex even being Matthew on ESPN, on a weekend, there’s so much more information as to why things happen the way they happen where a coach can say, Dude, I’m playing with third string wide receivers you want what kind of patterns do you want me? I can draw up any pattern. I speak Greek literature. These guys can barely read they’re rookies, their third string. They’re out against first string. And I’ve got a second string quarterback that wouldn’t be a second string quarterback anywhere else in the league in regard to passing because he was on draftable in that way. Right? You can run this style of offense in that I can pass the ball 18 to 24 times a game. I can run I can razzle dazzle not as good as Lamar. Certainly the one thing and I brought this up a lot this week. Him as a as a replacement for Lamar and trying to do Lamar things. This guy gets his head taken off, right? Like he has gotten hit harder. Yes. In one game. The Steelers hit him four times harder than Lamar has ever been hit. Yeah, I mean, Lamar is really that kid on the playground that you can’t tackle.

Bill Cole  09:01

He’s elusive. Yes, yes. Yeah, he can move and anticipate and dodge, you know, as good as Barry Sanders back in the day, right. Like he was the one that always made everybody miss. So I don’t know. I mean, look. They can’t be all that bad. But Boy, they sure do look bad, right. I mean, they’re in the playoffs. They’ve won a lot of games. So there’s got to be something there but but there’s no players. You know what I mean? Like glass Campbell, Marcus Peters. Like, yeah, to your point. I don’t know who any of the receivers are there. Well, that’s not true. I know who all of them are. Because they were awesome. Five years ago,

Nestor Aparicio  09:41

how sophisticated can you make the passing game when you don’t even know the names of the wide receiver?

Bill Cole  09:45


Nestor Aparicio  09:48

I’m gonna get shot over this and that’s cool. And that’s the way this goes and you’ll get a gig and God bless him and it’s all good. But when it’s all over with he may say, The Lord limitations and We played around those limitations. The offense had limitations because of the wide receivers that the scheme had limitations because these guys can all get out and pull in block, but in pass protection against real pass protection, I need Pat Ricard in there. I need extra bodies in there, which already takes away from my Devin DuVernay who’s now gone. And GamePro che like I think shooting the offensive coordinator is so end of the bar to call did you use John Harbaugh’s phrase because it’s that’s not the reality. Greg Roman still the smartest guy in the room. There’s just limitations to what he’s going to be able to draw up and do based on what they can actually execute. And the hardest part is getting plays in and I’ll put that on Roman all day long. Right like that. They always have this problem getting play calls in right.

Bill Cole  10:52

I think if I put myself in the Ravens shoes, I believe we have now been forced to franchise tag, Lamar. Like I don’t think there’s a deal that I would do. Like franchise. I’m gonna pay him that kind of money anyway. And I only have to do a one year deal.

Nestor Aparicio  11:14

Is he happy? Do you think? Yeah, let’s start with does he want to be here? I don’t think so. Okay, well, fair enough. I mean, and that’s the vibe I get. Yeah. And that’s so at the end of the day. What does that mean for Eric d’acosta and John horrible? If he doesn’t really want to be here, you’re gonna get 45 and there are there are people there are athletes and there are pundits this week. Who have said dude sit it out. You can’t win playoff game this just have a seat at the end of the bench. You’re in negotiation phase now okay, there is no more season your legs bad. Okay. So can you just can’t win Yeah, can win with these steps. So don’t go out there and devalue yourself by losing another playoff game and 85 or 90%. Roger Doran this, go sit this out. And I’m sure Steve Ashanti saying due to paying you $2 million a week like like you’re you’re here to play so if the if that psychologically at any point where they are where are due to you play in me? Are you not kicking? Are you doing all that you can do to get back on the field because they got Rich Eisen ganging up on him now, right, because the Ravens told Rich Eisen the week before Christmas, told the whole NFL Network staff, Stacy Diaz, all of them, he’ll be back next week against Atlanta. And now here we are, two and a half weeks later, he’s not back, all of a sudden, this has turned into more intrigue into we’ll get to tomorrow. And when I want to do that, because this was not taped before that this is in the aftermath. And sometimes it’s hard to go down the parallel lines of how real life affects football, you know, when you get into a football conversation, but for this football team right now, I mean, there’s 10 days left in their season at this point. And the man up the nut cut time, all of that, whether they went in Cincinnati, this really whatever the league decides to do with the Cincinnati Buffalo game. This is at the top of their structure, their organization, they built the whole thing around him, Bill, if you build your whole roofing company, around one guy on the roof, and certainly that, that that guy didn’t want to be on the roof anymore. Like this, this is emotional for them very emotional right now as to whether he gets on the field and because they know they can’t win without him, and he knows they can’t win without him. And that’s a negotiation ploy. When you’re the agent, he’s the agent.

Bill Cole  13:41

Well, so I and I’m just trying to pull the emotion out of it. And think of it as the, you know, billion dollar business that it is and say, the risk analysis says we can’t, we cannot sign this guy to a long term deal. It is potentially a franchise killer. So don’t do that. The league gives us this option to franchise, let’s franchise and let’s keep him for two years while we transition to the other type of traditional style team and start to build that way and hey, we’ll put Lamar back there and let him pass 40 times a game and let’s see what happens. Maybe win some maybe lose some. Yeah, I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  14:30


But $45 million. Who’s catching the ball?

Bill Cole  14:34

Well, we but we don’t have anybody to catch the ball anyway. And we’re not paying them 45 right now. So where’s the money being spent DBS? You know D line? I don’t know. I mean, we’re just not very good. In my opinion. We’re not deep. It’s very obvious. You gotta have two or three of those like hidden gems that pop up when you’re, you know, if you’re gonna win the Super Bowl, you got three guys that are playing at a all pro was slightly below all pro level that you didn’t see coming. And that’s why those teams win. So I, I just think he this has gone so poorly. He could have been rayless you know what I mean? He could have just totally dominated the city. And everybody would ally Lewis plays

Nestor Aparicio  15:19

in December in January,

Bill Cole  15:21

I get it. I get I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  15:22

I you know, I’m not I’m not even down on the kid in the injury. But I mean, this is, and I say this to everyone every week, and I’m like a friggin broken record, right. The night the kid was drafted. You knew he was going to run into linebackers. And you knew he was gonna do it a lot. And Luke and I saw it that first night I was up in that press box in Canton, Ohio. I’ll never forget, he was playing in that. That Hall of Fame. They mentioned Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis is all the Fame induction. And he ran in the linebackers, and I’d never seen anything like it. And I my shoulders went up and I’m like, How can Eric and Ozzy how are they going to sleep? Most John goes sleep when this is the game plan. And, and now all of a sudden, two seasons in a row in the prime of his career, he’s been unavailable when he’s led the team to eight, three and eight and four, she see the intrinsic value of that. And then everybody says, Oh, my Greg, Romans an idiot, the offense sucks. The wide receiver saw the running game, the blog and the defensive kicker ruin the ratings renamed for so so all of a sudden, you say, well, he’s got all of these deficiencies, and he’s no good at that. And they’re no good at this. They have these 8394 when he’s playing football healthfully, but the question is, will he ever be healthy in December? And, you know, that’s why nobody else drafted him, quite frankly, because I don’t think that they the risk aversion. The risk aversion is I’d rather have a quarterback that eludes contact as as as opposed to seeking it.

Bill Cole  16:54

I’m with you. So let’s get into that other the bills,

Nestor Aparicio  17:00

real stuff, the part where these guys put their lives on the line, and this is why they make $46 million a year. Right?

Bill Cole  17:05

What are you saying that comment facetiously are legitimately

Nestor Aparicio  17:10

legitimately, legitimately that Lamar Jackson could be tomorrow, and any of these guys can be tomorrow, like, literally. And listen, I went through this with Luke earlier in the wee morning hours after the game on Tuesday. And the reason for that was, we were planning like, you know, the game’s outcome was going to decide when the Ravens play on so

Bill Cole  17:32

it’s a great a mess on have a great a mess on their hands. No doubt about it.

Nestor Aparicio  17:36

Yeah. And, and they, they knew that the incident mean, when this happened, Janet fallen asleep. She’s a little tired. We’re both really looking forward to the game. And she’s like, if I fall asleep, wake me the third queen to wake me when it because it’s gonna be one of those 3431 That’s gonna be that kind of game. Right? And it was a game. I was looking forward to in a big way. Like all day, put food aside, like took nap. Yeah. Like I was like, ready? Right,

Bill Cole  18:03

I get it. It was the culmination of the weekend, the minute

Nestor Aparicio  18:06

it happened. And I saw how the players reacted instantly and the medical staff instantly, and they went to commercial, they stay in commercial, they came back and with the commercial. I’m now on Twitter. And I’m thinking this is why you need reporters at the game, right? Like, this is where my reporter head goes into. I’ve sat in that press box 24 times in Cincinnati, I know the I know where the chili is, I know where everything is. I know where the locker rooms are on the left side, I you know, I know where the city is where the ambulance comes from. I know where all of that is. And you know, I I watched it, but we weren’t really watching it. I got home, went to the bathroom. I came back my wife was awake. And my wife said What’s up and I’m like, there’s a kid dying on the field right now. Yeah, the kid might die on the field like and I knew this. This is six minutes in dude. This is first this is second commercial break, right? Like this was not an hour in the she wakes up perks up says what’s going on? And I’m like, I have still not watched the play again. I don’t want to I don’t I don’t I don’t want to watch him go up and down. I know about it. But like, I have been a part of the game on the field. I remember the most violent thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Um, I was down on the field the first year 1996. I want to say the Rams were playing this the St. Louis Rams, Isaac, Bruce, that, you know, those guys were in and they there was an onside kick. In the last few minutes, there were a lot of those because we were always losing by 14 points and Vinny, right? And I saw an onside kick standing on 30 yard line. And I’m like, holy shit. I mean, like, like, you know, like I had, and I’m 28 years old at the time, dreaming of getting an NFL Memorial Stadium and I want a 30 yard line. I’ll never forget that. So knowing that and I told Luca story earlier this week. 9099 I believe 98 knows 98 or 9999? Because we’re Stoney case. And Atlanta. John Ogden was my guest asked at the barn and he got carded. He had a neck, he had it, he had a stinger. And they, they put them in an ambulance in Atlanta and drove him off the Georgia Dome field. He was my guest the next night. And I was very early on in this. You know, in doing radio 24 years ago, Ray Lewis was medivac on a day when I was broadcasting from Nate’s and Leon’s at the ballpark. In a summer day in August, he was medivac, out of out of Western Maryland. So like, I’m not in any way but like, believe me, I sit and talk for real to guys that can’t walk from playing this game and have seen OJ Brigantes I know what these guys put on the line. And going back to Darrell Stingley, ugly you know, all the near misses and guys that were our breath is taken away, and there’s a harsh and one day later, you see the guy at a banquet and say hello, and he’s fine are sure you know sort of fine this this doesn’t feel fine, bro.

Bill Cole  20:59

Ah, well, I think the guy’s going to be okay. Don’t you read the reports and stuff? I think the guy is going to be a guy. I don’t know if we’ll ever play but I think guy’s going to pull through I think he’s going to be okay. I think I was struck by the seemingly unpreparedness of the whole thing. Like, to your point. That was two minutes and you rattled off half a dozen names to different situations like this is if you’re the league isn’t this sort of like an inevitability that you prepare for? Right and that’s the first

Nestor Aparicio  21:35

thing I thought I sent a text to Chris pica. If I look it up at incident admin 855 I probably text pike and I’ll look and see if my timing Oh, 6pm. I text pica. Please tell me that the NFL has an emergency playbook for dealing with something that’s tragic. certainly feels like ESPN doesn’t know what to do. Right. So this was 11 minutes in that I text Chris pica that and I went on social media with that very statement like I was on the radio, then nationally, nationally syndicated the night that Dale Earnhardt went into the wall. And it was a night that I was prepared somehow, maybe the Pete Rose, maybe I’m losing my mind. And Pete Rose at something that we gambling and like the Hall of Fame was 21 years ago, my whole show changed on a national radio show. I didn’t know what a HANS device was. I’m dealing with NASCAR that I know very little about and the legend going into a wall and dying on the scene. Right? Like literally that happened in real time. And I’m thinking how can NASCAR not have a plan for that to happen again? How can they not be prepared for that to happen? Right.

Bill Cole  22:47

So you don’t think they did at the time? And they don’t now?

Nestor Aparicio  22:51

I don’t know. No, I don’t I don’t know. I’m just saying, once that sort of tragedy happened, dude, I go to the NFL owners meetings every year, right there high paid jazz deals in suits all over the place, all with ego and cards and all this stuff. And like these kinds of things. What if a bomb goes off a block away? Well, I you know, Don Mohler in Baltimore County, right. Like, you have to have a plan for everything, right? Yes. And this has been on Eastern Shore, the day that the tunnel fire happened, he didn’t know there was a tunnel. He was the governor.

Bill Cole  23:25

And this one’s This one’s pretty straightforward that, you know, like, the odds are something like this is going to happen. I mean, Whose call was it? That said, Okay, holy crap. Are they doing CPR on him? Okay, all the players create a human wall around it, so nobody can see what’s happening. Like, is that what happened? Or were all the players just concerned and walked out on the field? And like, huddled up around him? And then to not know, it’s just like the disconnect of of human empathy and just ridiculousness? Because

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

five minutes back on the field, come on.

Bill Cole  24:06

Right? We just watched our compatriot gets get, you know, CPR done to him. Like it there. You know, that’s, that’s a emotional experience that you don’t just bundle up and put away or if you do, if that is your level of expectation of these players, that’s something that needs to be trained and talked about in August, right? Like, Listen, guys, this is how the willie goes. We’re deaf right? Through this. I mean, you know, whatever the plan is, but that was 100%. The coaches dealing with their own emotions, right, trying to compartmentalize that turning around and looking at, you know, a 10 year veteran, bawling his eyes out on the sideline, because he’s freaking out because his buddy, just, you know, left in an ambulance. And then I think at one point, like the Cincinnati, they had already talked. And then the Cincinnati coach comes walking across the field because he knew, he’s like, don’t, don’t eat, you know, like the buffalo guys trying to like, hold it, making a

Nestor Aparicio  25:19

mistake here, right? leader of men, we’re making a mistake.

Bill Cole  25:23

Like, we need to get off of your right, we need to get off the field, we need to get in the locker room, let’s not have this discussion on television. And then I think, like, I don’t maybe we’ve just been fortunate in life where these broadcasters happen to be in the right place at the right time. And they shine in that moment, in just connecting on a human level. Like the ESPN people. I don’t know. I mean, I you can only sit there and tell me how devastated and everyone’s praying for the boy. You can only say that so many times before. I’m like, What are you guys doing? Like what does Shefter did

Nestor Aparicio  26:10

it for? And I look I’m friends with Adam. I’m friends with Suzy, this was tough man. You know, I know about this much. And Ryan Clark and being fast on your this is why you hire professionals. This is this is Salters has shown up in murder scenes when she was a news reporter here. years ago, you know, Ryan clerk

Bill Cole  26:31

doesn’t doesn’t hit the air until probably a half hour into this. I don’t know the exact timing, but that’s what

Nestor Aparicio  26:37

he’s maybe later than that even Yeah,

Bill Cole  26:39

I mean, it took for an hour. Yeah. Right. And I mean, right. Look, Ryan Clark is a that’s a wonderful sort of angle to play. You know what I mean? Like that’s, that’s a good person to have sitting in the studio and or whether he had to get dressed from the hotel, or whatever his deal was, that that fit, what was going on. But a people’s understanding of trying to walk that line of sympathy, and understanding and focus, and then disconnecting and being the journalist, like, you can be a journalist in that circumstance, and talk about the like, we all know what the core issue is. We’re all praying for that kid. Like, we all know what’s on the line here. But you can still be a journalist, you can still talk to me about, you know, the challenges it is playing football and what this is going to do to the mindset, like maybe you don’t have to immediately go to the scheduled chaos that this is going to create if they cancel the game. Maybe that’s a bit. You know, maybe you don’t want to talk about that in the first half hour. But talking about I don’t know, it just it was weird, and seemed like

Nestor Aparicio  28:02

nobody was prepared for it. Yeah, they did not. They never staged this. They never did the fire drill as we did when we were kids. Right? And I

Bill Cole  28:10

don’t know what I don’t know what you do to make it better through all of that, right? But it just definitely was weird. And now you know, knowing that I’m pretty sure that kid’s gonna be okay. Now my head goes to, like the NFL in order to maximize television, just screws with all the schedules. You know, there’s no luck anymore. You know, I’m getting a text probably from you. The you know, the day before the game telling me that if if Cincinnati loses we play at four o’clock if Cincinnati wins we play at one o’clock. Well, so none of the games are scheduled. None of the games are timed out. The football has

Nestor Aparicio  28:52

been doing this for 20 years. We kick off at noon at kickoff at eight ESPN to let you know Fox television to let you know

Bill Cole  29:00

now like I was 100% certain not to bet a lot of money that buffalo since he would play on Thursday. And then we would get flexed on Monday. And then everybody would go into the playoffs and that would get you’re done. Because that’s and that’s a four day turn. I get it not ideal, but what are you going to to so that at least fits inside COVID

Nestor Aparicio  29:26

plan was not ideal. But what are you going to do? I mean, right and replayed without a quarterback. Right? Right. Sure. They went out stage National Football League game without a quarterback. Yeah,

Bill Cole  29:37

it’s it’s a shame I you know, again, we hope for better performances when the cards are down, I guess and I have a hard time even saying what I hoped they would have done better. Because I don’t know what I wanted that to look like. But it sure felt like chaos and you know, lack of understanding. So I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  30:00

it almost feels like at that moment, the commissioner has to be like the president united states and get a hot cocoa and take five minutes. And once the chaos is we’re going to cancel the game, make himself available for five minutes at five after 10 on ESPN to say, this is unprecedented. We’re under duress, I’m going to get back on the phone right now with, you know, our leadership. And we’re going to send everybody home in Cincinnati and pray for this young man to do the right thing. That that would have been a front facing thing for the owners to do. Apparently, both of the elders were in the locker room. Right. So send Mike Brown. Right. And, and, you know, let the coaches do that. Send Mike Brown and send the pergolas you know, out up into the booth with Joe Buck and do a we’re very concerned and like there’s a lot of leadership things they could have done other than say, Give the keys to Suzy let her do something.

Bill Cole  30:58

Sure. I’m with you. They’re 100% Like maybe it’s not Roger Goodell because the NFL decides that that isn’t the best thing for them. But there is a huge list of leadership owners, general managers, assistant coaches, prior head coach face to face on it but face and body has come out there right I agree with you. That’s all good stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  31:21

Put a face on it. It’s not Joe Buck. That’s all. Bill Cole is here he is CO roofing and, Mike, you’re just right here. Cool roofing. I gotta get a new mug that says 100 years it’s been like 104 now wow, exactly under four years, and you can find them in coal roofing and anything you want to update me on roofing did 2023 And

Bill Cole  31:39

you know, it’s still a lot of the same trying to planning ahead, make sure you’re asking questions about solar could be good for you. But it’s status quo, I think right now. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  31:49

Bill Cole is here. He will be there at Baltimore We are getting ready for a game in Cincinnati this week and I had a flight I don’t have a press pass. I’ll be watching. Whether they played at one o’clock four o’clock. Whenever they play whatever the league decides to do. We’re just going to fall in line because they’re the National Football League Of course. I am Nestor. We are wn SDA and 5070, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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