A toast to the end of Angelos reign of local baseball terror

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Bill Cole and Nestor discuss the craziest week of Baltimore sports history – the Ravens’ epic collapse and the promise of a new Orioles ownership for Baltimore sports fans in David Rubenstein.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Bill Cole

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home, we are wn SD am 5070 Tas Baltimore and Baltimore positive hope you’re setting a spot on your dial for us as we are. We’ve moved into the official offseason of football but the on season of baseball and it took about 36 hours from us to go to the the bottom of the pit back on up to the oils are being sold to who Oh, Bill Cole joins us now he is cold roofing and Gordian energy. He fires up my mug and I keep my royal farms, coffee, and I’m going to have to take I’m taking one quick swig here.

Bill Cole  00:35

So you get a chance to Cleanse the palate.

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:38

And how are you? I mean, this is I haven’t talked to you since the Ravens lost and here we are. And then this Orioles thing happens. And I need you to settle me down because Luke and I went at it about I can’t talk about the future without talking about the past and how awful it’s been. I’ve had people say, Be careful what you wish for no, no, I’ve watched this for 30 years. Like unless these people are directly descended from, you know, Hades or Hitler. They can’t be any worse than what we’ve had. Because this has been just a horrible 30 years of all I keep asking, oh, I keep thinking about is there. I might have a press box seat on March 28. Like I that would blow my mind, see my name on a press pass for showing up and having people say, hey, it’s nice to have you here. We’re the new owners. Like, I will be glad I live that long that I didn’t kill myself 12 years ago when I was thinking about it. Yeah,

Bill Cole  01:31

I mean, I let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I don’t know if there’s a press pass in the future for you. But just

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:38

that would be legitimate.

Bill Cole  01:39

I don’t know. I just said let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:42

get into the Caucasian that I employ. You think maybe I could get one. Let’s just

Bill Cole  01:47

stay focused on we’re not given to Hispanic we know to be true. Like, what we know is I’ve spent Yeah, like you said, like 36 or 72 hours talking all of the raving fans in my life off the ledge, right. Like, I just, I thought it was a, you know, the potential Super Bowl Game two best teams and you know, hey, we weren’t ready mahomes they’d been there before. You know, they, they got in our heads, we, you know, you fumble, you throw an interception, like, you’re not going to win, you’re not going to Super Bowl like that, like, the world is true. I felt like all season, we got the benefit of calls. And I don’t know when Sunday, it didn’t feel like we got the benefit of calls. But I also think Do you remember, I don’t know this could be 10 years ago, but like, the New England Patriots plan was they were going to pass interference on every play. Because they knew the referees weren’t going to throw the flag every single time. I do believe that the Chiefs have the tactics of we’re going to hold every single play, and they’re not going to throw the flag every play. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:56

you’re gonna go with the officiating thing, too. That’s so weak. I thought you’re better

Bill Cole  03:00

fail. No, no, no, what I’m saying is I just I got tired of

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:04

the crying. You know, it’s like, we lose, I’m gonna yell at the officials. I mean, stop

Bill Cole  03:09

it start it started on the first drive in the first quarter. Right? And it’s just that the only part that makes me uneasy is that benefit of the doubt thing. And you, you know, you don’t know how I’ve watched the documentary about the NBA ref, who, you know, was a gambler and all that and he said they never told me who they wanted to win the game. But I short or short knew who was better for the league if they won the game. So if that’s not subconsciously in your head, you know, whatever. No, I’m not blaming the referees. I don’t have an issue with it. You fumbled and he threw an interception you do that you don’t win doesn’t matter that I would say there’s a good chance somebody got fired because they played a video like right before one of the drives might have been in the beginning of the game I don’t remember exactly what it was and I I’m not good enough where I can you went to the game is what you’re telling. Yeah, but I can’t get my camera phone out fast enough to like document it. At the end of the video. The last fan they showed is holding a get nasty sign in the stadium that was up on the Jumbotron. The last one it was like historical video of like the old days I’m telling you, it was a you know highlight reel clip in the stadium before the game or like in between a quarter or during a timeout of I think it was like the 2000 You know what I mean? It was just like it was a highlight reel. And it was fans and the last fan is holding a good nasty scientists.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:51

Here’s what’s amazing that you would even it’s some random you nobody brought this up. Nobody texted me from the stadium like nobody saw it. You’re the only one that’s told me about it. Because usually the internet, somebody will throw me something on Facebook and say, Hey, to get nasty side to shut up. There was a video and my wife would tell you this was a proud moment for me, right? We, we went to the Hall of Fame years ago, I mean, 20 years ago, and they were showing a film of a fan. It wasn’t a raving thing. It was the passion of the game de John’s was Sundar, it was an NFL films presentation that was at the Hall of Fame. When I took a bus trip long time ago. I mean, 2004 or five, six, whatever. And it was in the video. So maybe it’s the same piece of footage. You know, from that, that era. That was an NFL films piece. It’s

Bill Cole  05:44

definitely old. And like, you know, the signs what you and I always joke about the different stuff that will

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:50

catch defense became Captain Defense, because he sat in my section and put my defense sign on his back. That’s how he became

Bill Cole  05:59

it. We enjoy talking about the different intersection points in life. And like I remember in when I was interning with you guys, like

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:09

signs out that I make

Bill Cole  06:11

when we went to like Carroll County mall or whatever that mall was out in like lessman Everybody

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:16


handed people whose names are on them like Haney Yeah, Haney never handed the sign out. But but you know, but I put their names on the sign so we could promote the business out here, you know, right.

Bill Cole  06:27

So so I don’t know anything about David Rubenstein, other than like, kind of won’t be worse. That’s all I know, public what the public persona is. I ran the Kennedy

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:37

Center. So like, I know. And, by the way, he’s himself. You can go see him speak in a million different ways it billionaire you know, he’s not. He’s not a recluse, you know, he,

Bill Cole  06:52

he openly acknowledges he’s from Baltimore. He brands himself as a patriot, meaning that he is very much invested in the patriotic anthems of our country. He wrote a great book. Does

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:14

that mean he voted for Trump? No, I don’t know. Because that’s what that has been usurped the flag once Trump started humping the flag, like literally started making out with the flip. I mean, come on. Oh, you got this isn’t a mean he really he hugged the flag and gave a LeGarrette probably what he did to Jean Carol accepting cost of 83 million. But like when I hear patriot, that just means you voted for Trump lately that like that, that when I hear that word, I don’t hear anybody says I’m a patriot. I voted for Joe Biden. You know, when they say I’m a patriot, it means I’m a Republican. That’s what it means.

Bill Cole  07:45

Yeah, that’s, that’s your emotional attachment. Oh, it’s not That’s me. I’m fighting this country. I’m fighting back for that word. Like no one gets shown that word. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:56

Correct. It’s done that word? Well, but it was usurped. It was I

Bill Cole  08:00

don’t know. I think that

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:04

I hope I mean, I’m a patriot, too.

Bill Cole  08:06

I did not write. My comment was not meant to be politically inflammatory. My comment was meant to mean that he puts great importance on historical, institutional, like, protections. So I think we have a potential new owner of like, cherishing the past, leaning into the future, like smart capitalist, you know what I mean? Like, like, but I don’t know, I mean, I think, right. Like, I don’t know, the other guy. I don’t even know how to say his last name. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:53

Eric Getty, I believe until, like, different, right? So

Bill Cole  08:57

I don’t know anything about him. To your point, like, I don’t know, I don’t really know if I have a criteria of like, how I want to behave. I mean, I’m sure I could write it down. You know, we could think about it. And we could do it out and say, This is how I want my professional sports team owner to act. I can’t imagine that. Like, in my lifetime, much of that baseball owner behavior fits into the box of how I’d like it to be, but I would say with this guy, I believe maybe we have a chance. So I don’t know. I definitely didn’t see it coming. Although it strategically make sense. I think, like if you can at least get the deal done with the state on some kind of level. You’re increasing value, right? You You’re throwing stuff in, like oh, yeah, I also got a pool in the back you know, like so. Well, there’s $600 million

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00

here for both of these guys, the ravens are going to build a gold plated addition to their stadium that’s going to bloom of entertainment. And people are gonna go down there on Tuesday night when it’s 15 degrees in January, okay, I’ll I need an idea. And I keep saying this right. And this is where I’m gonna be with these Rubenstein these guys, I’m not gonna kiss their ass if they want to give me a press credential, I’ll go use it if they don’t, I’ll sit here and do what I’ve been doing all along. But what’s the idea? The idea can’t be we’re gonna win baseball games, we’ve done that the idea can’t be, well, the stadium is beautiful. We have that the idea can’t be with the harbours over there. And there’s water, okay, that, like there needs to be an idea. And the idea is we’re gonna bring a band in, like, I don’t if the idea is great baseball, and let’s massage that and all the patriotism you talk about which really falls into the warm feelings for booth Powell and Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer, and the civic pride in the team and the bird and the brand. I mean, all that’s been run through the mud. I mean, there’s really no, I’m having a hard time after 30 years figuring out they’re gonna bring your own theologically correct bird back for a while, I saw that third spring training. And I don’t know what that feeling is other than when my wife and I reach for my credit card, and I go down there that I have a feeling that that’s a baseball team I want to root for not a team that has abandoned the city and treated the city like shit for 30 and me and my family. And everybody I know this isn’t people think it’s about me and Angelo’s. It really isn’t, it’s about how he’s treated everybody. This was about the night Mike Flanagan died. This this is about all of it. This was about being awful. This was about me and my, my employee being mistreated 10 weeks ago in Arlington, Texas, because they wanted us to be mistreated, that this is about them mistreating a lot of people. And people like me, I’m not the only one with bad blood. I’m just the only medium member that’s been thrown out wasn’t paid $30,000.18 years ago when they owed it to me. So I have my own personal thing. But nobody feels great about the oils and going down there. If they did, they would have been going a long time ago. I mean, you sat here. Shout upon them most of the summer last year when I said you go to the games you like my girls don’t like baseball, they don’t even know the rules. How old are they? Well, they’re not four. I mean, you haven’t taught them the rules. They don’t care the rules. They don’t want to go, what’s going to make them want to go what’s going to make them want to go when they’re 24 and 34 year old women, when they have children, the way your mother wanted to bring you and your father and your grandfather in the cold family. And my last name is Aparicio my father, it’s all we did was baseball when it becomes a part of the community again, and the heartbeat of that community again. And it feels like it’s ours and not his or theirs. That’s the thing with the Angeles family. It’s never Baltimore’s team. How did he get Baltimore in the name by the time they decided to put Baltimore in the name it became a joke to people like me that fought on a radio station for 10 years about just putting Baltimore back on the Baltimore Orioles. That’s how crazy this was. And then this creep kid born on third thanks to triple SAS and everybody not investing any money not even living here. threatening the move the team without saying the team’s gonna stay here and they’re doing everything possible to embarrass the governor. He embarrassed the governor embarrassed the governor so bad the governor doesn’t speak to me anymore, because the governor doesn’t want to sit next to me and say you were canoodling? By the way. The mayor of Brandon Scott was still kissing Angelo’s his ass last night. I’m like, I went back on Twitter, you have to kiss his ass anymore. He’s gone. You’d have to say what a great owner. He wasn’t a great owner. They were awful. People call it what it was. They were awful. Awful. And this guy can’t be any worse. I mean, he just can’t be and I hope he’s better hope he’s a good guy. hope they’re good people. I hope I get back and I hope I want to buy tickets. People ask me my barometer, they should know that. I’m not going to bullshit them. And more than that, when after 32 years of doing this, I’ve dedicated my life to getting the team fixed. Literally, I put my business, my reputation, my name, everything I have around getting the team fixed 18 years ago. And if it gets fixed, I’ll be the first guy to acknowledge it’s fixed and it’s good. But I need to see that it’s fixed. And the first part of getting a fix for me for my family for what I’ve done for 32 years promoting sports and having a Caucasian employee that they let in and won’t allow me in. It’s like the Hispanic guy in give me a press pass. Put my name give me a seat up in a corner in the back treat me like garbage. I’m used to it. I dealt with Chad steel for 20 years, but let me in and let me do my job and be transparent, be accountable and have integrity.

Bill Cole  14:36

They have to have a name for that. You know, they haven’t have a name for that. I might be making a fool of myself by calling that gaslighting but like, I really don’t think Luke being a Caucasian and you being Hispanic has anything to do with be honest.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:59

I want you to Pull it up. Because here’s the here’s the interesting thing. No, no, no, no, no stop. I’m not gonna allow you to do this because I love to do this shit on the internet hold on last week. Last week they dedicated the press box that Jim Hanuman Jim Hanuman was a mentor. I work with Jim Andaman in 1986. It was the Orioles press boxes that Jim had him in press box. They put a picture of 25 people, including Luke, and I didn’t even know Luke was going down there. Apparently they had a luncheon. And they I don’t I haven’t even talked. I haven’t had a conversation with Luke about it. He’s in the picture, though. Okay. So I think he went literally, I didn’t ask him. Every single person in the picture is a Caucasian, every single person in that press box is Caucasian. And I started to think about this. It’s 2024. And you’re dedicating a press box in Baltimore, Maryland, and Baltimore, Maryland. Camden Yards with this game $600 million dollars. We all know that they have a black white issue that that stadium is 98%. Caucasian has been it’s the sport, race baiting, you do not talk to everybody in the media. Everybody in the media was a white guy, there was one woman in the picture, who is it works with a team. So everybody in that press box is a white guy. So let’s just start with that. So don’t say it’s done this or it’s not that I’m gone. They should answer why it is then why am I not there? Why would it? Why would I own a radio station be on the air 24 hours a day have 100,000 people have sponsors like coal roofing who Thank you very

Bill Cole  16:35

much, because they because they can and because you undermine the brand and the perception that they wanted to put into the marketplace.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:43

I didn’t know your mind anything. I asked questions, and they threw me out. Right? Well,

Bill Cole  16:47

if you ask the wrong questions, and they have all the power, they’re the king, and you don’t get to come anymore.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:52

That’s not transparency, accountability. That’s not the kind of organization that anyone should support. Anybody should no one should support that kind of organization.

Bill Cole  17:00

You turning your particular circumstances into a racial argument undermines the real racial issue that you brought up. And then here’s a picture of the press box. And it’s all occasions there’s no diversity in baseball, there’s no there is not okay. That’s a real issue. I worry that by taking your particular circumstances, and making that a racial thing we grant,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:31

why don’t they let me in Greg Bader, why don’t you let me in? Why don’t you let me in?

Bill Cole  17:38

Well, I understand that you can’t get the answers or that no way. Right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:42

I get it. So I bring up possibilities. Yeah,

Bill Cole  17:46

but we have to be careful that when we bring those possibilities up, we’re not actually taking the focus away from the real

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:53

issue. The real focus is they don’t they lie when they do. That’s the real answer. And listen, this is this is what we’re talking about chords. What I’ve dealt with for 18 years, professional sports.

Bill Cole  18:06

You know, when people were saying that baseball raised

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:09

email saying I was drunk in the press box, and that’s why chats deal through. Really, really, is that what he’s telling you? Is that what they’re telling you? Who’s telling you that?

Bill Cole  18:17

Yeah, that’s a lie. I don’t know. You’d be that person. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:21

Nobody’s ever seen me drunk. Literally. Nobody’s ever seen you

Bill Cole  18:25

and you and I have hung out in Ocean City. Like if there was a time where we were thrown back. There was a time we were gonna throw back it would have been that we

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:33

weren’t you know, I was spear sponsored. Right? So the thing that would have killed this entity would have killed my career would have killed Bob Haney his career, Jeremy Cohn, Rob Lowe, just go through the list of all the people would have been would have been Milton Kent writing that I had a DUI in 1999 on Harford road coming back from della roses at three in the morning, that would have been the end of the radio station would have been the end of my career would have been, it would have been the end. So I don’t drink and drive.

Bill Cole  19:01

So the other comment about what you said before, right? Like,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:10

they would have taken my press pass if I did that,

Bill Cole  19:12

right. One of the challenge. One of the challenges, when we talk about Angelo’s, is that outside of his handling of the baseball team, you know, Angelo’s and their family, and the money that they have poured back into the community has, you know, is a cherished and grateful, you know, scenario, so,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:34

I want to meet those people for real.

Bill Cole  19:36

Yeah, well, you could we could do that. I mean, that could be part of the like, Hey, I think you’re doing uh, aren’t you doing a thing? Like you’re gonna say next week? Yeah. Okay. Well, there’s gonna be a whole lot of potential people that you could ask, Hey, did the angel loose, you know, foundation or Did did you ever get any money from them? Like, you’re gonna ask that question? I

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:57

know, I know that I can find more people. If that had been stiffed and you’re talking to one, you’re talking to one, I did the work. They shook my hand and they didn’t pay the bill for $30,000. They didn’t pay $30,000 bill. And when I made that public, it was amazing how many air conditioning and refrigeration people came out and said, they don’t pay their bills, and they don’t pay them timely and you can’t find them. And then they sue you so that they don’t have to pay the bill that that’s an Angeles family tradition. So that that I had a lot more of that than I ever had people saying, Mr. Angelo’s who knows me he wrote a check to me. No, no, I don’t I call bullshit all day on that bill Cole. I, I kept putting my name on the building, where I graduated from University of Baltimore, where I go down there and I see Angelo’s his name on the building there. i There’s no question. He had an honorarium to write a check there. But like, this notion that you’re gonna, you’re gonna soften my heart by telling me Mr. Angelos was charitable. Okay, fine. I’ll dedicate a whole week I’ll do the week after the Super Bowl. Two to 40 hours of people talking good about Peter angelos, if they sit here with integrity and do it seriously, they sit here with integrity and do it, I will hear it out. I took those phone calls. The phone lines were open to say good things about the Angelus family to this

Bill Cole  21:21

is why you and I can have these conversations because the life is very complicated. So nothing is simple. What is simple today is that we are potentially entering a transition where we get to talk about David Rubenstein instead of Peter Angelos. And Kent My sense is right, my sense is David Rubenstein, and this is a completely backless, baseless comment, because I really have no idea. But like, he strikes me as a person who will be able to get along with all of the parties that he needs to so whether it’s Brandon Scott, or Westmore, or other or other baseball owners, or the local media, or like I’m not saying you’re gonna get unfettered access, I’m not saying he’s gonna talk to you, but

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:12

I don’t care about any there’s no need to run it. I’m

Bill Cole  22:17

just saying, right? I’m just saying I get it. But I’m just saying he doesn’t appear to be a recluse. Like, he doesn’t hide from things. He seems very much overshot. He

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:27

bought this in the beginning. It didn’t want anybody to know who he is. Because apparently he does doesn’t he does. He’s private. And he’s been running to the hills. He didn’t need to be in front of this because bellick was and Ray Lewis was and every lead was and then John Arbol was and you know, like, he didn’t need to be in the front of it. David Rubenstein needs to Stein I believe it’s nine needs to be in front of this to let people like me know, it’s okay to come back. I mean, really, it’s okay to come back. People like you. And I don’t mean to give you a hard time but you don’t go you don’t give them money. Why don’t you say to your daughters just but you’re you could you could you could corral your daughters into liking it to some degree. If you’d liked it more. If it was important to you. It might be important to them.

Bill Cole  23:10

I don’t disagree. Look, it doesn’t have to be important.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:13

You it hasn’t been important to me in a long time. Because there hasn’t been important. We

Bill Cole  23:16

have to debate division conference, championship teams in the same year. Yet. It seems like we didn’t really accomplish anything. Right. Like, like for all the enjoyment. The Orioles were when it came time to like, get it done. We lost the Ravens. I think for the first three quarters of the sports, though, you know, it is but just I mean, when is that? Has that ever happened? Like I don’t know. History?

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:48

71 we want divisions around here. Both

Bill Cole  23:51

of them. Yeah. Well, so that’s I mean, like that’s pretty hard

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:55

to in baseball, because they were in the World Series. The only way to get there. Right.

Bill Cole  23:58

We’re very, we’re very spoiled. And I think you know, we remain spoiled. Well, that’s pretty awesome. Yeah, that’s a pretty awesome year.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:05

It was an incredible year in sports. And it’s gotten off to an incredible start if we’re in a different place for baseball than we’ve been the last 32 years because it’s been, you know, as the and again, I’ve said this to you privately, I don’t love set it on the air. The real reason the Angelo’s family really hated me. I mean, hated me. It’s because people will call and I was the complaint department. Like literally what when the station started in 1998 99 2000 2001. And then things got bad and the Ravens got good won the Super Bowl in 2002 3456. In those years, I was the only sports radio station I was on the air every day. I wasn’t syndicated anymore. I was back here every day. And the phone calls we begin Hey nasty. I was at the game last night and got a cold hot dog. And I saw a rat run across from me, you know, whatever it was right? Sure. The complaints they didn’t even have a complaint if you call the orals to complain, they would hold the middle finger up say, What do you ungrateful? We gave you baseball, we save the team. Bullshit hobby didn’t save. I love the video that Angela is made from self saying he saved the team for Baltimore. Like I had a guy tried to a guy from caves took me out to lunch one day trying to butter me up, buy me a salad. And he was telling me the team was moving to Cincinnati. I didn’t have the heart to tell him to Cincinnati already had another team. Like he had no like, there was such fiction around all of it. And everything they did was a lie. Baltimore wasn’t on the like the Nationals didn’t even exist yet. And Peter was fighting with them. The sky boxes it emptied out, and everybody’s calling me on the radio and they can’t control bill and Parkville call in and say in a nasty what’s wrong with the Orioles? You know, I hear to Sidney ponson guy ain’t no good, you know, like, and every day they would lose. And every day, we’d have to beat them up. And then I would go to try to talk to them. And they were jerks. They were complete. Arrogant, awful. Eric, the arrogance reminds me of Chad steel. I mean, there’s just an arrogance involved of fu we’re the Orioles. That’s the way it always was. I mean, we used to say here on the air all the time, they their whole philosophy is fu when we win, you’ll come back. That was how they ran the operation. When you win, you’ll be begging us for playoffs, you better be nice to us, you only play off, you’ll be calling me for playoff tickets. And that’s how they handled everything. And that’s when it really got sideways is when I became the complaint department for them. And they couldn’t clean it up. And they couldn’t answer it. And they didn’t have any integrity or competence to fix it. And, and I hope I don’t expect David Rubenstein to be I don’t know, I don’t know whether they’re gonna win a World Series in the next 20 years or even care. I care that that I would be proud to put a hat on. And that comes from my heart dude. But like literally, the reason I don’t wear ravens stuff right now is there’s nothing about that I should be proud of, of the way they’ve treated me my family. I know the truth. You can go refer the football team. I know the truth. I know what happens behind closed doors, I’m privy to all of it too much, quite frankly. And I share that and for that I’m a jerk for sharing truth. But the truth is, I was a complaint department for them 20 years ago, and they never handled the complaints and still haven’t handled the complaints. And to this day, whatever’s wrong. There is no wrong ask Greg Bader, he’ll tell you how wonderful it is when they’re losing 120 games. So they’re not anymore. They’re winning. Football Teams winning. And now are they going to get people back? I mean, the football team spent the whole year with $10 tickets on game day. I’m not making that up. That’s not me being a jerk. That’s empty seats. 1000s of empty seats for a team that was as good as it gets. And they they couldn’t sell tickets a month ago. You know, like so they they played a playoff game was 20 degrees and that they couldn’t give their tickets away. So I want to see it. Fiber. And again, the way I know it was vibrate the way you know, it was vibrant. The way the Ravens were in the 90s when you couldn’t get a ticket the way the Orioles were in the 90s when you couldn’t get a ticket. That’s when it’s booming. And that’s why it’s booming. It’s not a television thing, dude. It’s meant to bring people out. It’s why we just gave them 1.2 billion people was the stimulate downtown stimulate traffic stimulate the economy. And I’ll keep going back to the original thing now that I’m done pitching David Rubenstein, what’s the idea? What’s the what’s going to what’s going to make it full again, other than just winning because they are winning? They’re winning. Now Now what else are you going to do to make it full? What’s what’s the value proposition?

Bill Cole  28:53

Well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna find out, right, we’re gonna find tell

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:56

me what you do. Because you’re up on roofs and like the weather gets this time of year like, take bad things happen with every snowstorm I thought of you two weeks ago, when there was 10 inches of snow on my roof.

Bill Cole  29:06

We’re, you know, we’re just rooting for warmer weather. You’re now gonna take care of your stuff, the repairs and preventative maintenance and that kind of stuffs always better now before the snow and rain and everything else. So no, and then, you know, a lot of the discussions around solar picking up. It certainly makes sense, right? If you’re thinking about doing your roof, you should at least know what that looks like

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:30

sunny now today, I wouldn’t have no electricity, you know, that’s okay. That’s okay. You could teach him right. It’ll be alright. The teacher will teach well sorted out no calls here. He’s cold roofing and Gordian. He has no idea why he came on. You knew today was gonna be chippy. You knew you were gonna push back and you knew we were totally

Bill Cole  29:48

good. Like, I just I mean, it was crazy. I definitely didn’t see the oil thing common. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:55

I mean, I saw it but I’m not ready for it. You know what I mean? Like you see it but you’re not

Bill Cole  30:01

I didn’t know that David Rubenstein was trying to buy a team or was in that discussion. I mean, I think that’s phenomenally interesting. Like,

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:09

Raskin told me this in September, like literally, and that’s why on my Facebook, he wrote I told you

Bill Cole  30:17

so. Nice. That’s great. Yeah, that’s great. All right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:22

I will see you next Thursday. Correct. You are participating in the afternoon State Fair. We’re doing a week of live radio nine to five next week, Monday through Fridays crabcake row, we call it a cup of soup or bowl we give you a free cup of Super Bowl Maryland crab cream crab. If you donate to the Maryland Food Bank, come on out to be a part of it. We’re featuring 100 charities next week. I wonder what we’ll talk about next week. And this cup of Super Bowl is brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We went free scratch offs as well. Our friends at window nation, and Jiffy Lube MultiCare on Nestor, he’s built we’re wn sta a 1570, Towson Baltimore we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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